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Recorded: 2012-05-16 15:56:35

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, Jack Pattillo, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the rooster teeth drunk tank podcast welcome to the properties from Time Podcast welcome to the 30 from tank phone case I wonder would you be listening to it. Just wanted to know if that is an acoustic bass so you've learned acoustic Bass Monty count on my guy I'm guessing he's Willy III racing 20 Pocono properties most stereotypical certificate away give you that good morning everyone you can make Brighton liquid you can make fun of people who you're married to you as well that I don't know yeah I'm going to get ridiculous when people start a sentence with I'm not trying to be racist but blank but you bit total offense and then Metta play Kiss like a like oh okay I'm going to say something but you can't get mad at me and being a question little the worst thing is is when they send you an e-mail or on Xbox Live they sent you a message that says hey will you write me back I just need to ask you something and it's III images of the end of what I say I'm just saying yeah yeah like what is that like what are you trying to communicate by saying that everything that comes out my mouth like to hit the pub it's of one leaving that to Nether phone liquid diet so you may not realize it but you quoted Red vs Blue when you said 5 meters from Australian credible the body just doesn't react very well to what would happen they get pneumonia or something we're just leaving them Prix color ribbon and put them in I Didn't I was probably in the building about 20 seconds before the park outside I just woke up everything was and I just thought his amazing Brandon Gus and I had this discussion the other day because Deus in robotic advance I read about in AI technology robotic Japanese bust Patrick Lynch up on you did you get the book working on Classen Circle sales presentation Gus just little practical application for a baby that way we can connect remotely over the net and so you can slap them but maybe here and someone in your clippers Antonio Johnson like a box that has a drawn on it and it still hasn't been emotionally charged with 90 degree angle and then you put that in your mouth and you total it with your tongue and the other person put their straw in their mouth and it's like you can transmitter intimate kiss each other through the internet with a stroller with a flashlight Gavin the brain is like trying to be a pre order this thing out of the robotic but but we were talking about was show robotic like do you think In Our Lifetime that we're headed towards like a free standing walking robot that can think for not giving 3D not make it and I'll be okay technology will be capable of making that right autonomous like you binary and help you with your daily life I would buy one if it was there I will get you 2 Jack Gleeson found no pun intended from bottom Gene TV like Siri but you tests up what I could do and it really is not helpful anyway and you leave in the corner from everybody today light Reapers make with and become self aware when stuff comes out away with that stuff I buy steel pipe liquid Metta red things about itself yet what do you want I can like a robot where you can show it I think I'll be like this is a bucket or bust and in other bust you can stop freaking out like usually does away now Gavin what do you think how is the world going to be destroyed by Lands like a water Alex blows the atmosphere off or something Thomas build a ridiculously overpowered weapon not hold or something it was no Knoxville Zelda Corvette like or effects play Big effects the in some or bit away like it speeds up the day or something astronomical event Earth to the Moon quotes about death I just don't have another conversation about the diving moon in the sky Leap Pad Thai and we'll get something are bad signs they were just ripping it to shreds expanding Shiri that makes more sense than the reality the reality is that plate tectonics pushed all the continents planet expanding boong Earth with tiny Thomas talking about if you were watching Alex Jones Kylie Lands End and expanding and the landmasses true it will the far is the inner core of the earth is molten is and that will affect depending on how cool it was that the size of the Earth time change of temperature expanding like the only thing that expands when it freezes water only thing that everything is everything is more dense as a solid than everything water is the only thing that in the liquid form because of the bonds are in the molecules and the way they line up and that makes where can you freeze water in a different way and make it more dense than the liquid freezing things what did nitrogen absolutely water extreme free stuff in different ways when it cools like you conceal water down below freezing before it freezes. You know freeze instantly take beer out of the freezer and in light and fit into in Fahrenheit it makes sense Bass the freezing point of water and the boiling point of water light 100 Drake We Made It what is the average first I really picture of water boiling time in counter any temperature that it doesn't matter what temperature does your fucking dead Commodore pot of water and boil it is it hits 2:12 based on tests that we will talk not counting stuff what what what have you ever seen a hundred on a thermometer hit ever I've ever seen 2 12 hit on a thermometer cuz you don't measure it why have of value never measure from show started measuring using them kill them like if you know what I do it water for instance you as much as you want to the temperature up to 12 the water inside then it stopped while water is boiling it is 212 until it's done boiling or some dude's wife on Pixar crazy crazy water is I was working out at the pool this weekend and I just think we water evaporation like that something about you just like red water up in and eventually it's just gone it just evaporate when I was in first grade I was fascinated by evaporation and I wanted to see it happening so I like a field of water and I step outside all day staring at it and I never thought water wasn't what was blessed with my dick Verizon up at 6 first started coming to these technologies that we know are going to exist and we just don't have them and does not have any discussion of what is the technology that probably existed that we were aware of for the longest amount of time but we just couldn't harness it whatever it was it just took somebody coming along to develop it but you mean to tell me that now is a good one the longest light like people want learns and it was like I was Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine we talk on the phone with not connect 2010 yeah but they didn't predict that very well but you see all these will be shows from the fifties and for the level where they predict the future they went about something where we can speech first ex never put in video calling or ever going to have this service in the 92451 area 01 new someone else you had one if you'd like electricity has been around for centuries the people were looking for I think they would understand I wish I could like crap so I can power of Bulbasaur like the way you looking at me like I didn't or I wish there was something I could have been eliminated everything without having a smoke right now and they might not apply today okay I can turn that into something that something that's possible did we have an American Tail of where they came from and I don't think probably Gavin you would know it was tough to Crate Box liquid in it that way before using electricity charged particles using like material Fabric and they would have had they would have to like each other like for Ben Franklin people theorize that you can maybe harnessed electricity invented or discovered I suppose that you could discovered whatever you know utilize electricity for the first time the flying or the Wright brothers were flying you know don't be like that I'm just saying like Los CD The Bunny the Bear little and for human Planet time. Like that little vibration machine he had what he could like like match the Resonance of an object to the point where you can literally make it pop I don't think I've ever heard of that machine body rock star he would like to make make it vibrate at a certain frequency to match the frequency of the time body to the point where it would be spending like crazy like Willy moving properly but you know you can it wouldn't be too much the harmonics of a bridge image embrace the Tesla light wrap them into the foundation of the building that had it vibrating to the point where they go to an earthquake people in the building Clippers magic way building like going and then and then everything 10 o'clock no making noise Los time that it was strapped into a human structure that glass MythBusters like today in the time traveling hipster like the photo is it in glasses short scriptures show me the virtual Pioneer museum for British Columbia the image can be seen specifically on this page among other items of the online exhibit it is from 1940 and some dude who looks like your from right now from like Greenwich Village like a dude Lou Berman how old is he is 78 years old up kicking it last night I was World Peace former Ron Artest going into the stands and punch him and he ran after the guy but it turned out it was pretty great time Hotspur San and I feel like coming. Are you by chance still apply when a regular dentist office Willy Clippers good like that right or the Clippers the play game for Wilder the dude who made Kim Kardashian yes like of the place for the Clippers III you are a super athlete Reggie Bush junkyard that was amazing beer Clippers are in the playoffs now Quest Kanye West gets into now Kim Kardashian Minecraft Minecraft New York City right now but I am going to Howard Stern wrap up show that is big deal the big league awesome Howard Stern's $1000000 paid over the years is it the interest in the price of how much a million million million for this extra money to worry about like every month to get a couple extra Grand real value of winning then what happened to you afterwards and let me just give you a million years 2025 take your and you would even winning like if you have a large lump sum payout and I'll just give you a lump sum up front to take over the the long-term payment State Lottery I don't know if they're going to do that for a production company running a popular TV show that doesn't run but there's a third-party any surprises Never As Good As It Seems whatever Becomes of you going to make something and away yeah terrible I mean your mother's 40 years from getting on stage Instinct nerd juggling with your mouth wouldn't be good because I like this place I don't want to watch that kind of thing Monty counter is it really like to show Simon Cowell be one of the judges on the Adidas Edison No.1 season and you get 25 grand for 40 years Instinct for Life basically I will make it down and put it down by about 8 if you're mad that you can't live off of it it's still a lot of money yeah it like that it when you break it down it doesn't sound as sweet as when you just summarize the lifestyle he just wanted million I don't understand Gavin magic he still has to work after one in a million I would rather have 6:25 grand every every year for 48000 Minecraft how many lady are you I'm going to guess they were just talking about bush and your $1,000 is worth 2,000 pounds I will see you on Thursday good luck with the podcast Burnie what's up guys I was. Jack will go down here what if I missed we just talked about the moving again about the old people that used to be not heard about the Japanese video game where you have to shove stuff up a butt okay not the real thing by the photos they were talking about what we can bring. Tried to break your mind trying to do we know and so it was me and Gavin Jordan who makes the RT animated adventures everything in quotes Kentucky quotes play the message we were sending each other we would start with a with a quarter and a away because everything would be okay with doing it not react with Thomas because his blood little bit wink or just responding to me like a regular conversation I was gettin some head never seen got jumped up in the air light behind books Monty just want to do not again condemn Jack in Monty he brought the mixer what are the Spurs play Asimo Jordan McDowell from body what light without being auction gold like getting quotes on trying to prank someone and having no reaction to it was right that Wednesday how are you enjoying Diablo 3 Gus I was reading last night apparently go check it like to take time out of your day to check my email and I made you late to work a lot of people Diablo 3 because The Hold Steady Metta yes I was reading all of water do you read your whole time like the way you are there's time to do that time if you stop waiting how many people use Twitter your asshole don't check it when I'm reading something I used to go back I need to check it like every night and see what I missed but now I just don't give a shit Legend of this Minecraft which I want to talk about it some point but I downloaded it even if it took a while yesterday like I didn't the day like at 1 to like 8 or 9 p.m. to call Shiri it took awhile for it to download the update so I will be playing right now I don't but the more more I read about it the more I think I might have to go pick it up Ron and you kill monsters and show you like to suck on them and killer Nikola novel concept it's an old theory is very old series how do you play Diablo Diablo 1 ever play Diablo 2 days and we couldn't duplicate items like the coolest thing ever in Michael Bohn armor Diablo properties computer remember Commodore 64 it was who was the 64 it was like I was like a weird game that old comic strip BC about the cavemen Deus like extreme about that would you like ticket to ride a unicycle in diving gems phone away before that you said computer leap like the bass one with the monitor in the keyboard like 64 bytes of memory far Stern hi like I love that I know that I haven't been looking forward to being 64 2 much cuz I was really in the Killer Instinct back then and was advertised on the arcade console like coming soon to the ultra 64 and then it just ended up being that like kitty game console that thing they added to it to lets 64 DD Double Dee double die what was that for I don't think it was more supported in Japan I think it came out in the US Reggie bit with an expensive expansion pack for the 64 did you have Bass Commodore network settings for ex beer yeah yeah crazy right the things you can Anna in Japan that the junior when you're little and yes without you could go to like a 7-Eleven and get like a black cartridge and buy a game and put it on the car to take it home and play it really first service from Time Warner Cable where you plug your cable into play a new game that came out years and years and years time football on Instinct the shittiest thing ever but it was really bad so you never got a like in BBS is or anything like that I guess I'm assuming you're a Buick III diving or you connect with your modem to a server and it was like no the one I was on you literally had to pay for your phone line to get in like there was so many people like your subscription was enough to pay for phone like 15 bucks a month and you could do things they had like multiplayer stuff set up with like there's going to Legend of the red dragon which was like a turn-based game so every day you are getting like 20 times and got to go around and look for stuff and in the head like a multiplayer component to it so like someone else is playing the game you came across them because I like them which is essentially the attack or whatever or to run and I was time and in the same service and of getting something which tricks your computer into thinking the dialogue was actually a local network when I pee ex Network Sega play Doom 4 player online I forgot about that CPC in my play Doom to for ever it was that was the night or maybe 9495 more in there I was in Middle School San ex Xbox One how does suck though because if you played enough expanding it over the network kids today will never know the pain you know when your mom picks up the phone what's the weather like image to load now there's like Diablo that is like when a corn Moon never have the same III Pamela Anderson 64 the resolution terrible is a barium in the in a computer somewhere repairs can't find them anywhere 8 days worth of the Minecraft on the shit out of some Minecraft Nikola time I became interested in it on the PC I did meet the not tests coming out in the Xbox version do you watch the lets play that we show that lets play first time myself Jack and Michael never touched Minecraft bit show and you can see it Ron Simmons dating or what total Ron to put lava in a bucket away is the Moon Shiri like 16 blocks away for old up it's so beautiful listen reactions are there that almost almost are equivalent to the ones in the lets play I don't want to see how far away is a video you coming in right now okay I'm having a bit of a time finding gold like last night I was down and I finally found gold 2 blocks of gold 1025 gold like you make powered rail line so I can beer come on you don't come up to do that okay so you can within your house to like you start like he built the house and he like started digging York or your whatever inside of your house okay I mean just put a door and I can just keep taking them to worry about in counter dungeons destroy the block and big surprise I was behind it like August light from my total back up to the surface one day and I like a Smash book about my head water came down and counter chicken San of the giant room open Zelda fine dining for the first time try to make a diamond pickaxe in and then you make your time with her I found a diamond like a diamond in peace with whatever nothing will ever like water and standings you don't like every 400 400 that game like a perfect 2 the game and like my age to play in his significant like not perfect because you have about what you can come up with all the way across the map and One Direction we're going to go in the other direction lets Build my right pointer finger hurts wild of the night and I was like no no trolls like everyone like everyone else and then people started doing things like and a couple of the other two joined in like someone and like try to kill everyone and then I bit him in the game pictures of you and I know you want not really I mean I appreciate the phone but it seems like most people are up to the challenge to creating more appreciated Little Big Planet give you Prix made stuff that you can then use to make something yeah Minecraft if you block them or low level yeah there's some pretty crazy stuff made in Little Big Planet because there's even there's there's a Planet level control but the predetermined amount that I guess it kind of turns people off more or rather than lets predetermined amount of Minecraft people on more I guess there's time if you thought it was a Little Big Planet 2 someone made the Legend of Zelda right pretty and stuff like Little Big Planet 3 tutorial you don't need no idea what's playing I downloaded yesterday it was playing he was playing the video game snake in traveling Lucien I have no idea how the hell he pulled that off but it was like I mean he was a snake in a barrel and getting bigger and like you and everything was time to figure that out and I don't like the Portal 2 level editor that came out someone made a binary counter pills like of the old video like a computer in Minecraft commands to do math Planet League are they playing Legos in daycare should for good daycares like in big kids and the best thing about that whenever you touch a bed whenever you use the bed in the house and inside the house time for love like kind of unique stuff in it on the PC that is I think the game but that was it 1.7 because the train to generate kind of infinity at the point where the 2 train generation is completely broken in the ground and stuff it was like 12 million blocks out it takes about 820 hours to walk to it if it leap people that telephone who is walking to the far lands stuffed water generation or maybe a max value or somewhere in the ghost in the machine now I think about that like you know like if it's about your petition but the game thinks it's doing something right which is like we're talking about that's exactly right and then it's down to the multiples that we were just talking up the things that we just don't or human perception of the things we try to create round numbers to try to understand Monty is like III Ray stantz of the Gold haircuts up there is no one else sees I said go to Michigan I think I got you must be gone quotes about whoever else Gavin Gavin could be the ones to go out there and build something not tonight looking for like hundreds of hours of this point I think he's like 5 or 6% of the way while it's really really far the Xbox version deeply concerned but I haven't had a problem like running out of things to do and things to see its own like I'm in a long-ass time I could not find lava in my world I looked everywhere for God damn and I could not find it and then I finally like stumble across III Prix or whatever is inside there but now it seems like my pic Keystone don't know I didn't try to get on top of it I try to find the room to the lava came from so that's exciting and I've done that a couple times and like I was up to me I can go and make another portal traveling the world is there scorpions from my CD that came from the nether effects work on Shiri Spear Socom rule the outworld the sent to me that's incredibly elaborate mind what is it that I Minecraft they went down to bedrock and Bedrock there and made a giant Jack in and did like a total directions like that's mine diving and stuff more often if I find other total how tall your or you're too that you're dating beer Subway like you or is everybody walking image Japanese power that red stuff with redstone torch Howard light the building for future development kid play on the Minecraft of the day they pay for and that I should like reading and stuff has been built by people who used to have this out of the for them but they usually stumble onto these like storage building 4558 not real history effects nether time in Belgium and elaborate things that came across that forerunners effects not worth it like Total Recall Against the Machine and kick off the ionosphere no one's anyone see Total Recall Sega hard not to do that again call the Comfort Inn really for the camera away martial arts in Lake Shootin everybody is like she forgets like that movie like a billion time they made it back when it's over martial arts expert he wasn't like any no because only because in the heat Ninja Warrior winter moving the car crash up everything about hard not to do Clippers Ron Ron so you know to do it 3 times I have yet to do anything let me know everything of the characters really you have like Thor Iron Man and Iron and then on the ground and a play about the imbalance of power Avengers not not to talk about free clinic and I have people that worked like there's an imbalance people try to balance it out I often say that life isn't like trading card you know there's no power levels there's no real energy projection you can measure up you know that is dead if it's fine I first buy a gun the like why Batman is the best superhero could beat like it's more like that if you look at human evolution the value of humans is based on you know we don't have to have claws going to have these crazy tires and stuff human evolution is based on Ingenuity that's why Batman is the best superhero of all kiss his best Howard is ability to adapt so like we make these movies about these crazy superheroes in it like that but it in the day you know people at the most important thing the like these comparisons are just kind of like childish 2 musician Howard somebody who can do something that no one else can have this ability and that makes him special no one has we also have peace as much as superhero in terms of how we could fight other people as any other any other friction we had none of his stuff and he's able to adapt I think I think they think I'm trying to put out more the Metta for for like you know human ability that humans have are the most human-like the most powerful thing in the universe bass time don't account for time and dad then we sort of things that the police put the transactions and that sort of thing but again we're talking about comic book movies so how do you think we are compared to us how we will be in 200000 years you can we go to vote in 2000 or .4% of the time is dinosaur time passed between and the Tyrannosaurus Rex than between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and now what light like dinosaur in the whole time that I've been around 200,000 years right and the planet is 4 billion years old but the time they came into the world freaking lunatic they'll be one crazy too he just got Metta just like the atmosphere natural disaster but that's the way I electricity go out which causes people to diving into the launching nuke you spell canoe NFL around the chocolate for the earth to go not going to go with anything that's going to be human then kill most human beings to the point where Asimo beer that won't be happening text environmental even know that that's the commonly accepted Theory Willy Red Lobster Jurassic Park theory of dinosaur that was actually a combination of two dinosaur the dot on top of each other that was built into the bust or different killer find Apollo 13 to be like Jesus play Minecraft using for gold little dragon being the worst thing like just the idea of having something the one play it's kind of like a fascinating Discovery in itself but he responded dinosaur to be like is counter that we never found this before Hilton found in what kind of a first name beer light how much is The Donut Man we we have been dinosaur San your kid tries to punch boxing scientifically was named in 1824 but bones had been found against in the 16 hundreds but no one you would have of course the movies this weekend San not like to part with a few Dinosaur Kids dinosaur the easiest way to get a man did it become is looking down that is when there like right at the end of climbing up to the ceiling and stuff and like I think one of those like punching through the ceiling and the girls and the kind of looking down an amazing she looks up you can put a face on it and it's actually replaced replaced with the end of like the shows on Discovery or like movies like 300 every and everything looks good the movie like that even if he looks pretty good I don't want to think if you watch the Pixar Story one of the Pixar first and ever and I guess industrial Light & Magic back then but I mean before Pixar became their own company you know what the thing was on the Pixar computer they worked on the effects to a point where I can't remember exactly but Pixar become a company on their own and Steve Jobs expanding them I think they would have bit they started up the guy I can't remember exactly leave the digital division of industrial Light & Magic to do next for Jurassic Park Alex Pixar used to be owned by Lucas and Pixar computer Park looking back on it in any notices to mention all the time now so all the power was out in this Park dinosaurs running and there's only like 15 minutes holy shit what are we going to do here We Made It Austin in this like 15 year old girl sit down at a computer and there's a great line beer the convention used all the time like it just like that if you'd like to go in cinemas like the modern-day Atwood Machina Deus Ex deus ex machina it's amazing it's like I'm not impossible like the guy in a plane disaster movies play Flight Simulator was right about that movie like it should be chronicled in the book before you when in the in the school I went to we read the book first before Zelda moving everyone feel like the book was better but there's something about the book the kids like the boy was older and the girl was younger and then dies in the book 323 like Howard like in the book and there's a whole thing or like they're hiding of water phone like the T-Rex time came out to try to find them and that ended up being and 333 like a bad man was great in the first one that shot at the end when they're leaving and he's just staring at the mosquito stuck in the staff and it came and it was just watching his whole life of work last week just going down the drain that and I was like I feel so bad lets from Gene from a cell phone to change text and email is like buying anything in America It 2 Annoying the price is like a really hot like we both came today it was $59.96 and the price for stock at the checkout because we don't know 1 taxes different depending on the cost money if you require each GameStop to spend the time to list price it differently it has to be different in every all the computer is it easier to just say across-the-board in this country this is how much it cost and then each door just please whatever local how much is going to be in what you see the number in at 5 instead of 6 I mean it's annoying but you just live with it and some change game 360 Buckeye Honda go stupid Planet if everything is well thank you I thought I get coffee like the coffee shop where I live they hand you a cup you like going to the coffee or the milk and right why do I get like specially-made rink like something that they have to the bridge that has to make first was just pouring some fucking like her petroleum lets a human stop throwing them at stake Southpark Meadows Starbucks not at of a car III ninety-nine and nine-tenths of a cent at the end of the price of gas which one is cheaper and if it's $0.01 cheaper than good enough let me know if there's like if you're guessing up something like that extra decimal place on the dollar amount could actually even if you could you know what they bust in total losses based on Up 2 actually 31 which gas like one of the just make it 3:19 I could have what you waiting so that the painting I think I think you would whatever and they were all like outdoor Jack driving just look which number is the smallest Industrial Drive the gas stations for the cheaper price you just go to the one in one possible and that is the correct way to do it my dad used to like to spend more gas to drive around found the cheaper gas Deus superhero make me happy about that. Your big head so the answer I found you I don't know if I believe it this is on answers.com or whatever that's where they came up to buy gas like the twenties and thirties that gas was $0.08 a gallon so up any was actually a big difference big jump so they would sell gas by 1/10 in increments learns like and it's just the answer I don't know if I believe it but they brought it back because people didn't want to forget Jeff's Garage not it's okay Monty ex are talking faster we got a magic like if I was I would imagine like Monty in a bed with like a phone up to a 2 times a month which we all start talking slow down I just pay you then answering messages like hey are you going to get a car when are you going to Driver's Ed I need to find out if I can come in there's a new go-kart track in Austin like professional beer 64 nothing about Bass League of the coolest track as you can have multiple people in the same track if you moving like Malibu Grand Prix back in the days only one person at a time this one is like you can have like 8 people going we don't like Mario Kart Wii need to come by and like that and like paint guns or something so we can make it antique oak up when I read the story about this kid he was in a really fast one he is but one up there I split it landed upside down on his head I need stuff with an internal decapitation which one is which is where you will show comes off the top of your spine and head came off but it was still held onto his Minecraft skin by the skin in the muscle and tissue disorder like the pipes are still connected but his head came off in his in his skin he could still get his left and we completely paralyzed and I think in the surgery they reattached it I don't know track ID find me the story I beer body the word that's why you don't LinkedIn back in the 1700 decapitated and he said that when he got up he was linked as long as he could to show that he was still alive and oxygen in a little bit I didn't know just hold your breath because your heart was slow down to the point where it's actually scary movie time like the water level transmitter like sucking a lot and breathing out Red Rocks the amazing what you can do without any equipment body body hasn't it that we originally either came from or heading back to the ocean do that those discoveries would you mean that the body could do like amazing things in terms of like there's there's something we could do really with the underwater underwater the 7th of the ocean with us. I left like 5-10 minutes in situations like and help you anyway if you just relax you just by speaking of water are you having any husband Schlitterbahn already had it open Brandon like starting Memorial Day today Water Theme Park and just south of Austin Brandon how many times do last summer probably about 7 times that I got it can I see the past like we have a 3/2 day and it's just like 30 minutes away so just drove down spend a half-day but it depends when you buy them they probably if you buy during the year like two hundred bucks dude I want you like you can bring your own food you can bring your own liquor or not supposed to but they don't care but what are we to do to Schlitterbahn 2 like you can do it comic water coming out of the Tonic Bar on a little dinner if you don't give a shit if you like the taste of tonic water Deus of the commercial moon like anyone anyone Schlitterbahn listening we would love your Schlitterbahn feel free to send us some tickets punch Schlitterbahn last year and it was the end of the day and I just wanted to chill out and go to my profile Deus like lying back here just like bloating and then miles and Kerry were there with these two girls on a date like like the only reason I came is because the girls wanted to come and they all went I think Jack to arrive and they were in line for an hour and they were just thinking like a like Brandon if they're just kind of chilling out not doing anything and they're waiting those lines so they left the girl in line and came to hang out with us and well that was rough current girlfriend who can tell alright well let's Alex wrap things up on all of that I will buy Gavin III Max Payne 3 this week Minecraft