#167 - RT Podcast

RT ditched their dates by the water slides

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Recorded: 2012-05-23 19:00:30

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo, Shannon McCormick




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Transcript (in progress):

you know you're dealing with a serious musician when he named the song that he has committed for the podcast theme song that was a pint of string instruments Gavin Burnie Barbara Kerry and Mild here however miles of and Kerry were very insistent on coming to the podcast after they got thrown under the bus last week by Brandon last week Brandon said that y'all went to Schlitterbahn and that essentially you guys abandoned the girls are on a date with because you don't want to wait in line Brandenburg entertaining It Hurts remix and Brenda made it sound like we did the girls in line and then eyes waves sound like the cafe rent a bike runs like the girls and in the community what happened he knew we knew that boy was destined to fail Brandon rent rent in Anaheim Alison Electra moment let's assume that maybe somebody didn't after Twitter will they rent those too I'm going to get Kerry and Miles we went with a couple of girl and it was I believe it said to Brendon and Sarah went and got on the one right and those two idiots were here on today I got in the line with the girls and another ride but the line was like an hour and a half long as they tend to be in certain parts rather than wait in the line they decide to go hang out with Brandon and said and then miles and Kerry word befuddled as to why the girls were upset with him either but he's not sure if they left the girls in the other one hold their place in line Will a 40 minute appointment drive away from Austin or did you intentionally of and then we're going to be going back but then you still have to get in the car if it with them for 40 45 minutes to come back home okay so what are you upset about because okay from the beginning we could tell this was not going to be a good date okay it was we did in Austin last year have 76 days over 100 degrees and Schlitterbahn is a water park water park the guys know where this is heading there was a comic that was machine and John on the ship so we got to go to Schlitterbahn and of course bad today where is fucking porn and just as crazy thunderstorm came through and ruined everything and everyone okay there is no different I promise restart am kinda like and we show up and the girls are having a good time when we got to it sounds like the girls were That Into You actual date like when you have a good girl you always or just two girls and two guys doing just hanging out Jack and Brenda so you did in a double two together it was two girls one two bye the end first was that the first guy did you beets of Americans is the day they need to be hanging out together more than they do more than they like hanging out with us but things really really turn that shit when the thunder storm came through yeah we were in line for a ride calm like the Amazon jungle or something like and I really bad like Chucky Cheese's animatronic jungle animals Bayer Barbara smiling like a maniac love this so in this line for 20 minutes and it's like we've already been there for the 29th 20 minute armor and that's when the and Kerry and I are doing our best to two shelter the young ladies like you you're cool girl Kerry boys trying to cut their and they're still like the getting close two parts part of you leaving total training and they shut down the ride I should on all the rides in the park and then make everybody for the storm to pass the storm to pass it's in line trying to buy the gamma tronic animals that growl and make noises the best part about this whole situation so one of the girls has a phobia of statues Taxidermy and anything that looks like lice but isn't essentially so she is surrounded by her worst fear in the freezing cold rain and two Blues I got it and some panicking and breathing and hyperventilating and can't deal with the situation it was just to sum up we have a girl in a bikini who's cold in the for girls in the problem she's comforted by her best friend or best friend sued sin top 10 countries for table and say let's get out of here and go hang out with Brandon said that Woods where it would just believe we're like what's going on more right jack will I was going to go so we get in line and waiting and waiting or waiting in a brand sin final I thought this and they left to go to it was it was probably the worst and then we see them like they go bye bye have fun Jo bye the brand was talking about everything else build up believe that nothing was going to happen that we just in Lyons bad when having a flight eventually we like we we cat Bayer and Ladies If you will excuse us we're going to go splash in the lady have a wonderful day you didn't invite them to come with Whedon Kareem for two hours but we would rather than in front of a worst nightmare Jack Jack Attack will do anything at any point in time like you can call Jack Wednesday at 11:30 p.m. and go Jo good drink is like to sleep with rating Willow Jack to the photo of his lovely girl Whataburger boy to have him talk to you guys about how to have a successful date find bottom of the miles and Kerry after Jack posted a photo of his girlfriend saying instead of doing something else spend time with my lovely girlfriend Kim at The Trial Competition and giving the money away he published a child's plaything seven hundred Outkast Joss quest which jacks Willow coffee old way through that contest by a girl that he was ahead of me on like 50 of the tracks I would have them at 3 and then the night before the concert and I just in traffic good thing I was really concerned that you not playing you were going to be as good as you guys girl the worst superpower and abandon them in their time of need Bayer so do you want Gavin me and Gus two actors judge like you want to see a pattern here and tell you how you did in the situation we had a good time I'm leaving leaving abandon and live with the best time we have Chris machine when you give me like what you described as you went somewhere with girls and you did a bunch of dumb stuff he's in one of the girls liked it his mother Tim exactly now you have to tell it so one of the girls is my current girlfriend wow you saved it not really he just put a circle of animatronic animals Abdul so he's scared of animals Bishop sin McCormick Jaden Shannon are you coming I'm in Liberty Boys Everybody McCormick Place McCormick making my first appearance on the podcast do the interview with a sketch of a comedian in town and I just got done and then she's like a couple blocks away we go see what the Mary Jo pehl she was one of the original actresses in this time yeah yeah yeah yeah Shannon currently and I want an interview with her to and from her uncle was one of the biggest improv Theatre companies in Austin and also what your situation with the Salvage Vanguard so I'm a come over there and then get after your projects will try to run a resume company theater am happy to finally hear you say it in my head I was always saying that it's based off of an episode of Purple Smurfs 1982 kids cartoons and everything Smurfs out of the woods and I'm really angry and purple and makes him really really mean and aggressive and all he can say it over and over after Smurfs bad I think she's female doctor an adult but he turned back an hour what's up with the flight Jesus Smurfs leave Smurfs bad to go in the lazy river Gus and US 19 Shannon terrified of statues and really when she comes out she pretends to be a statue that you invented words how to build a mannequin Jordan at recognizing like Molly out like if you going to look up typically the mannequins will be on this side of the door and nobody wanted out here where did you save it then how did you go from that date to a healthy relationship the only and I have no for projects healthy aaryn and if you want it live version of Rivers when she played she came up on stage and played a big part director like what give it your best tacos dead when she was would you like to buy some tacos Maple reporter after it comes out well I'm glad you met David Beckham's wife how many people love hugs in Los Angeles Salvage the relationship and everything so clear no you should not have the Jack peed in my favorite story was when the Woods Park closed down because it was fun very specific rules the people that are there people even like going to pool that girl usually Jabbar day of summer in Canada Jack subject of internet use your wearing the shirt that your girlfriend was wearing when you post the photo store what's a really incompetent due to her leg didn't realize that they were defending girl tell them that they were well aware that they are bigger that work. That definitely works girl perspective on the jack I paid you a compliment of the rumor that one guy I know that I call you at like 11:30 at night that you're always up to do whatever and I'll do whatever Burnie girls like that I am also like that makes no difference your home that's why you like that picture using out no no turn off the lights and I hide for the year I have to get it in Chinese rumor forgot about that I'm always doing things like I would rather be out of my house doing pretty much anything then in my house doing nothing bad monkey will say that when you called at 11:39 will at the highball do you know where it was it's from the chemo okay it's a long story but there was an animatronic Bayer on our way we got sidetracked no we went to so Gavin are going to the Men in Black 3 premiere today 9 today if you're going to be there in black and white straight from out flight tried to kiss her on the mouth and then dump them and give them like a really bad kind of like spit to the face rent review questions remember what Will Smith last movie was before Men In Black three and let me think about this the woman in black three if I've got to guess you probably won't get a Pursuit of Happiness no that's what that's what that was it seven pounds seven pounds and apparently wasn't like to spend across the board it was like his first major major misstep or is driving me crazy that was a lot of in Weston Hancock Hancock with private pool yeah, but I was perfectly fine with that Will Smith two gave for your hides removing out of seven pounds and sleep and and I so we can have the kids Jaden and Willow and their career path so we'd like you to step back help them out with their stuff and now he's getting back into making some in Black three release I Robot two Hancock two Hancock two hands even rumor Am Legend I boys three is on his three fifteen he told her that he's also doing a movie sequel but it's called After Earth Night Shyamalan movies Don actually stuck with a bad track record with the endings of movies you don't have to seven pounds a week guys basically he gets in a car accident and he killed his wife and his kid and like a handful of other people in sin killing seven people who decides he's going to donate seven of his organs to various people like you find good people I need Origins and then at the end of movie commit suicide and all of his organs be donated to Rosario Dawson it gets in a bathtub full of jellyfish jellyfish Jack in the dead and need eyes and then it cuts to Rosario Dawson who got his heart but she has his heart in his eyes and that's pretty close purple anyways what was it I don't remember birdie I still have a little killing but it won't like it damaged and he was origins or something country the volume and also prevents your organs Pooler I would even based on fact yet sure what the problem I've got with it is where you can of chili I want to jellyfish where do I get eyes like Chicago Chicago Shedd Aquarium don't start music careers and now getting back into it by doing a whole bunch of the same here cuz he's already gone but that being said I am actually excited bye mean in Black three the movies are very like they know what they are the berries on at the movies right now they are they don't try to be perfect popcorn summer action movie but it has the funniest which is Will Smith like later like Downey Kickin It Tim Duncan Rosario Dawson girl is beautiful I love her to her and she is so hot and clerks two he's still not in clerks two only mean that she is in Sin City I think you can find certain people at certain points of physical Windows like their after how to do they happen to capture her on film for clerks two Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls at the hottest show ever be in your life I think she was like fifteen and bye Parent Trap is the best Rosario Dawson on top of the roof and clerks two dancing hottest scene ever remember but all armor pressure the only actress who was in the name cat was drunk when I trailer for the movie and laughing out loud yeah but we are I would kill to get a New York City to see the Book of Mormon like to see musicals and everything I say right across the street from I was there when I was there last week and Chris will have extra tickets are sold out this year Jacks to go see Book of Mormon it was a really really good feet and I'm talking like in the orchestra section maybe there's a stroll back Center and maybe you could have just said yes Texas weather that seems like a lot of money look at tickets six hundred bucks to go see a play they're going to pay them to go into these debates with my friends and I probably paid 350 bucks to get really good tickets to go see a football game in Columbus Ohio and it was too much from Austin and we stayed in the hotel already too much party flight getting to this place is already 70% the calm books on of to get better see what's the most you ever scalp tickets for and they were on the upper deck with sounds bad but you on the upper deck 50-yard line first row on eyes and it pushes you write off improve your YouTube at the Ohio State Buckeyes and those are two huge college teams and Ohio State they take it very seriously no kidding Bank we almost got into a fight on the way back the coffee it was one of those close games in the hockey game NBA games in one on physical contact no no Legend final intense but I'd like to get some whenever I see like a bowling thing bye or something like that stuff makes me I can relate to like Earth colors on it never does when I'm ready three couple years ago Game 6 of the championship game the championship game in at the Celtics for the one that would have been the last game of the series so that'd be kind of cool and I was going to wear of Michelle Obama will I am will you were sitting right behind us like I would like to know if they have a lower ball of feet and then they have three levels of VIP seating box seats and then I purple and so that we were like we were behind the other goal and our backs are against the wall we on the top of the lower bowl and our backs were against the wall and like right behind it was a box that had believe and then I will I am in the Michelle Obama and I think the two daughters to or they're really dumb who is Will I Am Will I Am is in Black Eyed Peas sin anestesia the X-Men movies was X-Men Wolverine Origins what on Earth are three thousand eight hundred Outkast I see Andre Benjamin and the other guy was when I saw him last night and really it was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar am on the Jumbotron and the next day Jack on our flight back to Austin we went to the In N Out right by LAX and I walked out and we saw him again in his in his room like going in and out of them also I didn't take a picture of New York City in at the Dunkin Donuts territory up there in the Northeast Kenosha Nelson Michigan Mark porn Automotive roving packs of wild dogs bye trap I don't give a shit will Gavin the oven will be over in a minute black will keep Alaska to watch three reactions with water like at the attached to Canada what's the catch to eyes before I bought it John working their way west across all of Canada settling in and it's like half way Americans elect okay first stroll line at a plant mean Mount or Whataburger will you I don't like Whataburger picture of Whataburger Banner Whataburger mobile and Whataburger I got the locals are like the southern version of In-N-Out N Out it's delicious I love you for the burger dead Grill their buns like they better than them I can't do too much it was delicious we talk to Gavin and I were talking about you the other day I can't do it I think she did it Gus to have a cheeseburger at every meal of the day for 5 days and rent price of Burger King cheeseburger at McDonalds only one you want to do the cheeseburger challenge I don't know we were just at stage I want to die a horrible better the more you eat it like the last bite of 80 Grammy Whataburger the Cucumber because it's what do you want to work in it vegetable saying no fucking bitch what weather is it going because that's what it is Price Chopper two have been shot I drink Shake solar eyes shut up purple vegetable like they are pickled cucumber of my shoe with it Falls Lake pickled cucumbers typically need pickled gerkhin the Olympians what is pickled onion never liked but I'm just going to drill gerkhin like my brother used to eat pecans from a job let a jar of like pickled gerkhin snow gerkhin on pickled gherkins will you or about you saying pickled cucumber pickled gerkhin have you been an email Bishop flight God I hate that kind of pickled everything is crazy what is pickling what do you do will really like her beets license down there beets bad I had like a glass of orange juice and I went to cash it and I'd realize I was drinking milk like someone just left grab stuff and he came in he was very young like six or seven years old he came in after playing outside on a really hot day like dying of thirst and his at his grandmother's house with his mother and his mom was looking for water instead of clear container in Port of a giant glass and he took off of it and it was been a good boy so he is now scarred for life cannot have why didn't for the Pickled for sale is that I don't want to eat the entire bag of pretzels but no one to throw them away not want to go back to a can of Coke that I had with my forgot where I put it down I will just get another one and it's even though I know will you at least leave the water running campaign in the woods the don't Litter campaign because people in America littering like they hate it you be more likely to remember what it is now I don't text and drive what was that one video where the girls are in a car texting and driving and then did not get directions driving UK like there's no like he was like yeah just dry tribes from across the street that is true you do 300 Wayland drive to work driving should be a pickled ring driving driving will you are you staying drunk and I cannot drink I did you actually call it drinks okay time we come in here last week Don you were still pissed off I change my typing out then I can leave it out driving texting Robert time I checked quotes the thought process of brain and get that deep into someone's head I think my own iCloud accounts or to come I did hear that she ran over there and we were talking about how there's something to be self-aware entry like in a weird way like I am allowed access to the real world like the way out from the internet to everyone else but I have a problem my browser and it I don't know friend but I'd like to know why being something and I type in something wrong and my backspace makes my page go back your at your clerks out of the book 1 or 2 times USD typing in at is the fucking stupid change scription in accidentally hit backspace entry Bishop will be uploaded can I tell you something calm with I can't believe will use the party he's one of the greatest things ever under the file menu but it was never about your head there's new tab new window new incognito window I don't ever use that but the one that is reopen closed tab the actual actually close at and has eyes open all tabs from last session or you can will turn left heading out to reopen last closed window as well really I'm in Texas right now what is the popular Pages console table I can do that last week Farmers for past the Internet Explorer and Firefox at work sometimes they like to navigate to cabin I don't realize that was the wrong one like I like navigate like the way and it and I've gone off and done something else I imagine control dead will only go back if you just do at the MoMA close Bronies in for some reason YouTube seems to work so much better with girls than anything else ever wonder why yes we got on the subject of how we are dead next week because the most ridiculous coincidences keep happening but you're trying to think of something and then and then based the Jack doesn't know we're talking about it today it's just kind of got them that's will get to it when I was mentioning seeing how it's done that was flight number 159 same day you book travel to go on the wrap-up show and I hadn't told anybody seven and the same day I book the trip to go to sit in on the wrap-up show what is an awesome on the other book we were talking about Manti and literally in the same second he walked in right now tell me a lie One Ok the LA we're like in coma one of us is real my theory is that we've never met we would we would driving cause we crashed into each other and with side by side at hospital in Cumming machine Kerry makes experience which we prepare our present now is actually at Ackerman dream actually buying the right now that's makes sense seven steps to perfect so we were in Los Angeles with best nail salon and it said it said airbrushing bike game ever horrible will look around and I said and I said why would you put of an airbrush inside to make it look like she I said David and Gavin the car said that's what they have to do what you're doing it's all about stuff like this guy David that is a woman angelyne and she drives around she has Billboards up the angelyne on them and you put yourself on them and she doesn't do anything anything but that she's just famous for being famous I said and she rides around in a pink Corvette and it says angelyne on the license plate for antique license plate and there she is right there and we were passing her literally the other direction like we were she was coming out the window Chinese like that that was really or Seattle valet fee forever to explain Kerry miles Mary or Bayer flight and show we were making fun of Brandon for not knowing it was his conversation a great base and then this car pulled up like we were waiting for a billion for talking and our car pulled up and it was help me out here in a white car but it was like a Chevy Malibu and I go to get in it and ends like this Mark or that's not her car beets seven cops called the fuzz two he tried to get into was completely wrong car drives off dry Joss dead around the corner belly comes up white Toyota Corolla tire size Whataburger birdie what school do I go in he thought I was trying to get in or show that show at night Bayer while and then later that day was she doesn't know anyone in Seattle we can go to dinner we step on the cabin too many coincidences happen in such short period of time I don't know if your in a coma but The Truman Show I think someone is like broadcasting the who show Gavin baby I think I wasn't trying to one-up our solution is a solution are we going to out jointly buy a lottery ticket together which I like a lot of chicken joint also quick pick numbers separately and see if they come out to be the same yesterday it was someone's parents 30th wedding anniversary and the independently but the same card like they bought the cards give each other and over the exact same card like the the Couples married and look at you like you're trailer and like the same picture from Disneyland will I still come Jason Aldean or at the kitchen you would like one of those quick thinking one of the woman's explain to the guy and I like understanding what your first experience with pornography was having I didn't want boys porn porn and talk about that I I experienced when I was a kid so or no makes in the woods usually porn only it was just me out here never heard of that before I will did you ask your mom if not I need to know theater psycroptic and across the country YouTube rent your house and get comfortable being two about to throw it out the legal pornography Leafly and you see light on the side of the trail a weather-beaten copy of Hustler magazine black of pornography magazines that surprise you that would not surprise me free magazines the airport convenience store trailer Walking Dead the woods close my monitors violent scenes or just need advice Hancock record two kids like and I really like it it's a boy I'm a boy who are on the podcast a little bit but I have a weird kind of genealogy and that it's weird by circumstance because my father was a Catholic priest and my mother was a Catholic nun which is odd to begin with that when you're going to start that's what I like but the one thing my mom is awesome thing is that she was also adopted and so we never really knew what her lineage was and she said she believed it was actually adopted through Canadian adoption agency really yeah but my mother's family was Rays bye they were french-canadian her not to parent I was actually kind of guy that you thought was your uncle long boy texting her genetic father at a theater men tried to bring the results of the affair home to live with his family in the wife and I was like that's not know that he gave this baby daughter my mom to his sister who couldn't have any kids at the time but end up having kids later and then says she's my mom so we knew it was just because because Burnie 412 Mike Michael and Mikey were all taken and so just want and you need to porn and she's a senior in high school she was a freshman but her name is Janine senior and she said what's your last name and I stood around and see how about Burnie I was like 13 years old like did for your birdie very Jewish name and just the way you look curly hair and being comedies like people just always like kind of wanted me to be Jewish especially like people I know who are Jewish like that you definitely definitely definitely wet myself but I don't think he's like northern and western Europe basically irish-catholic just like we got my mother's maternal line and let you know she had a printing father but then 50% fifteen percent of genetic line genetic match for the Arabian Peninsula and my mother was not Arabian sound does a little hot spot here on Israel so it appears now that I might have been the son of an Irish Catholic priest any Jewish Tim stroll Misty Phillips Jo she's always said all along he's absolutely a different after fighting the woods at my age you know what musical is have established cries it doesn't matter anyway you know I mean it religions that you're born into essentially I mean it's like it's not I don't believe that white lace out you gotta be fucking kidding me it's weird and turn on the radio and that song am usually starts War calm and just because you know I want you here more often we have a drinking am rumor and we can feel am we'd like to do out there though like a trooper Tim radio Long Point condition to that data is transmitted over a certain frequency the world is flooded with radio waves from or dry change depending on the date of the Waves should be constant like an operator that frequency you put the date in I don't know what aaryn or something that radio wave hits you physically is the frequency of visible light wave sin and then the rest is like rays and x-rays and Rays is there too and we have to live with the ship that's out there right in the dead a long time ago can I be super nerdy first time there is a restaurant at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom pehl cosmic rays and then going to am trying to get really nice things like it's okay in there Jordan dead yesterday I saw on Twitter yeah I thought he was at Disneyland California drawing behind a lamp or something and you can find it you can have it it's what you're saying disneyonice.com parent medieval Jack met a writer for Disneyland imagineer will create like everything in the title Real Time with Bill I left my clothes Chris beard style of beer styles work for South Park Studios who is title VIII which is like an electronic something something something information officer solar what does what did he do if you like on the side of a hill across the Blue Lake Show two heads parent men put light bulbs does condensation in the right places boys like to get something to look good on camera for like the final show because I was like very specialized areas the industry really like taking pictures or even video of photos what is awesome but they always put pictures of their food in the window is a real picture and look at whatever you see food on TV it's completely inedible Spanish Tim like you can like go off things like genetics list that you can have where I didn't know this there's two kinds of earwax in the world I wet your ex and dry your I didn't know that either until I get the test yet to be something of dry earwax like a candle like that kind of wax in your ears and you have dry earwax I don't like Anglo people have it yeah and then I was going to bad thing but that too like you're talking about the hell Redford flipping out dead I know I did yes I'm out right now but it's the weirdest thing ever cuz like flight simulator Tim one third of the population that I probably well girl in Vietnam book bad thing it's a girl in India who can like Shannon fire in Lakewood directions to like the Kareem chemical dry skin Electro stuff around here will come but did you Jo what's going on Jordan and like her dad like push down on my iPhone 4 and it locked up and come out girl fire arrow doctor cat no I'm not terribly distracted Mate1 of mutations different do we can eat and then have them write a Norse God yeah they make a movie about it will make millions of dollars I'm not going to find it white boys with money is a fucking movies made show up to you know I can look it up Billion eyes like 1.30 Jordan estimated two million last weekend in the US Avengers has made Marvel The Avengers have a title made almost half a billion USD 723 million is not after 1.2 billion dollars worldwide out of money in the overall bye bye bye miles from that they paid for billion probably everything how much money is the actual physical, cat self probably isn't making money has made money in a long time to have toys in them and probably doesn't make any money at all but that feeds into no toys and movies all that other stuff that's me making money Marvel's The Avengers assuming if they made almost 60 million last weekend they will pass this week Star Wars for the number five spot domestic men Star Wars episode one after that and then they got kind of like a fifteen $69 Gap to catch up to the Dark Knight 116 currently 716 billion dollars domestic what is 2.1 billion War billion will the time between when we thought what's the verdict on Avatar Hancock so maybe my hair I really like you for being and I have no problem with it the story being no I loved it kind of 4 times you liked it so much I thought you got FernGully cries me bad and she's not been there Tuesday when she was a little things that Galaxy Quest navitor ended up a 2.7 billion point seven box with Titanic number 21115 billion dollars in movies Cameron texting and solar Liam Avengers that has in the world war and 1.1 billion and 1/2 cup at the very last Harry Potter movie which is at 1.3 and will do that probably that I can make another hundred million worldwide you don't like fifteen million dollar stroll and why is that because I think his contract negotiated points basically like anything he stars in as Tony stark/iron man he gets a percentage of box office black is a small percentage but it's a small percentage of billions of dollars it becomes a very large number or something sexy to make a lot of money to come back to the Avengers originally they were going to put them in pretty much the mean spreading out theater perfect is Bruce Willis flat Lebanese flight spoiler here if you have seen Adventures mean if one person was like as soon as you men and Gus so Banner is always keeping in check the fact that he's the whole keeping a check and he says he has a secret at one point and then he was later that he's keeping anger in check if I'm always angry and then he turns into Hulk porn on backorder until he has and he's got a brain on the whole he's got a ring on it he chooses not to like he doesn't get stroll to be able to turn into the hole that by staying always I like but you choose not to Whataburger I think about whenever there's a big transformation in a character or being the first one to do with super long and like details but then whenever they transform again it's instant you don't like running over everyone bus transportation flight get in and get it inspected I'm like stop and fill from turning dry okay yeah cause you know if my solar where is bye two should be hurt but it didn't hurt to try Persimmons Banner that wouldn't work because he would just turn into the Hulk you know book is always there and like when he when he can change himself like that he has control over but wouldn't like what is something texting that basically forces him to get angry or forces them to kind of break and lose control of his temper that's what he is a wild beast BMX guys to like I said I heard that you could you look like you were controlling where you were falling and it dead 2010 of realizing he does have control of the Hulk and he's like maybe I can makes the transformation has a little bit more control it happens without making it looks like boy I just love them Bishop in Alien the most likeable character in any movie you just mean whatever probably my favorite part of Avengers flight this the first time you ever see Tony Stark I like treating someone as an equal as opposed to someone who has walked on the eyes like you should come to New York City and like to check out all the toys I have is like he wants to do that with and it's not like they're and makes the for me like for the first time it seems to me like Tony Stark has met someone that can be on the level with you at the end when they're together I want to see The Avengers again changes to a guy they like Tony Stark is going to build a new can you choose which is like half a fucking here and in the city gets the new sued of Mormon it's like a completely new design it's bad ass and they kind of did that in the Iron Man 1 to 2 when he had this suitcase armor with silver and they had that but in the middle of it the triangle is the in the comics two variations of the armor that Iron Man wears are huge like as an old black one that sued and in those I cat there is a Hulkbuster suit when he fights the Hulk and it looks like a machine am unable to like try to put War Machine in instead of Tony Stark is Robert Downey jr. was too expensive you measure the Avengers Woods Don Cheadle as war machine instead of Iron Man I need the right move keeping everybody Tony Stark on the on the deck of the Helicarrier looking around like covering his eyes at him that's so great with Joss Whedon Joss Whedon like tons of these for The Ensemble cat you know like Buffy and Firefly like you then you show it was a whole bunch of different people different real strong characters and Ashley fighting towards one thing is like a makes total sense why you be doing it and knocked it out of the park clearly worked I still would have given the job to John Favreau at that point because those were the best Avengers movie Iron Man movie and it was really really pretty good not bad it was really good I thought doctor is really good and Captain America's not that great I can't think of any movies that he was in Snow White I was Captain Kirk's dad in the new Star Trek series or in the ship and dead yeah that was just it didn't feel I didn't have another one texting me like it was no let's just kind of funny I didn't know that's just like him Tim the cosmic remind me a lot of what would you do with my Jacks Whedon so makes Everything Burns Anastacia cabin Chris dad's name is George Kirk the forgotten that Chris Kirk you go somewhere alone with Mario Mario Luigi Mario I think he I don't know her name will she married her Marissa Bella Alison Jamie never had a taco eating contest of in the trailer Bishop bye in Instagram navigate dead for a while I stole the trophy but they were the people send me pictures of it on Twitter they sent me pictures of the trophy and I am eating record call the taco you throw it up how to expand I was like you expect it is pretty amazing we were like a hundred hot dogs and crazy like that I'm really hungry now doctor lien cars Chris Hemsworth the guy who plays Thor he was born in Australia and he wished in the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars tonight Jack Nicole Kidman's first movie ever made big Truman 1400 Eden BMX bike sin like they're taking jobs please dear Lord no I don't start dancing show that was on it and a heart she had something to do first thing you're going baby dead stay as far away from it as I can possibly we would do the same and they played Bye Bye Birdie with Ann-Margret singing for the intro of Bye Bye Birdie the movie is crazy I'm sure you realize now that we're like starting to repeat famous stars like in mark it looked in that looks just like Nicole Kidman does now and no no no killing young young and Margaret and we rehearsing today how much Brad Pitt Robert Redford Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin Nails Tommy Lee Jones am and that's driving the trailer when does girl in a long time ago Isabella texting nobody doing anything fucking British guy that you and Gavin get mean Australia will be in Australia so we should probably mention this an event that's going on in Australia rtoz three times to coincide with your trip down under easily the shrimp on the barbie Chris I think of the rtoz of am is June 16th and City and I will eat today do you say 4 in inches it looks like wet Earth eyes anymore we should switch in the Attic we should switch to a Ford book with people Lebanese phone as a text every time is a different matter but whatever you didn't have paper and everybody who like it's the first time you go to a place where people come from all over and they grew up together like they grew up in like Dallas to or they grew up in Pennsylvania or some like that and it's always mean boys better the way they know it they're not the way the wave Jo Stafford Jack and Gavin or soda what the word called the world of the word cool and cool I was so disappointed that you did not get black on out connect Shannon I'm showing him and Margaret was am I Bye Birdie looks like Nicole Kidman of wife and husband go on when they love each other when the priest is doing something to them in the church what they doing that getting married Chris having a good time Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary and Mary men so we can be cool the universe Gavin porn on how and what the hours and everything cuz I don't think Rays roster will Don theater wrap up I think you guys get to the airport here pretty soon book at the airport for me we will book now of black bye Will Smith images of an object men purchase monetarily the job do you have a problem it's like killing for Rocky movie take steroids and not or you don't get him in trouble wet things right now that's a good question eyes Whedon I cries like some kind of problem with professional athlete competitive professional games I don't care about the Olympic Humanity Human Performance across the world Sheetz I want to see anything different that Olympics for Android Robert is Armor All okay well we're going to wrap up from country to country controls I use or prescription than others the many countries they are not illegal in the u.s. anabolic steroids are currently visible three controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act to legalize schedule three is like marijuana in Rice Lake at one time it was like the higher it is the more the number the more outlawed it is or the mortgage trouble you get in I think so in Spanish for however Canadian laws one of which you know how when you see a commercial for of drug on TV or something for depression or whatever in Canada you could say the name of the drug you cannot say what it does or you could say what it does but not the name of the drug Whedon purple pill about something for this and is also in the clear soda that is caffeinated so there's no caffeine in Mountain Dew no caffeinated Sprite or anything just cannot have thought of that is clear colored quote on quote at least or point where health and safety and all this crap is not the point where everyone is so scared of being sued that they going to pay for all this stuff on everything two appointments ridiculous Evans chill out again right now okay for Facebook tracking you what you do on the internet after you log out Alison technology makes it to Private Browsing mode in Chrome problem I don't care I'm not right that somebody does something massively wrong there should be a dead deer so abused in at the fifteen billion dollars do when it the law firm will get like 6 to 7 billion dollars on the class action lawsuit and everyone else to get like 4 box score yesterday I threw it away they have to do his part of the class action lawsuit that's will try to investigate and contact all the people who've been affected by this thing if they win and then if you're part of the settlement and if you turn in your probably get an estimated settlement of you you'll get like 25 bucks but the you know I wish I could have cost for the research and driving employees why did the law firm get this enormous right but they just lost fifteen billion allegedly the Bayer Corporation the beetle make aspirin they made these two pesticides that killed dead people were confused as to why bees or broad spectrum pesticide Network on can get back Jack global tracking Super Bees I mean I'll be like rent bees