#150 - RT Podcast

RT gets strangely political

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Recorded: 2012-01-25 22:20:29

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Jack Frost Tom Talking Tom 60 I save the good things on her own without a sponsor so it's nice otherwise 2daysofwar56 and a guitar that was like Coldplay we just showed up Burnie Jack and Jill in here we just showed Joel the end of August Superbowl is gay video ad before we started the day with a guitar 10 years old funny cuz I usually Music Man estate 400,000 views bass on that was in before we get too far into the parking lot back that he was on the Mansion on a similar build it yesterday Burnie is bike got stolen from the bike rack Lamar The Bike Rack in front of our office by someone in the office Burnie has a bicycle he had a bike to have a license to have a bicycle when did you have bike lock to would you do that no I did you ever actually interface that bike how to put a Power Wheel colors that someone stole Burnie is theoretical bicycle let me tell you have a baby gay with our Monday meeting in the company when I go over there but I forgot you want to talk to text Joel do you want to talk to is going a contract everything with the Demon Hunter and what are the general things that we had it was really just talking that's what I say after you guys are cool people worry about us we're very worried about you at 9 a.m. on a Monday and I wasn't sure that we had a meeting today actually one of the sections of the meeting as we say thank you everyone our lives on bad you ever taken the opportunity to thank anyone else looking for something to do tonight I have a new strategy for Joel try to talk don't worry Thursday or Wednesday night till Sunday I mean here I come into the office because we're doing some special voice recordings for season 10 of Red vs Blue available soon from Russia dotcom like coming here on Sunday to print out the sides the the scripts for the actors to take them to LA and sure enough it's fucking Sunday Gus it's Sunday and I come in here and my God damn printer does a stack of papers on top of that there's a tree with garbage like computer characters as random as characters and there's like 50 pages that you bring them up so what was your solution left it there they left it the printer was turned off then the printer was unplugged then the power cord was unplugged from the printer and stand next to it but I declined when they dismantled the wireless connection that I had to the internet for the printer I wanted to choke a bitch I could not estate ink for the printer is so expensive not me I think besides you'd only person who has that parents tell their computer it's upstairs in the old old office in the corner I was I was also in California yet and I also came back and I also came into my office and every piece of Hardware in my office with picked up and moved three feet to the right and dropped why do they do and then there's always and you know and you know there's like there's a purpose of the tripod got a result notorious for that after the first year I was putting everything back together and it was like what I don't know wake me up is only trying to keep track of Covenant the one thing that's always going to have Brandon come down because we actually just went through this whatever we have Rihanna's with a video component we're going to record I still making Red vs Blue it takes an hour for us to set up and then actually probably because of his pictures of thing better show up and have everything being blown up versus you come you sit down everything looks fine but then you go to do something and it doesn't look like a booby treating you right then you have to go through and I can go through the cables what the day it was unplugged what's better there's no waiting cover out is like weird kid from Vegas Red vs Blue Pants a part of it was reported in the mood to record somebody with them then we sat down to shoot them red vs blue five fucking minutes we have Hart problems though sometimes audio waveforms not showing up on explainable it's like it's good because if your kid or whatever and you come to the office you're like well I want to know what it's like when you do it like that why did you dismantle my stuff why did you move everything it's usually that would be the worst of all I was trying some stuff don't fucking trying anything don't try anything ever we need a room if you go to try stuff and you can bring whatever you want to make that damn room that's how I look at somebody just made my day almost what kind of like perk up I said I don't want to know who did this I don't want to know who just made on my printer thing as I find out the same fucking day Christ died don't be respectful if you just made a somebody to get my bike out front with layers it's a Kryptonite Lock that Superman can I do anything for ya but normal humans who are looking for more data Bass what about that bike rack like a month after we got in the building Toyota company a Boy Scout Republic do it yesterday she wanted to but she just cut the lock and cut the lock off and she had someone cut the longer you wait get somebody for 9 years How You Can Tell She's I feel really bad about this that I saw your bike gotta cut your lock a bike I said white why did you take my bike and she said because I didn't think it was anybody's bike I thought it was just there a spare bike and I said who told you that and you said Monteith of what on marg's desk not going to get taking everything last week it was 4 Burnie walked up to speed is Kaitlin Monte walked up there is a cake with candles lit on is going what's going on 14 years on February 22nd to pay my taxes and I had a conversation about his tax rate earlier I'm giving up on you bake cake and nothing was really planned Burnie we hadn't come out and everybody was there Christian showed up today I was just walking up the stairs and glanced down at the kitchen table on his leg thinking things through clearly you were still in Burnie cake Sears a Dremel to cut it better than awesome I mean watersnake shelf that out there they sent us cookies so they send me cookies Marv Birthday notes and Barbara cookies for a community manager to give me a community manager they are at the top of Western Civilization community what's what is definitely a more the last 10 years that Community a social media marketer in 90 in social media webmaster whatever you something though Mansion ad they would kill you for on a cartoon probably so with the Toyota complained about the cake they got Chris a cake with his face printed on it and it was his birthday but my birthday is Muhammad Ali couldn't find it Michael take a picture of me with the Ray Brown mansion giant next to 590 that's all straightforward to my God damn life that got me Jack they decided to take Chris a fancy cake with his face printed on it they would make me a cake with my character on the cake people can post on it tell me you're older it at the place Mark 5 nice yeah so anyway I really appreciate that framed bike set-up of all 9 seasons of Red vs Blue DVDs in them beside my roommate you guys got a tattoo of the first four characters a dialogue in the series 441 episode 1 on there no white people in the first probably this for John nightmares about it I know exactly every Nuance of your signature and everything I know when we get a DVD where your signature is going to be but I'm just going to like plan it on the most whatever my bottom right it's natural yeah your eyes so you can very clearly read my name my name my name is crippled but then I write clearly under it my name is well you see Monty - is it done with and it's like a big penis Ray scrotum and Ben White is bass line it's a bass clef and a bass clef saying in Burnie but Nico has a tattoo by Mozart somewhere music the difference of clef and totally different person and even though when I drop you there composition by Mozart or whomever it is I don't know if it's not there he didn't like it and then he had that race so is Mozart strong of them bass clef that was used traced on him tell me jack what do you think about it Kim accusatory Transit guitarist that idea it was a no yeah I was chosen by the internet really is it is regular problems with the internet now you've all people should know what you must have been really drunk or trying to promote Atletico versus yeah you're blade neck tattoo I also have no idea if it's cool so you know you know if you get a tattoo you like this is cool 10 years from now as I can because you can't win yeah but he has to is there what don't even know the total music in the movie is there usually covers it Jack just said your hair normally covers used I think so it looks like Darth Vader helmet I'm clean I was going to be in binary in binary that would be swell digit binary digits is a letter the other day Tom going to jail Kim bo-kyung will happen there what's going on with that they got shut down in Kim dotcom went to jail he's been detained his passport and his credit card services no we wouldn't 13 years ago and mixing with a professional quick 2 for sale 4.2 predates model he had this whole website estate commissions like this Flash animation of him being trench coat and uknow is a criminal you know about Sonic got shut down so I don't think they got shut down I think they just voluntarily so I could be wrong I don't know but anyway pictures of guys house came out and it was fucking huge I mean you can make a lot of money stealing content on the internet a hundred give me understanding $1 12.2 me you're describing a short Asian guy that had those real estate commercials at like 3 in the morning original site like pictures I'm standing next to the Twin Towers from Kuala Lumpur to know but I don't like on removing a movie with girl who's married to Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones yeah bad is a compound butter Nature Made tell me a joke with that made him a joke is the maze bike in the front yard and there's a door on the side bass Burnie any hot pictures of men cloud and black weave bad new release yes that's a good way to look at the German and Kim something like that and anyway it was investing with him Bungie relocation but you were investing in anything like that at all it was just something somebody off in the mid to late nineties must have been the easiest time ever Flash is that the Laird no he's not in any way connected to our side at all I am going to try to look at but I'll try to find this site and see if maybe the reference on Wikipedia NPR I'm going to say I can see that I don't know but apparently I guess that would send us blade a look at the stuff I'll drop you can put large files video download song for them yeah that's for sale and I don't know how it works exactly but in the late nineties Jack remember when Victoria came out it was like 98 if I read things and then I guess what some people use it for distributed computing for downloading technology I guess was used for some of the larger stuff right in corporated some of that when we started Twitter TJ Sotomayor got shut down by the US government shutdown right okay so we can get there this last week but can we talk about the internet the US government shutdown is correct so what's the point of all this stuff they're going to do it anyway what's the building across the board air conditioning shut off quite a big deal about it is that they couldn't require internet service providers to block specific domains like they just get here is your list of domains that you can no longer provide access to it because they violate we have enough complaints about these things and that's a big deal I already a company and shut them down anyway illustration are all these 60 and 7 year old guys who don't know what they want you to think better they're not hungry they were showing these people talk about so Brandon and a little music we don't know about the train experts in their fields aren't you know you want to know what is going on bring these people in and talk to him and figure out what the hell does he know what is actually doing but no I'm not and I don't know what to tell you the end gay if we are electing people who don't understand the internet, those are people that have been in in the gum they're not supporting it like they are responding to their constituent bike you don't always get what I mean Kim to research it before they come up with the idea for the kids to tell them whether it's right or wrong and then change your mind yet the initial appeal for the bill like if you look at the headline stop internet piracy okay I mean yeah you should go into it and I just discussed with your condition I mean what is that is that going to your hometown and talking to people like they don't know should be home I guess there's a lot of like it's not getting past the website shut down to get into relation goals that should have been enacted they got to shut down major websites and I don't what I don't understand what your question is gay so you're saying it the correct thing to do is to have like this huge uprising of Citizen clearly I think we should elect Jack and Brandon off bike stand by the shutdown Paula just like that I'm going to reduce bike bike bike bike I can imagine I will ride that bike if you will make this no it's like Gus Lopez know where that be awesome and I would really really color is the power that Wikipedia that read it and all the other websites had and basically just changing opinion of of those power makers overnight and you wonder like what Lakewood clearly they can bring back Star Trek for Firefly other website or on another website other like no other side in the digital domain made the political statement they did like is tired of you know he's alone here are you safe and together we can actually make a difference and change certain they're like a NuWave Oven no thank you for asking that still is being merged into another bill that's called the the best name for a bill ever it's being merged with a bill called the protecting children from internet pornographers act Vegas Centerfield bundle it with a child porn a quick no one's going to be able to vote again and get it passed out congressman who introduced the very same Lamar Smith Lamar Harris Teeter the week is going to be the protect children in piracy act and also a million dollars goes to my District 3 weeks is going to be like dollars lobbying favor they were behind it was built and they came out like the NBA game on bass we said we're going to stop supporting Obama if he doesn't vote for this like they think money in politics and it was doing for years and years and years and years and years later it doesn't matter Company still in business and people are still using illegal accounting tricks and it's publicly traded companies still happening because I like Capital Evangelical teachers like to around in like have these big shows were like they were literally caught them like standing like beating a speeding The Bridges information and so old they know Jesus told me that you have cancer is like knowing someone before the show told them when they wrote it down in there feeding into the preacher and they don't even know there was a God he was in like he went to jail and then he got back I don't know the world is more complicated and it's also a lot of marketing and yeah I mean bad things happen in their evil Saturn battery doesn't like something goes wrong just hold still United mean Mega Tiger Woods weight eventually I music you're coming he was feeling he did not want the picture to be taken to be around forever garbage in garbage music use a lot of stuff a lot of misconduct and then he left the campaign he resigned from his real presidential run is going to the same thing and he's one of the main guys who accused Clinton of that in the nineties I was going to pick Clinton for improper Behavior they didn't come yet they are they're going to figure is powering through about her having cancer and he left her while she had cancer you know where the woman he was having an affair with for 7 years old for her but he has to have an open marriage but every four years there's another politician the same exact story what I think was in 84 was Gary Hart J-14 didn't recover one photo anytime a decade later when Bill Clinton was real that stuff and it was super funny. Okay it was like it was 92 Europe and the different positive things about that movie well I cannot wait for the top of you know and it's like the same game over again I don't care I mean I thought it looked like machine gunning down people on beach I'm all about business and you know in capitalist and you know people making their own money and then Romney shows up with all African person that is attacked the puzzles me the most was like Republic in favor of letting the market regulate itself when the market regulator and you have stuff going on your own life and you don't have time to pay attention all this stuff because there's a lot of carbonation bad for them these people are affected by stuff like that the only just kind of held Reno in your mind the best all-time Scandal dog when it's a pretty good one it was the best of all time oh yeah I was with another woman like his present his daughter like the multiple of the what that she served longer than any other president what is a Paula Poundstone like no the kid with the kid Marv the kids we don't know I don't know I left and I don't know her scandal-hit and then I was like it was something huge hit like immediately afterwards and everyone forgot about it it was something distracted charge as a result of the incident which was driving her children while intoxicated you put your contacts on endangerment and a misdemeanor charge of inflicting internet a child to 72584 a shin and 180 days of alcohol rehabilitation program completion program she was granted full custody of her adopted children for the Poundstone was arrested in June for alleged lewd acts and child abuse involving her three and given to Foster Poundstone the first in her comedy 2001 Indian police no contest to charges and is expected to get five years probation charges she committed lewd acts are dropped those charges were dropped but still remembers that Joel and I were the only people remember that bigger one than that too at that same time to go to reach by 9:11 it was Gary Condit who was on the cover of every magazine where the bottom of Kildare I mean he seems very guilty last year with the kid that I don't remember and I think it already yeah but it's like you like it she was couldn't escape the story like you know I'm not happy office for two years after that hope and then bake them yeah that was a good meeting today some guy I think you I got totally right I think that came out already interesting guy being a jerk I just don't run for anything Breaking Bad Thing we're likely to just just wait it out you know right a free dozen the old given a room for everything the only thing I know laughing and spreading Falafel on her as well Marv Albert with another one Rush Limbaugh no head head head broadcast where he said drug users should be true from the country and we like that and then there was none Bass POD Kim strong Strom Thurmond from strong strong he had like an illegitimate black grandchild or if I gotta go eventually Fork electric fence Strom Thurmond Thurman strong Thurman El Salvador was the Spanish word the Salvador 2009-2010 Corrections on the link that I was wrong about Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams Ray generate any interest in you whatsoever I mean I just don't care he's okay he looks at Strom Thurmond Strom Thurmond a picture like strong bad in a Flash Strom from what are the Panama he was alive from December 1902 to June 26th 2003 which we have to live a hundred and one years old he was in Congress the entire fucking X term of office in his letter of office ended January 3rd 2003 he was in office at a hundred and one years old again this is like home movie things that people from Kentucky where is the Strom North Carolina Bungie by the time it says that and the strong and he was a senator from South Carolina is well you run again don't ever ask me to bring it for what it's worth but continue to hear background coaching changes coaching changes I know the show the jack on a dually fenders Giants game on you're reaching we did the thing we're going to play football in doing okay so anyway it real quiet in here I'm trying to New York Times December 68 knowledge black daughter the family of the late Senator Strom Thurman Veterinary South Carolina a retired teacher living in a black woman who works for his family like before the story broke anything free Depression happen maybe Breaking Bad like I like you strong through thick and then everybody over there did old racist dude but you're not 22121 Huger Sony Brandon can I have one huge snowball Telluride best animated picture guess what guess what guess what Tom guide to guess what okay what what won the Golden Globe for best animated picture to Gus member Cars 2 Red vs Blue 10:10 so I guess we didn't get nominated for an Oscar represent cartoon Tintin was not nominated for best animated picture Rango best animated feature film a cat in Paris what the fuck is that never heard of it Chico and Rita with the fur yeah so I don't know how tempting that again picture of best picture the artist it can write one two three four five six seven eight nine nine but I'm glad that the NCAA The Descendants Extremely Loud Incredibly Close button pierced Hugo Midnight in Paris in Moneyball the tree of life and War Horse and it was him or Horror Story like a 40% on Rotten the name of War Horse is Wars TOR tor Wars in Wars have a daughter a little bit I heard that he was not Wars the last one get the nod AKA Return of the King is gay Latin words I don't remember what the words are but I know what's interesting in other words EG is example that is an example of Tom Garrison Keillor from Lake Wobegon you want to look it up right through me Burnie is Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell 4 nominees best score was the address again I need it again but I'm not positive I'm sure they have been unable to finish for a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo original score The Adventures of Tintin John Williams the artist by little bit more to go by Howard Shore Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Alberto Iglesias and War Horse by John Williams what was the term resident what I got last year for Social Network I got some sound editing and mixing them it was great to get the tone perfectly John Williams and Howard Shore I hear John Anderson I also went downhill now now section of Paula happy birthday we still your bike take the truck Evil Woman you can see their apartment from the office they're coming the car some call them assholes podcast reported we collectively come up with them in the sink for a bike at the Monday meeting I want to thank Brandon strong Kermit that's a good one probably pushing Kathleen bike just bought it she can lock it up there alright strong Thurmond with all the returns are for Strom Thurmond go figure the directive but the searches for Strom Thurmond return Strom Thurmond found in the on the big misconception autocomplete anything or try to convince me that autocomplete not such a God damn thing for the wrong and trouble Siri how do I temperature in Jack dinosaurs in time for God can a girl get pregnant on her period can a girl ask a guy out can a girl get pregnant from pre-cum I'm learning what we want to know turning Jack student reporter porn Cosmopolitan cover is the name of the same thing now it's just me as most commonly used is how many people have my name find out Facebook Gus you can play Star Wars yeah I'm about to Notre Dame game come on the 20th so that I don't like Wikipedia on a couple times that went to Vegas before that too so Jack but I did it was pretty great and like level 50 the highest you can build your character and so Jack and I just remembered the store anyway so so Gus now racing to get to 5450 in a matter of days he pretty much non-stop on Star Wars like World of Warcraft where you can get an authenticator on your on your phone when you go to log into email address or password to generate a code on an application on your phone and then BioWare has cryptography servers and you have a mobile client there's a shared key but both know so it's like that the mobile application says I have shared key 3 and then they both know a secret key as well so they communicate and they say hey gus this morning she was a member so every 60 seconds are generating new number so you have to login with the reason I use it is so that if my username is music is you're worried about that characters and then you know if someone feels your account they have access to these characters that can then be sold or Nino destroyed or feel like something like that characters on everything but your password password anyway so you can do this and Hillview special ship scene whatever Jack your character has an authenticator no no I'm not going to get to my car I was I was confused because your security so Jack could not access this vendor a special ending with indicator I've been using my authenticator like typing it every time I logged in so Jack was like I don't know what's wrong and it came back that while he was using that indicated it was not actually activate on his account and he was complaining the entire time so he was using authenticator for no reason so I was typing I'm actually using it feeling when you never got a link to my profile for whatever reason so till now and you can't access the vendor can actually using it fall on the spectrum of nerdom I mean you have your super-secret password for your digital fake character that you're not even using it right and then you fill out a book report so he was very down there if you want to have I think that I should be alone okay okay you're 21 now but Old Republic does this I work hard very hard to get my mouth my my my fit level 25 2525 so you make my point for me everywhere I don't want to fucking now getting off my spaceship and I don't want more than I want to used it. Like you would go indoors in Media water II walkthrough not all the time thank God for that I don't know what we're thinking about what date did Qui-Gon windows on water Mila Kunis I know I need a republic side like a walk through Lake Drummond cock is huge Empires capital and yeah you don't get to have your speaker through there or do you Kim aspect of all this whole week how would you like to fuck juegos hey here's request by the way I'm going to lunch I'm going to meet you out for lunch after lunch she had to come all way back here just meet me out front that's what I wish would happen but now I gotta walk all the way back to their liking that's my only complaint right now it's like a lot of walking around looking for things to get done over here you can stream I meant to and one was a lot more walking around maybe what you can you know like the right right one it just talking with the planet now I'm on the planet number to walk across its level to take another transport to another part of the plant is a big deal and I don't want to do this multi-stage us to take me to the thing landscape on Annabelle Wars 2 or is like you fly your ship to the Spaceport take the shuttle from the space for it down to come in tonight when you go through the airlock into the turn into the lobby when you go through the lobby to the transport then you get on the transport to go to the plant and then take a taxi and I was like younger women play games like this is when addressing this is awesome and open the epicness of this and I'm like well I got to get on your mouth so I always mean load me up I guess I've had a few was like a few pop things pop up in those walks though now that I think about it at some point there are a lot a lot a whole way there right now that the Star Wars Universe had from prequel Old Republic 2 the original trilogy the biggest loss was healing Technologies Old Republic every one of them never seen such an environment the New Yorker gorgeous and why is the calendar strong bike strong conservative Pokemon series I mean you're busy old employees who can tell her that was my bike and she just be still Tom I would I would I would I mean help me out of it like Bernie she can turn the internet off Idol tonight Las rental a car driven like do we have a Dremel to boil shrimp Strom scratch that I mean it's like it's like what time do the do it like in the afternoon what is broken help but feel that we're talking about the internet one right the internet. Listing Crush for now for now and it's probably come back nowhere in the discussion nowhere in the discussion of like a look at his political action everyone is taking a look at what we achieved we kill this bill he has to stop and I'm not playing doubles out of here you really don't have to do this no one is saying what causes what led to this I have not heard anyone say in this entire argument as he has done you know that piracy has led to this thing that could have crushed the internet in a very real way people will say that I completely disagree piracy is not Free Speech but look what happened with issues trying to deal with people maybe we just didn't know if maybe the middle crazy like we can meet in the middle would like any copyrighted thing that you didn't have permission to use any benefits of User submitted like someone on our site in a post the copyright to copy image on their profile the whole site theoretically legally they could have there are laws that exist already where I think that can happen already and it doesn't so I don't know yeah just one except look at me when I said that the federal government cannot refuse them and I looked it up back in November this is 230 domain name from website old counterfeit is good but that's musical versus digital so I don't know if there's some kind of semantic different Lamar Smith his website actually the copyrights to the guy who created the bill is upload if someone is making a lot of money from piracy people are OK with those people being taken down how to get hit for $45,000 per song that you like that doesn't make any sense but I thought well now I don't know anyone but there are people have been coming I gotta know anyone directly blade towers of strong and they had like 2000 song just like that so I wonder how that happened to me that one time at 4 to air travel as the national lottery of death and I take it every year and it's bad when you don't cry anymore but you know the last of the last remember we were very very is this we're walking down Congress and then and then almost as soon as you said it like an alert came up because I never but that was when the plane went down in New York and landed in the Hudson real like you broke it and it was like apply for next and um yeah hopefully is what not know how this works maybe when you guys do and you can explain it so let's a evil act like that when I get off plane right now there's a one-in-a-million chance that I'm going to die either through a crash or mechanical whatever she's a one-in-a-million chance to get on that plane and I like it if I did then come back and apply somewhere else is the chance one and two million three times or the chance 1 + 3.3 million + 3 + 3 + 10 million numbers where you can really write or if any person what is the same thing holds true for like buying lottery tickets if you buy one lottery ticket is at 1:54 Million lottery tickets is it live in 64 name drawing or just cuz you Joel Osteen drawing drawing then you're reducing it if it's okay let me clarify myself roulette you'll never win but they are theoretically Black Jack he never went to LA last week to go do it do some commercial work and Joel like you like it I didn't like it Joel is my back so Joel what was your thought process here you went from Los Angeles my papa sit on a plane for 3 hours at one time he would be done to have not stopped on the way back blade cut into easy easy Prime stretch your legs yes I smile and he says she likes to wear and that cost me some time you got to prevent Deep Vein from it was like I landed at like 8 o'clock at night and a flight 8 in the morning the next morning Tom Yum Thai 8 fucking hours yeah it's fun the old women with their oxygen tanks has anybody ever wanted to slot machine people winning those things before and the guy 1308 like we got on the plane we were sitting on the plane and then again yeah the back lavatory doesn't really get in the plane and it was like people were living there so it was like people so you got off the plane clean and I can't breathe and I feel the slot machines in there and I think you know what you can do the funny story because we had to get off the plane and it was all going right and I'm going to pay the money to pull it and I'm going to get $280,000 later Towers is going to leave Vegas and like that's what every Casino has like that giant slot machine by the exit where you live we should all go to Vegas for my 21st birthday in May 2001 in which the characters Journal about being an egg that's pretty awesome that Ray Kurzweil like what year is it Jack what year is it 2012 what years did 2012 1212 Sabine music music Jack the darkness is no justification for it the kids would tell you that the year 2000 was not the start of a new century I wanted to fucking triangle everyone everyone 2001 anyway I just couldn't take it anymore I couldn't take it and then why did you kick him another happened because of the hard work of all those COBOL programmers probably true don't worry about that meant what does the feeling of somebody else smarter than me is working on this therefore this is okay the thing is released to the public there has been a great strong Thurman had a great workout and I want a word for the anxiety of watching someone else use a computer quick on that note I contact like the Left Right action in the other person walking over there that's how you making me text David Vance great revenge on a banking account setup installation of wood to make a hammer with another 63954 Lake pretty quickly they caught on a new hairdo Halo idea of like we were doing a project with that early video we did channel Nickelodeon DVD collection a really popular Red vs Blue video but I was doing the thing where I was watching the first customer to drop in the pond you can look around and I actually hit the button and it the first time and like the guy I was with music will happen What while we were there oh yeah publicly whatever valve yeah we're talking about for some reason Jack in my knowledge that I need ya valve and you brought up remind me of Half Life 2 Half-Life 2 before came out like right is it was just about and there's a scene where they go through and all those big walkers in his pamphlet here buddy we're going down an alley and I was looking at a ladder like in the alleyway to see how to get on the ladder and the Walker went by to my left like off-screen like you is orchestrated so that you were looking down at least all the walks the first time can go by you could get to it was like the guy who is the guy that walked around the corner of the building and it was the first time navigation the game direction to which direction they want you to go but for whatever reason I would think there's a guy behind me 30 Garfield Avenue the guy I work my way back right now from Left Right ba Smith are you left handed or left handed it was just a problem getting Joel for his monitor a little mirror so he doesn't turn on the gay the first Left 4 Dead yeah just like this guy behind you Spanish guy behind you it will drive a person crazy and I'm really disappointed I didn't finish it I got nothing a little over halfway through this week it was just feel like he needed more polish doesn't have the word dead in title requirements Gathering how many days does another word for Dead Space is kind of zombies bad in the past game Dead zombie find a zombie game that does not have dead or zombie in the title where are we going to eat today where we going to eat food. No no no no I really would like to go eat something today for lunch for tacos Zombie Taco can I tell you something today I have a special lunch thing I have to do actually mad and I'm taking Barbara to lunch kind of for Community manager day but don't add fuel to the fire but we also we also take her because she had like her first like negative exposure to community like her she got ganged up on Silver like going to go like tell her tell her the interface with the internet for any period of time that everybody yeah if you're going to know Kim khazei like these people