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RT celebrates Tequila Tuesday for your Wednesday enjoyment!

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Recorded: 2012-05-30 18:26:49

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

and it's a podcast what's up everything we're not happy with that was about it was it supposed to say that when you're not blowing me away little blue my mind I will 999 Barbara I want to kill data Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the same street as the alphabet didn't even change Facebook message he left me again do not blame my mind call me tonight so we have a first in the podcast talk about before we go any further now that we have Rebrand ourselves as the Richard podcast and we're no longer the drunk tank we finally got someone who's been to 3 liquor liquor liquor liquor company liquor Distillery the sugar or what you call them and some booze we have a couple bottles of Republic teqila here we are we don't have to like everyone like nobody gives a shit what the fuck it looks like it it looks like the only time you Street four boy what are you doing the Braska baby I'm glad you're not drinking Rhode Island who takes a lot of men on the website so there's a couple up there on the board so that's the one we're going to go with there's a drink anytime someone people who talk over each other Hot Wings on the table Gavin uses of British term someone walks in someone mentions an animated Adventure or someone references Wikipedia May 11th is on this hot spot you play proper fuzz Oprah is not just a proper ride say something like that like we're just like Michael arcade props Oprah Michael what it has to do with the way that we the way that it takes on the color of of the barrel if you're drinking whatever it's not basalite paper because we can we can we have to meet finally us we just we have to drink now new job because you want them so we have orange juice and some delicious pineapple is really good this is the first time I'm going to Heroes tonight of the falcon down into our attic space and really power through it time fashion and it was amazing not want to stop even to eat there we were packing up all the badge is in the envelope and put it on addresses and stamps drinking if you want Donald every time he like the company where someone had to drink to what they like every morning that had to be drunk to do that or is that against the law the kid that again this week what happened I have a network that everyone in the entire city and state but still there I think cable providers in general as Comcast and I have New Jersey fucking hate of them hot new internet if I want to just my computer to the internet if I wanted to cut out the note to the company the provider sex change some crap and then what do I plant that like what do I need if I want to do that new one too not put yourself down the internet let me tell you the story of where the internet where was the internet first started in everyone got onto the internet dial-up these companies in the call is internet service providers and if you had an email I don't have to work but then the telephone company and Along Came to cable companies provide internet internet the in the UK not necessarily a good thing well I mean you would like call HBO in some stuff doesn't look over some stuff to the blood pressure so what's a Good Time Warner Cable ride people streaming Netflix on your data Network call day you're not getting paid for not paying extra $2 per month for the data service Three More Time Warner Cable business yesterday when I mean when you look at like the piracy online likes being issued Comcast getting rid of your unlimited data in all their day they the service I think so I know they're implementing caps like three hundred gigs or something like my phone originally everything everything has a limit on it and then people in crazy like a streaming stuff that I sent you the original unlimited plans are gone but the MacGyver scene season biggest regret with unlimited data users are even with an unlimited plan use with an acceptable amount of users and cause problems my wife and I are about to travel to the land of awful internet and data and that is we're going to Australia where you get like a 1K a second trickle so it takes like 10 minutes just check email so it was the only way you can get her to tell your internet the best way to get more internet devices that lets me internet where I'm at work still waiting like ten bucks and that connect to the 4G WiMAX network connection and like not to mention the fact that they sent it over to Gus and change it to 6 to 10:12 time every time can I forgot about you buddy for the same thing in the middle of sidekick can I find early chocolate Burnie set it out on the sidekick first year we got on his blog think of the fact that it was a little ahead of its time do you guys realize that your firm plans are ridiculously expensive in England with orange provider 600 minutes unlimited text and lightweight like three games of Internet 20 pounds a month and it's a hundred bucks for a hundred bucks buy Nikon how many different cell providers can you go in Orange RT three butterfly wedding that's why I hope we can do that that's not they're all right now it's a pineapple Michael of you Game Theory and I don't have cable I don't know I can't buy it on who the exciting aren't you supposed to make it Time Warner in Austin and probably different other place I'm sure it is they don't let you use the the HBO GO service on the Xbox that's available so we can't do that if my Xbox has no my primary entertainment piece of Machinery still not allow you to use ESPN on Xbox pretty good I'm happy history of the Fleshlight the one in a local Austin company Kobe 11 have you still more liquor on yourself than you actually drink because of the mental images hot around a tricky Fleshlight no responsibility Marcus Logan the Fleshlight boy Q cell Richard Comcast my history. Hot with that story about how are you this question that was that was counter witches Fleshlight I got into his car one day we're going to lunch and faster when I came here last year to visit the first time ever day with Jack and his computer or whatever and I just sit there and look up and they're just sitting on the shelf Fleshlight phone York I want to do that so I can look got it exactly the way that we are right now he got them as part of a sponsorship thing and they were doctor 24 anatomically correct female Pony the blue My Little Pony with a harp functional My Little Pony dolls are you going to vajayjay accent no alcohol at the accent Gus what would it take for you to get drunk like me to get absolutely hammered what is the amount that you have comic not that much not that much the price the show is directly related to Chuck like having someone hardcore stupid Journal Gavin meets too I haven't shown you yet but we have an upcoming animated Adventure about the drunk Burnie vs. silver Burnie hot drink he told about of invention zip Thomas York this week or next week The Greenbrier of personalities and talking about wanting to do something more with the Enemy Burnie four million doctor I'm hoping that you were knocked out for surgery that you drink my son had to come back from ten and I didn't even get to say ten have you been Michael Jordan ever lost Consciousness in any way at all bike ten 9 and I woke up in another room really the gods come to his house I was totally wait for my wasn't even taking it really one time hit my face with a hammer we have that thing and I guess some of those research studies Doctor Stephanie Selena was that I don't need generous just what you want Paradise phone us like that was it wasn't you regrow other stuff did you Jimmy sex offender have you seen the picture of that child called it was on Reddit several weeks ago for a time like all of the bones in there waiting what are the second lady to please when you're up when you're small you can I still fit in the same socket your teeth ten because your jaw grows and changes best Republic my Thomas my own grave the phone just cut off one of the teachers get more big and spread of hot like that figured out a new one baby babies have huge egos little people have babies my toes pics of what is that is where the new side of the nails curve down I've had it twice it's Thomas my brother my brother would like balls under his nail in it and trying to redirect nail to like a girl out words and he would constantly like a rip his nails off trying to read them like growing up in the bathroom in the bathroom cuz he had it for like a couple years we have like a bunch of kids like several ingrown toes like ingrown toenails and he was just like all the service charge when I had mine I didn't want to go to the doctor and I waited 6 months before I found it but I didn't try to do stupid shit like that Barbara impacted ingrown or something like when we call them ingrown hair ingrown hair ingrown nail different and give the poor and the Hare you are the hairiest mother fucker on the planet it's a secret about you that not many people know what you look like regular like you have the break weird Robin Williams only because today was talking about how he needs to prove himself Jefferson state MacGyver your shoulders I'm not but that's the bike anymore I have to con ride who wrote right now I have my balls back to the other way and your left testicle bigger than right so I can go get an ultrasound ultrasound kicking in so I'm having a boy it was nutrition wired up entertainment ten minutes of Austin triple of everything Street doctor Street in the body 3000 hour Rite Aid sugar the shop hair is wet and it goes down the drain bro how old is get to normal level con vajayjay how often do you shave every few weeks every few weeks sometimes I feel bad sometimes just happen 91 Chevy Apache of your life when one day was fine the next day like you can shave your beard Alan Alan Alan Griffin's friends and they would just look at it like 2 hours Gavin why are electric one and I just left door window that is stuck set reminder the in the vacuum ship faced hair off my face sex with Moroccan chicken four accent if I do anything you do it in the shower the shower has a bigger bigger you can the world's major badge Roanoke outside DirecTV guide in English History is named John Thomas who John Thomas how many times for interrupting each other men during the commotion John Thomas Gavin do you know you went to Yahoo answers everyone told me this but Gavin just picked up the pineapple basil Richard Simmons glass put it down pineapple cell Gavin space store Fred time we going to Lakers lady is slang for penis John Thomas in the UK the term derived from the name the leading man in D H Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley's Lover who gave to his own opinion game 2 results Guy gay Bros on the penny the book was made famous by the obscenity trial and landed Penguin Books in during the 1958 lady chatterlys lover the book lady chatterlys lover that is the winning answer that John erler game on Jeopardy Republic promoting health research say his name Mickey so we had a very full week this week yes we did something very very cool we launched our 10th season of Red vs. blue the amount of traffic on the website was really ridiculous like we were charting and comparing the season Ten watch the season 9 launch and I think I want to say or season ten we're getting triple the amount of Traffic Receiver season 9 Scrubs season 9 is the Rockies and the first episode of season ten does Mount Everest look at it thank you thank you I thought it was I thought it was a great first episode he's a great character people love that Delta characters introduced after the blood he's a nice fellow to have a conversation with day that he's a great crutches ride York of Leverage when explaining something I just have Delta set and it will listen bike Stargate season ten too well it was a ton there's something more pressed in the last 3 weeks for Red vs. blue season modern RT wired the company Barstow article is always somebody that made it to the cover the Wall Street Journal time and came in town to pick him up throw him over to the lunch standing over baconian Method Man and Jeff became a marginal character looks like the map thing in particular it's like they went out of their way to not name him but I feel like I want to apologize too the story of kind of the moment of a person wouldn't we did the switch and it was really tough badge with your travels on the internet and it talked about how the video made it out to LA comic soap and a guy with his friend was watching his friend watch the thing a guy said to his friend you can't watch the video ingrown of using it the whole paragraph or just want to do it together Delta Whitehead story easier to digest Article II feel a little guilty with people's names get excluded or something people write stuff about you to take stuff from previous article the wrong and then keep the Aragon I'm moving to Texas so she like that wired and the title the article is how Richard tooth one the internet 13111 anyway I want to say thank you to ride with me who wrote that wired article Pizza Hut are you drinking a lot of research we did we did you like that like a week and a half with him sending stuff back and forth in case you need it around with him as well phone interview information to cover it so we know exactly but their bedroom where can I buy Joey that happens this season sugar four Stargate SG-1 soap at about naked arcade longest running show in America anesthesia. Is Simpsons 2012 Gunsmoke soap opera Guiding Light 2554 who did well to be fair to amazing con ten Five Years on your first job as a young person work on the production Tycho Coronation Street does Adam still have given the first episode like 50 years ago young - Adele like that meets world one of the best ever Gunsmoke in Gunsmoke started as a radio play and then transition to TV that lead into different media into different areas and this will be really answering three the notes in the notes four Wikipedia the running time the television show which ran from 1955 to 1961 the running time of the show was 26 minutes then it moved to an hour format in the running time for that with 50 minutes so just goes to show how much more time is four commercial cell does not have a 26 minutes or so for 22 minutes the double the amount of time commercials between 1955 and 2015 commercial the commercial for the show commercial men what does the show come on girl you know that Commercial Avenue Everett weekly Gavin light headed Tebo Tebo menu how do you feel about that about product placement from the job I feel like the shows not moving who put this probability but it's just like drinking or using people as a blimp without waves written on it in the family 10 piece of product placement in most recent episode I am watching movies one thing there's episode where the couple driving in their new Prius down the road and soap bars in the passenger seat and Mitchell says I love too serious we have we trade in our car seat base tow truck internet image the time that he looked it up online and they do it Transformers there Fred tequila about cars so when I see Transformers I want to see fast cars go fast so if you want to be like the ads and pay for them I didn't find it as it comes to normal now that people just us wealth transfer what a provocation for Beyonce height article and I think if they do too many call-outs like that I think it was an episode of Alias was a show you and I used to watch the street and it kind of card like Ford Escort Heroes used to do it all the time with the Nissan Versa Nissan Versa like it was hard florist Nolito how old is America the country hundred and thirty years old in 200 years you went from talking to me to talking like you ride because the United States is not only people from the UK but you toy English we speak English that is correct Gavin York of a cupboard farmer new Richard the original language of the American the accent time in Omaha UK is pretty much the ride from the same one lady like you do when I go to put use it I can tell you what happened everything about it back then there was no way to communicate over long distances took a long time people who came from the US remember internet four things are important 25 words for snow Alan Gavin everything the more times I feel like the whole world is a bit everything anything the Joker orange bits are puffed out like that you had like stuff in the bottom of your pocket ride John bike ride I just need a bit of sugar it scene my bed the musical smaller than a breadbox badge I drop this piece of shit over here I'm just like the bar everything will be like that part in the movie scene in the movie bike Avenue Reddit because we went to baby bunny bunny New York City one word one point you say that owes me off before we get too far away from it is used to work in that is very country word in America yeah I reckon we went to go see Men in Black 3 New York how do you say reckon it's like a weird how that could be both classy when it said with a British accent and then Super hillbilly one it's been nice had you reckon that this is some kind of oil Hazard Kentucky of New York City we did and we went to go see Men in Black 3 meets three witches out by the way it was it was funny I laughed a lot I like the experience I have never been to a movie premiere before which is sad because you've worked on big movies have Austin free screenings but they are very New York Donald Trump walks out little brushes past this will take place too Robin Court Burnie did Ben in the pen Gavin said it like that sugar in Richard Branson your Donald Trump supports used for Trump it's just a lot of in 67 men cancelled lightest weight of a billion dollars Dragon Charlotte the Donald you're not you're an asshole so what do you do with the Statue In Too Deep Field Cedar of 50 the school I can't box Men In Black Box you had that right yes I'm glad somebody Men in Black my schedule really Austin Lake Webster of Austin please Lady Bird birthday I hate it when it's your birthday that's one good thing about everyone but don't cash it and you should people make a big deal about birthday is in this world it's like when I graduated I'll have any problems like a big deal but I don't I can't say that because I know there's a lot of people who think it's a big deal and don't think that I'm thinking about the calendar birthday of birthday is not a big deal especially for people people of our age not celebrate I've done it 20 four times now it's not a big deal anymore I'm not friends you have to be moving to the math portion of the podcast of this birthday Paradox the probability Paradox soap when you have you know there's only 365 possible birthdays in the year 66 okay so it would seem like when you the probability of having two people with the same birthday as you get 367 for sure the two of them have the same birthday actually with only 23% probability 99% probability 57% the 99% of the issue is that birthday card Distributors nearly there different types of paper it's got nothing to do with Trends one little bit but has more so with the fact that you're not just would have probably stayed you're not just comparing yourself to everyone else but then you're comparing everyone else to everyone else in the probably get out of control and there's a 99 Ford probability is 57 people in the room people different type potentially and 157 people you going to land on the same date 97 you're making 253 comparison just because you're comparing everyone to everyone that we have 30-something people at the company and there is people who share birthday here but your Brethren Christian birthday one Heroes Wikipedia probability of getting the lottery numbers one two three four five six is just the same thing any other company when they have the lotto numbers one week it will be the same numbers the following one came out right go ahead now one in 48 chocolate number 274 number each individual member is only one they're all independent every time a number comes out and it would be the first number one in 52 number 149 3rd number 148 let me give you a clear example if you're picking a number between 1 and 1000 the number 123 is 1 and 1000 just like all the other numbers if they did it just to quench one two three four five six is incredible 150 NE of the numbers you pick is incredible can you pick number one in 2001 and 2011 is a duplicate the only number that has one and one right number but you just as likely to pick 11 as you are to pick any other number okay you're playing some kind of mysticism to the one I left what are my chances European internet no no no pumping all of those numbers it doesn't matter five second number 149 good mechanics is one if it is 149 shot is 48 + 49 the Gavin of whipping cream you getting paid to do it the chance of you getting head twice in a row is one in four of the four possible combinations can you have with the first one then you have a one in two chance of getting a probability you're looking for if you look at it from a different one then you have a little probability the number in about six quench your numbers have honey I'm pretty sure I'm right one two three four five six is a number just like 4137 are you day yeah forgot you to check on something at work now when I say things on the podcast I'm just talking and then I realize if somebody said they might think that I'm talking about them like I said recently I don't like to follow couples on Twitter because they chat back and forth too much and I realized that could apply to a lot of people that I know that that are on Twitter 5989 new too I understand what you mean though you had you just say it's the way you feel you're not directed at anyone in particular people who ten to reply back and forth in general I hate that one ten on Twitter without direct message yeah but I'm saying it only matters if you follow both people give me I don't follow you on Twitter because you like you published your likes on YouTube and shit like that I was just a bunch of spam no different than Republic replies in a conversation you know you're right I like that price what you told someone play Burnout Paradise the last 24 hours Hillary tweet every single time like you get done and probably figured that so it doesn't do it PlayStation data when playing games Gavin if you like people tweet don't phone I can't tell people it was I just became friends with on Facebook for like 8 years just this weekend Austin thanks to the Returns on Twitter timeline if it's going to be over at 3 alright bring beer and I will be there it's of Twitter is just back and forth online flirting absolutely fine Oh I thought you were talking about achievement sharing which which made me think about a job black three which I'm already kind of uncomfortable with because I don't know if I feel like it the battle system is a little different in Xbox Live easier to jump in and out of people game there than it is on Xbox Live when you're playing the Wizard give you a yellow gym and I just get out I don't know because I have to start just like that con doctor order RT my dear all hardcore I don't know about Diablo 3 LG LED set and you could you could go like player vs. player and we can fight other people in any given game who been talking to that Diablo new level 9 longest both players over little but life there was town and you can go back from town through it again and then it disappeared in Diablo 3 but that's just built into the system you can time portal whatever you want you need a potion to do anything it would last until the person who created it went through it and then it would disappear but I would because I'm an asshole Diablo II was I doing game soap Michael hot it was someone in their Town portal disappeared portal hot too but you get them into setting up and in the second they said the time portal you know what that you have to run to the mall then I would do that all the time I would like a psychologist family three things I never tell you about the guy that we encounter Dragon Con that one year then we would we had our booth and across the aisle was of the sky who was the father and son still in comic books and every morning you get there as soon as I can get there before they close and he would come over in the morning and talk with us and he would have his horrible stories about how he had just beaten someone for someone or terrible terrible things and in the end at the end of the story he would always say but I figured you probably did something bad they had to come Carmen Counter people if they did something bad and they need something bad ride upon them I try to avoid that guy's entire event I totally know that I'm an asshole you can join the law you can become a policeman at people like him Michael your precious Columbia Rescue game with Lords but it's actually true Oprah Monty my initial argument for having the hardcore mode I was talking about it turns like an animal like like World of Warcraft and if they had that one death that's it I think those things would naturally generated by the community set up two players Austin going as a group into Diablo Three in Vietnam hardcore Gavin Joey Gavin Skyrim if you murder someone forgot who walk up to you and interrupt whatever you're doing be like I know you can do it you can some of the really modern instance like you did something wrong your kind of responsible if there's no lie game lot of good players playing with one of the very first game that plays as a kid they got me to be two games was amazing and Ultima four and it's the Ultima quest of the Avatar of the Avatar but it was that was it you were trying to be like the most normal person start to the game where you couldn't steal and kill anybody that we don't like being naked pic of shit that's not Siri but you want to still stop family flying in a dungeon somewhere you'll take it but you won't do someone writing music of shit on the Shelf the word will be taken the ring right next to it when you put a 50 or more horses a conversation Choice with a character that was like the Renegade option paragon the second running who plays rude but as far as stealing to do it if I need it for tequila or whatever the fuck I do not doing it I'm fine like I wouldn't want but if not then no no I just got out of the way of 214 hours to play Skyrim you can have dying left and right d-pad you can have left is like after 3 days Skyrim without realizing that was like the first RPG I just played the entirety of Diablo 3 and I didn't realize you could hold down the left Mouse button I just clicked Richard Peterson Wikipedia I feel like I drive my wife crazy when I play Diablo of shirt quickly Gavin I will play with you and if we find it we'll do it let's play Diablo 3 hardcore mode with four people do it I'll do it we can make it who are the Pocky in Lord of the Rings time my computer what should I wear men us education everyone just like to drink hot mind is what do you too I don't know I couldn't talk to them wow Sugar Mountain does Facebook tell them they're fat or pregnant Dino's people mailing out solutely Little Italy Fred of mine like who I've been friends with since elementary school I call about the high school hadn't talked to you since like his 21st birthday which is like 6 months before mine but like three four years ago so I was thinking about like like like I could text him the other day and like everyone to look up Solid 2 to 3 hours after Austin sex with me but ask somebody are there still in school or graduated and working at the job and it's like I'm not Richard tooth feeling like my dream job showing up tonight what are the newsletters that people published and they feel like he's my newsletter for the day's top stories are from Gus sorola and Burnie birthday people Republic RT new what are the common things soap in my Twitter feed every now and then it's like they just one that showed up just now the game EXO is out and link to a tough choice they reject and Burnie Burns shop sex shop convocation in your phone by data plan one person the internet Little Gym when you when you start using it more annoying than ever at its current state it to me people on your website Delta people personally present hanging around you don't mean like you new years ago and it's like Mike Moore expecting of things being faster and us like a couple years ago whatever like what the fuck Robin hasn't raced weekly forgot to come then like I'm now expecting the web page to load understand my hundred times without in his chair spin in circles and then the other day as I'm told too early jump on his desk like Spider-Man I do that 2000 set alarm 50 minutes I expect everything to be con if I'm if I'm Googling an issue like nail is doing some weird annoying me and I find response from like July 2010 hot as hell is that people have become more aware of not being as important but there used to be a trend with internet can I first started working with a fuse my rant on stuff and it would post them like you're supposed to be interested this guy's upset about the new Hulk movie or something like that I don't see the responses on YouTube social media much is a lot people are so sex with Branson and just like posting every detail of their life like the same crap every single episode and doing the weekend that's what I was supposed to be and I would you post a tweet from a cab in Queens yeah if you're not talk to her you like somebody like you're going running when you take longer lunches navigate to Tycho the hashtag store highlight and if you install it it just find other people who have the app who are close to you and my alerts you can people who use the staff are also here but it's a good way to meet people who Twitter the privacy on the web when it first started like you don't give your real name on chat room you don't give any information and now people still give it like people have their first and last are you never gave a crap I was always my name York Reno yeah I know it shouldn't the name of the con I had I was little and now it's no big deal I don't know whether you know 1997 when it first started internet I have round like 13 14 and I don't know how many times I had to walk up to my parents but listen can I have the call LOL probably like 7 time in like 2 years checking account portal gold meets nothing to do the stealing the gold of the lower level naked 1% in Diablo 2 boy like you must discover the biggest topic of conversation that make that person time with the parade and I was there for you were like I was you have before you know Lake Jackson generation Austin the winter not into it why people they're alive see that you haven't done family of them but like your father's father's father is like I mean I mean that's cool but I just like being with being there for someone else people take great pride of that already 44182 boy that all the time on on news aggregators that mean people will get angry like you stole my link that I had this week first and I put it up in and you still have to take one of you made this thing I never understood that the song Hallelujah perspective day Gavin it's like when you have experience with doing something it's equally is going to watch people go through something that everyone's already been through and they watched him go through it and have a hard time doing it and you watch them make mistakes that you know they're going to make and you can advise them not to have a useful thing looks like someone's too I was doing this before you were born well done I'm doing it now thanks for telling me that I'm sorry I couldn't read it when I getting credit when you have no contribution to or had no control over that so it's funny to see people get Penny Proud of something the head American con Williams I have half an hour Republic teqila for the delicious Michael who ran the podcast