#179 - RT Podcast

RT eats giant gummi bears on Mars

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-179

Recorded: 2012-08-15 15:58:21

Runtime: 01:26:17 (5177.21 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Kara Eberle




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Transcript (in progress):

Gus go with the theme song and theme song what the fuck 100 everyday. In history when I head Gus Gavin happy Braven Braven is madness alrighty Pal app Pittsburgh do you people buy the order in which you see people makes you more and I'll talk to you when you walk in like you get mad real quick? the office the division Ray Stratton Gavin if you had to do you think you could take jackass neck kick spot more careful I guess I wasn't happy about it and then I was like what the club person with rvbto every other one I remember watching the television like what time is you could complete the whole weekend they probably could have lunch with 2 people and while we were eating lunch the weekend I am watching some stuff and then pick up some interested people send flowers and everything the same camera I just had them or take a picture the same time you can get the coolest bullet time shot of time I haven't done that because everyone would be impossible Go Pro that worried about having multiple picture at the same time in the middle bar drinking and NYE Vincenzo damn it hold on fan HQ recipe on the flashlight Gus the best as you can tell the officer what extra cautious team Ray I don't feel like it Doppler test which is one of those Ed on battery fan where it tells you how to charge the batteries but he led that you can turn your flash on your camera alright continue big little early depending on which Michael level of the Chargers for life here for more charged in the charging blinks and groom drink before you go to sleep I turn my phone the capital fan Pro sky show me address and all that stuff turntable much of the food Pedaler Dave & Busters Trump it works to and Laguna bounces in a certain way throughout the microwave to provide the heat so they can coordinate them have the pattern Ray we have a microwave there and it was a 2520 go kick rocks The Grill at the front of the case the video from the mountain to your face and bring in the difference between radiation and radio waves relation of something to counter react and maybe popcorn song the first test for the team last week but they will double down and talked on my chest it was really her that I was trying to tell you that I was like you want to know hopefully we'll have something usable more than the podcast because it's not whatever do whatever you want I don't care Houston we tried a couple times record afternoon early on but the energy levels lower about people complaining on a map for the streaming test that was Lindsay doing impression of Lindsey stream podcast we had to and we're trying to get these really long cables from the stick to let the control room it's very high-tech hundred and thirty foot long HDMI cable signal booster Bill team line into the cable in the week 4418 x 500 John Prine my old house Halo I miss being good at video games best in the world I know when you sign up for the achievement hunter horse to tell you she's such a lofty position Troy University team that last little bit Michael recently $500 that he can eat a 5-pound gummy bear is going to happen sent you $300 200 Yukon Dan stick of butter I have all the time to do that every single thing about that and everybody Michael a newborn baby hold its head is $500 like a pro he's been way better The 100 what is the actually I think that you could do it worm in water neck and show me a picture the one with like 50% The Gummi Bear but not to it just like that it's not like and it in your mouth before she makes a good point but it's different with the mostess you have to wait watch me watch me her Crush Kara Team Fortress 2 update coming out August 15th will have like an electric to play with people who play against an army of robots the river had a name for it was whatever your website you don't know break big boy my UK Xbox to me because all my games pal I'm going to play with my Expo said I want to buy 2 games get and American legends pal PR a big deal on Saturday but HD 720P Define independent head the division within the country sometimes electricity stupid member in Japan after our internal standard Gavin McInnes what is the most important point that should be standardized around the whole planning thing that changes country to Country language is going to be no problems in an hour hot Expo the language of your in English is Justin translatable others putting which was the noise they make English American English pilot or flying the English is the language of play no matter where you are in the world and communicate in English our controller PAX Prime Royal China the only in China probably don't have to the in the Michael pal Dr matalkah plane simulators last week I had a pilot for an airline female female operations manual and quick reference manual for the Boeing 737 stick 400 quick reference manual in the contract if something goes wrong the quick Michael is what weird the amount of Comb the Pinterest remember when to plane Collide in Brazil it was that news member and their belief on the airstrip in the area and if they can land at crazy the plane going in the opposite direction from the plane flight when you're going that fast in front of you the time bear is in what state pal in the air self in some way is it hard to get into everyone gets ejected the cars where they have to bring in an independent the car to somebody else Brendan to and keep going a little further. Aphasia comb Linden Avenue is to talk about it is 7 Cosmo way and 7th Avenue carnivore and traffic in the paramedic Samsung Huntington is one guy I slept with his shoulder and the guys off 7/4 of his legs bleeding heavily probably but you Wendy Pro does one become really close to objects when he was going to be really close to the ground complete and total fucking lunatic dunk in the world and you the cliff on the way down legs what is that broken back pelvic kick with Johnny Knoxville and the next rest area remember what was on the go long time going to pack you might have mentioned this but fuck you go again there used to be a female member of Jackass thank you. the prime double is due to jackass the member of the cast from stick a while from the other side I think I don't know I'll look it up when you guy look at female member Stephanie Hodge the Lost female member of that she said it jackass Hyundai model actress turned agent for Los Angeles media companies surveyed the cast talking girl in the show's early days that is until it broke her back and tell this really paralyzed her oh my God realtor they just changed your lungs expand Pittsburgh Hospital comb my friend I thought we kill each other I'm not sure what why that is the case but the five years I just couldn't be any school levy Michael pal the contract Jack wrote it while I'm disgusted will sign it yet between -90 minutes. finish 2 day is Michael Jones $500 American dollars team her face best go to be allowed Michael will not be allowed to eat Kara Ed Harris I want him found a baby bear in the woods what carnivore 510 bear meat of sugar in the wild and you have and you couldn't use it the team afterwards the time Justin Tuck definitely throw up comb can you might be able to Dan and Shay do it oh my God bear 51 servings in this package wow calorie 6120 calories total pal anyway go ahead total carbohydrates 29 grams 10% recommended daily value so that 510% of recommended daily value carbs are in 41480 grams of carbs 19 grams of sugar per serving to 19 times 5119 times 51 is 969 grams of sugar 3 cups how do I use and how do we get a problem in nutritional information food and I think that you Joule and everything callosum by the gallon but even on the coke Michael is 55 milliliters calorie over there to the calorie is well What helicopter is the amount of energy required Ray of kilogram of window how much is 11 gram of weed what what how to get energy free energy kick it with me wouldn't raise the temperature of children's is how many how many ounces of sugar do you think in 12 ounces right now .5 and a half ounces of coke is sugar the gummy bear Chevrolet 10% I don't know grams of sugar in a hundred dollars that's crazy the highest thing like in Frito corn chips the first ingredient should because that's mostly corn and then she was the highest everything water from Italy high fructose corn syrup for sugar is Sugar 2 and a half pounds of sugar the pack pal Kick the Buddy and I good stuff in my life in my life is trying to kill me guy tomorrow and I have savings that's a good idea the buckle Gummi $500 to Michael is because Diamond Dallas Page the obsolete Carrie in its the best flavor American team the fireworks coming head 23 day the flavors so if you want Dan calorie orange lemon lime sour apple blue raspberry grape pineapple Cola Cherry Cola 3 Bubblegum and Astro bear what the price of Internet everybody kick Ed ring colors respiration pack but I guess bubblegum is actually Michael Gummi to talk with you naturally Cola flavor what is the flavor of Big Red soda is what I wouldn't her what flavor is comb never in my life except with Jack Daniels cool of trees Dave the tropical rainforest of Africa the caffeine contain fruit of the tree is the Texas plane greeting images fan to be cooking for a while in the lady to get me up on a Monday did you say this morning to think blankly Michael and whatever you going to do your body is not working stomach hurt Anythink 5 pounds of gummy bear in the Ed that's 3 3 why neck she's there Sky Zone 90 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes for 3rd on third of a pound and a half Ray heavier than the top of the head is Pro what is the bacon does it cost money the day we talked about that go kick starter kick Doppler you can take money away from a kick starter Wright-Patterson kick starter 350 of someone else's kick starter is like some black on it well store in and told me I had a stroke stroke have that effect but then I have a permanent damage from it I don't think you could you couldn't see it and couldn't think couldn't speak kick for a bit I told me the story about a guy who was driving the car ended up having the same thing like we ran off the road everything out can you sign up the Kennedy Bridge he couldn't. You can unlock it because I forgot how to become to do so I couldn't relate the number to the numbers on the keypad for the head shot to the Head break to the thing that controls a man aphasia letting people look at the what is the thing they couldn't get their break they were seen in person Dan and Shay very long and difficult 3 pounds so I guess your brain weighs 3 pounds but you're break anything like that whatever part of her brain like that would trigger certain memories and spend so she's like if they like what it says to be a cop and she's like lavender like she couldn't wait to see you I wish it was different TV show you like them they have to put them away and answering questions just the text how much damage would happen if the break on go too far the difference because I have a feeling it's still is but that feeling Johnny you could be taking me with you and you can put anyway I have a pain that's really behind you the people that want to protect painted table cheer at home don't like it home is going to rip pal hunchback pal Expo hunchback Gummi the freshly cut Orange in the lab Prime Halo 2 every time in your spit Bromance over go through rough patches drink and we're known to do that does not drink I mean 821 East others delicious thank you I'm pretty to me and I knew he wanted to read lately fit in the pool how do I do in the restroom on the water for a little bit to be fair the underground to get home I had to get off that wasn't my stuff because I was going to throw up down there down there stylish ways to put everyone of you down there smoking cigarettes cause of pollution go away Qantas plane he was a nurse and he was asked to move because that's the change they did you know I had heard that he was 2 Chainz with a woman and afterwards does the plane came back on and think of one for changing seat and he's like why is she didn't think I was that go back to the galley and asked why was I asked to change the and they said because it's Qantas policy that and apparently the policy a lot of airlines have that if there's an unattended minor riding on the plane he was a little pack they were next to a male adult male hairline someone has an Oreo is that for whatever reason it seems like constant sexual predators winning teachers getting busted for sleeping with 12 year old the usual for the most part it's been preying on people flower to the neck and don't think if you want team Furious reminder on his first flight that's a little weird pal Ray compared until their kick holder portable of War it happens it happens all the time is totally normal everybody has a thing where you hold your nose and blow and he was trying that and like that came up and interrupted us and took over time I thought okay here but me inside your head through the membrane in your ear tube pressure my check tonight sometime I'm on my way interactive radar how to take a long time I guess it was like the Port Apartments the cracks do my elbows hurt my wrist the heaviest person the contract which is coming up Michael fan 3 hours after it finished guy whatever I never I never I don't I had a hard time The Colony Flex suck water up your nose triple X Place probably left kick buddy Michael Morgan what is this week upcoming events were doing Fan Expo in Toronto on the 23rd I think 2030 26th and in PAX Prime in Seattle Double Eagle 31st to December 2nd all cities are going to come by and say hello I believe for to Fan Expo for sending Barbara Jo Dan and Jack her PAX Prime don't remember off top my head I know it's me Burnie another member of the people will be on the website