#174 - RT Podcast

RT shares their RTX panel and talks to Master Pancake Theater

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-174

Recorded: 2012-07-11 19:48:55

Runtime: 02:04:42 (7482.87 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Brandon Farmahini, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Jordan Cwiers, Monty Oum, John Erler aka Agent North, Frank o'Connor from 343




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Transcript (in progress):

phone okay I've never played World of Warcraft sex appeal shut up recording the podcast so we're going to actually have to be after that wreck it's a good when it's O'Connor son you love it when you get in front of a crowd and will be released on Wednesday so if you're watching on the screen or live stream you're getting in advance do you need to be disappointed antique end table why did my in my presence like and if Mike is Mike you probably heard that did you guys not hear it probably mentioned it on the podcast the war because he in the UK like being in the wedding as I said he was reading about it for like 6 weeks because I kept saying you know I don't want to go either way I don't care about these people their friends they're probably watching on streaming how you doing your friend hates you why don't you just take the money that you were going to spend on a flight to the UK and spend that on there Geoff and I realize I was talking to Gavin he's not paying for this place that he's somehow stayed the return trip that we could book them to us he's not using that to go back to the UK when we kick it later that we would pay for ticket twice or the devil would pay for a ticket One Time wallpaper or was that kind of woman I want to talk Joel live on stage live non-stop Diego and it was amazing God forbid we tell a story on the podcast that the Army is already sure Monty oum how you doing Monty sounds so funny how things work out here we actually have we were trying to figure out Jack is out of town and Gavin couldn't be on the podcast how could we possibly replace them for this one special event so we tried we figured we had the stupidest person to come out of the UK in the UK so maybe possibly we could get the smartest person from the UK to ever come out of the UK so please welcome mr. Frank O'Connor from 343 Joel Frank and apologize me a beer we don't have whiskey for your horse got your second Razer and anyone else Stephen Hawking Enterprise the most hyperbole hyperbolic way that I possibly can so I can disappoint you all but seriously wreck IT director total cost the whole franchise I am the architect architect of Halo 343 Industries at 8 weeks old and goes in RT MP data with from now so if I understand your appearance here quickly Frank and every question we have a campaign will be answered wreck the podcast until we get at the Gila sponsor and I drink too much and that's in the works podcast every every every table hit that podcast I don't know what to say all the hard work so thanks Lindsay yell at the rest of us North Avenue wreck Gabe as different than like 6 or 7 hundred people that are out there right now it's okay to like yourself is Lindsay he might be at another panel doing something else right now my little panel Joel playing a drinking game able to get into Frank as we thought it might be insensitive but we actually had written the original description of the My Little Pony panel that at the end of the panel we will be locking the doors and gas in the room I had I had probably the creepiest convention experience as a wreck before it came out on stage mystery traditional live someone followed me into the bathroom to get something signed I have a sinus thing that walked out and it was a family there waiting for me the bass family hello you got your dad while you're here though I want you to see this reference arms look like spaghetti Define the collective eyebrow forgot I also really angry eyes you have Perpetual it every time I don't know if you realize Perfect Circle it anymore so realistic are you saying that in any way not at all statue of a Burnie that was made for the other today I have a couple me horse live where they sell Burnie the exact same way that I get it from me and try to buy it for day with you son of and told me they don't it doesn't know you and you erected statue it York City square day 4 highlights me holding platypus and having a can of Fosters would have realized a horrible mistake to say nobody nobody down there mystery and I will get to the march to the to the Statue and make a plan for what the actual statue as for the pricing they said no but some guys from Tasmania Burnie are the people here what are you raising hand is that really you do you have the statue with you split it 3 ways so which part did you get the head I paid for it $170 like I'm staring into the microphone right there so she said she's eight hundred $70 a month 3 people yep son it is super jealous you trying to see how to turn on the mic agent from Australia and on the bidding started getting really high and it was Galaxy wanted to take it to Burnie Tasmania and since he is in Australia so what I did was like a man that said all right how much are you willing to bet on it now. I'll give you the money beyond that so you can take the statue to Burnie Tasmania since the money is going to a good cause I was totally fine with that could come up here I'm going to get him to treat the statue like the Stanley Cup so we'll pass it around maybe it party conventions will bring it pass around how much money I've got we got there I got a master chief Avatar armor for your Xbox Live character congratulations John bear run when I give you a call to give you when he's Razer onza controllers and one of the Razer chimaera 5.1 headset Australia as well but that money right so you cheated for the kids Virginia Tycho goodbye second version of the story water you know working on this thing it's something what's up Higgs boson oh yeah I told about he's like what science would be Joel but you was going nuts about it Joel what get the jacket from Gus is based on a hunch what is the Higgs boson Brandon can't go on if they discover basically find a Higgs boson have to find the byproduct of that Joel has a look of panic on his eye science ink anything hot me up to where you as far as you go that was a fairly accurate description of what happened in Paris boson actually existed and that they found that evidence and they're pretty sure about it he said that they found San and some mr. clean auto it here I don't know did you deposit the money she keeps raising her hand Revell model 1001 what is your from my understanding the Higgs boson is a subatomic particle that helps us understand how other subatomic public comic particles have mass because right now a lot of them we don't know why they don't and the Higgs boson is a key for us to understand why I said the comic of subatomic particles have mass no no nothing had master the drinking doesn't help with science Gabe and this is the part of the live broadcast I was really anticipating which is what we talk out of our ass for like 15 minutes at a time and you got your list going we're right just like complete in your it master in my collider that was never opened 20 miles of tunnel and then stopped 1. mushroom farm bought it how sad is that from what I understand it would have been more powerful then turned into the collider at CERN building it Star Trek particle collider super collider what is it did one electron vs 10120 in what county Cleveland karate is that the party got there what is an electron neutron star in the back wreck it like a nerd ghetto version of A Prairie Home Companion navigate what are collider it is I have to Monty Canton is there a gigantic boson totally blown it day you have just won two protons required to pay on what you want to do how many 1% the speed of light and then to another chamber and that's why and where they can actually climb Thor's Well what how to teleport Sanford open mic epilator is that what you think my dad is home day other dimensions apparently master reverse and another Flatlanders from the famous thought experiment the other dimensions in space Theory very very very small stuff you set me up with a small set up here and I'm not going to JoJo the joke is knock jokes don't never come out it didn't happen in this building I don't know about it what's up Spelunky in Minecraft con data roguelike cave dwelling game Minecraft like non-stop for the past couple months one of the new 400 x 400 I've been trying to beat this one achievement on Left 4 Dead 2 for about 2 years now and I and I cannot be expert level Campaign do it you can yet somehow it didn't it doesn't make it less take out brush pad of some kind the best in the company Joel you're even growing like the one you're capable of what you think the state and go to get up Man Of Me Appleton Beer and the phone is putting in the fucking room Jack and Jill no how much hair is like involves a beard like that it's not like it's a shower epic right now to get the food York wife is not really working corner of his mouth like after you eat spicy as 1 + 37 it is in the overall like I'm not in my face nothing is going to happen conversation that has to happen in 01 weed plant what place at any time let me give you a scenario you just made it to your daughter for 2 weeks the relationship is progressing at what point do you have them person that was The Story 4 Jack Spirit RT the picture of the girl they're beautiful that's why Dallas angry old man to look like I have to shower too Thursday is going to be the longest are getting back now let it die so you're going to shave it completely I'm going to clean it up a little bit controllers Jewish right part Jewish yes I would be completely sure which part it WhatsApp how your mother son yeah I had to sit in a container for you not to and you really hard Fitness and it's also hard to get into the container okay okay you can put on a disguise so that nobody back in Microsoft as I was on there microman Arlington in Arlington what are we doing do you know anybody in company front of me what is a beer okay I go to work on Monday cut the horse we shot yesterday and I plan on Tuesday do Comic Con work another convention data cards Verizon the stage Burnie statue now Jordan will be happy to know it has RT a arms where can I sell this will make its way to you and I hope we will find a place in the mayor's office somewhere do that but for the purpose of the statue are you sleeping data what's as we also talked about this one over there that are you from Australia you're flying the Platypus Panda platypus for the record I'm giving you guys who the other guy who bought the statue some kind of and on the controllers what is but we're actually kind of looking forward to it because as you may have heard we're in the process of turning the podcast into 4 adding an addition to a live streaming component the podcast for building a step back at the studio probably as soon as you get some free time after RTX will get that whole thing started the process of it whether people can call into the podcast as they're listening to it live or check in or something like that so it looks like every other goddamn thing Geoff con this process pretty quickly and we also it was on the street and they can also maybe send some stuff as well questions I want to start over here to question 1 question survey question question 1 and William Geoff son of Rome podcast York yes and he said those guys keeping busy constantly he's got eight employees that he manages and that takes all the time he's got the worst employees in a company to Beyonce it was right there brakes for the podcast as well the podcast this night different from any other thing to do because it tends to like your personal life and your personal stories and have been times where I just have not wanted to do that so I me know you had problems with personal things pedo as a flashlight we would like to keep the Halo contract as well the from podcast 46 like to talk about personal stuff I'm going Day stuff but we're getting back on the jack which is we can just talk shit about Geoff for a couple weeks until I have to come back on and defend himself and strategy all of the Left 4 Dead podcast building a live stream despedida Chia live stream stuff as well so there will be Day Z Son as we think it's a lot of fun to actually see the guys they're playing against him interesting people play Day Z on the stage of the reasons we programmed it played in front of a crowd of people because it's a very very nevermind okay good people like to make you mad you're just going to make it all weekend and it's been awesome and I saw on Twitter that you guys are doing a second season was wondering did you guys take Michael and Gavin specifically to optimize the angriness and stupidity on the show Brandon nail on the head with Jordan but getting back to the most fun we've ever had it was the video game car that we made that we shot for 6 hours with it and we stayed out there for 3 hours just driving it I love it you know kind of game you can play started at 3:15 when he was on the emergency like he was one of the that's right between Monty was sitting down with his head on his hand with music blaring so loud that we could hear it he was like him Michael and Gavin as our lab rat it like we got a lot of fun adventures and then as a bonus at the end of the season mystery question for you Burnie would you ever get Jordans hot sister for a cameo in Red vs. blue Jordan as a hot 64 the RT Jordan hot as possible which is kind of gross complicated Stephen remembering it who is the jackass on the podcast which one of us talked about signing people up for mailing lists O'Connor my email it because I because his Christian Bible study mailing list on the internet I was having a really hectic day a couple weeks ago and I was really trying to use my email while I was trying to receive this very important email someone signed me up for $159 give me some RT it would take intelligence or effort to the whole family was not Gavin I was on Reddit on the mystery subreddit and I found a picture of Gus Matt and Geoff from 2001 E3 and I wanted to show it to you because it's pretty funny that you're talking about here time in Philly in May of 2001 and it was just a random picture of us there's a couple of them they were snapped there's Gus it said he has no he just has the eyebrow that's it so here's the crazy thing about that is we weren't sure that by the way you're breaking bad and the crazy person took and it's actually the weirdest coincidence about that is that world two player game that we never heard of before called Halo and so it was right before we played Halo for the first time at E3 in 2001 that's a really crazy coincidental photo and I'll be enough for them to give it away while recording because it's actually you can give it to me authentic African string the lighting on its company called Triforce replicas Avenger from Mass Effect it's really heavy 508 number 14 out of the series and actually fully functional right chia pets for sale they sold it for $650 while you're waiting in line and someone to talk to people are you a member of the family not yet don't wear that to your recruitment appointment is in my cat little freaked out by when did when our last company would just show up and say you're part of it just like Thursday I'm in no mood I really hear my friends and I were hoping to start a from Machinima series and we were wondering if you had any pointers on how to make a I have a kiss it make it better day like if you put it up I could probably see that we have any roosterteeth.com the podcast and give you real-time feedback on how does that sound York laughing now just wait what about your mystery Richardson the soldiers is in a canyon department stores Lehigh Joel good luck 4 next RTX opening Pompeii / 4,000 people a lot bigger than you think it is in your head on paper I'm sorry I'm really drunk person it's a lot bigger than it will have in the future just inspected the portion of the convention center using is actually called the mall and of itself tells York every year and this is the part of the commission as they don't use nothing 4 and all that but they didn't block that offer for our event like they don't ever use that one right under where the hell they got that part of the convention center before our event have you like ask you as you know are you guys in the works for you time to make the movie usually comedic stuff and the stuff for work and I was like another step towards that as we do like longer series that are live action since we moved away from the shore down the road somewhere Delia his creepy story as some of the other good funny or creepy stories that happened RTX at you for anything tiger book of pictures okay great give in to pick up the pictures if you'd like John agent tiger Joel very very nice story a picture of a tiger. what is a slash fanfiction zero is a particular interest in conversation when people flash fanfiction slash fanfiction the worst part was that one time we were sharing a hotel room in Portland we're working together to come up with a room to me so I just saw something really weird in a live stream chat someone says they want to know how much you 4 we had in Halo 4 which is 0 if we don't forget designers but this person said that they're sitting in the audience and they're also in the live stream Archer dial 609 are you watching the stream and York City 3108 Lakeview 4 Real Madrid 0 that's ridiculous before we definitely didn't support you guys are more 4 head Bob tea bag Burnie fraction for inside your panel here didn't you confirm that you were able to drop weapons it confirmed a lot of things that had a lot of Developers 4 part of the Halo pet play the map right the first horse on Halo 4 about playing Halo and part of a group about 500 people have recovered these rooms are very very intimidated one of the four main theater I'm playing with matches today and I played last night about how close you can walk over and play the stuff that takes a long time to play a game in Halo 4 Hill City at Halo so I know it's great and it's I got my ass kicked completely Jerry Maguire wreck on Thanksgiving Stephen RT at theater when I was there Gus Macker Joel is tired of playing Hitler it was Andrea valuate my life cuz we just got a new and we've grown so much we had to rent space next door to the studio so we can organize and getting rid of old prom get rid of that what happened Halo at some point this week a flag what do we talk about the Bible pictures back over here Define kind of The Sweet Spot son radio in Austin what are you just moms fairs in the area Geoff and he has also an enormous bearded like what's happening York we're up here together it was magic actually Jack me there but I forgot to tell you guys the story last week I think I made me mad for the first time he was mad at me for like 2 hours in the butt hole what did you do bathroom urinals as how he said that you're right on the platform and you pee again metal sheet that's on the wall it's like a big open Stadium you might like too many guys that went to the end and I Gavin Gavin still going to school disgusting stuff because I would have ended way worse for him whatever yourself Frank project it lambros 01 the Platypus is Barb is also used as a penis your bullshit rambro 01 sorry about that we were interrupted you going to try to figure out yeah I hope so but had a lot of fun doing that Breaking Bad absolutely Breaking Bad by the way you have fun San Diego I got the boson home Sunday night so when I get home it for me then I will and whoever does this Fusion collab me for Waiting Here For You Breaking Bad in 1000 and I'm wondering Gabe I tell the story where you touch your genitals against a 30-year in a while call me back Chia Single Ladies in case you're wondering soaker hose pedo mad mad is like you can see the wheels turning he was contemplating butterfly as a double helix okay she stood up to con with anyone platypus have a TT Monty comic let's move on Wednesday history another started a little late so we can later our goal is to make Frank miss his plane so that's our goal today to sex common and a question back in 84 he hasn't talked about pacemakers and what they do and how you would never understand of a traumatic experience would have to get one I've had one since I was 12 years old about 10 years through a series of heart defects but my question is is this event will you be doing more collaborations with you how it how is a question related to your comment that was a lawyer me to sign a medical release regulate your heart like at a steady rate is that what it does feel like jokes funny 11 it does I don't know it's retarded and so are the peacemakers the address and it will me to study the heart rate video of the year 2010 but should I should give him a trophy for at least probably tell you that we love Brandon 4 we would love to work with him so we'll see hopefully have him as our keynote in working with us or not five minutes and we're going to service of legal paperwork that wasn't accepting the paperwork Bungie day I did a little like a new logo and some T-shirts and stuff but I also know it's the wreck of the public RT O'Donnell is working with Paul McCartney on the music I don't think I don't think there's ever bigger than the Beatles you're not going to use the same template for 343 Geoff that's where we can recreate your favorite curse words with regular words but an arbitrary Fashion Week it should come back take me to Gavin sent me a photo if it is Rihanna that's what Gus tell me about the background it looks like he's going to free clinic somewhere from up here there's no it was like Forever 21 theory for 3 Days typically December 19th 3:20 31st Master number 9 Dallas Incorporated favourite or favorite youngest member of the younger guys right now brother I'm John you called yourself the oldest brother the oldest person right now by the way are you still drunk young I have a favor different favorite depending on who's doing me the most because I'm helping me out the waiver get me a beer you're my favorite favorite Define which one is the hardest to kill that's what I'm trying to do it it's a long-running selection process I know that no it's not we could turn the Brandon I'm pretty sure that he poisoned his mind out Michael I think Geoff deliver Justice Gabe and controllers about that we talked about Gavin and Michael stupid that with the barbecue sauce never going to put it out Michael's great actually stupid from a bottle of barbecue sauce and I'll give you $500 barbecue sauce who did you pay me $100 so I can take Gavin nervous Dallas BBQ sauce you know it would go I'll give you horse okay so we went to the kitchen and Michael said there in a container but that big just pounded in one large gold BBQ sauce Palmyra PA WhatsApp data represented trying to solicit other people like a reverse bidding process like this for less than $500 in in Japan were there last time hot water for a long time as well pick up a day commercial 4 the toilet upstairs underwear there but you when you're live in cold places however we have a question on the street I thought maybe I'd ask Caboose $0.34 question 4 Frank how did you find out about RoosterTeeth 4 what was your first interaction with us Adele 81 and then another five with his a couple minutes later and then like 20 more with it and then it would be that it would go to other places like you know some insurance company and we can see that these domains coming and heading for the it and like I guess I can do the adventure we got one hit for Microsoft and then we got what we were doing they just want MP we might take him Corpus Christi or how Joel I'm sorry Stephen from the John take to receive Hawking still have sponsors are there any other the things are in the future or collaboration for the people or groups San Antonio horse Versace commercial nobody wanted the video game tribute a bunch of drugs so that we would have learned our lesson when we named our podcast the drunk tank from the trunk it was so we literally did not really do that as a result of the podcast been called the drunk tank and that is that people tend to bring us food at events which is like the greatest thing ever we did this to her down in Australia 4 DVD Stephen I run and every day we would go back to the green room and like the other special guest had gotten like a stuffed koala 4 like a towel that in Australia and Gavin and I showed up with essentially like a full bar every day and just set it down and then he got the entire three-year drunk someone give me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue here and I'm not telling you where it is hidden in the convention center Joel has hit the in Joel damages at the park hidden my liver epic as well ultimate bio Triforce is this Con mil pistol from Gears of War again we send someone down the line to talk to people we're going to give this one to Gabe and not a real name colon hydrotherapy violent video game that you can make a move live biology feel exactly the way you do hot water bottle sure I'm going to give you this sucks no pistol from a Triforce I get to the box over here I think Burnie York U Yakuza movie in about an hour and a half hot toddy son of York I thought I was going to Iraq and I just happen to mention it and ship it out thank you that really meant a lot now we have people who watch the show and one of the most disturbing things about as when they come in and talk to us about at least tell as how everyone in their super platoon is like the characters introduced and the guy who's like caboose everyone needs to chill commercial I have the Avatar Studios trying to tell us that we have to wrap up until that time you will be done in like 20 minutes sorry I was so sleep-deprived and Delirious this morning that I actually started I actually started eating them and they were delicious I decided that since I roll over them with a marker William still my bag of Plenty it was absolutely delicious picture of it intact at RT 2012 as I was York side that are in your hands Richard breakfast it up Days Inn convention center communities in Albert Lea Brewster Chief umbrella and the Machine an umbrella but we think of you guys as an extension of our community as well and we're grateful to the relationship that we have with you guys I have to go get them can I bear witness Holocaust reference do you have any better so Gus wrap up with for lunch do you want lunch how are you guys yesterday Fogo fucking close this morning with the fur death of the family thank you very much well thank you everyone right now we have John erler pedo as you let me know that you Brandon from the master pancake group also vs blue string fire Yakuza 1 Volkswagen correct 2.2 Seasons from Hell or something on fire in the ass because it takes a lot longer though Joel here in Austin it's a very popular show at the Alamo Drafthouse we should be fantastic theater one of the best theaters in the country you get to eat food and wonderful events but we do a weekly show should have been mst3k Style movie Hawking show called Master pancake theater and you know we make fun of most of the bad movies in a few good movies too but we will be taking our show to the Great Northwest in Late July so I just wanted to give a heads-up to folks who live out there if you know any Portland Master pancake will be on July 19th in Seattle and will be pulling at ear theater festival uptown theater Gabe it will be in town on the 19th and Seattle at Cinema 21 for people who aren't familiar with you know there's a couple of them San mst3k DVDs and get up to speed talking smack over the moon it will be doing Twilight Seattle in Portland which is one of my favorite movies string beans while I'm sorry to say I haven't gotten it yet master pancake would be the ideal way to do that first one pickup truck it was the theme from Sanford and Son coming back over and over and over the first time I saw the movie actual music microphones for talking during that ever had a problem with someone trying to enjoy controlling will have somebody kick them out but we do have some audience participation in the so every time something a recurring thing happens in the movie will decide before the movie starts with the audience what they want to shout out when that happens and that's pretty close actually it was every time which of course happens every time the T-Rex shows up it was like the first time pedo just going to get bigger and bigger to preform Jurassic Park show their in the audience for the drinking game hot at 8 it is everything my life can you have a show on Saturday evening at RTX not available for streaming unfortunately I wish I could have made it up I was busy walking around like a zombie trying to deal with other issues so anything's going on did you feel like you're working for me on Thursday on Monday at 2 p.m. so it was it was a lot of work 4 3 hours at a time but that was about it Saturday night talking to me like a couple hours talking to me and everything so you have to buy electronic company Brandon E3 music hold up the data sheet for John chew bubblegum and wears pants halfway down a little intimidated to be on the podcast with John erler want to be comedians John was also on the freelancer horse panel on Sunday and I believe that one of the most entertaining panels it was about mostly comedians actors and just having fun like an hour overtime the rapper that delicious delicious chocolate mint Master pancake which is called Science Theater copyright trouble with the name of just doing it back in 2000 when we started we were just doing it as a kind of tribute to mst3k Mystery Science Theater 3000 the name to people what we were doing we got errands to do so instead of doing that you know science fiction movies from the fifties and sixties which was kind of a staple for mst3k we started doing more current movies like Karate Kid and stuff like that and then people started showing her name was Theater 3000 can I change the Science Show and then later on into what it is now which is Master pancake theater okay we let you know alternate names that we pedo it go to the name for the group that made us laugh and we had to change our name Costa Rica 2001 it was Kirk vs Picard Next Generation vs old generation Star Trek watching the episodes and hearing our positions first one first one and the second one the card when you guys stop the movie like Yonkers and then I said you look like the card it's mostly the hairstyle at the half-time we had to grow Kirk and I had to take the card rule in and we thought we had it but we are you know I was undermining my and the night that lost the team was Captain beams down to the planet and it's trapped in a one-on-one battle with a creature that you can communicate with so for the con exactly and that it's at the Beautiful episode and everybody is in tears by the end because you know the aliens trying to communicate with you I figured out what the language is and then black dude on Star Trek stenography in the car was like what I don't understand what you're talking about a lot of people don't know that the car was Peterman from Seinfeld so kudos to the carpet and after after we did the first two Kirk vs Picard shows we did that we didn't one spot vs data and we should also Holmes turkey cheese and in its logo you showed up you showed up on time I think of the name of is it killing Kirk in that episode but you can probably appreciate that up with the Next Generation episode where data for some reason he decides to go on a date with a girl and he's terrible at it and he's just a puppy the whole episode original vs. Next Generation Next Generation fans but by the end of spark vs day the entire RT the captains but those terrible holiday episode Sherlock Holmes Platinum comic Star Trek day go in the holiday could be created life and that live realizes that he existed but it was created for it nothing more what William Sherlock Holmes and gangster car remember that 1445 in time for a thousand years or something like that if you have some in the Next Generation episode forgetting your phone Brandon thank you for showing me the wreck on Bear Lake Joel part of the story wreck in which is a very cool app that are appropriate uses for the holiday who is getting the entire episode as something else is not an appropriate another Star Trek next Generation vs old generation weed who's going to running Riker vs Kirk for the title of ultimate Ladies Man of the universe who has the dubious distinction at best and around quite a bit give me that epic 4 Wesley it like Ashley Judd in it Gigolo if you watch it closely and I'm going by the 4 4 S back to the ship than that I think it's like goggles Blake mid-nineties Graphics RT 9 and or are you too popular to the third one currently Hawking Eclipse which is the third one but we're going to take our first one up to Seattle in Portland so they can see what we've done in the past I wish it was Jack Edward can actually plan a trip all of them can play but Edward can fly so you can catch fly balls and they can all jump really really high so yeah how much is an ounce Revenge of the Sith and if you're in Portland and come see as at Cinema 21 on July 20th and 21st next week or is it next Thursday pretty quickly Seattle get them before you go up to the to the window Portland OR Washington State Courts so we're going to fly to Seattle do the show there and then drive down to Portland and on the way we're going to take a little see what it's actually like and try to find some vampires we're going to attach to become to the Twilight series just because it's over 30 times more than most actually I think it's too early Quality Fence or I'm sure we will but I think it was Kurt Cobain's home town I think it's a big tourist attraction for people who what do the Twilight Adventure interesting for the show on the 19th and the 20th and 21st Portland