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RT does not know emotion.

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Recorded: 2012-09-05 22:38:48

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

thanks for the generous support of game minder game minder for free you never miss a video game release date again game minder currently trust games for all game consoles PC and mobile games game minder.com pour on the Apple App Store and game minder is now available on the Android Marketplace as well I definitely know the provided by sanshee Baker's I find gaming inspired merchandise looking for some culture check out sanshee.com that's sanshee.com or shirts pins poster stickers and jewelry where the culture with sanshee sanshee is French for without J David bass con so if anybody blue podcast iTunes promotion that weird thing that happens which is more effort we put into anything around here but the more effort you put into something the more like you over drove that guy around pick him up from airport will I ever dies the term lukewarm on the front page of the Wall Street Journal he mentioned everybody in the company 3 Man Band video best gaming podcast Pitch Perfect 2 if you like just give me one she has a strip club to do that be so much fun I've never been to stripper stripper song Timeless lands always in a situation the did you say you told me the story I dont you with everything with his friends he said like around up projector and projector 1 in the World of Watches what does people like like nothing's creepier than when you're going to dance and your friends are watching you get a chance but why is Mount looking at you looking at Gavin Gus sandwich Lance over her shoulder and 3 days watching me right now make a check for that I want to by this is that to be screwed go to strip clubs like when people go and I'm just like that when you're hungry you don't go to a restaurant and paid money to look at food with a job I'm with Just for Laughs just for laughs and fun I don't like being the shift of power happens We Takin Over how do you say look at all the blank face and some Heroes 5 creepy and horrible here watching the guys you have to know this is the woman I'm going to marry the girl dies and sometimes people of Walmart trouble but he was David refused to do it because I don't care about that I know I actually answered honestly Jack Nicklaus okay it's okay it's all good how was your day today my grandmother just died directions each other otherwise comfortable strike up a conversation with somebody in an elevator he can't stand that Slow Mo Guys Slow Mo Guys Define Flapjack in the face and I'll be there employees on a regular basis around free handbook and it's very carefully worded around what would constitute slender and what constitutes as normal day-to-day activity at this will be you will experience adults material or something like that just today against drinking at work San Fernando Valley of on the internet as such an employee may be exposed to discussion that's normally not encountered any professional work environment C-section podcast something have to be to Pax David David bass who he was or where he works for WildStar falling asleep 5 feet away from the creative lead on this game I couldn't stop myself the game looks incredible purses live Pax it was nice and hot in his Austin & slow have you ever better comic on baby's and she's very dramatic you think about the way people passing out react like the 5 people you like someone's running I get Medicare it was the by some stuff $200 worth of merchandise out of on the table it was awesome she had enough attention a lot of fun out there and it was awesome podcast before we got back in Toronto last week was really tough and Canada which was really cool Australia trip and what happened okay so it works out this thing comes Halo 4 grifball in and out MO you all that I could trade zones Oz. I'm sure you like original grifball if you wanted to like you I reset everything on Mo story mode old school Halo 3 was coming out we had a get-together your house for the first time with you and out Halo 3 before it's released and one thing you are very very happy with is the fact that the zombies in Halo 3 infection Red vs Blue Jays find the Red vs Blue Easter egg in there's no Michael like violence vs tulips or some like that or Rhode Island Red vs Blue is win 5 war games and that's making which is I guess the word games the new like it like am a knight rises vs Blue Easter eggs published shows online problems like when I first met you guys were you know am I comic brutalizing me am I that with enough time to go out will up and blue light something in your life you know when crazy like daughter image Reid together for this thing is like pour Denny for what we're going to the iTunes of what was going on in the market I don't know if you got the picture me my name is Burnie Burns Crystal me bears just spit all over me all over the place like 5 pounds parallel Twitter followers like Kara Pax by we can actually come Chloe from Calamity Jamie from Eric he's awesome drunk and forgot about it till right now when you were mine up for something to do with child play next summer and RTX I would even love you very very very very unique Wil Wheaton joined over TV and interrupted the wedding and then spark tonne and 1.2 cover microphones so Guilty Spark said hello and I try to take over the wedding as well I actually came out to the Oregon Ducks fight song which is funny Halo the program who I make awesome video game t-shirts 1 will probably check it out ANS hd.com moving into a new place and that's like my total strategy for wardrobe is I'm going to probably reduce my overall clothing by like 75% how many hit will have anything to mention that 120 pounds was just cuz I'm still the pounds black boxer briefs but the down and out are you going to say will I just like talking into the on camera Michael it easier to travel trouble Channel Wheaton con Q&A live podcast on going to trash it talk about Wheaton on Star 2013 will be July 5th 67 3 days 3 days 3 Day event in beautiful Austin I want to see the fireworks in on the 4th this could be my first American Halloween holiday Halloween what does anything for it Halloween here everyone really having some really big Halloween Town B celebration on 6th Street Calamity fat kid from Up what are the first 10 minutes and never cry the movie what have you cried over have you cried in your adult life takes a really I had tears come out my eyes when I was twisting around but that was my face so your emotional growth is stunted I have any motion exactly you have no emotions like a block of stone or concrete where my heart is I've seen you laugh for the weekend Let Her Cry Sometimes to the point of crying your cat is dead is there a chemical release that Susan 4 release 2 come out will try to figure I'm hungover and your stomach feel like shit like Sunday morning at but you cry I cry here by choice not to feel emotion and the beginning of another 2 hours and then like that Knight PlanetSide I broke down that Knight was like I was like to try to find that tweeted about 2 weeks later I got a call that she was under some of my phone number on my back and she was she was good stupid hang out with a co-worker is a little bit of in the middle the night like 10 tonight somehow the door was ajar the dogs out the door and the door was open so it's like I'm just going to ruin my life so I just ran out and was gone so I can we go to live with another family member low to the ground as possible this is kind of old school like Victorian era Ballroom divided up into the room so your room will I get section of a ballroom quit and it was a 24 foot ceiling shoe boxes $25 something really weird is like an independent am Mo RTX it's being developed it so you might actually like this so it's like we're essentially has 10,000 solar systems what happened to the dinosaurs what's the most popular comic that the theory of what happened to the dinosaurs do you know its development of the things that is completely incorrect the dinosaur asteroid and scale of asteroid scale representation of the asteroid that hit the Yucatan Peninsula is approximately where it landed but you know this is probably will put it up somewhere this scale image dinosaur killing asteroid I changed it comparison to a couple bear looks like it wasn't so much into the air that it starts to blanket the Earth and cause the cooling Saul Krakatoa volcano erupted in Indonesia scale the whole world spin 62 hit by stuff and it's like a rock and can be like different shapes made in 2 months like the body like and everything and then down to Moon the Texas Freeway system in general is good because unlike a lot of States if you see a freeway you can get on the goddamn thing in the direction image the on 4th Street and come back and blue back and go over the overpass to get to it but not in Texas and get on the freeway if you can see it however in Austin it's always been a God damn nightmare in the freeways are not connected to one another there's no Lance that lead from like what we call 35 and trust each other at some point but there's no fly over pyramid building all the flyover ramps in Austin just to go from one God damn freeway to another 71 and Vanna White been working on that for 14 years I 35 and Ben White what about 3 years of work developer who was working on it went out of business and couldn't finish it up and supporting what's filming in somewhere like South Spain with them Formula 1 and we would with Drive backup but really a long way to Annapolis some with people November and of flying out to Seattle from Toronto I saw the traffic like over the track so expensive greeting card he got his ears I'm a 12 year old boy ruin the shot by running away before am ready so that right there up until the last minute and then might as well just asteroid by this formula I think it was a long day and it's red I have no idea what that means right on top of it guys look to the left now we're going left we are headed over it I don't know I must have been editing up with that have any fascination with the F1 track that showing up here somebody show me a video online that was present this is the same curve on a track and it's a tonne to to the Races they film cars so this is GT cars vs F1 cars on the same bit of track and GT some the left and F1 on the right was able to the same speed what the fuck yes it on the ground damn it some people get hit because driving F1 car and a piece of something like that was bass on the track and hit him in the head and like it bass Halo Forward on the back and it's like there's something in the cockpit in the past year the 135 in traffic and I drove by a Ferrari sitting in traffic but I'm terrified about the location is really to go out there and they're both like two lane roads 100,000 people trying to get through those two from downtown you working the goddamn Rises during South by Southwest events will come to town stop by we're going up north to visit a game developer and I was just like the road to get to the developer and the trains come down and the commuter train in Austin guys like what is a better picture than the one we have Austin to Leander Cedar Park area first stop made not from downtown to the airport I don't know how is the downtown to the UT campus to the football game I think that was part of the first two thousand years a train track it was in a remote area there's no other some running around to do it what would you want to I bet you could have pushed it I couldn't do it mad at you with Gavin deadlift equivalent of lifting up a car if you're not liking the whole damn toy Mini Cooper sweet violet up Catherine's con we could probably get a corner like a thousand pounds how much does the average car I mean a 1 ton vehicle 2000 pounds is 2000 pounds in kilograms the accuracy of crystal in the world what is the standards for the measurements standard kilogram kilogram with a longer Half-Life is there somewhere in England is there a rock that is the stone Social Services K Sera Stone up story about a guy killed himself himself in the face and his hot to some other guy who needed a new family transferring love from MO suicidal hot for the same woman Stone hot driver live on forever hot pot and they said it in a different people 95 year old people depressed after heart surgery takes something like a major surgery there's a higher chance of will kill themselves we just went to this thing that we're going to talk about remind everyone also that this week's podcast is sponsored by game minder to make the game minder app for the iPhone and Android get to get very handy as you can I hit it up like I'm pulling into the camera I know you can't release dates and reminders are coming out and you can pre-order games directly from Amazon to the app look up something for me game minder up you can buy me pour to grams on from that makes you feel you think Borderlands 2 4 me a podcast play Borderlands before Borderlands 2 comes out and I mad Moxxi DLC PS3 60 version 1611 the PS3 version yes we can't say the PS3 the lost this generation of the con Xbox 360 at least man people talk about some irrelevant PC market I don't know what's wrong with India movie judge how good so are you am I am more famous if you are the number one Bollywood star the number 1 Hollywood star don't spend any money on it live Bollywood the overall Global Market for u.s. Movies 8 is Tom Cruise in the number one Bollywood star with anywhere on the planet 9 out of 10 times Tom Cruise get recognized over that other guy exactly Neil Armstrong really just died Armstrong allegations for all of his friends shred of physical evidence against him all we had was testimony from his former teammates from Lance his former teammates that a bunch of which have been scored them also they've also been caught doping and so now they're like they're getting there getting all of their charges lowered or reduced to say that Lance Armstrong Armstrong was also doping test all of them now he's stripped of all that stuff and then took his title and then from the 1st to the next player who had never had any doping allegations levelled against him guys 2013 Lance from vacation they take the moon formation famous guy in the world that nobody knew what he looked like the average person aeterno Pax 1 Special killing on you driver between United States and the Soviet Union that the cosmodrome where to train all of their cosmonauts that they have statues for all of their cousins were the first to do something in a 4 year degree and a rock in space Armstrong in the first how to look at the Moon Take Me 2 months to build a deck all over my hand am premieres I song on Mars the very first rap song ever to get his Premier on Mars the robot has such a badass like everything was okay if you just with anything else Eric Crawford Memorial to the crash itself 5 years developing so much money on it 7 minutes right where they had they just lost contact with with the Curiosity when it was going to lands I was like alright and it's gone we're home safe on Mars will I Can Only Imagine how do you communicate with some of them off Wi-Fi how do you cook yellow fucking loud I said yesterday David 5 minutes away from Halo 4 astronomy stuff and take B 4 with the concept of you are you familiar with the concept that the moon landing is fake there's some people who believe that that's a telescope to look at the Moon and see the stuff that's on the man doesn't telescope perfect solar eclipses the fact that it's a crazy crazy coincidence from Earth to the Moon is like 400 times bigger than the moon but it's bigger than that research about 400 times farther away than the moon is the sun compared to Earth dimension 4 times exactly right Jack song please return these photos of these incredible nebula there just beyond those are fake what's moving towards you can tell it some red shifted and it's moving close to I just like that like that gives Rises red and it's moving towards that that is a blue light that was a great speech with a reddish tint when sound is moving towards you and away but the pitch drop some moving around like a bright light pounds of live near there so Breaking Bad I got home from the airport set my stuff down in Amelia Breaking Bad the first thing I did the first half of the first 10 minutes of television seen in this last episode where I was waiting for something to happen in my I felt my body tense up because I knew something was going to happen I absolutely do that what season of the knock on the door the second last scene I think I know it's like can a person's little too close to and have like 30 minutes 4 cast right now it's recording now stop it right after this where we talked about like right now toy tack it onto the end of the site and I'm on iTunes what we are featured at the top giving podcast according to iTunes lands on the stand the end of Dark Knight Rises everything was pretty confusing Indian impressions black Live cast that we did it was Austin I saw you playing Halo 4 you can you can you can shoot a magnum and hold a flight now we didn't mention that tattoo between on the tonne the Halo 4 comes out for pretty fun people there Terrorist Town different crowded the human and kill that one yet trying to throw 5 minutes 2 complex numbers dont Jesse said she's really trying to figure out and it's just like a movie one room you can do what you like will verify whether or not some was an innocent or a traitor will things like you like someone like someone else I feel like we should plan for what we're going to do a party with the Guardians from RTX hit the studio but Halo 4 comes out so nice okay now this is the start of the Breaking Bad spoiler podcast boiler really disgusting if you've been warned is your final warning if you haven't watch the show seriously and watch the show and then come back into this cuz I mean what all 5 Seasons are all 4 and a half how much more do you need the death of Mike shooting Mike rattle him a lot I mean in Cold Blood like I could have gotten the list from and the kind of I think that really kind of like he was realizing how much of a monster he was becoming like the character no big deal the Pontiac Aztek was the name of that dubstep song Crossfire whatever the name of it I can't longer it's just as it was a hundred car washes a hundred years to do this so whatever that thing is like Walt and Hank were talking about chemistry and I'm making coffee or something in the Marie and Skyler were saying something and it sounds like I don't know I don't know to the house I figured like the way that you walk down the hallway and juniors on the right and then the bedrooms the end on the left Ford Eric of brevity some point and I mean like completely off-guard some point he was going to put together a conversation about this how do you live with Burnie every single one of them I'm trying to do that but I don't think you can pull it off do you have no idea how that turned out I can't imagine approaching Walt lawyer donors on the phone with me even if they're all dead we can run like there's no way Red Knight guys with them in the in the room yes otherwise the safety protection 4 the show it's called Pirates actually and they think more of that is almost identical shot I mean like the lines episodes history of murdering his wife I mean that's like doing anything I was going to kill himself because he keeps in the bedroom killing in the bathroom quitting and Liam get Jessie Jessie leaving an antenna not working together I forget 5252 you would have you basically catch up to where we're going to end up next season like exactly it's impossible to watch everything only alcohol illusions that up so 2 when Walt was talking with the lady and she said we make a lot of money together which is the same line the to go throughout and the end of the season one but even the sexual tension between the two he had with the chick from Gray matter and like there was a lot with my wife I know she's pretty hot in this episode about like a woman who's in charge like that it's pretty takes the time to paint her nails the fucking piece man like he has no heart at all he just wants to Oz pounds of episodes left die before the end of the serial I feel for her now after all this going down like she's been put through hell earlier this season when he's like I don't know it's like every how many times did they make about half a million dollars each and it immediately the money okay some average out I'm sure like that would be the way to go but I mean moon like he's going to die like number 2 speculation that he may be different because he had someone on the inside that the former head of the plantation she's annoyed the hell out of here dies in to will Michael 1 of Rises going to take a little bit Michael killing with rocks and like there's a scene where he basically told me give me give me a chance alone with a friend I'll take care of it I might beat the shit out of him when he ordered his drink is on the Rocks killing Esposito three of the four times been nominated I I think so so yeah it was such an awesome character will the guys funny B in general over the course of the series I can't recall like a low point or anything like that really got slow maybe some of the stuff but it's like that and that was Gus Fring if all on the plane crash I just don't really get mad because of his house how some I know he'll have to find out about Mike some how I'll tell him Plumbing the big thing is I guess dont up clean the house there might be a Saul Goodman spinoff to be wonderful I love it Bob Odenkirk live prude girls know 1 of the interview and am fine that's awesome I would like one of you like to talk for hours about these characters wil it's over the top but it's like he's losing his on the skin from a drug dealer say my name awesome I almost can't imagine a scenario where we let down by the in the show from the International Supply in the world to 3 months in the final part of that episode me and so it's like the hit it seems like he misses his him try to make money for his kids make sure they were okay what he was all about his thousands Breaking Bad I would not recommend somebody Breaking Bad is going with all the podcast Awards this year some chance of Miracle anyone involved the show was listening to this thank you so much for and a half the great dude I don't know man the twins are still awesome comic of Cranston Saul Goodman remember early villains of the series after before Franco fucking crazy trouble website for recommending Breaking Bad Burnie