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RT loves sloths

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Recorded: 2012-02-22 22:44:40

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

every Wednesday Gymboree the cages the website yeah cuz I can't see my idea testing colors when are you have the old office I walked into the office and name of the princess that I said to print 31741 Montrose SD icon bouncing on my desktop would drive me insane it was weird light running 10 minutes late is it going to rain toys put it on our printer using American ink there is something that I have been bothering Matt to buy for years I still trying to work on him and convince him we need to buy a color laser printer toner Laser Printers are not like they used to be like $4,000 500 bucks but it's not the same luxury item that we would never buy in Italy than working on things over time that we were going to get and like the Laser Printers the color Laser Printers like the last time so what is it what are you getting these crazy cute ideas for stuff that he trying to work on you been trying to work on you for years new truck know that right I had been I have been driving the same truck for eight years eight years I've been driving that truck so that pretty red vs blue yeah it was it was my company vehicle at my previous job and then I just purchased it from them when I left which was a truck and everything about it steering wheel the weather not meet its sticky what you eat you haven't eaten we should clarify this truck is not become our office truck in the immersion UV H fucking masturbate navigate to Decatur third brake light Canadian Stadium Aston the night to yourself in the mirror the items in my personal life if I buy this item you'll know that I have everything I've ever wanted if I buy a pair of milk and we were wanting Mission call but you're probably close to 15 years now probably talk about him all the time anyway 3500 generator military goggles height of a nitrogen operations cleaner aspiration to drive a jet I could sell my life mission for your buck and I won't do it by voice command Aston Martin how much is $180,000 pounds what is generic 130 Richard Gere you know you can rent cars in Vegas there's places where you can rent everywhere you think I just got the script and I was like halfway between the strip and for which isn't very far but it's like you would expect of the foot traffic there or anyone find it there like 3 places all right next to each other would like Lamborghinis out from Ridiculousness actually actually no joke in Vegas with Joel and space and this really cool girl name make you who you are and so we decided we were going to try shock but they have a gun range in the and you kind of gun bell the new lot when I was a kid growing up but then I feel like talking about the games and everything what is a really funny play Counter-Strike when your counter-terrorist you're always looking for address 8047 and when you're a terrorist you're looking for a dropped whatever the gun is that's good on the counter is that you always have been but you can find Tropicana Avenue intersect the strip right right at MGM you can write two and a half hour wait on New Year's Day why do that out there so you can but we go back and do it there's also a jack you'll appreciate this Joel was here he'd really appreciate it there is apparently I've always heard of and I can ever find it is a place in Vegas where you can go and it's a it's a batting cage combined with a Golfing Range the batting range that's also what they have her set up and they have all the different parking the first explain the pitching machine the bowling alley right the movie with that with Bill Murray actually a real bowling alley online right now in Las Vegas my dad told me when I was young and his first job I ever had as a kid was a pinsetter in the bowling alley and he would sit behind the pulpit and triangle all the time super strike and have the mechanism where would it the kids turn it like this guard comes out about how far did we come from try to kill the kids especially don't want to disappoint him it's okay you did your best the game type in Bowling where your goal is to shoot the lowest score you can what's a perfect game would be one of the 7 to 10 that's all you trying to get 1% medically impossible no not if you put it in the gutter if you quit getting a strike if you throw your purse Martin what the ladybug Aston Wheels the wheel the wheel heart truth I'm being completely serious masturbating with Comcast in something I don't know how we got there my wife and I were talking and we thought it was a little different but we're looking at someone who had like a bunch of tattoos on TV and stuff what would and I'm sorry yesterday but three boobed woman ever hits on me I'm leaving you look at the Moon there's a girl when you done that the dog repair that was posted on Reddit the other day she has heart shaped nipples but no she's heart shaped nipples use Chrome as my browser and I can resend it with the girl with the heart shaped nipples on my computer 3 days a Barbara to work here every time she walked in my office I had something up on my screen from light what would Tyler Durden do with somebody at the beach and almost every time she walked in my office it was it was good we start introduction of iron it's very important that you understand you're coming to work in a comedic adult not normally subjected to any normal environment suicide type girl I know it's not you side girls or something like that and a lot of piercings getting naked the lake what are the famous British adult magazine picture loaded but you I know from one of them is not really magazine Gavin very cool it's pretty clear there's another button for body modification but there was another one I saw that I thought was pretty cool girl that had her back pierced in light 02 vertical rows light so you're infected with mad cow getting a tattoo for a while I'm actually around the idea of getting one but I wrote it I asked people and ideas that would be pretty cool but actually talk to a tattoo artist needs like a terrible idea because Sharp 90 degree angle look like is it like one of those a network of others like Miami in La was the first one in this one the first was that I'm not like a huge fan of my tattoo reality shows either but anyway did you ever get put up at the bar for a drink and I've been back since we had that conversation and I didn't see it I'll check it out soon yeah exactly I went out I went out with someone last night in the front of business meeting and they had at dinner I'm a Chihuahua and I couldn't believe that someone would and we order Micheladas season 23 cast we're going to eat you're feeling better I have been doing better I've been like trying new stuff side veg and salad and stuff yes I will not tell her that sounds like that's the final testing nuts Santa Ana CA infestation Feedly who's the first mother fucker that in the winter it looks like I wonder about that about a lot of food sometimes yeah how did you know I was one of those eggs like how did people discover it in ways of doing it I mean it's like if you don't eat the peel it is addressed video apples are there long-acting apple tree nipples you know I know we told the story a long time ago in the podcast but time and I saw one it was like a little the color of possibly running around the draft in the draft pick and I don't know what it was like a little small mammal the draft of trying to step on it could step on it then finally like kind of what kind of bent over picked up the animal and it went and dropped off and running over it and it was like I thought father of the pride the decline of the English language on the internet all the time like you think the evolution of language never heard of that appropriate video of Kristen Bell husband Richard love sloth breaks down crying from happiness and in between 5 and 8 put another store in Vegas that's a great one and near and dear to our hearts B and M store carries zombie apocalypse store that's what they're saying the store is there zombie Joel zombie gear when we went out there for the W on the way to the strip go out to everyone hotel room we just rented a hotel room but it was very bad and there's a the New World War Z movie is coming out this year I think that's a terrible terrible idea I think really Ashley race the sales dramatically of that book that you like them and I had to answer again Brad Pitt turn into an action movie and it's like the character of Max Brooks's character is Brad Pitt is playing that character and it's like he's there during the beginning of its as far as I can tell there's a couple different sections the book and there's one called the Great panic and I believe that this focus is on the great Panic which is zombie apocalypse you're going to like that but I would have loved to have been a Band of Brothers HBO special light like a Band of Brothers HBO with World War Z different spelling individual store trying to link everything together and make it one big romantic story as opposed to individual stories are happening in a larger envelope with money in the movie theater because it has the release and then it has all those other we can go to HBO then I can go to network television can do everything from your computer you cannot put a price will go unless you have your current cable subscriber who already subscribe to HBO right and only from a certain number of Select cable providers what's the fucking point then why would they just take my money directly I would give them 7 bucks a month to get that cervical cancer can you get HBO on the go and not even have cable but not that one Kansas City Star Wars on iTunes and I have downloaded like the first three episodes but haven't watched them for some reason you like me in The Wire season 1 of the wire on iTunes but I cannot talk about it like 2 weeks ago and I still have not even started watching it wow I never even got to light level 6070 never 6150 operations hard mode flashpoints that we haven't had in the past the crate Max in the game expansion and that can literally change the handwriting into like Behind Enemy Lines and like taking money from people and coming off the bye light 2000 2003 May 2003 Mission Craze long time ago 9 years ago or 300 mmofps OK or I could probably call them growth of the X Games which first person control especially with the long hair and sores in your mouth map to the upper left corner or something I don't remember that ever happening the rain end up looking up in the air Joanna Joel but I'm Commander Shepard video do you think I did that for a while how does Joel Osteen make iPlay B replica mask 3 demo finally the other day that's good I'm looking forward to it coming up saying that it looks different it looks really the game looks different than the fact that the Shadows that's what looks different to me really poppy colors yes I prefer that I do the 3D version Gavin reading the books too if it happened like specific levels have specific one or is it like having an older light and never ask you a question I don't know I'm pretty sure you the story in order you have to unlock them in order on the left yet okay I wasn't sure when I was online I was playing a game that you can just go through the motions 20 of a cup of and you thought it was a split screen instead of a system link Xbox Live light 1000 points in every Halo game I'm not getting an anniversary there's a game to finish the library in like 30 minutes I think it will take every time we'll get back to that point only 30 minutes what is it there's no just a grunt funeral in the heart of the gun General and I exactly awesome and it's literally on the table shock people not for children under 14 years of age yes hold the handle and there's a light in the center and when the light turns green you push the button on your handle the last person to put their button gets shot that just seems like a good idea on the podcast but there are Triple-A batteries are Triple-A batteries or no no no no like every other day on this thing it's extreme and normal so extreme is 3 shock the only the only the first person to hit the first person to Xtreme 3 shock oh I know what it is the first to get it done pretty so excited she also the other thing that is like a lie detector test that a few people have tried out in the office and I refuse to do it what was over video shock them the manual thing and so I had to buy that I found it the next day and we'll have to do that because when you get shock to you kind of have to I'm sure I can keep them how much is a business would let me play with the shock in toys all day Japanese torture porn Pharmacy jack for car trunk boots do you have what do you have what is the pharmacy in you can when you called I can The Hobbit Erebor Pharmacy Pharmacy and then you go there and they have Pharmaceuticals and then other things as well or just the pharmacy Pharmacy section it with other stuff other stuff 32340 Agra how do you say that I said I agree 17 and 10th and Evans American Voice do it give me some Gavin tribes contact you because I heard him say as well as our team so much and I never talked about it Prince talking about shampoo Barbara trip the electrical breaker from using a hair dryer yeah well that's because I was doing the theory store where I had to be in the shower so my hair was all wet as it and know what the problem is that he doesn't look in the mirror you like what you do when you're brushing your teeth brushing your teeth but 5 minutes I will try and let you take me to electric toothbrush with a timer 2 minutes every time Sonicare of the coffin what order to use Crest White Strips do they really work 48 allergy shots in 8 weeks with a freaking needle that would walk around with her heart stopped the question have you ever heard you have any feelings have you ever been down on a piece of foil I don't know what that means right here we talked about this explains why it hurts people apparently if you have feelings there's and electric potential between aluminum foil and the side of your feelings and your mouth so damn it conducts electricity between the two of them so if you don't have feelings you never experience the other the best team in the UK with over there have you had your wisdom teeth out Barbara I have the weirdest experience of my life because I had all 4 removed and they were impacted so they have to put me out completely but when I put the gas mask on there like okay countdown from 10 so I started counting and then I close my eyes and I open them and I'm in a completely different room with God shaped in my mouth really it was like I think it was the weirdest people ever had instantaneously I would love to come up the wisdom light one to come up every like 2 years when buttons come up every Gavin about nothing but I love you guys you guys are Barbara from Connecticut and you are from the UK Reddit Android pretty quick so you guys are both moving to America and having to deal now with the American health-care system being different than yours and I'm assuming I mean that you don't use that much when you had that thing was there any concern that they would have to put you on a waiting list or anything you just went to the emergency room and you're merely went into the other room I testing in college and I did not have insurance in the UK is Universal Health Care different for Dentistry than it is for the rest of your body there's a separate thing Visions Healthcare in the front of my head when I was in college I did not have dental insurance and my wisdom teeth came in me to get my food I had packed it and they're not coming up Straight Like That no medicine and you know what they say as soon as you start feeling pain here you can say something to give you so if you get it for free or do they pay you for it and they gave me ibuprofen I don't like I don't like I'm weird I don't like medicine that I would not be knocked out I would not let them put me under for to get my business and I've never been medically knocked out before I lost consciousness the kid passed out one time I was at my desk in my apartment and I'm on my feet kicked up on the desk and I still look like a walk in the living room and I forget those black dots that come in make the television thing and my roommate was on the couch and my back hurt and my roommate had the phone in his hand was staring at me hold off till then like an hour later when I was 11th I thought it was in a meeting but maybe 2 weeks later that was that was when I was playing my friends and for some reason you can't change your past if you survive you can see we're all friends here it's a healthy environment how much semen is like you just threw up on the top of the toys my hair is now blonde oh my God you keep us Planet 2 1 so did your vision recover quickly as it was it was very gradual it went very quickly like it and I wasn't but I wonder if it didn't completely properly preparing neutralizing light essential to the idea of losing something like that losing any sense because I use the left hand for a while even that is not be able to do good question I take I go to lunch almost everyday I feel like I'm not be able to stuff you're used to do it I hate getting old not being able to do what you used to do your time and you'll shock Kendrick still still still a little bit used to be I refuse to be old and unable to take care of myself to Gus and 39 but we have some stuff to do everyday I feel like I'm there exhibiting their showing off some cool new stuff you're not here and I just want to point out that I recently posted about the beta thing that we're working on for the podcast and I got a lot of replies from that but I'll be posting about it again sometime soon to get another round of beta testers and I'll be a little bit more explanation in a couple of weeks exactly testing how to make a tree close to your straight exactly like this