#177 - RT Podcast

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Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-177

Recorded: 2012-08-01 17:05:50

Runtime: 01:28:23 (5303.75 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

cuba.com domain name registration and management the symbol for 10% off of your new domain go to hover.com slap Rooster Teeth and in turn show code Rooster Teeth Pita Pit TV Christopher connect to the whole universe things that go with the theme song what comedy podcast Adam Carolla ah Geoff Ramsey this is Burnie Burns Angelina play the most you can send by in over theme song in trees keep on keep Seinfeld guitar things your partner okay we can hear ourselves through headphones so we can here we are it's a good things to help prevent you from talking over people constantly always has his headphones on ear 1 of 20 story miles told about the play cars the pilot plus was pretty good just another character Barbara through the cold Barbara Blondie yeah she was blonde blonde taken already Google always Co the character blonde how do I hang out online Hangouts and play it for everyone if somebody else is there you know people who are in the Hangouts do you have 2 minutes to talk over the video where we were tested it by playing the one and only Band rtaa video today has a laptop blue travel in Canada anyway somebody and don't want to censor ourselves because we really the way that we approach the podcast Nest Lindsay to remove new Parker the I have used it as a business day that I shouldn't be saying that we clear new play the audio clip right now the camera just camera Wi-Fi to library and then it stopped and everything Louie Photoshop taking a photo that you think would be taking a photo of Co what's the Posey photos characters in the key of Artie just a rare thing to begin with Bryce Drew trillion bring me down crashing and burning with it if I hadn't shown up and done that I want to write and I that was like Detroit Airport Ralphs party goers taking pictures of me on the ground and he went around and took everybody's phone instead delete those photos Daddy's boa every heart Chris to call me vagina drunk Hollow everything in my life last night at your house because I had this weird feeling that I ruined your screened in porch and I just like to make sure they didn't destroy the the screened in porch drunk drunk drunk some people are angry drunk do you get rid of them pretty quickly in your life were you thinking drunk different liquor affect your the type of drunk differently Amazon Bass Lake UConn Stamford comfortable do I just hate drunk people play we going to boa show commands on conscious alright I'm leaving I'll Yvonne go down the hallway to brag about to his room with him driving up to the hotel room and get in the bed so fucking truck 20 pounds to show any amount of alcohol in to make them in the morning and I went out to take care of them pucker up go out Jennifer do you want them home I hit all the money on one of these do you think your mad at him he wasn't you when he's done my penis at age 24 Chlamydia disease from termites arthritis Gavin Google at lean back at the penis of the word promises you know you don't have to be exploding bananas no no no I think when they Moody my underwear just don't tell her that we talk everything be held in trust Alamo terrible a toilet ticket Israel time bullet thing ever is when you in the toilet like around a little while and use that on the floor like a red light orientation bullet and Cooling just going to live here now the name and Woodinville survive back then I knew you wouldn't but you're the kind of guy you're so secretive your going to have it hidden away but nobody's going to do with that because you told me but it's going to be different UNT business camera so we can watch this week's episode of Breaking Bad for Sunday 2 through which every two weeks I can't wait to watch it so what they do is they show 2 episodes of show the clear that was that guy wasn't there my cat is always eating breakfast at school is the world he's trying to pair with his mom his dad in the kids come in to start making fun of him and then walked back into the Stanhope podcast is brought to you by hover.com Court Pro Clean domain and email management tools olden day names come with who in privacy that your personal information is publicly 40 n Advantage management Carolla will be helpful to your domain email experience companies including the customer service Eastern hover roster when I kick you in the butt in the asshole as you love to say thank you John Thomas okay what are you started I did not like the first two or three episodes ah but I feel like they turned it around has everything turn around another Parker Posey things going good first episode it was different where like a person 2 3 season as well 804 Louie amazing amazing primarily comedy writers and they are some of those brilliant sarcastic people but you get them all together and it's like you can't talk to me but there's an undercurrent of just like to put it part of that and I will say that mother fucker personal Montreal and Boston the best that I've ever been friends with people with people in video game people I can absolutely guarantee Nobody Drinks like comedians in Montreal hilarious just drink and have its 4:30 2 Festival it's not about any of that rankings of Noah never do and I'm just going just for laughs festival and he's done it while changing comedy CollegeHumor Craig funny or die and you know don't care don't know anything about it apartment tour later this year where he put up around them it's pretty interesting I didn't know if it was new my wife and I were talking about Louie that's a peculiar people yeah we just went there recently because he's on tour sometime today and Gavin and Jack we like to spend the day with and do something fun Barton Creek for Barton Springs was closed that's our natural thing that we usually like to do listen to Barenaked Ladies show with music people good high and I got a little jealous what city was efficient and so you were actually famous Target pharmacy personally because the festival at the hotel has to do all these French Canadian service people just get a drink at the bar it was like 22 Barton what's Maker's Mark the Australian at Sandhills Plus what is oblivious happy smug face value Craig he had made it was an infection Google special guest on their supernova eBay and get on the bus to go back to the hotel Christopher Lloyd about watching Back to the Future and all that stuff never heard Helfer the voice for the enemy stuff drunk mother voice actors and actresses this bus drove off a cliff what would that be right now ah this past weekend which was pretty badass on the Saturday the 28th or the 27th and we actually in charge of the other side my brain too into it Minecraft 1 three days Good Friday Co breaking set me up kind of think it's like so much fun do blue videos Gavin things to do in creative horse just your comedy you made you made it to Ed what happens good eyes what time is it like to look at them the way you can look at and has twitch just got a spider and you can slide across different scale down from at the super tiny scale and the smallest particle imaginable to like this University camera trillion X watch stalactite okay I'll give you that much show a year on Jupiter the year is 12 years and it takes 12 years to orbit around the Sun to somebody in the days of the planet temperature in Lion of live moving or he'll die YouTube boa be careful I think one of the ways that you can make one of those Napalm style explosives as you just get gas in his truck through on styrofoam blocks until it turns into a newspaper Christopher about how it's going to end and I the perfect in for Breaking Bad ending 1404 but the power went out Co ah Gavin Rees the breakers are based upon the breaking in this building the trip when something bad happens Jennifer get the pilot is that what is it what is it what is a person that like the greatest person on the planet who invented electricity the harness of America Franklin Mac twitch on horse twitch chat Community Twitch TV personalities Players tournament sleeves and commentary in addition to the most active an interesting discussion around video games what channel computer is the mega64 podcast for cars in the future to get started just check out Twitch TV frustrated Doug direct current or alternating current direct current magic trick Blue Cross through machine you know things like in Christopher cut it MP3 plays the bass he's probably like that because somebody monopolizes the scientific Endeavor for academic and just like everything else everyone would be good what are the things that I would talk to Gavin about is putting your life on the line like recording pictures and being logged into Google when you're searching which was has she part of that band rtaa the discussion about to Google it was informed that his daughter is pregnant bullet into town to get stuff things like what are you got their card from one oatmeal the closest Ralphs for the video game thing one time and I went to a Ralphs plays Malcolm and just take me like 3 bucks I would not put up with that for my remote to the point where I don't want to keep anything to keep it flight carry on carry on along with your laptop finding attractive about a guy who my history from his divinity card to buy alcohol in drunk when you fell in the store coupons for trying to get pregnant Target card daughter wouldn't have a bunch of time looking at them you can go to Precheck security checkpoint and everybody else PreCheck how much they cost? good maker at work fucking crazy Artie number one of the Hale jack you off while your car is there you can your car cleaned and detailed coverage Nest the how many miles I have now an American are you going maybe we aromasin X so we'll see all the time Finch for Katie wants to know who's going to tell her Gavin and funny moment they were the heads of Chima Hunters slap bracelets and I took one from and stuff like that but someone who show me lets Eastern termites where they can actually sell the chemical reaction in the body that makes them expanded and they do that when they do crystal in them live culture in it 20 McLaughlin Street clear internet disappointment things are really covered spot but I'm International Cars 2 Go is a service here by around the city check out of the car but you can't keep charging you Lazlo's can you put people who use them previously but if you find this letter :-) for interior and exterior Bass where you can monitor things from your phone my phone temperature Ed for me to be the bility to to monitor remotely like and I like Gavin 145 Noah so that was pretty much anyone can do it has Wi-Fi built into it and then it'll actually you can Nest the thermostat iPhone bullet Ranch eyes are healing properties I don't know Artie 5 looks like it has cut the tiny connecting out like 2:15 p.m. flight for every different kind of different everything suddenly to plug your phone into your computer. I mean think about live cars in my car if you can afford to spend $610 on an adapter minidisc old Xbox 360 just Evansville Outdoor Expo print that that connector needs inside the phone to prepaid phone just and every time I change it Jack just went to boa at the date of this release to sell the house that and I get a new one to know me is taking other people's slap 5 cases iPhone from touching Lange the glass in the front and back from actually killing find your phone on the corner of do that right now the horny but it's like if you drop it your welcome my phone Denver right now that's right in the bar commercial is the worst thing that ever Doug Eastern you like because it makes it sound like an idiot yeah I'm not I'm not like you do Final Cut Pro X the date came out just do it my life I think I'm going to force myself to learn Pro X what do Final Cut Pro how much to do in Pilot pilot text you in like blue Festival at first only in my way to use x because you Cut Pro 7 2 final exam things don't change the story so you know they were all kinds of problems with lion Noah from lets not meet you're so upset about everything now is just terrible you flip your screen on computer Parker talking about people who can kill stuff with lets destroy the whole family had show landed in my front yard Victory typhus you don't want to have any with them and kill them cut their heads off the captain of Austin you just get the film off 2 injured when you find an injured problem do you part and that would be if I didn't kill them and I do like to slowly over the course of a couple days and the Heat live to just quickly funeral what are the shit out of it and just do whatever would you die the body just like an empty tombstones and memorials new phones that are need this right now he's on a movie like this Pro my buddy what is the laughs