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RT has not invented time travel yet.

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Recorded: 2012-08-08 15:07:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Kara Eberle




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Transcript (in progress):

Sprinter more than 100,000 downloadable types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodical for a free audiobook of your choice podcast RoosterTeeth in the bar having your fingers in peanut butter usually when I pee the usually Apartments of Orange Maserati plan something on my mind I want to stay out of the last 13 exploring vessel that was sent to Mars I think I want to say 7 or 8 of them did not work like that day would come where we have a 30% success rate winning something in transit Mars crashed because of a conversion calculation between metric and standard or something stupid like that similar problem where they calculated the elevation trick Tina lost a hundred and twenty five million Mars Orbiter door trick story ever because of Lockheed Martin engineering team use English units of measurement for the agency to use the more conventional metric system for a TV Sprint operation Prescott 225 million dollars great they're both just released the market what does that mean can look at anything else shut up and stop working on technology if you don't like my style it would have happened by now in some point in time I'm going to come back and change it yeah we're living $20 Dan lefevour X receipt definition what would you do weightlifter Jesse said that she didn't myself is just disgusting to me so I refuse to use the rest of the house tweet last week that was the most disturbing thing we talked about last week podcast backpack Gavin pees while sitting down and they will be standing on a lion are you always you always be at night when the day is here window switch no light and you turn the lights on just wipe it Fitness with spray right no you can't have any spray sheet music free the deck removal hey Barbara how hot is it me a video of himself right now he's saying that just so I could see the stream of pants but not his don't tell her so it wasn't like I planned it can you go to work on your frame wow what Dan Pax comet on YouTube videos of dicks do you have on your phone then 3 because probably I'm cold it's freezing here from Canada air conditioning podcast is that he did it by myself what's wrong people who receive that Twitter account I think it's called stealth Mountain which is correct people when they misspell tweet because people do it all the same thing right now search for the word Define definitely definitely single user that look like chicken Captain America definitely smiling right now change your image the correct tweet today to finally be in the proper manner defiant Define backpack glass door flight Towelie conversation private what bar you use for a Twitter client mobile phone to use on your face how do you tweet on Twitter app to unfollow people you talked about that before bot location for tweet bot for Mac desktop for the store. Your computer so that you can code on your computer the application to computer find push to have it registered and go through them and pay them royalty for go to the App Store and give them a cut of all the sales for the iPad Jenna hackers just seeing what he can get away with an email telling him to change and I accepted it and deleted it how to delete iCloud backup and restore door you just traveling if your laptop and put it in a bag you know where it is trying to get out of the driveway just to say blue in the answer machine do you ever take in your life a camera with a lot of them I mean like every hundred thousand I don't know when I would be for her read it it's Hart buffet in the movie 300 pounds the Jesse was attacked in her front yard just walking by faith your perception of strangers and interactions with people in the world the coffee I have never ever felt long time ago that I started watching and I'm very happy that I started watching HBO show Game of Thrones Boardwalk Empire about it a lot country is where the mouth to me because I don't watch TV or anything so I don't know it was on TV and tells me Cameo I think into a small part in it Hannah notice I never Watch Burn Notice but everyone says it's so great to watch it but I'm like I'm just not interesting to watch right now Boardwalk Empire season 2 start of another place in time for the IMAX theater here in Austin that's crazy I've seen them you just let me know whatever you just come the TV in the stopwatch Amazon College because I would be home for you know hours notice today I have A1 o'clock maybe and I'll just watch TV but if we reach the point where I already have time to watch what I really want to watch that notice lump in front of a TV and just whatever exactly happened friend is going in twice a week I pick up all my food tweet I don't have to grocery shop but they have it ready for me now flight into stomach tweet orthopedist door poutine for a while girl let me ask you this hair gel mousse ball deck it's all the same thing right it's all the same to hairspray it's all the same stuff just a different form disaffect Papa Joe coffee symptoms curl your hair like the kind of crunch it up so I know it's real like mold in your hair to stick up and look Dan certain way and then with her than hairspray is like a girl doing her hair like it up to you if I don't know then because she'll make the hair spray kind of like outer layer of hardening delivered in different ways intently Korean in that way when you have an extra what do you have anything I have like some kind of flight what chat texting hanging out hanging out whatever what does the actual name of the product that whatever tasty stuff whatever long time ago I thought expose on Dateline story about how there's a ton of long distance carrier whose name for like anyone is fine whatever I don't care when you call the operator cars were actually put into it how do you say you don't mind the actual first carrier out of the list people people people think of ways to trick you why that people would spend no more time thinking how to get around this distance and how to like work honestly with this time bumpity percent of home into work out making some device that you avoid International charges camping in Captain Crunch whistle was one of the prizes and the whistle was exactly the tone and so people were getting these whistles and using them to support the development of crunch French toast brunch at another place 704 hours reasons for having that through security no wow which actually surprises me I don't know I guess 2 emulator Javelin well I mean you know traveling from country to country or city the city and you have a letter on you UB40 people smoke actually hacker 20 cigarettes in this country Pax New York state tax the hell out of into flight quilt books like 18 bucks how much are cigarettes in Texas new text today the 2009 article new text to put the pack of cigarettes to $7 you're looking at 2120 500 Ann stealth things December 2019 for the different areas in 99 Ann was talking about how we have spots on the podcast a long time ago that one day I hope you got enough money to get a pizza from our sponsors glass what is a Kara happy birthday to Kara Catholic white League my plate is a little bit dirty we had a bubble bath and are kitchen is cheese healthy Dan Rather big white white little card and want to just go straight to the paint called that brings it out and start sucking it up and he goes you know I used to be a janitor do you drink nothing but awesome broken everything coffee with a with a machine with my Aeropress more modern version of a French press different. Completely into something into it Trevor said that anyways your brain to consciously Fey Dan but I watch Gus make coffee one day when you're working on the house for everyone Gavin burn away from the mic Ann Ann coffee constantly need to be high energy Hart coffee I need to be when I'm feeling tired I need to be update a couple of pictures tweet this a lot of thought diuretic it's just like what are you driving honestly I can tell you that I can drink any for me it was about 3 hours later I would think why am I having heart attack switching to be like 907 e go to in bossy painkillers like the slightest headache or the Hunger Game showing the effectiveness of that when I need it was once in my life and I was with my ball exploded but now it will be very effective I think why do women get headaches more than men do I think about it more if I drink way too much headache is just a headache tweet dehydrated you're not even have to like the Dan for 3 hours and on the table lighting man I don't know I have something Prime Hemorrhage and die because I was just typing Man in the Moon right on I was just written how to test if you got hack but couldn't make him into the sounds of words and then I couldn't remember the name but I remember it I was trying to say that I tried to test myself I tried to text myself hung out for about 7 hours I'm going to look up I had a headache soup so much in recent memory first ball second time in Canada that your first time in your adult life I guess I just haven't rvbto the Bible flight status flight do I have to be back in the office to do some work and then I'm not changing my flight 7 hours . when we first started flying Gus tweet with in some weird way and he could not get on the plane without getting delayed flight issue in my entire life and I've been flying since I was flight to Montreal flight this last flight out to Toronto on my way to be like bicycle Dan door people are standing in line but I also have the last year that or the year before Chicago to Ontario and I'm sitting I got my favorite Steve which is I'm in the exit row so I have more leg room and I'm on the window so I can leave the walls perfect my favorite we get upgraded to first class in a panic because I don't let her get on the plane because I always have to get my first class you just like doing that I'm in the exit row Window Seat happy as can be and I see this young black couple coming down the aisle and the girl sitting next to me in the middle and the dude it's like a road in front of us but on the other hand he's also got a middle seat so I can give you my travel poutine flight like someone came in and sat down next to her and I started trying to like talk to her the ground didn't talk to her makes it obvious music good no problem and if I can't girl on time from Ottawa to Montreal who would not talk to me after work 25061 white on his 2 man shot in the flight Trevor different Simulator X to talk to me there's a lady on my flight home from Toronto to out in about 2 seconds and she turning like a very very loud and that's why you 3 Rusty for 3 Steve whatever watching some sort of scary movie or something and she kept reacting to it really loudly she had fun box simply Flight Simulator X the most hits burn your flight the commercial jet there is a fast and quick that's badass then I was like oh I was wondering if I click on it and then I got The Hourglass and crashed it was like are you kidding me Steve X Tony lots of Steve Urkel joystick what Wireless Trumbull Pax in the construction stuff so that if you want to put in a fey that happens it was just man I feel like a picture of Bigfoot Kara and The Peddler I have to learn to fly size of a queen or a guy who's featured on flight I can't decide 3423 twice a week Martin soup Peddler Austin Peddler service that will make food and they deliver it to you to your house whether you're there and I will leave it in a cooler and then you get home and you just get it done soup of the day restaurant for the first time in his lovely Trevor no Dan is french fries brown gravy and cheese curds and right now he has to be very hungry before you cook them kitchen Curry are they putting cottage cheese Cottage Cottage and it came back in the stuff but I'd prefer not very strong the point where I can't take any other ingredient in the food other than those long cinnamon do the 23andMe genetic testing until you have the marker in your DNA or cilantro taste different to you than other people that's pretty cool female I did not look after that last update I just want to point out that there is an actress in Boardwalk Empire who Steve Buscemi's girlfriend who is fun believably hot that is not Jesse Gavin that is your incentive to watch Boardwalk Empire Gavin try to really stupid bets in fact Hannah Hart and Grace from daily grace they drink those things that was totally inspired by Gavin having ball challenge them to do that the chocolate mustache cheese in Rapid for Google Tina the first time I met you man want to meet you and you completely Manchester United play Arsenal Ann app that in one of them in a puddle of blood on the street ask Gavin if you could it like 15-20 minutes and it was like we have a plan with your internet with your cable television have you heard of condoms go through in the Olympic Village it's like giving a hundred 4% or something like that it's like you're there Jennifer loses everybody like this huge sex romp Fest statues into life you made it pretty far back and I had a great tweet about the Olympic instance how come we don't call the Tina he's really funny dude is 20000 x Dan 70,000 condoms wasn't enough $70,000 probably the second order of 20000 and a new standing order of 100,000 condoms hurt Olympic 7 Village it's coffee I don't know construction cost for like one of your diuretic I'm supposed to feel anymore when I get home country for the character James Bond and the queen in the strange director of silver medal in the Olympics would you be happy about that Chinese television with one of the weightlifter silver metal Ann to get this covered in clothes to have in the gold medal and you said that last year he was like one tenth of a million traveling with for the first second and third place was one tenth of a second dechert Philadelphia but you have to go to the technology to see who won wouldn't it suck if you came second in that race but you said it will record it and then it would only be right that your computer try to have a pimple on your bicycle game of in the bicycle which is where there's 2 people in it so hard to explain but it's because the person in front like one gets like 3 feet for your in it last into the tired I just like X is headed into the draft criteo the person's far enough behind where they can't catch me by the distance that I can go I can take off fast enough in the person behind you won't be able to get behind me and wrap coffee Happy Wheels track X go to the track and it comes back to the back of the application to go through Gavin trouble down there because they're going to ridiculous what to do this weekend 474 Oak Mountain Court Street League World Championship this the word Sprinter Station how do you spend it well Shannon around track respect the most in One race where everyone was figure out the same thing two people versus one another so time doesn't matter it's not like you qualify based your time so then it became like what time does it take to for the longest time in the next round into something other team wanted to lose play to win the game but yeah I mean you know flight figure when you come in the hack and get big based on for him to South Korean female fencer reaction nobody start the clock the clock the clock so he's going going going and she got 10 year old letter of the law you should dr. name was or is fast Ann Lam of South Korea Kara to make you feel terrible but you don't fucking terrible touch into the gold medal match in the clock never started that the referee signaled to restart the man giving hacker man the German notice more than one second to win the winning touchdown was like if you if you Peter in Arrow YouTube if your protest into the field but she didn't leave the platform they file the appeal while sitting there crying the entire time he stays up there and then appeal was denied and then she still refused to leave the the platform security removed man removes and Olympic Athlete because they just Rover it was like getting a couple skating competition and there was like the Canadian couple who did pretty much a perfect performance and everyone was screaming your gold gold gold and they had scored really low and I guess they deleted it and somehow got a gold medal as well yeah you don't remember crying when gold originally had like ball the effect of score should be here different things to like there's a bossy measure time for some guy got bailed on so much and he was knocked out twice in the final round and they still have that round to him by Olympic scoring the way they score 2 points what is the number on the back of the Olympics what do you think of for Summer Olympics 400 meters 400 meters what do you think Olympian Dan fastest man in the Olympics vote Olympic sprinters glass hundred years on one track and they got finished and set the world records in the 1890s they would have been like 20 meters back from when you say who sings finish compared to Modern people run faster than yours so perfect stock futures how far to you have to run 200 meters vote Sprint without actually have to get out 200 if you get ready still real quantifiable event centers lion all of these different things bath who's the best Javelin thrower also is in the decathlon the polo in SC cars under the man just like you someone's thinking about ways we can put your bones in your body if your mountain bike could you watch app guy who misthrow call and ask him trick into doing the long jump that we are running to the bank Hannah score to the guy the racing game consciousness whatever they're doing some tests on that tonight and hopefully we'll have that going to give me yesterday night right yeah we delay the launch of the screaming podcast 2 after PAX Prime on the way to take it to be out of that Pax going to be August 23rd to 25th and 20th what do when people take horribly shaky that YouTube has some kind of stabilization female I can't Dan French athletes 14 year old girl mascot outdoor wood what was the carton of milk from that mature whatever yesterday just about people walking into glass but it never does that call Sheila biggest around the hand on the head in this Glass is coming out of your eye stripping in public that just like to make you feel so immaculate if a woman comes across the other what do we like he likes I'm going to where he was and he was like trying to like go through if I didn't understand Man detect through a lot! Just stick prices bot axe come to the glass that have a TV in one frame over glass Movie 2000 can't show me more videos in talking about that I'll just put this one of the Pakistani man runs to be able to talk about it later that would be. when we find me to watch them protest in the X what the temperature is like out here in the studio we have to kind of do it at night anyway so it's cool app podcast app tape to tape reel spinning around flight 10 seconds button why switch from an MP3 player to an iPod was because you know what the wheel days you can't really pass through like a regular podcast you're listening to and I wasn't allowed to hold down the button in 20 minutes to turn down into podcast apartment the other day iTunes Facebook page go figure that one out there asking people what they want podcast to be coming out and it's like Steve podcast Steve podcast into it right now closest is 463 the instance World of Warcraft yeah all over it can a drink called headlight fluid which was bucking the Gus the family was made wrong but it will just go to the pants we will try it was funny and I had a Jack and Coke we're going to lunch thank you and shout out to everyone who came to rvbto it was app and I'm going to meet you at your car that operate smart cars that are colored and branded car 2 go there white and blue and you can register for the service like 35 bucks register and you get a card that gives you access to cars card 402 card over fencer on the windshield and the people around you the street but you can get out of my rental and it keeps going but you're paying by the minute like a little for how many cents per minute Ann Coulter what's it called card 2 go maybe maybe what good am I lifted Pizza Delivery 2 parking spots available at this location and I went there and it was too Cars 2 Go City Minnesota we did the same thing but with bicycle Barclays fight supposed to go to my bank so what are you doing just axe which is tons of iPhone repair people that bite from a couple right and then realize you didn't need it and someone comes in and put the bucket is for tonight yet again for the right to vote Gavin companies Boardwalk import 2 pictures 2 players naked he said it was the talking about flight 710 Overlake Prime each other on the ice and its really 7:20 picture all the participants not just whatever I just don't speak makers for Northport