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RT will make you never look at dolphins the same way again

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Recorded: 2012-02-02 01:22:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

who and Anna Jack Roush opethisgood College buddy of mine came home hammered what's the Metallica Black Album enter the blackout was printed black on black and we kind of did the same thing for everyone text which we use now that no one knows about subconscious programming women and he went into his room and lock the door and turn on Metallica on the fucking Loop what's the three in the morning everyone has passed out probably passed out and kept us all awake and so everyone had that room with a ball peen hammer Lewis Dot Structure play it all night long sounds like you are there yeah it's like really yeah I mean that was no team in a good resolution to this week down the door and was sorry she had such a problem with kicking in doors that is actually rules in the lease when you moved in the bylaws that if you kicked in someone's door to the house was that if you kick in someone's door it was a certain fine but if the door and you'd never make it in before you can lift it to the door handle the whole for the door that's what that was the week that was and then if you kick it with her 2 kids striping the corner like she had been kicked in before the guy called me and he would he was going to print and he printed out the paper and I went to go take a shower and I guess when I shut my door locked my door and I'm literally two doors down on the bathroom taking a shower he comes back up to get the paper when it's done printing the door was locked he looks for me for about 4 seconds and then kicked in my door to get his Walking Papers that I let him borrow my computer to get confused and like I said it was we went in the schedule and that was that was the worst ugliest place I had ever and I've been in a bad place this place where you didn't like the project was asking where it was still fun write it so hot in the bathroom and there are cockroaches giant cockroaches everywhere all will you be having any filming and as soon as I can at a cockroach walking by and I wanted the Cockroach and it literally stopped just as they are lift up over on his back and that we had it the Cockroaches. That place is terrible what happened in the Great Depression now it's so much better for her first party we do every year that we would plug up all the doorways with sandbags and we would love the three feet I'm glad you mentioned that there were a couple that stood out the first one I'm just gonna miss her very briefly because II want to the first one three mentally ill people who all thought they were Jesus Christ and we can live in a house together for 2 years I still Jersey Shore and was convinced he was married to a seven foot tall woman called Madame Madame Yeti woman and write letters as a woman to him Craigslist is invented how do you locate Jessica experiment that I read about was I can't respond to this experiment down in the Virgin Islands team want to teach dolphin to speak the house that was partially flooded so that a woman and a dolphin could live together I want you to link up on this thing was Tiny in the dolphin group with her problem was when the dolphin to reach sexual maturity it just wanted to bone her she wouldn't have sex with him the dolphin conjugal visit experiment we don't know if we could teach it to speak if it gets to interact with what blade has no purpose for language Russia past weekend like this dolphin have sex with other dolphin so it isn't like he was trying to court the woman was like and Joel drink to her so she started giving the school shooting of course when will I ever learn to talk yeah well what do you think is going to hand I assumed you wanted to try to come to look for mines or submarines Detroit dolphin feel like a hug for all the trouble not to the point where we need to be giving people can I get it so I can just do what you said you were a scientist money from the government it was like I want to do acid with me first because he was a big Gateway research money the mind has and capability I've heard I don't know I don't know where they come from the team of the and some product from the Amazon extra Penny Arcade is a very poetic person and he described so glad to be able to include Tycho conversation about handjobs and also talked about drug chemical component to Consciousness and I thought that's a really nice life what does Academy when was make it to bag and and you can't reconnect after you take it out of the system water park in and one out of every four people gets like that hero of the dolphin dolphins procreate is it that two dolphins get together and they basically she's down and beat the crap out of the female dolphin to tell Houston the point of exhaustion and then they do their business that's Nature's mysterious ways making more than I am distancing myself from Joel Dame are you guys back into the table kratom dolphin interspecies I was talking about science better than this country that's not on the up-and-up I don't know what was going on of the 2000 what is the drug testing and everything is blood pressure medication University time who told me this please continue he's like I did predictive Viagra only take small bit of Viagra does it really really work only place you're going for a parallelogram with a head injury Universal to buy a grow a whole bunch a whole bunch of a handful of Viagra got an erection that he couldn't get rid of the wife came home let my medical terminology for this guy at the gym probably get rid of it like I was in the apartment for like I don't know how long I was out of town had to go to the hospital the white storm out I guess I don't know if they get offended that you need a drug to be attracted to them but I see I see I see the performance-enhancing was the bad part is she's like that I see so he told this guy I was with ah I see okay Google terminology for all get the point where you get up still had it I can get it right but you know what does the hospital do they make an incision and drain blood from the get out my life what happens with the worst case scenario is going to be a fun thing to read hi how is priapism treated the goal of all treatment this is from the Cleveland Clinic. Org site the goal of all treatments to make erection go away and preserved future erectile dysfunction if a person receives treatment within 4 to 6 hours before star erection be right you can almost always be reduced with medication if the erection has lasted less than four hours you can get your medications which may decrease blood flow may be very helpful other options include surgical litigation and an aspiration after numbing the penis doctors want to start a needle and drink blood to the penis to reduce pressure and swelling you never want to go to the hospital what's up podcast wheeler the grey man I'm ready to give you an academy absolutely I don't really like going to die whenever that made you go in there and you're just like well you have 5% chance of ever going to be like your dad the number Notre you stop talking when I talk and I think I would like that it works very well the grey Jack was like I really like it's moving and it's totally elements fire I get that Joel and I worked as a professional actor you will appreciate this because of some weird marketing staff for whatever reason or an editing thing the movie was delayed by like 2 or 3 weeks which means it came out early 2012 as opposed of right at the end of 2011 I can almost guarantee that that cost Liam Neeson an Oscar nomination and I've seen most of the movies I mean George Clooney in The Descendants but man it's not the artist walking around thinking I want to talk about the movie so much to me the trailer itself they decided to include some things in the trailer some specific shots which it will blow your mind after you see the movie why would they put this in there and I don't know what do you want Jack did yesterday and last night I went to go see the grey at the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater The Ritz and I reserve my seats online and it was like seeing the face of God it's only the Ritz downtown though not the only the only a small area 2 photos that are reserved seating of the other one cool thing is if you buy the reserves you also get free parking downtown 2 blocks up you're almost guaranteed to get that interaction where you're going to be driving slowly down the street and you're going to get a homeless person who going to purposely walk in front of your car and look at you and give you the chest pound like to do it because I want to do it all the time Personnel the gas where you're just going like a half a mile per hour but didn't stop no you just kind of keep you just kind of keep that blue crawl I guess that's probably not going to work you gotta put your car in my screening of the grey there must be something here in Austin because there was a handful of actors that you recognize and think I look up with that guy's name is online they were all in the theater watching one was the guy who played David Wallace on the office Michael Scott's corporate boss and he was there and then the guy who played the dude who can fly in Heroes and his name is Adrian Pasdar butt doctor and it's been so long since I saw hero I don't know I could have sworn like this 35 in Pittsfield Massachusetts Dame it was actually like a lawyer or something or the life of someone on the office in the office is like perfect to play he said down please Hans Gruber stroll things were fresh and nice Mastermind he's not like overly like physically threatening but he doesn't give a shit and he will fuck you up Philip Seymour Hoffman Mission Impossible 3 yesterday just like you know like James Spader on the office no concrete doctor on the plane you just like I don't care I don't give a shit and call his bluff and Philip Seymour Hoffman sitting there some time that I can come and kill everyone you love strong to go shooting position to be tied to ask her about of a plane really famous actors like if you go to specific scenarios there's really famous actors who are good in specific situations like specifically I got to take the best person sitting in a chair and listening to somebody else and I just sitting there looking at Burnie not many though like I haven't seen them to be article I want to see even heard of the artist of the Golden Globes down there that's my problem like most of the movies they even named I haven't even heard of funny is it I get all those DVDs in the mail tagged movie listings for the nominees 87 no I should have but I'm really it's your fault because you keep introducing me I just downloaded Hero Academy which is like a multiplayer strategy game on my phone it's been pretty fun what was the game that you played star control 2 Star control 2 or quad Master usually not on the way of San Francisco anytime I got myself star control 2 I haven't played it but maybe like 20 minutes well it's a little difficult Adrian l I don't know I think this is the best game for stairs Gus is playing this game on the plane we are flying out to San Francisco for a commercial shoot in literally in the parking lot of the place we were going we looked across the way and another one of buildings was the Building made there are no dolphin handjobs on the floor if you can get more overall it was kind of and then it becomes more prevalent back whenever what time and I'd like to talk to 4 people heard about the crazy the computer on the original Star Trek and Mary right yeah it was Gene roddenberry's wife right I was wrong virgin right now because I didn't know the words to Silent Night on the show who and can't talk to women unless he's drunk and has some form of alcohol but I'm getting a new iPhone and have Siri on it so you like falls in love with Siri is actually in the in the episode he ends up like having this dream where he says I don't know when I'm doing text messages while driving with Bluetooth in my car through my speakers Tycho I mean might as well wait for the iPhone 6 5 4 3 the little of the money doing that because the fact that she didn't want people getting confused they didn't work the S was for Steve's number cuz he titles for stealing Joel have no idea that would be ridiculous right the tacos at 75 to 100 billion dollars is a split know it you don't have the financials so you don't know you don't have any that's going to be the overall bloat okay we're going to measure it but you don't know what their earnings are so you don't know if that's good I'm not sure that I'm not sure that I would get into that I mean they already have a third of the world's population on Facebook where who how do you grow from that alien not have everybody that we reported yesterday that Facebook Expect While Wednesday today there's a billion-dollar IPO billion that look at that Billy doesn't matter like the 5 billion is just a placeholder like in other words they're just so they can stop looking at about seventy-five 200 billion number of stock in a company or does everyone know there is no one more Facebook this is going to be held by people in the company and then this of this percentage of the float with Republic what is the limited quantity that goes to the public like it's okay it's only a certain amount of people at the people who are on the inside there's an underlying problem the first thing that I'm not sure man it's like Facebook is so over Heights and like everybody's talking about it they're going to have to have a reason to look at it my mom is already on Facebook how are they going to pass out probably only about of people Facebook for kids so they can newborns problem type in your details I was like you know instead of give me amniotic fluid out when we say amino acids who looks like a retard over here nevermind what what what does it mean when your eye twitches what does it mean when a stock splits when it's basically it's that you have the value of the shares so if you have $10 a share that it can be $5 a share and then there's Point them out so it's like the flute be ready please not affect the overall value isn't exactly on paper that really doesn't mean anything consequently what happens if it does go up creeque alley lyrics something weird about the finances while you're gone Burnie what time of Facebook 75 $275 I don't know what everybody is right now in terms of they could grow and everything Zynga of people their communities play those games or how they feel that because I know little people don't really go for any different the title why Zynga is doomed we had it like a game time app on our site every word every thought every time and gains on our side as far as like the game or some sort of like we have everything built into system profile strawberries related doctor there there just on time or just a Farmville profile how many guy I'm never an alarm for 9 o'clock every single one I could talk to you too please don't invite me say no because I am going to defriend Jack Facebook what's each other friend requests from friends of friends that's the way to do it and Joel has 9000 friends I have I have 109 110 and I think I just deleted people to get back down to a hundred feel like that's a good number down I think I have 2000 currently 2005 1800 1800 so that this timeline future now on Facebook I joined Facebook in like 2006 or like 6 months after it became like I wasn't there but I like Facebook because it was you had to be in college in order to get it Myspace like briefly I think I had a profile but I never really do anything movies or Vans being advertised as their website it's like I knew it was that was good that was bad I mean it's like 20% auto play music actually had a contest to make the worst Myspace page possibly could really there's some really terrible ones Academy the Stars Paige natural wild anything with Hollywood / 99901 I'm still kind of like Facebook who drink in this room has more to eat we can go to the account right now I'm going to Joel Joel what's your what's your name is definitely between Burnie now I'm going to get myself Joel says Burnie has been on Twitter as long as I have only 190 what's your name Joel Oro la how to help friends and followers and help out that's cool you have Jack underscore 2151 to embarrass you jack underscore underscore p Jack these guys work for Microsoft UFC 3549 three well that's what I thought it was 3500 what are you bringing Burnie Burns 2350 500 my tweets are 2 Live Crew girl I also saw that you signed up for Twitter after I did find a really early start texting more and less of a time I'm having I am I am I am probably the most conflicted Twitter user ever I just can't I just don't think about it I hate it I didn't get it and I was wrong I was next to you probably but you're mostly that's probably budget this week in the battleship movie apparently has a two hundred million dollar budget what the fuck is that ship underwater that both have to fight the price of a board game or $290 I think the best plan was Brian who works of stairs said he wasn't sure if the movie with seaworthy now that was good did you read it did you read it Kathleen Sanders came down to the of ninja Harlot down to do this forever but you know I'm coming down this trivia thing you guys should come along and was going to come but then you busy or something team Irvin of the drink it was a really cool dude he made that process very very easy and he's like removed team up in something we won't talk about it we'll talk about trivia night turned into a well this is the thing called Geeks Who Drink this day National contest if you have and pubs all over the place and this is the world championships and you're representing our team at the world championship level YouTube glad I got to tell you first of all Jack came out of the gate so when he was like half our first round in the first round of the very first question it was a Stone Cold Steve Austin question about wrestling it was what is his finishing move is a trivia and you know my dad used to when I was a kid I would sit there and watch him tear through that so anyway I just wanted in the world Jack hockey have that many tweets sour mix Jack obadia really really poorly and it was a great round there was one one thing and then end up with another room it was like last and there the baby was Moby Dick in a Box so that was like two different things girls sharing a glass on top of Dome on top of another 2 Girls 1 Cup so we scored 76 points in the middle so we don't know about yes or no preparation of pretty I really like walking prepare for a trivia Wikipedia three things that the other table Masters watching you stuff of AT&T phone I'm all over the country like a bunch of them but they're still full of people like Seattle Colorado Philadelphia and like before it was Nationwide cast of Lucifer take it to the head like this marching band come out in like everyone had like and then and then they got on the anger thing the the Hawaiians Do or Die Andy Mineo what was that was there the laptop or whatever is like you know like a cover of a song or something someone from YouTube covering a song and name the original artist and the song So for this big event they had different questions or anything they had different cover bands come up and do and perform it live there in like in the up on stage and I have to get it there was an orchestra performs Everlong by Foo Fighters there's like a like a like a rockabilly band Johnny Cash the Glee Club from UT that an Eminem song that the Austin Music Hall going to drink., I just we had fun at the event with Jack and Barb somewhere there's like this week in Austin how are some funny team names in 2005 thousands first 5017 1000 3rd place Austin team detract from her practice tonight am I feeling too much who was actually World War the p trivia anyway the movies what are the movies was of Monster Squad the movies was Monster Squad and it showed the clip in a herd the table honey had no idea I did I did I did guy talking over Days Inn - High School College who would watch Jeopardy every fucking day and he actually had this home it looks like a calculator but it was a Jeopardy play along to play along with his roommate he couldn't watch and I watched it like 3 times and then the next day we came in and started playing it all the answers this author wrote the classic Tales including a tale about a captain and a whale and I who is Burnie Burns every time I don't know I don't know down came in second place overall is some words that end with and which the drink that I bought and I just want to please call mr. trance is one of the Masters here in time stage 2 part of the event like Jack was over across the table from you I heard this noise the quizzes in Texas and I can narrow down to you often there's like no one there three on Sunday in Austin this Sunday so if I'm sure you've been in your hometown and it's recorded 2 more episodes of and we talked to him about anything about it star can't wait to see you the video I want to watch any of it but it just wait for it to be 15 minutes of one of the people that's how it down nothing deposited on the positive the bad about ordering? Animated adventures the RT animated adventures shirt should be coming out today to check to see if they're actually in the store but we have I believe four or five different shirts I know that I know someone who in Seattle does give me very excited about the adventures you should check out the store Houston High School Star Story Notre down and that's what I want to change from animal animals from Bones you look like I used the trench coat he wears some time blush trench coat it looks like something from the Matrix you don't talk virgin and if it doesn't slow motion somebody that you they look like somebody could you could intentionally insult them however Alison stroll this time of year I always know what Sundance time of year because all the sun Alison stroll for showing up in my newsfeed and I realize I was supposed to post every time I see her the traffic like 2 different people in the grey where is the hardware store right across the street from our office then when they built the Home Depot at the highway that small-town story to go to Walmart and a Home Depot out by the highway we were about a mile in and it shut down like all the local businesses there it was a local hardware store and Home Depot guy built so they converted to a barbecue place which was weird a barbecue place is so hard you know barbecue and they had an awesome thing they're called the building and it was a cheesesteak sandwich but it was made with brisket instead of flank steak and jalapeno sauce and barbecue sauce it was really quite like Russell Crowe sacrificially for like a year too I had to give it up give up the life hardware store in like 20 minutes about and hardens in the arteries just deleting them for like a few minutes they get exponentially better when you get off of the grill you don't touch it first but I don't know biology there's internet goodness of their structural Integrity failure Pizza is always better the next day and think it's fucking friend in middle school we try to tell me it was better than the pizza and put in the fridge and I was like I would never do that just getting up myself nutrient I think we all had like that idiot friend in elementary and middle school for me I remember because he tried to convince me that all birds are reptiles and I asked him how he was arrested for came out in 1899 and I was like how can you tell birds are reptiles do they have no they're not okay ominous Brandon still wrong and still convinced that there right now by the way the magic guy can I ask you a question speaking of ignorance all week last week everything I say there's a big ass tricks the place at 7 topics like dolphin handjob who's going do you think she's about about 8 it's like trying to match that experience in life is it really 5:16 the 47 years ago couple podcast to go Gus made the podcast in 5 years doing the podcast the most arbitrary so we started what was the December awake so we make sure control went out in 01 podcast just making the podcast in five different years then the following week we make 1 in January 2009 no you have a drop of water weather forecast any good cleaning before we ever put any of them out weekend too long music from original topic of dolphin dolphin brahe please go back to that guy's weekend do you have like a list of things you want to talk about listen to it like there's no way I could have this every week I have a list that I make your every single week I don't and I don't talk about one item and I haven't talked about the Austin asshole fucking asshole did you ever see the yellow video yelle think so man I should have to jack it is this guy who dances it looks as if you're making video for Machesney who made a bunch of it over there but over there and angry about this listing the first time we talked about it Dance videos of the song it's awesome right yes very odd but it doesn't officially start until 2 minutes in and you have to you have to really suffer no no no no it's okay what's the music that's on your music what are the variety show Buckley happy I don't know what it is about it but your special effects are really really nice mascots that are insane but watching the video on YouTube where it's like he knows 30 seconds of someone's name spinning around with an old animated graphics and stuff like that show me what you trying to show me what are the different intro every week I have to wait through it for so long because if I can let you know I guess they were listening to our star cast and listen to the episode where we have a certain Affinity guys on Halo anniversary edition came out and we were talking about how they got started in the gaming industry and it was like I can do that started this week was that she wanted people who was on our podcast really so he listened to the podcast wasn't have a certain Affinity guys got started in video games and that I can do that and did it from Austin that's all I don't remember moving to Austin Down star program hope you don't get it it's the guy who plays donut down and we were to the tenth place where we were before we hire people all the time you had and came to work and I think I know the story just showed up for training when they didn't even interview or he turned in the application they were waiting for interview to set of and training a new hire paperwork the paperwork wasn't that it it was that because he doesn't realize okay we'll go get her oh my God for someone try to sneak over for the lift ride insurance for people lift 2028 Apple at his head on a concrete floor and he cracked his head it's going to happen up there for lunch Andy of Hollywood guy didn't get hurt by stuff like that too and if you climb utility poles in and really touch the wrong wire industrial equipment that I just don't want to like the college that was a fun day pretty scary I'm glad I know the last thing you wrote so fucking terrible that he was concerned and everyone has to do is really bad because when you're at the top of one of those things really do you really do feel it according to our time to see the footage from inside the Dallas Cowboys practice when it collapse on them no no no is that the Cowboys practice the collapse building from inside of LL down in the middle skating rink in Russia or somewhere that recently like yeah I guess or the or the snow on top of this building collapse 2 from the inside and I really guy was going to show it to you but it's freaking ridiculous 2 where are guy falls one flight of stairs how many ribs are cracked in there hey check this out these people I just like the first three seconds taking in all the crazies accident was one 2 there's a there's an old myth about a guy a long time ago who and I guess they wanted but still crazy story guy who's at war and he got shot in the testicles okay and the bullet went through his testicles and then landed in the stomach of a woman and then she got pregnant like third grade recess elevator stories like someone is that was a cop and like he claimed they were chasing a guy on a motorcycle in time and they came into an intersection with the red light and one of those eighteen-wheelers that has all the cars on it you know like the cars on the trailer right there any motorcycle light just turned and went right through it where you at I've the feeling of a horrible story about think about this and Joel talking about that freak accident why does it mean when you look into a lake and there was a pipe in the water Jack referencing I broke my leg a week before jumping in the water with a huge 8-foot pipe and told him that I broke my left ankle and Hutch car home that night other more religious and I want to do with your church lock-in to celebrate the end of school and I didn't tell her I was going to this party or both my legs and the Rumor went around that I broke my leg by Falling hot tub anyway anyone get back with her ex-boyfriend that she was very happy little black dancing girl that got away when she got pregnant radical insemination procedure that they had doctor in Houston who was rushing for and elevator that his woman's college was in they already know where they're going and elevator malfunction who got his head stuck in the door and then the elevator went up and cut off his shirt off elevator time through and smoke bacon Grand Junction of the things I like of the door closed why do they put the door closed get rid of it I don't like that are you like always how to control you but it's what I thought about the story with the elevator because Joel was talking about for Jack tonight 7:03 guy every time I walk across the threshold in the second that I'm halfway through the elevator going to fall and replaced right now guy walking his dog in elevator are you just of the dogs are gone because the dumbass guy I think he really gets hurt like to get the Yankee the door to his head and gets really hurt the dogs running around the lobby or something broke the dog with the dog and take care of him I'm actually give me a script about if it was based on a real story of guy in a Subway who fell onto the tracks but his body between the three of us yet between the train and and a concrete basically and basically had planted them this is bad for earaches so basically his lower half gets twisted around a lot and it's to the point where the train had him pinned so he's still alive and he will remain alive until they move the train he still living there today right if you think about it if I can what would have we have a trivia contest at RTX official of read like red vs blue RoosterTeeth Geeks Who Drink and we are actually trying but the people this week hopefully the Duke ranked as well for a digital version of activities that are waiting in line turning that do fun things and activities for people that actually dolphin Johnny's Lashes on 2 ending Alison of rum would be terrible Dolphins vs. Jessica would be guy in the elevator 16 writing for and if you want to kind of watch and me of you posting something pretty soon about a beta testing thing with the podcasts Gus you think I'm guessing you don't answer audible sponsored 2 of our last podcast on and try to figure out like we have kind of a budget now maybe we can do something cool with that and so I need some beta testers to help me out with something with the podcast so don't listen to the podcast you would probably be interested but you don't wait for Brandon easy in town west to east was a fucking pain in the ass and get on the freeway so anyway just finished up one of those intersections they're doing some over in the southwest corner of Mopac and Ben White silky terriers or five guys making it to go to Five Guys today we need to convince him to give me a better burger place that is the last time to drive over guy who is only take out you can drive through nothing wrong motivational speeches from like every morning I didn't realize but you can get like a cheese on top of the front pulley you can make with milk 2 slices of cheese on top of your fries at In-N-Out I'll never not forget that again you can get it ordered apparently it's one of the items price to have your fries animal style 2 really double fried french fries