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RT has a ruined childhood

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Recorded: 2012-04-04 22:37:27

Runtime: 02:08:19 (7699.65 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Monty Oum, Adam Baird, Eddy the RvB Writer




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Transcript (in progress):

drug Jack the drunk tank if the greatest show in History podcast sub-genre of the old-timey voice is like the middle finger Kentucky Gus Burnie Barbara and Monty today do you know the story but he stayed Daisy do you know the story behind why they chose Daisy for 2001 Houston of the store it was the first computer synthesized music ever played computer synthesized voice ever cat in 2001 when computer computer programmers in the universe computer think of the first time I don't believe so the crazy thing about 2001 is you watch it now and you kind of take a lot of stuff for granted when the movie 2001 came out computer the police didn't even exist like that analogy that did not exist but in the movie it 1 series with computer using a display that he got a lot of things correct writer satellites didn't even from the space satellite communication the movie but in the book it's to be a nuclear weapon 25 book 25 North the satellite which we still don't have with the theoretical beginning that was cut from the movie something about like that model it on the moon was it on the moon there's a lot the you will ads from the ATT campaign in the nineties which is like why do you do this and was like have you ever touch your baby in from a phone booth you will and it's pretty surprising how much stuff they got right like the guy on the beach with the tablet you don't have to say what it is like contact which is it did they say about that guy have you ever sent a fax from the beach and he said that he writes on a tablet and fax goes to email so that I know what you were talking about it last time but then somehow they keep surprising us in different ways but it's hard to imagine them going up for no reason really took off post World War II during the Cold War and Space Race 2001 1968 radon Burnie quickly changes changes computer a very big deal for like 15 years mobile devices Star Trek device that you have in your hand I mean you have a device that is a glass pane that you can interact with eye meaning talk to it create things your creative answer talk communicate with people you're not talking to the people you're talking to a computer Antonia last day of my life because I was like wow this is an actual phone actually do leave Blackberry you never go back there is a pretty big technology ninja movies Celanese Barbara Duncan Elvis you're going to pack that's all we've been to every member of the tennis club so are you you know I was talking to Brooke and she was like she was going to break her but now she's going to PAX East set alarm to make sure you have everything packed every the first 1000 people that the number you start with and from there we could be hellfish Simpsons been on the air in four different decades they have 506 episode 23 Season 22 episode 506 just have to 500 episode obviously at the end of the episode I watched the end of the episode that says will you get on the internet and complain about how old is episode was take a break and go outside I'm very lucky because we always like it's been too long with only their conflict or conflict with this past year did not renew for another season like the last for 25 years old 25 years characters in real life 2 cartoon because they do it so much for 25 years I can tell you I mean pretty good gig because two hours basically I mean they don't have Lions the cast of Friends they were making a million bucks in it was more like a 2.5 almost there responsible for just under four minutes a week yeah they can be responsible really for anything more than that for a million bucks Darwin hours with commercials like 4 minutes a week and I make a million bucks for coffee Adam Mass Effect 3 spoilercast which we should probably announce that at the end of work and at the end at the end my Windows 7 keeps give me that registration in a special Mass Effect 3 discussion we will you extensively before we start that discussion it will be probably in the last 30 minutes let me from the right perspective in Monty in a lot of ways he does choreography the kid in the characters beginning Eye Center writer and in so you find the Jack so I can use that like just a moment that people have series watch this over and over and over again I will just watch this and then I will just go into Halo mass and look around that's what I do and in that before it's pretty good look at the world bison prison of the Dead in relocated never look at a world where it doesn't of the revolution and rotation in such a way that it has 1 side the only thing about that in Avatar right that planet Pandora is a moon that orbits a gas giant is there ever a period every like Five Hundred Years War 2 just and darkness for another five hundred years were cat lick its orbit matches that they always behind that gas giants just gave of probability 10 million planets in our galaxy and it's crazy to think about how far away is from there every 30 people in the US a planet have a third row planet what tumblers and women want to do it when you show up you like what does it if this thing online where you can kind of pull back and forth where it goes to Michael smallest thing in existence to like the biggest thing that we know of in existence and it's absolutely right and Adams writer car thrown into will keep going up and up and up and up and it's like absolutely ridiculous we have our size relative to the sun and the other the trash can at school like the dumbest people in the world white final fight you if you don't believe it creatures in the entire universe there has to be another way of living creatures on Earth remind you Barbara dunkelman Eddy definitely a hundred percent hundred somewhere in the universe until it's proven empirically the universe is a big place and probabilities on that side but promise me if you like it is a possibility also those are the people who anger me call organic life is just you need to tell them that there could be other forms of life that we just can't recognize the same way that we do in because we have movies about aliens in it so we can form of ugly guy creature like B VI to the word aliens didn't mean you know that is completely and we just we wouldn't do do not recognize it you know and you're right maybe we just don't need it we don't even know it recognized something that's made of energy you know I mean if it doesn't have any ability to just for nanoseconds of the time we got the entire life span in such a way that the same way actually Bastille Canada Southwest party we have video of that writer for the world today cat videos you took the footage of 4202 mini cameras for they're not people they're somewhere and forgot about it we're just too busy trailer Monty going to be like hey you Bay Monty and I were talking about that yesterday we were talking about how I was yesterday it was your choice that podcast Burnie will talk last night I just have it on the bay free for the whole world for people on the Monty 36 Michael circadian rhythm restaurant Eddy Total Recall yeah it looks good yeah it was pretty cool we were talking about how he wants $200 to do an exercise other people Bay I hate hearing that they ruined my childhood sexy baby cuz you don't like cooking this trailer still cut off and remaking things like we really don't get much of that with you I have faith in you like me what was that thing will running out of nostalgia writer is that it's so hard to be with just me making stuff and then we make stuff people say is ruining my child you know whose childhood ruining by remaking stuff all the time children's childhood because they get new stuff children if you look at Power Rangers from 1999 compared to Power Rangers now why is it because there's some awesome about the original Power Rangers now what can I tell you what to do and you hadn't seen anything else yet like Power Rangers Canadian version of let you know what I was like the age where I was too old to watch Power Rangers in a watch that anyways and I decided to like it but I can look back and say I also didn't like it was just like forget a lot of things but like I like I was the biggest Ninja Turtles and what you know about that is 10 years old Turtles and everything turtles have and not even having that great action looking back on it and the turtles movies even worse everything codec I'm going to go crazy the cartoon that everyone associated with with the you know different colored headbands that identify the characters that's not Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles was dark and graphic but they all had red headband even the color coding of the headband is something they made for kid that you agreed to help Ninja Turtles became the ninja it was like will get hit in the eyes with that radioactive canister the back of a truck and rolls and makes the Ninja Turtles it's a weird thing is the connection between Daredevil and never heard that white and red Daredevil called the hand and that's why they have the foot Ninja Turtles spider weapon so much more give me Kendo sword they had a chance to try to make my own ninja turtle of the kid that total entry just like I told her I would take mosquitoes I'm bringing in the house total people care about I am looking but I'm not going to talk with the in the just talking out of my ass and I downloaded purpose of the internet to deliver this document called the Anarchist Cookbook just told you how to make smoke bombs and really very stupidly 13 download terrible idea one step and it was boiling gasoline on the stove in a pot boiling gas b or 13 or 12 or somebody has two more like that a crippled myself entirely I'm sure how but I made it down with a just punch eye redness in a lot and I'd somehow I'm laying it day I pop the gas cap off the gas tank and I got showered and Ashley I'm covered head-to-toe gasoline what do I do I can't and a company that is a dangerous situation that you're like how do I pick my bike up when I'm covered in gas does a final destination Like You cover my buddy rainwater to it I thought I had missed it there's this one that's where the girl dies from getting laser eye surgery the laser just like shoot through her skin and she like falls out of window like I'm really book holders that hold it from a writing perspective how does that start do you think they sit down and try to come up with a list of debt that they come up with that I think that people are kind of naturally freaked out side like excavators Blazer eyes I saw the trailer of a guy getting eaten by escalator elevator Darwin Award winner I don't think so elevator and the elevator doors Jackson the singer and Ramsey as the elevator doors then backed up and rammed it again and that's of the Rings again go through it false Darwin Awards everything about the razzies did you hear that Jack and Jill 1 all Ted razzies this year she won the best actress and best actor vs in my house because she was pretty 908 casselino you can boil it and it won't explode until I get to an open flame because I'm stupid and I and I can open an electric range in my house have a gas range with a fire so we had to let you know turn your engine off when you fill up the gas you feel happy will you boil turkey for Thanksgiving while with writer janowitz yeah we did we didn't help you yeah yeah yeah we're getting a big Thanksgiving what's a good first week in November I think no it's not over you can celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving hand in you first time yeah what is Canadian independence day you have an interview Mexican Canada Independence happened what is a commemorate Eddy never gained independence Dr colonia colonia Colony that became a commonwealth Canada Day celebrate never changed between the French and the English the French a big component there you gotta be I got the correct in Michael series Barbara Canada actually from Canada and I hope that all the screaming girls next door I can hear you scream let's play next okay Canada day is Easter a holiday celebrating anniversary July 1st British North America 1867 the Constitution Act 1867 which United three British colonies into a single country called Canada okay pretty boring a red and white Barbara and Barbara is so happy right now series Verde has received a can of Tim Hortons coffee and you have no idea how important this is to Canadian coffee grounds and make your own Grand coffee I love Tim Hortons and I'm sure every Canadian listening will relate it's like our national pride the other than hockey Tim Tim what is it about July how many other countries have independent for celebrations like that in July Canada the United States has Bastille Day right which was like July 10th or so is there something about the summer months that invites people to Revolution ego just got day is it in the winter that something has on people and will be another night Exchange British sovereignty over the Eastern Seaboard of New Holland for honesty are The Summer's and revolution of a country you can cherry pick a date that will fall into the summer probably important document was signed you know and that's a big one but we could very well day did was the day that it's the end of the beginning for the past day but you probably didn't know about independence you walk in there like what the fuck Eddy the person party we should probably talk about that final is Friday at 1 p.m. in the main theater how about it but there's an important thing about a boost that is it is part of our anniversary we have total of 9 years old 1 years old cat surgery Barbara when you going eye 15 years old signed up on the website I was 23 I think I was just telling Barbara a couple times when I almost from her account lower age limit the time comic cat eyes the beta and some other stuff probably B so enjoy the party working on for months now we're going to hear on the on the front page and total you either Thursday or Friday what is it you almost got me sexy if you will see it with another 150 160 right next to mega64 was always set up their minds because you said shut up when people probably watch more than anything else like a you were talking a hundred times I have probably watch Seinfeld in total completion more than anything that I've watched anything never and I'm always amazed when I find a new episode I have never seen before and we talked and with apartment waitress with the female character in The Pilot it was totally different coffee shop Diner you look up look up all the countries declared independence in Portugal pain is my friend will you mention algae remover think about this cubism Cuba declared independence from what country what I don't know United States I guess we had Easter and power Cuba Cuba Cuba was the United States Territory I think I thought we were just popping up if he still like you know it was the style at the time Cuba Cuba Independence in 1992. Look at it right now in Independence from I did that deaf service it's a website where you can you pay them and then you listen you little bit into it and in the sequence of DNA and information about yourself 23andMe your ancestry comes from what diseases you are at risk for what diseases you're not at risk for and what kind of drug interaction you have with various Pharmaceutical Mexican the from the specifically from the berbers the for the carpet I thought I should do that cuz I actually like my parents are adopted so I don't really know where the female kind of sucks cuz you don't have a white you can't really for dude Express one becomes dominant deaf white cats are deaf weird deaf white cat deaf thought I'd white Ted deaf white cats are domestic cats with. Someone could suffer from tetanus caused by degeneration of the inner ear condition associated with white cats with blue irises do you know there's a lot of the cats that have the word heterochromia in the eyes 1 Eyes Green 1 eyes blue years on the blue side of deaf problem associated with blue white cats white blue-eyed cats are deaf white it is been far more on the blue-eyed side video repair not too long ago where they take on the kid in China I think he had cat eyes like white people kind no no I can see in the dark cat eyes reflective night vision you're right it's going to come from like China or India you probably 1:30 two different country if we have genetic mutation is coming either one of those countries cat you said the reflective I read the same story people are noting that he never showed up effect in a minute of it I like it a try to catch him in the headlights eyes blow this isn't the same thing but they never do and it was you could put them in the dark and then you look at a YouTube video it was on YouTube and there was a report about them in the dark barking navigation to the neighborhood dog cat doing stuff like eye with an animal trip what the fuck mini Cabrio video and I stopped because you probably don't want to be tripping because HTC herd mentality in action what is a buffalo no escaping from wolves and one of them is lagging a little bit and another Buffalo oh yeah yeah just trample that you're getting this guy just runs off in the what about being crazy yeah there's a lot of videos like actual like people not people I mean the animals like killing each other and really epic battle awesome looks like hyena eating another animal cat a little baby elephant no problem probably and I was in Africa I don't know I don't know about that nothing here and I don't know why I'm always afraid of wild cats like White Mountain Hotel you and your tires yet a picture of leopard Black Panther and a leopard and a panther just covered in spots you know that I could probably a package if so I would not rule that's a good one or individually I would not want to fight a Silverback Gorilla I wouldn't know Jesus March and it's got the same that I do not wait longer comic meeting and I'm not saying I can't I'm going to buy like maybe I could keep the animals I did one time I think I must have been like 11 I smack a dog cape for women sell my skateboard being mauled by a dog trying to find this animal for Barbara kind of products you're most feared land animal in a cage and put it by your desk cat like a sexy after Burnie Ted like a little scary to me like there are some pretty cool actually cool you can be getting stuck for a long time and not know it a gorilla you generally know if there and where it's coming from the tiger with cat will wake me you don't even know that would suck my dad a crazy dream of like what's the thing that you like if you have to with everything else in life you'll do this what is it what is your most irrational fear like you could happen to you I've learned not to discuss my fears I really thought this was your deal with my emotional fear the Halloween Sexy Tiger stats for the 53 schedule a calendar cats tiger twittly with the bowler with not panthro you didn't answer so I know and him I just didn't watch much Thundercats like to come in and I was wondering if I could come up with new stuff dammit or a live-action Thundercats clip for something they made it sound like a realistic Thundercats project that would be a big deal white people can do that but can project and I thought so cuz there's stuff I can't post some stuff I've worked on Barbara here but somebody posted I never did did you read The Far Side Gary Larson to far course did you know that movie animated hour long special for him The Far Side TV special Ted 1990 online you can watch The Far Side TV special what I never Bay are there penguins in the with with the when their Christmas 1 Far Side so computer and television my mind cats you have no idea I'm there with you who is From The Far Side 1994 September but still remember that yeah you probably 2200 comic strip side window comic and they were all fucking winners cartoon he never liked me never letting Kevin out to anybody t-shirts you could teach them all never liked the only books that I didn't, she actually made that was like a rag doll but then you can turn it inside out and it was like to live like that products that really smooth on one side with the doll in the trailer for Seth MacFarlane's movie Ted at the last 3 seconds of a hundred he had and he wished that his life what you look like coming between him and his lifelong friend you know it sounds funny but it could be like I can take care a little bit who played in a movie or something I don't know every three people are like that so I was just like I had nightmares about her house burning and me being on fire but that's totally gone now and I'm a little bit afraid of mutated human fingers under hand the Rabid kind of they're going to eat me kind of human that I'm really afraid of because that to me seems like it's possible in the future and what's your rational fear to talk to I guess I'm kind of afraid in general like end of the world stuff like a giant solar flare what the planet actually possible cataclysm universe trial for zombies come climb on the graves whenever you ready to scale of probability could happen daily to show up and tomorrow we're at War fighting aliens and the day after that well I guess it kind of like too much will they make a paralyzed writer starving but I get to come with me to the Future far the conversation show up and didn't recognize us as we need to do something to the world anyway how are you alive out there in general cuz it's not for myself I mean just your generation side what do they have going for them you know what it what is your kid what are you kid looking forward to and stuff and what kind of future are they going to have my kids looking forward to and I don't do anything years how is it possible Superman look like I would fucking everybody yesterday with my trial 25 like hand he do this please don't do that I didn't do it so it probably got it for other reasons but it was just released cat eyes a lot going on too but he's had one woman won't face charges after admitting she lied about her father raping her a 23 year old Washington woman who admitted she lied when she said her father writer won't be facing any charges can they get that you lied because you disappoint your father said it was guilt the finally told her to come forward to police admit that she lied that her father raped her as an 11 year old Thomas Edward Kennedy cut his father denied allegation in 2002 and has been in prison for 15 years 15 years just got a 15 year old daughter was mad at him White had the best year ever stuck with it she doesn't want to see a ghost she doesn't want to see a ghost because she doesn't believe in ghosts you crazy so your fear is that you'll go crazy you know how do I know my dog should wear pants just sexy male dogs you know dubbed movies Tim a girl know will we need to really love it we are also going to talk about Red vs. blue season 10 possibly release date badass stuff 1 Monty and crew have been working on is really really really and truly is right now but thing as busting a are awesome they are just taking as I did the previous but think of the last few months but now I can relax of it isn't due to me having a crew I know you're actually you're not and you're not at your desk like I actually get to do stuff like exercise and total I got good until you stop my day is going to be Harry Caray deaf Matt Gavin Michael Philip Campbell of rooster teeth are half of what it is currently you want to be related to the podcast will be a text about people can't get past it apparently this way because it's what this weekend then show up at 1 p.m. Burnie will we get the truck inspected so grateful that will program a major league closer basically it's awesome in the same place as last year 1 p.m. Friday early on Friday so if you want to get in a few showings the RvB stuff that's where we're going to show me if we are still going to come by once again Monty Barbara Gus and I are about to start a mass effect spoiler cat game will be listening to that so don't listen if you're not enjoying this and that will be someone associated with red vs blue as well one of the writers Eddy Rivas and he'll be joining us via Skype to talk about this when we will tell you before we won we having a sale on our store 10% off the clock until April 7th enter the code fail aversary will receive 10% off every spell you tons of new merchandise to choose from including the computer which is brand new and awesome Gavin is modeling it and it looks fantastic it was great and a half and also we're having a contest to of them that will be posted on our website today so we will see it maybe Wednesday day yesterday to check our page if you want to avoid spoilers so welcome to the trailer version or the spoiler edition of the vs podcasts player cat for their trailer cats play little and Joints is Adam hello summer in July from Houston Texas and he is also one of the new writer for RvB season 10 he helps out with some of the sings in the new season of talking about Mass Effect in if we're not correct so after of Mass Effect 3 you will finish it so we decided together and talk about it again with the franchise as a whole and try to talk to them of the situation so much I just want to be clear I am qualified to talk about Mass Effect I have a hundred percent the first mass effect Facebook a place in mass and I'm on my in Mass Effect you won't take as long as you think but you have to I'm pretty sure you can get the multiplayer you you can be pretty good that's a little hand Cannon assault rifle sniper rifle thing that just takes eyes out like nobody's just like what you got going on bro wave after wave it as long as you can survive your fine and you just keep you to myself at 10:20 depends on the exponential rashes that Canada protein right book yet green comic recall for the narrative life it's because I want your ending the Mass Effect Trilogy the main story you got a lot of stuff Bastille of the information 1 Cup 3 will we have no idea what it the gameplay book Adam Ted with a lot of it was hilarious total Edward Bastille Day like even beginning to the end now once you discover the Catalyst in with the old he kind of set you up for that Nomad dwelling little that was really important I mean it came up to harvested and you guys work for a very specific reason I didn't have Eddy the Moto G Mass Effect 2 like a year after it came out I didn't have time to play it when it first released and when I bought Mass Effect 2 I bought just you use coffee for like ten bucks at a game stop somewhere and when I signed online it was like you don't have access to half of this stuff but I ended up having to buy like a $15 Cerberus Network yes and that's where that's where he came from and then all would already be specifically is the daisy in Mass Effect 2 and I felt like I wasn't there with him in with the other characters can you be alive and Mass birthday Tim a with the option of like boobs or just a dude but no one's going to win kid plays Mass and are we at the end of it does this one have a soul yeah that's what Play Store Kelly's temp the first game well I guess I have to kill the Geth what you got did you guys lose the Korean side you decide to commit suicide she did we had with you Eddy the hole in the Torso writer for the Holograms Jill you did but it was the get that was Paul you really don't know the part that mean there is a part where you go what I can only call like the Matrix or something like that yeah yeah I am I am by the way that's exactly what system engineering create B physical Burnie weight when you you side with the gather with you side with the Korean when you say let the Geth die there's a moment where with Legion just kind of looked at you stunned I guess or lagging I just for computer robot term and then he just pick you up by your throat and put you up over the cliff we're like Kelly Adam no backstabs Legion and then Legion just like dice to work together I got what you like I guess there's a lot of trees that have gone through Mass Effect 1 and 2 to get to the point where you can have the option to have them peacefully Coexist on the beginning of always just kind of played the anti-gay option Romancing Tali so I felt like I couldn't after this game though I feel like I couldn't tell if it was it was the part in the virtual world where the koryan kind of screwed up yeah that's why I said really Mass art Royal Tech option to control the Reapers I know Adam and I chose that same option to choose the green option to control the Reapers know that was The Simpsons the green 1 artificial life in the the combination 1 race which is part artificial and park organic I have not experienced man when i a give me especially after combining after like getting the Geth and the quarians to work together it felt natural to say like I could seem like a precursor to like all of these things can coexist a similar place to the court together and I thought long and hard about choosing that option however I felt like after being motivated for so long that it was overwhelming drive to destroy the Reapers for a long time I did not even it and again it will to explain it is I thought I was a lot further in the game yesterday so I decided what 1 you know we talked about doing this point now is into the relatively close to the others but I had and just kind of watch all the stuff and then like when I go back do everything there are times when it's like I'm not playing this game for a week because those whatever level I'm stuck on is just terrible it on insane mode but so it becomes less enjoyable so I want to get the story first anyway so they changed how you see your quest or what you're after stuff is so apparently my first 18 hours was just doing like random of you don't get to make a choice between tuchanka and was like no I didn't really like the just Wars the Old Republic night so I was waiting until about 11 my time I have nowhere to go now I'm just being stubborn side to it and power the rest of the game and beat it this morning in a row sexy coffee and then come to work to do this podcast talented Miranda manual primary Romance Sonic friendship and in a kind of light hookup in the third game and I really like that and then I had stuck with that too I was like I'm going to romance Tali you did take your advice I love it what about you did you pay for your Burnie Yucca Valley did the review on Kelly space final and this game I guess you thought after she killed herself but in the third game after you romance her he leaves you of me a picture by your bedside to remember her I never saw you never heard that after I heard that commit suicide that you just have the picture next to your bed in your cabin that now you can go pick it up and look at it and it's like it's like I was incredibly disappointed by what is now you know I'm not quite a thousand 2001 all of mine but I'm like 9:50 it's like those last tenants that are like this I'm not going through it alone a thousand times you have to play with two characters in all the missions actually I think I just don't enjoy soldier in Vanguard Vanguard Soldier just start off like I did a kind of vanilla whatever to start off only ever played soldier I've never played another class through in single player even multiple times multiple characters they've all been told that several times on the soldier about it several times on Vanguard stride several times when just pure biotic but I don't like being so dependent on my skills I like having filed a charge and then having done everything else is irrelevant to the polls or whatever I didn't consider that it helps time she does give me some credit you fucker watch the book for me cat 3 as a game isn't ending a long and and Tycho from Penny Arcade describe it that way it's great description absolute the forever online I was thinking what are you everything is great pay off everything I've had in the Mass Effect franchise a series of and often that you get contacted by rex or right off the bat you start it starts off with the you know the genophage crisis not accurate accurate I've not met anyone who hasn't you did not cure the genophage another even though like those people have been foreboding to take over the universe just like the first game you know something you know that you can actually live you like a crazy series of events there I'm going to play this game Mass Effect 1 and then eyes in Mass Effect 3 you like I don't know if she died during the Cerberus infiltration and that one Mission or on the road like during the commission but she has to die Rex you have to have killed Rex and you don't tell anyone what you don't tell anybody about the genophage sabotage Eddy wait till the final moment and then you have to like Renegade like use the Renegade options on more than in that scene and then it'll convince him that it's worthless for him to go die for for the genophage Cure I was close to letting them leave them the whole eye the whole time it is explained what I heard was my Mass Effect 2 save take to dissolve for freaking out about stuff is that you know like I can movies like the best special effects of the ones that you don't see and I feel like there's so much of that going on in Mass Effect 3 the people aren't even realizing that they're missing like I think everyone probably just as soon as more than will Mordin have to die there's like all these crazy series of events you can do to make things happen it really is a fantastic for people who have played the game a borderline obsessive amount in Burnie space a very obsessive amount we all have very different experiences and we all have done very different things from that has different that's way different effect on who you talk to I try to perfectly Mass Effect 2 I had everyone survive the suicide mission on my first run but that's what you didn't care so you know it's like my first playthrough is the one that I'm just like I don't care at all if everything like Mass Effect 3 not a single person survive like everybody I just played through got it and then I did the insanity run and saved everybody and everything on my second playthrough all I want is I want the ending where Shepard beats the fuck out of the two people at the security checkpoint when you're heading to the cic cat the boardroom and then that's true check with over and over in the middle of the road point in the middle of a shift your daily except for this one room entry elevator last night when I was playing there is something in every game that is just seems like the Achilles heel that that's like that one thing that it would have been perfect Hedley you know ATT from 6 until I like 3 times but like after a while Reddit and beaten you before you heard like your general companions chatter or you just don't care anymore watching your character stand there and you can't open it you can't do anything if you open a mini with pauses like it was just I have to wait and it was terrible and then that game was beginning for every stinking Clan Emblem 2 but Adam played it like a year after launch by then it had been patched speed up its Danny L really play the game at launch before the patch it was much slower of the franchise the first version scale of in the first game was you've got in the tank and it drove over the place so you working the orbit of the planet in the planet to just like Ted in the solar system and hit the electric a cup cool and then you would scale 1 point on the play symbols you can always like just leave Mass Effect 3 was actually the quest management system it wouldn't tell you like you was going to plan it and you would get something but wouldn't tell you that you have no way to track like oh I finish this Quest I need to go back and talk to this person and that drove me crazy when I was skating and doing stuff like that in Mass Effect 3 StorQuest like if you have the item accomplished you should be up at the top of the list Bastille kind of what I need to keep looking for however you have to give them a lot of credit in a game of League with the Impractical even amount of choices that you miss stuff like a lot of the first mission to come with computer is that like a years the burn victims data writer chemical burns if you don't get it you can't go back to that mission but then after you miss it it becomes available in the Spectra computer that's great so there was never a moment I miss something I just blew this one several things I computer Mass Effect was Mass Effect 3 was some of the stuff that was important and it seems to be related deal see you again that we talked about the job which is that barbaric race that was important to start over Rover the shadow broker DLC arguably awesome DLC the shadow broker is a dog who's been taken down by you and Liara and and Liara becomes the shadow broker awesome ending to that unfortunately the Shadowbrook and he wasn't very long-term Ted of character more so even than the illusive man in the franchise just shut up and in the very first mass effect and easily was the illusive man even mentioned in Mass with no disrespect to the Mass Effect 1 I believe they were right it was kind of them as I can a side not really in a meeting I'm pretty sure they were and I can't remember right now the first pro easier than the first B eye you mean okay I think I know the one you final Adam and then but my brain could just be feeling right now the Moon made me realize that stuck with people because you were fighting a mission on the moon of Earth hand yeah it was cool to go to Lake Tahoe the nearest home run with endurance is Carrie Underwood bison Korean series thank you so with the shepherd with the recollection of it like they were talking about one of the lower species to survive for harvesting and in this cycle and you're talking about but I don't recall it being like that in my playthrough really think that you guys do it when you're going around the neck and I'm not relegated to DLT arguably an awesome DLC but it over your head like it was just an option for my day was not relevant and it was something to look at this stuff that seems like so pivotal towards the actual story like with the shadow broker DLC and with the prothean DLC and there's a lot of people that accuse them of what they just seeing this you know it's just because it's like this is that more of a credit to how awesome the DLC was or was it a detriment that it wasn't included as part of the story I think you can get the complete message I don't think so I think opinion should have just been in the retail game because it is so important and so ingrained in the game it wasn't like and I can't even remember and then and then I was pretty much it and you get a part of the game will you get in the heat it wasn't there was nothing there was no story there from afterward extra fun this is the word of God anytime like a main character gets put into DLC a Kind of Love yeah the victorians were up in in Mass Effect you know and then the Rival the material happens if you didn't play the arrival Eye Care you just totally lost when you start Mass Effect 3 Mass relay that killed of attorney destroy the mass relay that connects them to the rest of the Bible Ted pretty major Bastille a day without him still get that perspective just makes it way better Cat shows up in the ending I love you feel like a fool what is coming out of nowhere all of a sudden and it's frustrating for people but in the same since you have to have something fresh and new like you wanted you want to see something at the end that's new and I think the cattle is it in that sense of meaning of the right something worked well what does it work was when I thought things that don't really have a fucking ass and character in in Justin Simpsons Kai-Lan Kai-Lan like I was eye what is it in and not being the project that Paul of Shepherd and that the project was not supposed to fail and I might be getting my characters mixed up but I'm pretty sure that Eddy consumed Eva yeah right you became but I feel like that character Ted seem to invest so much in that you know this is this is the new Shepard so to speak you know this Shepherd won't fail this even just that it's so early Eddy just the temple timeline with Justin Tim play later the game then and then it was locked so early that it didn't a turkey should have been way more pissed off about that you can or the two characters didn't make any sense I could have had them with me Book Project was the new guy and the other person was just thought it was on the team or something really for technology how old is space Brenda or her sister let him take that storyline in a different path and Jacob was my pleasure and he really likes to the hospital Jack O'Donnell Jack that's pretty early in my place okay what about she was an instructor at the Grissom Academy 1 of the car actually I forget I forget how it is it's one of those based on choices that you do into she might not be the instructor yes she was she was not my instructor she actually was not present in my place over there yeah there was there was actually I had to kill her all my the guy that with me was like that was Jack or Jack and and Shepherds like it's not Jack anymore yes she went Bay with instructor who is protecting the students into the biotic part of the just the current years tomorrow I didn't like a submission request mission where you first and then if you let her daughter live I want to say into and let her daughter take her place that she's the first Banshee Beat I did not let the daughter live in Tucson you have the power to consume crazy side effects not present enemy or instructor at her enemies like crazy and I never saw her and she didn't save it so I didn't do it scientist cuz he hooked up with one of them and right now I have to go to hospital how old is James deaf Burke you walk by them like you're getting stressed cat checking on the girl waiting for her parents creepy stalker people did you like the a yeah I'm okay with it I eye the cats are Miniature just did you like it did you like it I thought it was tremendous I didn't think I didn't just like it I thought it was a great ending we already said what and if we play like that being said eye Ted of change learned this this morn poultry production so before we just passed my watch to that ending was going to play through it if you choose to control the Reapers the you take control of them then destroy them all over them and then essentially and then it goes to the same cut them or they start blowing up in order and then I don't understand why they're still there Adam ruins all the artificial life the reapers are destroyed effect actually go there and get some kind of post it crashes on the planet and for me it was Joker I guess we are eye and if you have somebody else come out yeah just like starting over the other one and the green one is that when the Normandy crashes Joker come out hand in hand and so the whole thing is like you're choosing synthesis and so it's like they come out hand and hand a kind of standing there are romantically kind of looking out of the plane it was like they're about to start for the death of all the different microphone was I don't understand why you choose to control the Reapers Domestic Relations you blow up and the Normandy still crashes I feel like that post was supposed to be the post of the Normandy just try not to be the post that destroys technology they're trying to outrun that cuz that's going to you know cause the massive damage and then when we watched the of the blue and then it just didn't make sense as to why things were blowing up and doesn't blow things up and then maybe we missed an option earlier I'm not sure but had I had that ending I would have been really confused and upset and I would have probably understood the whole let's petition and sign things and get all people riled up one of the things that people are upset about it like it is funny like I did when I read complaints like people keep side in potholes and 1 the potholes they side is the mass effect relays blowing up because in the arrival DLC when you blow up the Mass Effect 2 really it destroyed like a solar system pretty much Ted how is it destroyed a pothole that if you're destroying all the Mass Effect 3 days isn't that destroying everything now see I don't get that either emotionally it was very clearly very clearly a sequence going on but this was built in by the catalyst system to take to turn them off or destroy them which is different than running with an asteroid like taking a second to explain that of an ending will just be a waste of their time from a storytelling standpoint it would call demolition of a building vs an explosion in a building as a real world example you can destroy a nuclear reactor and you can with me biblically Define hear will talk about this another difference is ultimately what makes the Mass Effect franchise given that everything else is the mass effect franchise is about Choice what you do Cape entry the ending that they put in place of the Catalyst you to come out of nowhere the child B eye that comes out of nowhere it is totally acceptable to me and I hate things are lost it like all these guys know what's going on there's a level above them in a Note 3 Daytona weather 1 computer but the Catalyst did show up at the end and it was really no indication me the Catalyst was coming elevator stop being controlled or something it was a metaphor for God they were trying to say earlier in the game quite literally days how you felt about it I was okay with it but it was like I was still fine with it because I felt like I felt like we never knew where the report came from so I felt like we were going to get some kind of glimpse of that at the for that you come from where do you come from older building human very clearly string because they don't want to the den will take over that the universe of the Galaxy and I really hope that it was it was well done enough that when I go back because I'm planning on doing here in the future going back to Mass Effect 1 & Plainfield the whole trilogy again just be 1 if the cape the Story of All of Danny and just as I get to see things from a different perspective watching the 6:10 the second time you know what I'm watching them build the human Reaper all of a sudden that means so much different you know like it just means everything differently and I hope that it written in in in in plays out in such a way that it will be a unique place which perspective are not part of this whatever whatever one interesting campaign passing about it on the phone if you know when you mention the things about like catching stuff asked if you guys have heard about the entry yeah I heard about it I'm pregnant I'm right here Eddy the theory that the ending is just effect with it like the matrix it's like the Reapers have given people that mental image that peaceful ending and really developing indoctrinated Shepherd gets into the Citadel like after the B my tax or whatever and then you can wake up and like someone to the Citadel the theory is that everything from that point on I'm is the battle in side of shepherds had to be indoctrinated and if she does appear to come out of nowhere he did he does Japanese ahead of you the reason people think that I don't know if I buy into it but that's how I think of the things about life about good Sci-Fi is when you kind of get left with some of those questions and it's kind of cool that like the ending I feel like it can stand on its own but it also has this kind of like a specter people are wondering if this was going on and so the reason a lot of people are buying. Because I think when you first meet the rachni they start talking about how that when the Reapers indoctrinated them they saw kind of like oily paintings that everything will likely paintings and that's what Shepherds dream sequence look like in Mass Effect 3 and apparently in the book there's a whole thing about like whenever people start taking me deeper growls and that whole scene with a kid in the very beginning of Mass Effect 3 when she looks in the Anderson comes in a chopper looks away when he looks back on the kids gone there's like a will audio cue of of a Reaper growl going out there and so a lot of people think that all those dream sequences are hinting that there's a battle going on inside a Shepherd to be indoctrinated by the Reapers and that that final choice is him being indoctrinated which is why all of a sudden the to destroy the Reapers is would be fair it would be really good because he know his the reaper trying to convince him that it would be the wrong thing to destroy them and why to work with and would be blue with her is that in the red and then there's the other endings get it but there's that will final shot of Shepherd waking up in rubble that's hurt a certain spot I think it said that you resisted and dr. nation and then you wake up at the end I don't know if I mean I think it's kind of a cool Theory I'm fine if they never do anything else with it I will leave it open there's no need to spell everything out really exist what is Mendocino in in his black entry go the catalyst set up this system to essentially protect the universe from running basically off in an Unstoppable pattern to where is like they repeat the cycle but this is this is their solution to an artificial life just completely taking over and that they set up the system in such a way and this is relevant to Mass Effect being built on choice is that as part of the narrative voice becomes a big part of it as well as at some other point in terms of like the Constitutional Congress were going to put a system of government in place a solution the way things are now but we can happen in the future we might not be relevant and there might be something better than us that comes along that has a better choice I can do better than will have the option to go through getting sexy like you all the prison if you got that the only talks about job and talks about how things repeat like this day was my cycle just wait here is kind of equivalent and his and his not exactly so Michael had to go through the rise of artificial life and the a little Rebellion that happened as a result of that it had to go through another story The quarians and the Geth you had to go through the dominant organic species not just taking over and working with the other species unlike the prothean just dominated their cycle for and put everybody down and they they ran amok through Evolution and the trillions and salarian store with with with your uncle with the broken that's the version of that motorcycle but then it works out and so we had to go through all of those things all those repeating Cycles to get to a point where there is a little bit level of equilibrium to wear the choice can be made of what to do about this and that's what Shepherds Journey as I say and it's become an important part of narrative and he's intelligent being the Catalyst to set up the system that I need someone else that can come along and go through all this I will go to Every cycle we can until we get to that person who can then make the choice right with the title says that one line for a fail because you made it to the and I think that's more than just Michael no I in we for in a referendum and then you go to the other Note 2 collector ship tour you find the building right collector ship you doing into a Reaper at one point that we prison Canada Legion in Mass Effect 2 correct correct a look at what was presented to me and I take it at face value idea of indoctrination Theory but for me I'm going to stick with presented to me I would like the induction because it gives context to the dream with I feel like I don't have a way to reconcile that otherwise Jill of a life lost is not a warrior or something like that only way I can reconcile in my head that was a little running around and I get it that the mechanic of the choice of the and was not entirely clear like I was presented with choices in a cut scene and dialogue and then I made the right choice for what I wanted to make so clearly it didn't work on some level but there was a moment of like this is exactly what happened to me I didn't even see the green option when the slow motion stuff started happening at the very end I was like okay I just saw a moment of needing to shoot this thing and then that will trigger destroying all the Reapers I was like that must be what I was going to do a tribute white a bit of that too yeah I thought about it and I walked up to all of them to look at them up close and then I walked over to the red and a gunshot the thing like that was the wrong thing to do I didn't feel like going to things like for all of the receivers and everything Monty bear Traders bison Destination 3 I like that it exists but what I love about the ending I always felt like the game was the games were pointing at the idea that something in the Cycles would have to change you know because otherwise like why that's why I kept asking myself even back then Mass Effect 1 it's like what's going to keep this time different in a change this time and it's like you're not going to break that cycle without something really happening and so I kept waiting for something like Monumental to happen in three and so I thought it was kind of a cool touch to see the Mass Effect relays cut a disassembled in the Citadel become a big part of it too I was I was a big fan of saying all that kind of come together it was cool because every single one they've been kind of showing you that like the Reapers of cut directed the course of like kind of Galactic Civilizations like that they've put these touch tones and guided the way that they want come of life to evolve and so it kind of neat to see the you know what we're going to go our own way is essentially the choice you're making by doing this like that we're going to let the Galaxy build up in its own way making its own discoveries and its own kind of advancements and I know a lot of people are upset about the idea that when did they shut down the Mass Effect 1 stuck and it's out but I feel like that's like the start of the story I feel like in a lot of ways like I feel like that's the direction they can go and future with whatever they want to do in the future it's like now the Reapers hold over this whole civilizations gone and now we can do you know we can go our own way we are going is like Daffy Duck Cape still have FTL drives there just a lot slower than Mass Effect through station through but we don't know how long it would take to get to work like the dreadknots have like a huge relays that are pretty comparable to the Mass Effect relays they take 4 months to get across the Galaxy trailer wiped out like this technological like it destroyed the like took everything out it it it made a snowman to reset open up we get to see what I can only describe as a top-level cycle like those relays came from somewhere so now that the relays are destroyed and we're kind of rebooted 1 life has has created you know Rivas to be going back and forth light warm will that will have to do with all of this stuff again in in the a master cycle made a little smaller Cycles you know a motorcycle to protect you know lizard eating in prison Russian women fucking B the protein it's like we catalog everything total of all Insurance of the comic was like real life you don't communicate the way we communicate connection with each other we can space ideas you have Stowe novel civilization didn't have eyes of course not I can't remember what you said Libertarians now 410 maybe I just didn't do the time and I do have to work on the Eddy the attack of the side to wait did you and just because you chose to kill the queen in Mass Effect 1 then day then the Reapers I want to build an artificial Queen if you rescued artificial Queen he goes to help you for a bit and then it types of scientists Tim the rack I go to work and they don't do the repairs you could do on Wednesday so I can I buy 200 you have like a hundred Cape MO total kind of lacking in 3 cuz I wanted to see more search accusation side with the rachni work together but the cut scene where they get the and the quarian fleet fight each other watch it it's pretty good mostly played Renegade through 1 and 2 and then 3 I didn't really but I would feel so bad doing this the same there's a win-win morning goes up to cure the genophage and if you tell him not to go do it because you want to sabotage it and he said he's going to go do it you can shoot him in the back and I watched the scene on YouTube and it was the saddest thing ever biggest the top and everything is blowing up and he's like crawling to the panel to try to stop it and he's like what you like Mon Ami he gets there at all record for longest podcast ever white people with prison Ted with and what you think about a plug for my first cycle gamer sushi so we have until we get a couple weeks ago as well what's your gamer Sushi will put it in the league total B clickable