#184 - RT Podcast

RT does not wear seat belts in taxis.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-184

Recorded: 2012-09-19 15:44:51

Runtime: 01:37:10 (5830.3 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Lindsay Jones, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the flagship product Alpha Brain increase focus and mental drive for 18% off when you use promo codes Onnit.com / gaming Onnit. C om /gaming Shutterstock.com find over 20 million photos vectors illustrations and video clips for 30% off Shutterstock of RoosterTeeth RoosterTeeth and in the number 9 Gus sorola robotic Doodle Jump alarm headlight fluid and stuff alcohol Doodle Jump the Capri 4 MO they introduce the cast of the show and it's a completely new theme song you can't skip Pax you have all have cats last week was September 4th 2012 when did the email say grey drapes dirty sprite hey we have a special guest on the podcast today who does best Lindsay because Lindsay the podcast Lindsay cut how to take LSD and then give handjobs favorite anime of all time the actual penis conversation Jordan who makes the receipt and of meet Adventures best penis sex toys and stuff in it you talking about he does very well with Ron Barnes & Noble you've been with for a long time and Chris have been working very very hard and I never sleep so kudos to Britain and Chris are not here but we have all been working pretty hard to get now so hopefully we will be getting them done soon this company so excited to have the Blu-ray box set 2 high at 7:20 from what we did for Uprising the season 1 through 5 in Halo 2 is 727 of the stuff in Halo 1 is higher than the stuff so it should be different team 65 inch Dynex I bought a 39-inch Insignia buy never heard of that before of the Ron Jeremy little box on buy the biggest TV I can find it high on Magic white 20th microphone 10 4 so tired Louie work A5 Day weekend but I believe it's crazy 220 Halo give me with me do you like it here 4 The Weeknd Tuesday that's going to keep you up remember laptop died the other day so pissed off about it and email and a voicemail for the first time with this fresh insulation and restore email this morning the USA Skyrim and I was telling me this analyte Microsoft releasing a new product by the way did you see that you can go in what do you do you like I'm the fucking Dragonborn bitch and she's like Matilda song about with the house never did because I can Sprite it's a totally new kitchen honey coaster yes or not yes or no you little brother you don't want somebody like a Michael Jeter Games 4 new Achievement Hunter show non-spoiler primer 4 gameplay Skyrim you should go over the previous four games that's weird I want to talk about like Skyrim is not on the Man game okay man just cuz I went to pounds this point which of the X Box Gervais 4 download games you think they would be trying to compete price was 150 pounds online blue live 10 or 20 times high is it streaming H you can tell it's on Netflix streaming summer 10 minutes does the next Master data file PlayStation 3 version Jack button you should watch this fight between two people this tastes like is terrible news the board about the volume of the show and the overall audio you were at a studio you have this to do that we were in with a little rough School library that been locked for 50 years and like an old fox animal Los Angeles I don't have determined I don't like that anymore I like just like looking at stories and talk about stories little awesome people in and out and getting different complaints about our science discussions they didn't give us information that's wrong to correct this does the sun is more than 400 times larger than the moon hot does what is Alpha Brain not taking it for the past week and a half or so I'm just back here to Jack have you been dreams nothing too crazy I had a dream where everyone silver button silver Doug Justus cream and button silver going to bed it was really bad I feel like doing something button own bed going to bed and dream that you were laying in bed awake and you couldn't get to sleep when you wake up exhausted I don't you call me stressed buy nightmares Ron running and when I wake up Lindsay team in the world which is when your significant other wakes up and is mad at you someone I was dating was like a dream that you cheated on me and I was like what the F1 lucid dream where you figure out that it's a dream Grand Theft Auto Team edition and own every couch in real life Honey 2 take over the world and kill people not stuff it seems like they're perfect you kind of deal with that a little bit accident 101 little apple little and ice Lincoln this I can control it Brandon down your throat this medication how we have to establish how the cameras there Summer from the story of Kerry Salt Lake me 9 is coming out Jack Britain release method where it is gone probably come back that's a good point Mike showed up I saw Raiders of Lost Ark and 70 millimeter Boo at the button Creed 2 p.m. Sunday 2 p.m. like last Friday Star Theater awesome kitchen right in front of me the Drafthouse get there 10 4 the truck because Michael and I went to see Batman again the second time after we all went and it was weird anyway you're so tired that you ended up falling asleep on the couch vs leather couches people made fun of yeah but if you can afford it and everything it's a little bit pricier but I think it's the best couch downtown High School in Elder Spike and Mike sick and twisted Ticketmaster red the armored Batman Iron Man Mike you does does once I get something like that it's like this is like Auto 4 you guys here this one pulled up is kind of Michael grey actually woman red Batman sale Muskogee ok proximodistal Mike terrible that's how you feel who is probability in real life Gervais some people police on the police station blue the end is of a model provides this table explosion documentary on Netflix process and people turn their noses at me you know that my child invisible but when they have a problem who did they come crying to shirt absolutely the Britain documentary you can be just talking documentarian this shooting man they was like trying to make it about them as well hair stylist Supersize Me I was pretty good for doing that Doug guys who dress up the dead bodies for funerals in our beloved departed that's got to be the most under-appreciated like you put all the work and you're still just like they do really it's really peaceful only open caskets all I can think about I never look out of my way for you talked about how which leader helped the world anyway different stink 2 friends to laugh with Doug Johnson Lincoln Pancake work like getting a little here as we speak little red 4 weeks sweet dream coaster Builder you on the phone head shop is in the own words Neapolitan honey he gets it on the front of every box in California shades here it is right here can I see Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc By Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Marc By Marc nail salon M&M of San Jose Sun famous-for-being-famous you just get your name haircut at sport clips and the Paul Mitchell shampoo but it's like design for men so skull Mitch Mitch and at the end it says Creed buy Jack Abrams like white and it comes up every single week and you see that eventually you just get to know that person is hard drive button Buy Gavin USA the people that have any creative input and so me think you had cast buy Gus sorola buy Burnie Burns askreddit credits anything the first credit member receives with the comic this 112 Kerry cable Diablo Diablo shirt in the middle Rocky buy Shutterstock.com with over 20 million stock photos vectors illustrations and video clips featuring Damian takes and over 10,000 you images HD Shutterstock collection find images across the world C project Pax or you can do that to you download pictures this is mini USB III never 3 Neil people changing like now this this changes nothing this is my car I have ice in my hot tub dale dale you have so many iPhone if you plug in a cable you can commit cables for you at the ice and I forgot about changing Accord with 1 with full USB in the Gavin of Serial and parallel this deal with it your old serial and parallel stuff and colorful Maxi cable it's a fucking right turning around button up one side of it doctor in UK plug exactly with the network 400 so in this country you can buy an unlocked iPhone 5 unlocked you have to pay off to pay for this contract is probably cheaper than buy another phone on contract 2 contracts no no you can't do that 325 pound 4 this phone you get in the Box hot right now you iPhone 5 absolutely I'm just not getting one right now because I want to connect you think it all worked out you know life is like you have guys plugs right in you cuz please you don't have meet some really nice cars and Mike truck has a better set up for audio didn't some of the higher-end cars that are out there that truck has the iPhone SIM card you have to pay for love you have to come with me meet Harlem Scrolls what I don't understand is to put appointment in my calendar otherwise I would never do that alarm set an alarm to wake me up shut up set an alarm for 5:30 a.m. I turned it on what time is you already have an alarm for 7:30 and turn down for you h 530 you forget to turn it off make an alarm for 5:30 a.m. I don't know what you mean by make an alarm for 5:30 don't shut up set an alarm for 5:30 a.m. okay it's on wake me up in 8 hours set for 7:12 p.m. does the best to figure out how long is it from now to say I was does a new superpower to my arsenal of sleep supersize with it so I can just wake up whenever I told myself to wake up alarm every Every Day in Israel and the same everyday at 1:30 and I woke up at 5:30 challenge Mo Guys Shutterstock making DVDs that's royalty-free order is cleared license guys because you do not want to go back and figure out later what you do or do not have the rights to 4 DVD Hamlet hells that is clear but it was actually probably our first movies is we put a bunch of licensed music in there and it's just like I know what the fuck do with you look very easy to figure out you know I really appreciate Shutterstock is marching and 4 music is having trouble drinking water 4 people go through challenge so how was that the pain you're in until you've done it you put it in is gone cousin was younger he was at the hospital to his friends and the cinnamon flight and me I threw up a little bit when I get up some of my lunch but it was like Breaking 2 comes out I think I shot with an egg out of a little bit I'm sorry Doug me Gus and Joels Gus Joels and I it simply Joel put a soda on the table and is it something we can't have sodas on the table it's okay we can K1 everything silver Elder you identify tastes like someone will take something like that space Gus man ever fish if you if Mike had of a lack of variety of you you so sweet because people say cake is sweet this has MO their opinion of food as people CK sweet but I know it take takes his sweet Gavin summer is chemical he doesn't like when people say things taste like stuff but just letting you tasting but it's just the way your tongue feels weak silver Spike box Steam it's just two forces repelling off of each other what does that mean you bring that sexy voice is what turn up the Dale you know how you feel about that Michael and I didn't buy my feet in the pool but that was to be sold into the bathroom X the pool bathroom You Never Give Me Your the worst thing that person because I set them everywhere and then I'll think about it or guys briefcase and out the me the inside of woman's first just exchange it you drive me crazy I don't know about present company Mike Lee this was from when she was a kid she decided she straightened up her act I don't know why would you go to a fitness trainer is fat shooting at with a mirror the holy Kerry specific service to people but I can do it on Doctor Who season show yourself pass out now particle right now on Reddit which is about a woman this one recorded time in history that a woman has performed a Caesarean section on her cell phone you didn't actually read a couple shots she gave herself c section 50 is the man Jordan you pregnant Everclear PAX Prime on the first day when I guess Nico had never seen Everclear before did only people if you I just hate putting Scotts buy seafood out because you out if need to wake up early tomorrow and I'm like delicious but my awesome tomorrow is going to be a problem was it was food delivery the podcast to somehow get on Hells Kitchen Mike be in attendance iPhone h Richard you in the wake of the chaos work side-by-side with Hells Kitchen Ramsey quiet soft-spoken is super long this way please you are an idiot nightmares with a friend or something woman found like a new Chef to take over for this restaurant they got it up and running it went really well he left and he came back and found something where are transplanted from their communities in New York City show me what is everything Amish person the man I can use some water to couch Mennonites can use electricity and it's dry 50 Elder family living in there I'll send it out this weekend for my way but I'm in Cleveland best about me little keypads threw up in my mouth does the smell of you can Summer Place Brandon to the Past movie trailers kitchen make this happen which is Space Program Kerbal snow once the moon awesome 95 of the Pax black should watch the fights later on my laptop button fly the rumor MTV set live K1 10 flexibility you had it like does the thing your mother changes nothing like anyone might look at the ground through a plan to do that button up the front what he's doing is sitting up higher I mean it's the sudden you turn around and check on the past make sure you call me later Chris Tycoon 2 season is turning on and off the fasten seatbelt sign everyone behave back there today sound you ever heard explosions Penelope out and fully inflated before your head is cut off the head rest you can drive a hundred miles an hour to put you in the face as you have your feet on the dashboard if your passenger Hamlet Ron airbag off Britain couch the wait in the car on the summer can be really important that I know what I'm doing probably you supposed to have in a car he's not going to do it I do not trust the cab driver difference between regular 708 of 715 couple gets engaged doctor time 2 little bit and then I was on 13th and white black and honey episode last season was a Doug Benson episode Mike was like that at all stomach Ron I was amazed that Robin Williams is white blue the shop because everything else is hot and everything up in The Frame & Focus with half the Joels once we have it shows another story that was good format for Louie Halo the Freak Out speaking of window anymore this black stuff and cause what was with that car we had a call from the button what does the pickup truck I don't care if it's like an extra 10 bucks a day I went like this was an Infiniti SUV what time we get done charging I was president SUV and you get the rear view camera you said it was over the car and would show you everything around the car we have around black the entire area Ron the car what is it was almost hit that you can see the back of your truck like my dad's and you can see past his cause Chris honestly now Siri Honda CRV had a backup camera on my new and doesn't and it took me like 2 months used to not having it again C looking behind me a new car Siri traffic things to the right or left either way you look at it it would have the mirror there's a black spot in the work honey is Moore changing lanes what was the situation that you drove the car to pass the test this time my truck home but you really just ask that you just wouldn't do it without a license what's the best Master Meter what does it mean of motion where I can drive a car you ever driven a car so like if we drive a car via remote or something like that yeah because you've never driven the car any other way that's what F1 track the F1 go kart track K1 Speed of Grey High Ark I just ice thin band best track 4 the with the track or in some places but you can try if we need to do that right now actually like you of that 5 Daytona is the flight you know anything about that Mike dirty crazy party the whole time so there's like hardly of a couple hundred miles out around and there's like in trash and Sewer Doug the crash that killed him honey in the microwave of his last race baseketball this or can I just like stuff with me as a teenager is just awesome it's like a hundred movie or something when was crazy had another thing going on Victorious that was in it was just good the last lap of the race Turn 3 this way they will say the most little crash once way to stop quick Sevigny does it cost of moving and you keep moving you just never know when somebody else you punch him once they fall down on the bed this skull has someone kill call the dentist killed him in 3 weeks drunken gong once Crash Drive when a person has previously existing hold one second I'm loading it now I was reading up the preview but there's some things skull and if I saw him he was living 4/2 life wishes they made half life again button HD but they also had additional content Marc ice and felt really different natural selection 2 Onnit 4 Borderlands 2 Fargo widely circulated rumor about William meet at that rumor is circulating black people in the world like sending boomerangs and nobody Macy love to work MO hot this works kind of like discus throw your hands 2 golf distance hot is it 3 hard boo hoo hoo Siri my 7 year old has a jack ass AJ set things straight all the way across try to only use your extra purposely try to do it awesome summer crafts