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RT talks PAXEast

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Recorded: 2012-04-11 21:34:07

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini, Jack Pattillo, Adam Baird, David Bass and Dallas Dickinson from BioWare




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Transcript (in progress):

record Adam Barbara turn around and screaming at them like your tone I have a new Twitter application that I actually like it's called tweet bot and Bot can I tell you the greatest speech in the world what is that clued in Twitter birthday tweet bot what is the best feature that you would like to see a Twitter that it doesn't currently have the ability to ignore people but you still want and if you unfollow them Michael Rage Quit Yu-Gi-Oh Walking In The Wind a long conversation about it and I will following some celebrity Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen 5 minute Charlie B was an asshole and everyone was following him because he was very famous for shirt that shows people jobs in Jeopardy you know cuz it under control there's always people online Wright's online change your avatar I don't want to see meaning of Tiger Blood teeth people me neither. I mean might as well like you know do something or everyone talking about you for 2 weeks to get it but it won't be part of it when you work in entertainment long before you try to work and entertainment long enough use value job but somebody has and like a guy America and bass and put the shows right for me no big deal is it Anyway right so the Charlie Sheen goes off and does his thing the roast is a roast and I think he did some swimming stuff for a while that's what it was and then after showed up on Two and a Half Men we're drunk Brandon and Mika here we go tweet I always have I know people who are a couple I just have to unfollow the contest between the two like when you break up you know look up what's your thought process sophies choice you just really like that part of the prenuptial friendship thing if you guys break up with her or I'm with him that dont Barbara you guys in here to talk about past weekend you weren't there Brandon tell about the tape that we had it was really busy I really appreciate it and we had a split anymore how many Barbara Carrie and I were there we were looking at all the stretching like guns I'm like excited to start of the day on Sunday we can have it Ray shirt on right now the world to our Shores and shirt and that one sold out they won that one to show them until they went in the black when's the last day to buy lunch so that when I'm doing things the way I do not call that called The Grey color and 50 page anyways Brandon Carter program the white and black line from University the color and Isla wait forever ago a color spectrum thing and even the lineup The Collector I love that and your collectible item and try to get them all to be the same wide assortment colors and you just another like 3 different ones and I'm in a hundred percent the whole thing I couldn't believe it Channel 12 w interesting happening and showed a little bit of a work-in-progress of a Red vs. blue season 10 episode guest voice star that we have Mr Elijah Wood Sigma Sigma the creative one that you can if you know the story Rivers Blues you can kind of guess that's a pretty important part and man becomes can Booth right is the predecessor to man transforms into the Werehog diamond Comic-Con bumped into him at E3 back in 2001 Walking the Floor that was crazy that was which is Rana like wood into him on the floor at 3 Fellowship of the Ring Christmas and it's not going to be able to around the corner Robert Downey jr. walk the floor when you're with an Iron Man mask on Minecraft Burnie like a spider mites on and in this report no one knew he was there Eduardo tell anyone he's the new Spider-Man and I was having panic attacks anything interesting dont and I didn't Side Liquor people blocking my view but other guy talk to live it up to Monty and I just talk like Monty is Monty was wearing understand why I'm asking it's just like incredible human anime character pretty much Maryland Garfield shirt when did you bring the cash did you see him at me live with that freelance Orchestra Jeff Williams came up to promote the event on the panel and discussion question do you understand anything you said the character and he was dancing and it was amazing Revolution moves done on an actual dance floor but he totally pull that off videos videos of you because we 30 people lined up at the gate when we why don't we start putting money and time machine and be there all day in tweet to kick him out at night to work at the University of Texas located that got shut down no one Lakeline Mall wait North Austin years old I got kicked out of an 11 castles for cursing too much road rash and I want to leave you have to leave bass and like your job here wait was it when people came to pass with it and she had a panel panel in Monty the cat the cat like animals Jack Deiter the right next to it they had a full-fledged classic cartoon check it out exact same taste that I do there's some rare ones me the photo of the Ghostbusters playing the Ghostbusters Ghostbusters standing around looking pretty impressive behind me and I turn to look and it was this couple dressed up as Captain yesterday and clobberella future Alma the night at the other there's a very impressive Lollipop Chainsaw booth Sophia station tweet ok Paula Miller first one you do a Google image search for Comic-Con it's like you pressure panels wait long enough to where now it's appropriate for her to be doing it first met Burnie the Packers a philosophical approach to Booth Bay Casino Booth bass is Jessica Nigri Booth printer you're over there I think technically no but indication yet that she was paid by the company to be there Tor like that she would not be a booth babe but if the company is paying her to stay after Booth a technician if you would have to find Booth baby girl is a fan of game and of the costuming but she's also famous for being the cosplayers so it's not like the doesn't understand what she's doing Andrew right but you know it's really good grey area University of the booth and ask them about their video game knowledge like for all we know Wikipedia the only day that never a question that get that bighorn sheep in the car but that's not always true I mean like that I mean there's some quote on quote Booth babes that know they're sure that they know their game so do you have those other girls before you take them out like is there a questionnaire you know if not is there going to be a spokesperson is the most complicated intersection of company hiring a marketing person Modern Family the Sophia Vergara she shows up in a booth right grey Dawn she's very hot and very sexy person is she not allowed to be there I mean it's like for is Angelina Jolie's is hired by someone to do a voice too she plays Lara Croft Brandon actual Tomb Raider game and she shows up part of the cat that has the face of the girl in Lollipop Chainsaw model app images like a polar bear that looks like a character in your game so any company can hire a hot model and dress them up like a character the game and that's okay is that we were saying usual because she was the face of the the car tomorrow tomorrow the blueberry she was hired by BioWare to play his part and said she may go to my parents on her own in full costume was just tired of him you know surrendering a Spartan outfit on the chicken like is that you have to have an equal number of each gender representing your game so if you're going to have the hot Booth a model you got here dude you got even if that's what I and our neighbors next door Dallas a contract for either next to or across from a college or not color over what happened when mega64 walked in the first day after we had our talk as Booth setup Lollipop Chainsaw a long day so we have to put on your like you're walking out to the car which apparently was a full-length full-body latex Jumpsuit Apparatus most watched like like I saw her and I can't wait to watch and like I mean I'm not and I'm sure she just thought it was him some douche bag or whatever weather I'm going to bring your shoulders Expo what does the reactive armor what are the gears on is pretty fun activity for the shop open on Sunday someone had gone around and hidden Easter eggs in all of the different exhibitors Booth I thought he was doing it he can do it or should I leave him there running around getting hiding eggs everywhere Booth design the pictures of it a little more professional-looking are old $20 bills and card table prices and some light a little the other hand just like mega64 Amicon leg where your leg from hip down tweet upside down for a bit and then I tried to stand up and walk and my like her just like rubber Saturday night from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. I was and he'll there's nothing worse than working to destroy that account and then put it on here to do it if you chose to not going to work speakers in a cord the preview probably drive to the booth to the party not much fun I was busy mingling like a video on that last day of me in the booth that might be a potential Kern RT life Sunday in the park 20 stories about Sony have in my household I moved houses and I came back Sunday moved and now I'm getting on the road going to Seattle wait outside your house Tor like this big screen projector in my house do you guys want Brandon and Eliza bass and running next door cuz he's outgrown this phase of the office he said sure I said you can have the couch in there he says Grey that I can come back and just work and everything else it's okay that happens my wife explained what it was like to have Chris and Brandon show up at our house and move a couch upstairs move the couch and take a disconnect a projector from post and just take the way that you should come with him completely safe you can do rooster to unscrew the legs of the screwdriver that you had to tell me every leg other way to screw to get the right to booth Galaxy the door the door and that way we can do it and it's okay door hinges from the frame of course the door standard voltage for Tor a half wall like I said something for us tonight I did tell her that I love her $1,400 you know you know when something to the wall when you unscrew the screws it supposed to the Post out out of the second floor of your house downstairs around that was my bad types of husky bass like every room Brandon is Aruba wait. It's basically relative in Spanish Board of like bass tickets like the base level of knowledge and other knowledge is built on experience is a small bass Monty information free Summit road is that they're ok gravity maybe he won't know that I put him we can go into cons for a very long time and it is a lot of work like a nine-hour day and the night the day that me concert at 997-3730 7:30 to 7:36 p.m. at 7 in the morning 9:32 to 7:30 Eagle early to break down that booth and Paula type everything and ship it back Barbara Carey me a lot of work we've done Summit International funny appellate the time we almost we almost have to give in and give up on it Adam ruins everything wait for the normal process you can wait for hours me and you B like acting out but it's very difficult for me David touch my dog again I'm going to break your arm and dont touch my guys take the stuff over there to help you Tor Booth like normally have to remember people's names I would I could not forget this guy's name you came up with were setting up at 1:39 is that going into this myself me recorder my name is John Adam know when I go to John Adams dont boss that I'm not forgetting anything again next year next year John Adams okay they're all great though. Help me Saturday kids but it was out of control for horses before 7:40 we had the biggest size to land ratio of the entire car routes online ratio like we had the biggest line for the booth the series Barbara Wikipedia run for probably almost ready to wrap up here we gotta we have a special segment which will Air after this in the podcast you were in like a super glad like we talked about the Assassin I get that message about once an hour for like the last week and a half I don't care Jack needs to be divided by language in the book it's always great when she thought it went over really well hopefully we can get some more Mass Effect Universe related stuff in the future yesterday I really wanted to get it this week but I don't have the time loved meeting everyone before I forget we have to mention that Guild and Marshall are in Australia a 10-year supanova convention is there and I don't know Brandon Road Milton MA the Gopher in Melbourne this weekend Gold Coast the height of the next weekend will post about it this week 2 for any reminders for you and we're going to have a couple people on from BioWare to talk about the Old Republic and upcoming changes to the game and everything from the car we really actually very very soon recording but anyway enjoy breakfast to wait till Xmas raw Cane Corso appropriate flash theme song rooster 6161 we have Adam and Jack here from Rooster Teeth and we joined by two special guests we have David from BioWare is making his second appearance and Dallas from BioWare and make it appear as from private to public so David you know your community manager coordinator production director production that's really important to run all the producers and and project manager I don't know I don't know I think our goal right now is like video games number one number one because wait wait dont tell me the number to overall we could be number 1 pretty soon you're going to be launching a 1.2 pack which should be some pretty significant changes in your contact so we were curious to hear about it for Mega content Superman Flashpoint 1.1.2 has a Flashpoint and operation of Warzone a whole new a daily Quest area for the game but then also has significant features I think some of the stuff I mean Adam the trailer and like everything I'm forgiving you like a position comes up I want so badly and it's like always there is it every time I can pick you up and then everytime I walk in the light and every time we have online currently that's the one thing that like like a channel that has moments where you can use it anywhere it's very useful and it's you know in a lot of ways always useful but you always be my everything World War Eagle like RR Guild is so big that we have an 8-man nightmare team and a 16-man Nightmare Demon Sophia coming a man hard mode flash nightmare teams kind of do their own thing they don't post the leaderboards anything like that but how long does it take an hour and 34 minutes under two hours to get there last night the Frog at the end you can cure bass concurso like you that we were texting it pops up and so I can actually hit that I'm actually pretty good about that as well he just right now ray gun locks online class unlocks all that stuff and then serve you turn my my legacy have to drive every single unlock power across the across-the-board but I'm not going to do anything about that like we have to manage rank we have to ugh Guild Bank cost a different amount of money that's like the first one gets the really cheap Guild Bank but then like a leader team who may be is 8 man has to pay more because if they want their own 3 minutes in the first half anyway that's what I want to do it again otherwise I'll take your first born just dont come back every time you receive Booth like 10% of it went to your guild or something tell him I mean someone who would be in charge of a guild and coming back to life and every time I will but you have to have money in the Guild Bank to cover the repairs we don't want you knowing that Guild like 150,000 like we were having to get used to Moraga and we have any Easter tell of it so it was doing the really weird flux bass where is kind of still Yankee it was like we get to the bottom and then it would work out or something would happen to me like well as long as we're learning some 150,000 other people more than me exciting in their beginning was like a nightmare and runs like crap the past 3-4 months or about two-and-a-half operating in the group actually I was one of the original members and then or something like that and then on our forests in me the wait is over a hundred for hundred yesterday and we were down to about 300 unique players are made Guild is only only one kind of like there's a couple of friends holding tanks which is actually on the game because he could and so we were in the first Tor servers like the one I got the pins on their guild member like I guess certain like I think that it was originally assigned to our server and then it was like to be there when I moved to us and then there's a couple of a guild that like joined our side and just got huge I don't know if we're in the top 10 of the servers in terms of population I don't think we're is big is the fat man very appropriate name because I kind of companion does like I want all my heart all my bass and all the cool stuff yeah I'm in the same general conversation of the like urgicare Jedi Knight how was like did you mean earlier I want to see that one app from conversation probably be either I would have been most excited about and I'm really really like to be applying to go live at the park heading the best and worst thing we did was Booth with that coming soon tab online she's going to have more characters for that one the comedian that experience but I cannot tell you how frustrating that is going to be like everyone repair like a hundred credits really wanted to bring Adam and get their feedback and kind of let them know it was a big reveal of 1.2 but it was also very much like there's more planning for 1.2 but we want to know what you think about all this stuff right are we stupid or not like it was kind of like for us to be like are we doing the right thing here and I mean everyone's really excited a lot of features but we also got a lot of really important feedback one of one of them that we should really seriously was that a couple of the girls were concerned about like it because like I encourage you to play both but if you're in a guild there's no concern about the weather Adam Tor tweet we missed in building this thing and we are very glad that everyone brought it up because now it's something that the team is heading back and going to do it we need it we need to have support for Guild Tor like they're working on something right now that I can't talk about nothing really he really got a lot out for somebody give me more money so I can do it again but we were already planning what we pay attention to the game of beer can I say that I believe that was the original admissions of issues like it was it was very important to come out and say we're going to take it I'm pretty sure like a valid one and me operation operating absolutely that's one thing I don't know actually the only qualm with that is Adam like one of the top Guild biochem is so expensive right now like everyone needs ten thousand of these things are not cheap and easy to get that like first world problems online color combinations please just let me do that cereal through just buying them with wood relationship tested a couple of occasions but also nice people 2 seconds left and I got blown up about the summit to me ship upgrade charge them how often you scan through the formation and like it mean when there's hot button issues and stuff like that actually go through and try to wait for David Kern Automotive heater vent their frustration and for a long time find the thread on the Forum and go and just like read through it take like some feedback and then suddenly it like Adam Ray posted again the end of the internet Tor are you work here the Old Republic for a little bit a little bit online Adventure is that I was actually pretty shirt on the table before Star Wars the Old Republic on my life that you are part of my life years they were tell you what I was like before then or progression a long time I was here did I really excited to see what's going to happen there building with you wait for an hour and with a can of soda or something or from here so we have we have these various bills coming up so we have here the 1.2 billion 1.3 we have future bills that are being Innovative planning stage and a lot of my job is I'm sure the head train conductor so I need to make sure that every single one of those is on is on track if there was a feature that isn't a split from one that we heard of mitigate that in and either get some resources on it to make it happen faster or we decide actually you know what it's better if we push it into the next and the next thing make sure that she's going through all the bugs me all the feedback when we've been on the public test server for the 1.2 build making sure we're going through all of that not just above the file that all of the actual feedback from people trying all the operations and such and addressing those getting those in his task it's really it's really like a lot holder management drive down to launch we had an entire I'm into all the sides of that wall and it had probably 40 rows of of the things that and it only two distinct Captain crust actually launch on time the things that had dependencies on each other color coordinated like they were actually we're getting killed because of this particular about prioritizing those ones off as well as the ones that the design team of the production team feel like he and I we've been that bothered us for a while to get that done so it when we're done recording like invisible lightning balls on so he goes like we can talking about that at lunch that was there but when the game was that was that had a low priority because so few people were doing operation people playing Pirate like I don't know how many operations like is you guys having and how many doing hard and nightmare mode is actually actually how risky effects is so I looked at all of the patients have been tested so many of them before launching but they're they're actually dangerous in the last few weeks before we launch this week how many hours of boss I can you can you have like stocks right now like to you can you stay that way we have some numbers not even a totally different times which one several months before we shot that was actually all cast and invoiced and all that you guys are right now I poured over the manual to make sure everything was right and I've slept with me forgot how it felt with anybody have a picture of the day I don't know if you can let me know I was going to go before engineering mensa mean like so do you still play the game for but are you at the point level 50 character maxed out and now I'm just doing it no more catch as catch can you through that that first one in in the 100 Monty I was me I was playing bass on the end game and then since then I've been playing very slowly with that might have been like 2 months Priceless and I like I don't know I'm nervous now I really a new character but I do know I need to let you know I'm like okay what do I want to roll you only won because you got his first podcast Republic happens in the end of like that absolutely fantastic story line outside all of them but overall the story the opportunity I've been like 30 minutes David I don't know my agent yet cuz I was going to jack 215 bass we play but they're doing a bunch of different servers will be multiple like it or not because I have no idea would be available probably go for an hour so how many days is 53 hours 3 hours official was 49 2nd or 3rd down Burnie it was probably over all of the fast a couple people who were there in the first week feed the people going to talk about is the number of hours it takes people to get their is actually exactly where we expected it to be but people are playing too much not me I'm staying here at the office most the day from crew skills in all that kind of stuff and then launched Kern me and my friends to play and we play in the most kind of and that's kind of hard type of game is like me and 3 of my friends were taking the week off you know where you're going to stay at home and if it got to the point that we were playing about 19 hours a day going to sleep for 5 hours like everyone would wake up the same time top players on the server hit 51st we can start farming Gear start pulling the content that no one else was able to pull yet and I'm not exaggerating the play last night where are you at like that main character not even close to what and you also said that you stayed up all night last week just finished by 3 wait for them the game my first like 12 hours of gameplay is pretty much all just in terms of storyline so I ended up having played through and I beat it like in a total of 25 hours but a good like 7 of those for Monday night starting at like 11 p.m. I thought it was like an hour and a half out and I wasn't really close by like 5 a.m. Tuesday morning caffeine bone comedy and everything else that they might just be coming I knew something was wrong because Adam walked in the morning with a Starbucks cup in his hand and he never drinks anything but are you okay from what I heard you were right you just me and you wait the color change the way the the mission system work there used to be like a priority type and now there's just a priority Mission and I miss that so I was just going down the top of the list you know the stuff in the DLC come out let Mike electric Readiness go below hundred percent Jack in and like I keep the Readiness Gus why Andrew Dallas I have to finish my head hurts me that I'm not found every every every country on every time I want to clear everything I want to clear the party turn on online on my a juggernaut very few Flashpoint even the group contact on my planet as well as well actually I need to start doing something so I'll be doing a complete operating like I need to be able where I can but I had a problem working around anymore I would constantly like three levels below one of the classic one on one what about Mike but that was such a cool Ray is just like the operation for the guild ships to one of the one of those coming around not only committed to but we can't publicly what was that we understand the guild a huge part of the game we have a dedicated team that is kind of going down the list of of like these of the most wanted and most desired Guild features and so you know we Guild Bank was was the oh my God we need it and then we have a couple more things in the pipe in terms of in terms of things that help with the management and instead of planning for Guild to 7 but its like $300 and then let me know like enchilada sauce up there that Giant Wheel piloting the ship wait around like a boss like and I was like oh my God he was coming up we have to do and then James and how many people Okay Google and said we have a secret project he has said that he's been preparing would be good but one of the things I wish we had last night really different kind of actually 30% killer the thing is I like to know that you know when I played this game I was I was you know even the way the whole time you were the best of the public the Jefferson County like a lot of Guild like when you're Guild I mean there were a couple of events in in EverQuest where like when something happened then very bad things in the world like it started happening did you go to the recreation tweet terrorizing all of my friends for weeks there's some stuff was like if I can operate went down and like a dragon head someone down there something like that showed all the head a boss who killed and I love that I have a collection without without saying timelines and such I'm just from personally I'm a huge proponent of of giving people the ability to have the trophies to have them invisible to themselves they're giving some of the way we try to do some people 1.2 million ounce me about when is coming up this week very very very very very scary Jack were the people they're playing on the 1.2 or the general complaint a couple machines so they could play around that new system and create a new species class or play with her abilities and then during the day a couple times a week a chance to do all the people playing it fresh off the razor for a throat which are often B keyboard mouse headset mousepad by razerzone.com Butthole Surfers Pepper lunch and we really weren't sure what was going to happen so we kind of wanted to take it easy and a little bit of preparation for like you know because there's a lot of positive but there's also a negative in the interview earlier a couple of times talking to me you have to really what we were hoping for because last year if you guys remember taxes last year were showing up for L5 like well I remember last year the show floor would open and five minutes later online would be 8 hours long and it was just ridiculous it's okay no problem JBL stage 2 time to really sit down and wait totally a really good show we get out there baby Tauntaun tell which which everyone was really excited on the phone bot in game but we want to call it and it shows people might not understand but I like it sometimes but sometimes it's the things the operation is there 4:30 bucks but I think about and value her because I'm trying to point out to people like you have tons of here to get one I want to hold off a little wait until and a man baby I know right so users any more additional stuff I know there is a new is a baby in there James like this wait a couple different dances Russia declare I think that the security store things that turn the security guy how to register the code to shut off he had it registered on his account from your phone I'm all about that me Guild leader running until 4 if you'd like it's important for me to be interbank dances like app require security guy really really there's no reason why I think we should wrap things up here and are you guys are really busy you must be got to go work on that I really really really really the next week