#163 - RT Podcast

RT is amazed by young Gavin and flying fruit

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-163

Recorded: 2012-04-25 15:09:42

Runtime: 01:36:22 (5782.92 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Jordan Cwiers, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

so normally I stay away from theme songs that are a play on the Red vs Blue song churromaster is somewhere churromaster give you have to play it track churromaster as a person of color you can see yourself being a person of color doesn't have any but this weekend and I can't touch the ground I was growing up I never thought I never thought that banned it was supposed to be flesh-colored what color is a weird color incredibly how did they come up with that Monty develop a color with that like that skin tone at the time trials from 2323 Jordan Gavin Free what are the three intro and Son glass at my desk what was the old conference room table to normal table for death and where I know I'm going to break sunglasses GIF you broke your sunglasses hit on them this weekend so I know that's going to happen so when I get a pair of sunglasses I like I by about 7. I did the same with headphones about it ten times and I just trash them comfortably around the room for some reason glass of water and I'm going to put it down and happens Chinese moving back and forth nothing happened it was like slide over to make sure it's still there and sure enough it is and it would happen if he realized it was there when I was looking at me and I was good at something Reddit eight when you working glass water never fell over it was very disappointing punch Gavin afterwards! What my desk around face is the other way and I didn't even notice Terra Jole will turn over Mountain man called out on it not the Brandon that's not cool I'm not okay with that I want to make his way to do extra work price of water pranks when Gavin and I were in Seattle we went to a very nice dinner with some very influential people and I will be about 10 minutes out from it I jumped about a water right his crotch check this out which was totally fine by the way I got to the restaurant immediately hotel we did III Circle Reddit awesome South but you play the longer we're walking down the road Gavin knows one person in all of Washington state and we run into that person on the street in front of the restaurant it was it was Jason's Xbox One Reddit talking shit about me Brandon Weeden a different city in a different state and she's home I gotta go hey what's up and why what I did not like it Dolphins restaurant III and I recognized the girl walking driving talk to you in like well over a decade and I didn't want to be bothered with trying to remember her name or anything until Street to avoid them if you can Burnie my school but I don't really want to take the time to try to figure out or have this connection with you Jordan the first time on this trip day or dynamic a word and it was the first thing I did Jordan you almost decapitated me with a frisbee disc golf discs Australia Jack Jack I such a freak of nature you can for that very spot Reddit when it comes across pretty quick actually I made a bet with Gavin that I could throw anyone throw further than he could into my throat and it and talk again and still not catch for my one one through and needless to say I did George Strait logo and then I was like I want hit the building was like 300 feet away and I got it is clearly the building of the throat give you that and then build on top of the building the building next door resistant first time I've run it and it came off completely sideways and Jordan have so it's okay a good welcome call you but your for like 30 minutes and then nice to me Park two and then did a bunch of the bunch Cod dumpster at the office with the punch on the way we weak and easily moved in we downsized problems track you have problems office has a real problem with trust Captain table the next mocap Guys Incorporated people have a real problem with white people have problems why people don't like to buy stuff Gavin very well I'm all for it no problem people are weird like that Jumpoline a blood clot mask like a smashing Xbox portable log into PayPal for exactly five seconds Jordan my Texas Bank Venezia PayPal debit login is crazy but if you go to pic take forever but when you go to it was in India's intentionally slower and more dip actually canceled my My World of Warcraft subscription activating my account do I have to log into my six month and I'm like I'm still paying for this thing I was like how much do in the quarter lets by using a different thing in the world you talked about last week two weeks it's pretty cool Rosie Jones in the operation a meeting with hard mode like we're not even dealing with story mode of thinking a normal and we went straight his patients actually Last by Old Republic launch party launch party of North Austin and I went to it did you know what this Minnesota on Reddit day 3 nights but there was a photo on Reddit this weekend it was like so this happened in my hotel it was a bunch of Jedi and Sith fighting and the lobby III it's all right way DeWalt around this big room and left and I told the people like that the cost play you're all lined up for like Twilight X in Darth Vader and Darth Maul and Berry as Storm Troopers are on their good downstairs there's another bar but behind that like they have a casino life-size Jabba the Hutt with play places and they had an ice sculpture of a Wampa would like this black Stormtrooper girls and like the bit the Halo movies Friday night well it sounds like a very good time we had not literally like 5 the party I went home change is only one out there something Gus actually when you guys were sitting there will work out I love that I love you my Battlenet account and it made me accept a new you know what your terms of license agreement Ferguson pretty sure just agreed to play Diablo Metairie LA 14 Lake my kid this weekend decided he wanted to play Mass Effect the first one it's one of the last one I had bought that and so we downloaded it we have my wireless setup my new house just right in the house do you put the router and it many times when I try to download it took twenty three download I think it took about 14 hours typically like regular Gus Pizza Peter of its right you got back in time Peter mask yeah I was just letting one six years ago I'm just about mask out his PC and switch on the back of the power supply book about Jack in the plug Easter this by like 45 minutes and I was like quiet I know I know Suite lets of Christ actually press the on button on the front of your running power how man suck the brains out of them that would have Death the Kid star recently that somebody on Reddit posted the RoosterTeeth stop right there in the reach subreddit by the way very cool I can go to learn how to drive and everything that means anything Gavins Reddit happy life post 815 Reddit show somebody your score be on Reddit I found Gavins journal entry about when he first met Burnie and it's when I went oh and Olympics together yeah remember that yeah joint of that picture looks pretty creepy you like to know I think you were sitting you turn thunder gun on ten twenty four months from today crazy and I found out when I was fourteen when you website thread track Elite account Atreyu one the beer and I'll try to come is the waitress in the UK Peter my brother is a Cato in a lot of different females Captain call stealth Mountain that goes and correct Mists uses of pic pic like 3 months ago and then it ends up directly on Reddit like leopard attack example it was a good discussion and that's Monty I'm here death and Reddit weak reddit reddit never when we take it from there of educational Suite old story story how did that come across in and out of eight Trans Union meeting last week where the and it wouldn't bring the shit out of the two women airplane ride from motorcycle to check point guards and like is a complete lie so much now she's going to come harass me at Comic Con you better come in on Twitter she was talking about it where are the checkpoints wow she wanted to check when Works near for you do it going out of your for you probably going to brag but we reach another Milestone that cartoon with the to come I think you need you do need to know the millions you just announce this week we broke 1 billion view one big one ten digits I just can't get my head around the number the number in upper right corner on my profile page we appreciate your efforts thank you for good you is it a million something big number no but I talked about this a million times but if I do you can you make $1,000 to Human Rights sounds like you can make $1,000 don't make me $1,000 I can wrap my mind around that but a thousand million view videos that's what makes a billion congratulations reach the most viewed video on YouTube weak two or three years Amber Gavin like those combined have like 15 million views I think that's like 1% Commission Siri two billion ten million the number to control four months top 10 shootout lacrosse channel is hard to figure out but didn't is a Time YouTube you put a blue two years after Angry Birds 17 million Red vs Blue season eight text wedding the Reds and blues episode ten my personal favorite episode of every every point eight million views hour at the warehouse and beat the shit out of them probably today going to be passed by Rage Quit The Impossible game which is weird Battlenet you used to identify this first beta by 3.5 million probably pass face Siri the horror movie for my video I can't believe it I think the series number six how many views does Jack mean it would be great if one of your top his was a fails of absolute World horse not be the case every time it was pretty high thunder gun Easter egg videos Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe one of those fails caboose 3 million Salim one because you know people is one go back and watch the first episode of a of a one saving Siri is it really that by this weekend that's crazy and vs Blue River ODST episode one I remember making the campaign ODST that was a lot of fun to make because of that video is me just playing firefighter jumps into in and told me it was hard to see because that was the time when he was doing the camera Jack is bobbing head and I was good at the doors just keep them coming reach you like a minute at a time and then Episode Two Rivers episode 4 of season eight the one when did you basically and then the season Eminem 91 Jennifer Love Hewitt what are you going to find time to work on some more two men dressed up one of these days we've been at one Trials Evolution lets play what was Michael my phone died and I didn't even download it but we'd like your character banned until the next person cross the checkpoint if you slip off the back afterwards he sent me a message said it was an honor to play with a RoosterTeeth employee and two other guys are number 2 video of all time on our YouTube channel that's awesome I never really thought about it the entire site I'm pretty sure Monty has 4 million / haloid back from 2007 egg show me game trailers face what Charlie bit my finger 400 hundred in Boston kid and way to Winter punch him Gavin nailed it don't give him your shoes Charlie bit my finger currently has 450 million between 400-500 746 almost has a million likes Star Wars and other his kid in my guild was like I'm going back to the flat Horseshoe Casino walk away anyway Monty on the panel and then my security chief I don't even know where can I have a game that we play Caboose you yeah what is it you know you just didn't twenty bus how much would have to cost me to go and ask somebody to get it down for you not really didn't care but the air conditioner guys happen to be there was a giant but you let him like what are the Emmys lemon of the giant ladder is good to be working on our roof was like Hey if you guys are up there I never liked old his old and keep their prisoners one thing I was just talking about getting on my Battlenet account and I my Battlenet account a digital game but also stuff that doesn't exist anymore like beta you know for this game or you know there's three different person and I hate when I can't do that I can't remove something from my list of games things like that to get rid of it games I just want a section by the talk but my products like 5 days I just want to do that kind of have that four weekends where you can like other people he can first off you're play the new dashboard my friends on play Gears of War is like a little different we can talk friends or something like that I thought Peter play probably go park now Eula is my rifle Jack so I can like try to see how I was your stereo Static X and Mark II rifle so you're right I have a bad gun out you know what was the best what is the by May 18th and I will have more High School have school in that car than yours across what track North Carolina 32308 night in the GIF track is like 7 Minutes one or two gold medals like 7:50 with like 6 months have you played any trials Monty you did buy a scooter that first day we should be around trials course Legacy sounds like his voice is one of them like you trans not now what is a pretty quite a few times actually like actually track program lets leave now Ops glass so you're suggesting that someone here sometime Jack not disappoint someone in his office country play for the weak or shoes each other like we do it in like a Cato and inspector quit at any point in the day you might one said it was it was it is what is the weak person comedic franchise about a bumbling detective but then they have the Pink Panther mascot that became known book Reddit is behind the TV show with a pink panther game the movie franchise between this cartoon panther right it also might have a different you ask you the truth it's hot Mountain Pokemon Gavin start telling in his car she would have old in just a couple years ago play golf with and without peeking around it sometimes hit on your death bed light up shoes rage hit like a static screen my boy just called for two packages to get them and I just wanted you to park in turn around and I would do everything in my power to get you racism of the count count if it's a complementary okay that's about Siri ninja swearing black women just never actually wore black taken from the stage Mists a chance of when black when he would do play is about Ninja Captain bit because of that ninja turtles having rage and it hurts like one Game Stop ten four really violent Origins anybody or any nursery rhyme deadly not let them the mask and its what continent is Play movie The Original comic ring around the trans pneumonic plague related to ashes ashes We All Fall Down Ring Around the Rosie plague the his a certain population Anglo-Saxon population from Europe that has any other ten percent of the population is immune to HIV because of some resistant they inherited from the Black Plague you remember I told you the other day that I did that 23andMe site right if you do the 23andMe genetic gun it tells you if you have any not genetic thing it was down that was called from the play is that what you're saying HIV in particular like is nothing around what is before us but I think the beginning of man time in it really taking off around I and I know it what does the nursery rhyme Ring Around the Rosie is not a good reference black play Temple quit exactly the you thought was true for a long time it's going to upset you or anything I just laundry time is that and would tell him glass is not a solid that glass is a supercooled liquid that just moved very slowly and it what time window panes get thicker at the bottom but is that I'm not sure is it bus book intro true it's not true it's not true it's a common misconception that you're completely wrong ring when you're at dinner and with Chazz Palminteri you get those conversations that count stories in my car Guinness related Guinness the slogan with spaghetti four Guinness and countries were advertising isn't so closely regulated to have a Guinness Guinness is good for you good for you like to drink mineral oil well I would love to have the stuff on it I think some of Jamaica or something Guinness for strength you don't even by those in the lobby of jesters are Christmas poster ideas 2002 Bob Marley posters what is pull-up Pull-Up a cooler full of water in a stealth grow box true yeah I don't have one of you that's the last and I have a 21 Lincoln two weeks Siri trans twenty one entry family man Legacy you think it's a great idea for a gift for Carrie okay if they don't show you it and you okay what I want to do and still you bit so is the plan to rent another house in Vegas for his birthday know how is your house plant experiments Legacy what I would do with that right what I would do to change that navigate not getting hotel rooms we will get houses the kids got home awake and Gavin are going to be in La this week we're running out when we go there cuz it was awesome I like it better the woman with the biggest for the iawtv awards we rented like a world eight bedrooms and it was awesome and it would have been a great idea on paper as well if not for the fact that some of her guys are fucking prima donnas and would not stay in the house and they want to do in their hotel room by taking into account personal hotel with one or two other people angry with you. every time I hung out with you recently and it's been pretty fun but you would have to unlock you're not play music old school world you and I jump time you turn on the shower head so I woke up in the morning I took my shower I was dry shower head Tower Ford Button Mash hour I came out I will Gavin rage your body has naturally actually blazing hot water or cold water is like bad call Kohl's tank for intense pain that single to make it weak old weigh he had that look for Jordan Burnie to be cut your joint understand you like to work on next week's sleep so much not get rid of sleep you know people say what you need to say navigate sleep eight hours a day is a bad trait I mean it's like especially the hunter you know inside it's like Animal Kingdom sleep stuff like what times does the what Salim and they like my conscience is not quite back what chemical is your brain and body doing that you can like them Eula a specially in light one hour weak Georgia track like we just lay down at 2 a.m. even though it was we make sure to include elements yeah that other Shore in the in the shorts and at the end of kind of wrap them all up but yeah we got away from that and got into I was great the what time is the Steelers bit it was one of those things where filmed put on the sleep thing you'll say I'm awake EULA you know I'm just sitting his rest cheapest tank what do I have to try and go to sleep very intimate Hyatt when I hit snooze but I don't know why that to every night so I know what I wanted time begins and I still have you what I feel like we only campaign can't wait to go to sleep and when you get to bed it's like the best healthy day birds sleep you sound wide awake I'm about to go to bed now I want to just follow Monty around for a week it's not that interesting a pretty overrated reschedule never amount of time I can be the least amount of people 30 hour day 6 a week it was like where you could sleep for 10 hours and then be awake for 20 hours and I was like $0.03 and I was like you know obviously day and night will change as the week progresses but you're awake longer lunch or Twenty hours and you sleep for 10 hours for me right now the only thing I try to schedule in two my waking up is when Starbucks closes what time do they close Monday through Saturday 11 p.m. Sundays 10 p.m. make yourself pic mikeschair hit you up in like pressing the buttons on a microwave his first appearance in the other Jordan progress is an animator III proof coming to you at convention Drake used in moments where I just performed very well what is happens randomly you ever get those like those Spider Sense moments sometimes you just do something that you surprise yourself quit you're just looking to have it on tape the great you don't have enough time to do something amazing like that yourself so it looks like you just walking it off like when you catch it with the other like a pretty like you a few times a year where I just like to have something like what the hell just happened and then everyone's there to see it one time a few years ago my golf when I was walking to like ten easy iconic Boutique and I don't what is it what is the guy up on a ladder just moving some boxes around walking around somehow I need to put my hand straight up in the air and I caught a box without looking like a giant like steering wheel and I just kept it from falling on my girlfriend I don't look like what I just put my hand on the box and just handed it back to the guy and walked away lemon Reddit Sync of love film when you get a disc in the mail stuff and I was with my friend and I just beat the disc in the power just went a cross the street straight into the mailbox 45 years old and field one of them back to you with that Trans Am I want to watch the is it true that Jesus was that javelin man old stealth a lot of what can you take for that paper launch for lunch for a longer time W for the win for the longest time my friend a previous job he thought FTW man fuck the world Peter the NFL not is the moon comes up McDonald's don't Clouseau is if you go to our / WTF it's kind of is more like that site that will not be named that has more Gore in stock in for it smells like dead bodies actually have a skull and crossbones I just I just was wondering Monty for something to walk into a meeting and I was waiting at a light like a motorcycle park on the curb right next to me that's like motorcycle motorcycle we texted last night Jordan is crazy double switch cover when I can exactly trailer rebuild is turning into the airport and I was making a left turn show me the left entry not going a little driving Define synecdoche by the way they drive Siri traffic Death Race glass part of the park at 1 witches are they you know someone is driving really bad one good woman old are they a woman or the Asian or the old III track and still drive to work if you if you Charlie Sheen and it's like how do I want to go to go get lunch or go and get coffee or something like that and it's like my sword good lemon is a Jersey license you don't have a license Gavin 40 minutes away I used to walk everywhere to good yeah I never suspected anyone like by bus like so much cool stuff on Lake my location my texts is everything spread out in downtown Austin you would not need to have that card to go first to get the car in public Austin I love what I see gun on ten the special parking like when I go to places with valet parking only on the cover of the new games and one of the punch someone I definitely would you still around I have a bad thing the rental cars entry permit is $0.35 plus tax per minute per hour maximum is 1299 so when you're in the car using an astro 99 and then it per day maximum is $65 the 24 hours near me the keys are locked in and I kind of do you park it you can or you can check the car back in your not but something to hold your member card up to the card reader on the windshield and the vehicle open when you enter your PIN and you drive off I'm going to do this Heaven you driving a blue light tribal I much rather be kind of makes sense so I just pulled the pictures of us the tragic story Segway the guy who invented it by the end of the hour jumping them and like trying to do my backwards this way that's it they're great but if you crashing into each other today right we never crashed them into one another by the weak jump over curbs and stuff like that and ever and ever and ever and ever the little things that people or larger people ring so that I can walk all day and they have the keys in the same towards you or to have like a maintenance fee which goes like 5 times faster and we figured out that you can pull out of one of the rental strollers that and put it in something like that because it's all right I think some videos of Elmo game on sidewalks ten number Cato Street entry on Reddit this weekend technology that can get from New York City to Los Angeles in 45 minutes they want to make like to get into it to make what your car and then they don't have to worry about a thousand people so we actually know you have to build as they can track down his you know everything anyway I don't want to be Stephanie what I don't know beta and the ground though so I would you the right now you would I wouldn't I wouldn't understand it I don't know I wouldn't come if you want Party Source a teleporter in of in the destination teleporter in the same person that you could jack around the time that we never get anything done today and you know where we're at Siri Gavin Jack Jack Jack Gavin is that the phone rings it does matter what you doing right for waiting in line my turn comes up and then like as soon as I Hotel check-in Network oh yeah yeah yeah if I'm with someone I'm talking to them on the phone the mama someone that I'm just going to leave I'm getting the point where voice communication is like so far to get back to work tomorrow mortal talk to him I just hate voicemails voicemails voicemails Gavin is it 2 p.m. on Tuesday give me a ring back does coffee cause me my phone spell that ring that maybe he just doesn't want to talk to you love you just want to talk to you track his day with answering machines but I don't want to talk to people I just like you call somebody not going to leave you Reddit ring with me but I know Gus dial up your voicemail and send it someone you know your own voicemail and then you record it and send it someone the right now I check my book so just get rid of the icon how do I get to name it to leave it I just didn't hear my voice mail after we find out I guess I can call my own phone number Gavin you call your own voicemail pin burlap quite a bit under the weather in the Netherlands is such a big deal allergy kind of education visits there's so much going on right now I don't know what's going on one thing last week I played a clip of the eight planets of the solar Cod online on the internet Reddit behind for me that would be better what is the park thing what is it it drew people to the Moon why do some have a screw way to unscrew it to the batteries that when you drop it the last thing they want something quite like the Kid's Choice to do whatever I want to be like intro I'm not so that just in case I drop it it won't be a hassle would you want to do that a pin code now I want to be fucking lets and just get to the back what your child fatalities like lets put a safety mechanism in place that we all have to go through just so we don't come up with these unfortunate remote and now the battery controls on XBox is a Phillips head screwdriver three types of calculators you can never get into a calculator why are you wearing sunglasses repair Battlenet Jordan you two last day a narcotic Rosie would you like to go Brandon play you sleep two is open now so the product life you want to know a little bit of a ten bit a connection between Wilmington Legacy know that's what I can drive there Monty the whole chocolate is double days and I haven't been there either we're going there that you know