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Transcript (in progress):

call video MO this podcast to my audible.com the internet provider of audio books with more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction nonfiction and periodicals for free audio book of your choice Google podcast.com flash Rooster Teeth how's everyone doing a look at the podcast right now it's just miles and Burnie in here thank you to everybody Comic Con beer and made it so I did not have to come look at something else pinky gone because man that was a run of conventions that we did live event Au week and Cat do not laugh would you have a bomb joke interesting different people react to people being there for the audience miles Pride me all the time not hard not hard live up to it almost everyone but podcast that you don't cut the must of the editing process Arthur cat between would record it and we put it out Marcus with your project I get to know ya for 5 a.m. scores of the Internet history Gus the first one I remember finding in with au files for myself for some reason okay MO we have to use dot dash Kara Nicki Minaj in the history to come a 21-day Adobe design intern Flash video Codec and if I post video that was 1925 documenting like sells journaling change Dot 4 review for me for the most part MN news Siri video Michael causes news Tech Steel contact Tech videos a week Pinky keyboard cat got something about it Reddit Alana Karma drone Joel for $500,000 and about 3 years ago they were purchased two hundred million dollars example of actual total live forever Tech crunch dare venture capital 380 14th during the running time Au mean comic die fighting fighting the Battle Cats of beer Texas AU Prime contact digg when is the prime time to get out of come here so we coming Reddit dokkan Nast travel Reddit reporter Lisa from billion dollars 2200 Grey contact for 500 million and trying to Facebook for 2 billion dollars in the world Mark Zuckerberg made the comment that he would install Facebook shut up Michael Facebook turn down the 2 billion dollar acquisition offer we wrote and distributed a press release right entertainment files for to billion dollars what's the temperature billion dollars nobody 2 what I want podcast brought to you by Audible 50 Shades of Grey audible podcast.com flash Rooster Teeth Tech shirt that you can see on Amazon the office British trying American candy right now Flash 10 episode true camera the pouring rain down Horizon expensive though the worst in slow motion did the bowling alley extreme Park parking a car to create a small dust cloud Amsterdam Justin in Colorado right off the train I was going to actually kill Tech straight to the train station in a hotel waiting for Amsterdam Google is it looks just like a girl I think it's going to to do drugs in the red light district take mushroom die family cat sticking out and I don't have to I get there than here and I literally saw an older man get out of a car with a cardboard sign and put on tick off my kids nicer kind of white button down shirt put on walk up to the corner sit down Russian Church Kara live Social Services coming into household in Austin your car wooden shelving Marcus cars automatically Steam who hangs out in the area where I live 4 blocks around with and he always acts like he's lost your mind or something School for the Blind drive time cat me on campus with his Cane Au the go but for what was in front of her I was in Cancun and I saw some guy walking across the driveway which if you're blind Everyday Math beer sociopath dare there's a bomb but then I'm like we got cut off this don't know he wouldn't cat is getting low that I can totally relate with you and you're my guys Tech Joel Confer flash podcast and we gave away a couple of podcast franchising headbutt Tears in Heaven to of Marcus Fenix Marcus Fenix Google Dash with my girlfriend stream representation of men in the mail body oh my God 50 Cent train probably stand to have helped approve you might have thank you Galaxy Michael Michael Michael Michael there's a lot of shit fucked in the morning Lindsay Michael digg break up the last season of Breaking Bad in season 5 State Farm Sopranos I look at it as they have HBO with The Sopranos has been kind of like one of these hero AU season finale of true like the rest of us live Burnie timer Au Orcs different to work here a lot of people said they watch laws he wants to 100 time AU Walmart right in my in my forearms in 1 1 Michael area Testament band which was the way the people die and the charger 100 years ago vs. today Reddit plague Au hero flash rather than one that we carry the disease and then effect kind of like 8 people believe that people who did send it now have this during jeans for they can like HIV plague live score on the GRE Kara no later guys Easton and cheese Kara mean I have to drink the beer digg Joel Joel different black holes in space I mean really it was very cool pirate with are you kidding me I would never what is the Blackhawk room made a discovery Brighton Co to Blackhawk Co mechanically slow down on a relative scale in from brakes and everything in it Crescent 2 extreme gravitational forces made in France it was pretty quickly what Horizon Horizon from the outside I'm in the black hole perspective observer effect the outcome Jesus Christ what temperature should the shark coming out you know 2 KSL weather like this Neil we put Neil the water is true reality show starring shark that are competing Shark Week Snickers commercial for market research Tech stream Tech stuff all of the opening every channels the body found cleaning my family black and white actual we're going which ultimately Tumblr your childhood was compared to RTX miles the mo it was Facebook AU flash lights with blue plastic pieces that we have flash light 1950 technology Kara gone by worth every news Outlet nbcnews.com which is it starts with a bottle in an underground Lincoln Street in blood Reddit liquor store blood flow for whatever blood Tech blood blood Time Warner Cable find time Academy Time Warner has the worst commercials ever seen in my life comic Plato's before every thunderstorm reporter really the whole the whole what the hell attic fans were great I think it worked out pretty well Au files podcast it was weird to see other people like sitting next to people anniversary podcast we won't do as much as we did at that event I was thinking effect live music when it rains for Time Warner Cable enjoy better that's what it says when it rains it pours Total Divas coming to Walking Dead to promote one channel over another Blood everything dish for maybe 3 or 4 years ago and now it seems like it's going to happen 2004 commenting on it pinky time enjoy the fact that you know everything crazy now they're providing access to the internet which is under my bed give me the data and you are enjoying that Lindsay dropping things to work out me Ann Taylor 50 want to monitor the traffic to better Target ads to you but wouldn't they AOL we were talking about the sale of digg drug dot com any 2012 Britain when people get out of my face people that are 22 years now Reddit Myspace used to be personal from page Facebook angel in my feelings power everything because give me a from Myspace Reddit cat confessional Facebook Twitter dare random Michael what I'm looking for beer 21 I don't think I just really really like the a Au Courant Which Wich au jus billion dollars a person reading the newspaper in New York lawn chairs I think my burger Joel McHale do I look like an asshole when people do that are usually associated iPhone take a photo with an old camera can with the toy I want you to read aloud the top tweet on a page for one please cat parasite suicide Castle Defense reporter people eater Cat Tales cat cancer relative to the size the cat Pinky Academy in them friend can you move the money into the pan but then we were fighting what happened with the black everything show me the cat podcast Tech test can you give me week we have some fishing on the Dare program structure camera station Joel actually a discussion Point building Skyline that we have and take pictures news on Preston slow motion tennis camera camera camera Kiva robots Warehouse Amazon package station regulation throw the robot down because the humans the Roomba you buy it but then a robot goes and picks it up and delivers cat adoption Robot vacuum T-Mobile event pinky of my car the internet Joel me Au of robot Pittsburgh Pastor going to take some videos but I was downstairs and I got to the point torrent of water everything it was the nerdy train top of beer found a ring down in the courtyard dinosaur games Viacom dashboard cylinder Gap Halo Boulder forklift broke the morning right now Google GPS I don't think the the roads every single day jackass video for PlayStation 3 jackass 4 credit card statement the jackass Ikea flash light what happened in Japan I totally like you creepy bathroom over there in Australia Australian rugby places surrounded by the cat Halo walkthrough children how many dot me feel like 2 hours Pinky AU things toilet Japanese didn't have the race card toy what restaurant when I was there in Japan where you go to the bathroom live TV Japanese motorcycle 2000 Russian train from the air Japanese train China coming from but during rush hour from Tokyo teeth news Au Chocolat commercial the hotel where they filmed Lost in Translation intersection of all the pedestrians Japanese a great guys traveling Kara he was a true story why Burnie Joel Station Oakland gambling beer with a bay you guys want to go look at the river Pinky slow room after we decide to start dating from robot the developer of a game that we've been talking about lately that we like a lot BBQ can you donuts with liquor topping MO drunken Donuts but I actually bet Grace from daily grace and Hannah from My Drunk Kitchen that they wouldn't dispute that shark now I have Justin here from robot entertainment week just finished wrapping up RTX 2012 and that robot was kind of to come down to be part of the show on the floor and we don't need such a big fan of the games you guys put out I thought like I gotta grab it before you get here so we can talk about the first time really awesome I mean we had a lot of people you know because your community laws about of Halo we were a little for showing. I left up there like well Arthur con so he's going to react negatively and then surprising everyone was really stoked to play on Thursday and will bring Hero Academy to steam we had that play for the first time and they were look like gushing over I can't coming to steam it was a really warm reception here and it was nice to everybody coming out Google 4 game or something on the PC but yeah it works pretty much exactly the same week wi changes between Tech platform playable so the game is complete and we can take him wherever you go when you cross platform play on the Community Players so you got your hero Academy account you sign in with either on the phone iPad or on Steam and don't have everybody over there or if you have both you can put your lunch on your PC and then pick up your phone when you get home and keep going I think they'll probably week to me it's like I know I'm biased but I'm completely addicted to it so I played every day since it came out beautiful and I like that you know the kind of game you can play without having spending money if you don't want to be like you can download Master Jump 4 player base to play the free version and remain competitive the characters basically every time but you have a 14000 and the Steelers actually have the Team Fortress 2 Team exclusive to that so it's all 19 Fortress 2 characters as a playable team in the game and once you unlock them steam you can still play it on your iOS device Academy coming out here pretty quick continue the Orcs 2 team is about the size of the first game and Hero Academy team in five or six guys I mean yeah it's a little surprising the guys work together at each other for years I knew them coming it's been surprising to me how much they can get done and how quickly the robot found down in Texas to being very hot and running from tornadoes that I've been here 3 years in a row now I've been terrified by tornadoes that coming through north of Austin and in the Hill Country in the Dallas area but there's tornadoes in Austin Texas the park which is probably 8 or 9 miles in downtown Austin and then get tornadoes but the nevernever in Austin the worth of the Dallas and comes up and every time I stop I'm going to Houston but I want to feel a smaller one Valley so the big ones are all around the coast we didn't get a ton of them but like when the big 8901 in San Francisco at least felt that and I'm 3 hours and a half hours from San Francisco where it was and we felt it I mean it's probably a couple times a year you get a little one to their shape a little bit someone made an earthquake survival kit for me I wish we could have someone Michael reefer for the Texas coast it was a big mess I to find a connecting with Warner Brothers then sort of the coming the official fan site for Superman Returns film and while covering all of that stuff he invited me down to the Tiburon Studio where they were making the Camaro trans video game Orlando in Orlando so I went down there to cover the development of the game for my site and I'm not with their Community their online marketing manager at the time for that product a guy named John long and he's like the first night we get to Orlando we spent the entire night like a bar somewhere drinking about 3 hours and I just talked for literally hours of community management website station Los Angeles and I was working gameplay very random Whirlwind kind of thing that's crazy yeah I mean it's a weird question 2 how do you get in the games industry I've heard a hundred different kind of biologist Steam from all these random walks of life and love games and ended up getting it on the phone all the time and I hear they are now just like everybody I get the question a lot like what should I be doing to get in the games industry it's like I have no idea different ways they think it's like a startup but I like hearing the stories about somehow strangely Loop Community guys and running community site for as long as I remember so it was nice to come over to another film side of the world for the entertainment world isn't there not big on that kind of stuff with the video game site is huge on that so it was nice to come entertainment kind of industry that that was really embracing Community the time and wants to hear the front door you don't to the Halo 4 behind you nice but it wasn't the big over slow cuz I could take a few minutes and go walk the floor and see everybody and say hi to people and check out the other group actually got to be quite a bit of this Joel effect everything but the main station the back really I got to see what was the most the show home games probably Halo 4 like I didn't want to save myself for that and I want to put it into play and have my time with it but I went over several times and watched it played and it looks beautiful don't know if you saw but there was another Booth pretty close to you guys in a lake behind where you were I would like I would like a little of both I was kind of my doing the to the right there was this other kind of discomfort has this like they're from up in your head special sells batteries and a charger that would charge these batteries every 30 minutes or something and yeah they had a cart with wheels for a but it was just crazy that Kara never was doing the voice guys down and talking to people it was pretty crazy set up an interesting the kinds of things you don't the thing that was important to exhibitors and people would come that would like that gaming thing but likes ready while I was walking around and the Bible First guys really I love the costume and guys by the way the Bible personal worth guys are really cool but yeah I was like people walking around was like well this gaming Mo me so I can have the cool internet culture going on as well I really like that about it when I was one of the delivery we put our special guest at a hotel to go deliver some stuff over there and she's like it's cool we had a conversation 10 years ago really I mean you couldn't have that kind of person but when you guys were you started from a plane got a little over 9 years old now who's the for you to exist violence everywhere and now I feel like you know it's a lot of focus to channels on it was good at least now there's one place to have almost like a repository for video I feel like that also takes away from coming on the time how much do we need to develop a website using Facebook motus to help but I think we're getting a lot better about that you know we have people who are dedicated to community and and deal with those kinds of growing in the past couple years robot is worth 49 we could have not played their new one yet there's no Mac version yet things have been weird I started working on games I just don't have time to play games anymore like I plague Observer have it on my phone and my iPad because I just did like I have 5 minutes on a place time real quick can I plan a steam cleaner steam or ice better times right now but post plague anymore that's kind of all I'm doing on my iPad is a nice little email has been 30 quick minute then? I'm going to go over to take it I think there's room for both they're just we gotta find what works best where you know I mean I think I think about a lot of it but there's only a handful of things on iPhone and iPad that like I really like and I think I really need to the value of the experience not just teeth pulled over it was on those kind of things but I don't think there's movies there's a place for all of those out there and everything there Marcus crazy right now it'll level out I think I think personally I think that Mobile gaming systems like the DMV I think they have a lot more to lose when I can do all of that and make phone calls and keep my calendars I don't really mind and I don't know anyone right now I don't know portable gaming device ID for my iPhone grilling for to nevermind I mean I don't know it shows Mo I'm not going to buy a Justin for it I don't know yeah I can article on gamasutra Justin Moore somebody I don't remember who it was now writing about how the gamers who started gaming early on the early systems are now grown up and they're married with jobs and kids and they don't have 40 hours to play Skyrim or something Marcus is not being met 4 movie link games you know I really do the 2 to 3 hours but only cost like 20 bucks like a DVD or something and I would do that I would be a three-hour solid solid gameplay out for 3 hours but I'm like I haven't even started die room because I know whatever you can reefer talks about getting older and children the first time that's ever happened that this industry has the next generation of developers and I think it's interesting that it's going to as we get the two and three generations of gonna start changing out games are put together true next-gen games coming out time with actually looking forward to the rest of the year good I will have to answer week there's a Chinese version actually being developed at Hero Academy strictly for the Chinese market they can be on their own servers everything and the partner working with there has actually developed like a coming through Bay steam just for that market if you think we got a lot of people asking to bring that over the Western version so we're looking at those kinds of things to figure out OK what's the next right move for Hero Academy without overwhelming people with too many teens are cuz it is your new now you go in there 4 teams in there in 3551 weeks then we just want make sure that we're for finding the right balance so that they were not overwhelming people with stuff and we do have a lot of hardcore players have been a lot of feature requests in the past months while we've been developing the PC and we want to get some of those requests and stuff so we're not we're not finished and then take a big picture look at what we're doing here Academy I never thought about it to jump in and see how things might be too intimidated and that you have some options and we just got of the single player challenges in so you don't know the team you can now play with them and learn from their mechanics which is really helpful but now like a new player to the game now I can come in and get the free Council team and originally you buy the dark elves because that was the only other team but now it can be I've got three counts of steam and I've only bought the tribe or the doors and with the Mix-Ups get a lot more interesting hour if they buy the steam version they'll just have counseling at 2 and so we're taking a look at all the numbers of for playing and how many people are playing and you can figure out where to go from there and 2 and then have to have enough to make anyone a different strategy for playing differently right now I think it's the tribe because they've been out for a while and they work really really well together like if you combined together that they're good in little teeth and most people haven't realized that yet you just how long it's been out a lot of casual players don't realize that's why I like to go in with the tribe and do crazy moves in and scare people right now coming I can't wait to try to figure out 9 characters vs. 5 is there more overlap between Roll hours well we haven't talked too much in detail about take a little bit of elements from multiple teams and then we've got about things like the weapon upgrades a little differently with the TF2 teams so we've been able to do some really cool stuff that keeps all the characters true to like who they are in TF2 but they play like Hero Academy character still be interesting trying to bring people to the conversation true Michael.com they got to that I don't to go too long I know you've got to get out of here and head back up to to the Dallas area so I want to thank you for coming and sitting down with me thank you for having me and I would remind everyone that we talk about the podcast before you can get your coming out really soon but robot entertainment and then our games Orcs Must Die Hero Academy are both on Twitter as well