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Recorded: 2012-02-15 23:33:22

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman




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Transcript (in progress):

Comcast hey it's a podcast that was how are you going to get it together are you just going dead no I didn't do it for 20 minutes Joel rock guitar riffs I feel like a standard standard register here I am so very excited after what three and a half years ago two and a half three some with his lost on in October of 2009 how old is your before weight to ah there's that I should get into that ladies and gentlemen may I introduce mr. Gavin Free hello everyone ah I went out with some ladies I had a party very first day of the on Polk Hospital number with that the payments Gavin where if you see kind of anonymous Slo Mo footage of you there like a water balloon or cat or something like that on the internet either 2000 random video site or as an animated gif in a form it's probably something to Gavin shot because he moves that you don't realize there's a lot going on we need to get some sort of residual water mark in there like a single frame with the internet black white letters with black outline size me damnit I just remembered will K anime images Gavin Dance walking it and it was like when you make about it destroyed I tried to fight it was 2096 by 2500 it will work on it again it works fine on future internet internet internet to 2100 which we still have a little animated gif showed up it was your choice video yeah and he's pretty much dumb as a brick every and every tree that has headlight for it and if I have to do is play my video it comes out liquid will you and I was doing this because I was just and I was I was I was like I was like Joel is afraid to be on the podcast he's always going to say something to come back to haunt him later Whitney the dumbest thing ever said for the movie where there was two or three minutes there was no conversation nothing to everyone else what is the temp agency after in the process to hear it but just let him talk of people saying stupid things Joel put out a tweet yesterday that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard you say it was this week all the time I started going to start thinking you on each independent know that there Mike not associated with police station part of that Burnie Travis block away from the police hey everybody who works at the office I want to warn you there's a speed trap on Cullen with Gavin is the street right down here that goes to wear and like his big gross outdoor mall where they have every possible restaurant to eat everyday Joel self on Cullen the office I broke it in for you and I had to Joel if you come across the police station yet you slow down correct then you turn the corner going away for the PlayStation with PlayStation can't see you and then you figured out that street right and put it up again around off the car but you have to take the chance Houston cop cars like every 4 minutes for recording enough Cop come by the office if you like I will be where if they pull me over maybe I can get away with it you know what the problem I think it is then why you going to take the time to get the message because last time we had a cortical BBQ we actually didn't have barbecue this time we was later in the evening so we just had drinks and had a bunch of people over like waiting for drunk drivers as well like a couple of and should have Nicole MO the fire station the process starts you can't break the chain fire station in a police station next to each other outside of SimCity when else have you ever seen that actually happen will you guys have you guys have wake me up fire and police body cameras free calculator pictures you just twirling around yeah just picked up the phone and just trying to see if the car fast enough past the P-trap fast enough then maybe they won't notice best and if you just go back in time and the camera doesn't even know that ridiculously overpowered ah yeah I did actually bad driver, but I don't really red do you think that your time positive overall considering all the times you've been stopped by the police tickets you got and the amount that you go over the speed limit I'm positive in your life are you trying to get something to hold on to that Burnie is a digital death to his position that we talked about that off either foot off the pedal or foot all the way down on the pedal long as you don't need a pressure the cars I drive I don't know what if you have to put your foot like 10% of the way down on the pedal and have to maintain this like barely pressing the pedal and I just don't do that I just Jam the pedal and take my foot off the pedal why do we do that point I guess right although it's like maybe it's going to be have anything like what the alternative you have some sort of mechanical arm that just immediately or buy a Tesla and is it true that the big secret what do I say the least you can go out I don't know the Nissan make go through a tsunami get flooded and still work ah yeah that's the difference in the Japanese batteries America speedrun Reddit s will you don't seem like the 24 hours of cars plugged into something what was the run time on it I have 400 miles approximately 250 broken in work right Mike Apple products however there was a period in time where when you want to buy a Tesla if you were outside of their life arrange for repair you had to pay an additional $5,000 to get car they will try to get you from buying a car in like text it was only like Northern California or something right now because I'm eating like yeah probably cameras the same Cutting Edge technology to where is just accepted it's like they 1 or just cameras like whatever you know have the parts with the order they like to get it we can you should have will like it was like a computer that was broken when you butt Cutting Edge Technology based will you open up the manual and information about it but I'm cameras that speak cameras will four months to arrive and when it arrived the rabbit been incorrectly 2000 when you get something like that the best of the old people use to hear in the cameras of a camel run let's do a quick little lesson here on what we're talking about the Gavin live in the UK and he was essentially The Apprentice to a guy who was renowned for his story is Coming to Town Quang which I totally I happen to live in and the guy that I work with used to work for that business cameras high speed digital cameras in the country from the military into the commercial TV or anything the movie everything you say makes me want to sleep with you and then I'll and Europeans guy you like James Bond high speed camera Slo Mo the faster you shoot Mo pics you take every second if you play back at regular speed it takes longer to play if you shoot 1000 Second back at 25 frames a second will take 40 seconds to play the 1 second edition will we know we actually do that a lot of the work that we do here on video games we almost exclusively capture explodes phones and we can usually we have to speed it up to a thousand percent of national faster than they are frames the animation Cycles in something something something what happens in real life yummy your cat free still much do you actually like those La Carreta conversation with a guy like that when she was talking to me about these things around we can see it I just moved too fast and I should get them if not just tell me about it the cat cat the molecule Mike with you broke that the class was like I mean it's like at that point that's the moment when you realize anything like the old days Change film in the wrong location like the eve of this solution to that a lot of times and I couldn't get to the you know and it's like okay it's like you put the hand inside the bag so you can't see what you're doing or whatever but usually changing because you in the dark in a tent without being started it was a commercial Superbowl and they only the 30-second spot it was only like three thousand people and it Will Ferrell ad for Milwaukee's best commercial Superbowl tragically Pit Lake the minimum amount of money for Superbowl and still get the same back I need some really funny I didn't realize that it was Regional like that I guess it makes sense Lowe commercials the H-E-B commercial for us would you let me Google ads like butt Superbowl whatever it was really bad and it was Simon Cowell in Reverse something that was one point where I downloaded the fence and everything was gone from the camera and I had the entire Superbowl on my kitchen table just like right now I really wasn't phones in the UK another reality talent show I want to make another thing we have this thing never fear the voice is doing really well in the u.s. people are interesting and now it's like we're judging they don't see the person who's auditioning make their backs to them and they can only hear them singing and then they have to like it but and if they want to recruit them I guess it's heavy duty advance and then to the tape to get revealed to the judges self try to hit the button like they're spinning around I can see it will be interesting Walking Dead I really need it the 1 on Netflix watch the first episode of the second half of the time do they do they do 500 and that's Walking Dead doing this season so they had the first I think like an 8 or 10 episodes of season two which were some of the SLO voice episodes of Ever Seen on television ever until they got to the last episode and it was great it was like an episode of accidental 1 episode and pretty much I mean it's pretty slow sex premature and then they were there was some development on the way but it was really slow but it was worth it I don't know how and honestly very true to the source material to read this graphic novels of some of them it was because people in a room we talked about yeah that's what I change the article content filter Clips in the conversation of what you want to do for lunch because of a much more dramatic that's exactly right you forgot another British actors in American shows but they don't sound British and American League Joel of people in the water in Mission SLO do you know who Idris Elba Idris Elba Elba Elba was it he was in the in American English he was also in the office Dead Stringer Bell that is no problem see it I don't know I got lost in a couple things I want to talk about it we were discussing things earlier when you're pumping gas about the machine that is it the static electricity problem cell phone cat on fire getting out of the car. And then the most efficient pump that has the little thing the tab that I can push down to the stage and hold it the entire time to work if you pull the handle all the way stops do you have that same problem what is it like pit again this works and your 10700 Xbox controllers because I can't like my play I always am clicking the stick because I'm angry all the time or you like to do this and like I want them I want to just having me here and so is like this what you the same experience with you before pumping gas at the gas station 7 Mia driving that's exactly what I'm doing water shut off and I think the cat is filled is that what's going on I don't know if I don't want too much gas here let's go the stress in my life but that's the worst thing that happened to me is that if I experienced that rhyme pulled the gas handle and it's not the worst thing that happens to me like he's like yeah it's not everywhere the big reason about the Prius was not to save money on gas though you're right it was just to stop list and after the amount of gas my gas station interaction in half by buying a car what is the best miles per gallon car smart car no it's like I never well maybe briefly Alice in Chains, but I think they're like a hundred miles per gallon by the highway Transportation agency Regulatory Commission really have to come up with a number to put on the sticker when using natural gas which is all the time between electric and gas whenever I do this people who listen to this I mean clearly is not smart people Rob about the worst things we come to the gas thing and it's like it takes forever to pump it and attention I'm pumping gas and I feel like I've been here a long time and it looks like I put two gallons in explodes cuz I'm sure you're not I'm sure there's a volume at which you have to get a license for a gallon milk jugs in America from the gas station trash how much trash drop-off didn't you just had tanks that were interchangeable and you just show up and swap out your tank like that's what it would do if they did that there would be a mechanism where when you tried to change the tank out to be some sort and I'm going to let you put in tank but not really there's a light structure plans Quinn electric our first thought about going to be rolled out with some company who was wanted to set up battery stations like almost like a gas station if you drive an electric car in your battery Burnie Lowe just pulled into the battery station to take your empty battery output of fully charged when in and you could integrate into the car and have it auto locate recharge stations near you like that extend range the problem is the batteries really entirely which variable is just a strategy to sell more that's what I think the gas pump put a tab down and then go into the gas station not supposed to do that every time every time you break every rule there is like I've known you twice I'm gonna blow your mind you don't wear when I go pump gas I don't turn off my engine on principle what's the what's the problem with it what is the problem have a tank full of gas right anyway and you run your car why is it more dangerous suddenly to have deserted me for some reason will gasoline over your and you're welcome like see no reason you should have to shut your car off do you think they're fucking racing NASCAR they turned their fucking car off and I know will be living in the pit Lane I currently have an extra problem with compression in the engine from removing the gas cap got theirs reverse gas station do you spell in other people's cars and someone else doesn't test with dummies and Wesley Crusher finally tell me 1 will be unstrapped that dummy will kill everyone or just feel like dead weight I don't know that Simon had to destroy you see on high speed Lloyd Center why do I not have a video chat or something probably talk about this whole thing we discovered about it I want to say in the car or what you call Formula 1 basically cars come to think of it right now but the actual what kind of alcohol is 5 people who are are there on fire with invisible fire heartburn pure methanol what Mike and another guy will go to help you and be hitting in a pattern put it out or if it's will 16 Wishes looks like a contagious disease fire the temperature in El Cajon fire this is it they don't know genital Rob holding what was that just your head as well you won't be able to talk about my journal podcast to my least favorite thing on the internet videos of people who intentionally set themselves on fire article 894 video when he was in high school I was on fire in paperback so quick on you just because fire words like everything's under control everything is under control maybe it's not everything I mean manageable fight where if you're on fire after a certain point you just Panic you just like you can't fight that you forget stop drop and roll yes unless you're sick 1 Duc the crazy protestor I can't remember fire that turned into oh dear God why did I do that we apologize you have to go back to The Newsroom and we looking at it because you couldn't come you talked about a quick let me think about it Superbowl and we didn't talk too much about it but you know there's that whole thing where I guess that singer like flips off the camera noticed it when it happened it was but the thing I noticed was that like 2 seconds in my like two seconds later the entire screen got blurry Superbowl butt that's what sponsorship now ah just a life because that's going to get you more money that's going to get you more spots with a few more popularity that's going to get you mentioned more and just drop trou how do and I did today maybe sometimes I feel like the sex tape where it was like everyone who was hot and famous headed sex tape film reverse you know what you can do Rob Lowe murdered someone on tape yeah that's like early early ah no one remembers that one Pamela Anderson famous hot women in the world now it's like not too smart but we didn't know anyone cameras everywhere now people are starting to like wake up to that fact self shots are the thing we get now will my sex tape did you see that photo Johansson they said it was stolen from her phone music a different looking at butt you should you should offer a service where if women feel confident about themselves and in one of the 1 thing about them that's wrong you would you come and you like the ratio between your nose and your mind is still like there's one thing about me there it is in the end everything will just happen and I have a million problems I can I can point them out to other people I live with it everyday what am I doing with and what you say about me right now I can see your nipples through your shirt is probably Cancun the hell's wrong with you that you did to me on my last day in the office I can't tell when I'm offended Joel because this happened it was crap everywhere loves it was like 16 people with mental and self onions Joel then just when I left the room in about 4 hours later came back into the bathroom while I was working hit me up my check put the chair and talk to me another chance put down talk to me and then let me know person you know has the same type that they love it I think whatever the bullshit this is 300% speed 25% speed SLO to and even Halo 3 pit someone brought to the table that I didn't enjoy I am usually never I mean really I mean there's some great game terrible we have to get that picture I never seen that picture that's much better than taking about no that's a good picture that's a good picture picture that's a better picture than that Joel is looking to make a journal about his or her but the last thing I did in the office with cat tipped over on the Mike turned out perfect La photographers like having Katamari the pics of your talk was good but cell phones cell structure is this picture no that's from that's from a pics you talking about I'm lost in translation translation Lost in Translation Johansson starting in it what is that from everything that I have I think you just invented in two more death and in that way there could have been an interesting thing even even when even we point out the story that Burnie was mean to him he was clearly in the wrong and I really butt talk to the other people talk about other people talk about the reason why show me that looks like to eat like baked beans for breakfast have you ever ordered with tomato mushrooms tomato it was everything good drink anymore. I'm going to cancel the shuttle Endeavor and was like the privatization to come out German drink Tang is a kiss butt red tango tango nothing to talk about people talking to their breakfast don't have you Gus have you ever when you ordered food for breakfast have you voice over eggy and toasty butt better be better Americans and us but they could talk to her breakfast like an idiot yeah maybe Gavin was with you when you go visit Mojang Minecraft it was get your perspective on it yes.com you don't even know what language they speak Swedish they don't have this week that was when we were organizing off the sandwich order I'm sure and it's going to be on the menu at your picture of it and we had a toast right there's a toasted bread with ham and cheese grilled speak English but they don't quite have it down a hundred everything yeah I saw a great headline about that terrible headline but the kick failed Whitney Whitney Houston of Inception fire was something she had taken some pills and then fall asleep with falling asleep backwards in the tub we had some of you people need to stop medicating them self water and what are you doing here by the end of the cat cutting Mia Burnie death particles in my nose like I want to avoid all of that so I mean what's your obsession with but let me ask you this question are you one of those guys also overly concerned about his balls in the shower do you get the head dry the body because they don't want to dry your body with a towel they want others face with a towel that these red balls but my voice is squeaky clean the term woman and I relieve new towels everyday I think you do you have when you get out of the shower Joel let's put a picture inside your wet you're naked you're telling him you have to drive your body in a certain direction and I'm asking if I'm asking in practice to do you know when you get on the bus and it was like talking talking talking talking talking really loudly and then like them whatever reason there's like a gap and all the sudden it becomes like dead silence and people like a where's where's your friend was John I was like oh John has raging diarrhea and it's like you say that is a very moment SLO and then you know everyone on that bus was thinking of John and him having raging diarrhea now I don't want Star painting pictures of Joel you're serious cause dealing with his balls every morning she just asking you in them innocuous generic way possible red Quang and you drive right in a certain order do you have a 13 for drawing and is it important to you will you use that at the time of the most important part and Supply 50 but I put it out there and I don't care go to the vet but I don't have a choice but butt smelling your smelling hair that's been fighting about right now that turns me on James died the horrible thing Christina Aguilera Etta James did you have a dry system Burnie what's your drinks and then we can go over maybe once a week I remember funeral and there is red fluid running down the inside of her leg probably out of the bottom of her dress obviously an embarrassing situation for anyone Aguilera camp can we not just say who's calling or talking to why do people to kill a human being but you don't think any less of Christina Aguilera no I don't know I said nothing while you think about this obviously outsources Factory to make their products and I guess they've been bleeding very heavily on one of the factories that produces that MacBook Air because I guess they were best in fact it was also producing a very similar compact laptop for Asus and apple told them you can either make the 1 for them we can make the 1 for us but you can't make both everything and everything everyone else does because they have left why does an apple have this like free past that that's all they do is marketing or more like a long time about this other companies are evil from the different voice with English Vinglish 1 voice on the weakest link voice voice I don't know what rifle was never employed by before I can say whatever I want but they were really serious about it I would like to try to get it to shut up about it when you're talking about when you made it over there and how he was employed I guess that you just throw it but he was like I can't about how we did it over like in a few weeks and it's recording things and send sound the stuff for that service and every word is made up of only there's only so many phones Gus I think it over to the phonetic alphabet everything will be a lot easier what is the phonetic alphabet don't walk away will Joel death will try to cover a cell phone that was the last thing apple and what they've done as much of the iPhone is an image of cell phones before the iPhone and cell phones after the iPhone 5S but I think this amazing God you're amazing I mean I recognize all the old phones and it's like now after the iPhone everything is a black rectangle psychic you guys love I can see the screen come out like this phonetic alphabet on the dell.com Simon that's what the obvious stuff in Wikipedia that day we had the pronunciation using that system but I only remember is it okay for some reason everyone what people like when I say something in Spanish I think they want to be funny that was going to let alone in French is fromage Dexter's Laboratory Frenchy's menu Atlantic sentence cat sound I love your homework Gavin forgot your homework in French Achievement Hunter Mike he can do the movie Guy voice which one you come of age Michael Oher age Mike who is now in the only need to change that Mike and tell him to come on the podcast Mike Mike beer are you talking about Rachel Rachel please call me when you can I tried to translate Happy Valentine's Day to the German and it translated happy about German for happy in love with you just say differently ah I see what you mean now what are the what are the strips ever had in your whole time doing sweetie University the same region are all in the Northwest part of your after all if they're all crammed up there. What country what country is cat with a bear Finland and there's no I'm not going I'm not going to get through this like men the cold ones all the little things that look like where's the Netherlands in relation to the in the Netherlands and relations off of them but I think they're still there I'm not bad at geography what is next door to the people in SLO what's another name for the Netherlands what's another name for the Netherlands yeah it has another name for years different there is another name for the Netherlands I don't remember Gavin I went from we went from Breda Netherlands to Antwerp Belgium that was fun with the cab driver who stuck with it all day and ate ribs what is the square area the best place on the planet waffles where was like yellow gold in Belgium it was like I'm from Play Music. I'm not sure I wish I can picture it the entire vending machine was awful really it was like shrink wrapped individually packaged waffles in a vending machine in the fucking train station close to 8 when I get up here so why are you here and what do you do who are you who are you Canadian company in the United States I think you know anything I was just like really I was just like yeah I got an internship down at a United States company and they're like just go for it like cool that's article company company credits do you get for this kind of course New Media production new Mia production deduction La projectors change the little bit will be a social media 1 the couple years like in Pembroke will be coming out and desktop computers that they would treat them like that's a multimedia class 1 or class and it was like 32 I put in the fucking Blu-ray disc it takes 45 minutes to load a scene you know I don't know what are we we lost a step somewhere on 1 Blu-ray disc take so long to load but they do not worth it take long to change channel and everything like everything got deleted red Drive in the Pacific scrotum left to right how many out how many hours do we talk about this coming week I need a minimum of like $100 or something so I need a minimum of a hundred conversion rate Canadian to American at your school with your first years of your program I graduate in April weather years and years we hope you enjoyed here not too much we hope you start off enjoying it and it's totally beating a man out of you leaving you like that my car does not have the code technology in the model fishing I just I just I turn off my cat off my truck Ferrell Mike and shut the door like a fucking boss and I'm going Source walking around in Victorian camera in my pocket is getting a little you know it's just my number to get rid of my phone do that everywhere there are filled with stuff I don't know what more importantly they're not filled with a needle how do you get a bad rap because you said this years ago it was sort of like oh my God he was right you know men are marketed as being really messy and dirty and men are not messy and dirty women on the internet average pounds of clothes in there on the floor and put generate the generate a lot of I take the garbage out a lot more did you get rid of it out of your life I have to be careful here by myself I take the garbage out once every two weeks I don't generate any garbage I am looking and it's like the garbage efficiently and everything basically picked up and everything basically when I'm when that's not the case it's like I'm taking the car back today I mean I hate having garbage you might be bringing stuff into my house and then your article and it was like she had a suitcase and like she was there one day and then the very next day like I had an empty room because it was a person and literally within 12 hours there was it was like hit hit for the two cases in the middle of room in there like a perfect circle of just like clothes they had just been thrown from the suitcase it was like it looks like a crater on the moon that's why women pack so much they want to make sure they have enough the fuck of a hotel room to make sure I'm going to go to Play Store suck it up we travel and visit you got it was like here is my travel bag that has the we're like a military Delta unit we are in it's like I go to Vegas with me that I will lose them because their stuff contaminates my stuff and other stuff and it's everywhere and you can't keep what's going on this will compete with that like if you show up to airport with a checked bag with a bunch of the guy's like what's wrong with you what do we need to talk to you about something are you okay he went to China with a backpack so I'm not really complaining it doesn't really bother me that much and it's like I don't have a problem Happy Valentine's Day an observation not criticism they have to carry Lowe cell Gene will plugs or anything but they didn't do anything special with your balls Gavin since you had surgery on them how do you drive them to school and you can you feel it the conversation article operation of it I had one of my balls Twisted Rob it's called torsion testicular torsion the boobs hang on their blood supply so I want to twist you just stop it at lunch and it was like it was it like it was you probably got the routine worked out at this point where is like you know having best interest if you can't make the patient pit pass out or something Mitsubishi with the downstairs area and test came back she was like for me and you should have just been like your claimed I'm so sorry I want about it I'm sure you do if I recall correctly they cut open your scrotum the unemployment office in the on Twisted 1 Idris was King The Twist around one of those SLO about that Joel is butt everyone's crazy around here right now let's go out and put it back in like they put it down to the inside of the sack cone around your neck so you wouldn't mess with it Ozark on down there so it was a general anaesthetic I was completely knocked out this operation and I was in so much pain I can't we need to put it 1 the jacket the cheap the cheapest rates when I wake up I really sore throat and a sore throat I kept drinking water because of I said that so shut up I'm sorry I was just in town for a while and then I went back to sleep or something like that really needed the toilet so I could connect to my drift and stuff unclip from the potato if you really need to let you really need it when you're right next to a toilet in the middle and walking home from somewhere near me will check my calendar but other than that and my Mike Joel Thomas was taped up with Whitney urine is Flowing at this point I'm looking guy in the eye ah sorry I was pit on my face when I mean when your face starts ripping stitches or whatever they got going on if you give me Hispanic P about life when we need to wrap up and on that note I didn't tell her I do want to mention your will will have more we might have another podcast will go live Thursday at 3 p.m. central Time countdown on the rtxevent.com website and it should be a time when people in the UK and Western Europe as well as Australia New Zealand should be able to Whitney roll Retreat on toast