#176 - RT Podcast

RT had its beard trimmed.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-176

Recorded: 2012-07-25 15:20:02

Runtime: 01:32:22 (5542.24 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Kara Eberle, Monty Oum, Dean Hall aka Rocket2Guns




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Transcript (in progress):

day pass to use the generous support of game minder no game minder pre never miss a video game release date again game minder currently tracks games for consoles PC and mobile game download.com app store is also available on the Android Marketplace as well game time for the show no Joel anything my who talking funny America you talking to me I really need something Kara Kara Kara Bela Floyd rocket League the good trailer I think I'm not sure special guests on Thursday I know write it down I don't know yeah talking to with another company actually rented out the theater spike a message man the Holy Bible talking about I just got up pre the poorest talking it right now YouTube please text me about the picture can I have Matt the ability to send a text message it was a good bad and conversations about what we thought my frame that I need to move did you understand a word he said The Dark Knight I cannot understand it's going to star in the Batman symbol free apps impression of a dog on woodycraft Batman movies flash actually forwarded like a on video Oracle from the DVD Bane and Annie with cut the Joel Schumacher who was talking about that he was like don't you man from a completely different life smart yeah comic book the respect the comic to some extent so who is really in comic talking about how he thought Kara think we doing this Kara Tyga so we're talking about The Dark Knight Rises but any non-spoiler fashion difficult Spike San accessible the movie so far it was good but the Dark Knight did you speak a different a painting whatever problems I have the movie that is that there's not enough Batman in it a long time Kara a text at 11 o'clock so I can't make it it's okay but what happened what happened to the previous episode we can talk about what happened this weekend then be like okay what happened next week breaking Batman I've not seen Gavin talking dogs voice it was like I needed something you could have done something you have any not playing that game his dark and everything as in the no the Raptors had to get on and put it on the with out and after we actually have round off of work like Gavin who wouldn't just walk out on his job standing standard for 8 hours 20 minutes counter Burj Khalifa building talking about The Dark Knight Rises day trading for Jack the bottom Mike grow and Grill menu Joel the woman a photo from like probably 4 or 5 months ago so it was long but it wasn't like out of control this is what I don't get rid of it all of it okay no looks like cat over your face beer cut his a professional email but it did bring out a bag that the other his house I mean Talking to the Moon Xbox 360 when you get it from game minder.com Orlando Monty fire and then you can cast your Mike to II to be to get a chance to win the Xbox 360 just send a tweet with a hashtag game minder 360 game minder 360 all together are we should be then placed before the contest this Friday noon Texas time Texas time arrival time Central 5 hours behind and then the next week is our clocks an hour back what time was in space no we have not National Space Station in Gavin Street no completely serious says what time is it in space never really that dumb time is relative 4 you are on our side they just pick a time so probably be empty and then they stick with that probably GMT so when you're back in England on ice when are you leaving to come back and really hated Jack pennies one of those trusting how much I love you burn all about holding down my jeans that I was holding my name next you at the door I know that came out like kids Kimkim Outlet just like my penis cat early that night but I forgot Terminix pennies Dean his blood thing that's fucking lyrics Joel Starbucks cup that you always have with you at all times are you sure cat is nasty no Matt is more to it than that Jack is working Ole Smokey smoker danjitsu from the website burn fat fast Pruitt Cat Daddy how to play this with you what's up with you danjitsu I'm looking at it to keep the laptop so we can hang around here that is San postage stamps you can buy Forever stamp now the stamp statue a talking right his hold on the money for them later whatever they do you should do that use programmable who collect pre 1983 pennies and have more copper in them nickel is worth more than $0.05 so nickel right now is worth more than $0.05 people are stocking up and getting tons of nickel and dimed it's like they had to go to the standard bad like why do you want to know how it and it was like I and his answer was I just like nickel connect me to lock the door who is it come out that's money right now San Antonio 2 million the legal amount of cash you can only hundred dollars in pennies or something smaller criminal activity getting cold but it's like I don't like I don't like that stuff more than $10,000 in cash the gym what does money smell like probably like stealing stuff copper fibre and copper country in East Town his daughter II want to steal copper high voltage wires in that's always smart and by the way I'm on danjitsu page no no I mean that I can't give him my Lord yet cuz I haven't gotten any alcohol from them it was on the way years ago when I started I never got it I got busy I'm too busy I want to see Breaking Bad over years forever deals apartment cuz you know what season 4 begins with the aftermath of Jesse shooting Gale in the face right so it begins with teeth removed actually conclusion but it could have ended that apparently it was like walking dead what's going on near me Spike S10 2.2 and a half years his father mechanically good when it's combined with someone face matter seems like the easier it looks real good face what do you man did Oklahoma yeah so what about you when there's an explosion like the first time the richest out it wasn't until I was wait wait II sounds like fun every Spirit of theater 413 bad movie go out of the window counter we have the bigger than no Talking Stick Of Korra the first grade I was asleep I wanted to go but it has been killing me I just want to come in and talk about that but a lot to do so I'll get back to work all weekend looking great I just kind of had a feeling like some really good spike a break away from my desk for a while so I'm coming back with a lot of really good teams we just kind of got a deadline it isn't isn't my version is actually really easy but we did a version that was harder than last year's Ole with the hardest thing people people people are hard man you think that's because people have well I probably have about 20 people Jeff was there voice anyone relevant in the show three years and I saw the boys anyway time should we talk about our kids but it was pretty awesome like that a lot of people show up for my panel I wish we could have fit people more people and Mike Gus day like an overflowing and the cut people off and I got people all weekend telling me how they wanted to make it in but they got cut off we go out we're going to have a bigger room next year 2013 this one was awesome it's going to be really good and um we did I mean we had a great time there but we have room for about 245 75 4 space obviously the normal rows of chairs so it looks like 330 and then with the table in front of you and the music whatever you like no his amazing man it was a lot of fun like I think it's the first time I've been on some sorry I just like a lot of fun like the first 250 300 who said I was there and I can with my girlfriend she dressed up like a really hot and that was a lot of fun but we know that I'm walking around in the middle of the Triforce Matt or not but can you Comic Con but I can always call if you feel like the luckiest con con as well so that was needed to make a 64 guy next to the convention who it was Jack and what you want to do and we'll do it but we don't 4 a typical night in the room and I was like and I was totally comic on for five years at that point I'm actually in line for probably an hour and a half and then Spike and 5 in the morning and I can come get them what is the true blood panel people waiting in line and they were going to the panel prior to in order to get it for the next and there's people in there that they don't clear the room you don't have time to clear the room how much time between them in line for the Legend of Korra the new Avatar panel and they happen to also says this Firefly San on which was really cool and all but then it's like man they got in line at 2 a.m. on Friday night and were able to get into two panels are plenty of people didn't make it to II 5200 people in front of them the day the day before the first panel which I think that's why I was the first one was like she was crying for Twilight Frackville PA hotels the Hilton on the far left on that side so it's pretty much out of that hotel and it's right in front of you talking retarded you act like in my hotel I'm watching the news and everything and it's about like ice expanding the convention center halo rings economy to come to San Diego like what they going to do next year apparently they like they may lose it to Vegas I hope it was the biggest one for me I don't know what would be awesome is on top of me day no children they're like it's all older adults what percent of the people who go to it which is 5000 people or so more people to show up to capacity downtown Dallas the flu is so bad that it's like I was saying at the Venetian or whatever hours to get my locator the cut around the Earth World apparently there have been special rules about Ramadan made because that building is so tall that fund out something happens 4 minutes earlier on the ground and it does on the top floor the different times for you watch them down again bullet train pre out in front of you that you know close to together on the vault in the on the talk really like man on a Wire I don't his friends easily crash the that's a terrible way to say it broke into the World Trade Center building you're still going to stop of the World Trade Center tightrope walk between the two World Trade Center towers towers and I walk back and forth and Mike cops were there on the roof with him and they were like well we can't do anything please come down to him doing that he got arrested went to Rocket Friday is ischemic heart 4 year anniversary celebration burn during the day from the office Matt Lightfoot and rocket from so are we were both fans of the Day Z mod podcast different types the same rocket 4 Legend Halo 5 Ramadan song beer con that's a very good price so I think there is a pretty big guy we need something the Czech Republic that's correct I am from New Zealand rocket Republic sorry I was working for me at the time in New Zealand and the no heater out of the Czech Republic on a contract to do some contract work on the 3 which one of the one of the reasons I didn't speak the language and the chicken pretty interested in and zombies and infections and things like that my brother is like that cat usually get pretty strike other survivors burn 4 on a Matt is who you are is really important to me level of tension II thinking that you have to Mike in the gun you no problem help me get out of this problem do you think there is something that should have missing from Day Z and that's what happens after you civilized we need to provide the something else and something else of a water change 4 days to get more of a future than just being there man calling a Dean game obvious that to myself as well that's not strictly true people understand what it really needs to be developed cat people raising II kryptek a text if I want to develop this probably not 34425 exactly we can really explore I'm not even really in college with a soda face with that but we just need to provide more tools for people to do that and you realize world if you have the Nile and what I see is a very important part of it and that's what I like to think of it as possible things like this tutorial I guess his on my spelling it's the phone and saw the place he should be acquiring them so I think it really personalized experience as possible which which brings interesting is the fact that we had to act like you can't with people next to you when you start the overall pre your stuff is your character Dean Martin Fringe Joel game 500000 - 2600 and 57000 but that's pretty cool initially it was just one saving and it was the development of Museum we hit the mall up all night and basically sit down with them and nickel ice and you think it's something we talking about how to put a password on it so I thought we needed some more tests for capacity testing so I added the download link to his own media for the time being. day with 4 people April 18th I think it was 4 days ago what street was the one of the explosion Kara during the update says it's difficult because I usually do a lot of problems and Han Solo. who is there a secret says felt that it should be a stand-alone stealing I guess the old saying is people going out and I've driven so ridiculously strong Rocket Center project in and sign off the tape and so once they didn't you know this or not but I think that it's something infected and it started as a rock video player for 4 year and I just the cast of San Jose Ramadan significant portion of my life to develop rocket provides a very good ride bus to make an ism for random people to play against each other not necessarily Cooperative Lake Man II sincerely in a pee pee his right hand burn the game plan for getting the people who are a real vs PSG have a gun race at this point he's proven that the model works thanks I'm not sure I think that the advantage of the position that day z z now it's that and the direction con if it is and has been eating and now I think there's no reason we couldn't see something significant personally I think that casual dining in Matt and I face game is going a little bit easier to understand people can relate to it and it's taking the time to talk to with having tryouts