#169 - RT Podcast

RT watches ballerinas as they practice

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-169

Recorded: 2012-06-07 01:03:59

Runtime: 01:33:26 (5606.1 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

walking the drunk tank will get two things that don't and some of this time so I can't just up and pay you and get the pocket play Burnie with her and get some and you think he has a hernia Joel is awesome but it isn't always con and body like that so we might as well be con drunk tank podcast is brought to you by Bing only Bing that integrates information from your friends on Facebook and experts on Twitter so you can tap into their knowledge and opinions and spend less time searching and more time doing now search goes social check it out at Bing.com this podcast is also brought to you by audible.com internet's leading provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth I got to do it. It's a podcast that was Joel and 33x from the site with the theme song this week really I didn't Mike smoking crack that was the Xbox itself yeah they're improving guy gets lets you can use the Kinect for voice search Internet Explorer on the Xbox is here a website that used to demonstrate Internet Explorer on the Xbox website Walking Dead stream Eli his hands up in Victory started looking around like some kind of acknowledgement something terrible to tell you what kind of advertising Aston Martin at least I did but I mean why would Aston Martin not getting out at 2 the average age of a gamer nowadays what's the average age of an Aston Martin that's why I want to see if I still had those dudes because it's like a beard thinking they're only eight year old driver that The Branding problem are you still a British car company or have they been euthanized purchase wire Manufacturing in China yeah that's right E3 dick you're laughing Jaguar day also Gavin are times that I can't even keep track that's why I'm afraid if I was like a ninja ninja is inside two things change music Martin Xbox 360 I don't know what it was until you tell me where do you get a service and how does that guy Strangler two guys watching Mad Men at all right now I'm mad men the at agency is trying to get us for the church trying to get a campaign with Jaguar with some people say that you are that you wire Jaguar Hyundai joined in is Weber's con show me hits me right in the forehead 5 Years first time beginners luck the Gavin I were talking about last time two podcast ago when we can get in sometime today got another one this week we're together all the time I got to a hundred times about it I know but we were in New York for the Men in Black premiere that we went to we just wandering around before we had to go to it and we were saying it was a girl who was very clearly a ballet dancer just the way she was dressed as well bad for the way you look tonight and I said to Gavin I said you know it's like everything here like Austin has a lot of R theater music what we do film whatever it is we do what we can do but I've never in my life met anyone in Austin who is a dancer and I've been here for 16 years and I've never met we were at the grackle that's why this weekend I may have a problem but it was you with Gavin and we were just in there talking and we were there probably about an hour and a half just Jen drinking all that and it we got to talking Jen Brown who plays Carolina in Red vs. blue and I mentioned her friend Kelli Bland who is island called weatherman weatherman with Kelli land and I just came up in conversation and I was talking about two minutes later she walked in the front door in the front door the fucking kidding me enjoying Kelli Bland and her friend Jennifer is with her and we just talked with him we get to know Jennifer what are you doing are you kidding me she's a choreographer I just told Gavin last time we were Heather and answers two from New York City dancer from New York to us like like like the country lets you set up at Greenwich lets go to give enough already with depression as well cuz you if you would like a maze you introduce me I do like Gavin this is Kelli it's a good night Craigslist Orlando way there's some and only reason I know this because ice two walk by it all the time but there's actually a ballet school in downtown Austin over by the 360 guy I know that would walk to eat lunch at that blue Cafe and be at the base of the tree having anyone walking out of the building every time one time and if you need anyone in class RT the ballet studio you have a dojo exact thing you just like taking your shoes off your shoes a little different Karate Kid and karate kid two are available streaming on Netflix Dojo star Wii Watchdogs this past weekend have Elisabeth Shue didn't have Ralph Macchio's mom so they always talk when you breaking up with Elisabeth Shue the movie Looper just a camera or the other but they couldn't afford to bring the back Wii guy guessing it didn't matter to them to go to the ocean Transformers movies box Play Nevermind two things that didn't go well George a guy come on video and I like it when they change the con think of someone and then Trek Tronics plan at us what does not mention it I did it in the Matrix when that woman died the Oracle air Play Store with some of the writing is like acting like she can change her she looks like 4 something that I have to be honest with you that would you have even noticed I mean breaking tomb mean but I want you that was that was one of the worst things I've ever seen on the G string 5 hours and remind at 1 I think tomb a person think as I look at my watch how much 4 have I can't think of a move that walked out of the 4 at walking a movie I walk of the last 15 seconds are Con Air just to say that I did but I have to leave the credit a walk. can I watch out on exit I had a lot of people in it at like it had Heather Graham and Robert Downey jr. in it but before we kind of had made his comeback was the movie called two girls and a guy think at Natalie Wood's daughter and it literally like what I wanted my money back question have you ever gotten so upset in the movie that you wanted your ticket refunded but never forgotten and they don't do it they just give you a rain check and I'll give you a pass for another movie Wii game Eli red tickets to come back to the movie theater later is like a movie not really don't know you don't know two of the movie Whatever star with two girls ever again for the Lee Infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup video came out in 98 and it made $10 two million dollar and I'm about 20 bucks that Karate Kid 1 70 million terrible right now no I do karate kid original Daniel Eli karate until there's like 30 minutes Quicken that movie how much should I make two hours and 10 minutes the original and it came out in 1984 probably let me know Karate Kid Never say but you know it's like one of those how much do I have to know 90 $1000000 Toyota with a permit all-time domestic Corona which we are not miles 4 Corona who makes funny the bartenders let me plan yeah you probably figured that I have got it with a guy the getting a line I'm basically using an entire line for one place and then cell Lines by the slice red waste every Dojo Kelli Kansas Bland at 3 very long time you're an expert in that case I can't wait to we find the trail of empty Coke cans on the way walking from here to the annex is Eli con cars in the parking lot places to hide dangerous quickie Jen Ali Wong how could you go get them R up without help and you can give him red kneeling to talk to Brandon but I have a long land Eli car rental lets play movie theater Twitter is my flight status two terminals explode I thought guy hanging himself wrapped around of his ratings on yesterday but when you're driving you can drive them when they are up and they will be stopping by his house on the way Trek bikes and chains and stuff yeah I know yeah I got me thinking differently how many times a day do you think that car hits people that are on my guy started talking vehicle traffic also has a piece which I two not all the time not sure that I get the whole Court thing it's a sort of like is your people whatever the last time I think we should have you can walk on the plan you're saying the last time I was I had a layover in Houston because the last time I flew I thought they would get denied denied entrance into the car really what happened so I can get tonight con would like are you disabled I feel like I should reveal why I don't drink I don't smoke but I drink and why don't you ice what move can 4 My Cup it's written off in my mind and I still think it's too and people bringing in cupcakes or cake or cupcakes whatever I want to try it and I will take a cupcake and I will take a bite of the cupcakes and then I will wake up take Ryan to put it in my body this horrible thing and then have to burn it off a mile Aston 4 cupcake stuff will be at like a good biodegradable fuel for Life the environment and this in the garbage that will be better play than like my midsection thought I was in college one time we were South Padre Island and we had some kids out of the beach we were drinking dick is it spring break destinations in Texas two people from other countries come down because I didn't have the same week off and they just head for the coast and a lot of people the country and Corpus Christi medical waste needle in the stand that's Corpus Christi medical waste is not the most attractive realizing you're drinking you when I was drinking stuff and after that I would like to change it to my wrist to make sure it never Lee why at least you took care of her daughter that's disgusting my nose and eyes are running from trouble luminaries mad Auto V guy just want to hang out with people who do not use anymore chewing tobacco you got it the temperature in Solana Beach of us walking around in bare feet of people stepping in your makeup and no not to drink it mad Bruce the Terrible like french-kissing Lee really drinking someone's tongue gross V not only mixed with other people breaking anything lets drink Laclede the beer you're drinking and a clear bottle so you can be sure that there's nothing else in there not the worst thing that can happen to you you're going with that not just under President Ronald set up out of office on the bad one I was on the X the toilet from set V trucks with and I'm not just talking like 6 a.m. it's freezing cold in Winter and muddy and I just split two not like I put it down to my knee and I have another one out of my life I'm stuffed I went to the toilet and clean myself up and then I was like I said when you're in the truck in the truck it's like freezing cold and is likely ep2 J & Red ragtop lyrics I'm tired I'm covered in mud and food are just wanted to die like strolling back to the set like half an hour later just like the cool the cool face Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law they had a more glamorous morning I bet you oh my gosh that's 40 minutes you looking up Richard two good-looking white guy like guy George Clooney the dancing show whatever that's called Dancing with the Stars guy it's amazing how people are known for being on the dancing show fucking Carolina but I feel like the cover of Us Weekly and it was a picture of a woman didn't recognize her and the whole life captions Dead with the time left her and what's going to happen with Mindy Wii have detailed inside Housewives shows I said I was the age were living in but I feel going to the checkout line up not recognize anyone ever the internet Robert Downey jr. wife we have that much money WhatsApp Jr Heather probably live in married but he's been married to Susan Downey since 2005 to present who is married to Deborah Falconer lets great last name Falconer from Falconer Downey Jr from 1990 to 2004 American actress and musician a two Deborah Falconer is did you have to be cool that's something else when you kid is going to be late and I wasn't going to R Maquina de with guy and like I don't know like really 3D Gavin and Jen us meet people that's coming up for ever always be always be the guy who dumped my lens cap in your bad. Music dick look Christi trailer Natalie Motors the name of the real fast I want to say thanks to bing.com for the support of this podcast E3 this week and I'm hoping that we can talk about Halo 4 you probably before we get to any of that stuff being social so now when you go to Bing you can link it with your Facebook or Twitter account and when you enter Search terms of searches your Facebook friends on Twitter plan to see if those people know anything about anything you're looking at I can actually a girlfriend so you search your Facebook friends really like to share content related to whatever you're looking for and you can see the results your friends as well correctly so if you could check it out it's pretty cool and I need to Bing. Look at beard and a garden gnome checks beard is he have to wear a little hat to go along with his beard at this point in the people living in your Bing I know I know I mad when I used to work at work at the call center Tomb of the guy named Nick every now and then I'd be on the phone talking and he would drop computer case screws into my hair which is a lot with your back there and you couldn't find them I would like to try to be like me two metal detect problems yeah that's a good that's a good price but Heather star the Falcon Wheel of Time flight last week I don't think that is 1 of 1 times where I have called someone and said hey you need to listen to podcast 4 it goes I'm just saying just red Eli kid actually drink out of that I just going to come in person to come and have it but that is I ordered that for her what I have here on out if Jackson Bad how to get Instagram con Church in Marathon Texas Heather correspondent reported with Jackson E3 and that is Ali baker has the most insane pink hair is gray to make your hair pink you have to dye it blonde and then dyed pink a color like that provider with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and features audio sellers what are lifters audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out the service one audio book to consider is Game of Thrones we are trying to consider what auto book to look at this week and Game of Thrones is huge when I know you're not caught up I meet you to talk about it the podcast.com last tees that's audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth now that I've seen the show I'm really getting caught up on the book Adam is right there but they're very different in some way the first called Song of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones Ice and Fire book covers looking just like didn't want but now with digital books and audiobooks Island enjoying the car what's on TV in the UK Sky Atlantic Ocean images of some obscure Channel having been the only person in my group of friends whose red the book this is how I feel everytime A Game of Thrones episode airs it was a picture of Jesus talking to everybody I really didn't think I was going enjoy the series walking and I got sucked into it so good Monty walked in the a hold of me Ali move through right now no it's cool you can play song sticking out V Gavin but he's got some set of balls Yang Monty us know about your Halo 4 and I feel like we definitely should talk about that Monty tremendous job to you and 4 episode 2 of Red vs. blue so impressed by my work these days are you star on the record I'm very unimpressed Gavin dork lately so what is and what has Gavin been doing to make of it Cialis not looking forward to the next day what that warms coming out Friday last Minecraft rap with like $2,000 of TNT Ali talking crazy connected it to a button just an unlabeled Bungie off to the side and we will just wait and put on hit the button like look set to is like the World explicit reaction Gemini over Memorial weekend we spent probably $50 and make him upset at all that you can but it took a long time to build no I just been to grab something in Minecraft which I don't know that we should talk about because it's a great book and I don't want it to go away and it doesn't hurt anyone I'm just play Minecraft not plan seems like the kind of game where it's a great book that and maybe I don't know us on the same path update guy that Minecraft PC /mac was there's a whole creation mode in the PC game where you get everything for you guys are coming now that you were playing with some of your friends and I was asking Jaguar I was watching him play here at night to be able to hear sometimes that I can play and I was working on something he play microserver Xbox games he goes out because I don't know literally half an hour Joel talks leaving Xbox turned off so we lost 18 hours of work show me recently r play the game together and I did something stupid and that we still only have one diamond pickaxe I've lost it and I can get back to it in time so I restarted the Xbox so she last like 30 minutes of work I thought you fucking murder me Rover like 30 minutes like to be in the picture now is good Heather navigate to work City in which is really sounded like several blocks V money is there any chance that the graphical interface of rivers was going to go back to 8 that day that never that long hopefully Sony Xbox when you start a game and you make it open to everybody else think I'm play Yin Lee depended upon 1% yep that's the one thing I need to share maps that would be a huge benefit for one person drops out like host migrate or something like that I like everything about everything different world which is awesome and they're a lot smaller a Subway that's in progress korean-style State last week and we have some Korean food I wanna set it off tonight 882 meet Ford Taurus Minecraft log in and it was an absolute Wii have Subway line runs entirely north to south in the map in at R Lee east to west and we're building a ring around it to connect the entire world you like the federal government and then what would it be the entire world so that the entire world just one layer thick and it's like at 1 wire all the way down to bedrock Turtle takeout autism Carolina and it was really just remember that one 30 things to guy I started watching Breaking Bad what is walking to the club by con watch wait I'm watching and I'm like I have no idea where this is going but lost you watch is my audible the island about when I had to take one of the crime like where is this Gavin it's like every episode is like holy crap there's no way you can redeem yourself story but never to you guys about the conversation about breaking bad but there with the server but everything for my kids yeah that crazy week for Life Gloria who was Ice yeah sometimes in my and then top it with porches interviews Verizon One Direction One Direction all the time men and would I use go to the fastest material text bad breaking like that very very Foster not make good Lego Donald Forza meet is still make gold dead how to Ralph Howard Ralph Red Diamond everything else lets Raider Elisabeth men gold worth noting that the yellow metal will we have a problem watch the better it was an edited version that was a little different the r a not so I would have a way to find out the Wet Brush move Wii worst ones on Netflix and it goes from being a teacher to a Mac guy a men cooking guy kind of two quickly you like there's not enough that I happened to make him not like that but the extended version yeah I can see what it was like in the ambulance did the student who star in Washington into the picture navigate Jen at the Alamo doing a red yesterday crap is going to break and Eight Episodes next summer Aaron Paul he tweeted that stop saying it's R spinal season it's because I mean it depends the Deborah last season in two two eight episode R so that's what he's talking about that's going to be released next summer Christi two different wire changes of Seasons easily change cases and it's like one case for an entire season the first one was Antoine de Marcia Yorba and their drug deal breaking up with and it was about this guy in Baltimore who runs the doxies like a longshoreman and a whole thing like with organized crime in the talks in the long run it down there was really different but it's still really good but I'm walking dead Mad Men and Game of Thrones and watching Breaking Bad so I feel like I'm getting all the really good ones there Spartacus Walking Dead that's about and I should probably v television dojo anyway Watchdogs in an online Motors the is an invite-only Lobby land things to do route to Lenox V with people Bing Universe trailer set I know some people who worked on the Lego MMO that came out for kid and right before they release the rover still in development Minecraft kind of start to catch fire and I know people who saw that they were running all over looking at it makes cell Minecraft men well shit Lego and a most dead it's already gone so I didn't know what kind of Lego City the Halo trailer live action not the Carolina I don't know didn't say specifically that was the case because that would suck but also new fucking skirmishers with a double shield and reach yeah got worse you got the new 4 and a weapon it looks functions just like a DMR like what's the difference you've got a few more and a battle rifle in the game Jen with your friend Lisa you're not a big fan of Windows R Us Tata Cliq we have to wait until I come back to talk about it next week we get the full rundown on what you thought Ali got baseball ratings the trailer right fantastic Nissan Infiniti agent orange thinking Ali tees and struts Heather that is right before his Macchio kind of being call me when able to do the Halo 4 what have you got to be Ali I wish I was there with you just to see if any weapons I was dropping that gun and picking it up over and over again just because of the way it sounded like a magnet what is so cool like a trend these days Heather the very finite Transformer type animations two notice Transformers is ruined trailer every trailer that has like Martin Inception Creekside Halo 4 I didn't think I could have asked for that thinking like it had I just like how is it Ali watch two tomb set didn't have a lot of States presidents the pits for the gun but I was expecting the GTA 5 something like this which press conferences have happened all all of them Microsoft Sony Ubisoft EA and intend oh okay I'm definitely watching the Microsoft keynote like that Halo 4 I mean to me it the harder it was great great star dick Sandler not to hit crate engine women divorce Tumblr sneak around here two people I was just Bungie Lee guy said he was officially going to be at E3 this year so it's like what's the cycle isn't and you hear about it like they did when they were back in the Microsoft marketing and then they did the video when they were putting out ODST the planets were going around the planet and fire and Spartans on the ground and the following information is still too early to know and then they pulled the trailer from the E3 demo Heather related to sorry I upset about it I'm on the way it was which would save it for later time I don't hear you don't intend Natalie music at the same here yeah I think that was under one guy was probably the Tomb Raider what do you feel about that but fun tees me how do you feel about the SmartGlass stuff it's interesting I'm really curious to see how well it works within a multiple platform I almost and then I'm working on that Tomb Raider game was actually E3 City store Crystal Dynamics after my last job I think I made the right choice is hard and it's is this is Weird True and Grand Theft Auto it is hard to make that transition where you like the inspired by game more than the original and I'm definitely guy was Uncharted and tomb Raider's Tomb Raider ice inspired by Tomb Raider did you see The Last of Us demo that they gave I did not watchdogs on everybody that's funny you say that because when I give you the lowdown on like you know what their game is about personal and not charge us very present at the time I'm think it was 3 years ago you murder people give him Raider Tomb Raider Gus from is was like in the comics a fume Raider and dude Raider dude Raider and it's like now it seems kind of inspired by Uncharted doesn't it doesn't kind of Uncharted the new Tomb Raider because you think about Tomb Raider is not originally wasn't like a name and Shue game you know it was auto aim and acrobatics yeah now it's and tigers and tigers now it's third person shooter fire Rover reticle true everyone has a game that I'm envious of that they have a thousand points and a lot of Moaning apparently Lara Croft Tomb is alive really like Adam Conover at Sony new trailer 151 and kind how much is a teaser for 8 years and and the men Cortana is by far my favorite character in Hell Universe Barn of course you can do it I can go con R and one of the early Earth like the first look at Halo 4 trailer say about how most of the story in Frozen book and comics and I want to bring that more into this into the game I think that's awesome cuz I love the book I hope we get to see other Spartans I think we star the Spartans behind him and that trailer but I bet you those are like the more Ford or something something the Spartans and reach yeah I'm talking with the book Spartans Red Lion at the book and the next that book stand up and a Dyson Sphere you know this protected game is a license for it in and a Dyson Sphere looks like I'm in some people already speculated that from the first Halo 4 teaser the only person in this room yeah I'm like it's coming in between phonics and a criminal but it doesn't really matter if you're just going to read the books on audible.com glass Land look like is a bunch of them and they're all unabridged Aaron Travis book will you have ice a follower Jen go two boxes Peugeot two - morning Paul I know what is on the fridge mean it means that nothing was cut off from it because really drive so when the game does not change the past I need the agent Star Trek Forza has been around for two years and has all this can and maybe told all the stories you need now there's a large the largest ocean two that we did with it we have the same problem with RvB it's like with the story right we do check right we don't talk it out but anyways there's a problem here it's why did they have to make a new Star Trek movie and something else Universe now and us back with cash Downey well I'm thinking next generation is going to happen the same way that happens now because I'm plan it Nixon reasons I can't have you going crazy not enough Ryan ever find Universe they don't think it that destroyed Romulan this must be some walking also got destroyed in the universe yeah okay so it's not even happen Forza red when it gets to about 200 something years after this movie and Jean-Luc Picard does he even get on that ship and do they even do the things they have to do now is different Universe talks turning in his grave Wii goes into discussion of a separate season 10 of red vs blue because I need money money money watch me watch is doing the commentary for him because it was like okay this is what we're in your mind or maybe they are but you didn't right in and it becomes like a joke I didn't set on screen that it becomes part of the deal and try to go back to make sure my honor that to become what you have learned a long time ago don't give text Joel text me the joke where she was yeah I could you text me can you text doesn't a joke her name was Nevada but it's like if you listen to conversations is your name anyway whenever we do this whenever Racing for 10 years people always ask did you have all this interloper two idiots talking about of days ago did you have all this in mind Universe play not that I didn't before we started people get attached that sort of thing not located in many many countries that listen to that the script right like Rewritten many times and a movie that in in just a movie that you go see if it's rear is hitting me I can tell you like the framework which is sort of like here's where we're at where we want to be by the end of the season Christi Friesen Stride Rite Things Remembered Ford Carolina and some of us agent Bland you sky song in of world you know that you like you just wait until using the story and no concept of that ring was going to be what it was and that important important and it's so cool that Tolkien my back and it took them 10 years to do I have anything what about this ring what is this ring is something miraculously found like it's not just at the bottom of cave and it was waiting till riddles with of lizard man found them and with them to come dick you know not expecting anything you didn't is like an 80s not crazy did you ever read that 44 Heather book with a similar similar I try not to drive like a history textbook two at ultimate conclusion like you know back to when you wrote RvB episode 1 did you plan all this out you know I just feel like texting it and they just want to pick it up R is like the nature of the way people remember that's why that's why I enjoyed your Enterprise was intentional Back in 1970 Dallas the feeling text was a part of that Polish people is big big big big kind of with imagination at the writers are like you know she's kind of going willy-nilly and they say I put this thing here ten years ago only use it now and I'll make it up right on the spot and if you like the meet up part is what bothers them I think behind the scene in the face and then use that for the back in time Bad season 3 Yin Atlantic Auto V and we stuck it in and then pay it off much much later we have done that for sure but that wasn't on purpose with the not move walking Tomb at and season 3 Riverwoods Lego would it be great if we went back and read up on everything that happened remember having conversations about this or that or whatever but recontextualizing things is Grant what was the with it but it doesn't E3 that was insane dude give it to me about what my story belong to and at the end of the day this story belongs to the fans and totally lets the question coming from Adam we are only worth like it and they're looking at it they may find things that maybe we don't find or whatever and there's that doesn't that move the leg things into something that's not canon anime I'm kind of goofy and stupid what I'm talking about but I like it when you put something in and it's something a fan is like totally thought out on their own it just may be coincidence like that they beard air almost like I thought of that you must have found my fanfic feedback right so it's like you know like a thousand conversations we talk about things and throw things out there and then I might even said who knows and some interviews like talking about Carolina some of the stuff with her and I probably have a review of that just cuz we have to go back there with your land and here's what she does and she doesn't say it but never showed up so we R Monty gets wet because I said that I remember you talking about that Ali more of it a lot more when I'm watching something is I'll go back and watch the first episode again I don't like saying something like Game of Thrones it's amazing what happens in the first season like and stuff like that you have a connection with that show it's great that the guy who played Rocky must be a really good actor or you must be a really huge dick and realize it look at a complete stop it makes me worry I already know someone who one day will kill a baby in your tummy you have a good time just talking about that about your and Wyoming is like how many people remember that we go watch out of mind Engraving huge moment but it's like it was kind of bad because if you go back and look at bad is not as popular is what's going on now but you know what usually start watching if I go with you you should go back and look at that you'll really like it or whatever but I try to make it to the important points or more backstory stuff in in in framework is clear throughout but like I try not to like call back like in a way that's supposed to be Portman beard with have some of the emotional reaction is going to happen on screen or said that they can't be too far away from that moment cuz I just recognize if you let me watch internally or 10 years I think it's important that's all but like something is play keeps hitting me in the face where it's like we come across a new fence was like a lot was because I think how much red vs blue has grown has grown along the way I think of technical studies project remember the first time I started to do this to the point where we have a room here for people working since about 2 o'clock oh awesome now we're getting $0.70 an hour Downey based on 10 years history and their artistic choices and a lot of the fans who have been around 10 years those artistic choices based on 10 years you know he has 20 30 years history of Tomb cell that makes him who he is but you don't know what those are you just seeing what's presented in front of you all along Joyce Chen reveal was episode 16 of reconstruction the big twist that happens there and it was such a long after that that we actually had to do flashbacks and show it because it wasn't in that tees Bad season 5 season 3 season 3 and all the way back Sony - 07 flashback just because it was like it was not currently have to cut your text because she's not a relevant character 2000 with you it was really hard I didn't know the people were going to like reconstruction because it was so different this season 6 of us so different from everything else I just want to make it a story and then play the villain and hero and it was just in capsulated story and it was prepared to not do that anymore you keep the story which is fine but some of the story but there's two choices talk about it I mean animation however occasionally okay you have a doctor and then to the podcast we are heading your way now here's the real story line if you do that TV show where they have pins and every every episode depends on the last Wii remote that you can put this on the Aaron we were really different but why bother writing something for the people that don't watch it right for the people that watch it and if you're confused you have 10 years good 4 you can watch something it's running now I can go back and watch it the why do people keep complaining with the episodes are too short or too busy watching today as the person who makes it hard for the emotional emotional South play that was really funny auto mechanic of all time is when the Washington's approaching the red bass is it the curly under the direction of star to cut out that comes Ford and play Lake not everyone saw it but was waiting to Bruce is God in the wrong places and it was pretty funny watching the office today and it was just like the I ever did I guess because I wasn't shut up. If someone was always make me laugh though when Church shoot the meadow and he has been unbelievable Ricochet shot and everything looking in wire over the head to bad about Talking Now chicken not really coming here so I just woke up I was looking at picture of Joel on the post the schedule when was that what year was that I was like you haven't aged very much as you like sushi in the NFL which is I guess the time Bungie two Theft Auto that was brown different holy crap that's crazy looking at right now Ford 94 Ford Days on the Road Auto travel a lot together George Island and that might have been the most fun I have had with a company in 10 years he was like a kid in a candy store it was hard but it was kind of creepy right because you can't use the word Hardware can result us to bring it up Wii U girls shirts that are coming out in the receipt store and some pretty cool and we have a section to be and yesterday I like this happened Gavin two straight guys can be a judge of how good looking a guy like me one day you two things the best looking guy in the office George Thorogood a Raider fan book Gavin Gavin Gavin Gavin a taxi you got really drunk and you were like oh let's go with this George Monty two next text to you at the party V Jeff Williams party I was dancing do my thing and you like dude but I had a boner for you it's really trying right now you use your finger like it was like it was like like I was pushing like trying to trying to fight cell but not functioning go on you've got too much to and if I had to do I had to make a choice I think part of it was particularly well something I've been doing recently the Hidden Side of Gavin comes out you know drinking and partying in is the dance that and Raptors gravitate to Austin Aston two Lego flash fanfiction and I'm sorry I'm extremely happy to be a guy guys are disgusting like like Jack what you're saying that like making out with Jack must be like dunking your face in at Tumbleweed women how can we possibly do that would like to Padre I had someone someone say something you want to stop me my tracks and it's girls and I said that I would never feel bad for you have to take guy just get to dick girls and that's awesome she looked me Square in the eye but you'll never know what it's like to be a girl and kiss another girl like a kitten walking on a bed it was really loud and I need to do that Michigan dick you don't have to beard oil Wii married a rapper I don't matter. As far as I was done I would like to bring that beard has got to be like her Grand not be Joel cover and you did not remember the footage of us being taken what with who triple X being a mother you know the mail that's looking for listening I love it