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RT talks fights

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Recorded: 2012-03-07 23:11:02

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones




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this podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet provider for audio books with more than 100,000 found little tables across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth it's podcast that was really good what was on the website that's really elnea is a user said he was also happens to be a neurosurgeon do dr. is there something I don't know they want to act gotta blast back to you whenever the kid got the gym I have to help your dad work on the car when you were kids and yes your job when you're a kid and you're helping your dad work on the car if you hold the light you are a flexible movable light and actually I don't know why 3000 Smokehouse bites today there are 5 people in the podcast you're name is hello I am Burnie Burns I'm Gavin I'm Gus Michael if you get rid of on the microphone Lindsay Lindsay and you never podcast for the internship in August in August in one month the first time I see here at the office I think I've been out of the office I think I was working on the commercial and I came back to the office and I walked in one morning and she was sitting at a computer she was and she wasn't sure if she was worksheet work your 250 pounds I didn't know you had that much power Lindsay Spike and Sons Company Works usually go away go to your corner and you were finding people to introduce yourself why would you do that enough people introduce people to you people already know I don't go out today I need to find a new friend that I'm going to go are you okay I can't find it chicken chili and cheese on my burger I don't want to sell it tater tots with chili make it with you the first thing I don't want to I don't want this person are you are you okay with that or do you have to talk in code so I feel like it's okay for them I just want to say this is beyond antisocial that is like you should go to restaurant in a restaurant if it was allowed into a restaurant and it was loud I would just feel sick and I couldn't have you like I got what is the loudest restaurant in Austin restaurant in Austin I don't know isn't that crazy on a Friday night in the play seems like there's a play Galaxy Cafe our office is the restaurant you would like the most would be like a medieval prison restaurants the whole lot on the floor that's really bad thank God you know vs Sonic Lindsay the child play with it and check the bags you can do with Gus in is a checking a bag what was under the chair but they made you chicken out with guys and I swear my heart almost broke but how angry he was telling me he was like for someone horde play spell your name wrong several times and when she gets off work he's doing it over and and carry her down fucking tired and she's like oh it's just a name shake what your name is. I should also Lindsay two different ways and I made sure that I still play is actually doing the homework next time you do that kind of name is Gus restaurant in drug store drugs can a date rape drug Eckerd the company was called telling everyone that works I have no idea why they would do that I'm good as well and sliced oranges because they don't know what is right what is an appletiser drink Coke or Diet Coke regular Coke oldest living Kingwood Richard outside he was like no it's called Mickey's there it was Direction member the resins at Mickey D's and I just became KFC that's what's on the signs change Fender Eliminator what's the weather in lines 11 can you put a little mini party in Lincoln or is that not enough for more than $100,000 get some new names due invoices or reading some portion of the book and doing the Alan Alda section imagine Bill Hader Alan Alda really really and I thought it was Richard Dreyfuss anyway I think it was Barbara but Barbara was talking about being born in 99 and she's really proud of on the days that she wasn't born the 90s that would be too young that one year because he was an active member of the eighties didn't myself getting changed bottles in the eighties we put the car on the McDonald's website I think they have them last night it's delicious anyway they have special is coming back rentable do it little by little Lindsay and I are on a quest to find where are the fish bites and I think she got fooled by Photoshop and then we can advertise the amazing bites go to Pandora to get it the podcast now apparently the fish McBites are in an article here fish bites fish McBites McBites introduced to help people get to the lent because they can't eat meat on Fridays to me the only offer fish McBites on Friday fish for first report of Tuesday before the Christian season of fasting on Ash Wednesday it was pictured at McDonald's branch near Texas Christian University in Fort Worth with least drinking impression that was aimed at the faithful who have been denied or who had denied until the pleasure of meat on Fridays so somewhere in the world there is a fish McBites opposed to just getting the fish fillet it should have been I had a double fish fillet fish fillet on top of each other but usually around they are cheaper to and put them together do you want is it so yeah his family is the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter and the day before Watco no no right right course we do when is for people to understand what kind of Pancakes what is the historical significance of talking about it Lent looking for personal is shrove Tuesday shrove Tuesday also known as pancake Tuesday is the day preceding Ash Wednesday the first day of Lent after anyway shrove Tuesday pancake Tuesday is observed mainly in English speaking countries to for English never fucking her and when you go to church every Sunday that we do the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in America would take off her shirt at each other and then get really really drunk you take off your shirt and throw beads at Gus pancakes you're cool you're cool but Mardi Gras I think it's a little bit better than shrove release date iPhone red stick with your decision I'm going to side with Mardi Gras over that and then we have Ash Wednesday between Ash Wednesday and Easter supposedly on Friday Christians don't for Catholics I guess it's Catholic don't eat meat on Fridays answering that question no exit is something that was actually Ireland United Kingdom if you want free country English sounds like a great project that me if you want Christmas if you want it mandatory Christmas Brazilian what are some of the Burnie getting ready getting ready for Carnival Burnie is a can be like 20 minutes is is season 10 going to be like a great adventure Style put them in Everything is Awesome about the pages what is Don hertzfeldt rejected Don hertzfeldt Bill Jones pretty conservative guy in general and I think he was in the screenshot that Huffington Post used for so Bill got to be on the front page of Huffington Post I think that was I think you can take it from there the asshole I don't forget your dad's handle man and his name is Jordan and we knew his name is Jordan and we were wondering what kind of Tuesday Jeanne Moos Jeanne Jeanne and I know exactly what she's going for some reason the podcast okay if you don't want to talk about your relationship business I also bought her ice cream Emily has taught us what ice cream is all this true it wasn't for him though that's a totally different level the guy from the Alamo Bowl the fucking ice cream from his business and gave it to Emily it was no money it takes podcast ice cream vs the biggest problem Gavin is employees that's the biggest problem in America games to GameStop Electronics Boutique store the podcast show man behind so you went to go get drinks with somebody at your girlfriend to dance and you would have you would have beat this person up I mean I mean it's no problem bro Richard donat the passengers they make a bigger effort so where were you during this Gavin I was just watching take it as a compliment and not the boyfriend imaginary what are you doing altercation what is the protocol of the dance for fight breakdown from a number of different things to write verbal confrontation correct okay what takes does the Escalade into 3 Michael right to look down my shirt off and I woke up and I say hey what's up the club and I don't see anybody when I walk in between the two of you and do you want to go Center Michael right now but I'm walking in there standing there watching him but I'm saying that would be the scenario then I would enter in between them and just give him a cold stare until he walked up and told the guy I would do this so we could do this Michael is standing up from the table okay they're standing play Candy Crush the music that's terribly inappropriate music you're literally like right up in my face I'm comfortable oh sorry man I didn't know I just thought I'd start by yourself and that's your problem what is your problem bad time I'm not I'm not going anywhere and I don't really the first that was probably off and then literally the reply to that determines everything that happens next bites in the middle of rumor about what people like to do is like the high school fights to his people to show and the show and they push each other and do that for like 10 minutes or so before you get one shot the second guy comes back then it gets hit but he gets punched you have no problem throwing the first punch as long as I show up if I push it and it's done is back off another girl red ugly you're beautiful so I don't I also like it in a note on it so would you like to dance with me and you walk out with drinks and you do what well here's what happened she woke up to excuse her first time and play it I really keep me man I don't know if you realize that's my boyfriend after that if it turns into I really could answer them or back off then I'll be like okay babe let's go all right now we're going to do this let's do this talk to me like that alright so his movies if you come back at me I'm going to punch you what's your first day the most people that believe you don't have personal problems 21 I guess so I've never really been in a fight since I was a kid I don't know or slap a different guy who punched and ship the girls are crazy but yeah I got your hair first really that's the first thing that I want to do you want to grab your hair in the for her Michael I don't grab it I'll punch you when you start getting a stomach fish your fish hurt a lot less when you have a better shot will you get a lot of fights as a kid not really just more stupid shit in like dumb stuff you're going to fight like a fight with another person and I really like someone punched you in the face I don't think so did punch him in the face overshot it and he was in my passenger seat but I did talk to him in the eye and then I just turned back on. Michael and Jeff agreed to it no hitting in the face or the dick the best of the pub when I was like 50 people in a room of people like very nice. Very is that what do I have when do the Colts for the first time and I stepped over a puddle of blood mean in England the podium behind the entire time he did nothing he did and then he only got up and said thanks everybody for coming you know and I was doing something at the end of the event later than 10 Galaxy touch the ground as quickly the road in for about 2 minutes did Jason get a trophy for that India Indian UK is pretty much cameras everywhere all the time at home and what's the movie that Ben likes Red Road it's all about it's all about the person in the UK who runs the cameras and she has a relationship with somebody from the cameras but you don't know everything YouTube more rest necessarily like it the camera doesn't stop me from getting my friend drunk Spike the news just came over here from the UK can you not work in this office and live in the US are you offended every time people going around you to Counseling Practice their British accent there City British back to it first thing everybody does when you walk in them why and if you have you adopted a Texas accent at all have you been actively suppress it do you really Don also worked at Arcadia the video that was shot at last year's RT X which was zombie horde immersion video just went over a million views and planning the event this year was awesome everyone everyone and lightning feet above their head zombie movie decapitated by the way that was Twilight Zone movie married to their honeymoon suite and Tuesday. When you leave so you don't know if they cut off all the groom apparently there and didn't pay attention to the bride got out fine but right as the group stepped out he got the cafe glasshole but dumb now we have to probably not your first reaction to some guys that's doing it for years It's gotta be his reaction the one guy that that his reaction was ahead going to be a lot like Gavin in a UK Pub back don t take your brain a couple seconds to catch up to what's taking place I can't that it's catch up pretty quick if there's a headless body on the ground there's a lot you don't realize happened how do you walk away from that stop stop performance car play talk to me don't stop the blade let go under the thing was that she like why are you thinking if you don't understand computers as you know the Middle East and on Winchester Huron SD and everything to do with money right up there every time I read it later but I think we're more when your asshole be next week on the side of escalator and ride the side security came in three out of the mall and you get the top of the ground at this point and some guy runs out of a retail shopping catches like A4 year old kid catches it the man that plays as well and I would like for you to like me because I like doing those people coming down that's a lot of weight and Audible border and they had it blocked off on temporary the amount of distance between the steps on an escalator is greater since you're not normally want to get to the airport walkways know if you briskly walk you like twice as fast if you jog with the fucking flash on those things like much fun when you get to the arrowhead you don't hit the brakes right now golden asshole get on first and then there's like 9 people behind them in their bag like you shall not pass and I can't wait to patch Don to the right bop to the left to the right kids blocking the entire thing so hey I love me my Xbox I love it I love you Mom just love me why are they not selling in NY can I not find out the reason why they're not selling batteries for the controllers anymore why do I have a stop to it they are you tell me where to buy batteries for the Xbox game stop.com battery charge song that's called the battery doesn't last forever it lasts like a year to is like I really fucking last me for a very long time the only way to get them before this switch Burnie is right they did just released that like they were gone for at least a year to is to buy the fucking charge kit which is right which is one that's way cheaper because you have to buy the charger with the battery and it's 20 bucks but I'd like for those cables that I don't need because I needed batteries after they stop selling them cited by fucking charged it every time the reporter Mass Effect 3 and I can play Mass Effect 3 this week I guess probably you are right now back it was like you didn't if you did not upgrade your phone the game games like that if you start the game you can build your character right at the beginning and if you don't know what you're doing you don't have any like that or like any sort of like handbook that you're using to like help you just like any other problem you just like pick a bunch of them a hundred percent of man the handle Don Quixote which I couldn't believe that I did that I mean every one of the Shadow broker that was it that was assigned to set up an original Mass Effect and encouraging message to and I was positive as the shadow broker was growing and significant they're going to handle you know that character in Mass Effect 3 but they didn't they put them in the deal see that's what I was thinking the change Moneyball with Brad Pitt Robin Wright plays his ex-wife and her and that's really tempting when to go to the ex-wife of your husband but then the flashbacks was Brad Pitt's character and the girl who played the young Robin Wright is the girl from five second films blonde girl from Family Matters but I can't get my head around man do you have your Mass Effect saved in the cloud I think so you need to get them back onto your box Wi-Fi issue where if you took your Mass Effect 2 save to the cloud and it play on a console other than the originating is the best thing in the cloud I lost all my halo anniversary progressed to that show me a big step toward you right now but you know that don't you Surplus program analyst is sometimes quickly thaw play on one box and receive another one immediately I have to wait for the same stuff but I know you don't know how that happens but on the other hand I don't think it's possible it could I thought I play on my pay from the cloud before it actually syncs from the other Xbox One navigate to for people who have multiple Xboxes and play them my house you know that's actually a drive for you you can do it you have to start playing you get everything if you can't maybe I mean if you delete DLC and redownload it like the missions are complete your character state of for every single lock bag just in case we fuck it up we break one law said he liked nope going back there and over the same thing I was doing that too and then until I realize that that was the cause of my slow down my only one I was playing around 7:20 on components but like when Mike was here he wanted to watch it because it looks so much better I don't want to back in one day at a time Skyrim possible games if you're going to do it bites audible game like again there are games like Ninja Gaiden 2 where it's like beating a level is like you want to tear your hair out his name it's so insanely difficult how much money play on Master ninja and he's like sleeping playing and I watch them beat that came on after ninja and you get like to hit and your dad like you have like your life was like the size of your screen and to hit in your dad and mom is just like it the game fight the Final Bosses in Eastlake the loading screen I will say that Saints Row 3 was remarkably easier than Central to their is their these missions in the Saints Row franchise called that we had to go around and pick up prostitutes and then you get a carnival process take in the location of traffic in Williston for Tuesday I called that activity back in the car and she was yelling the worst RT but it still fucking terrible like when they I will not get in your head you just like fighting start running towards you start moving and protect them through a zombie apocalypse that's one of the most challenging things to do in Dead Rising doesn't is not bad at all Dead Rising the is like the worst day I ever had a safety first guide 2016 performance behind him Spike and volume down Gus actually is like this fucking guy character in Everest tell her where to go if you walk into an area and safe fish dumpster she goes and hides in the dumpster I guess what you no one can fuck with her in the dumpster you kill everyone in the level you come back together it's so simple when you hit the follow me fish weight and pictures go so like if you say big dumpster if you hit the dumpster button like to follow you when you're standing next to it it's so great to the animation is like in her head just popped up with red hole and they're just flying and she just climbs on on the PS2 you can unlock for her and pick her up and I put them in the bushes and all the guys will come out try to pick her up over there and everyone and accept the whole game so people say that Ashley is a pain in the ass fuck you that's fantastic I would argue that there's a smarter is a river run into people complain about their play Left 4 Dead 2 on expert mode with the bites they're just like they're fighting we should try to play me you Michael get a for that and we should try to work or displaying your play right here we could do we do Left 4 Dead 2 on Expert and try to finish that would be a total of 8 hours to finish one of those campaigns we will at least have my love and you just run to the bathroom and leave you all behind you when you know it's right but yeah I would do it with a cage under my left for dead is not available at a different store to get it fixed if it's old I guess but Left 4 Dead is a super popular game and it's the last one they made some still surprised they would have liked a New Orleans used copy Stockton is the reason they probably can't you know the store and they have they have their own platform so they might not be all that big into like sharing revenue and available for whatever reason individual Publishers name and title was able to like that was very close to the release of fable in retail stores that was kind of dumb yeah I was with didn't because I didn't do but they knew someone that did you have to like you could you were a game you've downloaded it like when you got to a point in the game it's okay you finish the part that you boy you got it by the next part you'd like to stop and wait in the game to download it and couldn't play or do anything that was done but it was one of those downloads on Xbox 1.2 for the next testing Lent like more of a not a demo version but you can buy part of the game so I only spent $5 so if I don't like 20 but I have to play it was like you get to the point where it's like okay if you want to buy the game or not and take the other half or something like that but it was everything was available every single thing and then and then you want to get up and it was no game in my Xbox tray was like okay I didn't I didn't want to play and download I just went to sleep I don't even have a plan for that in there for them at all but will you just fall asleep at some point in time if you want to talk about events road is something it's really awesome what you wish everyone would do which they give you tracking of what your achievements are like you're at 3850 on this particular challenges play RT Challenger is not correct and collectibles show up on the map it was Revelations and there's a hundred memory fragments like throughout the entire game and get them out automatically the other 50 on your man feel like the 1st 57 find like we just play the game I beat the game I 47 so then I went into like the staff and what it does is it tells you which how many fragments you have on each section of the Constantinople so is like one's actions like you have two out of 11 like we'll just walk over there so I walked over there and looked around for like a couple minutes and I found 3 of them then I got them at my job 447 I seriously got the other 50 probably been an hour and a half no makeup way better machines way better than her when you're going to get that achievement the way I'm never doing that again and pigeon 200 Pages $200 goodnight mr. Petrov or something like that I perfected to win first in every race with an everyday play multiplayer multiplayer Gus Michael somebody that's good I'm glad you didn't have anybody Michael not yet and thank you for coming back in the podcast on my and coming in being mad and usually and then turning out to be an OK it's still there just on the surface under the surface