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RT farts on Gavin

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Recorded: 2012-08-29 15:18:32

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

Rooster Teeth podcast gruchy by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain the first nootropic designed to increase focus on mental drive for our listeners get 10% off when you use promo code rooster Onnit.com / gaming Onnit.com /gaming R the promotion is brought to you by hover.com hover is a domain name registration and management that simple for 10% off of your new domain go to hover.com slap Rooster Teeth and enter show code Rooster Teeth Alisha Pratt what's your name and Gavin on Michael Knight Burnie well as the number 181 can you believe it Hunter I'm going to have to read it again R City is it okay to bring Onnit and I was taking them at night to try to enhance dreams but I quit taking them in the morning to try to increase mental focus throughout the day Broken Dreams non-stop Knight yeah I was thinking the sport for the day but I have a very sporty day of sitting at my desk all day so I asked Gavin guy trying to eat McDonald's calories fat metabolism at age to gain that much weight part of 2223 that's when I lost the ability to just shut the fuck up juvenile ah giant nose all of the air in this room is about snap clean off the top of the can is what I drink at a Dan soundless the tablet update the middle finger up Onnit Michael not trying I hope somebody finally talked a bandit list of the Michael Brown portal messenger what year from giant Lois from Family Guy triangle on your phone did you have I have always been out since I was a kid and I have a giant nose as an adult 201 you really don't think that jet Rite Aid in Steel funny I broke my glasses the hell that mean Expo in the a.m. the broken piece of Burnie 40 when you have a big plastic colored plastic can you bend it and it goes whites on the bend is there a way to undo that was that was a permanent change look it up talking to me 4 hours 2 Gameplay division of Rage billions and billions served Achievement Hunter slap bands and Gavin if you ever watched I would like to roam around and pass them out each other's and Gavin has one in particular that is his favorite platform like out of a hundred that came today update for another one you always were the one and only the dark Expo Convention Center what's now it's like a thing I left early because they're amazing one kind of them what is headlight fluid what kind of merchandise steel life the number one most requested freedom accident on the Pike the office Rangers like run around with a plan it's kind of lackluster Power Ranger Dino your fist in the middle showing the slow case Achievement Hunter logo black man to forget to pack for 695 Achievement Hunter did you can hear it in the way it was here is broken guy that was a kid and it just looks fine and then I got the script about dogs commercial brand allergy medicine I don't know I was just room enough can I write in my vision someone farted farted on guy WhatsApp Gavin family huge fan and working ah thanks what should I know about capital D oh my gosh case I didn't tell you Tom part of r today Michael what happened happened Lindsay can still talk to Lindsay but Lindsay guilty taking her time she's got her work for the past and I don't spend it by doing that we can speak about sucking up to 5 times I want to cut it remember we had a discussion where there's a contract for that it was Gavin can pay Michael $500 if you can eat a 5-pound gummy bear in 90 minutes I was actually worried he had so much confidence and I usually never do he wanted me to send cry R lipoic Rob Enterprise whites with a fan you have to be to pass by but not for me weekly lunch time how to get how to get to Hollywood from Jersey before and the kid with buck you from England Oxford Oxfordshire how did this Bromance girlfriend is pretty good man I'm home right after that its good relations 2 headed to lunch time so anyway what's up with vodka yeah no shit Gavin 2 weeks ago and I'm getting it ready 20 out the back you put your headphones on back because I just assume that's the natural state for you Napoli dot Maybe the light come on the front of the bag earphones for an iPod can you can you hit your head and it would give it to them Lakefield you put wax into a Onnit the perfect selfie is sound travel through your face you let me tell you something have you ever seen a game show where they put someone like about someone perfect what's the weather like and sound slow Dan Foster travel through the skin and bones in your face to you later I'm having something and it wouldn't affect the show me the explosion loud enough you can hear what's up with you later okay 50 years of your head feel like a plastic cover your head so you can hear hole Dan what's the case and things where they were the two might be exactly where that is would be like in the head and reset them equally as hard as what your eardrums would be and the one on the left is the Left Channel in the right Mike is right channel steel when you listen back to these things on YouTube directional all will be on Direct you can differentiate between the ah swimwear shaving your head jet stereo headphones for it to work properly questions for the stone r what black people would do that barber shop or something what is really creepy little people in there and it's like 25,000 people 20 million people for every person almost every person in that Stadium like a thousand views in Los Angeles 20 - 20 million Onnit.com and their Flagship product Alpha Brain the brain all natural supplement to balance nootropic you haven't answered designed to raise levels of neurotransmitters and clear on what that means to you is in game speed quicker reaction time and increased focus on it has a bunch of other products help your mood and unity energy even have a protein shake and I know that Tom Taylor Who's tsquared the professional gamer has been raving about it lately so we go to Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com / gave me an extra coupon code rooster you get 10% off their fine products and it makes you more like last week so if I could fucking Christ I'm trying so hard together you are my person R Sanders if you're trying to find Pages Braveheart Star War Star Wars mod pages and pages that is following you to the woods and he will crop up in some places if you look at them too long they will get all up in your face and kill you quickly pretty funny when you play music black the headphones turned up so if you're watching the video the sound effects don't play as much as if you watch it like with headphones on let me have it cranked up and Gavin life fly virgin the cure for death April 23rd which was the dream would people be so Cavalier about cutting them down maybe if they screamed all the time for no spinner all the time the soundless room which is the world's quietest room by design design the inside encased in concrete can we didn't hear nothing brain list but the bottom level of noise so I just hear stuff it's really quiet room she's all that the world is pretty quiet over here it will the stuff in the stomach Gavin thoughts of liquid inside follow up to find out whether or not it was true but someone said that if your soundless room dark room and turn on the radio in the background hallucination the message that anyone would you think if Slender Man the first decoded leave Downton really fuzzy looking at the radio station with just whites and put on your headphones over your eyes in your eyes what are you comfortable with it but I wouldn't want to do it anyway grilling very slowly into your head that way whenever guy Chinese water torture Frito the Mexican wave to the part of you lemonade 107 update lemonade best and reasonable Kimberly in England once we're there family I don't know where she was but she asked for lemonade and the can lemonade you have it right there the shop in England and I bought them all whites lemonade I would put it is just like completely the paper towel I think he may have put those on your desk if you're going to work for you on whatever just do it the voice that every makes when they're trying not to go to college I was talking I didn't notice Autodesk has more of like I was telling the story the nearest the door and achievement office which means it 2 slap them on my desk by 6 o'clock please the Burnie what to do you doing you a favor you can you can make with a dehydrator what is a dehydrating machines the accelerator water how does a dehydrator work Gavin wash all the vegetables and shit right you want to get the water out of it you put it spinner you like to handle all of the water comes out of the side and make a mess everywhere all the water off frozen food demo temperatures of heat for a long period of time that hot 200 degrees high temperature the other day in the afternoon when the sun fly over here it's a hunter 140 degrees so open that door the day of the podcast with that I wish everything had the sensitivity of my hands because my hands are they are equally as sensitive as and if they wanted to be like I can grab something hot and it's okay 2 seconds the shower with your Handey not today hole on my back doesn't cells hole in my nose this is part of the knob the whole album complete you guy doesn't text probably think you ever and when you have a baby to put in the by test it with your help we talk to the baby if you had and Facebook plug-in for Chrome Google Chrome unbabyme the Chrome and any time you browse Facebook it looks for certain keywords picture it removed and put in an alternate from Instagram that you want them to show up in babies this generation of Tom the Rings R you can customize whatever you want not actual proof but the thing that you just said the person out there was like thank God nootropic came back power air tickets the jails hole drunk people nootropic extra space you could spare one for sure you can very easily crossed the line into a solid you can't do that thoughts in the car by the policeman that rolls his car on the ground Russian truck from Russian dash cams dashcam Pro quit people probably commit fraud against allegations you record everything in my life to prove or disprove other people all the time and everyone and everything that happens for the day Chinese water torture dot the name Chinese Labs associated with China that is nothing to do tonight it was defeating the flu pandemic of 6 million patient did not print information about the blue the one country that was printing information to give tell people what to do about it with the pain until all the information about the flu is coming on the train and therefore it was called the Spanish Flu Spanish you are doing the right thing 50 and 130 million people died the amazing water the mo making it one of the people probably 300 ammonia dehydration 2 water water if you give a cat Tylenol fan damn I forgot to 106 Pemberton puppy had the insurance policy the hole bear so much happiness generate cells not my head nobody dies all the time like 5 years old are you born with even Scottish God 7 piece of button that will regenerate still appreciate you you saying that you told 49020 blood cells bigger blood cell the mature adult cells and they reset it can I stream it Twitter cells divide 1110 you can do that will happen sometimes you can you can never come down William and you have to make what you are now over and over and over again stuff I don't know Joyce reset change change change when you have the equation the other side case Knight to balance out the stuff in the universe right now what about supermassive black hole is the Galaxy Round the buckle unable to retrieve data what's the smallest amino acid all I could controller educational simple clean domain and email management tools the Privacy that way your personal information is and Pub management hover over product will be helpful to your domain or email experience so they don't the other customer service call between 9 a.m. and over the weekend like country-specific website slightly wounded RT by that if you don't the country you can buy it was like Dot Geo TV is the island chain of leaves things were valuable controller whatever it is we sold the rights to The Domain to an Investment Group in the USA deep reset room million dollars turn around and start selling them when was traded for the test was traffic like in less than two hours from the original registrar we used to use transmission back then the only place to buy an from Network Solutions and it was 70 bucks a year to get a fucking domain guy that he bought it for $3,000 and sold it the domain name he sold it for $130,000 I don't know I don't know Final Fantasy related was so what was the text I.com 9 square and square Onnit by a long time ago in the future stuff like that I had done to the Travelodge there was a point in time when you can join the Admirals Club on American Airlines and get paid $5,000 for your lifetime definitely material 2 weeks ago I guess I'm back in the early eighties American Airlines air pass you can fly first class with a companion for the rest of your life Jordan 10 Paris forget part of America from time.com in the early 90 air pass with gravity holder unlimited first-class travel with the carrier for life and 1st the pass costs $250,000 sounds like a lot of money but some are answering the pass holders have been known to take $125,000 with a flight in less than one month time you can influenza pass prices have raised over time to 600k in 1990 and up over 1 million by 1993 the pass the pass was discontinued soon thereafter but then made a brief appearance in 2004 that's why I thought it was it's not for sale anymore when it was available via the Neiman Marcus catalog for $3000000 not one person but he's alive now still using it could have spent $250,000 back in the eighties ah cool I want to know that I don't know that right now the airline had one since they have 2 tickets and make reservations constantly and it's not good ah I wonder if I can get a sandwich in San Francisco more useful than that air pass travel back in time I could drive home I go to bed or I'm going to play and sleep comfortably you just sleep on the phone the first class bed basically on the plane RT exclusively on plane how much are my dark inflation calculator here how much $250,000 be worth today in 1980 and others with more than 3 million times price tickets for first class international over 30 years Court looking at the cost of $200,000 in 1980 would be $650,000 in 2010 spinner $50,000 you can buy today that's what it was all back in 1986 hundred fifty thousand and she would you take a moment to do it Grand a month for 30 years amateur iced over that hole Grand a month the flight the month absolutely not 47000 toppings and everything and I Jack goes and gets ketchup and cheese probably of Chris Christie he's like a child 21 nope I don't know what kind of mac and cheese when I have a kid I'm going to be strict about much but I will force them to eat stuff that she didn't like this my job started over the weekend RT can go get cheese the right now you're lucky broadcast podcast you were watching Breaking Bad cook family Jordan season 3 now I'm watching the new season of and I've not seen this week's episode yet today you could Life In Pieces Breaking Bad If you could actually get a recipe for making meth ingredients neither spinner cook drugs life Gavin player ever like you doing the street making is ruining people's lives it was someone that does is the inconvenience that causes people to want to do it properly but the hole in a plane shoot ball and nighttime liquid UW Library Michael the traffic if I want to go and kill as many people air travel I've never understood that what your travel to the planet is applying for an economic power and by the way business is done traveling I wish I could see that a lot of people in Taylor Obama was being inaugurated and we want to give a speech on TV a lot of people everywhere didn't want to watch it the hunter Chief shop the handkerchief the and Ford can figure out what it case shooting footage Gavin HD and stabilized it's weird that's what's wrong with it price for your email and for the beautiful picture is small box in the car the jet back into the boat shake it interesting to see a modern-day stabilized and how it could easily been messed with another notice to the shaky one of the many things reset you stop shaking I'm not leaving right on a fucking balance board don't you like the Power Glove pretty cool but it wasn't functional at the time we'd like two games for the fucking robot the story is I think that he wanted to try to sell it as a toy and out of doing what he was a video game system is like a conversation about video games 1 Met game on the Xbox with the game technically Steel Battalion line of contact if you still alive portal the switch for the fucking pool table function practice tractability we have the same practice level of cool is what is what is your level cool it can stop me from getting laid when I see you it's just momento my parents here rage life I mean it's pretty high slap your face stocking Deep Pockets not talk about somebody wanting to hit Gavin private spaces I'm just hit me I'm not actually very douchebag case been thinking about it looking at things Onnit dot Beverage Control Rage of having my by and bumped into the rhino this feels right strong quit wrestling to keep on telling me what I'm drunk the next day okay well yeah The Club at momento funny cats killing guy and you cannot use in the movie when you got back like 10 minutes ago 10 minutes ago the Red Widow going forward but I think it looks too I think it starts with the black and white and ends with him running and running he just appears that the take a shower the guys busting room or something, it's kind of funny like to find some cells in you should watch momento 5 minutes away momento the LA Confidential he was in there McCarthy bunch of movies and what's his name but I hate Russell Crowe Crowe blonde chick that was married to Kim Basinger yeah he's in his biggest ones are momento LA Confidential Prometheus Prometheus rage Guy Pearce can you cast an actor and put them in old do makeup if you're never going to show the person you like liquid mechanics the can I buy giant candy okay I'm going to start trying to wrap this up so do you quit you interrupt me with your Burnie about with Progressive I should probably paraphrase here based on what I read okay see if you look at the store yourself and read it there's a court case where this woman had Progressive has her insurance carrier and she was struck and killed by a driver who didn't have as much insurance as she did so it was the other driver's fault and the driver did not have enough insurance policy with your family try to collect on that day was $100,000 and you're going to have to determine that he's guy Progressive they represented their clients to her so that they would have to pay as much money attorney to defend the guy who killed her than it is to pay a hundred grand deep inhale ah to be sure that everything how do you make that call I need you to be up to be impossible to hide behind the giant company you must be I mean when you start doing that makes you look more of the correct decisions but you life we're going on Ten Years the company went out about 40 people at the company for a long time it was just 5 of us working here and that was like four five six years that we were like that I watch that like as your company grows what little decisions that can take place like I was in a room one time where we were talking about t-shirts and it's very relevant because we just got back from Canadian national Expo where we had to go to can take a bunch of our merchandise out there then bring it back and everything that there's a rule that you can only import something to us once made it specifically with cotton or you are short 2 people whatever we can to Toronto in Toronto couldn't bring it back into the u.s. what is it how much is it to buy a blank shirts essentially become blank slow repair Australian Toronto wherever it was $0.25 more pressure to do that and I love her NHL thing called the company where the company were talking about it like it's something else because and because ah think of the company like the company wants to do it guy from so long as the fireplace company Canal Fulton power company is there anything that happened while you life and find a parking space every day The Commons Apartment fridge dishwasher and a sink in the bathroom yeah you guys would be in the living room and then you have in the bathroom texting Deep by the toilet the kitchen bar Family Travel where we started room Steel travel MO that's why we have a big country Texas don't forget it was really high percentage how many as 70% of people die within 50 miles of where they're born happy ending my life weight when you have Onnit draws on the planet what you want in your life and end it on the exact same. This some thought about that if you never go anywhere your entire life Burnie making people who are doing the right thing and it's just trying to prevent you from doing anything and everything to do with piracy protection but sometimes you have to be connected to the internet power diversions have all that stuff stripped out I have a better use of Maya in 3ds Max with purchase legally to Autodesk thank you which are a fucking pain in the ass anytime we will probably have to go and call someone or talk to someone I think the pirate problem Michael Autodesk you have to call him anytime I have to reinstall or transfer to another person UConn coach for the standard way of buying online you have to be to get a license correct push-up Air Max jet differently to put my can adjust almost immediately I can just take you out for lunch today gruchy trailer in Austin is a grilled cheese restaurant the Triangle Restaurant cheese and bread with artisanal cheeses that are kissing a weekly call Barley Swine it has a little bit of food on it so you order life cycle