#173 - RT Podcast

RT teaches Gavin about space and time

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-173

Recorded: 2012-07-04 14:29:40

Runtime: 01:39:22 (5962.74 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

you bible.com leading provider of audio books of more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including nonfiction a periodical for a free audiobook of your choice go to Rooster Teeth best podcast Gavin and I 4 Dead VidCon Justice last weekend and Rebecca Black where did you meet her only appeared on pipe quote on quote the world Village Pointe antipodes us that I believe is in the ocean with the purse so far away to fly back in one go so the book something else out along the way how many hours you do Johannesburg head with squid Asian Asian and I've never been to Africa I've ever been to Antarctica and I never doubt the America so we just recorded australasia and it was a giant look like toilet play to the continent Australia elliptical ignoring those pictures that we took from Boston to LA to Sydney to Wellington New Zealand to Sydney to Perth to Sydney to Tokyo to LA to Austin what time in Tokyo Captain America I have no idea what time it is in New Zealand time GNC okay okay okay okay Doctor Who International Date Line in the middle of the ocean but not find correct as we come closer to Austin but we get further away in time text Fortress 2 Eastern Russia and Kazakhstan I believe Baba graphics talk about Jordan to where he had to do in RTX Adventure based on history cast of The Preacher's two shows cartoons for girls but it's like we're two white girls hair girl beheaded whats 1 + 14 + 20 are you doctor trending whats the back one for 12-15 Mother's Day military because we were in Japan cross the International Date Line okay 7 a.m. our plane leaves at 5 p.m. with killed a day in Japan we get on the plane at 5 p.m. Wednesday La for 10 hours wheel and Wednesday at 11 in wheel in before we took off line for 10:11 p.m. you are stupid with a day long the day last the me today on 1st of July 50 hours of to have a 50 hour day if you could be on the 14th right this is what we learned time is relative post you have time and you have to know that at 2 a.m. Stockton California 50 x 8 x arbitrary boundaries of longitude that we created you don't they try the same time yeah it showed today in the planet Earth lets one day and the next day will be 10 o'clock your time with that thing that's probably it the other day 30% so I found said that US Marshals rotation. Of 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds between Melbourne and Adelaide where they were they do daylight savings the shift by 30 minutes crowd Asia China for three of the handoff from the British Empire to China Hong Kong back to China remember how many years ago was it 712 Barbara Gavin Morris Chick-fil-A Tuesday for 10:30 with a reminder Comic-Con Times newspaper why is that the determining factor of the book is good or not determine what books are good if you like TV shows from Roger and Ebert to have something for them 23 years old Roger okay last year he was alive he said one of the movies you should watch the movie what the hell who phone number source it's great give me the jelly beans what are the guys that it was a well-liked and he spent a lot of time but hiding in the jungle and stuff tonight to hide in the jungle date really Earth trying to get one shot Gavin Canada Prometheus lost frequencies - trailer so I was happy that the alien at the end original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Gavin I watch Game of Thrones cast for Game of Thrones because I'm sure people have a lot of it RTX laptop for watching movie head chopped off for getting a body shop in head seems to be okay but then there's a lot of sex scenes in Game of Thrones well what the etiquette for you guys laptops with their own the kids don't have much there turn on and then you can add it to your face Halo Toto which any girl would be one that is basically womens for everybody the cosmos crazy the bedroom. on treatment and when he decided that I hate people from pulled up whats us I pulled it up on my phone here see what they've got change your Matt Netflix trans anyway the coin trick that makes people disappear pipe tone inner thighs in seconds Barbara B Mann Theater Grace's buffet in the manliest woman probably in the office whats the crash why would you start getting Gavin crash here tonight Gene date mean everything with the end of History whats the point in evolution of facial hair for Matt kitchen between beard hair girl white hair so dark Halo 2 Planet first I've ever met Gavin and Barbara are suffering first Boston Summer whats us pressure to the Box Moe has anybody told me every time the other trending. Moe trailer of the toilet whats the weight massage I just want Papa Joe Stanford 4 about for the pair was and your telephone number but it was a girl Barbara girl at the luggage rack in Austin where we claim our bags over and over again Gavin head like a win-win situation in Japan Japanese girl creepy pictures China eyelashes Moe left I stayed at the hotel where they filmed Lost in Translation Parker Lana one reason to complete Japanese symbols English writing everywhere English Roman in Japanese language script called womens check-in walk you up to the 42nd Floor with the cab and then someone just took us to the reception which is on the for something new probably one of my favorite things close door buttons they're actually closed doors Canada ruins everything lie Barbara street from the building for the movie womens turn into a robot for doctor translation is like a Starbucks there in Super crowd at intersection where they wouldn't One Umbrella Parker video that it somewhere that people it's like a 500000 person convention it has like a white tablecloth over it which is why I only got like 3 times we went over to Wellington and getting good Gavin tweeted something where it was like he'd in Wellington New Zealand with an American card on an English phone and it was the other way and I was texting someone else trailer part-time employment yeah what did I tell you people handing it to him. He had a t-shirt that's why I lost track of us Danny DeVito and we get back to Austin and work out in front the gates were closed here cuz we got everything behind in the driveway now haha taking the phone to his baba to find the quick lost phone for the whole day to laugh and smile because of the trip was on the trip not a care in the world what time is it play entire time paper Fortress 2 and we were Canada first class how much is a cubic for our flight to get first class in lets it slip that he wasn't my back of upgrades for him baud wallpaper Adelaide like that Planet everything Scoville and when you and I went to LA with Burnie could be Gavin and traveled out the day before you did and like everything I had our hotel we didn't have a head like a house and how to get there lost in the airport I had two pens are going to trip because I knew of some pens with all these damn car every time you the country in the end 3 times 1 everything is fine whatever two minutes I already hate it play in the life of June 4th Roger to patent my own country so why can't you tell me why I can be on the US High School in the US whats trailer Wil Wheaton area area of the terminal of the airport in team there so we could take one of the first to start to write a thermometer lexical attitude towards travelling by him in the past what time will you have to go to an event in Baltimore so I decided that we were going to Baltimore so we were like 5 or 6 bottles of booze which we have some lunch tomorrow I guess people that like chocolate with chocolate liqueur chocolate in to get to the butterfly and both of them resigned one problem I can think of is on your finger give it to me smelling like to and too story I can tell my favorite part we didn't know it's a restaurant with the hottest dish Bugs Bunny cartoon with the week who's the president of Nigeria I think so cause I think closer to make pepper sauce one drop on today I know how Papa jalapeno pepper I think is 4040 low to the ground I don't know Spirit pipe to the bathroom gray pepper spray is 1.5 million - 2 million on your food Grindr antidote for the previous podcast but we have a trip to Australia again this year we going to Brisbane and Adelaide very organized anything later Carrie one to go. Pretty cool idea that it would be possible and talking about them VidCon the first day that we were in big time so it was pretty cool and when I got back to the hotel take care of you 4 hours it was fun Super Saiyan 3 different one anything can happen and we have to repeat based on super super drunk deaf hour-long conversation with whats everything I tried to get him to go to bed Sprint drunk I'm not drunk at all 83 in the morning to 4 in the morn Gavin in his bed he takes the water that they give him Karen you head Gavin Lobby hours doctor did not give me Scoville one promise when I hear from you so us like with Moe Parker pipe bomb cost play stuff the back for the picture crazy cosplay costume at any head two arms tattoo audible sister is and her brother playing bill whats play really really good she does a lot of Cosplay as well as someone else from Left 4 Dead 1 2 3 girl whats the purge Karen Ellis cuz I know I might cut Bill honestly not really to make sure that we can talk about what we talked about but we did working with him for probably 4 years and he killed in the early stuff like 4 years ago I'm not sure how much they put out that early so if you can run parallel to the game program to run parallel to the you have the time I you go in and change element you can change the camera angle and you can change the and of meeting someone Moe say how this will blow your mind the whole thing and then after that I want to shut the water to be friends or whatever how powerful is because we don't have super powerful two three four five seconds what in the hell do you think the filmmaking cameras can you the movie absolutely for sure the people like technology cool stuff in to a local version of the mail in the real world Karen in the real world do you have to work Swedish vallhund we just need a word that's like one person bear driving who control the time I want to write pronoun for someone Pig so much in another time and place I just came back yesterday and I had to catch up on a problem where it was more difficult to get working Timber Channel Direct in 50 meters yellow I changed by the way I have to help people and really try to kill them I understand now benefits Gold Edition problems and issues survivors food you are really a Book of Eli for the cannibal lost weekend so weird Canada Waverly zombie Alex took me a long time to develop probably the best way you can Moe cover and and I hit the ground two times 2 times 15 on top of us Earth Tech Carlos poon Expo shock and then you passed out of ground shock collar training when you dying it kind of like the city of black and white for the one time I fucking the first time I logged in killed 2 gameplay free BBQ try not to throw up constipation gotta make sure everything's good to go RTX again for myself which I thought play me red eye pink eye you should be walking around with back to back on a few things during one of the days back to back for the Gene everyone have a good time and make friends because that's like so rewarding for me to do that for stations are there I'm not sure yet we're trying to see if we get some more extras and they're crazy 300 Beverly Place modeling your mom's Barbara David Android get the the cast of the black stuff and put it into drink back for the corporation play impregnating her taking off alien big silly and crazy come on you think he's a bad one but he's a good you let him believe that he's a bad dude but he turned out to be anything about Alien Resurrection what was that I didn't feel that way he's right now head supanova to the cast members of Game of Thrones look for in college you might be right Adelaide absolutely correct Australia and New Zealand bad internet we did have a good internet connection the entire time we were there and you Gene Messer was like it was a dribble right the website to pay for that it was someone had heard about audible so what happened I've got internet 10 times on my phone whats a good temperature baud Bruce Lee audible try to make up their minds whether it's really trending internet at 23 Barbara still have the modem trending and of the show one of the first things I look bill everyone 2400 baud modem which didn't matter with sound but then it was like I was in college it was like Gavin for that kind in Jeannette to text web browser keyboard drawing what does Gavin mean Us One telephone sorry one dollar coin for trying to pass off fake money us illegally to try to pull fashion no idea to change the loonie which is the one babe don't realize fucking stupid I would think that the first thing I think about when designing a coin not the money it's all so different I think so date of Battle of the two dollar bills 1928 we don't have to catch large $100 bill thank you it was never publicly dispersed to the $10,000 10000 right whats the highest 2 bars that they traded Casino Gavin trailer no the last time I was in Vegas gold bottom of it you put the penny in and then is it really that high hide your pain have you ever railroad track but he's never done them for that weird Elementary School how do you killed walking backwards when was Easter in 2000 what race is so sad is that it isn't very good doctor going so what are you talking about that we're basically your ears are just real cheap futons bill in a different way and the different retardation directions to squid yeah yeah yeah I want to say who was and cut her in the cheek while she was eating it and it was filled with in 2 the cut Aurora challenge you rather for Gavin Which Wich us how to get milk pipe what happened have you guys back