#17 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth does a late night talk show imitation

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Recorded: 2009-08-06 00:12:09

Runtime: 00:35:26 (2126.81 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey


Transcript (in progress):

drunk tank Rooster Teeth Productions podcast is the theme something a lot of times when a good job find the drunk tank I'm good I'm Geoff yeah we're doing things a little differently this week I got a ton of crazy stuff going on at the office and I can't get everyone together how crazy is it Gus crazy it's so crazy that it's so crazy that we can get more than two people in the same room at the same time I'm a really boring person 5 videos all the exact same time as a result of people away from their work for a few minutes at a time and talk to them and hang out with you been so busy all day I feel like doing Harley's in the back room I've been out here all day things are progressing nicely and you can't really talk about it too much I know it sucks someday we'll talk about it and get excited about packing up so I just did inventory for September 4th Thru the 6th I think we're going out there on the 3rd because remember on Fridays hope for the future of Left 4 Dead I remember when I was gay but who exactly who ever who actually made the announcement when they said Halo 4 Halo 2 brains when they said Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out and I said that everybody of course all the Wonders bitched about how Left 4 Dead was only after that they were selling the same game twice about it but somebody else said we're going to explain to you why it makes sense down the road and then you'll understand and it totally makes sense but I don't know if they really fully explained everything to get the impression that made it pretty obvious that the new campaign that's going to be the new campaign that's going to be in Left 4 Dead DLC new DLC - DLC it's a 30-minute campaign behind it takes place from when you take off in the helicopter at the end of No Mercy to when you begin death toll so I never thought of Left for Dead As One linear story I thought of it as like for retelling same story like this is what would happen if these guys were trapped and so now it's pretty clear that at least with this one they're going to tell this they're going to bridge the gap between no mercy and that's all we can only assume that they'll be more DLC little bridge the gap between the other Maps as well and then you think that the final DLC will be like Bridging the Gap between Left 4 Dead 1 in Left 4 Dead 2 that would be awesome if that's the case I don't know if I can help with that much what happened at Bernie and what if it took place on the bridge that's pretty cool speaking of Left 4 Dead reminds me of something that we saw at Comic-Con actually haven't talked about yet that zombie apocalypse game the Konami game yeah I think you're right it was like a combination of Left 4 Dead and Smash TV yeah what the overhead view and you move around with the lipstick and the right stick shoots in whatever Direction you push it in yet so it's like she was I guess the same kind of consistently felt like that was pretty cool I think it is extremely gory one of the helicopter that was in the ground and it was like a little stuffed animal asking him what are you doing that yourself and we know he will help you out with that straight here after after I'm done with talking to you like that something like that email we should play on the same server level 100 you haven't seen anyone and up to level 18 now and haven't really seen anyone so I sent an email yesterday is anyone still playing this and they're all like oh yeah level 10 in the lake well so I'm out I passed all of them so I have to stop playing again to try to let them catch up problem with wow that's like every time you and I play together it was always you like you that stop playing for a month to let Griffin up email the next day I was playing and one of them locked in here like holy shit you're little late I'm already I was like yeah I think we're going to try to come tomorrow if they have wives or anything outside of personally or professionally so hopefully we'll get a chance to play with them on Thursday and will run out of season and get them leveled up a bit but it's actually really easy settings easy level 18 but I don't know quest to kill level 23 supposed to find a group for anything I did when I was 16 there was a level 22 Elite that I couldn't kill but that's the only thing that's killing me so far in the game it was really close I had 200 points do you think that's because the hunter is an easy class or just because you played so much while you just know how to play it efficiently and effectively 200 with an easy class and it's got to be no amount of knowledge of the game is going to let you I don't know are we have the set of very similar conversation or like anything about me I can take no problem and I never I never that case for me I don't think so it's really really need to pick up before we go so I can have my turtle tank Turtle it's awesome right now I just have a cat I can't say it was a Ghost Cloud links I think it's my pet right now so cool right now this is the part of the podcast for fence regulations but everyone else on my friends again for playing with me and so we need games we can play together I don't have to come here it's been like over and over again I can't wait to finish 4 Salt Lake near the end that's not how I roll that's not how you roll I got to the part last night we're done finally found Maria L really anybody that hasn't played that yet I don't want to give away any spoilers but his wife gets kidnapped and she gets starved and tortured and fucked up and then when he finds her she doesn't recognize him so he shoots her in the head and kills her I was hoping you were spoilers and we can try tonight take a break from work because I've never played any of the hill and I look forward to this level 102 ranking system and started looking at what that takes and I think it's like it goes pretty fast early on level 20 now but it takes me it's going to take me like 7000 experience to get to level 21 and on an average game on hard mode I get like 200 experience a level two how many games have you figured out how many games you have to play well that's another reason you know the other multiplayer modes cuz I think I can get more I don't know the hard what's the best way to get experience in that game it might be the worst way for all I know some things but regardless it takes like I think six and a half million points to get to level 100 and I have at level 20 I have like I don't know geez I don't want to say that I didn't like 30,000 points for something like that the rest of my life to do it but I don't know what it was I've missed you terribly Geoff Ramsey alright now that we got rid of Geoff went ahead and grabbed Aveeno and brought him in here how's it going to be pretty good how's it going I was just one just was great you have a lot to live up to you yeah I like the flashing light on your headphones things immediately I start talking about something gold plated with an accent I'm not seeing any gold or platinum that I can see so of green sludge blinking light means I'm in charge now I'm running the show here I have a blinking light no you did not how many times you come over here I know where we're all real busy and doing a bunch of unusual stuff today but I guess if 4 people listening who might not know what you do day-to-day what kind of things to do on the first time I came here I was in tonight I just got stuff helped out when people needed it and now I'm director of Red vs Blue that's like the biggest jump ever went from getting me coffee to getting everyone in the office coffee responsibility direct from the heads cut it together and it takes me like 2 or 3 years of practice because normally put out there at 9 p.m. time now is there ever like are you ever like scrambling at the last minute but there is still plenty of weeks to come I'm sure they'll be one where I'm crapping myself to the end of production on next week's episode going have you started that you have so many things going on the office right now it's like everyone everyone's work clothes the weekend when you can hear the Footsteps in the front room to the office by yourself it's like looking out the window waiting for Geoff but that's on the windowsill and looks like it doesn't it I would not sleep here have you ever no no I think I might have slept once at the old office in Buda but I don't think I've ever slept at his office here and I know before we had the option but I definitely slept at Bernie's house when we're doing the headrest out of a spare bedroom and you Thursday night Matt Matt asking if we meet at 9 I'm sorry that you know that you say that I have slept at all of our offices forgot about the land against the soft wool I used to when you came and visited us and you did we still have that big leather couch yeah like to sleep on nothing with every day I'll have like nap time I think Joe was living on that couch and I was yeah I think he did for a living before you moved I think one night he was staying there and all the ups is in the office I guess there's a power outage in LPS in the office started the alarm started going off and I said he didn't know how to turn them off oh sorry I was in a house in my first Rooster Teeth short last week so true you accepted that you haven't already told everything I said Morris serious thing it was it wasn't it was pretty short I thought it was I just remember you look like a professional better than I was earlier but I didn't record in the conference room and here today trying to work and write so he said he's projecting as a peanut gallery right now he doesn't have a microphone but he can yell at us Matt came over here to try to find a secluded area to work in and I probably brought microphones and an amp in my laptop and then allowed stuff started talking everyone over here is really doesn't work for me to do this every other desk is like the field was like and it's not always doesn't want this house to the office at the office and now we have Joe was like an orange tabby cat and he was sunning himself at Orange for bringing stuff from my house to the office so I like anything I like most about the coffee maker and what is the coffee maker produce coffee that we drink that smell A+ caffeine work day poop not so much he wanted to the other day right below where you guys are sitting right now then maybe that was it you I know it was just short we had one of the lighting bags open a Nokia pistol in that bag that he took a big dump right behind that TV oh my God that the cat has a problem and also can I love that thing I want to take you back to England to make it 4-1 we have that closet in the office and I had to make a sign and put on the doorstep people keep the door closed then I guess I'm going to open these quietly what's on my shift pre-ordered hot dogs in today for lunch from a street vendor and got a bunch of bags of chips as well as your hot dog was alright those jalapeno cheddar dogs and I like that a lot more this was a Chicago-style dog eyes I wanna get the class thinking that we go back to the class it was a little too busy for me would you like some Mountain Dew as well I have Mountain Dew Code Red I want people outside of people here very much that's awesome 921 now it's mind-blowing to me how old were you the first time you came over remind me of New York in 2005 so I have a longer one for 17 how old were you the first time you came in Austin 17 really wow we have a problem with the important teenage kids from you Chris Hansen is going to show up with you airports in Ukrainian help under the hot hot for Words chick has any younger sisters beautiful Christian Christensen is not OK he does like all these To Catch a Predator specials on TV where did they set up basic people visit pedophiles have to make pedophiles think they're talking with children on the internet and then we going to go have sex with them and then they Ambush them or not alright well I know you got a bunch of work to do so I can keep you too long give you know alright thanks for coming over how was your first experience usually Cara in frequent guest star the podcast I like the title before that every podcast but I will be on the best ones to decide to let Matt be on here last cuz he's been sitting in the same room we were recording the podcast finally it was either you or Joey the cat and doing as well since I'm as busy as everyone else for coming in and ruining my lips I guess that's a good thing in my favor I'm not sure yet probably just stupid for not I don't know what you've been doing today working on a script for Action Project live action shorts I've been working on a lot of scripts because we have a whole lot of travel coming up in the next few weeks and 1 day of the week a lot so we've got to get some scripts nailed down and be able to come home that one day shoot and then leave and then hopefully Nathan Brandon and the rest of the guys can take care of whoever else is here to take care of shorts but together while we're gone and I think they can I don't know that's never been on the podcast so we can probably as much as we want to that's another reason they don't have any comments today after it gets posted about what we talked about assholes coming up on the shorts and some of it is that I can require quite a bit more production will look great cuz they're not gonna be here to pull off and now we've been lucky that a lot of our shorts have been able to shoot and one very long day and I'd still like one likes like 16 hour day and get it done but I think someone got coming up I'm really not sure how we're going to do it so it's going to be it's going to be a challenge that we really had any celebrating I'm talking about challenges kind of shirts that go beyond one day other than cash and Captain dynamic that's a good question we do that I think we just pick ups for what was the longest 3 days because we had so many different things that one short even though it seemed like I was mostly all closer together there was a montage in the Middle where we went to the coffee shop we went to the little shop down the street and we did March 10th braids in half it was weird like it was a parade going on and we hopped into parade of the teabaggers so which one do I call it was great I'm going right down the street and we jumped in there and there's a lot of fun and it was really nice and then we did the cop in there were several different weird sit-ups in his office quite a long time I didn't catch as you mentioned took two days because I got exhausted from being hit in the face with baseball are you still getting hit in the face still looks like it hurt it hurt you know the first there's some great I'll take that we can put up at some point for both of those because when they the first time because Bernie throwing them and Bernie is a master prop thrower don't know people know this please don't throw another movies Nathan Zellner and his brother David sonar made this movie one time that I shot a lot of it for him and Bernie was brought in to throw eggs at an actress you know Bernie minder done properly he did and I think we have any course but he was throwing baseballs and the ones that actually hit me in the chest those those are real and that hurt like a son of a bitch and had some big bruises from that but the one that hit me in the face or a little squishy soft baseballs Gus was saying that my wife had painted not only did she paint them white but she actually painted the little red Rawlings or something on there that looks really really real and when they're being thing that you know from about 5 feet away that they hurt pretty good but a couple of them they hadn't completely settled or like you didn't it didn't hit me like the first couple times he missed my face and hit me in the neck and if you watch very closely in the video you can see later in the video I've got white paint on my neck from where the ball hit my neck and skipped off that's going to be in the group section of IMDb for that short. Also it was a near-miss where they almost hit your neck but I remember that was scary that was the scariest part of making that was more scary than getting run over by the car barely barely you go by on the hairs on my nose and it was not it was not pleasant at least you have it as bad as Jack the dude who got hit in the ear and everything and he was a trooper and I like Jack with the group discussed before in the program but he played the chairman in Arbor View reconstruction he's a great actor and I was so happy when he decided to come out and do this and I told him that he's going to get hit in the face how far away from the car and couldn't sell but he was just he was really tough about it and like he kept getting hit in the didn't break character one time was like he was perfect the whole way there I think after the second or third take he did ask if he could get hit anywhere else besides that year he was trying to hit him anywhere else but the baseball just keep it here for some reason magnets directional forces for some reason I was terrible for him but it was funny it was funny what's been up with you the conundrum will have the same problem but we have a ton of things going on and unfortunately if we can't talk about 90% of them we can't then it's really unfortunate but it's one of the things I'm looking into this website you know the database and the site code to them up every night then we backup to external hard drives that if the building burns down we can we have the hard drive here one of those hard drive went bad and had to replace it and so stuck with this bad hard drive that has weeks of a sequel database backups and backups that I can't get on there anyways so I hired a service to bring a giant hard drive Shredder down to the office on Friday and we're going to I can't wait for this order through hard drives into a Giant Shredder it only cost fifty bucks hard drive Shredder wow okay so that's being written into the short week that's great hopefully they'll let us do it like I want to throw hard drive into it is the Cornerstone of good filmmaking yeah I've been trying to talk to people all day long for just a few minutes and it's been interesting to Chicago but he said the Chicago-style dogs and he's just by himself at this card and he tells you he delivers which I thought was weird that he rolled it hard out here backside or something but yeah he came down here with all of her food she's also got like this little mobile credit card scanner and he's like a one-man you're the one that I've been to cell phone this is like just a perfect opportunity to steal a hot dog Matt we went out to the first time how would you get away with hot dog cart very slowly worst criminal in the world and like could you get on a bus and put it on that front the things that you have to have knowledge of a hot dog cart before you can start wearing it around a bit there's like there's like you have to bring the water always read the manual Gus we know that but the website and we were talking to him we were talking to him the first time we went out there and he said his original plan was he wanted to build a wheeled cart up and down Congress and go wherever he wanted and just sell hot dogs like that but that the city doesn't give permits for that but he had to apply for a permit to sell food there to apply for a second permit to secure his location on the sidewalk so that's his spot the city is team that no one else can sell food there except for him he's got his territory rules in the city that is covered with food like the coffee shop next door Sal's sandwiches with meat they also sell breakfast tacos however they are not allowed to sell breakfast tacos with meat of course but it's like it's it's either city or state ordinance of Cameron which one of your city because there was some weird long does made like if 50 the product food product is made off site which they are in this case and delivered to the restaurant it can't have meat in it unless the meat is between two slices of bread because of the sandwich The Powerful Bread Lobby at work the meaning of the ethnic foods that are really good but them anymore like the teamsters of the bread industry have gotten in the works and messed everything up on everything else you want to talk about before we wrap this up we'll talk about food talk about food that's most of that wasn't covered that I'm glad you I'm really excited about this hard drive Shredder now I think we're going to have to post a video that no matter what there's something about the video of the hard drive and the Barista looked at me she said it was a computer or some kind of weird to put the cat in a hard drive cost if you like someone's first day on the job hard drive pooping in our church we would never have to do that that's a horrible thing to say we would do that your interns but not the cat would have been tested for safety thank you everyone and everywhere else will have a regular podcast next week sorry that Matt was here