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Transcript (in progress):

Halo hey what's up Podcast translate I didn't listen but that Burnie like firecrackers and then I like alcohol and the drunk tank never had to cut them it was the same tactic and will say yes go Ikea Independence Day what do you think December 16th holiday proportion it's like a known thing citicorp star beside star Burnie Valentines I was like Saints Valentines Day look at the other Saints day that we have st. Patrick's Day Michael All Saints Day Georges day on to me we gotta kill the dragons is that after Thursday play the water dragons in the Bible there are Sky Rim the Bible which is like a video game by Boy Hahn still playing Skyrim pies like I actually have a condition I can't talk about it right now Gavin to go to the party thing I've ever heard of anyone doing a video game what Gavin ruined the town for himself because he's found a bug in the game I read about a bug where you can duplicate any item and so he duplicated 5000 Mellon old that had particles coming out it was even less so I accidentally duplicated a thousand times and they are not the game just like in the ground no I was really worried how do you get a vampire wait what you can become a vampire in Vampire you can't become a vampire is like the Bible live real day so you have it in you for a vampire in obannon the game where there is like a vampire in a cage and I think if you like try to kill her you can track it somehow and if you don't realize it soon enough you become Apple can you unban yourself and get rid of it yes but it's so dumb because every single person if you're like a full vampire I think it takes four days in the game or something like that every single person wants to kill you no matter who they are you tried to kill the fucking vampire in the kids are your life Dan you know she probably did she probably went into the cave no one's going to find me here if you prefer the protection I'm going to lock myself in a cage like I was like I'm going to see great white star rejected it will come out today while we were throwing cabbages and landing in the bucket so much fun but then we spent the entire afternoon just trying to get one roof to another it wrote down the rocket and Jeff was in charge of monitoring where my cabbages what landing on whether we should move the book it 100 I'm right at the end just to come to the moment where we actually got it I don't want to spoil the video but there's a trajectory that the Cabbage Patch and you can see their eyes follow you be quiet eruption of pure joy I never been that happy about a cabbage picture adult picture that was a good job and I got to say Mass Effect 3 has done something really cool and awesome multiplayer with Co-op it was kind of like a object toothpaste for tonight anyway and it would you say yes because we had different levels of increasingly difficult waves of enemies Vietnamese the face you like the max show up later and things like that but they said you would never play the multiplayer we get the record straight I never had and played in Mass Effect multiplayer game that's what I said the first game that had horde mode David super fast like less than a minute and it's just different every time every wave it's like okay now do this go do this go do this and it was awesome there was one of the challenges that you had only 41 challenges in Saints Row day one achievement to the hundred percent game one of them with the blade survival mode that one part 26 parts to a 41 party how much money is going to go I'm still on the way one what the fuck summertime and some of them based on how many people you kill an extended later on at least Saints Row it gets the point where he played enough to like it you know we're not going to torture you have unlimited health and unlimited ammo and that's really what the game is just so much fun it doesn't matter every fucking thing they're like they look like they have any time I see that car driving up again no matter what I'm fighting I will stop and I will talk at the park I know I can shoot the car easier with her in it then once you get what you get out it's mad at what activity in Saints right away you have to keep a convo up and you have a rocket launcher you just shoot stuff that's on the picket fences of the ultimate life but I still play the third one but I will at some point and the second one had a bunch of coffee but when I try to get together and it was like we lost it completely around the other way sitting on the porch at 2:30 you will have to pick a car up on sleep we would also like to get together and if I was available live music book it I'll just get like Gavin and whomever Michaels Halo help me get it in for the night I'll get to see but I think we try to get it to where you had to play Survival levels for now on 60 Minutes each time you run and then you completed that says when everyone like someone died after 5 minutes 58 minutes in Spanish live at the end I went home and I joined and I was playing I finished up the mail and you 4 times but didn't make it on the fucking helicopter still in love with me I was looking at anyone since I last played it came out like a crossover event takes place it really stings on demand the what is the shelf life of the game then three and then it's gone interesting probably totally depends on the game Halo Halo Reach right now I'm looking it up right now let me look at this Dan to the monastery appointment what are you doing final game on tonight yeah I'm thinking something but I don't know how but I missed it I started playing it and I play Halo 3 is only available pre-owned leopard the turnover rate for can I say something I'm ready for you come so now I just want anyone deja vu billion what we should go back boy it was and I mean it you had no year of the rating system where you get 5 stars on your player rating up still on The View anymore but you can still what you want to be messed with it again you can order for players to listen to avoid players out of every player waiting and if this is why people write it down right like 60% on 14/2 yeah yeah yeah team killer though or someone who looked just terrible go to the kind of normal because you have fucked up and you better say yes terrible Apple cover Apple terrible. Crazy crazy people I played it for like maybe 2 days and then I was like I don't like it would be really well Gus what kind of transfers after that I don't remember did you really I really do pies to remember right now I'm still embarrassed about it whatever it was something other than that no when is it when we invented grateful I like a genie to my team team scores him sorry I put some scratch and in the end the month and the month before it for a week and then later that week wide open complete country named it because I got banned and then like a witch hiding in a cage somewhere fun what Griffin likely play that game with bungee likelihood someone from Bunch St everybody do the evolution of the crippled quite like the ones with the white line in the future and actually the whole shift gaming moments where I just been so excited by Gavin Griffin was one of them and another time I'm really excited about playing was when you and I used to play Super Mario Bros on the day and I've never had such an intense game 2.5 rounds he would like. Full performance dive underwater switch to shut up Donuts only the Shelf anyway dark before live and we would rather Xbox November to come to my house and we wouldn't even play multiplayer on blood Boy Wonder at my house so don't ever try to catch the flag in the last four games would go on forever and not a bad way if you like what you like murder Xbox Live the intent to catch the fly game Halo 1 it never never been there because it's your first right it's like Everlast flies Republican black women for work two hours later max level how long did we fight to win level live stream we did pick you up a couple times why still available to watch the whole time I just kept that room plan is different than playing Halo 2 and Halo 3 you play 5200 games of Halo to the flight 4504 what time I wouldn't know about 10 minutes 750 hours divided by 2431 games you play for a month like a star let me even / waking hours 18 hours a day 41 days of your life straight so proud of myself I could have done it for 2 days I know but that's how I know you guys so well that's how we got like because of his full-time job full-time 40 hours a week playing Halo 2 you played your full time job for 19 weeks is 5 months job everyday in clinic in almost a year basically those cabbages there something on the back bring it over all playing game just like a distributed computing things at the game time for the computer to process a lot of people I meet new people what I'm it seems I'm wondering like what if I'm supposed to. Let me know I would love to know how many times I think about it even know sometimes like out of the blue is really flying back from Canada airport Dan Cody great all that you met someone that you see them again in English and to do with the booze cruise where you take the ferry of its products to get rid of cheap I don't know I'll bring it back today slideshow for their wedding and they're going through photos and it was her at Disney World with her family and then her fiancé said why do you have the picture of me and my family and it turns out that he was in the background with his family of this Photograph when they were very very honest and he was Florida that is just the timing of that is down to the second like if they don't walk by like 5 seconds before that I want to happen the probability of the parking meter on the same day in the park and get down to the same angle the one man in the same period of time it's really pretty but I knew I was coming to America we were talking about the Halo 3 ODST live action commercial don't remember it without becoming the next minute he's walking up to me what I do her name Austin Texas America and you're back in of London London from eating this day some kind of level of connection that we don't really know but that was like in my life action Riddim songs on the radio it was and he was to me hear the word used all the time like I remember noticing that would like something for everyone I need to become aware of it then you suddenly see it everywhere very common words by probability that you never heard you've never herding contact you never heard anyone say that everybody knows but you probably never seen abetastic at Second Wind tonight when you get off free fun I mean it we're on vacation and it was only half an hour or something major happened that we talked about this before you make that Apple switch to Intel entirely that everyone's talking about which apparently I get two nights ago it was a massive storm that power outages and everything no I didn't hear it it was loud really understand your star at 1 in the morning I thought you're going to say this and laugh at me it was a Morgellons convention in Austin Morgellons scraping thing right fibers is the people who are normally alone with her isolated find other people like them so yeah and there's this thing called Morgellons switch we talked about it a few times trying to figure out what I think they just released a study we're not a physical condition but it's people who believe that have something living under their skin something for it and they it produces fibers would come out of your skin and it drives like even like small tiny bugs but there's an undercurrent of the alien because people have had their anniversary is not an element ever seen her but if you all suffering from some collective thing and they had to mention that amazes me about humans in general help like you could think of the weirdest condition or weirdest thing and there's always going to be tons of people who have been thinking about how weird it didn't know that they had like stinky feet Wi-Fi calling de day marks on them where they extracted these things this is more like it in the Flies we treat him like physical health issues different than mentally confused you're more like standoffish like you let's not talk about it but the thing you know that people are suffering from some collective mental thing you should all know hopefully find help each other crazy or anything is the cover of everyone don't think you could let alien stuff have you seen the Prometheus trailer yeah pretty awesome people talking about it and it was super excited about it and I did not want to get dragged into Year all trailer different obannon Dan obannon from The Band of Brothers Dan Dan obannon it so he did and he never wrote the story she was in the country Dan obannon 92090 it because he was on the country but the trailer was really incredible actually very low-budget movie in the seventies that is a huge influence dark primer Deja is probably my favorite Denzel Washington won is the Book of Eli Book of Eli what did you think of it for the book I mean action action drama I don't know Mad Max to be tight but the top one and it's very Mad Max reflexes to say yes but then for the Eli Book of Eli 10 years probably would be what kind of story Apple original casting for Matrix was not Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus the original casting was Will Smith as Mayo had hit send it down to do wild west of Summer I don't know what else I can I can I can see Will Smith and I don't know Valentines it was the comedy stuff like what was supposed to do. walking it really hit me up terrifying what age it really I never bought it because this TG anime zombie type things like whether St humans that freaked me out book Japanese God bless them you know what year was looking everywhere Jackie referenced in the movie I forget it was it was dumb some spy movie where he was like one of the guys from the government sitting on the table you like the field was impossible but it's only said like I don't think that's the case here but um how's the weather is Sean Connery turned down the role of the architect and II hope that whatever at least I can understand that you're talking about the architect cat is really important test of the wrong person I mean completely changes the movie and a lot of times movies get into production based on who's attached to it like you have somebody to text so you go for whoever you can get just to get the movie Green Lantern moving on it and then another project at some point falls apart in the end somebody and sometimes that works out in your favor did you guys see the grey de Liam Neeson movie The Grey is it taken probably bad action but originally the the producer said that the screening the person originally cast in the role for me in the grave with Bradley Cooper that she was on the project with him he's the dude from The Hangover Gus pull up United to Cuba when teachers don't know it was in the first dance Wedding Crashers alien movie with it the really fast frame rate so it just completely freaked me out of the way things have to be really careful taking the tell yourself you don't like that that's not going to happen because all the major filmmakers are moving towards higher frame is just how many times of refreshing you can have the same frame 5 x it looks fine but that doesn't make much difference in between other frames like everything because to go the other way and just make it seem responsive when you doing between friends. There's a reason to let me know so you can have it so it's like literally doing nothing and I moved right there Dan to tell you I have to Cable in and I couldn't get far enough away from the Scout like leaving family you know I don't know anything about this because you were talking about Prometheus I listen to the Steve Jobs biography when we have talked about it and you know it day max 1984 commercial it was directed by Ridley Scott but I didn't know what it was another commercial that they did the following year in 1985 I was thinking it was directed by Tony Scott Ridley Scott Cy Lakes book some of the Galaxy going to happen today all commercial from that year like I really put it in perspective for commercial all time there's a company does business is difficult to get a lot of moving Parts like herding cats and they did the cat herding that's a good one that was a commercial I have an issue in Ikea at night in London and they Unleashed 300 cat into an Ikea and we just go and where they went commercial can you put the old one outside and it's raining and dark and it's like looking up at the new lamp in it music at the studio in pies at doing tiny pies at flies that was a long shoot for Deja Live Throwing flies have you ever done like a really long Dan long days like my love it was a Bacardi commercial it was six days and each day was at least like $50 um I don't remember that we're still in your house we bought a couch for your room because we worked on the couch what was that was that was like 12:15 on Friday night about 2 a.m. I woke up at 4 and on Sunday at 6:01 day in my life. I just woke up that's crazy that one week and one weekend when tired in my life what I figured out NFL meme look up instrumental Ikea momento Apple trailer the basket I read somewhere of weird facts about The Big Lebowski that in the original draft of the script that the dude can live by himself when he gets all of his income because he inherited his dad was the guy who invented the Rubik's Cube so he threw his money and I was just like Sanders many guys tell me that they didn't get it 7 minutes into the tape and live action American surrogates Travis Tritt take live Eli Cat Day Walking Dead because no Gavin Barbara with me alimony watch The Walking Dead the only to have everything is it was employed by the show but I did like was watching a TV show with a lot of fun but that's what I mean however long it takes pies acronym a black and white guy or the black guy in the white take some time I would love to see the whole thing Jefferson momento cut the right way like it would at least on the DVD was anything like everything favorite watching Pulp Fiction but you're not really if you don't like it I love it I don't know I had it acceptable for multiplayer stuff what for me to be sure and can we please find you think you would have no multivitamin I wouldn't know if she has an x no exceptions ever maybe Left 4 Dead what I guess maybe I don't know all of it was asking because I star Allston how much of a gamer are you Barbara you play the game Skyrim how do you yeah yeah I mean I wouldn't say that I'm a gamer wouldn't classify myself as that but I probably more than the average female? What about computer what are you doing YouTube Magical Warrior is that you have to like to cure vampirism you have to find this guy who didn't give you a potion but once you're like a full vampire he'll try to kill you every time you go up to it 72 gallon because they won't kill you no matter what cuz they're like you're broke so you have to go down there and find something in their blood but did you betray the people cure vampirism for 4 days of my real life how does sucking blood make you not events book sun damage your health is quick what is the problem when you couldn't you can mess up Achievements not to play the game again you have to have the same time facial reactions to whatever just come like did you tell someone that you can that you mean you have to play it again and make of America be ready right I'm going to take that Gavin when he and I talked on Skype he used to look up really really dirty words that I wouldn't know what does a giggling like an idiot Rupert my phone so what what what Dan Mass Effect 3 another thing that they do which drives me a little nuts is it has been in almost every single one of my games there's literally Dan treatment for Speed the game twice which okay come on we do it isn't it beat the game twice or beat the game with an important character yes I did mad cuz I didn't to 4 times this guy for the first two of them you always play as female Shepard and you know what you want to my cloud services and the biggest proponent of cloud services I lost my fucking game record as a result so I don't know I have no idea what you mean you lost your game My Little memory stick I have no idea we have no idea where I'm going but I'm playing with the iconic don't identify with that character the iconic Shepherd you didn't know I used to know I didn't use it for my first U playthrough it was you customize different ones are used pretty much the same thing just a different switch it to me like I'm the guy his voice like his voice that would come out of that phase is a female Shepard in Mass Effect 2 when I did too much Hunter walkthrough is to make it look like she had to hold him down a little bit character creative what township would look like yet did you see the default characters at the head I had about 10 to 20 different people message me saying is this modeled after you really should change that if you can so that you can have a version of the cover that has female Shepard on the cover of Milford okay now we actually use her and they have been put they put it out there okay it was just like she was an afterthought one that you would like something to is there anything the person that I know so many choices in three that have been impacted by one to let you go back to work but now it's just like to do that can you save everyone in the end okay so here's my deal too as well with this switch would concern me which is if you're going to do those hooks you don't they should do next time the treatment because you're locked in record like I got a shipment for saving everybody was suicide mission Mass Effect 2 I hope you're not feeling as bad as I did that but I just play through that I got the perfect run and then I'll be back and played another run-through to get like this so that was my second run think of something to have the same characters that are dead now in Mass Effect to run through that I'm doing now I know I save them I didn't like that but somehow I played the best place to watch saved Everyone by complete I guess I'm very lucky person 4 it because I thought it was 9 people knows more than definitely the best sense of management dive ever had another game like I felt like I was in charge of that ship I felt like whatever and I was like top of any game you can play the game but you were the head of the major scale it all in all the stuff you never to get some charges like people who disrespect you is the main guy that you like people like me to meet you who's the talking to you like you're an Earth Mother David James guy intro part yeah I mean I get it from dark Avengers you criticize the way I play once because whenever I pick up The Big Wedding what can I do with used it and really liked it was like a big thing I played like you in one place for them and I'd like to to how to use my record it was like the best time to see it because I use it on what you need to do but I'm OK all weapon uses for you to receive your rocket launchers all weekend I kept pushing you to the next guy you see the ride with a rocket launcher to be at the gym that you would kill everything in the room what I can do man I don't have to because I'm going to have to have it in you it's like you get the target locator All Pro trailer what direction great it is it is much more fun that way I don't know sometimes like I play with my friend and he will hold like crazy and then when you to wait till you mess with your playing and you get to a room a light over the room with short boots 4100 the biggest guns on the smooth enemies it is a compilation of Music ridiculously overpowered weapons on the smallest Skyrim not to bring it up Pawtucket is love potions around search like if I open that door and then turn around and use on a rabbit pies telling them don't do something in Mass Effect 3 that drives me a little nuts and is not it seems like animation that you play that use the personal at school but in time even though I don't want to see me the one that remembers the Red Dead Redemption Eugene animal blood spots on the screen. St to indicate we can get the car thing the Hitman games to play that you can kill people you can change into the clothes Apple animation while you've been down here sometime you can stay if you like everything in the car and catch up with the car stand in front of it and then walking games for Unity animation sequence for the realism like the snow if you like hit the buttons on a trip to realistic nobody wants that enough it seems like somebody wants to call in Grand Theft Auto the ultimate game Skyrim of my day you had to have fucking food you have to buy watch Boutique on 120th you could really make is likely to combine the same as a Grand Theft Auto real world simulator where you have to abide by the traffic goes on first on the left and get some steaks but you end up like in The Sims working out cut the eighties aerobic video free time you finish the mission in Mass Effect 3 and there's a lot of mission every time you go back to the same war room be going back to the same halo projector to have a phone conversation which Part Max like it, she get information all over it soon as you're done with that yet to walk across the room when you walk into an empty room it's fucking empty there's nothing Halo conference table know what is over the counter when you walk through that room and then you want to at checkpoint when your body gets scanned like his will scan it was back and forth and there's no motherfucking soldiers that have a conversation every time you walk in there you must be seventy eighty times I have missed you. I think straight about that stuff you have to save the Galaxy by star if they have to I really enjoyed it yeah they have that and there's a really cool down Dan the planet Dan on the solar system map and that's how you find things and it was rich for anyone 1 spot in the NFL Arizona trying to be like covering you think it's a good choice. jackpot 20 elements to get me excited I'm getting really a man it takes combined into one game that the game started in a planet from outside the planet and it's something you have to drive around the planet started on the planet your truck and you drove on the planet pick it up it says on the map to where I'm going is it across that mountain range but I can get across the mountain region to go around it this way and you know that Drive-In to drive across the body drive across the planet then you see the entire planet from orbit now you're just like all the way out by the sun just hit your little skin record it is the planet show me a very cool video Dan if you seen it it's a stimulation of it had Rings like action it would look like from different points on the line but then for the Northeast 10 millimeters thick what is my big to do Nordic light with multimeter directions to me a little bit what do you put in the multiples of that that's so much space Dan obannon parallel to the rings on a different eventually laundry on and on and on Pleasant Run if we had money I'd let you is junk up in space from like space programs like right now we have been in the military minor adjustment can make a very stable of it that we actually want to change of decades but you can very easily like not usually but you can put it up and over the one of the closet in every direction like we can never have a Dan Patrick waiter flies in your rings in a row or for the reason why were arguing about how you feel about how the International Space Station is going to just pull out of old it soon I just know we have something up their program soyuz rocket that they have here that delivers people that's pretty much what does the old school rocket huge rocket in their cat on top fucking what year the head of a narrow essentially those people and those things are super reliable pickup truck Gus Space Program anymore wait for a guy to jump out of space station and two three and to the earth 2000 person without showing creepy stories what really speed away from is like I'm falling Eli pounds is a miles per hour I'm just now heading in the atmosphere and then he hit it people Mania nuclear reactor in his backyard wake me up at of small nuclear material that was in Smoke Alarm anyway using it to build a nuclear reactor Boy Scout kitchen what is the material didn't smoke alarms inside this is what I'm going to do with my life I'm going to make a nuclear reactor that what you were doing cat stuff in the kitchen cooking up some guy all tables New York State University cat covered in sores Mad Max movie referenced earlier but you were saying you judge people when they play the video game the video game that I judge you mostly play his fourth to what you've beat it and you know how to beat all the rooms watching someone else play Portal 2 you're like a rockstar switch cars with you is it I would hate for someone who has played the game to watch me play I'm always that's why I wish the same thing speech it was in every game because when I play Halo times I noticed it tonight so I can save my playthrough of every month so can I stay the whole run just find it interesting in like 3 years to watch How I play the level for the first time like they were the wrong way but I've gone to play portal to evaluate the intention but I don't know I haven't been as attentive as I wasn't able to I think that's the best game I've ever played just like when you go into all that your son and your welcome and I was playing on my big screen with head with flex surround sound headphones like it sound like I was looking at everything live action Halo 3 that was never shown or obviously meant something like that there's no mention of it or look into it and it's like the whole thing was very well so I don't like that people are complaining about it and I don't know I'm probably 85% of the way through the game and all I can say is everything so far has been fantastic of management is it the last one I can see why people complain about how it ended I don't know I don't know maybe they can change a complaint about the max and I can't even give me what you don't know all I'm saying is so far I think it's fucking great star game in a Trilogy I think it's fantastic worry about it when when we were first talking about it before you say that you like it they changed it looks different because I've heard mostly good people website what is a thing isn't that what you're fighting the human Reaper I don't even know what that meant so I don't know what I mean all the human is the combined knowledge Vu human Collective to build a human what are the book about the humans absorb the mines will be kind of input Discovery human weather report of you seem to be based on something else right just the Reapers that that's what I assumed the form of other species like to live forever spider Sovereign Harbinger looking Reapers but they are the most important building a human and the first years of war and it's like you put that General what's-his-name it like your underground yourself Obamas have the way to get channels on the train if I can trailer anybody could transition. You better right what what are you talking about all the Rupert going to space Earth and it was like that was also is like 300 which are not at all the beginning at 3 understand from my perspective why they want to let time pass but they didn't do a good enough job Bridging the Gap between 2 and 3 I thought I know there's the deal but there's still too much of a gap between their arrival in the beginning likewise Shepherd and why do I not have them in jail all your life around in your room I thought in Max it one or two they said that when the Reapers attack is that they show up and they shut all domestic relation and that's why they're so efficient that they have these things out there like the relays in the Citadel that are like kill everyone what year was it Mass Effect 2 we humans blow up a relay and I destroy the batarian system like what the entire systems like taking people out I mean we better job in the Reapers weather report from showing up to measure exactly right exactly all things for the way they are you know what does Neverland clear motivation and reproduce why do they go away what's the motivation of getting into that in 30901 the most advanced with Intel even come back again why do they do that what's the advantage I'm on my way would like kind of pull hoes like that as opposed to sometimes you will like everything you've done like you do a lot of stuff and it was a dream and that's more annoying to me than like dent in the story you might like it if you watch that hold of lost and then they just said all that stuff was a dream wasn't real Porsche it was relevant to one character especially is taking place but it was it had to be very careful just like Dallas ruin that stuff about like your dream and if they're not real but they don't count you know you have is happening soon what time is to write a story then it's a part of the story they usually just under two seasons of TV right now that one of the people watching the breakfast to eat boiled egg what I like about ordering food in this country is the choices for everything I want how would you like it cooked what do what you want what you want on the side is like Star Commuter that was that way it was two ladies in a random place and you showed up for lunch and whatever make sure that that's what you is fine with me I like food yeah and like customizable menu like build it you always lying shopping is like it's quicker for me to say that it's just quicker to do it I will come pick you up it will destroy you Christmas dark make an origami Christmas together you don't give me something for Christmas break in but whatever crispy why would you want to be like you don't want to like I want chicken and I want you to fucking make it because you were de molecule that mystery going on some kind of good at all just let me know something Dan orange juice Looking Glass switch what was like a diluted Orange dark momento cat milk smells weird morning to everyone here like I can never it if someone over to me I can never tell if they are Canadian or American but I kind of can't know everyone who's ever stuck in your head Mario Super Mario St Mary oh I don't know like a northern thing or just stupid thing and possibly for the first time today and it wasn't the guy who found her and he said he talked to do and I am and I am a video labradorite Stella do you like customize aircraft Holiday Inn well done steak get out that's what happened well done nowhere is about to be ruined you're taking full responsibility for your mistakes blood dripping at the cat and then drink the blood David a Mercury Zephyr we stopped at 27 days got ready for nothing live of an animal cell vu like off the beaten path Syfy movies vampire movie with the whole world and as a result they were running a few minutes what happened is like vampires and everybody everybody in the whole world was vampires and it and now they were out of human blood and so is Crisis for them and they were trying to come up with synthetic possibilities is human blood of humans or vampires English what is the main guy on Twilight Shane and Rick talk about Twilight or something so you can rent a abandoned shopping mall for the Ultimate Zombie experience where prepare yourself for the three most horrifying things language reading shopping center what time you go in Joseph and arm by the police special zombie bashing unit Vu anime full unfolding Undead Apocalypse at is going down and reading it in England right it read it once but will have to try to fix and then there's a bunch of actors and at the moment you walk around with guns and shoot them so I'm thinking we should take a Trailer Load trailer and 119 pounds 119 pounds of 119 question answers chocolate coconut Airsoft weapons I guess that means I'm going to have goggles on I wonder how they get around that could have been an outbreak in a construction site contractor testing we definitely to wrap up I'm glad I came back to the all the shut up yeah we would never Scott Bacon Restaurant in the restaurant in LA