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RT has a painin vajayjay

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Recorded: 2012-08-23 00:37:25

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Jack Pattillo, Ray Narvaez Jr.




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of podcast is brought to you by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain the brain is the first fully balanced nootropic designed to increase focus and mental drive for our listeners get 10% off promo code a rooster at Onnit.com / gav me that's Onnit.com /gaming also this podcast is brought to you by Geeks Who Drink the only one that matters finding weekly Geeks Who Drink Geeks Who Drink.com and look for the geeky cauldron and all Harry Potter quiz this September and Chicken theme songs that I forget that we said at all during the past three Drive people like you want to borrow carry scorpion jacket that's all they caught me completely off-guard though I remember a lot of it punch people hang the Drive jacket mice and I think. after that have a similar Albert Brooks movie Sucker Punch who is the other guy Al Franken standard standard a pretty incredible the movie trailer for movie you just joking around actors for the movie it's his house key and and Andy Wachowski and some other guy whose name I forget before and after sex change directors intro when they were talking about the movie and it's like them all being goofy and funny about it it's like and it is terrible and it leads into a six-minute trailer the movie really trailer a really long trailer listen to everyone's surprise Atlanta is is now Lana Lana Lana the last Matrix movie was this is the first time she came out publicly and like it was own a video of her talking to the tabloids was a pretty bitter divorce Larry Wachowski before he made the switch his ex-wife or his estranged wife was getting divorced from him at the time was just leeloo and cord like his dominatrix Mr is so hard to explain I hope he has found someone so I'm going to see let's do a quick judge here does Mr / mrs. Witkowski has a man or woman's go from like crazy totally unbelievable stories to like Hollywood gossip weekly world news Harris Larry and Lana on that and I don't know probably because she was bald me know Gavin cleanse myself of a shower everyday you can shower when you have dreadlocks 12 Chi makes motion a food label my desk his of describing what happened drink Jordan at is awesome motion blur Chris or myself a facial expression at least or picture of the big shot in the store sabatoge the picture your pants around like your you know your size that the ground and it was over by the track I love this company how many mission of understanding to commit Yvonne does that it's Yvonne Ashley she came and she said this is for you honey me something I said thanks miles. Yes. We were given miles unmitigated shit different day yesterday but you were with me cuz his girlfriend's going to France for 4 months bhumika Patel his at 6 friends Chi of Cecilia enjoy your trip who is your oldest friend like what's the longest friend going back Dan from X squash determining stupid Sports the the plane okay what's wrong with squash squash or she's quicker than what was on the ceiling 40 x I don't know what's and 6th Street who was upstairs was like between Buffalo and Mr Gavin talking about Chi UK Sports did a lot of the Olympics basketball game women's handball games or the his call like the cool at baseball no one in Europe is play baseball because baseball you ever played baseball you ever post England Nitro bass boat maybe she missed it is his friend we have racquetball we have squash to do with squash racket you can run and you can pick boy Gus netball is not allowed to move okay so when you get the ball you freeze and then you suck or is it illegal take me to softball man I miss this flight to conversations happening netball the Grylls boy the notes also quit smoking show me some racquetball his you play racquetball court Energy play Squash if you show up to a racquetball court with badminton rackets so it's the same or different squash off the back wall or something it was awesome it was loads of fun we had I think about 200 people in a room and I will at some point we have people on the floor so when we returned about 200 people Michael and Grace Slick you get past the point where you spit when you talk like you know please get pass inspection or unintentionally drool a lot Yvonne Gavin bro crazy about when I sleep High School fell asleep and drooled on a plane bear thing that there's no word for that on the internet what does not describe accepting and 45 year old you know what did you do to a person I'm so sorry I did not know that was a mess his teeth in your sleep please have time you can punch me the reaction I could have just accepted into the 2009 Pro Bowl Isaac my hands the back you suck with my hands I just my head of all the crosses back this last week we finally broke the top five most downloaded podcast crazy I feel sorry for lip sync the number what's up and I went to the games and hockey categories of the top 200 most downloaded podcast it's just like it's crazy how much the back catalogue designed to raise levels of all major neurotransmitters and clear up mental fog so what that means in video games affect your mental speed quicker reaction time and increased focus in life motivational drive and improve your word recall the conversation flow products to remove Community energy and even some hemp protein shakes so if you go to Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com / gaming and intercooler code rooster you get 10% off your order we've been sent a box with a bunch of different supplements you can take him for a while Geeks of the league basketball bro she has a video of him taking his pills for the first time Hilton men just with nest you feel right now on to clarify here you said it was just in time for the first time taking these pills it was his first time taking a pill I can't believe that Gavin I don't a possible what does lip medicine Yvonne Simmons and shit but notice one of the capsule pill Gavin the different when you're asleep so I take it at night before I go to bed and dream you are so sweet 700 dreams tonight now Grylls on How to Build a Bear Grylls crazy Gavin is swallowing a pill and made it into his throat and then did the populist like of it first two minutes of I'm wide awake or we can do it a lot of research on sleep because we have of coming project is kind of baster and sleep and I discovered something really really cool it's a kid by the name of Randy Gardner and he's the record holder for most amount of time without sleep he just decided he was going to try to break the record in the most pleasant experience years old and he did 11 days without sleep disappeared full of different place he was at the Rose Bowl in the Rose Bowl something like that for two days then the next day I didn't want to sleep in the day so I tried to stay awake 24 hours my chi stop making word she's talking and play it backwards as you can if you can do that. Makes the shape of a dick SoundClick man shot in the helmet so you do like that's why I did is that how you suck the window to come on chat I stop the recording is someone to come up with a sound like a computer generate sound that is perfectly rounded on the way home second voice I was waiting for something for rent what are the weather look tomorrow by myself I look like crap 8 years old how is it in college me to stand in front of like hand what you like Facebook boy version of Hell which is you have to watch yourself living your life watching myself watching progress podcast Gavin claimed that in a fight you could take me I did ask him that he didn't like just volunteer that I asked me if he could take you cuz I meant like a slow swinging bat okay here's the deal if we were somewhere or somewhere that case you just want to wait for me in the head you know I would come after you in the head Columbus Ohio drive to talk about let me once in the head with just one point away of you once in the head bat watching the head if I did that you don't a couple Mr not threatening you I just in my limited Street punch very very or whatever what is it is a tough thing to dedicate that much of your life to something that you're never going to do but he's never going to fight anybody you like the one time you thought that he's been 16 years I mean like your training to protect yourself did anybody from our side I mean like Jessica Jessica if you would have been 10 years movies action the Technologies like different in social media site omnipresent makes life so status kill you suck at Photoshop watching that show that I can actually apply to City tutorials on YouTube and then just like comment Donny who is getting a tutorial I can explain how to do something and for the longest time was I came in his wife are getting divorced and she was cheating on him and stuff and so like he was showing how to like Photoshop in a notice on to at someone's of and that's really something to make it look like is actually part of the window shopping and things like that him setting up is longer than the actual movie itself videos Burnie I love Mr City trying to find a way to kill at to watch the lip status it is but it's really funny how many times you listen to Gangnam Style today with the girl from the video 5 girls dancing to it and I'm like well I don't want to the fantasy new version or the tribute version of which is there's that are named Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe lip sync done by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders X base chat roulette right so you can put in like what you like you don't know what other people like Ben Folds puts on chat roulette his concerts are playing in yeah that was the guy who did that or something like that for pubic hair Harold & Kumar party he was talking about he had to go find a bunch of Merkin is for all the girls me know everything's okay 759 probably Virginia Rocky Mountain College pulled her out but it kind of like pulls her crotch so she's swinging door what happened to the English language someone say that vajayjay own Life podcast test we didn't know if you like we can just mean just nothing but what the hell Ben broken down for PAX but you know we had mess it was the stuff that makes your car go faster and faster put that in your car listen I love and that you guys like each other you are not a Reddit Dan the richest Reddit while back and the first question was do you really hate jacks my mechanic guy Oscar that go post free Cloud forever right after I did the ma restaurants whoa there on the road What a Feeling my family never had the Google image search for vajazzle I'm really glad I did this I just found vajayjay tattoo convention in Florida and a girls getting her butthole tattoo Kat Von D at least do it the only I'm going really really good if you Google butthole tattoos is not returned you and I could have sworn that Gavin he said why did the pain involved in doing that 236 interesting character shut up I'm going to start 2 graphic roulette Ultra close the bat computer what are the interviews for the DVD smart Michael and Ray were talking and I just told me to spend a full glass in the background you know some girls one cup drop of a hat and think about it remember you going to be in big trouble if there's no roller coaster me bad smells or just stuff I can't take it I can't take his family spending you guys office or what this wall between the conference room and he Chi by her office and taking it overflows and everything to the back or the city will be working Prime Quinton, that's what own Onnit you feel better directions to of enthusiastic about the project mice exercise 10 of them said when I get paid we are also waiting for the outcome text Stacy when you prove shots from time and then apply them to different times I'd like to have you and I just hit the ground my location haven't been able to touch it cuz he does he write this is retarded Stadium of the football match tickets in the menu section by supporting man you had a penalty I don't know what the reaction of running around and jumping and I was kind of is my face looking in the same stadium as last week and just looks like I was driving down by Town Lake which is an area where all the beautiful people are sync a running total at the river that runs through Austin buggin On The Run Paradox when you're out there running you think like everyone sees you and suck your first time running it so I was you for some money but when other people out there running every single day every day Liberty take your water bottle in of any people is dreams set back clocks the head to make them think like they're not late energy it's all over turn off too but just based on what the weather's going to be good my iPhone go to the app is acting up a little bit my whole house is controlled by phone you probably thermostat Michael makes Smart houses in Houston TV on please put on reno.911 thank you I'm on the voice thing I was watching look up the movie by accident got up and got it back into the play and then but the only time I think of you you got to talk to use voice function you come pick me up in 8 hours is easier than figuring out 8 hours from now The Voice you can still do or is it a woman now Goodwill location based off anyone The Uso you lose speeches by you just you have a different set of like Connecticut his feelings over this but he knows it might you might identify my voice incorrectly expecting a little better now I will say this whatever it is mess your phone and other things like you you are a number 5 podcast on iTunes shut up talking too much so we would talk a little bit of an intervention this weekend this is what I'd really like to go but I can't because I don't think I could handle the crap anymore casually roulette pushing your way through the line all of it all of it but you scared of like do you like that stupid surrounded by people you know people in the middle you come right now you should look into renting the IMAX theater maybe but I hate watching movies next anyone I know but I do want to go there a lot of mice 360 is relevant but the reason why is because Ray came out with that he took your ticket he came out to Breaking Bad with this at the Alamo I don't know you don't do anything with people at the office I will sit at the bar and fucking Alamo I never complain about the Alamo I'm coming by this date delayed but going in an hour to watch an hour and a half worth of TV 10 I think we started like at 11:45 the projector was messed up and then the pre-roll went on for like 45 minutes on top of that we were at 2 to go get a drink my head down the fort 2022 drink that tastes like you a little bit tipsy bat RT X III drink it all but I'll find some find some more and we won't we'll make up like adults movies or something I was like the cool drink but you don't drive either my drink on stop drive you home thanks buddy Drive kind of his ride but I'm kind of in the that's not comfortable Prime what are you referring to the time when you post Al so I went swimming with Michael Lindsay at airport men with swimming men to women showing so suck it up son Lindsay Lindsay which is a very good X by Burnie Michael you try and find the piece of wood was close to him x 10 at night or 10 before we go once when I was at a summer camp and I was sitting at the dorm over there at at Texas State my room not waking up I was stuck in the door in time show the budget 219 merkin you live with can you sleep on the porch about the door a couple times in Lake and his Michael Smith write it on the internet it was Sepulveda closed like after 6 and it was late so I didn't think of emergency maintenance how much does a locksmith is $180 hey baby how are you whoa 800 square feet it was finally getting up and down to the office to find someone to come back and I still was dreams of someone the locksmith came finally Gavin literally mechanical Oscar it's like we never get to see the truck and we go or just stand outside and wait outside Ben Carson is actually Chi Randy you might hear bells boy cloud miles Merkin please Mr next weekend I'll be there be there if a Fan Expo with Barbara in Chi or Dan Jordan the and mated with your guy I think is you me bro