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RT barely talks about the Super Bowl

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Recorded: 2012-02-08 22:42:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Monty Oum




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this podcast brought you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable title across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth Advantage Matthew Parker here for you now 3235 little Brandon remix Karmin Karmin is going to be this week I will watch the shit out of that I mean I mean I love those guys I don't know if you can watch all the shit out of him where they were terrible terrible terrible there's even audition tapes of the original cast like you can find the audition that like Dan Aykroyd nose God unwatchable unless you like comedy back in the fifties pretty good time anyway there wasn't a comedy it was so sad that Dan Aykroyd put fish in a blender like a frozen fish that was everything almost like the same layer is the same depth of comedy in Lorne Michaels Frozen pencil blender what Michaels there from the start and he was there when the Chris Farley El Nino Chris Farley Adam Sandler Z cocaine makes a man people told them that it was really funny but he was just like I don't get it like he would watch the sketches and he would watch any any time you see more Michaels you hear that expression on her face like I don't get it he's Canadian just kind of had to copy stuff like you want to be like him a check for $1,000 sounded like ridiculous for them to hide their trying to find a sweet spot where someone might conceivably thank you he not only can you give a band like your $3,000 thank you set the low amount of money the joke is not for the $3,000 that's the guy season 1 episode 1 and is if you have $100 and you pay $8 for a loaf of bread you have $99 if you have a million dollars and you paid $8 for a loaf of bread you still have them if that's okay there's a there's a documentary on Netflix where they take these guys from like who live out in the brush in Africa like in know where you live in the city and they immigrated to New York I guess I should a New Jersey and it documentary follows them adjusting from this grew very quiet like to move into like a very popular singer and it's weird like the experiences they have a grocery store understand why there's so much food there and one of them getting in trouble with the police in trouble with the police because everywhere tired and try to go up to your house what are you took him in and give him food and let them rest really is it cold in there paying bills writing out a check to pay the cell phone bill and he know he says when I first came here if you give me $100 I would think I was the richest man in the world and now hundred dollars I don't understand what happened it's so weird I mean like so telling of of our life and our clothes like you so burdened down with all the shit you have to do when you have to pay for acclimate super a while now you've been working to write 18 there every time you get a raise if you the captain on the money you give me your life style.com Audi buddy from college where I was amazed by him haven't kept up with him but after we graduate from college the story about him was he got a job he was making about $19,000 a year and its first year and making $19,000 a year he saved $12,000 what is the secret of us didn't change from college to work this is the secret of life it's like once you go to not having a roommate you're not going to go back to having a roommate know it's like it's like that with everything so it's like if you can deny yourself in the beginning that better so I just want everyone to listen to your podcast the secret to life is when you don't have a roommate anymore you won't have a room anymore everything that's right don't you want better I no no no no that was that was that was a friend who was in trouble who I thought was going to stay at my place for a little while longer she told her that the FBI War me what you pay for and you still had somebody living in your apartment yes I'm very good looking person with different it's different when it's a very good looking for help I want to see charity you know what it's like that's what I was doing it was like occasionally it's good to do stuff but also makes me happy ticker Officejet Joel hello Monty Monty walked into pond off I need to the office the shit out of my $2,000 yes it is why do you have a $2,000 couch you're so fucking long yesterday we need an office cat for here in the office and I was like where's Facebook thing every day was great you walk in the morning and I was like this Joel with you I think everyone generally like a joke the cat except from that the reason had to go it was as if I was allergic I'm kind of really large and I said well we'll figure something out okay Monty die the pretty of money ever get in trouble with the police all they have to do is like it a bunch of cats and just threw the cat I love cats but I'm allergic to them and I have asthma so like it it gets really almost died I really was bad it was bad in the morning I tried to give Joel and the cat and his Joel Joey the cat at the Joel and Joe you guys are prepared Joel you live alone you should take the cat he loves you he'll of Gavin and I could not give an older cat to like me could not and you should have taken Chris the invitation and then she was with you and you can always show please imagine go on how do you what do you buy a printer in to leave the Box on the floor it's about what you have to do the key to making a great cat for is it you have to buy expensive big products to come in big cardboard box that's it that's all there is and then and then you got to just get some tape and then just let your imagination go wild and hit her head it was beautiful it was an amazing Castle ready to defend from the pending dog Invasion turrets you talking about when I was a kid I was sitting on the couch but everything turned out just like him I mean really the capital is the capital when you left I think this cat doesn't understand military strategy I think we can launch a successful understand it so well that they had the offense will clearly you've not Corners an animal before you know what animal understands defense rabbit rabbit rabbit will fuck you up I really really doubt that people think rabbits are cute and fluffy they will fuck your world up they have teeth and they have claws where did where did the rabbit touch you Joel that rocked my world out there that will suck if you Corner a rabbit I was watching some buddies rabbit I like to give him and then what do they do to your legs apparently no one told me about that he was trying to grab it of gotten a taste of freedom why do I have chicken here the other day by the way I was first thing as I need them for an animal with letting it loose in a part of the rabbits blind spot is like dead head like straight in front like that the eyes are on the side of the head you know it was like because its prey and so they say the blind spot is right in front me rabbits have lunch right up in front of it it won't be me me all your problems River long time ago we had a podcast you guys are connecting the dots are really sad to hear the podcast God damn stories over and over again how many times did George Foreman I was there but I didn't mean you were talking about this guy who came from Russia to remember exactly personal income and he was going to be right before the podcast that my father was a priest a Catholic priest was unusual thing that people typically don't leave the priesthood and my dad left the priesthood and started our family when he because you can't have right now that you left me was about 40 and started families was older than that generation was and it was a real problem with him and my mom when they first got married that my dad would just go to people's houses for dinner like a little ad that was part of his routine he was like A6 o'clock out about where you want to eat just what we just stop by like the Kramers house will just go there right now have dinner with them, you just can't show up to dinner because he was a priest he was used to it like he would go in the congregation and people would be happy to please come in like ever audible back then than it does now it seems like showing up having dinner so I'm coming me protein treatment after a week I don't have music broadcast Rob audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than a hundred MP3 audio versions of many new many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is World War Z for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / your teeth that's audible podcast.com slash RoosterTeeth you said you had a girl and she said that like actually got actors to read the parts and World War Z do you recommend any Prestige I know that Bar None the best audio book that I've ever heard and I had too many Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide was really cool but World War Z okay the trivia question for you who is the female lead in Meet Joe Black I know that's why did Claire Forlani Clairemont Drive what is she the CEO of HP HP similar similar name so anyway Carly World War Z is written like an audio interview accounting of what happened in the world war against the zombies baby zombie apocalypse and what the people did to fight back in so it's a guy going around after it getting stories and it told chronologically but through these interviews and oral history perfect for an all-day Rob Reiner Mark Hamill plays one of the main guys in the military guy in it and it's really cold World War of the Worlds radio broadcast date December 21st 2012 really isn't that the worlds 12/21/12 I'm pretty sure I totally was planning it so you need to adjust your plans for the end of the world to give me accelerator Matthew Fox arrested in Cleveland dr. Shepard from Lost get out of here I believe if I recall the story God I hope I got the right person I believe he was drunk in Cleveland and there was a party bus that was rented but for a private party and you wanted to get on the bus but he didn't know anyone there and they were like no you can't get on the bus and you punch someone trying to get out of the documentary I can just go to any party but lost actor Matthew Fox was arrested after allegedly punching a female bus driver of a party bus according to the Hollywood Reporter Saturday night Fox truck the driver in the chest and she refused to allow him aboard the vehicle TMZ reports just like he's just like party of 529 year old driver also in the blood on his face and may have broken her hand in the process that's a good punch to break your hand if you're probably in a good kind of why I always avoid someone Dan Carlin's pretty tough on your body yeah but I mean it's a joint the weaker than literally suck my thumb in a table saw this me talk about this and they were like which is surgery like it's good to have this we do we do it's true tell you about it after that they're like of this office and then hear some clay and then you need to show up here three times a week and play with us forever and I'm like no no no how much is this going to cost for me to show up with this thing it's going to cost like an insurance company $5,000 a week for me to play with Clay 6 hours you are a butt face I will save America I will save you sure we don't need to charge your stuff Berkeley because my knee was messed up you know if I messed up my knee playing with Play-Doh from doing my treadmill and walking on my treadmill and playing Xbox so I did it I please reach one day doing that I thought I'd get away with it and when I play an FPS game I turn left or right my body can I use the treadmill all the time all the time and I can't I can't watch anything I mean it's like that is the most embarrassing thing you can do because not only do you get the indignity of the initial trip and then after you suffer the indignity of the trip then it's like well here now we're going to smash into the wall behind you pretty much I've done so I screwed up my knee cap which also called the patella it was just like rotated like what the medical term for the transverse plane thank you yeah that's right a little bit you have messed up other stuff and then it just places so differently so that I actually like work on my hip or anything it was just need to do that break dancing and stuff what is blue on the bottom Monty you looked up from this point it is worthwhile to do it okay doing break dancing that was with me what would we say we're getting getting up right now to breakdance getting ready to happen but really it's not the breakdancing fault it's just because somebody wanted to get laid I mean that far and that's the reason for everything so we can be held accountable for anything or nothing it's a joke I'm kidding you're really going to go 3 knee surgeries no idea how I heard it anytime no idea we can meet or I don't the mathematically if you look at it from my perspective Steve of us people say like I don't know I have no idea what birds are in the Firebird I know you're doing it is totaled because I got the thing that makes the all the new Surface that I just didn't of anything that's like a bird or a dinosaur or an elite in Halo 3 standing on the top reading backwards to make sure ticker for chairs anyway I'm glad we had backwards knees and ankles trailers down of selling your house right now and part of when you're selling a house as you get a call from a real estate agent and somebody scheduled appointment to view our house at 5 o'clock p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday win the Super Bowl kickoff at 5:30 that's a dick move by the house Buckhead Dan pretzels on the cob you know you know this year for the first time ever you could stream the Superbowl on this Super Bowl.com website I heard that went really well I didn't even know it was over there he's going to be different it looks better than awesome way better there's no compression will it's always going to look at the cable because Burnie cable box constantly cutting out picture where it's like all the sudden going to be like press this button to continue watching cable have you seen this oh I know what you're talking about sometimes it will power down to think you're not really watching the TV is on my TV it's a turn your air conditioning off I just keep it on Bay Street Joel is principal paid for the TV it should always be there this is America you could be so much so I can take you out of spite but I feel like I have no Alternatives in my neighborhood I want to us that that that you get that and that's it and I guess I could try to Bloomberg another cable on your computer ticker symbol then you're going to watch me do another thing where it seems like the cable companies like you can get the cable streaming your iPad or whatever and um it's a lot you can't you can't do it later you can do it here attend an appointment at noon. Good luck selling your house we will bring the wild animal not actually physically possible at Rooster Teeth to walk away from your dad that my desk especially got that the headphones come with a cord around it the music you Monty think it's awesome that the cables just long enough to go from here to where the headphones plug in and that's it that's what I heard anything I've ever heard of it yes I'm intrigued with the perfect wedding was amazing is the headphone cable is so small and like it so so so then every single time on the on the strip in the computer stays where it is or what is speaking what will the computers are down for the music of us were close to her we just had a talk with everybody about shutting them out here we working upstairs in the Loft and downstairs that travels outward Marshalls downstairs and literally had somebody headphones and not say a word and then just walk right up to me the problem down there isn't like anything was coming through headphones or speakers it's like they might get a little bit loud and the voice goes straight up and then it hit that 45 degree angle the ceiling and then shoots directly into my office now Joel of the closed-door guy I'm a closed-door God I miss you a lot of stuff anyway you know I don't want to be here when I try to walk away from my desk and the headphones and everything comes out for a couple hours what happens if it doesn't matter still going to happen and it's like your desk Monty it's like you've got I don't know how you were turning into that guy in The Matrix yeah yeah he's all that I mean actually I'm not saying you should dedicate one of those monitors just two that need a fake hackers I don't know first joined the company and I had to screen people like all that was said and now everyone has two screens so that's why you up at this hour I have 6 fuck you all pretty sure every time I go down there I see the same video game Monty did you have a nice table and Commercial really I mean I'd never never was I just look at the remote when I can't when a commercial came on and I was just like what is work at I'm at World War I wouldn't miss any program or anything right next to me right next to my auto-correct and word play and it would automatically fuck that I hate that I can I can time it perfectly I don't need to get its big brother if it wasn't for the boxes and the cable box is like an additional $10 per month like everything is turning into that model it's like we're going to charge you per month or whatever channel for like $100 it was forever my prescription is tied to someone pay for it but it's tied to the box but I mean I didn't have a monthly pay the hundred bucks before you give it to you paid for it I got to do that there was no why don't you pick one up front subscription fee and an outfit and then the game was how long can I hold onto the table when I when I moved into my house is the same thing like I got internet you got a cable modem from a cable company that I didn't hit yet and they were like oh you know what no it's just 5 bucks a month to rent the modem no no no I'm going to buy one and I went to prison for like 40 bucks I bought a cable modem and I was like as long as I've been with him for 8 months I come out ahead here three years now and that's my advice and I had a gym membership to a different location Chris rice milk at work for had us some things in there we had two offices are across the street from each other we had a big internet connection at 1 but no internet connection at the other so we had a laser transmission system so we had to leave their cameras on the roots of both buildings and have to Aid them in their laser transmission system transmit like a 10 gig of data camera was like 30 grand a year and they were very picky like you have to do an alignment on a regular basis like you be like oh my it's going slow up and had like a gun and you have to like each other please knocks over all the time because you gotta do it anyway you can look into anyways laser like you can just not if you're looking at the camera but you gotta you gotta have all these different building with no internet me my 10 gigabit of Internet everything anymore they remove the camera from one of the buildings but on the other building the camera still there on the side of it and when using it no I don't even know if I remember to put it up put it up on that building illegally close the road but which brand of the cherry picker in the middle of the night we went out I got closer fearful for the moving in here it was like an alarm Fox and remember that neither of us knew what it was I think I had an idea what it's like Chris August The Witcher 3 out what it is it was it was like it's over by that other door is like a secondary mulch Channel just for Super Bowl ad of the week we didn't have amazing like I don't care about the ad but it's like you can sit there and AD content and entertainment watch commercial commercial and get you today for you ad to watch a commercial they had like collection of greatest Super Bowl ads like a playlist and you just like to play and it shows like that Super Bowl ads over time the movies are only going to be ad and I was interested in the Spider-Man one looks really cool Spider-Man 1 2 3 seconds of the Acura NSX the ad because it had sex in it look like I don't know who's coming how can I buy that the price tag channel was the Ferris Bueller commercial terrible recreate movies and the actors end up doing a commercial for ever forget who what company it is and you got anybody like the movie and then they just closed up and then the actor who was in it starts giving a pitch founded in 1801 it was just him slightly walking around with music has been lately it's like you didn't even put the effort to make a really cheap exploitive commercial how you really feel NSX of coming out 2013 Leonard commercial they could have another Super Bowl ad next year the 2013 Super Bowl and the car might not still be out of the 2013 year model me and I mean it just hides money I guess I remember years ago they had like a television screen that you would wrap around your book is that those are difficult to Chris still trying to make them durable the problem is obviously that you can imagine when you have crystals like that they break so they're trying to develop a way to where you can actually send it around and I have a break after a week of using it so they exist they just don't last very long if you do not want to buy them right now in their current state do you remember when we already talked about this do you like the attention not everyone has a not real fans I wouldn't go that far but I'm so the find people listening to this site and I'm one of them are there any commercial generally really really like the one that I like the most is the commercial where the guy the dog burying the color of a lost cat poster and a dog my favorite one you see the vampire one Audi one they're trying to make fun of vampires but they had like 45 seconds of pro vampire do vampires any good us look like a couple of blood River Apple horrible creatures Dan from murder to like them it was for the new Audi headlights they are bright as daylight just advertising headlights Chris make you want to lifelike of the blinding people I had my phone off I mean I can see when I'm driving is not good enough the revolution money are you sure you want to keep it's not like the conviction of the color in their car and as we're driving every so often I need to blow into it and if they're still Burnie yeah yeah and then as you're driving every few minutes It'll randomly beep and you need to blow in it in order to keep the car on to me probably computer should have those more than car what happens app like while you're driving on like a crowd of power steering but you lose your engine to have to pull off to the side they track your car like that I don't care who you are but you never know maybe you have to run to the pool I don't know if I can buy to track your car or the truck whatever color that they're like Megan super powerful magnet of GPS devices that you like put them on the underside of the car you get one of those you can track your car do when you need to run you stick it out I don't know what I'm doing super crime I keep in my car I actually do not me and we're not even married no I mean like they were God yeah I guess once you get married then it's like we can't fight this because you got to be in the system at that point there was no question me like 6 months to a year ago where this guy put two the picture is like I found this attached under my car does anyone know what this is can you put your pictures of devices have some of the people in my car and I found one also and I guess it was this for a while or something without war in the tracking people and putting the GPS devices and other went to the court and I think that's been struck down it's been proven that they cannot track without a war and I'll look it up and I can fly rectangular I believe it looked like it had a USB port sticking out of it Monty you ever talk about the website please rob me know is this website they shut it down for a while and then I might not be the exact name but that's alright it's way too much of their personal life yeah well the police need a warrant for GPS tracking people post to Twitter or Facebook where they're at LOL I'm going to be coffee shop a few hours and then he would us somehow certain find it so Hunters manual or automatic and a new post that to his website saying so it's not his house please rob Foursquare was introduced by the CIA even need to worry about there are people who really crave attention and every time I tried to come colliding into the first person to walk into the night we had that bowl I spend a night where I just was hanging from the ceiling and spending Bowl ad building like from the back of us to do a full force and I had to bring that up with that Big Crane for the red where are the first person to walk in the studio open the door it would release full of feel from the back of the studio and he comes swinging at the door and slam into ever came in first I had a very close to being set up but you know morning was coming and you know I didn't have the release mechanism done all I can think about right now is October waiting for shot for Monty 50 minutes hanging out cuz you know I work at night at like 3 a.m. and I'm staring a Bullet Bill I'm like what can I do to talk with them was completely unbelievable and we had Bullet Bill and played it for like a year there's no reason to have him around the corner magicJack us we had some terrible things in on Monday finally Z Rental in Montage child growing up that was nice I mean I guess you have no heart no heart but there was some stuff there something in particular that if you mentioned it to Burnie you will make me start gagging like it's so gross I want to throw up to something about him what is this you want me to tell you do it myself but it's like it's pretty funny I like seeing people do dumb stuff that's why I like visiting YouTube looking for like people falling down and hurting themselves of the guy who had a huge phobia phobia like what is it Chris vs Sports the video which by the way was awesome Applebee's vampire can you get up hope you all set up to shoot Central happens Burnie says horse carriage in a year Chris Brown Olympic sport and last time when they tried me I wasn't there you know so that I could have set up but I figured hey I mean it's funny but more so Chris will have to help us set up and be left to work if he thought we were doing someone else and it would have been perfect but he kind of got spoiled or anything like it weather for today hopefully will be released in the Chris sponsor video should come out I think Miles and working out right now today it's it's pretty good to Uncle Arabic or just more stuff I can you ruin everything that was in the Extended Cut and it'll probably be like the real one is a lot of things go into all questions that weren't in the the public release questions and there's a lot we shot an hour worth of footage video twice as long it was so much more stuff anymore cause I'm glad it was really good but talking about how Chris orders drinks I'm glad that people got to see a little bit of that pausing and how he thinks then they try to sell people on it but and I'll let broadcast will let you know the joke after that you know sometimes with that little button there's going to be probably a 90-second clip of Chris answering one question I had her so this one's for you God for themselves all the time me 20 minutes were you working when they shut that money right by where that was set up I mean I guess you guys know but I mean our podcast I'm kind of trying to never be here when everyone else is here because I can't wash it done vs having conversations with people you know one night alright most night is fucking RV which is going awesome that's one of the other things at 1 do you really no excuse the company and you know I mean I never see you guys anyways can I use to keep up with him I mean like most days I come in at like 7 p.m. and then I leave I try to leave before everyone gets in because I don't want to see people you know my mom passed and she doesn't like any of you you talking about the other day about like to align certain things work like with my uncle or to be here for this conversation that would ruin my entire life basically that's what Facebook is now the mechanism to embarrass you in front of your relatives who don't know much about the internet Facebook app like Hulu leaving exactly at least have to get milk more money out there probably not gonna happen for 6 months they just announced it to somebody in your life and you worry about if they're going to hear this like a bad date stores next to him in a roundabout way I've learned via the podcast that Joel has a brother Gus has a sister is that right you have more than one Brandon Brandon Facebook I've never heard that Facebook stock symbol you know why I mean what should it be what it be or if you're on the NY Exit 3 I don't know doesn't make sense right in the face when you do nothing to try to realize why you trying world so does anyone typically have a two-letter symbol Microsoft Morgan Stanley yeah there's a couple of them you know like us the symbol for us Steel you remember I know we talked about this before so I'm not going to dwell on it Monty butt I totally lost track with the exception Brandon something or no it was about stock symbol originally started originally with x.com and that was their domain and make payments with x.com and then shortly after launching or maybe within the year they changed their name from x.com to PayPal Savvy and I'm not too Savvy I would feel weird giving my money to something x.com try to change them and now they're just trying to warn people stay alone anymore from company to company PayPal Hulu working on them on one of those big plans yeah I guess I guess that's the natural curvature us if we get to the point we have all the money in the world it's like well time to try and make space happen I'm all for that you start playing Mass Effect in real life please try to get in the space station in the end you're like I got it at the police station I got to go to Alpha Centauri that's right give me a hand I can never come back in his life and if he didn't have internet how could you not have internet like it's just if you're throwing me a little bit right now if you go to me I don't know that you were the Time Warner go out there and we have technology to settle Mars why would you want to go just trying to lighten Brandon also thinking theoretically that would be like a martian internet would it integrate with the Earth I'm going to have the technology the more likely a remind me to water tomorrow is going to be an issue you know having an internet Russian scientists have been Drilling in Antarctica for like 20 years later they realize that like two miles under where they were but there was a freshwater lake that had not been like exposed to earth like 20 million years so they started Drilling and for almost 20 years now they've been drilling down to try to drill 2 miles to get to the freshwater lake that hasn't been seen and 20 million years I feel like this is the beginning of a horror movie they're going to. Kill everything drilling into some shit that should I say giant metal cylindrical object what is this treasure Hunters found and I don't know why you gotta hate what you think it is big tits I mean it could be an old something shipwreck could be just like a satellite that crashed into the ocean all the time it's a pretty big satellite God came back in what's the biggest object that we put into orbit Skylab the International Space Station I don't know okay so what underneath a Skylab mirror the mirror does Kyle ad and me are not as big as the thing that's at the bottom of Lake really well pretty sure this is the start of the team of scientists movie I mean any case it's like certainly big enough that I don't think it is I don't have to want to make it see this is what happens when you just gotta breathe through articles breathe through it I'm trying to find a fucking big satellite ever will be a Brandon worms and one other thing I'm trying to remember where I saw this giant worm God at the end it just like when you're when you're me the TV show what are the popular everything I just can't I can't find them and it's like you just told me that starfish starfish up into a million pieces 1 lagunita world right back gotta be willing to do that breaking news and should you cut them in half because I can't walk World find starfish kind of piranhas but I mean it's not really like a phone how how how do they have a bad rap sheet on it and they just want to eat you it's just there's nothing Burnie me like this we should wipe them out of the way really just walking around with find aquarium in like him better than the wall and there's piranhas in there or something right Brandon just starting when we lost them at starfish to the coolest thing in the world is saltwater tanks to take care of them who had his parents had this giant black saltwater aquarium in their house but anyone with a lionfish look like shark and it was a small one but that a shark and just like a bunch of the same here well that's when you have like a giant saltwater tank you like look at what stage before you know it's like cumulated enough where I can have a saltwater tank yeah you going to the water first Lorne The Waterford they have a whole different acts that are active to worry about things coming below YouTube of you and everything you did to eat everything else every second is about finding who is Tara put it like that I meant to just work so far above the food chain it doesn't populated have you been there it's just come at you from any threat how do we end up having so many employees days in a week and a half double employees who might want to hear something about that but we have me we really prep Center if you want to come to you for happy and I'm going to be the one that gets fired. You drink bunch of people you should cut back everybody this is normal problems with how you pronounce stuff lightly like you say you love me but I don't know. Sometimes I believe we've done this before if any one person member of the podcast called out another person member of the podcast for mispronouncing a word you are doomed because you're going to miss pronouncing word within the next week it will happen Okay and then and then it turns into it and sure enough trouble people call me it was like 2 weeks ago Strom Thurmond write any books the jacket and Burnie anything is that right and they corrected him with the wrong answer it so they can continue making fun of him for it with the wrong guy the Mac of Brandon God strong strong is it strong and Jack and Burnie Bowl that's just wrong I'm sure something that's different than when you were like but then they corrected you please correct and then click click click click turn into Wikipedia I need to take a different route feeling for other stuff I'm sure I'm surprised you still let me on the podcast after the constant political debate trying to last week was the last week or the week before does water was cut out of Hulu Lindsay cut one of those young and dumb how's it going good I just worked were telling people that now but yeah to think that both Nelson the difference doing it now it sounds different I want if not it's not a case of Gus wants all the credit right now I don't know movie taken over everything podcast part of it is supposed to handle like God yes planning and shit I think I sat down for three minutes yesterday which was glorious at my desk anymore I'm always like running around and talking to people almost ready to make the big announcement on the contract because I'm here during the day right now because I have other people at 12 o'clock at your place when you sleep I don't just not willing to work which has me worried that you're different I guess I guess I just got up it just keep it God I feel so bad for those new animators cuz they just have desk in the middle of us to do that's just like bowl of costumes and like a giant green screen well it sounds like they're interesting things to look at the first office they always look up when we worked at the call center before it was built inside of a warehouse the call center in the middle of the video I don't spoil it but I haven't seen it yet my favorite what will see if you need I can be released this week is that you know we have it is weird I guess it'll be the week after my birthday Hulu money we can attest to this I still remember my birthday it was when did you get there last week to my birthday is 222 what people heard me say just one digit and I February 2nd I got to tell her happy birthday wishes on the website there's like no it was another two in there too to Lindsay on Valentine's Day 4034 like 2 days for Valentine's Day for my brother sing on like making someone else feel better Hotel I am of the people that really gets behind it just fine but in another level I like when we make it about me for a while I'm alone well you can enjoy Valentine's Day by yourself and yes I will did you go friend listen to podcast he said we broke up a couple months ago the end it and I was like look we shouldn't date anymore for all these reasons and she's just like you know and so we dated for 2 weeks after that George tries to break up with a guy that's her sister but that gives you the power that doesn't because he had no power and ending it what year did like 2 weeks ago they all this way and I was like I was really into me the next day and things are crazy let me know did you shout at her that she was Brandon you really selling yourself right now that right I wanted to be polite and drink all the drinks I can get the story in the book yes he did and then Burnie notice the text and everything anyway good luck with the bottle with the next one drink me bottle just woke up at 2 p.m. on Saturday was one of the worst hangovers of my life and my wife got so drunk that she fell off of the sofa which is amazing I've never seen anything like that we're just like falling over to talk about my God I'm not going to creative situation that I cannot ask you guys do it doesn't seem like that at all just mean I don't drink you know have you ever I just heard I'm drinking a soft drink how many glasses a day would you say I don't know if I'll be 11 but that includes water in your food so it's the waters too much when I was getting fat drinking all the water and I was mowing the grass and I'll be with him it's too bad I'm currently I am currently on a thing called a juice fast or I just drink juices and vegetables for x amount of days I'm on day 15 of no solid food no coffee I have some coffee but it's pretty great I lost 50 pounds good like something waiting for the day for Vegas like Burnie can't can't comes to me the Friday before he's like what are you wearing to Vegas for the United of the TV and I'm like oh no I think about it I thought about it I made a project out of it and I made that soup that I war that we should date said I looked awesome so that was cool we wear jeans with a nice shirt and we need to make sure that you your jacket back behind extended all the way down your crush like you I can like plaster over those well I guess we're wrapping up to his lunch exclamation