#165 - RT Podcast

RT left their contact lens on the Voyager

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Recorded: 2012-05-09 17:17:32

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Joel Heyman, Ray Narvaez Jr.




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Transcript (in progress):

theme song this is the theme song black Negro my bunch of their coach you mean it up on YouTube user mesk a who's doing the elevator a talking about Wyndham Hotel been a lot of likes and he didn't like the rest of the country is like poison and I think I think of really hot women in the city of God movie what are probably going to die geosynchronous in cm the kid and the ransom was to get the money or they were going to inject him with a stick while and then 16 of Mexico last week Nuevo Laredo be hung and tortured and then hung dead bodies from a bridge dear I would torture the dead bodies of the people killed their bodies from a bridge like a drug-related told you about that you're supposed to take probably concept of war that you return the dead to the enemy like that you let them collect you please buy those games like the Geneva Convention and all that who plays buys man on the ground as humanly possible can you look at 2 right that would never fly now us bombers flying over City and ROM the fuck out of a city in Germany will pick up like if you can say about to shoot from the a can you post things that do damaged Geneva Jersey playing Call of Duty by those rules paratroopers in World War II the head goes in round candles bake paratroopers Turkish depending what you want to do like a big explosion more and see if you're like trying to hurry you use a smaller pair of shoes because you'll and faster create a huge drafting to take up a lot of a ride and all that dear falling NY Carl shoots head off of one another that's crazy the ultimate shake and bake Ricky Bobby Kevin drafting we were just me I still a video it would think it was from Russia where dude on a bike with drafting behind an 18 drafting behind art to me enter going so fast on the highway I thought how would be holding on to the back that you look like that drafting Ray the air flows it also kind of sucks you can come like around people who do everything hypermiling with their car and put it in neutral and everything goes back to everything try to get every last bit of mileage out of a gallon of gas in throat try to compete I think it was a group who drove across the United States and their goal was to drive Coast to Coast averaging over a hundred miles a gallon and they succeeded in doing it like that to work out their route to try to minimize the amount of Hill driving in Mexico Congress and try to figure out the best way to get around the country a kind of interesting but Burnie that is an asshole and a bike I got the bright idea my bike to work Big Ben wire to the positive direction to be more West Wildwood twenty again blood eagle the other day and that is my perfect level of Jonah Hill family to me so it's like a good enough to play the Christie Gavin and his to lose weight Joel that as an actor you could feel like you could play any character with us which I have heard it he doesn't care about careers a tremendous amount of working actors you know when you need in a movie that kind of thing it's like they have a TV show they're working they have an appearance in the show or some of that mean they have their own show that have their own movie Mark Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch early nineties when an unknown Mark Wahlberg was in Carl dear oh yeah and man the dinner anyway fighting with your fog dead you bastard Chris Michael the rest of the day just like you generally well when their mouth is moving Marky is like breathing I to know what the age of consent in that just know that information and it's different my state to and tell you what the age of that have no clue 1818 they have different ages of consent for sexual content or contact also really black in the time the guy probably for a long time as well LED motion Aaron the offense didn't hear how to get around laws and interpret them differently than what I want to do I want to run the legal advice I internet we stand behind you Intex twenty is a time you come to a site like this it looks like it's like was made 1998 Marky that discussion about creeping conversation know what countdowns to people turning a certain age like a lady you know what you mean what is don't bring it but that probably would be several guys who would lose weight if it was coming to come in and say hello okay how come Michael head a little bit more of an accident than you do I have no idea but correct me if I'm wrong Queens Brooklyn and definitely teacher pay teacher pay in the beginning Jersey future live in and really hot like that until you run out of things I guess never man can never run out of things that before but you still can probably do recap that it was Michael and Ray My Little Pony that's never going to stop by the way that I make fun of My Little Pony time got it we have a my little My Little Pony are you getting any payments but I know it just in love with preciation I am tired of the My Little Pony ready now of the area Jack and just asked around and move a table to like 350 cow is back in and then when they realize that how many counties in Wyoming family musical thing going on we're now moving company all worked out as Nets West office because I'm in your life hey Joel look here is a right here and I would head that buys old new shake and Ray now I'm in for your SoundCloud that you use the CD broken headset with mic the microphone missing you the most 8 unit of tape on it and the equipment and a ticket and move it around with your technology I feel bad because I really can't leave yet did you really because you guys come into my office and you leave 27 cups of water I feel lucky that you have to wait in the office Joel I should kind of feel bad because Brian need them for sharing Joel Zoloft is can we move the guys in the bullpen which if you've watched RT Shorts that open area with tables upstairs the back lot which is building next door that they decided to move in and out of the office and put in the bullpen area so that I could have it all two dummies Brian and Nathan and to sit them in exact configuration of these to be Still Waters Run Deep you know everybody live I also would need to be there alone because that would mean I have to move Chris and probably the greatest joy in my life right now is working next to Chris and I never done that before and endless entertainment is great I see what you mean walnuts how much you had me at I can probably go get it and I do like your favorite like you prefer walnuts to them or eating we don't know anything how many which of the time you wake up almonds little peanut rid of fruit and nut to those guys be like what's it like blowing is Lifetime on understand that because all the nuts on the same category and that taste like shit didn't to the store to purchase something else process for us basically because that's what the process is for us to try to print something I just wanted walking distance of the main building and the microwave Ray in the head with Chris is like I'm meeting him for the first Gavin nice to meet you Adventure in Oklahoma scene and yet is Chris and Brandon moving the furniture out of his house and I'm pretty well the out of my house help me to make the in the cartoon wine with a speaker credit yourself driving between Lemay so I'm going to change the subject here because I see this and I want to talk to Michael about this the other day someone from the site send us a gift and it's like this I don't even know what it is like that super concentrated coffee to this place called rhenium Labs Mexico black blood of the earth and its a super concentrated coffee is made out of walnuts silver is legit or not so I emailed the guy who makes the stuff and I was like hey what would happen if I go with someone but this and send it to us again just like ok cool and he's like by the way I sent one of me which no one should drink more than 50 milliliters of that a day which is about 1.6 ounces so I told Michael this and how much of this did you drink in that one day we have a 370 no it was deleted of God love like a river Cathy Nguyen take to kill you to get my caffeine poisoning and we figured out how many milliliters would probably kill him right last box in there how much do you weigh bottles of wine and you 1/10 what that word when I think the more you wait the more it takes to raise your blood alcohol level and I can open is beer drinking beer I can drink and have a buzz the first time you brought a breathalyzer that was ever get the breathalyzer score Turkish it does not how drunk drunk are you sure breathalyzer attack attack attached to his ignition in his car a live times and you keep blowing it started and then we were driving but usually it wouldn't activate again while driving you would have to go into it again that if someone called you drunk to come blow in their car so that I can drive it that you are not that person Surfer 1923 and you go YouTube to the past 11 fear considered a Biohazard how long do you have man Minecraft Pokemon us live in your mouth election discussed is an instruction the bubble aspect of it like that to be certain I suppose so then you send this file with your saliva off to a lab and you register the vial with the mark head and then they give you your genetic makeup like Gus find out he's part my walking as part of this are you my father's Family Guy get to the front in North Africa and more likely to develop diabetes Oregon TV Guide how much are you worth the ask me to purchase the is Destin space shuttle program where they were asking people to donate blood to then get a genetic code and then put the genetic code on a black a flash drive onto flash that of the is there someday in the future you that I wouldn't do that blood TV show Voyager the satellite the US Senate Queens NY and all the stuff Jennifer Italian shake it is a funny story to tell people life International you said that you listen guys having too much fun here we just need to make sure it doesn't know where they are found is Surfer One Republic Aaron Rodgers I don't know why is that not possible it would not happen 312 18th really that could be the lowest number of possibility either existence or non-existence that we have we have the numbers Highland Rugby time Archer yeah and then everything else is just an attitude bright night pictures nothing will come of that were just talking Family Guy Voyager was with the entire cost of project my opinion when they made that was Carl you gotta get his genetic information black was stopping us from live tethering the Moon my way home scene where they measure fear revealing everything so it goes movie tilted like that as an example we just went through a super moon a different point in the Horizon where the light reflecting from the sun off the moon hits our atmosphere do we make them appreciate it Aaron to cancel the space program the new program giant cowboy radio orbit conflate across the Earth know it doesn't that's bullshit I have to put on 18 months of the earth rotation slowed down a day every 4 years nights calendar of a day extra earth expanding simulation of the continents YouTube it was a different story how they still work in the shipyard and I pop these gigantic ships next to each other the point where they feel like a few inches apart and what he could do with he would put his hand on the side of one ship and touch the other ship and a squeeze and in about an hour you can do this with his mind he can leave the ship to each other to attach to tens of thousands insane with the rotation is slowing down and it will flow down by .35 hours over the next 85 million years how to get sick but we not work dear woman and every 19 months is 18 months is a minute 3 time little a damaged night I was out with the house about the RT 1100 is this my twenty queens of the greatest thing ever from cricket out there because you're ticked off and you said you're very take away he said Brandy isilon storage unit I think it was it was some sort of Hardware thing and I'm not turned on and we don't know what that means and I thought that was awesome Christie okay so I think we should have a big red light is Hatchet about that but still live When We Were Young but it looks like what was the in Silsbee that you can always damaged shoots really fast and you can pick it up if you want you can write it down I didn't like you don't want it to be as close as we should at you right now right right you can always remove groom in your videos what you will do a long record the entire thing Queens of penises in their Lemay baby twenty second. Look and then we'll see nesting nights record at like 630 or something but I was like 40 minutes but I have to speed up to become like a minute long a letter is it hard to get it right my shot I can find out a percentage so you know the shot because your friend is thinking you got it like that because I know that I got it done at 3025 English manor a movie and we shot it it wasn't like they just had to figure out just how much slower than 24 frames a second this particular camera was like 98.95% physically twelve shit yeah that's my time old school making we recorded the sound separately and then we twenty family video camera take care of now we still do it you know it's good practice for you sync multiple cameras or use different audio from different sources that we had was so the time bass of the audio is different than the time bass the video in the beginning and it would trip over the shot he would do that for a while remember like space specific situations we got ourselves into that well I probably no one else will have the same problem like I'm constantly annoyed by the fact that in Final Cut on fear more than 10,000 to 10 iJustine internet they have a button little scene at the Joel of the week European release what magic Marvel 4 billion hours of a billion dollars moon a planet what is and they have a 8 a.m. scene the head prude flag a credit sequence and the little button and then and then and then you go home and you turn your TV on your TV stupid dude he was just a rich dude who made a stupid to get the cannon I'm not supposed to tell you boy scout store Scott is a Norse god Gone Baby Gone scale of regular people in the world Jonah Hill fear in interviews everybody Robert Downey jr. mix a lot of off-the-cuff remarks when doing press but he's late coming that ever search for Marvel's The Avengers the Ironman start that they were going to shoot one last thing that night which was the night of the film's premiere on a Wednesday Knight director Joss Whedon so done with getting for Marvel Studios honcho and Avengers pretty sure Kevin for the age is said to have been visibly irritated that he saying that he was just joking right not according to is Coast Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo who confirmed the Shoots for the the website the playlist yeah we're shooting tonight I'm not exactly sure where it's going to go all I know is that someone came in with the cause of his dead here somewhere Joel we don't know where you're going to be or what you gonna be doing dr. Peters well that's crazy that's crazy I thought we were able to get it all theaters to get a diminished experience now well with the content Delta that the case my number is returning Internet Explorer you can make a movie for under $90 Michael Douglas why is no one ever shot on the TV and then secretly shot that equal the same time but only ever talk about the first thing that came out of the Dead Land this weekend that was like oh by the way Avengers I need to have a plan in place to promote directly to being around you yeah did they go to the movie with me Disney package black Airbender the same game 2004 my wife just of the story that's freaking amazing adventure man to watch things in one of their Old Lake Elementary you can do earth The Last Airbender Avatar died Vision Care iJustine West Joel you would like it you would like it either talk over each other I love this the talk over each other that video tape Joel Joel Vision Gallery Adventure Time art what is it like a traveling art show or was it like a one-time thing you know what I thought was NY Finance what's the context of that word was changed because of Bugs Bunny that Nimrod you know he would have put it on there but is a nimrod in the cartoon Nimrod was actually a Biblical Hunter with great prowess but he was calling for clip Nimrod sarcastically but no one use a reference so they can the human Nimrod was a synonym for idiot that so now the word Nimrod means an idiot because of Bugs Bunny that I changed it was because I liked it because that was the name of the spaceknight nimrod 1 time and the most pop how is often called you associate with the surfer turn transparent a negro that was married and Ray horchata box office Avatar ROM the space-knight 2/10 ridiculous Indian Marlena perfectly Archer people to watch Archer that was told me to and I just have not telling someone about something if you have something to talk to you I just find it the more people or something like that I would meet you tell me about that person who told me about the first Eternal balance I think I heard that Breaking Bad coming back this summer when you see some crazy person a show that I thought you and I watch it during season 1 Game of Thrones talk about it so much I have them 14 did we just announced that for the first time in forever competition wow like I black out but Divergent I have you save the boxes are Apple products know I hate when you get the collector's edition and you get the box cuz it's like you paid for it you want to keep it but you want to fucking throw it away like I keep it out of guilt freaks from the job we had together we go again redemption codes night was a big deal I don't know anything we need to access the online functionality rap uses America my craft dear I did that too 24 years of torture it's been like 20 years old you have insane that you come across that sometimes it's like smelling fresh cut grass in Spring is of the Galaxy big deal with it like this it's hard to throw away Gavin and interrupt you so we ran into this we are cleaning up the Warehouse Cleaners storage units Twitter of some of the most disturbing quote I've ever heard at the company said casually well were organized my generation where do we always go to porn in the woods Whites Creek my question to you how do you throw away a Bible can you throw a Bible a Joel I don't want to fight anymore so we could YouTube cow leather Bibles don't really that would be harder the American fabric orbit come see Chris because of your hair what is what is good for Michael 2004 Gavin that you have to take an American flag down every night that he will come out and take it down to Tony's job to do that my kitchen but if we got back from a walk around your clip about tradition people come and see the Queens us tourism government us people do stuff that they don't quite understand the way the world works now I generally more deadly head of the internet makes it possible everything the rise of atheism eventually the world would head towards atheism over time either we get sometimes it's like nothing else happening eventually because of technology and Adventure people feel like they're in control of everything don't feel like there's any more right it's a lot more explanation Healthcare internet makes everyone socially I mean everyone human actions everything more people than any other socialist to push their agenda through technology so what are you thinking preferred way to get rid of a Bible and I just looked it up I don't think there was one Burnie Price is Right Brinkley Houston funky ok flag black to anymore nefarious Marky for sport in its proper disposal of the American flag Joel even anger or and I think he's trying to take a bathroom break how dispose of a damaged American flag damaged Coast the flag when is in such condition that is no wonder it's fitting emblem of display should be destroyed in a dignified way preferably by burning fire out of the flag Shepherd the Stars and Stripes really play the flag on top of the fire with the field on top of the rest of the flag which should be respectfully folded and watch picture this Brinkley and completely I don't know what's on the other side because of a flag how old is to hang a TV on it so uses shotgun who was getting the mail TV to hang a TV that's the kind of thing that happens in America list it happens everywhere one of my favorite stories every because it's horribly tragic is the dude in Turkey who's getting married gone and they fired up the bride's father at 8 of his relatives 3828 East to try to control it so you can see butterfly Turkish bread groom actually killed three of his relatives and the Father of the Bride As He celebrated twenty Moon buy a bullet falling back to her and have her come at 5 but they will still kill you the pictures of them coming through someone's roof and look into the room where they are Joel Christie Brinkley is 58 years old how does she look good silver and I went right from article by someone getting shot at a wedding by accident to legally in the UK you cannot run a website that's more than two clicks away from boobs tree of the Sun in American that you have to build a bonfire and you have to cut the black the Burnie man with the Mayan Mark calendars little Rogen a Dyson first things first while some that was it comes box or something and was spending day because he was convinced it was going to happen Shake Your Money Man is it good that my country didn't push the art or is it buys it's great you got trouble you got trouble we were having some little bit how to screenshot long term investments that you have to if you don't like that you went down that to this is a buying opportunity you say that money is on your in dear a lot of people saying that the model might now be not the same that is what we always traditionally does being stocks are gone back to a short-term interest rate to a point where they could move them down and when they can move them down that's going to be good at the market will that words are negative they would like to I mean it in a negative way because if you got your money in a savings account you're losing 2% of time accounting Tony Iommi station is UK credit rating like I didn't Care Credit agency 720 credit my credit card so you put up $300 and you have $3 limit on the card and then you build it up over time and then you get an actual credit card my now get out of that good advice credit we gotta wrap up we're going to eat what you say you didn't tell me Gina Hart from Mark awesome awesome kitchen art Giver watch Michael live prude girls mega64 mega64 they should hold of hard to believe you when they want to yes SeaNanners is coming and I'll even say his name right because I was $10 and I got it later but you guys should definitely come to RTX in Austin Texas you couldn't check it out it RT event.com will be head a drunk and maybe we should I was writing the script and the idea is that people will come to one and then the next day the other have to come to our second family but the same time it's just three times for Five Guys on its own Seth fear to have when you distribute time how to the people and enable people in station head like a nesting Hill educational practices that how we do what we do here and the reason voice actors panel which is Avatar cast of Freelancers that's good so they take it out my ticket if you have it Martin how do I get a job online or have any educational tracks we have how we do what we do and then he was like how we can help you out ultimate careers in mediately just one Aaron Lemay legitimate panels a prude