#171 - RT Podcast

RT rises up and eats faces

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-171

Recorded: 2012-06-20 14:48:01

Runtime: 01:26:59 (5219.23 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Ben King




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Transcript (in progress):

Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus Gus restaurant the super energetic now Gus Gus Gus Gus super energetic now Wells Fargo social ticket i b.com samjib from the website for that awesome things that bring back memories and Barbara of course you can good I haven't had coffee in like 3 months you mentioned in and penicillin fight because we hadn't talked about this. After work release I don't really know how much you can really say about that generally usually somebody rising up in East in meiosis phase I keep every animal I think in the world every little fucking detail Joel is the most afraid of everything happening to have them sprayed on careful careful the foot your face Journey my face fucking buy some buddies recipe I can never make up for the occasion in the 04 Hutch's car or somebody that because someone's car fucking if you happy and you say well the way it's supposed to be from the Barbacoa in McAllen are we talking about right now I'm cooking what was the botox Bing would you rather anybody not men not women hit so he decided to chop off his dick and balls and cook it and serve it to people who were willing to pay $500 a plate number I heard that surface Target AM radio just cooking that you a thot TM wrapped up in your dick I know that you know culture where they think that like when this incisors incisors year in the side of your mouth when they're turned a little bit like angle but it's cute so you can go to the man go to the dentist and have them surgically your insides are so that turned at least your teeth the old one game right now the 4 results Jack Joel number one female to the podcast email address the other day he was yesterday the day before there all the time always right like you discount yourself we went to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant yesterday and they were playing I don't know you don't have to take our drink orders and Ben is the water and then he said oh my God mom in the kitchen Twin Trees restaurant talking during your meal over the radio playing baseball I can do they have like Asian music yeah I found it found Chinese what does yellow Bing good Barbara foot expert to a friend of mine and then he brought up the subject of weird fetishes involving dr. do socks go out with other people is actually a friend of mine 4 mega64 she's all over the place but this one is people who like dirty socks but not just dirty socks it's like socks that you wear for a month straight without taking them off and then they want to hear about this 4 month Buy and Hold up you can hear the ocean mom phones Comic Con and being like Oh no, I mean in terms of like weird stuff again like the Japanese guy that's weird waking up your stuff and feeding eat it came out with a video about Metal Gear Rising fucking amazing Gear 2 the costume 4 horizontal on the show 4 at RTX 89 your fight and that's a lot of fun it's a mix between Invasion and buy your fight is a good thing they're doing it to be like we don't exist you can move I think there's another one that's more like I block a number I can't wait to see it and I think I can everyone and before then we can get in front like every week to get a release of new Spartan Ops right now they're doing an in Halo reach that you like the weekly updates or whatever fictional story that tells everything in development once when I was on a date William or everyone at RTX as a member of the media to do some work around DayZ no I actually and I was running around Hysterical Literature we're definitely looking into it right now right now we're setting up our because we don't really have a PC environment to work right now but we're doing that we can start doing more things are looking is 4 hours fucking scared of zombie alien in real life store in I found these two bicycles like never before the liquor store survivors actually so you can come up with Betty ticket into all the buildings all the things I actually actually sort of things and black things and have more open and closing doors and windows and actually 6 or 7 Joel Adams game last week for the first time and I was kind of walking around and I was on the second level of a building and it was the latter to walk down and I looked down there was a guy who was looking at the looking to come up first foot pain when you don't have a handgun as it seems like it's going to turn into like basically it was two games are all the people who responded immediately and don't have a gun I just don't like fucking I can do whatever I can just take out whatever doesn't matter what the gun then it all changes probably won't like that could you cut off your dick in anything what is the sequel to operation Flashpoint it was going to be operation Flashpoint game before I am fucking mainstream 4 Dead Weatherford for this month I had to add a lot of objects that didn't exist in arma2 like with various things you'll find in the world and I believe that the zombies have a custom animation different from anything in our mother but still developing the windshield every time permanently it looks like there's only 50 people per server is it still you can modify the number but I think I must have seen is 50 how many museums are is DayZ server okay we're going back to work there's no way out nothing to do with you Burnie life is over the name I really didn't leave at the same time first event went really well at least you have another one this weekend I think in Perth don't touch chat recording definitely have the biggest boost 4 biggest lineman that mentions Bang Bang Shrimp Awards and after I after I can't bear to see USB plug-in wrong to her good she got it actually had a Minecraft the incredible game 57 in the world in Minecraft people who are coming into other people's Minecraft only white people trust bucket of lava at the top point of Every Mountain pictures of white glass pipe that goes through a lake which is going to have or someone the amount of work that goes into it it's in the water is Panera's in Minecraft old forever and I have an interview I will go somewhere on the map maybe there was a cube and you had to have people working together to I find the Cure and it may be like what you find the cure to go is to like get a certain percentage of zombie or something like that that would be kind of cool right words like it search network is a combining and your time with the right mixture of Medicine fucking I just need to contact us what does it mean some of them are Park 4 it could be hard to achieve that anyway soundtrack can you put a flare through it with a your in store for you could you look it over to the flare what is the actual time right now Minecraft the upper level and it's not coming back and I'm going to jack the more I think your a serial killer anyone else on my friends list you had like 9000 block 3004 block 1211 cobblestone I break free pictures build anything cool my whole goal is just to dig the a botox made these crazy-looking castles and things like that functionality guy like I told you tell me where the subway and everything Okay Google I feel like my mind is teeth made out of the bedroom yes I'm going to build a corkscrew subway system that goes up and connected to my meme am I still want old or three wise I was like 3 and it turns in like ten ten ten ten and it keeps working his way back through a server in Terraria and puts on the wall of the internal in and Pinterest Minecraft I don't have a good one the Pinterest architecture teeth pictures images in Minecraft shopping like you can just look at Club personification klout login using my Twitter or my Facebook and it gave me like and then unlike something hi you're telling me cell apparently if I want to the San Francisco Airport I could go to like the Presidents Lounge or whatever you can presidents life the most impressive thing I've heard about the price of used klout is if you go to Vegas there certain hotels that ahead of time check your klout score and if you have a high risk or you automatically get upgraded rooms tanning Microsoft I think it was 68 104 life or not I forgot to give you this for free and then there's probably going or what's going to cost me Wonderland Good Times Brandon on New Year's Day actually and I was packed with people who have never gotten but I would love to go interest rates go up meme Ben Joel Joel them alone no children I don't see any problem with that he's a responsible adult is no reason the gun Joe if you feel like if you're at home you feel like your life is threatened and put them is they're trying to harm you can kill with the law and I keep them there until the police get there will try to be there bing injured and shoot to injure if you're shooting someone you are shooting to kill someone hurt them important that you want to Someone Like You in your house I mean you're not going to like what's in a liquid breakdown people go in and get her hopes up list 6 and that's a good thing you're fucking crazy pictures don't do cell Vietnam what idiot on YouTube left time old in Vegas it's been a long time I was there metal trim after getting rewarded him being backstage at the back of the casino that was the best part of it puts Carson City I try your favorite part of that whole thing was kerrys Journal after work send him pictures of you from going to work yes it is a fate worse than death in the US how many Domino's pizzas are here Sigourney is Krista Chipotle burrito and still retrieve the the giant sandwhich I want to do this cuz it's just that man like you're saying you're watching this person trying to wrap the burritos and it's not happening you know it's happening the illusion of American Life came here I would like it 6 of what the fuck pound bag man inside his desk right now how many people have I know two other people in them trail mix bag we had at the old office trying to pick up chocolate covered the back whatever the other day I was in the annex and I was getting ready to leave and come back to the main building and was like oh hey I just called you Tumblr there's no reason to make her more cat in Joe the cat box of cat toys and also 350 Joe cat the backpack is behind his computer Joe the cat Joel the cabin if you have like a real co-worker who just like the computer in the end of contract open like all these letters and stuff no we haven't your con the website for sponsor chat on this weekend there sponsor people videos Channel 4 at 2:01 morning black is a standoff YouTube and Twitter counter what or who has to get like a rerouted over here what do you start with in chat this weekend I did a stream of attempting to bake cupcakes cooking is really fun how to turn a pretty good they're in my apartment for them they are like rum cakes with a tropical with cream cheese and the cat came back from Jamaica next door and I think at 9 minutes it was gone so I just walked over there and he didn't time Kathleen got there computer repair do you want Ben is like a fucking actually I think the door in the gun Ben life starting today 31st and Catalina you have to like standing really works Jack so I'll be over there so ticket sales and this week online June 22nd is the last day to buy your ticket on Friday what time Jacques strike manual I have a hard time wrapping my brain and leave my burrito and by the way has Gus worked out my ticket situation yet for today half a league I was right by where you put something I don't know or one of the ball to go over there now is Coopers in New Braunfels I was like your child in a pack and play the last week's podcast Easter things are coming and I'm like nervous about what's going to happen or feel like something's going to happen be respectful a matching dishes but I have a feeling there will be one or two and 4 inches on the ground because I've been with these people like everyone full in like kind to each other and everyone's friends and it's awesome don't know that we're going to DayZ please be respectful of everyone and everything half weeks from this weekend this weekend Ben is going Jim Brown going a G6 I know you're Meme and 7.2 with the actual like her a regular picture or something wrong with her I can count to potato girl there's a special Challenge and I can count to potato Rugrat her and her mom is mean and so now it's just making it worse talk about it for like 3 weeks and he left his truck parked in the best part of the movie I was driving him to the airport I didn't feel bad, just in case you're wondering about that park behind the warehouse next the old of emergency Target Crystal Lake cars next to each other a big bagel and cream cheese cake lately that's why I did not know about those until I moved here cuz I think it's an American thing man those are good things RT tablet but the thing about that when you opened it you could use it as a keyboard the keyboard in there when will never know I mean you're not even of the tablets for like an HP store tablet ticket thing about pick it up and you instantly know how to use it with all these other devices it's like you have to kind of work your way around to figure out how to do things buy their Ben I don't know when I can get interesting article the other day about iPhone jobs that it was 5 years ahead of time and it has been 5 years and iPhone really hasn't changed that article was actually way off base because my phone didn't store it was very restricted old vehicle cell a tower anymore so I have to get left and I think phones to and it's like they're all square with a touchscreen they're all black and before they're all iPhone colorful and shiny and everything exist anymore the United States my old analog super Network my dad had the same thing where he got cutting-edge technology from 15 years ago because his car or whatever American didn't get one of those new cars that has life the internet enable stuff built into it into the new Toyota Entune system you don't have the connectivity but if you're going to kerrys kitchen area and Legend your phone doesn't and you don't have to get out of traffic application I know if there's traffic or not Pinterest we don't know why did you get them for me and I don't know what was happening to the person they're having pain would be Pearle Vision Boise Danny still looking at the ground and die Tumblr I like pulling over Jack reactions of the I thought I was going to fucking die and it's a really crucial point in that movie because I was so concerned I was sitting in the movie theater dining room ceiling the life Skynet never standoff the counter San a couple weeks probably with a giant sugar or whatever you like home now I mean I wonder how much percentage of the RT I haven't seen 777-7781 time Star Wars I think so she looks like she is wow 442 you look great fun Bing do something she's going to talk about that in life to love and I just like looking at the theater over here the reserve seating in office to the point is you try to stay together we're going to see a movie on this day at this time but the next station with some dude or seat which is not what you want to do Consulting Sigourney Weaver Ben Joe life I want to come over okay we have reserved seating and then I was like did you buy your ticket yet we have preserved my ticket went down like that Joel after a certain of time you have the option to the last row 3D movies tanning a little bit for their back is a little easier on the eyes congratulations Joel life amount of money x-rated and I find it's not worth it I come down I think my glasses and a movie master I don't remember who it was thank you so much if you had to Avatar or whatever and like it and work standards at the IMAX has its own version cell phone the cleaner are there germs on it it's everywhere truly fucking Phil Park hotel room is I can take is the most Journey Betty when touching it supposed in toilet people I know okay this morning