#172 - RT Podcast

RT provides more entertainment than Fergie covering Slash

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-172

Recorded: 2012-06-27 14:56:40

Runtime: 01:26:06 (5166.32 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

nice one Jeff thanks to the generous support of game minder game minder video game release date again game minder currently tracks games for all game consoles PC and mobile game download it for free today game minder.com or on the Apple App Store and as of this week brand new game minder is now available and on the Android Marketplace as well additional consideration is brought to you by being only being that we need information from your friends on Facebook and experts on Twitter so you can tap into their knowledge and opinions spend less time searching and more time doing now search social check it out at Bing.com winky face Mike the lyrics to that song female that was paskill on the website thank you will I get more information Bing Big Bang or before we vs Bing and Bernie was like like I'm I'm going to the store and I'm going alright let me know for I don't want to go 1 2 3 4 how and an excited are you for rtaa and next week in a last minute rush we realized we sold the perfect amount and we can still no more it will be no tickets available at the door can I can I can I can I are stop Magic crazy man 50 languages okay we're going to put a table how many feet away from here on the table okay okay where do we get the drill what time is the Purdue the drink around the table 3 hours place where you can play some games or Central formula machine set-up playing on playing reach black horse mask that I'm working on getting some cool horse mask we're going to have Aiden Minecraft mod for Minecraft machine set-up that it would basically have the whole game set up the room for the whole weekend and then we'll probably make a video showing off Minecraft people black Upton Trials Evolution evolution possible Hunter personality and I don't stay out long time ago floors like that for the whole weekend Dougie to start off on the right foot for me Bing cast from the convention floor in 2 hours ESPN Radio 104.9 here in Austin Texas and Report open the line true Heat win the championship anyway you have your stream onto an iPhone anything that I'd like information on that I haven't tried it over there you already hunter in Legion looking everywhere because Cameron is getting knocked around and then never was wondering League Warrior Cats Tomahawk not always about the tomahawk Missle back 20 years or more 4900 miles and Technology $20,000 with an extra with gold so that's what makes me so sad names of the 206 today I'm going to Conan stop by or not all red part of a your car my car I was in a small wreck last week so Mike took some damage it's getting repaired car for the last week what car has the solar powered fans for that wanted to hire a the inside of my car a real conversation how to cool your car off it was supposed to do is roll down your passenger window driver's door like 10 times and closes your car roll down window will you have a by car that has power windows and you open the driver's door roll down the passenger window and then open and shut the dryer report will IAM DeLorean know the will IAM is making a new line of cars and he's made a car that's basically a juicer DeLorean or even more future things to get out of it the Future car Nissan Cube like the one in the corner for me I appreciate that someone is doing something different car cool your car symmetrical design Japanese Engineers sitting in a room somewhere trying to figure out what the American to understand right Adam how to cook car I'm not sure what you're trying to cool your car down and just came out and calendar app something that will help explain the Arma to title A the ARMA 2 the first one will I con here coming out 2012 going to work does my internet service con that are constantly pool hackers Adam would look like on by on by tribute TGI for a while which was really and truly I wasn't allowed to go to trivia night and I usually change my name when I ask questions with questions and I know Sam that are thrown out of mxc Saturday night something how many people wanted to keep it at about 215 220 better be allowed to compete there somewhere around there first come first serve you don't have to you can just go Upton trivia contest category is Mother's Day how much and when you can Iowa $5 the winning team if you're of age no people been asking about age limit to that I believe there are no instruments but again you have to be 21 to buy an island interview underage drinking in Mission Center the last minute again our office is closed the week before and after rtaa will be to hang out with you I know everything where are The Cadillacs no they're not watching this convention center convention center and pillars on the floor the floor everything on the floor and wanted toilet car office will be shut down to the public next week and the week after so we still love you but please come out to be a lot of fun that's going to be there so I'm at Starbucks yesterday and the next Mike trailer or whatever it was like everything I said it was trailer Joel Black Friday with the Preparation H of the Adele go to the park you think about it Jordan Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter which I really like workout beginning mxc 24 like I should have went I should just learn to Kate about working out spider working out 4 Elementary School hackers miles between cookies basketball coach get up off of that thing between two trees Beaker in real life his parents would like to rub on them and whatever the other hackers you're right that's a lot of writing Sam Germany will be heroes how ironic is that nothing happening but the most excitement rugby car service black soccer and watching for a long time so that's out of my way to watch Star Mike but I'm not really not really how to play basketball for six years watching basketball basketball New Year's then the one guy that called again you want game baseball IM strike zones can be like laser judged or something zones for every player kitchen everything National Sports really needs to be like you athlete millions of dollars to pay to play the game you should invest in waste in prime your action not words and it's not a problem somebody on Facebook black I dare you to incorporate fourth videogame and financial stuff for the one thing and I know it Kingdom of Amalur was actually pretty but I guess I understand but it's got and nobody game and then as well as a negotiating the rights for the sequel and the governor of Rhode Island will to Pax in Seattle at the end of August you cannot travel quick search and chicken the results pulled up your flight collector and price predictor which tells you which predicts that the price of your tickets going to go up or down when I bite you whether or not to buy or to wait which saw something about that on my Facebook friends list on Facebook death death die to have that Bing the complex travel you can interview like dirty who is the price of Expedia the price for the cool like that I know where Australia Australia miles goodbye golden Germany ok what is wrong with you the Persian Empire with big Empire 14 volt power Texas eyed how how you do that will take Pool Texas it was the most beautiful place I've ever been to my life everywhere you look like a picture over it destroy or ruin send me a message game League comic Corona commercial that's what I want that was to compete with anybody Bing your cube is a trip to Hawaii we should organize some kind of extremely Curt Curt stop that used to be on the way for them to die III it's great weather of La without Bing Lau 51 car drive next to Camp Pendleton and there is a lot of work map Google we are how we got Comic Con we have been exposed PAX Prime and I think that's it Kate still has the Curt Adam into taking over Mike Tech duties here at the office at school so that is now Adam still man Motorola request but I'm glad you got to work out I do it McFarlane Toys 2030 Quebec translate and in like the next and was like that man eating food on the plate III panel's like I man throwing the Batman the Batman family that weekend Spider Man the first 20 minutes is there anything compelling on their Spider Man to absolutely I don't like a little bit more fun kind of creepy stuff Mike told him what to do and it's terrible how many more there are three from the game for superheroes we can bring you this will be the third starting to have cuz they want to make a Justice League movie because of interview 1 movie genre action drama comedy Conan visits Dental recall one thing from it and it seem like that I like that John show his name with you please don't recall Titanic movie that just released what time does 15 go into 80 parts of Caribbean King 443 Spider Man movie to mention it will Joel Magic Mike Washington Village Mike adamle world Geeks will work concert flash chat line chat and then you could do 30 minutes of cardio chat Joel of your room that I can of the day father has always happened in the Kate Upton chat is always pretty because baking is always bad natural sugars of the Earth it's going and going and going because she knows Curt IM at a Clippers game doing the 204 I wish winky face your 20-something you looking at a 19 year olds naked immature for her age Young so you would turn your different Upton 5021 con what you're expressing IM sure isn't uncommon still like the girls clothes Lindsay & Beyond desert rain in the upper left corner of his minder General III show the Marshall Plan do larger charges more money for family you're going to be like me I think you would appreciate I told you I really appreciate it was Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show and he was doing that tour in the actual event of that tour Amy Lee talks about people asking for someone who knows everything before and after very relatable myself what level does prime mean Conan O'Brien worth Barbara who dropped out because he would be a rapper Nerf M4 what's the documentary about yourself and then Barbara Hershey just want to see if the relative the famous guy here we just don't like other people accounting classes Marquette also list check the whole schedule is posted on the website so you know now that summer's coming all the time air conditioner the big thing here with air conditioning breaking Portland service trailer and when I could not still hot in my house like I laid on top of my sheets on the bedroom hotels don't turn on if you don't have motion look like when you go to chicken like no one's been in there for a while will take a cold shower Springs pool Miami Michael and Gavin went a little bit like wrap it so you know your butt can hang out one of the very few places where there The Rock and so I scraped like my butt my legs might fall over but there's rocket everywhere and it would like fucking throw you all over the place float down river paddle boat away from to Bing years ago I saved a girl from drowning in water purple drink God I can't imagine the Panic of being pinned under water like I know the girl that drowned in the flood in a car she tried to cross the river over the car filling up inside car and she was in the car and then there she was trapped and the choice of driving that moment where she was just like I'm trapped I am out of oxygen there's nothing I can do and it's just like I just have to your body just like I have to breathe in and she was like it was before after what was always I think that's what I'm most afraid of drowning in water game strike that much little water with able to who you love can you take off work next year 23000 program the I'm like I can't do it all and it kind of is upset two panels back to back who like to close to each other cant girls like Miami with another guy already tired I'm going to start Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday cool easier than a lot of other the quicker you if you have 3 people and one of them is kind of like okay Mike more than 4 people in a booth at a convention and your head who is the best singer with your to after that looking Kate was in the booth with us and he was like trying stop using my laptop make your the laptop with the wire Netflix connection with a wire loom tablet when you're working an event has expired as long it is sort of like a race for resources Dougie and we're heading down the chairs of water smaller condensed version of the Apocalypse run a restore the chair Terraria of weed only have a table and chairs no one on that chair with your ass off miles Marshall and Kathleen and that is open after 7 p.m. every day and it's also five days long longest flight no it's okay because it's not like that in Vegas Pro gaming league has a tournament in Vegas every now and then but I understand because it's close to their headquarters BlizzCon to get more people under 21 1301 Lake RTX is like that like I mean have you ever seen any of those videos of videos of the organization for that convention in Tokyo comic and I think there's a good chance at a time and I still have like this giant Cube systems and licking them gamescon last year or this year when it was but I couldn't get in touch with English Justice no not really friends going by Curt slight burning down there that's awesome and I'm just curious as to why per capita of Sam Melbourne is pretty busy as well and then Toronto Upton man to leave London Barbara the comic at Playa I've got to be up there on the roof birth record when it was released in the comic it has over $560,010 of Austin pretty much Sam show to play Japanese version in Japan they have a version of like what the Power Rangers is the Austin American eyed show and we export to Japan in their Adele terrible Power Rangers equivalent black Saved by the Bell High School wrong here but I know IM pretty sure like back in the eighties another was that cartoon series Robotech the Robotech show the United States was actually two different cartoons that different from and then read the dial was happening so let me know show where can I know which is why Persian chicken Gladiators was like if you don't complete the course your hundred people in the whole thing is in the last 25 times American Idol Bing TV shows are there now game 2 Choice Spa fourth power one of the most one of the most stop after resources in this office is the power supply for laptop the part that plugs into the wall power your laptop right now Joel asshole came in here and took car to Walmart we travel they never been together to do with the other way looking for this and Gus has man been to the Moon we come out we went to Fridays After disappointment it was covered in queso chicken chicken fried with the preparation chicken fried you understand that was chicken red powder cell structural Integrity will be how did they fried Kool-Aid how do you fried ice cream fried Montreal Far Cry show strips and bacon strips