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Rooster Teeth is late at Comic Con 09

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Recorded: 2009-07-22 23:15:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Count3D & FinchLynch






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Israel everyone looking to receive podcast as always here's Gus sorola & Joel Heyman this week we're actually doing a mole podcast for the first time ever and we are recording the podcast from our hotel room and we found some guys in the parking lot and we figured it might be funny to include The Duce in the parking lot of the podcast so maybe we should have them at himself there we have a couple of Duty all that you do it yourself what would you do the honors mr. Lynch oh I'm terribly sorry well I'll just go ahead I am count3d & I'm from Canada lol besides count3d we have mr. Robert Guillaume over there did you use the microphone great start this is what's going on that's on microphone Utah veredus okay so we're here at Comic-Con for I think what is this July 5th, I think it is have you been to level worn down and I am good never gets old we were here we can write in advance of everyone else from the office so I'll be showing up tomorrow so that we could try to set up the booth and run around and do all the stupid stuff ahead of time because it's the one thing you were looking forward to seeing them Jose Comic-Con this year Sunday night when we're done that is that it's looking I'm looking for too much to ask that you and I don't think I've ever seen anything that, normally we're stuck in the booth all day and then by the time we're done I'm just so beat down I don't get to see anything that's the same thing I go I usually find 10 minutes or I can trade off and go by like a hoodie with the superhero Thing Insignia on the front of it and that's it that's one thing I'm supposed to see my wife insisted that I had to go take a picture of Michael Jackson's glove waiting everyone right I think they're going to have it flipping everyone off don't have that you know someone's going to have to like make that happen probably so I think that's the only thing I'm looking I'm going to see I would like to see maybe some more Tron 2.0 footage hopefully some Avatar stuff but most likely I'll be stuck in the boot actually no I take that back this, concert will be a little different than past Comic Cons we actually since we lost him in a hundred last year we've actually try to leverage that this year and we have we have business meetings with video game companies to see games and and talk about them give me like 6 meetings to get to 6 meeting what is the one thing you were looking forward to seeing the most at this your company what about you what you looking for just 2 words new that's all I have to say twilight over to the whole vampire thing it's absolutely not interested no I mean this this is going to be probably most groundbreaking some time looking for this looking forward to playing Left 4 Dead 2 super excited to see here maybe there's just one of us in the room who isn't like totally excited about that it's someone not excited about life who could that be you mother fucker that's where all the things that I love Left 4 Dead 1 I'm not anti I'm not mr. Letts sign of protest form on the internet I just think it's really quick I don't know if there's enough depth I'm behind it I mean to be making a Photoshop so I could pick up on this podcast photo shops going up but no I mean it's proof in the pudding and I'm a huge fan I don't even know how many hours I signed up for that what 360 how to track my hours right right now I don't know I haven't gone back to it since the podcast I logged in but I could probably got a good I would say 30 or 40 days in multiplayer on the first one I was a total so you know I love the first one but it just are the changes going to be enough did you feel like you got your money's worth out the first one I feel like is a frying pan and chainsaw and 1 different zombie really going to alter the experience come on dude & 4 new maps for new maps are maps that you can okay Yorba Linda in the car earlier he had a long time. Go back in terrible terrible movie I mean I'm not really tried to like not call out too many things out but I mean that's a terrible movie I'm not a fan Domino's in the car you're not you're not on the spot the original theatrical release is ok so disappointed vampires vampires it would have been there was no one's ever the first actual drunk tank all the others were frauds kids were looking for the real deal here we have photographic evidence this time and also the drunk tank start about 4 hours ago you know normally we record the podcast where we start recording about 10 or 10:30 in the morning so you know it's a little early for hard liquor normally we're starting the day off with a severe something like some Bloody Mary's butt little too early but we're starting it up right this time and we're definitely will say this we were definitely prepared for this drunk tank dumb you went to RV be true I did like straight here from there I did I'm insane because that was a very foolish thing to do just because our video if you don't know it's probably the greatest fan of & how many Universe how many people showed up this year I would say a good hundred and twenty about but I really wish you all could have been there just because it was spending then we're going there for the first time and many of them I don't know how many of them there's at least one of the person that I knew how it was going to be at Comic-Con so he and I are going to be here and this is his first or second time actually met for the first time ever here, last year a really nice job on the podcast because she sounds British now I don't know if it's the drinking age change I'm here with part of our video Joel to Sucker Punch me okay the first night I have to say was the best because it was normal and everyone was meeting each other for the first time and that's always a very cool moment when you have people from the internet meeting for the first time to ask you about that you said the first night was a formal event everyone got together was Jeff there Jeff was there what did Jeff wear because I can't picture you wearing any Formal Wear rental and a tattoo of a tuxedo War of the time he wore clean pair of shoes are there any pictures pictures and I'm sure many of them will be posted on the site very shortly I'll have to try and find every single day yes a good friend of mine actually who I knew these kids before they even met each other they met each other at the 2nd hour video 3 years ago how long have you known them for 3 years but I used to go to university with one of them so Brian are you close are you still drive down to the States to hang out with them but so uh yeah they got married she said they got engaged which was very cool in front of hundreds of people to say that I mean I'm pretty cool you know what the funny thing is is that I asked you like 10 minutes ago but the best thing about it was it was we had a party I know these guys are really getting cold out come out Ryan and Brett you're always second and down hard fish on McLaughlin group is turned on and I'm now Counterpoint the best event in our video I hate you all the lesson is just like if you're friends with them and you're going to get married like you something just like don't don't propose because he doesn't care I love you Ryan and Brennan please don't leave it on the side that's correct they met and already she's crazy so we could say like RoosterTeeth helping her cook up since 2003 should get like a percentage of their earnings I Need a Doctor lyrics I mean there are a ton of people I think who have gotten married divorced and remarried we don't know if we're meeting after money what's another 10% on top of that I mean just coming our way I'm just saying check your temps do you smoke work work work you have work collecting like it's going to be at least 20 marriage is right I think that's not helping people get married that should have no business dating Monterey Fish at dinner tonight didn't you Joel I did you didn't you didn't listen to me we ate at this restaurant called The Yard House which I was wondering because they have the best pot pie and the best mac and cheese in the world and I told everyone that so what is Joel do you order a fucking raw fish how was the roughest Joel was it as good as a father and as good as mac and cheese I don't think so it was a rough fish with guacamole on top what was one of the six meetings when I change the brakes on you see how you do that if you don't put it out it's a lot smoother I can tell you that right now I'm looking forward to you have to put your video games and Publishers and developers I'm looking forward to all of them actually because you never actually sat down and done anything like this where we talked to developers and you know record it and try to produce something from I don't know if we'll actually produce anything you know I was looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2 beyond that I'm not really sure what else we're looking at that I'm like super excited about I really would like while I'm really excited to get Hands-On with DC Universe Online just because that's a lot of story behind that and actually I'm going to go off in your door of the plane they were on the plane with us sat next to or in the middle of a bunch of people from Sony Online who were flying out here to set up the the the DC Universe Online demo for Comic-Con and 1.5 right after takeoff the guy sitting next to me I'm sitting in the middle seat that I stayed an extra turn your meeting goes I was reading a video game magazine game or something if you read a magazine hunting oh yeah yeah yeah not many people reading this right I bet there's a ton it's up to you and I was like yeah I'm going to forward you what would you look for in a guy I work with you know we do this and make Red vs. blue his co-workers around the plane but he was sitting next to the Red vs Blue guys terribly embarrassed but I like to sit down and talk to them about the meeting with them at 1 p.m. on Friday don't already have it lined up I wasn't paying attention I'm signed up with them and I'm sorry to ask you again but are you interviewing anyone from epic games Epic no I don't have anyone lined up from as far as I know yeah I understand that they're going to be in Comic-Con 4 the Gears of War movies going to be coming out of it and the director is going to be here actually who's directing that the guy who did the underworld Series so then why is the dude who convinced that hot chick to leave her husband and marry him now he's married to Kate Beckinsale underworlds and then cuz he helped to write them and then I'll send it down I don't know how we went from vampire movies to Eastbound & Down & Land of the Lost all that but that screws taken off but I was trying to finish these microphones are designed to drown out external noises you have to really get him to help with him for them to pick you up just like that so I know we've been we've only been into the convention center like once or twice at this point you know in the process of setting up has anyone seen anything that looks like I'm honestly a little shocked at how little has been done by exhibitors to like set up their booths by this point I figured a lot more will be built out but it seems like the whole is pretty bare at this point some pretty impressive forklift anything about how the Green Hornet broken yes I know I just heard that Nicolas Cage is going to be the bad guy and he's good for whatever the first year I okay does Comic Con come look at comic books right so I think you know where to find the most expensive comic that I can find it was a 1981 Strawberry Shortcake $25,000 actually the most expensive comic that it was a Superman comic and I think it was around $10,000 a bunch of 5000 7000 almost I was almost like cheesecake Shut by this comic book did you know I didn't make fun of you right now for like 5 years later like the first time actually would be interesting to see if you can find that I bet you are I bet you a million dollars it's worth less but why would you say that like and I could be completely wrong about this but it seems to me like that the late nineties early aughts with the height of comic book prices also where recession right now I guess that's true maybe you can find Stanley let him have him autograph it I can guarantee you I'll guarantee you that we were dealing with like the NASDAQ internet bubble I guarantee you those are there was a correlation between like the highest price comic books before that but I bet you after that oversee that like comic books just devalue but see that's the thing with collectible sports cards price guides with the sky hijacked dreams you know year after year where it just keeps climbing climbing no one's ever going to pay that amount because there's so many in circulation and as years go by that person gets forgotten unless they're like friggin Kobe Bryant or it is like Issue Number 1 of Spider-Man and it's in perfect pristine condition you're not going to get that asking price for it so the collecting it's been over something I mean there is a value on a book to write whatever it wants that doesn't shed thousands of dollars it's like watching Antiques Roadshow and that someone brings a piece of shit play in the like my grandfather gave me this place like this place $15,000 bullshit construction worker finds barrel and in the barrel of these old wooden like statues and the statues were $17,000 now okay so you're in the construction side you find in a barrel you open up the barrel is some statues I guess what are you doing you really take it to the head so what's up what's the market can you pull up the internet and see what Beanie Babies are going for nowadays so I'm already halfway there only way to this writer what do we do do we have any we're not but for $10,000 apiece Toys R Us is selling a limited edition grifball figures Aveeno tied up in the basement for about 2 months calling calling calling calling let me ask you why why grifball I think probably because it's like identifiable it doesn't look for people have an association with it and it's not just a weirdly colored Spartan you know I guess maybe grifball shows up in the bunch of playlist every now and then and you might be more familiar with balls and say you know the Red vs Blue character just like a tiara around the office because this happened two of the biggest figures and we have them at the office and no I had once I've been talking with him and Bernie have the other one and he was using his Jeff guilted me into giving him mine so I don't have one anymore why would they send one named after the cat why $0.20 what is so wrong with McFarland Industries I don't get the attention he would get one the problem is 7 whole group to talk about their problem was it for a long time we were working on a McFarlane action figure and I just remembered that I have a meeting with let's play Splinter Cell conviction on Friday I believe it's going to be like they're going to come up with questions questions no like I was looking for was one of those games it's been in development for so long that it kind of was on my radar fell off my radar but after this last you three came back onto the radar because I thought they would have it was really awesome and I'm honest and I'm really excited to see it and it won't be a Hands-On it will be like a walk-through with someone else running the controls but I have to ask this question you keep saying I for all these meetings I have a meeting at 7 so I have a minute so you're the only one go Walker Mower light them up but Jeff and I are both going to come down I was just you and Jeff okay so have fun enjoy that little bug vacation with you what will try to be there if you was with us as we can I think the Splinter Cell one might be difficult and that one might be difficult to get more people into this Joel is going to have to be doing a caboose impressions for 8 hours are you guys doing with yourself think and this is not you know I think the one that I would be interesting Zombie Thing That Lynch finchlynch does like for whatever reason it was kind of funny is it Gus earlier was like you know it's funny because Don iveson has his weird accent and we're not sure why but it occurs to me that Gus also has a weird accent do you have when he goes to the podcast like this is got some real life I just got done with the podcast and that they will be talking about whatever subject about the park at that's what it's funny because his mannerisms 101 we have this weird cloning experiment going Joel told me something really creepy at dinner tonight it was fairly he told me he has been practicing trying to get my mannerisms down and that he's trying to figure them out better and I said what the fuck you doing nothing about the fucking Joel I didn't want to say anything but I did have a costume for Comic-Con I'm going as Gus give me great you got me really scared Joel and retention of all my mannerisms and El Camino Gus are super Gus when did you read the screenplay on that so you know you might want to elaborate on that mean that you know me SevenSuperGirls routed through his life I want to point out that Gus has fallen prey to Hip Hop marketing by drinking Ciroc vodka which is owned and I believe comes from the penis of Sean P Diddy Combs does it yes yes he owns manufacturers and normally I only drink Tito's vodka which is an austin-based vodka but they didn't have those here because it's kind of funny because someone bought it for me at a convention in Dallas and I thought it tasted okay but that would leave it with spiky 206 on the site and because I remembered it I grabbed it if you never had your life I have had it like when I was younger but I mean expensive compared to Tito's to wrap it up for Comic-Con we have 9 million things to do and we have no exclusives for a part of morning & Outdoors close to where is there any cool shit I can buy that you recommend I highly recommend the rooster teeth grifball Polo which is a Comic Con exclusive set something burning wood where I would highly recommend it like a DJ and I like soft music demographic but I bring it to work and I can bring it to probably wear what I'm saying is you can connect with your with your buyers by saying the founder of the company is not only the founder of the company but he's also a client like the hair club I was going for a 8 a.m. Coke but there you go in closing we have closed it out before we wrap this up some closing thoughts clearly I've had such a fantastic time and all you losers have missed out though you have to come next year and we're drunk so basically saying come to our VB TL 2010 this is been a real hoot I'm learning how microphones work that this is great educational tutorial I'm really looking forward to Comic-Con and we have an exclusive so I'm going to give you this RoosterTeeth exclusive right now Red vs Blue Recreation or Recreation as it were will be on DVD as soon as the series has finished politics they're going to call it recreation no they're not they're not going to call Recreation Recreation Recreation we had four days I have yet to see any beach balls or leisure-time activity within the series but so that'll be out on DVD as soon as they're done we keep watch and wait for the climax online to keep his writings of his internet ratings but isn't that what you work on