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Recorded: 2012-03-28 22:57:56

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Lindsay Jones, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

an X Pierce election the dishwasher and being told fuck off call correctly who is Samantha in trail thank you very much for the in trail my bad Ollie to say hello to this person or you didn't always stand up please Ollie hello my name is Burnie Burns on my left I have the NFL Jack pattillo I am Gavin and Lindsay have a very very special edition of the podcast today because in San Francisco California I'll come on that was it this is the time the kind of time together and like a newfound respect for me because I'm getting a new found respect for someone can coordinate stuff is really hard hate everything Howard Stern to do with sunglasses on sale trash would that be more offensive to you because you're not from Europe you don't see your second tell you something no American has ever affected me say what you want to hear from you but I'm from Europe to like Mainland Europe this year because it is different Island but it's on the continent of Europe so you have a Hawaii do you say I am from Hawaii do they say I'm going to go over to the State or the other night come to Hawaii and ask things like do I need my passport but they don't show up in Hawaii popular vacation spot they ask a lot of questions like what language piece of the map yesterday like it was from The Sixteen hundreds or something where California was drawn as a center Island California's like a sliver on the side of America that's not attached I guess they thought it was not the same piece of land the respect for people who can coordinate things I have a ton of respect for people who can make maps before we had our first measure it and then have a scale search Rejoice words to use how do we know that the earth looks that way how do we know the earth looks how do we know that the map right like someone could have come up with that right 20% so you have no idea what it looks like taken as given to me looks different what would be the purpose of fooling everyone into thinking you guys are really funny Lucky Strike of the Earth a sphere is actually like if you were to take the Earth and shrink it down to the size but I actually other than that it's like Mariana Trench in Miles d in sandwich the relevant conversation there by himself one do racing Richard Branson's doing it no I thought you know it was really d an occupation very deep trench on Earth what would prevent if it was in the middle of say Utah what would prevent people from exploring then why would it take so long as this to date and what would happen if you went to do you would. But when I do Solace where they just feel like Quantum of what's funny about that the British person say how do you say it's regal James Bond double O7 Quantum of Solace movie comes out for the biggest thing the light and the way I was D license to Kill Like a Star lyrics Dalton and I think that was the one that threw up and it was him he was doing it more than one line is Howie woodchuck someone until Bob coming in for a while and then walk away and go shopping Latvia in the room that's like exactly the story about one of Timothy Dolan's movie copy broccoli the producer guy right he won't come to the stern broccoli the making of 2 million hundred an interesting how much people made United decades ago like to know how much John Cleese made for to tell if the first season one episode seven thousand Pounds for the season for the 2010 to 14 depending I think he's 7000 are you aware that car lot in most of them I mean like I did nothing translate and then ran for the Houston Oilers James Earl Campbell and that guy was like a bull when he was running I mean hanging off of him the records for like 20 years when I was at school is probably 15 years later maybe twenty years later she couldn't walk out on the field they had to bring him out in a golf cart and he doesn't even know he's been through his body has been through so much you know he didn't go out to the field in a golf cart and get out and wave it everybody's awesome sausages called Earl Campbell hot links in the airport Earl Campbell what are the rules for college athletes in America and I think they could change a lot of that lately can't get paid to play the sport but anywhere they should let people do as they should let the athletes go through four years of Eligibility play their Sport and then get their scholarship afterwards so that they can go to school after their athletic professional sports they're trying to encourage him to take more basic classes like ever your government and your economics and what not to you're trying to implement something like that I feel like this will work out the time when I was going to see any time you going to class with a football player or basketball player in to do that class because we're literally the entire starting lineup for the basketball team walked in and sat down and was like I think I saw the first class and then test it was it was one of the easiest class play University what is the weather you have the university the University of Austin Texas right University grade school and high school is primary school and secondary school and then you can do some Secondary School from 7 to 12:12 not 7 to 11 712 College 12 at 6:40 at 12:13 when you take your owls and then you where the ceiling you say that you're not sure yourself one time Gavin an iPhone out to check on the internet I don't know too much chaos in my life that's the problem video nobody but you anything you will find many people have much bigger issues there I mention how it's done early I still have mine I went to a recording of America's Got Talent in Austin funny Jessica Stern fan and it was really really cool to see how it's done and actually letting them know that he's going places I'm sorry I was like how can someone search famous come sleep in their east of stuff and he replied something already Ricky Gervais tweet I almost did I did I really just pointless but like I thought I sensed a few times that replies from Piers Morgan Ricky Gervais is Mario I'm a big fan of Ricky Gervais side I downloaded oldies radio shows from before he was famous that's like $91 worth of really funny stuff between him and Steve much and talk with them before they got in the office and I asked him if he had listened to them people send me links to them and respect are you working tonight things are really big section in the woods where we had two high-speed cameras on a track that could move the camera like 10 meat to the second so that the cameras can be honest right I never would like running through the woods exploding is really cool and I really like the green screen at the end waterfall waterfall productions for the internet which are just like pick up and just do what the hell kind of what happened to the to the God damn computer power to set up probably always tell me what time with the post last week you said that cost 11 you answer the phone when you call me meat man came out and I love her women don't have right that's it I don't know that you can spoil Mad Men really not really like that you know it's not like just like major twist Breaking Bad where she learned certain things right now not R Us what time they were going back to location an interview Bryan Cranston in his hair the next day to get ready to play Walter White again play of the other day with some with Bob Odenkirk it was funny like Bob Odenkirk was a famous comedian on the Stern Show Bob and David and he's been a whole bunch of other stuff was on Arrested Development for a while and like the questions were about breaking bad really like you doing Ricky what's it like working with Don about it the I have to admit I was never very much and miss you show me I know what of people who really like it a lot over the top a lot but I don't like all of their stuff they are you a full Tenacious D fan of you heard everything before I pick of destiny the past no I don't know I like you the greatest tribute Dave Grohl as the devil yes I think that's actually things like Tenacious D the movie was awesome Play movie Spider-Man next day in any way that they do they can have one every now and then he was there too and he was dressed up as Spider-Man biography Burnie you more than anything for love American TV recently so I've been living with that every time every time I come here maybe you'd like the last five years he's never had table except we just moved in now we could table American TV is R do predictive everything's over there show that's what time does the Texas when have you had a Storage Wars Burnie yeah I think it's terrible like I saw you do it storage unit to expire that it paid a bill for 3 months and I just like the people on the show reality reality show people like those are some of the worst people ever cheap flight for month I don't my stuff up and sold to some loud hope you're I just think it's crap that they like your storage unit how does a vision your future here that Gavin would write and direct work like 28 Days Later the guy wakes up from a coma and all the stuff that you didn't told your extra Golf Club new Christmas tree but congrats on to play I mean really if you have stuff that's valuable they just don't have the room for rent is driving with your storage unit Portsmouth Payne 4 storage unit I have some stuff that's going to be available in a in a long time that I just have to hold on to you but I don't have the room for it I have a Damian Hirst is the artist who has the record for the most expensive item I think he's he made us go out Platinum then put diamonds all over it just the hell of it he'll to put shock in formaldehyde and I had to shut Damian the richest autistic anything right now what happens if you run the Ferrari into a school bus full of children and then his reputation is turned in that the Ferrari post office side with Ferrari what was he at the second list I need to spend it really fast and it's just paint on it just right now it looks cool but I doubt it but there was like tens of thousands give me your heart give him a lot of credit I think there is an implied authenticity to Authority my friends and I believe this for years and you an American accent doesn't things to say with a British accent I like her she seems r super badass bowling alleys like high-class almost like gold Quest bowling alley Gervais Wars humans vs. zombies Nerf battle Ollie Dalton an RT Group which will also put in the window they had 220 people so if you're listening from Australia they're selling tickets you want to buy one before they sell out to those web sites RT Roo teeth Dakota hose in Lindsay in silver you should come down to see me which was 3000 years old movie about a restaurant like the old place is Belgium a really good smelling Ollie in English have you ever been over to him I've never been to Amsterdam nice and yes I know you're surprised the best American college Lindsay Europe Max Payne Movie Max Payne the main thing I don't like about when I get to do stuff based on a book or a game looks like there's nothing like them anywhere Croft Tomb Raider the storyline was nothing any Prince of Persia had a prince jump on stuff and whatever yeah I'm excited by Max Payne 3 coming out this year 3 level of knowledge of Max Payne if they did a slow-motion scene with the game Rich storyline and I had to make a movie or something right I mean that was part of the original story to make a legend like someone in present like you're Jack then got to drink it as be super if it would be fantastic if we could write that up yet or even like a television series that be fantastic East Temple would be one season the Grand Theft Auto things like those games are still I can't imagine movie being much better it wasn't Howard Super Mario Brothers cinematic game into an actual Cinema experience like I don't consider the Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider game to be that overly cinematic cinematic effect the Pokemon movie I think I was 3 months if you play Pokemon red or blue the Pokemon look different like a live-action animated series DVD trailer for Live Action Pokemon like would you like one the cat Pokemon Pokemon's are there now like as far as actual titles all of them play Hearts like I've no idea what Red Gold Cary in order yellow I stopped of yellow roses Hirst 3 carbon and The Dredd but you know we shut it in an abandoned Shopping Center in London in 77 to the drugs and doing 801 color liquid spray white spray Black Flag Metallica one liner like explain something for to 3 minutes to know what other people are unhappy about the ending in a bunch people don't care about the ending like a bunch of like things going on I have Mass Effect 2 Brotherhood revelations in the way that was the most awesome everything side of the story is you can talk about it I can't even 30 minutes and apparently play pretty much I think I have $1,000 you can have to talk to the woman an you see a collectible interpreter when you study for one you may have already gotten over you should be able to I want to tell him I'm going to like them or they appear you can buy in game 100 Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed 2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassins Creed Revelations Brotherhood and Revelations R Trilogy for Red vs Blue we went back to number 2 makes me think we're planning a trilogy oh but I can I mean I know what you the trilogy to an end storage movie on to a totally new character in the third it was by Desmond who has ancestors Jack just because you talk about it so finally I had good memories but you were like you've got a play in Italy during the Renaissance I want to say and I got in some kind of mob boss fights with a bunch of people and I was like really the beginning of the game that was like instantly do you like walking the jump and find the boots and I'll ask for your help so that we can in Skyrim driving cuz I don't like it too much when I watched Moneyball again play in the background while ironing an iron in a hotel I hate you I just crawled I want to talk about a very cool video that she went under just made I didn't you see anybody it's cool Mario with a 0 Albert Max Ricky spoilers all that stuff cleared out everything and I think it's great we also we're going back in time and talk yesterday 3 has been in development for two and a half years already which would have put it like this one I'm super we never really seen a video game right now History Channel World War II never see if they have any Assassin's Creed Pirates somebody put on the other day they would love to see Rockstar do for a pirate game with a good for Western game with Red Dead Redemption that would be pretty Howard pretty sweet like in Assassin's Creed 2 at one point you like theirs and it's kind of like different locations marked on the map and it's like we're like were assassins war and there's a lot of his stuff like Japan's and there and like I think I was in the Caribbeans in the world look like one of those weird things so you're saying like you will jump in and be awesome to see if they were open Suzie came out everything that you want to do in real life but you can't because of physical limitations and morality bye Felicia climbing buildings jumping and running away show me on a horse and Kristen Bell Block video where she show signs of laudable Max Shepard somebody told me that this weekend when I was in Los Angeles and somebody told me that a big problem for sloth mortality as you for them in a tree and it's so slow and lazy that when they go to move that they're holding onto a branch with one hand and let go with their other hand and they move so slowly they think their own arms the branch and they grab the selection the population by throwing themselves out to Clinton Wild Wild Kingdom you look about you let's play with Mario have you heard of the study Earl play co-op Super Mario Bros side scroller like the really old ones Bros Mario not marry oh all right I'll take that are brothers every one of them so any one time you can have a poster on the to D to do level absolutely insane show stop making fun of the straight down on everybody you have orange and blue this is crazy in play this I realize how terrible he is in video the good you could do that thing where you just keep going 3 or 2 and then she's coming out of it Jeffrey to the other one it was just an idea unicorn what does the creepiest thing ever Doom let's play Red Dead multiplayer because I need to get rid of multiple you can if I really tense like you're constantly look out for like someone in the crowd could be that curious about the more quietly the most points against poison watch people in his office who play games all day do I have to be capturing all Time Left 4 Dead Halo you know let me know of the things I look up to play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer to be there for me now you can play for free makes sense in that world isn't play multiplayer and I don't know that I will because I don't think of Mass Effect multiplayer constantly to know whenever in the campaign you can do stuff with the NPCs conduit will never welcome Ollie play can you play Max Payne to get someone else's to slow down time and see you when you get Jack 2012 L do I have to go back into Family Dollar human play Mass Effect again and play it on and stand to be with I'm not looking forward to it on your phone just because I want to experience the story A&P Bob do the Mass Effect 3 ending wasn't spoiled for me so I plan on normal and I Blaze do that in about a week it was like 35 hours and I did it and we can easy to get there in a few minutes and I'll go back to difficult I mean I don't like it when difficulty doesn't affect achievements things women like Skyrim on the hardest difficulty. it was you got a shipment in his lower points for beating the game an easy then mid-level for being a normal and then in Ohio for being hard and it's sending but it didn't catch game the hardest difficulty level 3 didn't unlock Towers I can get different stuff schedule FaceTime complete randomization do the assassination mini games in Saints Row remind you of Hitman not at all they just drive up and shoot someone The Hitman was so complex you could drop the kids off somewhere probably in the quietest makes someone happy the name of the movie that Disney film white Wilderness when is it from snopes.com during the filming of the 1958 Disney nature documentary white Wilderness the film crew in do Lemmings into jumping off a cliff and into the sea in order to document their supposedly suicidal Behavior this is true to do it with the program where they lied about nature of science fiction just like power button this was maybe an established fact at the time that this was another thing where Lemmings were thought to run up bills for population control and run off cliffs and of the Disney crew to set it up so they would do that I don't know things then to the actual width really difficult as well and most are not terribly Cooperative mini need your shows and films of the year including Disney's True Life Adventures movies and TVs Wild Kingdom staged of education for their audiences the site of a few Lemmings mistaking a lake or ocean for a stream and drowning after swimming out too far or being pushed over a cliff during the French address of migration has become the basis of a widespread belief that Lemmings commit suicide on Max winning numbers grow too large so they were just trying to hurry but that's what they started things like you didn't like learning strategy Oregon Trail you've got a very of sacrifice play the blogs and stuff and everything and I just feel trapped are you serious what is dysentery Delta the name of the ones that are rested for my family I love you guys R push onward until everyone died that was what I can get more money to start a farm or what you like the most and try to survive Oregon Trail 500 pounds I need to see my family Oregon Trail teeth an actual Oregon Trail Pennsylvania house and it was just an education school but everyone just really like the game Latvia to shoot Buffalo and bears oh yeah rabbits and stuff like that I don't think maybe the English Channel the game on computer computer computer 35 year old and it's pretty funny story from when he was like 17 or 18 by 35 points I don't think so I think it cold everything but mathematics I think I don't know I'm just thinking if you did that stuff was that thing that you did and 700 going to get a hundred and I get like it when people act like my friend's father just felt like taking the bar exam and passed didn't study at all well what the hell you talking about his TV by the way MCS is part of the program cool when you were flown out there by the W Hotel shower head I'm trying to take a shower things more time trying to clean myself up with this freaking terrible shower head and I would it was a normal pressure and then you I wouldn't complain to the of the front that's right I was like um yeah it's pretty lame and she's like oh yeah that's what it sounds like shower door and knock me down I want Power in my house and we're renovating the house they're all done moving into a nice special that's a good point you're finished the old the old house and the part of the renovation we actually have to get that the toilet shower what we don't know about it in the bathroom the existing shower head Knights Lincoln Park Monster High look at a new apartment or do they bust you out there test the water pressure at first because water pressure 1 over things you can never fix yeah there's nothing you can do about it you want excellent water pressure nothing you could ever do about it who works in a power shower pump and spray it out but it's not how it looks like I can come down the pipe out of your head full speed how do you show your house that creates water pressure yesterday power shower shower if you have a shower without a pump it is good side dishes YouTube there's a switch in the like the air until the East Wicked on it the power shower stop the pump remember you told me where is the switch to turn on the shower comes out I mean is that just coming down the power shower things if that's what you do if you got crappy will pressure it's only makes sense to me that your mind because water pressure to be do you use too much water the limiting the amount of gallons per flush toilet how many gallons of water used per flush because everything William the bloody toilet until the power is gone the low-flow toilets what are they called and it was a black market for selling old houses toilets they were not know if you have depression your power shower Gavin Moore power shower yeah that's the greatest thing that I don't know about this age for power shower I know he did things but physical thing looks like it's just have a shower shower everyday my life in the shower okay I don't know why people power shower head taking a shower with like a crappy shower I'm leaving the hotel this things like that someone like you're going home shower the whole an aquarium turn on the shower is currently buying and Howard do you like what do they spray your butt or leg whatever Bros TV show Cops in trouble things like Towers what's the water level of what we thought do you have hot water heater do you have to have a heart-to-heart with your shower things called on the pump can we run the pipes up so that were using gravity than to create more water pressure smart thinking right thinking show anything things the attic I would love having an attic what schools the best BLT which part of Asheville to in the world and it was very good of you to stuff a burger how much is 75 year black one the guy I work for the UK because the cameras he his name is John Hatfield right and he wanted to personalize it to cause with us my son was like he wanted because they don't have said he wanted one had an NJ to had money applied for J-1 had that they thought it was the judge Solace waterline Drafthouse is open house in North Austin North Austin by Lakeline Mall the car ride going for dinner 15 minutes traffic is it south of downtown to like North Hollywood and you're looking like an hour and a half drive from New York City James things that I can count this one sitting like a metroplex yeah that would be it but also Mandel like there's a weight and water so you just drive along those meat rtoz beautiful it raining the whole fucking time I got there and it was great weekend in Austin Neptune's Net which is like this place where people on motorcycles go to Seafood in Sabattus Malibu you know I'm proud of us we didn't talk about any deaths or accidents how many days off Thursday night play. What do you think is going on right now well today and I finally found them invoices 8 hours after you leave this office and all weekend getting fucked in a bank account and I think I could have that in a week the apartment I've been sick twice in my whole working life I've never had a single thing that would definitely work use while using machine of 6 using for mental health days to be happy person and they say you know I haven't taken a vacation I'm still holding on you know what yeah I know you know what time things but you were going to stuff the Contraband do you cook a steak on a piece of marble a number that was already taken of meat that you want cook a steak in it cooking steak and then eat it too to have like meat and in your mouth of how I would like it I really really really I just an erection with blood Portugal in Latvia things to put in a drink no Fawlty massive reconstruction after renovation reconstruction and when we showed up at the hotel we should have it by 3 p.m. the power was off in the middle of the day we were on the 8th floor so no power no lights no in stairwell with flashlight white bat echolocation side down the hallway to get to level 5 and it looked on the whole entire wing of that all of the floor of the hotel was gutted their cement and like these weird like construction things it was completely dark at hotel it looks like a map from Left 4 Dead in the dark by the window with the only life the shower and go to the gym like I was walking out the door in the power came back on I want to buy a single person elevated and preschool one person you just want to meet up somewhere I can see meat in my legs was one case that I just had never thought of my head it would like some cookies stupid dumb move but then when the elevator freight elevator somewhere in that building so I can take items back freight elevator things that really really doesn't like older than I am and I feel really bad like them get me drinks and stuff like that it's like drinks the Cameron bacon Gavin to work at a grocery store waitrose in grocery store the UK where they told you don't because you had to end the conversation in the same way you can say have a nice day is there anything I mean that I hate when people do that of grocery but the big thing was don't say have a nice day because it sounds like when people hangout one thing and I'm not sure exactly where this time to get some money right now I can find it I'm not on no more on having a home d boy People app The Isle anyway the bacon was okay I wish I was home I was kind of unimpressed with bacon fried chicken things are just there to open a restaurant called bacon I would only have bacon and what they have they have burgers and sandwiches and whatever with bacon on it which is like ok but to me a restaurant called bacon should only have bacon or at least a lot more bacon Doterra place an order the bacon Bros in my mind thinking that they were going to be little Albert I don't know I never read the first item on the menu there's no point right now I never ordered this item the hell D was pretty the contest will be your specialty like he was pretty well right now it looks like don't go and try to feel like the good education at Whataburger what my life goal is to go to water burger eat a burger by myself and say man what a burger go to the Nile and stand in it and be like I'm in denial and then leave that smile be happy 599 Barbara goes makes horrible page an event like if I want to do announcing football do you get started in that like what process leads do I actually wanted was to feel like someone probably let me like who does your penis during football games and I get away from there you an ounce to Pax panel which one is pretty good what can I get from one country into the neck that I have heard you want to fight craft Barbara show me thinking because it's been in to Martin and he has this thing where he talks about going to an employee and I have one to do this I'm standing right behind you and then of the people pulling is a very fantastic R Us Lindsay used to work at Torchy's Tacos to try to repress those memories really really to provide The Hideout right I never work do you do I don't know if I would tell him that his food an actual the fridge the color is it called never before this started the post got a face for radio Gavin Earl video of him taking off his with your headphones and in my head Gavin friendly RTX tickets on Sunday don't forget we're going to be following weekend which is 68 and we have a panel Friday at 1 o'clock in the Main Theatre and our booth number 160 and I'm here but we have to talk about getting ready for PAX East which should tell you that we're going to have announcements specifically related to Red vs. blue season 10 and a very cool reveal related to do re me hopefully you can attend their Pax panel we going right after mr. Gabe and Tycho on Friday Friday afternoon so if you think you should come on Friday and shower panel and don't forget that rtoz to the Australian an event known as RT over do it Jack is going to live stream from everyone who did you guys are you side quest is an event that happens during RTX it happened at the Oscars of the commission so it doesn't interfere with the actual event there's five different events I believe one is sold out but you could go to the side quest group on our website to find out more and we will be sure to provide Quest group I think that if something horrible happens. I just thought I would mention that we had a big head your beard in trance to have a bigger head the hat like that I don't I don't know I should but I can't talk too much about something and I had to go to put a I thought you were going to say that you went to LA just to pick out a hat I have to go over baseball cap I have to order it from online Head Soccer side hairstyles in the page that everybody had in the last page why don't you just cut them off what they have when it's really tight take me to buy Power have to increase the pressure in your head and he will keep it online and I guess more on top the internet the entire juice