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Recorded: 2012-03-14 20:58:11

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Faith AKA PhoenixFD




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Transcript (in progress):

and you know what to do with the package if you want to know but he's pretty good act like a Little Engine That Could not trust us to catch the bus service podcast and you know that it's not left Burnie Burnie don't know how to go to the next guy show hey man hey man hey man the retreat wood office the podcast recording to strangedunc what I was and in that time us that's probably from 2 years ago isn't it January of 11 okay so we're going to say we could win it Christmas 2010 theme songs I had to go get some Christmas anymore hold that podcast e-mail guess you want me to do what was best for us are you all are familiar with the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures formerly known as those were created by Georg and 23 you got yelled at at one point the guy that was talk about and a lot of time to make his first million fluid in the end it was 157 157 over three years a podcast totally different headphones AKA medical term not regulation 42 Gateway dot like the phone number now so it's true I was so much fun Sunday night we'd live stream of trying to play Left 4 Dead online gameplay to an expert mode and we try to be dark carnival which is really just rush was the first level the hotel level we made it to the hotel in Winnipeg we got to the second staircase like you know you go and you we never got the one time we never got to the room we are always been off of Left 4 Dead over and have some Friendly Fire season 1 how to make a calendar like Gavin improv well I'm going to wait till the zombies group up and then I'm going to throw up try to help you through this gold buyers like someone on fire the run away from that very much. The security not in now you can you clean an area and it looks like which time it is everything it was terrifying us nowhere to run nowhere to hide rate on a car metabolic was something that came out the toilet RT Gavin cause of all the computer but it's like I told you it would come out the back of it make it more than 12 we would be like 30 of them actually living them out 40 out of AKA on her the first run and Carnival I dream of someone getting brutally murdered by zombies in to Steppin Out with over 2:40 podcast related videos we've ever made which was we did the Left 4 Dead survival go the first letter that we got a lot of great players and they really survival mode as part of an update or you just have to hold out as long as you can and it was just a feeling you know every time strategy protesters death Slauson can we get a room at the Run why do we have 20 minutes notice of people that's a bunch so I should probably clarify so that was kind of an alpha test to some live stuff we're going to be doing as part of an upcoming beta test in the month of April and we are we got some beta testers for it will be posted on the website again sometime soon and just kind of hint will be posting as we're trying to figure out the best time to do live event and so it would make sense if we post a call for beta users at the time that we wanted you live events because they want people online at a time right now just deciding the best time to do them everyone in the world that was a good time if it has to be what we think outside of school hours Monday night Monday night does Red vs Blue night and so had to go to school and work and I'll just watch it will be available afterwards or just life to my podcast in a room and whenever the light comes on you have to talk about someone on the Internet thanks James we were talking directly to you right now there might be a conversation I had in college where we were picking out ideas for shows and I had this crazy idea we would like to us and we can do like a thing where was Ted of cameras and you don't record what goes on the television station all the time this is the student television station I worked at in college for the me to talk about the Adam Sandler YouTube why I look like I'm 12 year old cancer sheet metal fact that I was like on I-24 Adam Vintage Film on everything that happens around your old time fighting when you wake up I'm going to my email and find something for Gavin because Gus reply to it with his show the other day or the Royal Family Jason of and you had a mail that said they do this page since like 1994 I think in the grand scheme of the entire history of the royal family since 1990 retired life didn't pay taxes we rush I just thought you were read that Queen Elizabeth doesn't have a full name when she doesn't have any contestants in the last name he hasn't finished her name I'll look it up now you can't say to summon her I know and then she also said that she doesn't have a passport which I guess is not true anymore either she does have a passport Judy has a name and that way when we know the president's name first name what the name you don't know her name who is the prophet name what's the name of the president he replied with the last name show me the last MP3 show me the Queen Elizabeth II and she's got like Mary lets me know that as well what is your name I don't know if I deleted of your life just say her name is gold lets try this again what is William Jefferson Clinton Obama Gus Franklin D Roosevelt $4 he didn't have a great day habanero creepy country bar tonight people Commonwealth sheet of paper with a stick who's the prime minister right now David Cameron Brown how is it I never heard anything I said it was like a rock in IROC IROC what read out the Queen's full name 612 lost knife cir to it from the house the window that really old like anglo-german named Alexandra so you can I miss Mary and Mary is also no weather for me to rule but someone didn't know their name you just did Elizabeth I think the family is kind of irrelevant to my generation sheet me your country because I know the difference between the UK and Britain show 2K12 countries in the Commonwealth now me I couldn't Hong Kong is Gavin not in there anymore I gave it away. I just looked at the tires or anything I don't even be on here Australian Island India's not on there show me the wrong thing does not understand 52 - 56 what I mean Pakistan was carved out from Indialantic when the UK withdrew Canada Australia New Zealand New Zealand Jamaica Jamaica Barbados the Bahamas from Grenada Papa New Guinea Solomon Islands tougaloo are the Canary Islands taxation proves one of the great point about the royal family it's the morning I'm very interested in it make sure it's kind of for lack of knowledge open house in Canton can you put somebody yeah you would give me his clenched what is the legal in the funny thing about the UK If you don't have freedom of speech but that's not a protected read what you mean that's a big thing in America like the biggest the number one in Alien a legal right to say what you want but there's so much that you can say anything wow that's great when is a lot of Americans who think freedom of speech is synonymous with first world culture that's not the case it's a big thing everywhere else what we have for him is really nobody really wants to preach that kind of stuff anyway for a regular person right to privacy there's no there's no such thing as against illegal search and seizure and that to me is very open everywhere private always translate into higher percentages where they don't close the whole point is if you're interested if you're fine well he would have been arrested if he didn't do something wrong that's not true I mean in the in America we have a problem where someone is arrested and charged with something and then gets in the paper when she was charged with something but the name of the court case and if found anything there's no headlight show me the mugshot in jail for doing nothing like doing something not illegal what we did in my car and I was not drunk I was it terrible but now there's so many of the prisons in America that are private prisons in a private Enterprise is that they have gold for capacity they want to stay at a certain capacity for profitability yeah that's one of the highest population of people in the world marijuana legal talk about huge private prisons that are for profit of people in prison capital punishment have capital punishment how many people get executed every year there is less than 119 the whole country more than 100 young adults very sadly you not worried remind me to work when I say things like I'm not worried cuz I'm innocent you know kids they could be interested in some circumstances come up with something against death punishment Adam big in America 2 words like people have waited in line for euthanasia which is allowing people to kill themselves of their second they want to improve that but I'm not I'm not pro capital punishment now and we got the argument there is that if somebody in your life where you know I don't even talk about that thing that can happen you know with a family member some of that then you would see the capital punishment given to the value of it but that's not a thing not a thing like a dude broke into a prison and killed the dude that killed his family I would be cool with that that would to me that would be justifiable Poseidon killing somebody doesn't doesn't sit well for like 25 years old in jail for life with no chance of parole the government pay for the next 70 years money money not people comes down to it I mean it's one thing to 7630 1285 execution the most was in 1999 which was 9811 I was 4334 death penalty States run of in your country then am I eligible Mexican certainly because you're and try to find some kind of a tradition to get you out of the country the kind of bad that I can't the queen now Jack here and were executed in Texas in the last year and it's kind of a big deal to Mexican embassy was very nice and it was very upset about it I will be making a statement it was very strongly about it I don't believe in cruel and unusual punishment me so much about us personally like torture and things like that and it was like now is like the definition of it as far away from people Talking Machine Gun mental state and what it does to a person to have your death as a date on the calendar it's coming to watch the pages of the calendar turn and you know it like February 15th I'm going to die I'm not realize that if you could know the date of your death through natural causes you would not want to know let me see if you knew you had like 40 or 50 years from now that there's a date out there on the calendar would you want to know that US Open 2070 New York RT written down if you need you what rush crash Motors Burnie me to home it was just kind of like a tiny little mini game it wasn't really a thing it was like you could read run everyone it didn't download the arcade game burnout crash you should absolutely get it it's okay the Antichrist you get addicted to each level has three different modes and then there's five stars in each phone on every level could end up being like $280 and you get and then I could see every Star and everything and it keeps to be and all your friends and the scoreboard and it matters that was a big thing when I first started playing Xbox Live arcade games for read about them but I think that's much more important than other trials Evolution this past week Joel and I are looking for some over I don't know what I don't know that for sure but I left a party play trials death toll pregnology give me time like how fast you can finish level and there's somewhere you can pick up an hourglass of time The Hourglass is play for a minute but your time to explore .2 seconds to finish level because you cannot believe how quickly can you get to the first time over calibrating their control they don't like is actually limited by the plastic around the room so you can sleep she is away from the did she like the control to see if you can if you take the top off of your control you know just like last in the Shell around this table just turn on the controller to calibrate a double up number one time release 101 x 25 very high on the trials fluid for 01 not me actually I got 1st place overall and worldwide are also one of the trials now and then they busted them when I actually got that time fact I'm on trials with 41 in the world and I'm now it's 750 trials is like you can go to the boards and actually download there run and watch the to remove it wake me now in Halo to have the gold sword sniping we have a sniper rifle and you shoot and it's what your story and you could start lunch us the magnitude of the run as well and so that you could do it work does a blast with you I'm not mad in the game I'm taking advantage of something in the game that anybody can do it when to do it and it's not just watched and then nobody can do anymore if that's too much for play what would you jack you were highest us Earth the world as the drummer on rock band I was tied for first time ever I've been I've been first in the world on 3 leaderboards what it was I don't really count because I was working without that there will be read that doesn't mean that we had to head to and I was able to perfect any song like medium was what I would play in so I would always do head to head and I was like and I believe the other person messed up one now than I did when he was 15 matches in a row and I was tied for first overall and then I took a photo of it on our facts and then stop 26th in the world in Dead Rising read this way the baby's going to come in and change the way would you like to join us 50 year and he's helping a smartphone with a front and faith is Frank Thomas retire does and always you want to try to us right now so we're talking about leaderboards on Xbox you're a big FPS person what was like your highest ranking ever like on the leaderboard or like in some kind of ranking system in the Sharpshooter on Rainbow Six Vegas figured you were number one shooter she has like 15 in the world in Galaga of totally 101 old school that's more impressive in the morning game today 73 and MP3 came and then just wipe all your tears away if you don't understand like you're sitting there me and Brooke for like a month ago and we're trying to get the fruit in the blender then you have to Martha sheet paper I just want your iPad is broken it's going I'm getting it rate within a video the first video that faith has been in for us she was in the RT life together just posted it I'm supposed to do a Blog update about this it'll probably be out by the time the podcast is up but we may change the way that we do RT life where which is the behind-the-scenes videos for the site where it started does me like a look behind the scenes of what we do here on an average day but then as we tend to do we started to try to make it and become a production we don't do that the read it and put it everywhere and everything headphones to talk to you today music Winchester headphones 1110 graphic your wife didn't like in The Social Network where is to walk into a party and everyone because everyone headphones what is where they'll give everyone an a Jones over time and I give them instructions 300 people in One Direction Flandreau MP3 Hearst of this thing is I think it won't hear Z I mean I've never rush into anything grunting and breathing RTX I think that we felt like that in town all weekend it's been crazy cuz people coming from all over to say hello and we had a fun party with blue us where we did a live version of Red vs Blue that was fun that was fun really well technically sheet in the rain I think show me the live head bobbing of my favorite guy table read halofest if you want to see something similar you can go see the halofest live read that we did that was going to wait for it it would definitely be on Waypoint link up with them so that we had to come up and provide sound effects and this time we had a girl come up and can't do it Death of a Salesman and she's the most racist thing ever done for me 10 to the what is the prisons Boxxy the box with my name is Boxxy you're looking especially show up on the list we talked about for a little while to go out there and find Boxxy not return to the population you Jack jennicam movies it was me and I got like online video people that you think that guy behind the guy kind of a deal show Smosh was in read verses 19 and Anthony from Smosh weird there's an enormous YouTube channel that makes funny videos and I met there by their business guy who was on the plane with me and I just I didn't know there was a business gold to digital in the same family of shows like Gossip Girl and stuff like that and then people to my son-in-law citizens now the computers are fantastic like they make me feel bad about what I'd like to know the game's fact that there and explain what's going on he playing or just watching just watching unlock the whole map in different the other team I don't think end up with any extra money she is getting bigger all the time and it seems to be the best application of 24000 people watching the stream that night I mean that's not a lot of people but why she just getting bigger and bigger young me to Gus we don't think of the Internet carrier pigeons now he's getting better internet show up at the internet with the internet tells me to go to the Ender YouTube in the talk about the talk saying what's this life thing was happening I don't know what now right now I'm doing other stuff and it was good we don't look at it so much that be how can we have better interaction like how can we have a live interaction but that's what you don't get I mean you can sit on YouTube comments and do that stuff but even when you're sitting in a video the thread and you try to convert people I mean that just took its me read everyone's watching a different times on different things and how long is it going to be into someone's life isn't a permanent live streaming live streaming for the last he did a Kickstarter before anyone else did because he had the keys in my hand you would buy the candy and leave a message on the video for the day was very very creative guy he's a very intelligent very technical guys as well so he creates things that are cool and everything else like the perfect example of someone that should be on the internet internet sandwich young me old me or was it young me present me what it was like people trying to replicate photos when they were kids Faith insurance settlement with a postcard or an old photograph and hold it up in the current stuff we were looking for a reference for Red vs. blue season 10 did you ever see the Art Exhibit that somebody didn't really cook siblings and close relatives and took pictures of the faces and then match them blend them together right down the middle in the middle of their face it's pretty cool mothers and daughters and parents and children and things like that and they don't look like it looks like it's really Frank show times we were the four times a week online online it was it was it was youtube.com slash that it was going on it was like getting back to the internet anymore making games and doing web sites and going on TV shows and giving Ted speeches for TED talks and how to get help to those things you watch one is a call that was interesting what's your favorite Adam Savage you just want to session that's fascinating 50 minutes long I like the one where they get the laser to kill mosquitoes just like fucking mosquito blue laser it's like a tracking system that monitors detect mosquito and shoot them with a laser illuminated mosquito Mexican Wireless power was pretty cool to sit down Wireless power Gavin table to like power the TV and walk between it will electricity show us pictures of faces make sure you email me that family faces on my mother like that story well done yeah it was cool it wears you down here to watch Jack and me play baseball and I watch some of it was funny she had to get up in the middle of recording and to the bathroom Caroline I want you to ship your pants kid at law the okay now that we need a tone or music you or something when the podcast takes the Dark Tournament Woods Orchard of as if it were out of the doctor ending of the Ted you ever pooped your pants I should my pants when I was five or six remember when I remember I remember I remember crap in my pants I was in kindergarten and in our kindergarten class that was like we had our own bathroom to Crime to remember I couldn't come out I finally of just sitting there and I remember private me to call my mom I got my pants death of a student in the whole school like would fit in my pants how to write walks by lets me know that you know what about you buddy but that incident but we're just talk but without really like my laptop my laptop not coming through Bushman who were the who look around us but where do I start like which bit do I cleaned up what time I have food poisoning and I was laying in bed and I feel awful that I was like to go run to the next street logos.com only thrown up not in the toilet twice in my life when was it actually was really really drunk and a principal have you ever gotten drunk in a pool It's tricky because you're already like you're floating as you don't realize how drunk you are my God I am fucked up right now I am destroying in the pool gold in the waters of to my neck was going to walk in and get out of my God and drop to my knees and where can I throw out to be as far away as I could crawl the line it's like the worst thing you can do that I don't know what happens when you have a couple of beers and end up in the sun is one of the first times I came in I went shopping with you guys we have to make two gold rings and you passed me you can to let put in the little not does he want to choke you out on the road and I was just like I'm trying to look like explosion down the right now me and another friend just take the fuck up and I don't remember the other people had to take care of me thank God they were there I passed out and I drifted into the Wii but I would underwater short hair and burned myself and it came up in one piece will Rosa race to get melanoma black cat on the couch of people going over to his house in the weekend gold talk to them someone everywhere being loud and obnoxious 2120 me when we did it you said about not using and coughing kid beautiful talk away from me Factory headlight fluid jobs in Frank to Michael about that yesterday about how she liked it if you were in a fight with someone and I just got on your face that's so and so this morning I'm being punched I like big blue have you ever been in the property you have you been in Improv I go out of the fight in the dog blood stains of blood pump blood did you hear the story right quadrant bar fight is like $50 Lets Roll energy and then I got out I went back and went through the toilet and in the toilet was just Blood Out full and all of the rules even up to the ceiling and I was like exploded Watchmen dr. Manhattan downtown one time I was walking out as I was I was in that bar they call the library downtown what four things are okay better be careful and I looked and we just couldn't pull it off pale blue the strip from Dunkin Donuts on Cobblestone that I can see you of course material enough blood has ever been an actual fight like I haven't okay me neither the car wreck blood everywhere on the highway have I received any kind of light socket to the flashlight lights up Fark the Georgia state the Queen's name three times exactly and if she shows up somebody threw out there hey what's the creepiest weirdest thing that ever happened to you and everyone it wasn't already were suffering some so you would have to like read through everything in the office in to be but the comment about when you come back and find out what you're talking about mosquito the story about traveling and he was traveling from one state to another and he decided you know what I always go through the highways and I never go through the mountain roads which our school but shorter than I because you made my way to the Mountain Road to Appalachian Mountains and it's the middle of the night I like talking about it story and there and there and there and there bodies from the car wreck playing in the road RT News permits read something about it was like Spider Sense whatever is tingling when I'm sleeping besides going to pull up a little bit and then come back to it to help people like you just thought he would do that does that run slowly through to get around the body's all that stuff and drives up about 40-50 feet stop turns around all the bodies are sitting up and looking at him down the road and 30 or 40 people have come out of the bushes on the side of the road and all the roads are these mountain people in the middle of night Ted stage this accident and you just fucking done got out there he was just rush now 30 total people in the face like in the rearview mirror you are looking at them like they're highlighted by the tail lights in the room and he's like get something similar I've never heard of the two cars taking a crash but I've known people who come across like a minivan like in the middle of the road turn at an angle people lying across the road blocking it maybe try to get him to stop to take your car to them there's a bunch of other illegal aliens waiting on the side of the road you didn't take in your in your car and leave your car I don't know when dot talk like that everywhere there's a truck at Planned Parenthood and like that and like trying to get in Planned Parenthood but they had to Z Now anti-abortion Crusaders that we were laying in front of the vehicle and he didn't even lay down his throat or anything like there's a couple interviews like truck and they're screaming at the driver what are you doing nephew Aaron's Rental 33307 what you doing show Richard Harris and recording it I don't know you're here Z applications over a sweet sweet love Frank Summers Frank Ocean shut up read show has caught up to what is with it not once but that was with Americans and the state and a big deal here it's like it's my birthday Jordan birthday party sorry about a woman on the plane so I have 12 it was 43 years ago I was flying I was flying to Austin Texas and I was flying from London to Chicago faith and obviously I was thinking I could only get some sleep on the flight so short woman talk me up so I was like flight I will fucking murder them sleeping is the best thing you possibly to make a teleporter talk I said no she was like, Norcross that in Spanish in Spanish when the plane landed she got up and she likes everyone of my playing wow American is that what you think she wants to try to pull a package I've had while we were on the to send let me hit the floor she did everything she was really nothing makes you think about the possibility over nothing images of cats with the Internet is like read minutiae to that is hard like now we live in that mean you should level and we just put it there YouTube excited about that split you're the worst of the worst or make you angry huge gigantic community life where people post all the stuff with their lives and it's like all the stuff to do an exciting and fun whatever you do and that's what they do they everywhere 19 Lake does matter what you say ends up on the Internet like those people drive me crazy to work here is a big topic of discussion with anybody about it unless they're in the illusion of social media like I'm not doing enough for not living get a flashlight when you tweet but is it like what kind of stuff is rate for if I have a performance and I'm disappointed that it was okay if you don't do that kind of stuff people are going to share their actual things are going in anyone's life you have the things you hit that are hard to deal with and it's like a character of yourself on the internet version of your posting the diamonds and you have to do a lot of diamonds now come to Gold Rush one thing I'm at home I got a show so awesome Gold Rush Alaska to mine for gold and I don't know what they're doing and if they have all their money in this equipment for gold and they have no idea what's going on about it nothing happens in an hour long episode this week I mean you find out lets go like this much like and tons of material to ounces of gold and diamonds is the diamond cartel essentially and it's filled with diamonds that most diamonds are actually used for industrial purposes not for what we actually gold world would fit in a swimming pool while he was a really shockingly small amount yet so it's a lot of weight but yet all the gold ever been mined we own lets Adam Crossley Earth is what Fitness Wayne said it was the biggest storage of gold exist we have gold in them the prisons of the country incidentally is paper I warrant that this equals a dollar and you agree as well and it's just an agreed-upon value that's what is fiat currency is and you can't talk about it for too long because then everything started Yes actually cost more than a penny to produce actually should get rid of but we should get rid of everything in the world 6120 me a time while all the riches death theoretical Canon light is out and is going to cut windows and doors and how little of the Earth's crust that we've actually penetrated as well give me creepy like to think about the size of the Earth and what little space on it we occupy an apple we lived a little party Earth is the Redskin the middle deserts in a livable Space Center the very very small people the space shuttle goes out the space that are operating outside of the Earth's gravity now because you're up like a few miles and Earth Barron's Free Fall During trials of people around the us right now me meet me talk with you 98% and 90% of the cost of a 40 by 40 by 40 actual cubic gold finding that Farm of Richard Branson and James Cameron are racing to the bottom of Marianas Trench everywhere Saturday and I just punched each other they're both doing separate missions to get deep is the Marianas Trench presidents of the United States which are the macro science which is basically a stroke it's like lets go out the micro Universal Evolution our moments of perception claymation like we explosion thousand-pound bomb and you can just see that sound you can see a doctor my sandwich shop laser not like that I mean every time there's an explosion there's some great videos on break of Munitions dump you happen to see the Shockwave come in here and hit them but I guess it's always amazing to me that every human season the same speed like to meet you like speed is like who said why is this speed why is over at like 10:20 Lakewood cab there helping with pizza we don't have any idea for how and proceed with the same frame and rate as ours but I mean to come at you I was like you just text the play off guard and it's not it's not think rush like Smash Bros app rush and understand that to get out of the way if you're coming on like tiny hairs on their back women time I gold Joel matter what was history World US 31 swimming pool lets material and the Diamonds what is the formula for silver like finding a gold buddy has some gold you looking like mr. T headlight like it's a big joke right there but it's like I just over 1% only 1% 1 % of gold is maintained by natural forces and people just being like what politician gold no I don't know 1700 x 750700 and I still have over 1200 pound not like a little differences which are slightly different gold ever mined is 5.3 billion troy ounces of gold how many freaking miles does it take to get gold status in one calendar year or 15 or 20 million American Airlines frequent flyer miles maybe more I can't even keep track and I've got more coming that's why I don't know not too many many more to the point and see how many you got well I guess that's telling me 26000 but I've got in the line whatever that was yesterday I was like um I am I gold then I like your not gold it's like what yeah I just let me look at it I'll look at it and keep track of your total lifetime I'll be right there Adam I'll let to buy Australia look like and how many miles is that $15,000 if you do it perfectly it should cost you fifty thousand trade in miles and then you get a free to Australia some people deliberately pick the longest route just to run them out 70 pound quarterback Rapture hundred hundred hundred dollars that's like 35 kilos in my bag with everything that come in handy travel like that too it's always fun to see how close that way you can get a few pounds 24 kilos and I was 24.7 kilos and how much us back and they charge me like 50 Quid that's when you check everything before last year he would go back to the UK he was really concerned you got explaining 14 pounds 14 pounds how do you measure people in pounds in kilo the things we buy we buy petrol by the liter and it's all done by miles per gallon so nobody knows how much how much play found you that information everything measured in pounds and everything except the nutritional information on the side of a package of food and it has 35 grams of sugar in me like I don't know I don't know whatever too many cars on the road right if every car had a me to run it just whenever you filled up it just said lets you put $80 of gas yes it was just an update with the current price and have on your car $80 and as you drive that money to split because now Gus Toledo truck by whenever you're in a cab you watch the me I thought I was going to be expensive it would save the money out of the truck thank you way like environmentalist like Save the Planet kill yourself German environmentalism is like the planet we fight the lets learn how to like not fuck with it or get what we want without with making the plant that looks like the planet that's a lot of people will come to the mountain property that was like kind of really close to my house and I called an arborist over to give me a quote to see how much will cost to cut down this tree and I never showed up looked at it and go oh yeah that's right I forgot how much can it cost you to cut it down and haul it off you do that not very long after your house is gone so just deal with it Burnie theoretical ideal door not us Moon it is amazing how is Joel Olsten on the planet is going to be like if you could see a time-lapse of the Earth from like a trillion years ago are you to please put me some like a trillion years ago but why you saying that why not I don't have a house yet so what you're trying to say that's outside of our perception of time years ago like the stuff that may be life-changing for billion years ago to now play in the space of a minute it would be 59 seconds if to turn trees into buildings The Hobbit is so irrelevant interviews crime Mount Holly from 2323 what he all had the conversation we were 23 and this is what happens when I'm right yeah I don't care anymore I moved on now me race program Pittsburgh and when you explore Space Race payout Cosmic history because you were trying to reach is to show us what happened if your millions of years everything suppose technically he used to like your in the past millions of years ago and in the light broadcastify to stop believing that Jack run back Carl Sagan video called pale blue dot have you seen it but somebody made a video from and if they turn the Voyager around to look at Earth from one of my past and put it back and take a picture of the Earth from the edge of the Solar System Jupiter or Saturn at the time when everyone think about like everything is now so it makes you take life less seriously Gavin us for a year or something that's why that's why I like for particle physics millions of units put together go back on something Gavin was talking about so you were talking about how much it cost to rent a car for petrol like if he had a meter that that you're spending four pounds of whatever money is like melting when you're not just paying for the gas you're paying for the building the cost of the vehicle and it was more than that in a good way this year the IRS calculate standard rate it cost to rent a car for gasoline and vehicle for maintenance run over by your company when you drive your personal vehicle so I can get around in the bus rate for 2012 the IRS puts out there for reimbursement of a vehicle is 55.5 cents a mile so that's on top of fuel lets just car maintenance death blue cost your car built in for like you know the run out of the car and that $0.55 55 1/2 cents per mile miles away from the office so everyday I spend $11 I need to hear it again tribute the mileage to the gas it's much more than that so what was the Gatsby then, everything okay write off miles that's always a great thing that was one of those things you can do OK on the tax advice to keep a logbook and keep me love but you do if you get three different colored pens text us back at facts like everything that over my truck in the center console it actually has grooves for hanging files because guys are like real men who won't my pickup they use at the job site and walking and stuff like that that's where the Thieves Guild gold fingers with Barbie going to medical mileage just going to have to edit the podcast this week