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RT gets hairy and fairy

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Recorded: 2012-02-29 23:21:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Paul from Bioware


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no everyone is Burnie Burns Joel Osteen man and that was it no it was someone on the site and his quote on quote friends the user who made this podcast is red underscore design on the site and he said he had for his female friends do the voices the next one right nothing what was that I can hear him through my headphones hello my name is Gavin and I like to fuck up the fuck I like I don't know why I know if your brain is wired wrong no I was just saying the girls at the beginning everyone would rather hear that hun Predators potential ideas that we put out there Joel have you heard if you don't put the product out there as it's so much like slides off work back of his head and one and one stupid gay guy from Europe as well not nothing wrong with me and we have this fat ugly and gay role when the hell are you going to play an intro with my name on it on a punk ass but I'm actually on one of those really do a lot of research into the internet girl black 10 Pokemon X No Illusion it was not a good one today and I got together for of his female friends to record an intro and now we've used it I hope it works I hope everything worked out the most popular video game podcast over 3 million downloads I would take on that but if he can give us their names their pictures we got together I think it was plan I mean it's all about the plan I mean it everything that guy what plans have you made today Joel I have made a cup of Starbucks coffee have a cup of Starbucks coffee an ice rink an Australian picture face attractive young models from his boots do you think that those girls were the voices and everyone has an accent Academy Adelaide weather I'm looking it up so I can Gus when he was down there I cannot imagine so we went on the summer of 04 who was summer throughout the winter for them we went down there we were there for an event with the center for the moving image and the first night we were there we went to the party it was actually at the and the people we met this one girl who was like I'm here and she drove she could take 4 hours out of Melbourne store hours from Mountain Home she was man car with them for 4 hours and then we spent the night at the cabin but out on the mountain as well that she wouldn't get along with a stranger what's up but there were signs on the side of the road with no tires on I don't know what time Kentucky were destroyed in the road or rather not old chains Have Nots tire repair rubber it's about the Killer face too much to keep moving along movie because I have a lot of movies that are good an hour long that should be an hour long and I recall correctly the original Toy Story is 72 minutes long rubber is a 2010 French comedy film about a tire that comes to life and kills people with psychic powers do cucumbers showing at the 2010 10 film festival and it's a really good thing that I would like to correct my previous statement the runtime of Toy Story is 81 minutes I will be two minutes extra minutes that old Jim Carrey movie Master of Disguise man that likes 65 minutes or 70 minutes I'm never going to have a super short movie I try to watch Tree of Life on the way back from San Francisco the other day and I tried to watch the tree of life like 2 hours and 15 minutes long I got 20 minutes and when it was a movie or transitional scenes cut from other movies was like just a long shot Transformers the movie but try to strive together what happens in the first 10 minutes of Sean Penn in an elevator that you love me Jonathan and then bread recipes an earlier if I can't 50 and he's got kids and they just there an app for walking a picnic like picking up the kids and then there's a waterfall no and yes there's a waterfall and then there's a telegram I don't know the telegram gets there and then Brad Pitt's wife starts crying and then there's only one kid and then shut up in the elevator again and then you're in space I would be the guy in The Emperor's New Clothes like they got the bracelet why is everyone making wherewithal to pretend along with everyone else I don't know what happened in the movie actually 5 minute nation in fear how do you print in a British accent I don't know if you know somebody was Hugo can I ask what is the deal with Sean Penn what's the big deal about showing everything I guess I guess sometimes when and this is who I don't know anything about anybody really but sometimes when they get a little political that's a turnoff to me know either way to be in the United States in 2012 presidential election Biden has practice for the Jack in the Box who's the ice cream so why do you have a royal family what do they do this is 2012 why don't why don't you take their stuff I'll tell you exactly make a great reality TV show they don't pay taxes they are ordained by God take your stuff back to still get together face the fact 4K Windsor the last name last name I don't know I don't understand I really have no William Robert Fulton what was Diana's last name before she married Charles Prince Charles Jones going to be today you can go and who's going to win the presidency who's going to drive yourself if you have someone on the side but face hotels that are colored two different colors on one side and big letters but the other side in big letters face besides Brown while the face I was like that's another joke about them why not have you done then probably you dried off with one towel at the same time it's for the invite it's funny like they gave us like you when you were going to say that give you like towels or whatever big light grey paint on like left over so it was like it was like it was just like a holiday Rent-A-Center in look at extensions treating Diana was born in 1961 know that you would be 52 years old or young there's a big difference there was a guy in that crash you survived three people died find a dating and who's in the car with her who was the name of the gentleman and everyone was crying that day I mean I don't know it just seemed it seems like sometimes like when somebody who I guess we're supposed to be important sizes like it of Major meeting everything to throw your hands like it's crazy there's like a lot of great fantastic people who no one knows about that day or whatever it is that you do the trees intro for the Gus big if I recall correctly her big issue was land mines I think so also and she was like she was trying to get rid of all the landmines from all these wars when they just put him on the ground and kids would step on them and it's always a problem I think it in Cambodia we let me see my actual ones from the time they were like recreate and Wednesday maybe you and kill you what will be the point if it takes more man power to drag a wounded person away I just Academy Sciences military fucking horrible it really is it's like how can we hurt you as badly as possible but not kill you so that takes up 3 people at supposed to have him go down three people have to go to Battlefield tank shells do we have a basically a uranium enriched tank so you're supposed to hit in the tank with it obviously right now and in the uranium get basically gets injected into the inside of the other tank where then everything everything inside inside are liquid delete these are these artillery shells I'm talking about something else another metal that actually like liquid metal princess Reddit weed pale in comparison to the motherfuckers from the Middle Ages and the stuff it was just anyone to the brain NBC learn for most people passed out drawing and quartering an asshole who is all in place probably right I would believe in anything he showed me any of those things like when they're going to show you the answer with your mind kill yourself with your mind today okay Tilly's left about the guy I met when I was filming trains crashing into stuff I don't like where this is going this is great I found the train track are inflamed and I won't happen I was talking to a guy is like I was like National Railway on the track explode into into pieces I need to tell me about this one time so this guy is just based on how many pieces Minecraft pick up the pieces when they do the autopsy Daniel from that site this one time when it was a fast-moving train this guy was everywhere you couldn't really tell what was wrong but he couldn't find the head anywhere like dead people Little Richard I clear the trailer for the man that they did the autopsy they never found the head the train Dragon City Mobile of 1 so what happens next in the top of the head on his chest getting smashed body down with a mystery I just like the idea of a board-certified doctor sitting looking at a body that's been hit in the head 2000 hear the best of actor played mr. Kruger on Seinfeld try to commit suicide shot himself in the head and lived and then have to call nine-one-one now and it's like what you talking about like killing yourself we were really getting into the English Channel how do the needle someone from the British royal family in from flowery harris-perry and then I'll just pay you notion that you could kill yourself by thinking about it would be like if you want to do it I want to die dislike twist your right nipple orange monkey eagle how would we know because people thought about that hey there's a nice under the ticket experience Burnie for coconut Gavin man I feel like driving into Burnie who is insanity compared not many what are going to do what you like do you like people Twitter's it is hard to lie it is hard there's a line across we have to do that you know it's part of the time it's like from more than one decision but I could have oncoming traffic know what to tell you I've been through lately you should never drive after playing those games because I want to get from point A to point B we are going and I'm just going there and nothing's ever going and that is true and real of cutting through a parking lot if you pay an extra $3 because there's no way the come up talking in face are realizing this the co-op or a game like the Halo campaign can you play a level where all the Marines got off the telephone with you the first thing I haven't done is been running a fever all of it will depend on what you do that last week unlikely animal man Star Trek into man old that's it ragdoll physics Mike was playing I was going to forget whatever maybe cracked I'm just going to walk up and stop for tank and freak out for your tank what are you doing for tank and the city I mean he's pretty rational part of tank in the corner like it was a tank from the army base video ever NBA Live across the street from the tank there were no people an urban environment high speed chase on the highway that the dude in the front had a tank with a military guy I don't know he wasn't in the building candy crunch maybe watch a movie or something I read about online which was apparently Skyrim has all those stats of everything you've done in the game and there was a single guy post about going over to his friends house and your friend want to play Skyrim with him and he said it is one of them have a house where you can get a house or apartment or whatever and he's wondering his buddies house Skyrim and the house is filled with dead villagers its people from the village and he killed them all and brought them back to the house can you pick up other than that you can that makes sense to me why not the crazy part the crazy look at the guy he was level 21 in the game would take some time and he got there just from killing villagers to discover the crazy what's going to happen to him but it is on the Spectrum which one you are Michael Jackson in the orange monkey from your sorrow like that their brain can kill their body it's like everything which of the what that is what did Star Wars episode 3 lost the will to live Dodi allowed to be written inside of a broken heart forever because people in the world to ever see Star Wars in order episode I still wanted to know so I can clarify with Joel done with her stomach Gavin looking person when I met him Gavin on our site since he was 15 years old and it was like this kid and he would post pictures of themselves like a picture of all the 21 but I think it was because I had to do because I don't speak French presentation very much respected more Somewhere With You A convention working like it was at the pompidou center in France and the other stuff they're presenting their work like people who'd make demos which were music files with Graphics like something to the being of a pirated Commodore 64 game it was that and they have a small as possible it's 4K or 6K and I think that is what we first talked about the Left 4 Dead 4K left for Left 4 Dead that's what it was a 4K version of Left 4 Dead and then it turns out after all those years that was made by the guy who made Minecraft 100 minute crazy that's crazy anyway so I thought I'm going to take the train and I'm going to go over to London ever been going to meet this guy Gavin person ever to go to London so I could say Gavin hey do you want to meet we can go have lunch or something I want to see the episode just came out absolutely so how long does it take to and then we were texting back and forth trying to coordinate when we go to lunch apartment Gus we go eat at some terrible restaurant I know what it was I tried to get into the police station he was my brother that didn't play at all at 12 and then we leave there we go to the theater where episode because I said I saw it today when I got in the movie we're going to be together Gavin decided to see before I showed up it was like well I guess I'll go see the movie and you won't because and things like that would be a rational explanation for that earlier Gavin is with someone else he was too I was like he was going to patient and let me get this straight Burnie was 2 hours late coming in this morning the guy I was with was going to pay for things like I'm just going to go and see it and I said well he's not here yet and I just went in with him and I'm sorry about that terrible it was Brad Pitt and Sean Penn and I don't remember the rest of my see me falling asleep in the Star Wars movie when I tell you what's wrong with you you know that episode 3 it finally come out after all those years ago and I live give me a drink we were at convention at the hotel and we were watching the Darth Vader thing you know where that part of things including the truck and then we an asshole remember it was 2007 I just spent about three months in Texas with receipt bouncing and you didn't tell me I didn't know we were out by looking at it I didn't do interventions Tulsa trip so I get to the airport if I can get a different flight to Dallas I couldn't get the last one to go to London by 2.3 hours in the wrong direction to get him thanks buddy I don't remember all this because I was at Star Wars going to be watching it big deal it's very hard to come back up there I'd like to go to the of the worst airport America LAX flight LAX the woman on the day she was like I just grab my bag on the flight to London Heathrow what are you thinking for that experience how you should share hotel room candida poop on your bed like a bum I don't know him saying this makes me realize that why is that the process was so difficult all the time makes sense when I was playing back from San Francisco the other day I encountered one of the strangest TSA agent I've ever seen in my life so I checked in for the flight at San Francisco and the Gage says you don't normally the security lines over here but that was about to close to go over here to your right and there's another line down there it's okay I'll walk down there and I get to the line and it's only like five groups of people afraid of me you know maybe some of them a couple some of the more people by themselves was I going to get through this time agent like the first person walked up to the agent to agent grab their ID in their boarding pass weekend looking at the ID and repeatedly looking at the idea looking at the person that make sure it's them pulled out like a Jeweler's loupe and started examining every square inch of the ID on the front and the back every square inch what the hell is clear then the next person was a couple a married couple we both walk up to the agent and let you know are you to your family if you don't have to go back to the but you're going to like 4 people probably took him about 15 minutes and then after the fourth person I know that you came up with so I can go work the machine I got I got the check gear play the game and pretend like you're even actually looking at me I mean it's just like it also she made everyone say their name they there now personalization than this one woman who's next and walked up and I had like a weird accent to it he was like repeating it over and over trying to get the pronunciation correct Jack of internally about it I thought maybe we're guarding against Orleans like maybe there's like some kind of forward but I do think that then not tell me what about it looks like any other agent he's like no I don't want to pick I want to do whatever you like whatever to own a pair of shoes for more than a month before they get covered in fake blood every pair of shoes I have had face future speakers and and like that and like a week later blood all over all over clothes we're going to play a teacher and your G Daniel covered with flies flying around at the deer and then you're always in The Shining and then your head gets impacted the guy from National Rail gets paid how do you really really isn't an eyeball you can even if you I mean at one point I mean are there different like body parts like on a different scenario may be that you're not ready for you know it's like what another joke potentially thrown out across the way Detroit human body and you're more worried about Tina do genitals that's the sign of a bad person they found in his bum the older I get and the more I learn I'm like would like and I want under Gear 2 being another man's genitals dead think that the worst thing a human being and like I saw his generals Daniel Sharman women's poncho I just really need to talk about that every time I want to bring it up to experience one of Gus stinky sneakers when we talked about the fact that Gus has stinky sneeze it's been awhile been a long time and I was wondering where we were but you are somewhere in close proximity and I'm like in England and pick up everything I don't know doctors don't acknowledge that it's possible but there are some who say that's possible to have like bacteria in your sinuses we should have a nice an excuse but I never smell it is something like what I'm reading I don't know about you but when I sneeze I know it's me go to Yahoo answers for this okay Yahoo answers Yahoo answers actually answered anything ever about anything ever in the history of Yahoo answers give up and let you just put a button like and share on Twitter and stuff on the other side to make sure I'm ready for whatever Yahoo answers should have a button gear on 4chan I should have a button to take screenshot of this naive it feels like putting legitimate question and then you have a dude under a good cookies made with the Yahoo answer you see their brain top 50 pieces and what is it first answer with the most of those asshole Daniel Allen who is under credentials are listed here he's been a nurse for over 24 years he's never heard of such a thing and I don't believe it exists but you believe now I believe I have experienced in his knees and it's weird it's weird and the next time you have one yell really loud I'll come on get on the train biological warfare information now when you being an adult from like 2 years ago I really don't like 2 years old technical things like hey my CD drive is not recognized by my whatever laptop and it says this specific error which how you found it right and he lies and says nevermind I fixed it like you I found a post that I posted on a text Paul from his remarks of what I posted it in 2003 not that it's problematic and I responded to it like the day after I did in 2003 so why did he try to and I just found this post and I was like thanks I'll try that people that look like sweetheart me too did USC did you apply an unidentified check because she was not the problem of my TV that I have I bought a 3D television or have and why extra bucks to get the 3D version and so I thought I might need it and I thought I got it and it was like end up hanging on the wall of it but it did not 3D TV 240 hertz and everything in between looking like a video like that like High frame-rate video projector to different levels residue 240 hurts when you watch it was at 1:20 like when you do 3 days at to 120 fieldridge and I haven't watched it in 31242 I played Call of Duty Black Ops in 33603 was it 3D Jesus last week I'm apologize that I couldn't finish the library in 20 minutes order food at the library that dying like a news flash I suck at Halo never do that you are not a real Halo player no I'm not a real hero play in the TV and play with me on it mechanics off your fucking mom and come over Lacie to cancel tonight because everything about flying over the place you just left 6 hours ago further away from my goal right now old what kind of and he wants to fly to Alice Springs in Australia I think about that just a little bit money depression company book to my connecting flight through somewhere like right on the edge so he had to just looked at the Play Store 9 hours till I get over the horrible I did so my dog Lincoln passed away I had a Golden Retriever named Lincoln and he was a rescue dog and about and we found out he had cancer happy conversation and take like Lincoln's leg of his front left leg and it wasn't what singing it's like I have heartburn but that's only time I've ever felt old because we have the cat don't get too stressed when you have gotten more violent The Crucible Manitoba dog is depressing a two-legged dog is on something else that's different and I don't know if we have any dog her name is and she's like I really didn't think so because I asked you not to bring your pet to the office. The office something like that I feel like that's too bad for me because I can open up with a great name for a dog show me terrible terrible name for a writer here you know what the funny thing is when we got Lincoln he was a rescue dog and came from another family he was Linkin Linkin Park but he knew the name Lincoln so we changed the Lincoln like the president like Abraham Lincoln or like a log or like a log singing we change that so that seems like a and from the office but he was actually useful made it up just like the ceiling can't wait phone either they are all cartilage bouncing don't ever fall asleep right temperature laying on the bottom of the ocean lyrics rocks are a terrible way to live in the wild what's the lifespan of a great white all the ones I have thousands of years it's hard to date after 800 though that's what I've heard 650 years we should do you soak Gavin I did something really fun with Gavin I went out to Eric's birthday party and we start an original Return of the Year 1977 print of Jaws 1976 where the other Justin Bieber funny because we were talking about before about the 240 megahertz and warframe's you see the wars that looks yes that must have looked great he was scratching star sharks reach maturity at 15 years of age and can have a life span of about 34 great okay I have another question ask you so we have a faucet in the kitchen to the kitchen faucet that has two modes on it it has the regular faucet where the water comes out like you'd expect when it comes out of like $80 water in the one mode free mode I can only drink water in the faucet know what happened get the water out of the faucet in the spray mode that would taste different than white and bubbly in different like if you were getting and you had the faucet or you had the gun you wouldn't fill your glass up with the gun you can from them if it was there anyway you know what that what it would take to put in water why can't you look at me gone to the tank and got a glass of water from and use the gun to throw it up no but I have used the free version on an asshole like that I didn't bother you at all yes no one said that they had to have it an odd numbers unless it was a product have you ever thought about it and I've never done it once you have it just the money but whatever I don't know it should be like it's like we have to have like every receiver it's like 28.529 from 9.530 oh yeah yeah yeah mine is like that too I think decibels for a reason either like a standard decibel level that you're trying to hit I don't hear like two below zero and 16 for most things bowling games like Halo is on March 15th 26 Netflix stuff can vary wildly in volume on my Xbox an appositive yeah I think I can no I meant that she received at the end till 8:30 and then it hit like smack smack tell me how much have you doing all of the 30 but you live in the -16 - -30 doing you can really Star Theater movie and the TV and the receiver on the speakers so then it's like you going back to wait 3 seconds Staples really fucking annoying is my package from time where they make this phone Time Warner home phone I have some kind of disease because you don't have a home phone I got myself Gavin saying it's not what's going on from like certain allowed numbers I can only make calls to certain numbers right not going to break the rules okay that's it we're done thank you for listening so I did mention about the beta interview we have a special guest with us here today we do we have Mr Paul Marino who is the lead designer over at BioWare and we talked about I think about Star Wars Old Republic guild 300 an operation GameStop when you got to town I skipped out on going into out to dinner with Gavin because I was running an operation that night actually I join army operation group operation Operation is 1616 people better excuse than it used to be I don't know the first night that I was like I was up because I'm busy every now and then so I have this is like the first night I was officially in the waiting room are the operations group and so I could have missed out on my first game steals up to so an eternity vault can I play this game and I was just telling these guys earlier in under different podcast we're now I have a character at the current level cap I've never liked stuck with one long enough to Revelations get on my wife that she had to say I'm sorry how old is entirely was about to text you from the first day of the first kind of root of the project and then release I believe it was I've been on the project about two and a half years almost 3 so Old Republic and 50000 24 hours audio in the end an email to staff writers at all and then that's all I'm an ellipse Technologies there in Mass Effect he's working in the same area as Paul because I think the story before where we started making Red vs Blue back in 2000 to 2003 and you know we were fishing and they were doing a little bit phone call was essentially Paul Marino where Paul was beheaded Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences and he called this one day to tell us that there was somebody coming up there being that it's best anniversary ever April 1st yeah yeah sure look at the calendar do is we love everyone has an internet poser oh yeah good job job man Academy of keys along with it came from was not a Star Trek into Star Wars you want to keep talking Machinima I'm in love technology Paul is using we talked about for years like we have real-time Skyrim the first people to use valve's Source engine and use the lip sync and and was it Hammer face poser face video G man singing still playing around with this the song and then replaced it with stuff that comes out of like someone's like how was I mean I think you sort of already has made his living room qualifying that would be effective probably the biggest game award Man of the Year Rich Homie Academy of interactive Arts and Sciences Wars of dice that take place every afterwards as well yeah the British 4K for the orthodontist 2000 Republic you ever consider that forward to another huge deal in movies in Hollywood on the Hollywood we're not we're not trying to and some position about that it's more about making sure we have a service that I'm going live that's solid and making sure the players have something there but they're going to be able to play for days on end and so it's really driven by that more than anything that's different we were playing Star Wars I'm still working on Under Siege and it's basically it's pretty much like a leopard dead in Star Wars Old Republic Burnie of my life no spoilers with our stuff that their stuff that carries over from Niceville Republic that you will see in the Old Republic MMO with some Flashpoint specifically in some characters that is pretty cool like there's some really really fun characters that make appearances Old Republic what an important story moment everything looks really really cool really cool things an agent 10 vs 11:50 I probably can figure something out okay .2 skill tree is such a beautiful thing about me you know emotionally gauging isn't it in the interface in capital city setting course on 3rd Joel Gus Republic dromund kaas like the market in the market area that I can reset your skill tree and I mean I'm assuming you're working on stuff that's not right then we go into specifics but you are working on future content that's correct I cannot get into specifics we are working on Fusion I want to go the rest of my questions right and we should get to being a testimony story and then there's another one I think about characters or something or guilds and so I mean those too but yours is coming I think the question game were you there for the final wife bouncing and I wasn't actually bounty hunters awesome nail that character that's what I mean Chabert is Maaco whose it was one of your companions in 4k the girls and I think actually that's the kind of tired of Star Wars Star Wars run into someone else has my social points you don't love her and we don't do a lot of Flashpoint even if your phone in class together I mean you should be you should be social but I'm a hundred percent I'm almost there play and he's like whenever you watch the planes like an option an immortal play character in any game I can't be evil I can't pickpocket I can't steals I just can't do it with no moral issue that I have under the hood story itself but the but it's a lot of interesting stuff comes out of that so much right right right right because in a party what happens if you don't use something and then it what does a roll that's a random rule on each character and then whoever whoever gets the role that's what it shows to everybody yesterday you can join us from the shadowlands