#162 - RT Podcast

RT talks gross ears and inuries

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Recorded: 2012-04-18 23:50:22

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Kara Eberle




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Transcript (in progress):

Paramount kid from Fond du Lac wi says hey what's up this is this theme song March 1st for the podcast that is the first one that you like the first one first time we had the same person that played back-to-back weeks to wait once again in a much less Rocky theme song the last week last week that's why she played it right before the by where to start with so little time you know you could have blade Bold Rock This Week in chronological order he had a good week and a half ago Rockfish regulations you getting your internet screams a few more times I got something off my bucket list for my lifelong goal something I've always wanted to do I was a witness it was in Seattle we went to porkfry Tacos okay however the power porkfry is taco night at his place and he has rules if you remember some the rules Gavin dont go in the kitchen remember one but it's important when did you go to the kitchen you cat lost next time you go in the kitchen at the last next time you don't go anywhere tacos tacos your second marriage and then the lack of tacos Cheech and you are right that means you're about to get there and if you know up at your next in line your on the deck and then I'm the jack for your things in the whole your dick what is it in reference to being on a boat along with the rules he also just makes this statement at the end of the rules which is given every don't get that many messages your phone I don't believe that what makes this statement in porkfry by the way is a minor character in the penny arcade comic you know the penny arcade guys he appears from time to time in a penny arcade comic is very nice guy has porkfry life bold crime rates car jack then he says at the end of his rules very casually also the record for eating tacos at Taco Nite is 40 he said the national average is 3 and the world record is 14 it heard that I'm like I mean God damn it to take part in the eating challenge I've never done it I never done the cinnamon challenge I've never done that things we drink a gallon of milk in an hour wish it though I want to try that too but do anything like that again Gavin proud I power through 50 he was actually I was watching the play by play on Twitter tweeting pictures and talking about the Tacos El and I was pulled off the three he started with 5 and then went for another round at 5 and then went for a run around 5:15 Works Gavin 5 and then I'll get 5 more and then we'll see in about 8 I was like I don't know I don't know by power of 10 and I was like holy shit he was like I start touching his belly around Xbox Toledo what it crunchy tacos says the he doesn't it take corn tortillas and then tell you make sure the Zone he surprised them right there on the spot so you have a fresh fried corn tortilla shell says yes when you tacos and is underweight 12th and it was thinking that's be stocked with all the fixin's onions and lettuce and cheese well but his wife did not think it was a lovely evening his wife made a classic mistake it says cilantro and parsley I need a bit of parsley tacos buddy what did you do when you finished I took a Victory lap and then I three how do I speed is one that is cut recording is like a minute long video be struggling for and then just have one second and survive without throwing up I made myself throw up and I broke a fork man forget about the other night up 14 year note throw up Street that's how dedicated I was it bright red hair with by drop McDonald's be but your evening but I have a picture of you how to get back to you Gus tacos I could make some coffee tonight at 3 I was done it twice I think from Major Nelson radio was there and claimed and Jamie who runs out play and graphic designer for childs Pelham he was there as well she was actually if you want first interview show the dead Bono Erin Burnett it come out to be so they had a Robert post it I guess the job posting asking for someone help with the merchandise and is right before San Diego Comic-Con and I got the job in June and will come back on and I want Robert to say hi and this guy was standing with him there so you want to contest I got a job you know it's like I conquered to other people there's a dark side to those and if you never seen before be a penny arcade has be a TV and they have a reality show that's about what it's like to work at Penny Arcade in like 10-15 minutes and then a focus of some of the show's is when they hire somebody new in the hiring process do they have a penny arcade and I think they both like two episodes when they hired two people to Jamie Jamie was one of them as well and it's just like man it so it's something Darkside your advisor interview process is John daker Fisher-Price again I can we can go out you didn't get the job but it's just like you were running for the job I can not many people have flight Zach in the face with a good job posting the job probably never going to come over again will call you back when you your a great candidate will have your back or play back with a new position opens things is not your he can go home and then you have the show out there reminding you that you didn't get that kind of hard to do that. most and we see a funny video plane crash Gavin Dance 4 up map of how much people come to work here come in please come of nothing at all Life Center how to tell him it was looking at the stuff that I he got a job but I only like traditional hiring that we've ever done but that's over animation to now we're not professionals so there were years when hired them to work and rivers movie animation by things like Kara where we actually put A1 it out and we hired candidate for Kara going to be returned of its interview kid and I guess what we didn't realize there was just in your office manager we wanted somebody with no familiarity with ruched eats it all life is it seemed like a smart idea you know to me because we hire you to be so many people from the community but this is so sorry it's one of those deals Jack by what we do here you know and it was proved it when she came in she did but she had a couple brothers who would watch it and some guy she knew and by the time she coming for her interview she already made a profile on the site to learn more about the what we do we went through a long interview process before hiring Kara think we did a lot of people with it ladies interview the other and everything everything colocation be working at a company that does posting bail to do website design so they design and host website for the customers she not responding the door front door front door Mike for fully work he didn't wear the RT life where she was a shocking device that you claim that I screwed her over I did not know that is what happened you would like the last person to press it gets shot but you didn't stay after it finishes playing with little chance she would like to see it would you like a penalty to on the level side my door I said come over and I'm going to on the cat and then she went away oh yeah, and Kara do you mean job here your headphones if you want Kara but that he seems nervous about it interview interview so how did you how did you find out about it yeah yeah that's like coming here for the first time in like you know anything about the company ear a Resurgence of the website and so kind of just a little bit on that but I want to stay man I remember Lincoln was here it was impressive is my golden retriever he was a 3-legged dog for a while now you run away once then we found in our neighbor neighbor who sells they sell pot paraphernalia that's what that's what they do marijuana water pipes water pipes glass containers and stuff but you're like I was going to call you about it when I started 420 industry and I want to talk with the mother containers for like you know putting marijuana in 93 for whatever and our containers are for marijuana legal to make something that is used for the truck I think right now everyone is good and still get accessories legal anyway to make a cracked fight and I know you can why is that are you familiar with you Cheech and Chong are not chicken Chong of guys at 7 to meet a bunch of like hot movies you would be able to recognize Cheech probably because Cheech Marin he was a mayor of Malibu he was mayor of a Volkswagen minivan that was made entirely out of on the drive it across the border but anyway so that'll probably get on Netflix he was married to Cher then car dies how did the Kennedy argument Kennedy died in Clinton Iowa Kennedy family I don't think so I mean there's two brothers Robert Kennedy Jack Kennedy address for letters not like the short form of he must be so you saw that I was it just one Tommy Chong was busted for drug paraphernalia he was in prison for it not from using drugs or guns from the movie Tommy Chong who's the other guy what to do with the Bandit he was driving I meant I'm out of marijuana pipe dream was run from Pittsburgh us attorney for Western Pennsylvania Mary Beth Buchanan oversaw the case Chong was charged for his part and financing promoting Chong Glass by can I stream the company started by his son parents oh yeah he would present for a while which is stupid okay remember seeing you I think twice before you got hired on we went through a lot of fun we can get a lot of people hire somebody who is a fan of his kind of where of what we did but you did he was 16 but he's really involved with Halo and it heard it all before so it was your birthday like hey I actually broke the front door swing open and I can try to catch up with me can catch it and I kind of the bottom but that's always been there Jack your for talking about interview process so I hope because you play your screen here in a second on the your cell you have a recorded voice I have unintentionally rude up or shot challenge write and explain to the right where noted by note yeah you told me to press the button would be strong jack with you to do it I think you just wanted me to get a fake tattoo Kara I think you got the gist RT life it was is Michael in the look up in here Creed Three he of the lights mashup and when you come downstairs and come upstairs I need to hear a woman scream you always know that something terrible must have happened like there's a spider on the floor aunjanue screams Jack major your number it doesn't matter where we are Gavin can't find a stunt for you to try the shakes it trouble shaking very good Houdini that when you can have chocolate so is Red Mill says a good place to eat hamburgers and so we're in the parking lot and we're going to he said the restaurant closed Gavin says quite simply the past your door was open and we were talking he goes hey do you think you can jump in the car just both feet off the ground at one time you jump in and land in the passenger seat from the ground man get into the yeah this is Mike Judge Duane if a light bulb broke on my desk or something playing the Tony Hawk board glorieta NM or would the blade by Shannon tell you how I've hurt myself laughing at least our crime life is just getting to do like dumb challenges that make you get a break my neck I'm traveling but you want to smoke a he man he man so if I die then a big lump sum like that like page for like my ownership of the company while and then it goes to other owners and one on her the power of Grayskull the power of Grayskull what we are crazy thing we discovered where Mike is okay to talk about it Gavin 4334 he was looking at action and it was for something we were doing this isn't a game this is okay and also did so I talk into the mic and it monitor for the damn program so it was your head said that she had a delay in her head said and that's what you sound like could you start radio that and where those drunk goggles Twin Lakes I don't think I just played up from actually was not from UTI play that from my soundboard remember a long time ago to have a soundboard on the pot three identify what this thing is for the same word Pinky the cat screams oh I wish you had children so I can stop by the testicles that he should have paid it off what is going to do to him and punch him in the face man Mike Tyson is kind of a bad deal with on top of the world he was a machine like this in his prime major with all black shorts in the red game undefeated Champions overtime and then just come out and meet you would you f which country was even a guest UFC fighter with dont kill me in one shot and I'll let you do whatever you guys are like you could still Mike implode my head with one punch and I would not get in the way of those guys have you ever seen the dumb Trend that people have to like a radio host and I think Jack and I didn't have a UFC fighter punch him in the stomach you don't fucking do that yes the Houdini magician escape artist also we think we're challenged guy don't call me earlier Mike what are the Childs and anybody can punch in the stomach that was after some college kids after a show like texting right now and it's no problem she wasn't ready for something be to a ruptured appendix appendix Gordon white it it sounds like a bomb going to eat before having an art student any blood three times before Houdini can tighten up your stomach muscle to avoid your Century Whitehead reporter continue he Houdini several more times and it didn't act as though he were in some pain things you can do at the hospital when you go in and they just take out all the non-essential stuff from your body so it doesn't cover you like to like to like anyone but my dad this is huge I'm talking about before that what they did was he had a number of years obviously we could not have a kid my dad had me when he was 45 he was told but I was born in the blue garbage can your containers with be crazy he had a thing where his older brother got tonsillitis the doctor showed up to their house and said this digital it is I'm going to take out his tonsils and the Motorcycle like that old coot was well mom here you will fight together beautiful Mike Peters masturbation 1443 the fumes and it was like 2000 in your head and then you were out and he had like a 4 day headache challenge when does it start Mike knocked out before never at least I've gotten like that one time I've never been medically and do not have it I would hope so yeah it was it was when YouTube what is he did to me to like come back from 10 when I do this and I don't life the is anesthesia for you not really 101 that from the time I got to 9:10 hardcore Gavin someone like I'm going to fight this fight white blackout one time from drinking in the one time I stood up too quickly brother drunk at a party or something like that within the time it flight up too high and I stood up too quick and Brite smoke but never like going to sleep Zach in Plover not my TV and with them helium black in the power of the church going to drive me beats your clippers with you this is a video of a girl Creed is a shitload helium in Patchogue what shortage of helium fight helium because so much helium is be used for recreational purposes and they need helium for industrial and ibuprofen wait beautiful www.hot do you mine for gas it is I got it John he said it probably would find out what helium mining or is it on the other the other gas that makes your voice deep this of helium makes your voice deeper hip and it settles in your lungs you can't get it out or you can just go down to life master's degree carbon dioxide from the from address he will do that he just replace it so dense that they can float the river Texas looking at Up is on at 8 how helium is extracted I'm a look it up Dexter Kansas It produced a gas geyser that would not burn Kansas State geologist Erasmus Haworth Clifford samples of the escaping gas and took them back to you were to Kansas and everywhere with the help of Chemists in here he discovered that the gas consist of by volume 70% nitrogen 15% methane 1% hydrogen and 12% and unidentifiable gas Blade Runner 1.84% of gas was helium sulfur hexafluoride hexaflexagon are there at 8:20 I'm doing Google search my phone I did last and that I was going to do that I guess and the first name it came back what makes your voice sound funny I never heard of that before we were when you guys are talking story this weekend I don't think about before you know sometimes we get deleted massive invasion of caterpillars in in Austin Texas Tyson wood dining beautiful emerald in here so we got that will cost you that is the caterpillar way to become more or they become something flying like blue yellow butterflies and you can walk through my grass and Beautiful Day what's play up all around you and I was mowing so my High Grass much to fly around like maniacs one of the Flies my ear like life freaking out be maddening because what would be your reaction and that he so strange to have a loud noise in you change it all it was like to die and I wasn't going to did from the grocery the weirdness of it and eventually like three minutes in this endeavor he goes but we just rubbing alcohol in your ear and kill it and that's what he did and killed it and that was like the greatest thing of all time and then I went to the emergency room and they pulled it out and then they they ear it did I tell you that you're irritated that Serene with water near NE roast you so much crap comes out of your and you're it would and afterwards like you feel like you're floating like a super everything of yours is going to your head more than usual 5 minutes this video and the massive pilot the fighters video now is because of a blinking the video in the link up not going to find nothing how was your weekend do anything exciting bunch of three multiplayer Childs Evolutions comes out this week and then actually comes out today I suppose man releases podcast nice and yeah there's like there's things I'm trying to know him on his machine trying to complete his butt Pele and Sonny are going to come to my place find it it didn't sound like it it's really intense raise money to get someone the last person is allowed to cross the checkpoint to respond to his dad's play this week Justin up the Xbox I always try to give me play that game I'm going to try to your Creed Three Sonny I did how was it a great day is based on an American Indian mixed with British natural environment of colonial America NHL the way like he like runs through people and kills one kills other pretty hard for you right now they're playing Assassins Creed Mike should it what should they play and I told the guys start on Two And in play Brotherhood in play Revelations play the whole the trilogy that's you and that's not so in my opinion the way to do it but like some people savings play Revelations or whatever but I play all three stories incredible online puzzles I don't know I don't think we're going to check out a few hundred.com Gavin is using yes Elizabeth the first really big popular man Sam it was another match 4732 and working a lot of things for me right now because it and it shows location of all the feathers by number and in the bottom of the checklist so when you check it off your removed from the map Ray's name of his last name but he actually I need the map for shadow complex yeah and then I put together the content he made the rapper essentially makes it look very very bad so he's things going on it helped me kind of redesign some other maps and any time you see them as likely it will check but like now you can actually click on the box and click on the button it will pop up with a video and you can look on there you can actually check off things I have this and then banished from the map itself but the map for Assassins Creed 2 things like what almost three years old at this point yeah that one doesn't have that sort of stuff built into it the video but not have gotten better but you know what I'm so very proud of him to make another Shadow complex yes there are times I think there was another start working Shadow complex either just started work on it thank you that was a hell of an amen set alarm for 3:40 a.m. every Monday announced that it was excellent progression and I actually felt more power than 15% within an hour or so different complex Clifford bleszinski he had a chance to talk to me she be she was here you didn't actually I was with you guys and he came up in there was talking like they have worked with him on a video for GBC that year it so he can start his he just came out there it is really hot because the Mexican food in California is better than Mexican food North Carolina the store I mean you could at least make them can I please life Zach California bed bath RT of them the other one bag of BBQ chips that away and his fiance you know I was coming hotel too so who knows what happens but she was super nice to lunch but I never actually had a chance to talk to him but he was Clifford Clifford everyone call me Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford wax Mike it was him like having stacks of money to those right on time to Kickstarter things awesome and fun cool party the party I was talking this guy and like she's it going you doing okay that's cool what are you doing is Assassin's Creed the movie a family. I'm like I told him I was like the last like 5% and leave now Creed Revelations is dont like my favorite thing I'm playing the game three up typing too much to in the Brotherhood and Revelations I've been having it for a long time I have been you don't know what you don't like that I finally go no you say Game of Thrones define ensure that we have the Blu-ray is here at the office and I took him home I watch a request like 2 weeks so watch the whole first season and then yesterday I went visited my sister brother-in-law and my new awesome nephew and then HBO and there in the Game of Thrones so I watched the first 3 or watch the first two episodes and waited for the third episode come on so anyway here's the problem Alamo the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin does this really cool thing with it was like walking dead or Mad Men and you can go in and watch for Breaking Bad Breaking Bad did you watch the movie at the Alamo this because I can't do that because broadcast like a different rules on getting you access horses give me the loophole they can't charge you to see it because they can't charge you can you can completely freezes first come first serve kind of like $5 to $5 your right to be out there and that was actually recently became like all of the in the Lakers one of the and so it was really nice and kind of quality is really well actually nofuckerz electrical just don't know what it was like is that what you think Jay and Silent Bob's movie character went and made that movie and so they were going to get there movie money your God damn it yeah yeah Eminem comedian is like the hot chick on show up in Ali Larter what's your name Shannon Elizabeth and then Elisha Dushku Eliza Dushku everything and then Kevin Smith wife the other one for them they're like they're like cat burglars and stumble into them I think they're trying to save a monkey in the mission was to provide a lot of movies with American be more interested in other people Kennedy car engine for those I love crash at the Crenshaw the Ambush I think things like the office is clastic cringe comedy they were done in the US on his three really really Creed it with the prince serene 237 Amber not yeah they're not in on it you know I don't think is really funny I'm like I actually was on this weekend I watched a little of it oh my God is the making of everybody knows that like what like how they found the people in stomach the motorhome dude yeah just got him drunk and put away the people on screen being punished for trying to be nice and trying to lie to this problem like this dumb stuff that is going on and he's like so like you and you like him doesn't like me anyway no there's a there's a wizard Punk'd episode Braff punch the kid yeah I forgot I just read about SpongeBob of the worst one ever Man series cars or something one time Zach Braff and busted for beating up kid on power strips are Zach Braff was mortified when he was taking video in 2006 BTS practical joke show and Power picture set up my friends kid co-star Donald Faison it had to be cut in the show that would be the perfect time to go to the liquor store haha keep in mind there hidden cameras all over the store so he knows stripping the car I need a brand new car with 100 miles on it has been ruined by spray paint graffiti they choreographed the whole thing and I was supposed to Kid to Kid by how to get the money for that though I would think 12 year old spray paint your car like a punk kid he definitely get the shaking I would grab him and be like you get one that you can connect everywhere doesn't hurt that much tried to punch me one time it was cute he had never even know what that was right now I know it was Tyson Punch-Out Gavin he was walking out the camera and some very much but wanted to hit him the whole other story I don't know I'm terrible Gavin American accent I'm not he does Southern the time they do not know your body can tell the difference between southern Italy cat would you like the American allowed to have Texas is not is true bold is McDonald for West of the West car repair in south Louisiana is the last part of this a bit more time zones to the West there are three more yes that is correct I was to do with your Colonial ization in the movement of people from east to west across the country in this town is literally defined as the Confederate States of life is that correct yeah the part of the heart of the South McCord on South up all the way through North Carolina Virginia what about like you tell me North Central whatever I'm not even sure where to start with something simple where is Florida beats down south is where missing you too where's Utah in the middle in the middle I mean it's West Middle is it right now the song we used to know but yeah I can definitely take forever he said you would miss them out until today he would do it three he won't fix Capitol Dover Delaware is the capital of Delaware I want to say that I used to know no one cares about after a certain point in time it is we do for 4 years essentially that you use when you get your first job and then you've never the equivalent of your high school and it was so important at the time but then it didn't matter what you make and I can get jobs because your SATs scores he can do it and not even different price of 2200 station he has it 2400 Yosemite St final time I took it we had an exam to get counted but I think they were starting to roll it out works is going to come in already and 40 part of part of anesthesia Bold and the is what they do when you life they make you forget that you're conscious during it and they give you a muscle relaxants your not flying all over the place life yet what's happening in new member has a little screen control and major the you just don't remember the surgery when the surgery is over your anesthesiologist stopped the medication and eventually wake up and remember you have the time how to remember it like to live in Chile butthole it was really good Mike of memories Panic dont everything to memory every every emotion man nothing matters it's like there's no dumb because you're just going through in your life with in a moment you're just like you living with you they have nothing I mean it's a good thing I know it was raining in existence if you don't have a memory it's not really happening crazy right now my brain is memory in like it when you memories stored in your brain and electrons of potassium go to my man like other things argument is forever military Jesus Christ but if it's going to test a completely volunteer I can get mad but remember something Jack Frost girlfriend get mad at me for not remembering stuff that would really suck your dick but aren't responding at all anything not able to make new memories it's just like your brain coping with the situation it makes no sense because tiny bit of it really quick BBQ chicken original Jason Bourne moment all the time what was that Mike cat yourself out the other week you're trying to prepare for what you're about to do later but because you said that if you came back late and you would stop moving stuff Mike and I think I overdid this was a gus this house I should up with a bottle of tequila at his house things are there and I said I'm that sucks but ok writing Burnie around like a horse Center look at the center Island kind of thing didn't she wasn't able to put it down cat hiding in in he is discovered that's why I put them out put them in the dish cover because I know try to put some in there and it's like later it's like I got to look at this what do you says that night it is on this one but no reason probably the best wedding gift I've ever bought for anybody I bought it was like a block of knives the great great great show tonight you still have it why is it that you had Mike three years ago and I always like to have a housewarming American up now Gus has he has a stainless steel countertop like you normally if you're going to have Mike or Michael or maybe granite black stainless steel like mold by the sink is part of it and it's like this and if not car and he's just all bold it wanted to know if you want let me the marina around it on a he noticed that your bike was it right Mike Horseman ticket super expensive he was never invited back I had I think flight once was that party and the other time I was was 105 in the morning to work on the shows at Jeff's house I do like you the family might come pick him up about 4 you literally kick the door it affect shotgun shells and I showed him some shotgun shells example and then I put the cat box and I put them up on the Shelf I thought and then when I'm talking it whatever event great back there at like 4 in the morning searching for the shotgun shells waking up in play I guess your employees at the time he is going to kick in the doors and I did not Gavin I had to share hotel room past the story of us get it right he wakes you up on this dumb so level and you said yourself you thought everything was going to be like but it will elevator Dallas Austin man at the layover in Dallas I was telling Barbara and Kara your by the house sometime so I can sleep so soundly on a plane Bono it to my snoring I dozed off and woke myself up snoring I look over to my right dont your carry-on bag sorry to hear but when we came back from Seattle to upgrade to first class and I was going to try to one of the nice things you can give up my first text to Gavin doesn't kid with a big black labrador fight between his legs Mike ear tornadoes in Oklahoma did you mention what you had for lunch on the plane I'll take you to lunch it was fun my food which is like you're here you don't belong be awesome thank you very much drink know where can I find your pictures the pilot that's been dont want you want dumb people having a silver cat pilot went crazy on that JetBlue flight going to Las Vegas and then he left the cat Blues pilot pilot your flight from New York to Las Vegas and then why did you do that like how did they get fuel for the background for security purposes more about that later but the pain in the ass all the way in Afghanistan and the pilot left to go to the bathroom and you left the pilot got another pilot to coming up with him out of the cockpit and it over the PA he told the other pilot on the way to Las Vegas to go to security of the hotel getting robbed and if you guys get out of Elo UFC complex UFC fighters coach or something or something is pushing on the ground by judgement mean by tap out now in real life there's no fucking the cat Tapped Out are they snapping your arm I would like to go to right starting today I'm going to train to be a UFC fighter and I would be the first UFC fighter ever that practice wrestling dislocate your knee flight WN it crazy that we turned videos on YouTube of life life time we talked about the guys that do the head massage is weird what does the fox say what a crazy BTS people who get their shoulder dislocated and they get it reduced is that the way they the name of the procedure to put the arm back in place for the difficult it by accident and it seems like you put your foot on it and it's like 2 dislocation of shoulder workout Jim Carrey's the play where he was the exercise woman I need to do with is like Childs is Trinidad a BMX bike bad ass dude and it was things he landed on the shoulder dislocated his shoulder and was like hanging there and you like me to pop it back in time so I didn't have a camera so there's only like a backflip or something and it's now or in the more of its section of the podcast how do you know that your brain is like this be Killin em be like hey I'm a dude how do you discover the your brain was like what is that Jack IT training whatsoever it did take it out you know the brain show me some of my pilot light off flight delay, and then that I on my life still this on his head comes out it died really like up right in the head already down to the heart or the head Kara Kennedy drug the body with them for lunch and it was the worst your soul live and it loves you with all his heart and stomach In some cultures to is considered to be the main thing but you know they didn't that's awesome thank you so much for that this cabinet I will let the other trappings up here if you talking about dumb ass you know I'm getting hungry yet okay Google Appalachian says awesome to everyone but the whole game around where you are an altercation in the in the world it is not playing today your play one way to be running around out there Georgia game and and you can rotate things I just thought I'd throw a kind of thing it like you to find hidden cubes in the be kidding me of something it will be hidden behind the world get to spin the world around to see it Bring It On dont there's it in cubes and you spend the world but let me know this but what's the state about the object is to find Cube and you spin the world based on the plane and it Zach Clayton Tetris on one of those like lazy Susan Cheech penny Georgia game and and you can rotate things that it find hidden cubes in but we didn't know something it would be hidden behind the world get to spend the world around to see it dont this it in cubes and you spend the world but let me know if your buddy wants the world based on the plane in it Zach Mettenberger on one of those like lazy Susan Pele it depends dont the show that she wanted it I should go see if it's available right now I think that C3PO R2D2 Xbox just came out yesterday you didn't how much is 150 comes with the Kinect and a copy of the Star Wars Xbox One controller black black