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RT sits down with Hannah Hart and Shira Lazar!

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Recorded: 2012-09-12 15:59:03

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jordan Cwiers, Shira Lazar + Hannah Hart




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the Richard cast projects and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha rain as the first philipes to Tropics designed to increase focus and mental drive for Lyft 18% off when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com /gaming talked about last week we were the number for podcast on iTunes Edwardsville downtown loss Kmart right over the electronic equipment Barbara Barbara what are you explain why were at the a national Partners party last night called machinimates a few good women Animorphs but totally totally different is one of our best friends in Los a pig Burnie Hannah never get enough my face with her oh my God you guys really need more girls in your life Thunder I am Gavin Free Jordan sweers vs beerus animated I'm Barbara dunkelman navigate to Barbara dunkelman and I'm Hannah Hart Beyond her show whats trending which I was tweeting about it all last week on YouTube what youtube.com slash whats trending and they were having at the base we celebrate 10 years of Red vs Blue can I just hit my 10th anniversary making show can use my life it's hard to remember butter Italy one of the most drunk the name of the podcast the drunk tank podcast so we had to change it for a bunch of shit Apple by the way which is fantastic Burnie was talking about how all the podcasting still have drunk tank in it and you just have to choose drunk tank the in this morning Fring his wife come off 90% of the things I say when being recorded by a microphone are like last week we did are Breaking Bad spoiler cast wear we told him we were going to talk about breaking bad so if you've never watched the show you know Breaking Bad don't listen are podcast that week because yo did you ever get a chance when you're done it butter feel like When My Drunk Kitchen first happened back in like summer of 2011 because remember that far back a year ago and do something here with us songs like who are these strangers that I'm playing with them have never been and want to go totally do at night at the Alamo that would be awesome what was George are the job Hannah netball Joe my right side of my head you can correct me if I'm wrong that you made a video for if you move to wear and you know okay you move to wear know that you really I am a native San Franciscan know I have the email address to forward this of an East coaster with the kind of stones my way back to drunken show me the video where you were making your first one was good your making a grilled cheese and you decide to get drunk while making your own teeth g chat a little later g chat window and she's like meme drunk actually MO give me a long to get this laptop though I got it all back together a movie and I sent it to her + series my harto in so if I got like a really personal nickname with my family and friends but now it's just kind of and then I found out that there were shows on the internet first time and then quit my job and become a YouTuber February much to my chagrin it alright I'm trying to Barbara Ellen Place Jordan like everywhere in every direction at one time the master cleanse Gavin Houston wear to know what sounds even worse when you can put chat mention + Equipment breaking toilet wine best song from a TV show called between the guys like tires girl that the Irish called mouth herpes party barnacles Partners in there makes it Dan irate know you were in the community because in less than a year I guess after you started your channel exploded so much that Google invited you to go to UK to cover the Olympics for them the Hollywood London London life like Canada phone Canada a thousand times the other while recording a video just so drunk that everything was unusable or just Keepin On Keepin up in an hour and a half two hours long wait for the alcohol to process through my body yeah you live at the time in as the frequency of episodes Laughlin vs hurricane and cheese baked beans and a bottle of wine Google alligator Island Hurricane power go off so I just got a bottle of wine her story's a lot like your dad because by accident in the way to did you try to get a visa for my stuff on the internet yeah I didn't either I didn't qualify anybody that to work in the country so I had to know when I could get there was another one which is like it's like what is the American green card Canadian Barbara the address to Matt I didn't qualify for This Disaster I had enough but the cameras and I cannot read so I thought well let me have some of these and I have no one to meet you but it's early so I just died in her to get one and I did and it took more than Archie are great and looks great iJustine and depending where I am on to the cast and Canada is one of those you want I actually said it iJustine last night and I apologize I'm sorry for what you cannot see and it may or may not be a sexual act of of the male genitalia yo Hart Gavin 10 North Platte 408 guys trip I'm actually at I'm going to say one thing British people are you going to show it Onnit taking my phone now my mouth is hoax Chase Manhattan Onnit trying to forget you forever to reply are you not going to remind me of all the condoms they by are you the incredible sex know your body fat whatsoever but maybe this is a little bit of a novelty okay what about diving know what you want at work with the ball and the ribbon I don't know what that is exactly the men do tumbling as a by temple temple temple South move position tumble tumble tumble stop why don't you know women when they're doing their floor routine have to be as I can circulation in Archie pants fashion my dog likes to play at up almost a little more and look fancy for the guys are just like the stuff but they do that thing with a ribbon or is that just a movie makes fun of and maybe red ribbon snake hear about for whatever crush to like you it's okay it's possible it's possible without the moving you can't move when you have a ball on dribble short I haven't heard Caleb died Achievement Hunter a die-hard lifelong ultimate frisbee guy Caleb well actually they come out we drove to Dallas recently to play a game of ultimate really National Football Canadian football a million loss whats 30 million or below not have to be accurate to work for memory Gillian Murphy all the articles I read online started with the same thing Oh Canada Ling Ling WB feel like America's little brother sometimes nice only because I don't think I'll ever be that dramatic in life I feel like I'm married to a dick pills with my gun that I bought a very similar I don't know it's much of a difference except when I was at Fan Expo I noticed a lot of a as in a boat Jordan couldn't stop giggling to himself and every time I Barbara a little bit when open and deliver and then he'll be like having a half day and I'm like butter sponsoring yes I have actually lost wear I took a pills the first time the pills before I took my first time I tried it and it was dead actually did manage to get one down I still gotta make the people I really like Estacada and later I like I shut my eyes and try to relax all of my muscles and I like to sit down with my drunk music Regal on whats the biggest thing you stole it where I dared her and grace are paid for I bet you guys how much you bet rooster girl we had these tickets for free because they like you so much they give us free drunken Donuts which were fresh made donuts with these chocolate by the Teletubbies are and what they G silent film recently butter kitchen silent film and from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. I shot and edited and recorded this thing and that black dress a hug sound of hugs but real quick before Hannah before you leave. What are you up to now what are you doing coming up right now the green brothers and I are working on My Drunk Kitchen season 1 DVD which is amazing example of a human egg sex do it like the directors do when they're really proud like talking so seriously but I just said yeah getting a shot with a laptop web camera while I was on the front of my laptop and then after that a year or so later I shot with the Canon 60D which is what I'm on now I feel like shooting on the laptop is so much I don't know this is a weird on and I'm going to get into like the science of YouTube but I feel like they're the type of people that appreciate like web comedy or like whats up at the sun through a know really like Mo Productions 05 stuff and then forget to high and production people actually start to fall off the top just like now I can tell you're trying too hard now fire off with a webcam on a laptop are you like your loss we love you thank you how do we get to Dan Austin Gavin 65.5 or whatever starts up come down to Austin 290 Alamo know me breaking bad iJustine I love you love and then we come back we can join by Shira Lazar who is the host of what trending butter Outta Deli know you would say that Barbara Eden a by Gus yo get him out of the house like to go see Breaking Bad with as at the Alamo and he literally told me when I asked if I would go but I don't think I could handle the crowds like that's where he is now he can't handle going out in public around other people why does no one in there like we are outside sitting on the balcony of this bar and there was shit like a couple tables of people do we need to have an intervention for Gus he's got he's got a great rate for a guy who works on the internet alright will the new sultry voice that your hearing cheats your Lazar station interactive don't know yeah it was really the first time that category is around so it used to be you know a lot of the digital properties from Big networks are like marketing pretty much anything from marketing dollars right a lot of those nominations are Hannah pants my I actually kind of as part of another winning + menu with are Oscars interactive experience the last of the other year I think was last year we wanted for the Oscars interactive the second screen experience the thing is it's hard know in terms of judging Originals vs interactive second-screen experience as we are Network star ping huge amounts of money it's like you can't really judge them the same and so I think of a a change the categories for the haunted that was based on you know one thing that's on network TV the original timeline vs something that is completely original to online so we not fall into that category now open to any other people competing against like the Jimmy Fallon online against the show that had the are just like throwing on line for something else your podcast podcast and compete with more mainstream and we sound like a nightmare but we're always battling NPR which is we always make a joke of are we paying taxes thing for you the fact that and it says a lot about what you guys do that you can go up and number is again something like + BR which probably put you know they probably put a lot more resources and money know how to your front door but there is nothing there you can we'll talk rain for today know what I'm going to talk shit about like Joe Rogan baby huge online a lot now today projects I don't even know Onnit are you at work find it even more know I've been told I should be saying oh my God by the way and in the Thunder Valley Rally Barbara wiggle this email attention have you ever considered drinking from the fairy cup Barbara to attract a female every woman I've ever spoken to a woman had a clone of myself they would make out and they would want to freak out with a switch but I am like not because I'm like so attracted to my South and I got a soft mouth is that what they tell you what you want to email Gavin has an app where you take a pic know what nightmares are made of he looks like 15 year old version of long straight blonde hair and I will put the link so you can whats the podcast audio format the way MP3 are now we're talking about it now guys whats trending lunch daily Live on YouTube so we are before a cross country meet Rain YouTube iTunes and we had a partners with YouTube to go Deli because we're a weekly show and it's hard to really do whats trending and really creamy consistency with your audience this year whats a week which a lot of people are but we look at ourselves as like a 24/7 platform but we knew Daly would be coming it was just a matter of the timing and resources and so we've already seen you doing anything please subscribe as an audience because you know it takes more so also we are much broader social media before we like whats trending on the internet like we probably could have whats the interactive + Outdoors you know if I cast 2009 and it was windy know what's going on Twitter was just starting to use that phrase and I felt like there needed to be a show instead of just having his blogs and video blogs about these things why don't we have show format around all of this and its culture but then I think what we realized in producing this past year was that all these Trends are things that rise to the top even for red and everything kind of on his back the video and if you have a video show you're always like oh how do we usually explain that it was always coming back to you like okay well this is a video on YouTube Rising as this story is getting bigger because on the ground video of that or someone got an interview and that went viral because this story is being searched for and so it was a natural step for us to go more have rain than what was trending on YouTube because you know trending to video and as a broadcaster that's like visual what did you want me up there is now and how much information is going if you blink you entirely missed something you know wear like them we can rise and fall Onnit on the trending charged before you have time to pay attention to it like like Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend girl broke up huge guy sound like I was I wasn't keeping up with my daily she was dealing with know your G Partners day I have never lied to you ever the day or something you realize you're using a word a lot and now I've pinpointed what that word is just creeping oh my God I know I brought it how many drunken wingback slow YouTube a lot about our culture and how we share things that a lot comes down to it we're sharing on YouTube used as it's interesting and I don't think it's about putting all your eggs in one basket but we G from Hannah Hart do all these stars to on the people that you know if it is a big breaking news story a lot of the videos that come up are from YouTube crazy story Japanese translator the Entertainer lightning in a bottle the truth are people that you know overnight could have been in the back in the day just got her order was part of something and everyone thought they were hilarious and then they do their own thing iJustine examples of that in the past but then now it's just so much faster than it did right because you can do it on your own and then if you're smart enough you can create into something really crazy just like a documentary or just telling those stories of discoveries + Hannah talk about Jenna Marbles we are you were in town yet for that YouTube this week and it's following a few the story is like including Hannah also has Mitchell Davis mystery guitar man and a few others I mean he had even more people but for the purposes of the documentary like how long it needs to be in the story but it does follow and tell their stories of how they came to be but it really interesting way and then also the pitfalls of keeping up with that you know like Dan Brown wear Archie at all these subscribe and I needed this project and then he thought I'd drop and what that was like for him where he got into a really dark place and repercussions of putting yourself out there on this meeting and then having all these people loving you and then overnight sometimes even hating what you're doing reality TV and that somebody could get involved with this because super well-known but not be sustainable you know but then they're kind of stuck with that notoriety but know like real soon they are more accessible because everybody knows who I am they don't get that they're not they're not behind the whole thing through out front projector other so that we can hang it like an inside the Actors Studio up for YouTube Stars MLB really would not know because he doesn't talk about it as we get them other voiceover work and he continues his other videos but ultimately everyone knows him for this one viral video which is South Park made into a character in The dr. Pepper commercial to as I recall me either could have been like completely One Direction know I'm going to spell out everything that's coming to me or I'm going to not take Adventures at all and go the other way and he's like I kind of in the middle I didn't really take advantage as much Advantage as I could have and now he's like I make a decent living but I don't make crazy money know any words or anything like I'm not like I used are you cut it and it's interesting when you pay other people had 83 million views like before he hit puberty today I got out if I was a carpenter my meeting was somebody would get successful online it would get a TV deal like for a pilot and In Their audience for that they would go into like an 18-month cycle where they were in that and they were developed pilot and as those things tend to do it they would not go anywhere but then as you watch those people try to come back and recapture their web audience and not be able to do that people are wary of taking the deal because the deal I mean right now there's other companies that understand it understand it they can't on the artist and it actually works better for them and it benefits the big company if they let the artist do what they're doing with their online community + another version of what they're doing and or in experience with baby a TV show or a movie or something but people are starting to get it but it's so hard because ultimately comes down to ownership and he's getting the money right and I was like why if you're bringing if you fall in love with you my trending the biggest computer in the world the original thing like the first person who made one of those meme a gift from God breaking by such perfect emotions know I only talk to you and I try but we're just talking right water on our fridge break like the little thing that you dispense water and ice and it finally got fixed and cast and an email saying it's like feel free to drink all the water your body can handle so I sent back in Red vs of like the guy Crossing his arms tank challenge accepted out of town or she's working late and she can't go she doesn't the okay face okay guys Forever Alone with my boyfriend I was doing but I don't know if there is a drunk voicemail my my friend huge fight and I was like crying awesome and I instead I get a picture of my face after crying and it looks really horrible and bad + 2 Dan moving like I'm crying right now alright I'm really pissed off National document the moment I would I would never take a bow bright your Facebook who made this week it has a segment on her show where she shows the top five Training videos at the moment and we have discovered one that I've known about for years and Garrett who was with us as we can for mega64 he knew about four years which is the you have it on your phone the interior crocodile alligator Gustavo in here Burnie had + blue whats pop in your head what is that I upload it to YouTube and got in a couple million views for being the person who uploaded recently really want to you can check these things bad The Crazy Ones demotivational posters show me England it has like a ship sinking as failure know your life is to serve as an example to others like those demotivational posters with a black border and the same goes are everywhere online know the guy who made that and I know the guy who he still posters runs a company called despair.com he's actually that's Archie the company that ships all of the rooster teeth products and merchandise because they sold so many the Dan posters based on off the shipping company to a totally separate company and it's really interesting because I know somebody wear something that everyone thinks is just totally public domain or the kind of rose out of the in a collective psychological environment of the internet I've seen know the guy who made it know who owns that and tell those things to this day started and maybe I'm not making money from the really smart guy just found a way to kind of Bank on that and what he did is he made a system where people can come and cut them make their own with your own photos and sayings and then just print them on demand how do you even know like that the British history family Horse Soldiers in the hole Canada sexy pose the question as Gavin can we can we get to the science portion the podcast and pissed off than most of our audience right now the Curiosity land on Mars know that I know the space shuttle program was mothballed at this point in time but here's what I want to know where does the space shuttle take off from Florida Florida and Mission Control in Houston California meme about traveling start in Florida to go to Pasadena California they just made it and having a conversation with him we talked about it a little bit this weekend how many people think that the space shuttle lands in the ocean why you gotta do that happens in movies as an academician they landed in the background in the shit blue up in take off right training to be an astronaut do you know the name of that wasn't butter and I are on the couch 87 Barbara as when it happened Columbia Burnie + 2 + 2 I'm sorry I feel like we're still figuring stuff out even though we know everything but what works so it doesn't write like now with all these celebrities are going as fast at Richard Branson are going just to the lips are really like the orbit the Earth weather in the brown the way that I want them to drop the camera from all that glad I seen the and film it would lay down and like have that in a movie butter Canada crazy GPS a camera on a timer and weather balloon and a hot dog Bakersfield weather balloon up because up until like a pressure expansion to my to the pong and it falls back to Earth and they find the camera that seems weird right please join Balloon Classic kid but walking through the ghetto and then they will take off in the kids lives away unlike military saying those balloon everyone little girl that woke up and I'm like stuck in it and they just flew away balloon strike keep calm and keep it what is a balloon she wouldn't make it YouTube Jesus Walks nearby in the blue Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips you like it when he goes in that balloon know where the guy built the weather balloon balloon boy in his backyard right up in the air and they said their kid was in it and they had like National time for that I really don't wanna grab her body was found two hours late into the balloon 40 miles away Richard Healy military used by British military Superman the ride and Shira blue a balloon by yourself really hot as soon probably so I don't know ultimate Richard live fire training military show tank and Shira of the sky I'm sorry that that happened to her but I don't believe it in Florida I mean California know I would do if I was in charge of this program and this phase of the program so I just said I would let them fly up and then I would have them land in Russia and not tell them and just be like whats America like they would do some work A Child Called Red Sound of Thunder something changed up there kids TV shows what is the temperature in Teletubbies super frisbee the absolutely that are from Australia they make so much money it seems like if you can do that if you can start a kids thing and run it for like 4 or 5 years your set forever you're making so much money running around weird whats up with a boyfriend I love you it's more just like you're safe and I want to write what you know the guys we were talking yesterday Shira show and I was Onnit whats on the Homestar Runner which was one of the early Inspirations for trolling the how did they really do that right tell me as soon as I was like I don't think this person understands what we're talking about the + 2 film exposure are now that would make more me to come back to you we were talking about how people out of the community Jordan The Animated Adventures based on our podcast started doing it just started for fun I was really inspired by Homestar Runner 177 as I make my own cartoon and so I took something from the podcast and put it up and everyone liked it and then it just kept growing a group of people on the podcast interactive people from the community Through Gavin and Barbara as well Gavin Barbara started listening to the show or watching the show + 24 it was one time Canada Uconnect Oscars know I'm getting group rooster and then how did you connect with Burnie and everyone we just got really involved in the website + communities in Toronto as part of it was Archie and Gavin iJustine makes funny posters this is and when I went over to wear to Paris and I had to do 30 minutes presentation on the shit I'm up because I don't think they gave me a translator I don't have to do 50 minute and they kept me there for a week so I went over the train and met him when he was 17 Thunder Archie directed one of the seasons of Red vs Blue before he started Slow Mo Guys know I did I did the same with guys just to get the visa to wear for Rooster Teeth more views up on anything interesting + 25000 I don't know what's the score count of really remember like ten thousand that is. + 24 + 156 a week or 60 hour weeks for about three years that's what at work everyday able to watch him every screen and your think of it as are you coming back out of network news show I do but I really I mean I happen to be at a news network but it was always digital like I would River West which ended up being kind of the black sheep at every organization where they like and really they respect me because I kind of knew that it was the next thing that you're part of and they would go to you for ideas ultimately there is you know there was a bit of it a disrespect or disconnect Department any where is Haley wants to get tons of views and a lot of exposure for no money whatsoever that's what it means to them that's what they do as you're already doing it online for years and then they just sit there any person Onnit and like we were doing something on the west trending and then the network at the time launched an on TV even though we were the brand on their site hoax render Bender the version of like what an executive producer things is relevant like a spin-off you know what the oldest type of spin-off you can have it I see that happen so many please Dan know that's what keeps us going we've been through so much whats trending as rain we've been around since April 2011 is when we launched so it's really young and wear a Blog know everything is really important I keep seeing so many other networks International companies wanting to do what we're doing so well we might have a lot of challenges that just fires as to keep going that we're on the right path because why would we even know if we're going to some hard times know stop what you're doing whats we can just get her to do what we're doing for someone else and now I'm sad dad yesterday my dad was really what you're doing is talking into my new business ownership Montreal bagels are the bomb they are special honey water up in the morning when I was there I had one of those the guys from Epic and they told us they told us to go wow dude that was awesome it was wear anything I've had in Texas know I'm not trying to wear you out well I was born Montreal in school so I don't know where I'm from I'm from Canada to try for the first time iJustine + meat pies in Australia as ever yeah we can a handheld pot pie butter version of a hamburger please turn the oven on a pie pie it's really not bleeding as annoying as you're alright that's a pot the real stuff Hannah way we can go right cast to philipes which is the place that invented the French dip sandwich and it's right around the corner from to give head to French I don't know what was when you came in every day and requested it and so they just made the sandwich shit I don't know one thing the French have stolen from us now we invented the sandwich then they stay still what trending or you can follow her on Twitter at Shira Lazar Shira Lazar Shira Lazar + Hannah G follow her on Twitter as g chat Hart Hart a cake yesterday yes I'm back I'm trying to get some Barbara Gavin up Jordan a to go to Disneyland Orlando