#164 - RT Podcast

RT learns the dangers of mixing boy bands, koalas, and Joel together in one podcast

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-164

Recorded: 2012-05-02 17:32:48

Runtime: 01:47:39 (6459.04 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman, Monty Oum, Adam Baird, Justin Rojas and April Bennett from Funimation




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast of Rocky by twitch dot TV the world's largest video game broadcasting and chat Community join the community chat with your friends start broadcasting your gameplay and connect with the whole universe of dance kinetics at Twitch TV lord of the crumbs yeah wood and bride dolls made even got dressed up as one that wood JFK Monty party representing Jerry Reed birthday with this week so that was nice. It was someone from the website need more cowbell but I was good you would like to make your own bills I Justin podcast on February 11th Franklin trailer Berlin three days what is the Joel Osteen with a six-pack this morning and I said to her Lord Lee record in the morning and you're already and it's just as well I was drinking the whole time I was going to leave right now what time is it in tomorrow or something but you should be really wasted when I go to wait behind the backpack with a bottle opener on it you know we don't fucking when is that we travel a lot we talked about it and we buy B kind of situations while traveling I buy a six-pack of beer and realize I don't have a bottle opener so I bought that backpack specific wood because it as a bottle opener built in the backpack is the new what I just bought a new backpack for the trip is like it you can I have enough things that have the backpack because that thing with that thing Knight day Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere anywhere you are no better than what the heck's going on I just like they all have the rubber hole where your headphones change tracks right wood like pick the truck now I know you could you could you see if you could talk to it yeah if you want to look like a media pocket new smartphones like Australia you cross the date line right now can you from the us where we on the US -6 GMT here's the best way I think about it there are nine hours earlier than up tomorrow or today then go back out from Austin to Melbourne fakes the second you walk in the airport at the airport about a 24-hour trip Jewel and two days after you take off so if you leave you on a Monday you get there on Wednesday I'm going and then when you fly back to land on the same day you took off to take off like on Friday at 8 a.m. and Friday like at noon Sydney meldrick Taylor Everything Gold Coast Capital caring on the itinerary for our event it sounds like an amusement park what is it kookaburra Lee Knight wood like at The Lax three things you have Berry panel and met a ton of pain and it went really well they saw all the fans Monty is log 10 or 4 panels crazy for that went well Gold Coast is a coastal city located in the southeast of the Staite Knight Cleveland Australia was great because we were sort of on the supernova star with whatever so we can put your sneak out of the house treatment of all the stars of all the people over there and it's funny I kept running into a lot of the Firefly people and I kind of knew some of the Firefly people that you should have your face you've been there before right this time how long it takes two people to half of it but he's been talking for about an hour didn't know don't care trailer that Mike would like you half of it but you look at that means Michael doesn't have enough work try to go to work how did you manage of the truck into the company but I guess it's okay now that you can use to be ok the Great Lakes come when you can please Texas have to stay can you buy beer on Sunday liquor in Texas on Sunday anyway the closest liquor store Staite government-controlled liquor stores Washington State and Utah remember up trying to find one I would never trick mind the one time you'll ever hear that San Andreas went to a place where you Joel way it was like a drive-through Fork made out of beer boxes and you like driver and they just give you nothing I've never seen my life anyway I feel like a lot of states don't have that I feel like you say I want this and engine when I moved I remembered that they were changing the law that you couldn't drink in your car out of there bad to drink and drive while driving but you can drink it like it was a big deal to get your first beer on the way home three on the road koala bears in Australia was in the wild in the wild April Berry Monty has knowledge party like if you're if you're the coldest two stars I get to join the event list for things like that thing and it only in Australia where it's legal to handle koala truck this sounds awesome yeah you can go there and they give you a koala bear in the bear and Yvonne the koala bear koala bear that's why you do that new robot that's right you said that we truck get out of here all the koala have chlamydia problem. We don't need to do this we're just not going to go on this one koala bear story drive to guys when they when we were younger and we got to give me to get a cab back from the Eric life or bad that's the end of that one direction is playing anywhere near there who like One Direction we got to go they were there to and so help me God Friday the next day I open up my web browser and there it is there's the headline member of One Direction get chlamydia from handling a koala bear bad will be devastated he was koala chlamydia One Direction boy band member beard you can never spear infected another word the pastor for the IRS Gus Malzahn Chuck Berry Le Coq Rico XE Chuck Berry Chuck Berry guitar Chuck Berry rock and roll Chuck Berry pick party weddings on the XE which allow for some early rock n roll and headed to mulch it was life Chuck Berry was not just individuals but also the first recorded 1944 Trans Am 99 rocks most enduring Scandal live in the form of an image duplicated and distributed Fork Co Berry urinating on a young girl in a hotel bathtub what is measured Legacy at this point is it is 4350 party on Google that's why he's going to be right here by Twitch TV the world's largest video-game breakfast Twitch TV Players tournament Riggs and commentary in addition to the most active and interesting discussions around video games one child to consider is the mega64 podcast to get started discovering awesome games two players check out twitch dot TV what a great Segway into that I like the idea of someone at Twitch TV show and someone else to Twitch TV in the Fortress to customize live stream Pine stream audio podcast for new distributor on Twitch do we have to read it through a couple weeks ago which account RT Podcast on there right now with a couple weeks ago but built up and which directly after and have a title for them before you release them you can hold that is good because I just came up with a really good idea Burnie not to tell you about later we are going to be laughing this summer and I just sent out an email to some people asking if we should renew energy changing all that we can buy Dot CO2 Adam B I don't think it matters it might matter eventually all anyone cares about is.com for truck multiple Justin lot of people think that the web is dead there's no more you just get your Facebook page and you get your Twitter account happening at the web twitch crash you know and I'm sure you remember where people speak with an and it happened in the early nineties into the service went well for you wood violin of the service was kind of a wild experience to get your news in there your email through Facebook now okay at work like you don't actually visit a website you can look at an app which is an encapsulated experience so I think that's what happened about the web in your phone yeah so I was looking at pedestrian domain names and letting them and inspiring so obviously we have some domain names that are very important like your teeth.com on expired I know you're going to talk about a big deal we have is right now through January 30th 2018 and 2022 through 2019 Delta flight at 7 to 10 years out of the fridge because it didn't exist before vs cousin take it anything about the first you guys are deciding a company name you like that has blue dot registered as soon as we up on the internet registered Red vs Blue when you make the initial trailer for and then two window window pine tar come out your car registered Rooster Teeth and I will register domain names for something just mentioned in the video like I have some Halo related one with you Justin koala koala chlamydia idea of someone's from Halo videos that we did and I just went and grabbed them like I have some Bungie and Halo related domains because she published like even a joke to man but I'm always worried about it like we have anything like whatever.com cousin that's a great example so if we do we have to register because I left and one of the URL and one of our video that then turns into a form that and people are going to actually one that was then I don't think they're going to get views off of your website how much money do they actually make from the ads on there when you could buy any on touch it you are out from any company right now so it's like it do you register a Google AdSense account or something whatever excess inventory they have on there so that's why it's always like a really crappy as on their work by trademark your name Monty and then make a case that you have a trademark for Monty oum and go grab all your stuff maybe I'll do that or your personal name getting a trademark take a long time before I say too much hey thinking about this stuff while I trademark really doesn't take that GM is different than the r with the circle what's the difference so do you think you can just do you have to put your we did this without their clothing Taxi man to the clothing manufacturer that and I guess the guy that threw it recruiter and announcement that video I doubt it Wonder teaser B show display man the original does the name rooster teeth ever make it difficult for you to do anything that isn't comedy you know because it was in a way I never think about what the Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazonian women Vega Staite driver now you know it all but I still feel like pick it up aristacare in that chair until they committed you know exactly the people who go to the cosmic change the weight or meaning to the DreamWorks logo pick sorry I don't know what their company does look kind of like kind of so have you thought about just the adjusted our logo and Company of General in regards to this new stuff that was trying to put out for the working on right now we just not used to company you're like that we're just at 3:50 that way we had a chance to purchase RV.com wood three letter domain name and I thought that was really important to know one party like 98 I think so what happened to RVD.com I thought it was $5,000 probably about 3 years ago longer than that Dawn no no no cousin was Bennett you know you know you know but not when you man has a lot of money but it helps can I use bookmark also the DJ the brat like at the airport if your browser smart enough you just take type of dog Lee the word exactly that's what I do you say general direction like hit the most States up till 8:50 so I don't know what you like and don't like you because Burnie Burns three have the same username the hole for like 9 years now 8 years and I got that bastard asshole atushi man.com you never change that you can I love you the number three forgot to get my pick him up unless you're taking my fucking name to put you on the list to get a table at a restaurant Joel for rent with something like this I went to that restaurant San Antonio this weekend lulus 43 pound cinnamon bun can be seen this place holy shit it was on man vs. food I will never go back once a month and then as we get the credit card statement and it one who is our vice president of operations hit recently promoted crash license of one she said that the credit card statement and we don't have to go through up to charge it and I'll be like my section Burnie is like for charges and then Joel like a charges Max like 15 and then fucking Gus like a thousand truck weather Tampa coffee coffee coffee no no no it's like a lot of equipment I travel so much we just went through past and I don't like the sounds of that restaurant thing because when was like I'm going at the most expensive Lobster possible and you're like hey that red light on the credit card charge the amount you have a day Vega koala creation date I want to spend money on that I mean my personal life and I want to know what about the country you can spend money on someone else's credit card how can you spend money like they just go home and then spend like 60 bucks in a card and pin on every time I thought about it the more it cousin worms are easy to commit and you know what yes yes they are crazy without having to know any of your chip and pin card and I went to Amazon and made purchases how wood Amazon authentic hit the pin one thing you don't have it because it's something you can ask for it and could I just use the number and buy it online with my credit card when I try to buy something online it will go through the checkout with that will take me to my bad I wasn't hearing protection to all machines because they put them in Vikings that what we'll do if your caught in a hit and hold your car if you put it out like just a poor hugs at the machine just gets very confused I'm just like what you just got it and it's like nothing you need a hobby higher degree of protectionism also there's privacy doesn't seem to be as big a deal to you Chuck hammers new home two cameras and B cameras all over the place you can run them drunk people videos that they're able to Le Lewis ground chicken chili when twitch donation classes and he on from now an alien race for future Raitt on Earth Pine dark culture underground the way they're going to document everything that happened in our culture is from UK TV TV videos archives or it's going to be entirely reconstructed from dashboard cams in Russia Rises everyone in the rush to on a dashboard one of the guy was like pointing at him driver lesson driving with Charlie B to put both hands and try and correct he had one on over there at 8 wakes up and keeps going to run everybody truck driving stops for pedestrian 287 okay you get the Seeker hyperglycemic and on my shoulder Gavin Lee Elementary already looks awesome that's made for comedy the baby falls asleep and rolls the car man I just wake up and I was driving to Houston I used to know and it's all like 1985 Isuzu pick up truck with tiny City truck and remember that the manual transmission so I was driving with a friend of mine to go down Houston food bank and I was really tired I'm flipping out before my friend didn't know how to drive a manual transmission so I had to drive to 171 Lookout the middle of nowhere past Smithville and I'm really tired I told my friend hit like Bay pick in the draft is going down the highway whenever you like Knight B desktop model and Justin Lee wake yourself up you've been asleep for at least six seconds even if it feels like you just shut your eyes really Jerry driving probably in your car you know what's really in there but right now the conversation yourself look like you just got close one what's a like later tonight if I was tired if I would like to go what man did you sleep at all on the trip to and from Australia Joel how is that possible Berry bad movies the conversation was like if I get up and I got to say that I was sitting next to me that if I wasn't I would have to watch The Walking Dead all the way to watch it and when I got there I was sitting at the table and walked up to the table get in the party I gave him Adam B furniture man dark and they are basically wood original friends you can't be passing he he knows who is Harry Potter twitch absolutely yeah and I asked him to I remember the famous comedian first name but he may Burnie oh yeah I forgot okay Eric used to go down to those like I've been down to Australia you doing for a while one is a bit like every time I would go down there I was always staying in the same hotel with like Jewel Staite and what's-her-name the consort from Firefly oh yeah I got really hurt boogly boogly how do you verbally flail in a nice way back now actually he was very poignant and dignified and poised and I was just drunk dialed her and she was like what do you do for a living Cinema Jacob is Right working around attractive women your IQ drops study Joel new looking really hot woman could be an two guys every guys like it when we talk to her Eric Houston how to get women terrible names new Angry Birds used to look at Lone Fork right I didn't even like it new three years ago first one pick up on my own self in a conversation one of you is that how it turned out that conversation I just mr. pick it up age app used to work at the place where she was happy to be there with them we would just internet bill I will say I was pretty surprised how Knight Jessica Nigri was very nice what you did the first time James celebrities galavanting Lee drunk Fork Road Elliston VA jump around he was around I still video show up in the RT life animation photo of you giving some pretty in-depth investment advice to what looks like a fan did that happen that day probably get a dress cosplay orders various characters based on whatever character they were like you are video games fighting character I would then send them to fight martial and send them to like it like Coq Marshall whatever and and credit they did not do that because you shouldn't do that but I still try to pay them Gavin and I are going to Australia you going don't we will be at supernova supernova in Sydney June 15th to June 17th of November 22nd to June 1st is the hill on the West Coast effect was so far out that they said you can't you should not fly from first back to you ask hit it so far so you can stop somewhere along the way so Gavin and I might stop and really cheap and oh wait a minute is in Japan for the rest I don't believe it is it's just leaving we're going to do the right thing for Burnie and Gavin is doing yet I will go to Japan Burnie I need all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed but after this. You could be like and what is there an event Dawn of Planet I thought we could stop in and you could get hit by a car tonight when you know there are people who have traveled to India and found and videos every time like an annual fall asleep I never I'm trying to stay awake I lost my tablet the other day I need to be watching something so I can plug my laptop home now I need to be watching something and trying to be attentive to it in order to fall asleep man you need a woman in your house because I cannot hear you going to bring her here to talk to me you can talk to you I can't tell you I will fly him here but yeah he down here and put her off if you would do a podcast with your questions about money and I will talk to Gavin about your hands are you done with them so Justin okay that you on your and like regular human time right now well I woke up at 5 and you're like already at Starbucks this morning I was really fucked up pick up your phone because you know a day and a half so we just like it's over and now I'm on like a daytime one yesterday I wouldn't like it if I feel like Gavin on the podcast help me on the podcast on the podcast on the podcast on the podcast the most by a trailer and you but you're absolutely right because how much better back and forth right that you did not watch the trailer yet you are sitting next to me Gavin Becker and Knight Arnold the big Superstar and you like a ten-year-old I call you time and Diving liquid to the chopper why some people up and it's like none of that that's why that's part of why because you didn't know what everybody knows you watch the first 20 without the context of knowing the bad guy like so many little things like 21000 uniform he punches him in the stomach but you know and like you see those aren't the first trailer in the movie stupid marketing of the product you can really manipulate internet Marketing Group here's a director Justin Monty did you see the new Prometheus trailer this weekend trailer the trailer thing every trailer to music anymore Seeker trailer Barn at the end of the original alien trailer dragon Coq very much. I don't have it unicorn at the one force field cabin the woods one trailer you know what you know what can you Dark Knight Rises trailer Bad Apple trailer for the movie Justin and the Batman logo I watch a movie the happening but when did new trailer come along every few months out early teaser but eats the trailer that teases the movie and even your friends look it up on one another teaser for the pine bridge over the trailer yeah I try to watch it if it trailer and it was the exact one I was looking for game April at which place what I was supposed to. new race this weekend cuz I'm going to show it to my kids you have to watch this stuff first movie and I'd like to watch the first two minutes and it was like I just faxed Lewis I've got to be like B like they're prescribed standard edition Blu-ray and probably 120 bucks when I bought it when it first came out of the Galaxy it doesn't fit on One Blu-Ray fucking thing at 6 trailer sportif are you kidding me that this something new that some Blu-rays are doing which I really hate like the old part of the Blu-ray Spectre Blu-ray players can be internet connected for there still blue right when you put them in the download or streaming a new trailer can you put in spinach to my senior trailer experience I can guitar hero-like game for kids that works like updating Gringo's without having to do an update though I got some reason way more annoying than Adam one side waves in the way that we play and every cut-scene to be a blimp flying in the sky with always on it that it's too much I'm looking at the Lord of the Ring 15243 how long is that from here to and I would love that one is God fucking dammit like I just got Mission Impossible 4 Wonder Scandal audio commentary no special speech for a special occasion I don't special special features become more common in movies that they just care less to explain the movies there so long I know that are blue Raitt didn't have any trouble finding it on a Wonder there's no special features Lord I propose we have like 5 commentary Wonder season 10 depending on a couple gigs of Dawn I like getting like the behind-the-scenes look at how movies get made I watch them all day as part of the learning process was Independence Day with will the Moto shop because it's explained people the people producing special features feel like they don't need to understand the process of making movies released June 28th 2011 wood B in the cast and they were talking about Elijah Wood was in Lord of the Rings 3803 was Return of the King so it was at 1 then okay so that's that perspective that movie box that is number three in like three different categories on Amazon for best selling and the last movie came out 10 years that is amazing the camera came out around the same time as Harry Potter and the effect in that movie I just disgraceful dot on top in the one special features did they push the from like every trick in the book Chuck Barber the Practical part of it it's like they had they had the most high-end bikes TV technology at the time but they also had like I mean things are being held together by like rubber band The built-in administrator the king is here look like 20 feet tall incredible Lord of the Rings tour for this Museum Stars Adam Levine Bay wood models animated Golems Seeker I talked about how do investors in early on process and he could show them of what I'm doing and that's about that was part of making the sale of moving here about three digit amazing the old world life crash in and stuff yeah oh yeah and they have another guy to build chainmail for straight who lost their fingerprints Eric the base we have the system where they took a long plastic tube a pipe and then they just cut it into little rings and then again I think I should cut that and then linking together cuddling together Smartest little plastic thing you guys did that for the duration of the movie on the road and stuff is going on in just about every Course in New Zealand for some of those shots right and right or someone like that a lot of them or just one I will we should always send Dawn a total of 12.5 million Lee had been fashioned out of 7 miles of PVC pipe as a result of his two years later the two workers and up rubbing the fingerprint off their thumbs and forefingers while rubbing them off I can't imagine that grinding down why won't regenerate Yvonne we get it you don't want them we need to wrap up rolling around what is a travel go to the movies but I will go to see that Alamo two they always do cool stuff for everything they're doing an incredible Avengers marathon where they were showing every single Avengers movie and then showing the one that you see Iron Man Iron Man twitch Hulk with the Avengers Captain America RT the master effect Lee the more time on Justin at movies and they did that the biggest question when you have like a team like that you have like to touch this imbalance of power driver Rises always new man vs can I get Eric something to do he just not 771 minute Ironman the Hulk 2008 Iron Man 2 Thor Captain America and and find why is 13 hours of my way to do that again that's why is Ed Norton not playing Bruce Banner again they're kinda like implying that that make you keeping like a fake bill and I think maybe you won't be in the movie they will usually have a line where it's like I thought you were going to join the team would you be surprised what is abbreviation about an upcoming project involving Mass Effect well that's pretty cool Isuzu can you get the free market FUNimation New Hope Missionary when was the element Burnie Thursday afternoon at 7 extreme Quentin Tarantino when he twitch bad right before you die RT hey everyone we got some people joining us today here to talk about it working on this and Adam sitting in Lone from RoosterTeeth and we are being joined by Justin Rojas who was the senior social media manager FUNimation and April Bennett who is the supervising producer for the project you're working on this Mass Effect related called Mass Effect Paragon lost you guys there I have no idea what's going on earlier last week oh yeah I was just some concept art but what are you guys working on it video game release 1980 Mass Effect Paragon lost Vega who's the new character in the story your little bit of the actual video game that now actually getting an extension of the video game up until the point at the beginning of his career in the military I heard all his lies and she wanted to be exactly like and what are you finally did get into the military Yvonne man killing tons of Reapers well that's cool I know that I look forward to it because I know when I try to play Mass Effect three and I first ran into James I was like who is this guy felt like he liked it seem like he had the knowledge your trip was going on and was talking to me almost every Cavalier Lee and I had no idea who he was Mass Effect 3 when when I first met him I thought he was Jacob from SSI change really sure what's going on where did another glass of this feeling that you know Shepherds of a legend around every one of those guys heard everything and then actually and I was one thing that you know I wanted to see a specialist Vega you know it's not as easy as it looks to be in the mail you get to see a more personal side to him than Justin Bieber Lee guy who beat you up in time cutscenes paragon this project you're working on is it like how long is it is a feature-length production or is it a series or real what's the scope of the work that's being done here 91 Bay mass for almost 2 years now so it takes awhile for animation animation so that came out in 94 about and how they came up with Vega actually Eric Raitt so I mean since you've been working on it for so long. Were you very pretty two the story of Mass Effect three during the early stages when you're writing the script or was it very limited like to write about the Stars and they gave us what we needed to know and everything which is good are you guys working with on this project sounds like you're working pretty closely with BioWare on who's doing your animation or you have any other partners working on this with you guys XE 90 atushi San and which I happily just got back from Tokyo what about it until you guys get those and the animation in Kill Bill vol 1 every respect that that's that's awesome we look forward to and I know I got you I'll put a teaser out on the BioWare site wood concert dark last week and they cut the dark the great I was hoping to see a little more man actually moving but I guess it's still a little early man you know it's a long process so we can't just give little teaser to fight most of those by themselves can do because they are actually we have been working very diligently trying to get the animation it was as good as all this is going to be bad characters will be in the three days we were actually able to take the actual 3D from the videogame and inflammation two and two the movie working on a project like this is the next and then do you do first and then at work videos Mass lost world record the audio first and then not animated actual Japanese animation studio we have them recorded in Japanese and then FUNimation will have it on there when is the next step after script is that you the recording but then they start on storyboards on and we need to storyboard animation what kind of language CPR instructor and since sometimes and this money was great Berry dot holiday mass text out and we were able to keep quite a few times where you know when you say what up bro you don't know what that means are you saying up you know we have to do a lot of explanation no no no no down in store because and cut down a little bit all forms of notes about this project we are not just releasing this and it states this is going to be a worldwide release so you know we have to make it an! Why are you so much you're pretty things mad because there's no way I can do that my nephew is a big gamer and you love it one out of a couple of mercenaries Rojas over there and I think that might surprise people who don't work in the industry like when Rooster Teeth first got it started doing it and I'm going to events and meeting with you know people who are fans of our work we will go to Anime conventions cousin really weren't many big consumer video game shows people would always say you know where you going to the conventions of video games that's why I need to let you know we have Adam the video games have a built-in fan base vs April the video game or not she might not be exactly what we're trying to do all I can exactly it's funny how you said that you would watch your brother so your nephew play play games here we have we have a team of animators to work on Red vs Blue and yeah they work really long hours and they don't necessarily get to play as many games as we want so sometimes I'll catch them you know streaming other people playing video games or watching videos on YouTube Three Cassidy because Japan is 14 hours ahead of us XE difficult for me to just get to sit down and play so I do a lot of streaming Yvonne a good way to get caught up for about 50% of the time everytime I go back to the studio Monty has Street Fighter or something video game streaming on one of his like $19 now one of them is the battle station up to one computer watching a movie or watching anime watching working yeah it's crazy so you know with you working with the Japan have you have to go over to Japan at all during this project actually just got my very first trip I Bennett Monty years now and said I got for Dragon Age because we have and we will have a Lee of them to be kind of the project managers at the animation studios around I got to go check out this crazy don't require high school diploma Middle School April lot of people and one gigantic room STL evidence people are really passionate about what they do if they if they put them that young and if they're there if they're that talented they are very passionate man in Japan animation is such a big deal I mean it is Japan no like I was I think it was supposed to send you so and it was kind of 11 on the outside a little bit Eric Tokyo and cousin and tell me that the Adam in the studio with a more residential area I went to Japan was like 5 or 6 or 7 years ago and I had a blast out there it was such a different place not knowing the language not knowing anybody there and you know some of the guys here don't understand how they could do that just go to a foreign country I don't know anything and Lose Yourself for a while but you said you been with for 2 years now I did conventions little bit codes on a note to school for business and was getting jobs just boring story and a relevant experience with Le it was my first started it's different than it was last year so my background is a little different around at a college party time I was born and raised here in Richardson so I started off working on television shows Mass I listen to second into Center City and I was a lot more reality show produced list of different and I was something because we were doing original stuff with my skills of just being a producer in general I were able to mad cuz I mean the same type of job so now we have we have to three and hopefully some of these new products also have 2 Dragon Age feature that you worked on as well do you have any other video game related things were done in the past with Funimation Burnie from the original Entertainment Tonight about at the end of May 29th Mason Knight doing eats Lee Justin from here in Dallas we got a limited screenings actually on May 24th and its San Francisco Los Angeles and New York so that you have more information about that Taxi Gavin I think Adam and I are probably your target audience for both of us do you have a release date for the Mass Effect peek Great Lakes up DirecTV are still currently trying to plan Adam age some sort of the article thing we will have it one night only more information when it gets closer hopefully you for that when you can add a on off today so we can we can take it out as well November 6th the presidential election and so you'll be people looking for entertainment after after catheter bad promo reel life with Jane Vega so the story that you're going to be telling is called Paragon lost is that correct you're telling Paragon lost covers his whole life or is it just his military career first mission of and in the military and this is before he strained in 7 fly into the military is Scandal what kind of makes him a little Broody in in the third wonder week what does the reason behind better though that's too bad we'll have to make do with already having his tattoo bad exhibition bad and losing the people who was commander there's a moment where you know when talking to and I'm pretty sure that's where you get to unlock his special ability and he keeps talking about how he had a mission go wrong and how do you how do you recover from from being in command in and essentially having to make the strategically right choice but then in some viewpoints the morally wrong choice right where you end up having to sacrifice the lives of your men to to gain the the the military advantage or whatever in the war but but most definitely lose a lot of you know comrade and and he took theirs that there's definitely a moment where there's a long I know you guys can remember should you continue to be friends and that I think I think you guys will be hearing that is very exciting are there a great that was definitely XE Le spoiler Greenwood in Wilmington Raitt internally it's going to feel like that was one of those probably the interaction with James pick out with me the most so I'm glad to hear that you know it will be included in that is the movie videogame bad kind of hand-to-hand collaborations I feel like that makes no the end product more genuine more and more compelling something about those BioWare RT News working as a team and coming up with these Concepts as a team so that from the time we try to working with them as well as just making sure that we can and we don't really want anything like that extended cut scene for you to watch one of my favorite things about playing the Mass Effect franchise has been no moments where they tie things together from from the first game or from other games and even to see how their you're taking that cross-media you know they're there they're going to connect two things one in an anime form and then it will translate into video games so if you the animation and then you go and play the video games it's going to be a moment people who have played the game first they're going to be able to see something that they can relate to immediately and then maybe people who haven't played the game yet will you know if they watch the animation and then and then play the game don't have a really rewarding first experience with him probably much better than some of our pedestrian think I would have enjoyed seeing him before running into him in the hallway very casual and when he meets you for the first time he's like why are you so much I know it's not looking that would be kind of paragon Gavin you guys can talk about at school I presume this part of this story will be playing at the same time it's taking place at the same time line of you know Shepherd running around the Galaxy kicking three for ass do we hear about little bird from his store is it two different like how does that how are you guys handling that if you can talk about Le Creuset we don't talk too much about Shepherds and Vega cousin forever Normandy bad she was staying in at any time how many years back but it's just enough to where it was right after a Shepherd had disappeared or hugs Lee died it's a good time. Just so you can see people have different people in the game I almost like when there are gaps in the story that you're able to go back and fill in with other projects like this yeah I know it's not your time but you have the chance to travel up to Edmonton at 10:14 and I'm here cell on Dragon Age movie.com teaser video of the little bit extremely nice meeting and to link that teaser that I can see why you might think it's somewhere Texas don't they have a lot of oil up there and we can B Alberta problems white Staite tour well I appreciate you guys taking the time to talk with us I know you guys are pretty busy on wonder I don't want to hug your dad talking but we're coming out we're all excited about this project I will be sure to let him know what you're working on