#18 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Geoff is driving the Drunk Tank this week

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Recorded: 2009-08-12 21:06:49

Runtime: 00:45:08 (2708.83 seconds)

Participants: Gavin Free, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey


Transcript (in progress):

because that because just as in here with you the shiniest this Joe it'll make him feel so important okay do you want me to put the song I know we got our friends all around children because they make up Rooster Teeth and now they're on during tank Gunnery Joel was kind of dumb Geoff is an alcoholic and Bernie likes him to sit all around take your seat because it's the drunk tank podcast work getting some work being cool and Geoff an alcoholic offended Cod Florida okay well that was a fantastic intro to this fight was that was by Teresa Bach that's what he called his hip hop project the schizophrenic lately seems to have a very revolving cast of characters as we go in and out of town for some more work today we have a Geoff Gavin and Joel and there you go I like to apologize for my husky voice of other things like yesterday 1997 headlines in the library still doing it right I still see people with stripey eyebrows 3 years the song I think about your reaction to that video that we watch the watch the video demonstrating nxe and they showed the number you got on the top of your game cod and you post the video right at me like I need to find out how many numbers I have how many years I have on my game cod yes I did yes I did find out I don't know what's wrong with everything Hitman it doesn't it doesn't work that's because according to Xbox Live Microsoft number Xbox Live for 3 years and has been a member for Thursday Thursday's Xbox Live for 360 Xbox Fallout you brag about it did you have a good number for yeah well I'm telling you that I've had Xbox live longer than 3 years I can't remember you can go back in time and figure it out I don't know how long it's probably the most fun dang anomalies where it's like I've done it I did it with Andrew Panton a long time ago or I completed it didn't get the achievement I'll do it again I didn't get the hardest difficulty with the iron skull on for Tracy even harder because when one of these days you'll have to restart a checkpoint have to do the final run instead of a whole number that's never happened to me it's never happened to anyone I know 98 technology Kryptonite your computer's don't worry don't get your work you can't help it that you get glitches in achievement the work in your favor but the sex is like 1700 + 2400 in his of Vancouver are all the best Gamers into something and have it Geoff died a hundred twenty four times been. Hundred twenty times on I-215 and Andrew by 205 so I got 19 more times and that's a fucking win in my book you want to explain what cause you said there's a shortcut you can take at the beginning of the map when you when you start to infiltrate the base you know before you got to get started on the hill and get them to open the door she and I kinda messed up at 11:24. I purchase Johnson it's not always going to be there for you it took one hour 30 minutes and 20 seconds 90 minutes by the Joel House Fallout Philadelphia Oblivion always get mad when I walk slower because I was holding too much stuff over and just take everything and I just because it's not worth anything for you to know in surgical tubing I may never see this again this is going to be OKC you can if you pick up like 9 then you can consolidate them down to what you do is like you have like for like 10 millimeter pistol try it you can and your son get over encumbered just take one of repair and it's like you want to use the parts from this one to fix the other one and it said you have one that's better than all for Jesus better and better that's going to help you out so you know about one thing when you get over whatever put in your back to where you were talking about me it was all I did and then wait for them like whatever day it is you leave will be the best day of my life because I can start playing again so excited I got so mad last night because we were playing with Andrew we ask them we invited to play Halo and he was playing Fallout the day before he was level 10 yesterday he was level 25 that's like a 90 hours of gameplay in to get there I don't know but I was like well clearly I like level 25 whatever totally like totally the same conversation with him than 24 hours later he was in the information okay I have a question and I was going on I can just go to the cheapest hundred on the game 3 times all the way through because I remember him talking about some reason there's what's the benefits of Megaton negativity want to leave all right but I don't think you have to play 3 3 times to get to the treatments like with them, levels and stuff in 3 people do I have a lot of level 24 in the game as good neutral and you can just say what you're saying cheating so much but I just was having so much fun playing the game that I really understand I wasn't thinking about playing a game and you ignore it if you don't other stuff means more to you than the achievements what are higher compliment you have 3 and the gameplay that is actually man I feel like it was slowing me down so I was like I'll go back this can still go back and play it all the way through again and worried about you that I don't know the game too much on Park and here we are in the room summer 2014 Oblivion I was miserable I felt like I don't want nothing like that I wake up when times are to become like I have a super important value in your life you're just not going to want to do that anymore and I think you should give it a try I think you'll find I would definitely go again after this because I figured out something only difference what are the towns and the frame rate just went to hell I thought geez I gotta get out of this town with only one frame a second I got out of town 3 months no more cuz it was none of these items rolling around the ground like that and then every time it was like they was saved there's like thousands rolling around town and I can walk to that time without like at least six said you got sick of the nxe update I downloaded it didn't look at it for 2 seconds update Netflix Netflix update is tremendous like the Roku player for Xbox live because I just Amazon on Demand movies directly from your Xbox and even though it's right here that's fucking awesome Blake Griffin height for a long time we see this thing in our in our journals when can I have cable before Hulu and Netflix streaming replace my cable on Sunday night and then posted they're going to watch him and anybody that we watch together and make jokes and if you like living in a totally different way and you don't have to drill down on the achievement icon description of the name or description I figured out that's all that matters and then violated by next week we will have to remember that if you see any other way I can get a little I think I'm not I think I'm just going to let you down let you know that it's right for a shot for something we have to do for some Halo stuff coming up we had to Gavin I had to go back and play through government yesterday to get to a certain point in a map to tell him something and I had Halo 3 Co-op with you before we go out the first day they came out and then just multiplayer rollover Marine who's minding his starving like if it did kill him then he gets mad if you don't do it I'll tell you hey I'm going to get a lot of games but if I'm going to school I will just get rid of everyone else who's on but you can hold the store so I can get away with all the points and all the good weapons at home stores when you work at least he's got a great point we were trying to get them to this point as quickly as possible cuz you have to fast forward to that shit and be scoring wasn't enough I tell you what as well the pirate story was not turned on you like self hating if I'm playing with kill every other planet would you see the only bread I just genuinely I just decided I don't like being on the same team is it just bothers me to get in the way that they kill people and try to kill him Friendly Fire is available I want to do it you just gotta walk up there and say hey Mom give me a ride oh yeah I have to get locked up play games now that has a smooth guy that's on your team where you where it works and it's like a team play I love that I love it and you're right when it doesn't work it's the worst thing ever get up that way but you would want to see each other a lot more things in the Marine in Halo I guess I'm just going to kill me he had a crush on you cut scene every damn time I saw him fifty times does not any that I can usually die because it's all the same I didn't look up to my fucking anything Nicole battle buddies in the Army I had a battle buddy I had to make sure if he was hydrated and I really didn't really get to know someone treatment water and they're like nope look at it are you sure they weren't playing like that time when I went to Germany for a month when I was 19 and my best friend convinced me it was on the street and he is always away from the street totally legal I didn't find out that was not true until I married your son 2911 successful Joe it was 2 in the morning and there was a lot of drinking but they were just being a little animals hey I was fired up Pack 3 yesterday and before before Call of Duty World at War came out we had some work to do on it and so we had the game for free Amber working on spot in the guy was like Hey I want to show you something okay you should have it was nice and it was just a thought it was on the weekend I think there was more of it was awesome we had to stop because because somebody which and so that was a lot of fun and then for whatever reason I just I wasn't I never after the game came out I got sidetracked a little stuff Left 4 Dead came out ahead and so I never went back after lunch I've been trying to pull people back there and their it's like a complicated thing a week 2 holy loss and use burden on my team I'm not sure how I feel is weird I don't know I don't know if I were to kind of stuff you know and look at the first map pack come in the cool thing to get would be like that like the spaceman gun right right with everyone from the by this is everything come at you like magic when it came out with map where all the sudden you hit a certain type of way but Cruise you know it's like the nice thing about survival mode in Left 4 Dead that is if you can go last for an hour hour-and-a-half and it's like you really start to see even your time it's kind of like a war of attrition left for dead on that map if you survive 6 minutes you feel like you're fucking king of the world I'm really disappointed me they really really just want to be like in the cold strategy you can't a strategy and I can work or not work or whatever stratified use all standing here you stand there and we'll send our weapons better better at games in this confession yeah but it it's not only really spent more time on that map which is by far the hardest I heard like I'm no more seeing stuff you can ask on average you can hit like 10 12 15 minutes without too much work on Saturday and more of a part of it I just have to kick your ass I didn't I haven't even played survival mode on any other night it was it was it was it was hopefully the voice of tall people on Skype right now anybody else Avatar cat has become so yellow the office to the temp worker the temple but work on the Nissan commercial where the car turns into a trance I had to present Citron Citron how do you pronounce it the same way I don't think that's it I don't ever doubt that he'd ask why would you do that anyway toddler wrestling very cool and I love that kind of viral marketing where is not over they don't beat you over the head with a product that I mean I think I only saw at one point in the commercial he was wearing a jacket that has a logo on it dial robot AI dude and then they the one who got away and they've been trying to track them down for her forever and he was like more powerful and cooler than they imagined and essentially if you buy an Adidas jacket like a jumpsuit or tracksuit will be like this mother fucker on the planet but I don't think it was that was possible tell her I appreciate it is not being over the head with in a few shots for 5 minutes because your point like they released it was like years ago Michael Bay Transformers like the organic the something words like there's a mix of organic reality mixed with a visual sex it felt so much more like going back to the old it just doesn't work anymore cartoon from the Halo shorts and from the name of the disorder called really well whoever it was it was really really well and I kind of like to be with him I know what you like what you say about that there was a rumor early this week spielburg there was trying to resurrect a movie and produce it and then I just read yesterday you know what the last thing that he actually directed it seems like all he does now is executive produced and directed would it be War of the Worlds make it didn't see it but I heard bad things I hated it but I remember we watched a movie I don't know I do not like it but don't fucking Fantastic Sams Halo is one of those things where I can watch his comic book and superhero movies never really been that into the originals but if someone should the Halo movie 3 map Halo of the story already told was better visual effects or would it I mean would have to be something different I don't even know if this is the best part of the Halo story I don't know I don't understand Hitman I could have everything Geoff want to start over I mean lighting things on fire I think that means he's officially entered stage 2 Jeffrey Dahmer isn't it I tell you I like that Hazzard the old guitarist against employer for the bedroom 3 1 hour England misses you so angry with me where did you go I've been sitting home and not busy he set him up as well we have it so send it 3 times or anything else to talk about I don't have anything else you can with a pretty good list in the car I just went through all that show thought about what you'll be like 4 release looking at the trailer for the director of the home like the fucking daughter the movie but I guess it totally will not like there's finally get through after the 3 through the Simpson in the parking lot getting ready for the percentage of the movie was actually like I don't know it's Amanda. You know yes you might be able to get 40% of that movie start being a dick head and then be able to make it through that film but you might not get the next movie like Tom Cruise dropped by whoever or whatever CEO Sumner Redstone I think was 400 years old at this point I don't know I don't know what it was but something weird dropped a contract but that's different that's like they were in production of a movie or anything so difficult to work with Simpson in Chesapeake of talking about it yeah yeah hottest actresses ever seen him said wow that's a good that's a good question is a Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard yeah Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville photo double and standing on the on the reshoots of Dukes of Hazzard and I guess apparently they had seen the movie and they had a certain and it didn't like the ending of the end and the end of the movie was in a courtroom or whatever Jessica Simpson's hair and she look at it was like a beer commercial he wasn't there it was like look at me hey what's your name from X-Men the red headed lady what's-her-name you know I still I worked on made and I told her and you do it was the world premiere of the Q&A was really rude to everybody notoriously difficult to work with they told her she was in Men In Black 2 she was originally the mean alien woman whatever and that she was really replace her apparently there was some difficulties there I guess but you can go tonight when she was in the accident I was using the Wi-Fi we hate when you have a kid like I was putting your entertainment or tea or whatever generation my generation is it 18 another member of that we had to replace that member it was Eric Stoltz the first 25 shots online