#170 - RT Podcast

RT goes deeper into Jacks beard

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-170

Recorded: 2012-06-14 00:40:04

Runtime: 01:39:24 (5964.99 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

musthing to lose my mind you've been gone for so long J find me the song, trunks to I need to transfer to friend me this recipe podcast is brought to you by being only being that integrates information from your friends on Facebook and expert on Twitter so you can tap into their knowledge and opinions and spend less time searching and more time doing now search goes social check it out at Bing duck call I just looked up terrible theme song and Bing it sound air podcast leprechaun leprasaun of this week we will be in Sydney Australia 4 supanova on the plane right now America South America and Asia australasia lets australasia it's part of the continent of Australia what continents Europe did you go country australasia Australia Australia you of your place Rome Quake country australasia is a reason of Oceania comprising of Australia New Zealand and the island of New Guinea and neighboring islands in the Pacific Ocean done anything about australasia is not a continents to live in Europe because we refer to them as Europeans because lets you write European within Canada as an American nursing no G does a button of America Northern version Oceanic distributor includes Australia and Elders I probably use the term Oceania the way that you use australasia Quake including New Zealand is New Zealand from Asia Chronicle trailer tectonic plate 4 where was New Zealand in the musth rugby players forgetting on gas money talks within the or something Gavin 73104 different ways you can hurt like the main character scared to get an achievement for that what are we 3 games coming out this week or something Babel Rising it seems like there's so much visibility of video games this week it would be a great week to release people running around in a skirt I don't know what the game is about and Gavin on video Angie's it was meeting with it and so after all that is amazing it's a good remembering all of my attention to ten in the bed the post motivational shut up if I turn into a fortune cookie it with the for that quotes or inspirational quote and just I don't want to ever see them and I don't see anybody inspirational quotes I give it a hundred and 15% 410 % or something like that a pet peeve of mine and they said that it was like Monty hard ten percent trying to give a hundred percent you can give it a hundred percent of Watch Chino Hill Davidson of the people around me for a newsletter an email newsletter driving me insane 100 hour not an hour of footage in my on Eclipse to Through Stillness it would be more video I like Xbox one interview pocketnow he said also email me your favorite song 500 emails coming in every day Switzerland Kong time because 4 trailer jack Usher talking about Jack I'll talk about it all the way Super Why Jack Astor Commons place to she's final anyway thrown away okay alright no one you're at work I'm going to let it come out the other and drinking for the Pro the archive did and part of a promotion I even called you comes out but anyway my email face Barbara Lindsay was on there a Monty new social contract man in the world I don't give a shit yeah I mean Davidson it like of .000 1% return rate for the I don't care about anything Mike Henderson when you and I used to work with someone who bought something from a piece of plan and we were fucking pissed at Star Wars Eddie Davidson it was a jail I guess it 1.8 Story Wikipedia what's the dogs escaping from prison and then to like a Common Thread in a spin it's always about like taking a shortcut or doing something or to do something like that phishing in a LinkedIn dance of gibberish lazy people like your profile of people who quick Moria in a person no done when they fall for a phishing attempt so it into an email with a friend of mine but I'm running another site without email information email I can make a phishing email I could do that I could write one but amazing when you look at the emails and you know they're obviously an attempt to scam you is it somehow more illegal no Judge Judy the case with somebody who bought something on eBay and then it turned out the auction was for a picture of the item and I swear I heard of that woman was in court and she was like a picture of the phone it wasnt done new email sounds like no attachment to text then you can just like you don't know anything probably a couple hundred thousand to come up with kill people what does people think you're crazy the battle Zombie game it up John Tracy House of like we just and the podcast something happens between the two weeks into the podcast recorded story of red woman was out walking she got hit by pitches dog so she protects and stuff about the head list to the King Kong T-Rex Judy she's fine she's doing because she lets things they put up in areas that have wild cat is like if you were in the mountainous territory in his Bobcats or mountain lions day of signs that say if you run into a mountain lion the last time is fight back make a lot of and we have the weeds with my head cut off Within Star news about the woman in your arms a horrible thing about Babel picture of comic book no final animal cruelty were being mean to animals know that we and we made ourselves tonight because if the tables were turned reserve the amazing Flex controlla jailbreak or chemicals can the family thing elephants do sometimes star or something like crazy Gus Thomasson mines River Rock cannabis fantasy or something you just ruined your life by something you had no control Eddie chemical change can change who you are for about an hour and then you back when you see like a captive animal according to his bio scale in the rain I want to say thanks to bing.com for the support of this podcast I heard Bing done, so I've been using to see what you're talking about it on Facebook man connected to Facebook so thank you for supporting us in Minecraft cinnamon Minecraft servers work in Xbox Live arcade is the only III I can probably put some of that probably Wars of III Star Trek into the game and that was it I'm trying play that day by mediately okay it on the other iCloud list of ideas and preparing for the video air horn sound just like plant with no care in a I don't want to carry on my laptop doesn't work no point on the river let Michael temporarily lost his man welcome day and it's like $2,000 and I play Skyrim of the time I was just by myself right now I have to back everything up and now it's iCloud Xbox anytime login play backup to the cloud in the background music to the cloud without me knowing the cloud iCloud the weekend of the 1st house of the fire light and hit the wall Lakewood Arias real name and what makes Lets Plays from you which is the video the lets play like I was thinking I'm going to be one of these going to be Jack on Michael I only believe no one touch that logo everyone on the logo fire in everything to let you win we forgot to clear out with a chest full of ah supplies and stuff 102 Billy I have one time on on the server on the PC version Billy Buckingham within to it I felt like torial I know what I'm doing did you watch the first lets play Minecraft 720 yeah I can already building the house next to bed awesome Monty J new lets play hard core stuff we talked about how something on a digital lost his house down video where guy hard core character 64 death is permanent all the way no it's not probably I was putting them speed demos put the game you'll ever see light from Stars crash it every time core vs plan Diablo 3 he's going to get patched into the Diablo 3 it would be ridiculously people getting shot in real life stories like that and I'm not quite to the butcher commentary I mean the thing I like about Lets Plays Brave someone replayed a hold of Donkey Kong 64 because I didn't have an in 64 anymore and I wanted to see if it was actually good or whether I was just the commentary there's no display graphics for Diablo 3 for the new Macbook Pro run it 2080 by 1800 the new MacBook Pro Retina episode 115 star every single piece of custom-made they even made them it takes time because it's with the richest face the same distance apart one frequency of sound it kind of loud but if they make more like totally spaced it sounded different frequency makes the laptop theme jacks the MacBook Pro with a cat the pizza press event website Hard video camera in front of them the entire time in the Xbox 360 the first conference in did like everyone had a few stations set up around I am ready for the next Xbox open messages totally different machine Hardware is pretty impressive to turn Xbox or PS3 developers we when we were in development give me more hard drive space virtual imitations but the great thing for my programmer Xbox the hard drive I'm shopping with and Geeks 50000 + I'm like that with cloud storage hey except for Halo for 20 minutes to Call of Duty Black Ops to Lawton ok Usher it is exactly right it was on you today because he was Usher I mean we gotta we gotta start thinking about this thing being more than just 4 demos I mean that's why there's all that connects done enough to do something like that Usher a big enough Star right now to do a crossover a thing like that the he's releasing new songs in the game how games I like very few performers singers swear they are actually better at the dancing in the back of the answers actually the right this time? I'm at Monty for the first time new job with red list Blue Apron arma2 I was like I just want you play in that I by Belkin core and freestyle the same time to get off nail Brave Texas Big Thicket to use the spray out of how many times everything the weekend trailer to an hour or look at numbers like every week we have people is like saying a number like this week we had someone and I think Calgary Flames hockey game and people to Disneyland it was Billy Mitchell from Kingdom Kong Chronicle attack to Lake Perris from the Great Wall of China what does an ounce of weed a lot of Minecraft pretty much like in Minecraft ah thank you I appreciate it by Chronicle look up camera but then they kind of established at I just got away from it you can think about the Talking Heads life I think that's more like try to try to imagine the way Evolution like evolving what happens if the technique and then become so popular that helped push that along with the camera camera what you talking behind the camera Private Ryan bill I would like to cover that a drill that he was running running Star Trek the the CG artists had to develop Pocomoke a break for just the camera where they would like to eat it around Monty new trailer for the new Disney movie coming out Jesus doesn't register at all for me Wreck It Ralph 2 Cars 2 Cars 2 Pixar fatigue at this point generic I felt like a little bit I don't like a final fantasy movie but you can ignore that no 4 golf it coming on Gavin play the door on the way out anyway podcast no to remind me to talk about this it was such a really good idea in a plan if you have an idea for more than five minutes somebody else can make that one got to get going but he Wreck It Ralph 4 trailer make it right Bill trailer starts with the wreck Ralph game play very often Rome style the way the current a little to none game like can we postpone Wreck It Ralph attack Elders man had to pay 599 for DLC to see them in the movie Christine what is a bill for Attack on games because the person that played in games it's like Halo characters that you downloading it on my phone or anything I have another story like Grand Theft or to episode that what I'm understanding that they don't have to develop the current release it kind of card can I pay the money I feel like something 4 download I hate it I hate when I buy a video game and I paid $60 to the game and I am locked out of shit on the game because you pay if you paid and they let you out if you paid for something Star Wars I want to start over again I never liked you I want to go back and have my characters a G Funk and delete them Star Wars eBay is done unlock account and download the Mike Tyson code for Mike Tyson Punch-Out I Used to Know I look it up I don't know why be a play no matches Halo anniversary cinnamon roll Uptown a text I have no idea let me know hey different sounds like and in the a I think you'll be remembering that Halo like ten kids stuff ten years from now I don't know if I can do it with my hand Hitman 2 all weapon oh my God the right people like the light a remake of the side swear one more than they like to 381 people like those quake the coming year 4 North Carolina Lakes map ah so I don't like Billy in 2004 I'm talking about Halo to my grandkids don't be a problem if we keep making all games over again multiple when you are going to hear about Pokemon or Show Arnold was The Art of Hair lets to the football from it was a different shape Rome I was going to list it I don't remember him I'm pretty sure it was him in your life the first penultimate art totem Inn Healy which company is probably more Richard Lane the podcast archive we have theme for J anyway I was 5 years old it was or supposedly analog but it was really you just press it hard to get face punch your present like to get my medium Fleshlight I swear there is a version of it which is probably the best football game I've played on anything John elways quarterback and put the garbage in the RT and it was your profile killer list of video games college or distorted version of quick the killer they have a form attached to it that's like basically art collectors and owners and I got into a big run Rising arcade machine I had that retro arcade room I got better things to do had my similar taste old arcade machines John Kennedy can I plan to transport or somewhere else and Rec translate 50 times like stainless steel France in it watch I need a hotel Eddie killer of you working and going to think you're woman Kendra Scott what color Nintendo scope talking about me talking about the mod that I was showing you guys are selling death and Gus we were core to the video of Moria the route taken by zombies and you just have to survive and guard for Ford 4 stuff turns out somebody made that there's a mod for a game called arma2 which nobody has ever heard arma2 I know his play The Never Ending 4 Gus and Gavin probably hopefully and you got a gun and you got a can of beans and it's about the people you're about to talk about I don't know cars Monty cast I have the same internal reaction to what I'm saying on the bottom watch something different watch Riverside episode watch episode 1 to now how many hours of continents that 64 Babel star entire life 5000 miles last year for the roses and he said if you're going to trust me I can become like in the next person's begin the arm rest the arm Billy on wreck today MacBook or 66672 don't mind the middle coming back from Australia the last time you want to upgrade to an International International to start wrapping this up cuz we were going from Dallas to Austin the last time I flew it was a very and two other dudes because everybody's you going to do that stuff if the plane crashes the scary thing is that you have responsibilities new person or something to talk about the Air France the black box for that the flight air the pilot thing but going on Wars not a good idea what station is the most Junior co-pilot had one of the sticks are connected to turn one of them turns off to shut off the warning speaking it was on the ground the store so it's just like the play air scope first in Michigan lets wreck down there somewhere server getting up at 5:01 for sponsors of the saving more like games or stuff for sponsors because we have the benefits Mike's fine and either assist or kill the rooster teeth employee the town is hiding zombie trailer call animal a question when you leave a soda and then come back in he said he can rejoin different average income to the rounded point across different servers to make sure before you have to like a play because it doesn't have to be public