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Rooster Teeth is back home from Comic Con 09

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Recorded: 2009-07-29 23:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey






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92823 that's like the Train theme song Sold to the house Pandora bar little boy estimated that one couple weeks ago drunk tank theme songs use me do we have Pace in Pensacola through Steve podcast parentheses in parentheses although it is like 7 a.m. so nobody's confused it was actually his building the office at 10 p.m. it 100 when we were coming in for the landing in Austin the turbulence was probably the worst turbulence I felt on the landing in Austin at least for sure because there's so much heat radiating up from the ground every single day and you're not in the long-term airport were driving out with the driving out of the parking lot cuz it's so big for like 5 minutes it seems like and we see a guy with poor guy and he's like you know totally bald and he's like Karen Ellis Haven luggage and you just sweating it a hundred and five degree heat I was like man that guy's head is good be like raspberry color by the time he gets back to his car he loved her he was heavily dressed he's dead now from a car where the temperature in the car that a hundred eleven degrees and you know the people in Seattle and I've been hearing lots of them there as well what do you think Siri is heated people in Seattle 85 and it's not fun unless you believe that in Houston or Mississippi or Louisiana or Alabama you don't know what humidity in Puerto Rico for a while and I forgot there was 82 degrees but it felt like 10 times hotter than the temperature in the humidity was actually a hundred percent but you would think you can I love you 30 minute meeting yesterday we planned out the topics for the drug test play the drunk together one time when you were stationed in the Persian Gulf after the Gulf War and you said that it would be like a hundred and forty degrees during the day gets the hottest 156° 150 done yeah that's fucked up within the chicken or the egg we could be like 120-130 1:40 what is a condition which is air conditioned and I would come in and I was wearing because the Army was cheap when I was in and they give you one or wait there certain kinds of clothes you get winter weight and summer weight and they give us all when the wait to go to quickly also had to wake up in the whole thing so I would come in and he said he closed and just sweating because even at night it's like a hundred and twenty-five degrees and I would walk into the barracks and I would be freezing I shaking it was like 26 degrees and I walked over there was like yeah it's wrong I would come back to you know just north of Austin and for about 2 months after I got back all of the skin on my hands would peel off in layers over and over you would have some kind of a disease because I can't like hit the humidity in my skin shit was fucking disgusting that's probably because same level of discomfort in a hotel at the convention center but really even like when we were in the sun like in full sun in San Diego that was cooler than in the shade in Austin by far no doubt no doubt the biggest convention we had an actual good Pizzeria here in Austin yet how do you manage to stay so fit pretzel places hard to pass in the San Diego beaches you should make up your diet call the pizza guy and you can only eat food you can walk to every time you eat In N Out burger and then one time you brought back like a steak sandwich it was literally destroyed pieces of bread it was New York strip steak 2 Chainz the bread it was awesome you're welcome by the way it was like butter sauce I don't know if you have a blue cardboard disc Pizza they sell inside the convention center we would appreciate that which is nice for me because I'm looking for a 200 300 no nothing I mean those permits are Health regulations or something involved with selling people food I guess they want to make more money on their $8 turkey sandwiches I know I wouldn't want to be out of pocket this was the 40th anniversary of time by the way and also for the first 35 years of Comic Con also missed that people were selling bootleg copies of every movie and every TV show ever that's really changed it up right next to the hot dog stand is well over there like a dog and a $8 copy of Wolverine you know I'm going to have the satanic signs up everywhere saying you are being watched you are being videotaped prosecuted for fucking you're fucking stolen shows it seems like what I see now is really bad I see people buying stuff the convention then reselling it at their booth for a mark up being sold by Entertainment Earth 417 bucks floor that's that's well worth it we never introduced ourselves they probably know who the fuck you talking well you should know this you know me who are you and Gus nice which hot chickadee this week I'll be Marina orlova that's good I'll just be Geoff Matt I want to hold me now persona non de plume way calling radio handle handle the description of what the crowd is like he said people like old people daughter-in-law just wondering and they stop every four feet to look at something or to take a freaking picture of the worst of course but stopping is terrible it might put my pet peeve is when they're walking at a good clip at a good speed then all the sudden they do a 90-degree turn without any warning they do that smashing into the White House it's like how can you not get right into it it's like a hundred and fifty thousand people in here don't you get right into and roughed up by someone Burnie if we both don't rush Geoff I'm Geoff they're called the elites which are the security service there again and they're a bunch of fucking pricks and they were supporting someone through the crowd movie whoever he was escorting like I treat them like patting me on the forearm the short guide to Gus sorry about that buddy and it was Danny DeVito I never sold he was something to do with the hamburger deciding that I had on the floor was it was the end of the down by the video games which were kind of cordoned off the back wall this time we have the far left and that part of the hall was deadly for traffic I know what it was but when you got down he just became like you were shoulder-to-shoulder like Mardi Gras or a mosh pit and it was impossible to navigate down there and um yeah anyway and then I stopped dead and I'm sitting like what is going on with cameras over head pointing down on the floor sitting dead still smashed in between those two or three minutes which was an eternity then they finally start moving and I think okay well least I'll get to see who this celebrity is he not we can get something out of this it was Gene Simmons Matt Smith autograph yeah totally I want to know what love is playing in the background wax people I don't know what it is it's just like he's not how could he Gene Simmons and Neal Haggard a sword swallower of them giving us a hard time about traffic which makes no sense whatsoever we have the first one that hurts you receive the end of that hallway and it was just an argument I'm signing which featured a move without trying to move in the autograph area don't do it especially when you can walk over to like the Mattel booth and there's like human dominoes in a big circle going around the entire boots like fucking 12 rows deep when was traffic I mean showing me red vs blue animated peace on our monitors about once every 15 minutes no 15 minutes Oakwood build up for everything build up to watch it and it would last four minutes and then you need to turn off your mom because the Crowds Are Not dispersing and lucasfilm or Warner and told them to turn their monitors off because people are watching Star Wars the Old Republic trailer on the big screen Comic-Con how much longer can they call it come a time when I went to a party it is not at all like every year well every year there's like 15% less comic related stuff and places that sell comic books I'm supposed to like the video game section three times the size it was when we first started going there Star Wars video games man it was impossible to get through that thing you know I'm really jealous that you got to see big celebrities like the video and I think the only celebrity I was over at the house anymore pretty funny I kind of doubt for a second and the funniest thing we were sitting at the bar in the hotel where she and looking forward to meet up so we kind of went down there just to see if you're the person that she was and she was and her friend advisor drinks is even hotter by the way but she has like at the bar and he must have been like 400 pounds at the bar pounding drinks for built over and over the popcorn Festival there's three label lot of lean do to you and you guys will get to see Megan Fox or Jennifer Love Hewitt they were both called out so I thought Olivia Munn pictures and we got back was she was like in every comic on a pro pre It costume ever made you change clothes like every 4 minutes as well as celebrity interviews I think I stared at route to Hansen's but for about 10 minutes did you pretend to talk to somebody on text on your phone they just took a photo of you for the rest of us charitable acceptable thing to do in that situation would be rude if you didn't I just pretended like I was retarded the sun is Scarlett Johansson's but you're not going to be noticed your wallet and watches all day long like see Sam Rockwell who was just the cool dude I just like cool dude wandering around yeah he was like before getting drinks and stuff like that on my phone I don't know if I want to be reporting on the comings and goings of these guys but I didn't want everybody to think it's 10 minutes or whatever I don't think so and then she did she marry that guy Ryan Reynolds and he's going to be great for me absolute tattoo okay Seattle in the Sun no no that was like I didn't Matt you can let her out of your sight he's gotta probably going to make a great example which college has its butt and I didn't see Ryan Reynolds anywhere and I wouldn't he's dreamy did you think you could do that from a promotional okay I have this right in Reno let's go out dancing and help promote it you don't go I've got the Scarlett Johansson movie he's a really wish I could get she will be back next year from Iron Man 3 True or whatever movie pretty funny how to say Show 2 weeks ago promoting it I was just getting interchangeable I don't know if David isn't it you know I don't know but it seems like Almost Human he didn't end up doing that how we came to meet Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld no spring chicken that looks like a long list of writing credits movie that was like so abysmal it was just paying next month so that's why he makes fun of that I think really super nice guy and we artists and just super chill and laid back confused like paintings of like Michael Jackson on roller skates dancing in the Disco with Skeletor on dropping the stuff at the office 445 different prices in the price is different Churchill I look at you but I'm going to play this I'll probably post the whole thing or an edited version of this but that's part of the point where great reunion at Comic-Con on a personal level where Matt and I met Vic who is our friend Victor who is the inspiration for the character Vic in Red vs Blue when the last time you've seen that in a long time and it probably like that anymore Burnie can I delete other from early days and work on production we worked on a bunch of commercials and short films and movies together and send your bullet thing and some other stuff and and then Rick and I pulled a Switcheroo on Burnie where Burnie and I were living together in Austin and I needed to go out to LA for a while to work on a movie and Vic when to come back to Austin for some reason so we're just like hey let's just trade places you can have my apartment I'll have yours and so I wouldn't know I guess I wasn't thinking about it I just moved into this place and you know like in Venice Beach California and Burnie doesn't know bit and then when they get there knock on the door and the guy says hey dude I'm back and that was it and then they were living together and I was like 6 months or something Olympic move back but didn't tell me he doesn't one day just move back to LA and then me and Vic and Joel to all living together in this tiny one-bedroom apartment in Venice Beach California I thought it was it was it was sexy is Leonard Nimoy and Brent Spiner signing autographs together try to play this but this is a recording on my iPhone and I thought it would be fun to have the guy who inspired the character Victory declined so destructive that he didn't actually read the actual answer is trying to give orders and trying to get hold of Jonathan hide something dirty business blasted itself that was one of the crazy thing about it is he said he's got a crazy career he went on to teach video game development in his students knew about Red vs Blue and he said it's come up more than once they're asking if they could do a paper or talk about it you know any classes reference to something they were working on and you know he said he was aware of it this whole time I never knew it was never knew it was a character named Vic that was inspired by him and he was actually on The Wizard of Oz one day so we're going to see Mark funny guy you don't we were talking about people who are not coming today and like this and then we had a very hard to move your way up in the Comic-Con ranks to where you can get a bigger booty or a better place but it's very very hard possible comic based vendors their shrinking every year I had to leave because I didn't why I asked him I said a couple of people the group I said do you guys is your resentment among people from the comics industry that this thing is growing Beyond Comics and it was absolutely everybody else like I said it's not that it's not the subtext it's the texting thing that's called, it's movies and pop culture and culture in general but there's like a Comic version of almost everything in the lot of stuff doesn't come out you know like every like major franchises like Star Wars and have to take up so much of the floor now like the comic is like an ancillary product that's just a side thing it's almost like an incubator 40 Lakewood project should go to the film and video game next time next time the origin of the word I'm sure I was when I was at the at the Iron Man boots but they had to suit up for just such an awesome birthday surprises so great and they got the four seats and a couple younger kids you know maybe like 8 to 10 year old Range Rover looking at him and I thought you know these kids probably never saw the first movie you're looking for and II might have no idea whatsoever there was ever a comic book that is the way of coming out even the ones that you said like an incubator for a big movie you know it's like the public mindset about it like it this is the movie it's not a comic book franchise anymore to movie franchise there might be other things at 16 years old and had like no blue kind of ghostly figure on it and they're like wow I can't wait for the Avatar The Last Airbender movie Decatur Police 61 Titanic did you watch the missing the short yet don't know I haven't put that into the very end. You told me that story I thought was so funny we dropped that it's very subtle but the very end of the thing is like Joel says like what you want to see if Comic-Con this year as the Avatar looks pretty cool and yeah The Last Airbender also a lot of misunderstanding crowd because there's a high percentage of people who Miss understand almost everything they read people come to the booth and say what do you think about Comic Con ending in 2012 Shinedown the beat that says I can hold back on after 2012 we walk down there it was a poster for them that said only three Comic Cons left enjoy it while you can and people too Eugene Comic-Con whatever side on that and be like no you should be worried too stupid for this understand the rationale behind that think they're going to end in 2000 does take everything for face value she will see stuff on the internet like I've got to be true something I liked about the end of the world 2012 that's like really important thing here is the Comic Cons in humans only weather digital which is the visual effects house and whether the course is famous for making Lord of the Rings movies and is partially owned by Peter Jackson that it's a separate entity and a kind of fruit that by when Peter Jackson took District 9 to them to do the visual effects he said you're not big enough budget working on a car right now so they had to go somewhere else to get them crazy crazy I'm looking for CNET window which one was it the way I did some viral campaign for Adidas that just had a crazy and also we just like something about a computer or some kind of taking over something so it's it is pretty cool and like his perspective with technology and mixes old and grungy and 30 kinda looking stuff with you know this super technology like the alien stuff and District 9 it's like they did some really exciting stuff they're sure to find it and put it in there yes that's everything and you can tell what's going on and yeah I remember commercial a clip around on us to them it would cut out the tail or if you know a Citron car makes a wish I could text people have Megan Fox do everything says about the Halo movie he'd still like to do it if he could but then he's kind of saying negative things about the whole Halo movie experience now going to promote District 9 he says he says things like well it's not his original movie and we don't have any region original movie is supposed to just knock offs and you know like the Halo movie which would have been just another video game movie release and it's like okay is Halo game / whatever it was Halo Chronicles I think it was called that was episodic Halo game ever 2 release on Xbox that shows no I just well Jackson's Camp says it's cancelled and that says it'll probably take another new property. the fair, in general although you can pick apart anything to say that this is just this came from something else you were talking about District 9 is basically Alien Nation unidrive for is a sequel to that which is a blessing from the guy who remade King Kong and look in the forties was around I was a kid Iron Man Hulk and all the DC characters Star Wars the only new big franchise out there are video games looks very wise but a lot of rounds fired part 4 story seems really cool like that it's like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse humans are all gone then after the 4th of October to do their job and tries to kill them and kills three of The Four Horsemen and only one left is war and have to fight in heaven and hell yeah that was fun really fun and I think that's one of the most depressing things about the film industry today the writers and directors should be blamed just as much as the Studio's everything seems to be making a 1970 TV show that was never taken with a lot of flooding was based on 70 shows these days straight Enoch in Land of the Lost Tommy's going to be more original yeah sure funny people I wish that was 17 minutes long I really don't like the better version yeah that was terrible that was terrible terrible terribleness basically but it really just wore you down there really is almost like to act like they didn't didn't didn't think it was just a joke so we're making this accurate thing and it's really making me want to see the trailer for making you want to see the trailer Christopher Walken cookie cutout of Christopher Walken story that I told but you left in me finishing the story just so you can have your Christopher Walken Segway for whatever reason just well that's because stupid kid who thought kamikazes and something that even Tycho are amazing they're animals we watch them in that booth sign for eight hours a day now we do that the more of us who will sit there and sign so we can take breaks and liked it a little different monotonously to clear out and stuff but man this year's Comic Con experience Far and Away better than any of our previous absolutely best position for the fans are the best another one of those giant everything the conversation that was a challenge coin from everybody seriously that that like Ukrainian girl who was driving the back of a pedicab fantastically talented Rickshaw essentially and if you don't know what it is, and it's ending in 2012 and I don't know who you are they tell the story about I think you know the less you know we sold a bunch of different products t-shirts and DVDs and stuff over the years but just recently had this crippled figure made that we didn't make it McFarlane Toys made and they didn't awesome job but is very very cool to see something that you're associated with have an action figure come out there and work on it really well and the people will bring them around from Entertainment Earth they were selling them and we were autographing them Geoff was doing voice text and I left to go get some food or something and I walked in there the kid leaned up against the wall and he had a grifball action figure out he was looking at it like really intently and liked it a little bit like I was thinking Okay Google action figures that but he was like fall to your knees go fucking awesome sounds like that is the best compliment ever for anything we've ever done that I could that I can think of is making love to the how excited I was to get to know the best black Oola Star Wars figure or whatever it was that was into it you know but then it's like you had that intensity for a man it's like it was so cool to hear somebody else with that intensity for something we worked on it really is very cool Gus there's a lot of nice restaurants right by the convention center there at Comic-Con that are always empty 24 hours a day you really just so you know kids are looking for you know the less expensive food so I can spend more money on merchandise at the exhibit hall and God bless him for that we're going to eat at Nobu the other day because it's a famous restaurant that Howard Stern for go to a lot in their files and Howard Stern Show and I've always wanted to come check it out and another had won San Diego so we went there at 12:15 in the afternoon on Saturday and we will look at the menu and we don't like seafood so we decided we looked inside and there were people in the crowd is Nobu the one with the chef guys on Iron Chef out of the TV show that just made a movie or a comic book out of iron my clothes probably Gus and I got to see a private showing affection and that is what that was supposed to go to but we were setting up to the public viewing and we watch people play super super super cool but we did get the play which was also controls to all the people that I really apologize official inch and cam 3D and sorry I forgot they were there we shot a short in San Diego was the first time we shot a short outside of Austin so it was a big Challenge and those three guys were there and they just did a phenomenal job and they were super helpful to run the ball and just jumped right in and did way way beyond the call and I appreciate the help so you guys are here at the controller. trash out of them on the last day with the 28-inch Pizza Hut quantity if we should post a photo if you have one play some pizza place and they had a 28-inch like right on the water your pictures if you guys are eating at table 10 star commit to our table with cameras take pictures of the pizza and also it took an hour to cook roast there like a wonderful experience stereo in the room and the speakers just all the sudden 5 miles an hour for the In-N-Out parking lot and all the sudden a shotgun went off the whole fucking Lincoln Navigator rear end of truck it was crazy like a chest great great rebooted the car the rental car company will not run nothing we did you know that experience with the rental car company that Matt and I had in Seattle the different types of stolen Infinity right here right in Seattle's horrible all the rental car companies are in the parking garage so we walked right out the front door there's a blue Infinity sitting right there we get in then we drive away and we can have that security but I've never understood why they have that it seems like such a stupid double check now I know why because not only do we take the wrong car we took a car from another rental company orbis most bizarre part was when we had to give the car back and the representatives from to the two different car companies had to come and meet at the same time with this other security Personnel is like a Mexican standoff like we're all there races racist don't be the Bad and the Ugly day. Thank you anyway so the three different groups and they have to like to exchange Keys the same time the bad guy dies in the end more about Jesus not stop over there will you guys ended up in the top 5 Xbox Live games played across all retail games and everything that's a big milestone to be the first time that's happened at least every week and I've never seen an arcade game it's going to be rough for a while but they sold 600000 copies that came across Xbox Live arcade and PSN ID also like to point out I was watching the end of the Coral Sea contest when you get when you got 43 global warming Global kills and unlock the call saying that it's a PlayStation a full week longer than it took Xbox to get it every chance I get both the sales and the popularity of it now in the in the playlist that might end up being at the end of the year the most influential thing that happened this year I wouldn't have another cool thing I just read Ghostbusters just broke a million sales for the same problem I really disagree with why they're being so Brutal Legend as long as long as it was going to come up what's up what's up what's the equivalent in video game industry now for a hundred million dollar movie $30 gross you know know what you want to say that's a huge Call of Duty Call of Duty the biggest war in history there's absolutely nothing you say every 5 minutes dotodo real quick I'd like to see a bigger venue later than I'd like it to stay in San Diego but I don't think it is on which day or days or something that people in the whole at one time but once you walk out of the doors and you're into the San Diego Air flights prices appreciate how great it is when you're there for the few fleeting moments we are you know the Gaslamp district in the beach being right there get frustrated and stressed out from working all day then go shoot guns that's a thousand degrees though because it's a hundred thousand people and they sold out like 8 months early this year they get more than twice the amount of in their submissions than they can accommodate us so it would be in to see like how big, could get if it wasn't limited Left Behind paid in full for next year two days before the convention in this year Gus was the fourth person and it was there were people in line they just showed up at Comic-Con on the last day I really do believe that the stamp it was like it was the first year we don't know how you know it's kinda like to stir the pot a little time to give us your poop the Slate clean and where do you get auction off spaces that would be everything about Comic Con is 125000 people paying 140 bucks a day it's $100 and 100 $100 Tammy Hart million dollars a day Comic-Con International is a non-profit company you know if they auctioned off his face like that like you just said they're not going to do it would be terrible because it would push People Like Us only video games otherworldly Scotty's wouldn't be a Wendy's number I'm getting sick of zombies and zombies process for Comcast