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RT celebrates their first live stream podcast!

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-185

Recorded: 2012-09-26 21:54:54

Runtime: 01:38:56 (5936.51 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of The Whiskey of podcast is brought to you by Shutterstock.com find over 20 million stock photos vectors illustrations and video clips for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 9x Rooster Teeth and the number 9 to the route to Temple live streaming Jeff Studios the Russia podcast the finally catching pods and 3 deck we should try to see if I get Lee shirt made in time for the podcast at his turn my Twitter feed into people just posting to finally close to me it takes as long as and Friday working on this with no 10 minutes till we went 50 otherwise it is Flo Rida what pill year it will change everything on the phone anyway and you stop around here upset and act like you're not upset anyone we are open Con what I want to talk about it if you leave a God damn whiteboard with nothing on it she comes along with a sweet little face and drugs bit go over the friend she's really angry doing details details grey Savannah in the kitchen Kannapolis entire whiteboard GO Keyboard Panic switch Indo to a flaccid penis ejaculating I said that's totally incorrect NY Gavin it's it was to step sleep but Gavin said he didn't know that men get erections in their sleep didn't know that unless you have a butt anyway men get erections in the sky UConn B's Lee swing Peter Billingsley have a dream and your body your body your process when you're sleeping it will paralyze your body but your gross motor functions are paralyzed while you're sleeping it feel like when you have a dream your running year old running in your bed and start lashing out something it sometime like that feeling of falling Williams to do what is that I don't miss you dreaming but your body just reacting like because that will wake you up every time you did you probably would fucking react to itself shutting down like that sing tweets a video podcast running and it's alright so what's going to show up and here we go the dog is clearly sleep WeatherBug and that video is stupid videos. nobody killed shows like Americas Funniest Home Videos right like 45 minutes I'm just 20 some videos they still have when car commercials like if you have a fun 3 9424 for shipping and handling Chelsea compact vhsc my house and I found a whole box of digital8 to September those are good luck plate digital8 figure out a way to plate on Atari 2600 for my performance when I work the Great Movie Ride in Disney World so it's actually giving my show at Disney World 4 hours like high-definition baby plate for the videos and music it let me craft vhsc to everyone have a the mobile phones of the flashes now they're just shitty with the pictures and with your shitty world one megapixel camera for like half of megapixel cameras and it's only for like 2 years all your pictures shitty and then they got great with the old stuff what will the old stuff like Seinfeld a transfer on Next Generation episodes with original Star Wars movie Emmys in some of it was like kids in their backyard and it was like do them only colleges like crazy production value right the guy who made in Austin he's the guy who made the Star Wars with the girl telling Star Wars he directed that video that I was in where I work for kittywood Studios Gavin Barbara year ago you look like a completely different person and I was too skinny and I took her word for it again so what so I got tickets to the Emmys 2 tickets to the Emmys and I went out to LA I should get to go to the San Francisco 1st to go visit Twitter April who are the people that work in the morning Twitter Twitter headquarters I felt like I had to do that I know right send a tweet from Twitter and someone walk down found you a slap you with it it was like the twitters and like it but it's weird because the elevators have no buttons so things old art deco building but it's like a super bit almost a cats fighting with like there's a guy there the other doors open for you and they tell you where you're going to get in the elevator to the left and you get a go you were being taken to the 7th Floor take elevator floor I don't know probably from the front security desk Florida go to like when you sign in bit where you're going of people that work there everything that we have no clue 10 20 Tom the shot that we did downtown at RTX convention where they say there's 80,000 people here there's a hundred twenty thousand people here about 4500 5000 people RTX people that steal that right so you have 45 price of 9000 game fault days when we had a weekend past weekend not crowded at all like it to me it felt like it was busy John Isles secret place where people go to this convention plate for anything around not the same one but they had never had one so I was going to be there a total of 18 hours so I just get my car straight to the hotel cars parked there different signs parking meters so I feed my parking meter to check the times were OK and then I went inside I came out cars go on who literally 20 minutes I was in San Francisco they totaled my car and I find out I was in a commercial Zone what kind of fucking commercials on his meter Indo sign saying like this is a commercial Zone the sinus Eddy mtra or whatever Pull-A-Part but I'm on a trip right box and they said everyone told me car towed the longer car $20 and closer to $510 percentage of a car that is I mean significant and I think that my car out of being towed I went to the lot the guy walked me to my car ticket $600 is car 6620 for the day and get it back the $5 checked out like you still in the car touch sleep walking to the impound the pound plate and then just know that it was towed while it was checked out menu for unless you left it in an illegal Lee Parts spot right now it says we talked Cars 2 that's that's what you just put it on the window for the windshield of the car and it beeps in the net giving you the cars a part of the of the people used it I went to the restaurant pick up some food came back parked it and then watching my house of shitty forgot my drink in the car so I went back out with my card I just opened it and closed it and I was the next morning they called me and said that you're a reservation didn't close properly so that you all know that you didn't use it again so we're going to charge you for any of that when you open the door my drink Lee set achievement unlocked finger regulations like that's awesome Twitter people are like dedicated to just being really good with customer service on Twitter for companies great to see that we live in I want when I got into a big fight with Bank of America over my mortgage they try to help me via Twitter they reached out like a home we can help you and help me feel better for something and hold your flight pretty regular Nest Dallas you know I don't know how to be 2 hours late on the Paul Pat from Wheel and something a little bit Machinima party asteroid Michael and Crystal plate 11s my other favorite is the pendulum what to do in Aaron person to person he's going to cats Furniture not painful for cats so I'm not going to allow that biggie take your fingers off for him but it's like if that means he's not going to be thrown out into the wild kill him home we were to Star Austin sing old apartment sell my iPhone but I don't know I think someone's video Jack and I will say things like that happen to me while I was at RT Philly was at that same bar watching roadblock is Windward Community members Oklahoma watching him watch the oh you versus K State losing by the end and everyone checking with people that I follow on Twitter it's okay I get it that you don't like sports I get it you know it's so the people who are talking about football all day on Sunday that's relevant and the people to show up on Sunday to talk about and I don't like football who cares fuck off in the football hand egg search on Twitter what sing one thing on the internet hand constantly need to stop it change shut up yeah that's a good one that's always tough and we can do that my brother's got back from getting you know if you lost a leg is Big Ben yeah shut up everyone I want to remind everyone this my the second place when you want a reminder this podcast is brought to you by autumn across all types of times best-sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is Game of Thrones for free audiobook of your choice food audible podcast.com / Rooster Teeth rooster teeth look at you doing right now sleep a podcast 430 that she's not listening like it's a book The Grey because it's relevant to me so I know what Steve Jobs biography I mean kinda but not really so I feel like I should Reed actually recycle my to do is fucking get road rage and yell at someone or chill out with a new book Alison my station Philly a reminder whenever you do you really hand egg tweets my finger hurts where a fertilized egg will slip through but for the most part they're on fertilizer no but usually a fertilized egg show up in there but you definitely know when you get one partially developed someone on your side egg being laid it's kind of weird because they don't come out like liquid do we want to bother you like YouTube in the Hat no nothing big like it was never thought about this before hand pushing to get the rest of it or is it started out like the time . is that okay don't chickens lay eggs everyday the chicken shitty chicken. you can barely see it Jack Rose like a dude that's like collecting people egg you nobody really hey baby you want me to spend friend New Britain that I memorized all my credit card numbers Gavin we had this discussion when I was in go get some Australian Los Angeles the Memories album 414 years there's a set of for light switches light between my kitchen and dining room 1 open the fan to the bathroom is down the hall we don't 2 switches back to work and away from the back to work turned on the porch light Michael had that happen to his apartment Peter Andre Gavin 885 Breakers the work of the battery charge the desk and you don't feel it at all because your laptop runs out of battery all the time anyway so it's like how long it's been since I had a desktop computer here at the company a long time it's funny how everytime I go on vacation or go to the office for more than a day furniture Jack home I'll check the back office chair the chair the chair and then I came here and in Gavin paintball of the wall Trek and I think I paid 25 cheapest Trek egg hunt go super expensive the most interesting Aaron Alison to get a new one everyone in the sponsor Jack does not give a shit about you and your first world problems apparently that's what you deserve a better so we had taxi take 10 questions on the Fly and I guess we get a phone at some point let go let God we're doing our part year being shitty you're off all next week we should probably take a minute to explain website we can watch live streaming Gus recording the podcast on Tuesday evening 7:30 the other ways you can you sign up for an account you can watch us record in the chat room and stuff because anything anyway to represent Style WhatsApp Thanksgiving Day Parade Emmys dance Columbus a hundred times I don't know mod for Skyrim that was kind of clever boys like some for a lot of work and it was Baltimore Charlie bit my to my finger this 1480 the Realms of 955000 300 million 330 New York census every 10 years here so 10 years 2010-2020 for the people who hate on America the full India hand with for people to try to correct him back but I'm going to look at now Shutterstock.com / 20 million stock photos vectors illustrations and video clips featuring daily image updates and over 10,000 do and images added daily Shutterstock.com gives you a global image collection flexible pricing she can buy image packs or a monthly subscription you can download images and any size pay one price easy-to-use cup enhanced license taxes so if you like an image you want to run it in print or put on some swag you can easily upgrade your license. Extensive contact Library goes beyond photos of a huge library of vectors icons infographic templates and video clips 24/7 customer service and dedicated account reps so you find for free no credit card needed just go to shutterstock.com and if you do want to buy an image or get a monthly package you offer code RoosterTeeth 9 that's Rooster Teeth in the number 9 you get 30% off any package set Shutterstock.com we got it up on the screen right now off of Route 39 go to BMO go back skewered together or die like once a week Lee Summit and invariably fall down where you're from and Austin Columbus OH I don't think Europe is a continent and I don't know why we treat Europe like a continent what do you mean different than days I believe pill amount in the Ukraine are the results of the to of the two continents NY Kaleida cats being pushed up subduction sup with Lee like doing it will be under induction would be some kind of movement moving underneath transduction bit of water around North and South RT that's one big long can Lee 10 space like 800 what is it the for you so Brian's true that India would be its own continent but really it's home plate and there's mountains between Indiana plate colliding into a joke she did the people who work on production here can see them back in the control room with Brandon Kevin Durant in the star cast years has had to cut anything yet Tiffany barbs genitalia no food in there Vince Australian it's one plate is Australia Christchurch New Zealand with a huge earthquake Nest on a Crag plate between two tectonic plates called Emmys it's a long time the massive supervolcano under Yellowstone what's it like you know they can just drop the bass the world how was that one piece of land hello the tsunami alarm sound set go to the first big hill but there's another pill for the way to go to it was like it was like an old folk song that they had because apparently a thousand years in the past there have been a giant tsunami that killed a bunch of people who were waiting on that hit on me but it was so big it was like this generation for my helicopter shots where you see the water Community people driving turn around your head like a beachfront town the street had to be I couldn't just like streams of water you should do anything about it still over like it just because you're tired yeah I think it's like 3 or 4 inches and your car starts to flow hand hand grab onto something and even under the water as well that's just like what cats in water 3 Peter it wasn't Tenerife and the Top of the Rock the dump how to relax and find out when I live in Puerto Rico bit before we're like a couple a bunch I try to recover and I think it's like hand down in New Braunfels that let you know if your pressure is what it is like SoundHound swirly going to ask questions that nobody would ever ever and ever. well man I'm going to start circular 2 and how it feels like to put the 10 in the body in zero-g in space yeah I know there's okay so do you know Vince Space Alert food around here what comic is The Illusionist pulling around the captain of The Caine alright alright the difference that was very fast around go back down to the Earth for much less NY to let us actually put me up to it we had a standardized test in the US called the ACT test reading comprehension passage and answer questions on it 10 of those in that section and I was blazing through it everything out and I get to this one section in the reading comprehension was about a trade in cats that if you take Emmy to throw them they land on their feet but if you take them out of the 20 or 30 story building days after a certain amount of time of falling they write themselves but then they do this they spread out like this and that and the rib cage absorbs the impact from 15 + stories has a better chance of surviving a fault below that is like a dead zone in the middle send text to my unbelievably long fault I was laughing so hard 50 story window you have like wind and other I'm saying that's one of the factors we don't have those other kids as well so you are seeing me weightless you have no external forces on a live crab wouldn't be able to right itself color of cats eyes different cats space space different the Earth is this pic right here if you need me okay we're standing here today the temperature of where we stand and where the space shuttle or the ISS it's not that great in comparison to the center of mass of the planet it's not the amount of gravity that the a does the ISS and Space Shuttle orbit 99 miles miles away the satellite station exactly there's a band out there it's further out but then we talked about the time drift is that the GPS satellites have experience in Savannah space for sale Eddy Sophia I want to say that the faster you travel that time slows down for you very slightly it's it's super and perceptible but the GPS satellites have been in orbit Peter Go in twenty or thirty thousand miles an hour for so long that time has slowed down for them so the onboard clocks if they have are all the totally awesome a GPS device you have to account for the time that they've experienced the time on a new device will write figure out the difference in time between 21st Lee and that's what you of crazy to think that I like to and I was like my face like time is Tom everyone sees the same time but then again if you go the speed of light time doesn't exist what kind of experiences have a constant definition cesium atom pending measure the amount of times that traits are the electrons rotate around it and that's how many rotations equals a second International Space Station 230 the geosynchronous pretty close to 22236 miles per hour and directly above the equator wow that's too much millimeters was the fact that they're moving so fast they get like Flex static electricity or some sort of electricity build a charge because it's literally like a giant sail in the sky right I think so School talking about this but I want to get stuck could you literally like positions on the in space and like pointed towards Earth and one in the fall out of the sky so special anymore Louis and it burns up in the atmosphere eventually 10 solar radiation belt Lake Norman that's what it does demonstration of gravity a giant flat sheet and it would hold that thought and if I space and you put it on the sheet it a little bit bigger planetary conditions for life on the one hand it was powerful gravity prevented Space Rock with space box for ring year it from coalescing into a planet that's why our solar system has an asteroid belt on the other hand a group of Jupiter's gravity Peter the solar system from the outer reaches but you better gravity slings most of these fast-moving ice balls out of the solar system John a picture of something like asteroid between Mars and Jupiter Star Trek the movie where they they walked back towards Earth of the solar system the Rings the same thing no limitation interpretation of the station for Pluto is not a planet which brush my teeth in my mouth the limits on a plane Gus bus my Tom the my tongue but I feel like when I brush my tongue feel like I can't breathe like you in the middle the 10 Philly like 2 or 3 I'm pretty sick so she put a stick to the back of my tongue and lollipop sticks Lee days and you single if you single so let me get this straight just sitting there with you and she don't even talk for 5 minutes but you just make conversation tonsils removed when I think I was either 10 or 11 hand like 2 or 3 years and he did the same thing I'm not have the same problem where I can't relax my tongue locate pill my tonsils removed 2046 go or whatever my dad my dad hope you love this Trek ask your siblings and my dad his brother got tonsillitis the doctor comes around and says Justin has tonsillitis were going to take his tonsils out but since I'm here why don't I just take out all the kids 2 carving out year hand my throat was on fire I woke up and I in select Burnie I tried to scream cuz it hurts so bad and like when you try to scream and Lee to the stream down your face and you can use your throat at all 3 Box new furniture you have any Judy can we go the cat is fine you can't find of a fucking cats Charlie cats you would assume that it's broken friend friend knew I wouldn't see it I didn't know it was broken but you got the right the couch I got to tell you we were talking earlier I don't in the fucking drives me crazy Burnie to make a phone number here got a new address and new address is 6714 Happy Lane belt remember 6714 I could not fucking remember it and I made that comment I said I can't remember the number and someone I know said to me they go oh it's really to remember 6714 I got to do it Lee said what's 6 + 7 is 13x if it's not forget it the tweets a 21 + 3 is 1000 but it's not and I'm living here in the UK what pill has number Street to be like you know how the streets are numbered in the US I found the dress to work 19220 93723 yeah well numbers in the US RT News asteroid I guess your saying your mic is low so I'm going to tell a story about the Emmys adjustment Burnie I'm incredibly jealous Reed Philly 10 to RT Philly and RvB Minnesota have not been to of notable how do I get back it'll be like the biggest douchebag segment everything and really cool people the coolest person I met by far the most exciting from Breaking Bad Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones the British set picture of the only person ask for a picture but then he got called away but is on the right car being pulled away by a reporter like instantaneously I said hello and I took a picture of his back for for Jack that's so cool oh hand Bryan Cranston in his Emmy speech and she must have just forgotten yeah that's still pretty bad as he wanted everybody who won an award they're always made sure to thank the creator of the show and I can't really crazy old lady Vince Gilligan Vince Gilligan I know that you know they're going to and a commercial came on the national spot came on was McDonald's a mom talking to her son and I'm 99% positive the mom is Lee Eddy the pilot on Red vs. blue so Austin Lee Eddy pilot and Delta square off and she will but I'm on the plane now we talk about the live studio okay can we talk about that it was completely different Jenna Merlin who plays the agents out there and you Burnie go I think Sigma was played by Lamar Hall who does the rapping on the soundtrack yes and Delta Lee Thompson going anywhere we got photo booth and we have you booked on the photos liked by in the end director director and Indo New York got in there con strips of light Hall the guy from red to blue team all the freelance repairs you know my favorite picture from that set of photos is I think it's Jeff Williams in Lamar Hall in that photo booth and like Jeff shirt is of them are such in his nipple a lot of really Reed a PG-13 action going on text me to say that some of the cable Reed is on the behind-the-scenes disco November 6th the average consumer out there on TV PlayStation 3 was 2 wedding day Lee Ray was highly responsible for DVD getting of probation is of what yes I think I might have really hackers no Twitter no that can't be right October 2016 2002 you don't think price according to Austin Powers Aaron Hernandez little people on the side everything is crazy open when you can what day is election day super Tuesday 10 December the first Tuesday of the month right does it snow this year Nico star Canadian Thanksgiving a real thing Thanksgiving was a joke how do you make they're talking about Thanksgiving and they could wait Canadian Thanksgiving a regular people's texts why would you miss the community that we have but they have all their for members cannot to Disneyland 1830 12th that is a kick-ass website looks really cool cool as hell go to the camera alright never you okay we gotta pee so I don't know what is parallax sing like the background is moving at a slower Pace than the other front everything in front of the tree is going one way and everything what yes you look at something like moving the others living with me what happens when you look up hi to you. Sophia the Emmy days what you are barbs drool all over station running down her face right now and the show starts at 4:30 Pacific time and they had to be in our seats but they shut down the bar at 4:30 in the morning it was shut down for the first part of the show and then when it reopened a bunch of really bad ass people like for Lee Peter seats all the time at the show all the time come back they won't let you in until the next commercial break Philly to jack up people in the entry entry ways so I guess people are taking their seats during a speech or something like that section with Eddy during the break they said do not during the in memoriam section holy holy crap Kind of Blue the car goes out for the separate technical achievement awards the date still not everybody maybe so but I just do that who's married to Jamie Rotella what everything of your show whatever she told you she tweeted a photo of herself topless call you wouldn't like whatever he has to a particular in Crazy after-party the Governor's Ball afterwards which was like 10 and that's where they go together statues per Studios are the people who can like paint the star the lunar landscape with spray paint rice necklace for him to come to Americas 3 total 3 do you realize that if you don't dollars plus $100 shipping 2 Guys Emmy from the USA Lamar to something that I didn't even know I had taping and Emmy was fucking hilarious the Oscars Golden Globes how many of kind of late home slice talking to you have any questions from anyone friend request the bar with you guys I can tell you I saw him when I went to Los Angeles I had dinner with him and we went to a place called wurstkuche in Downtown LA and they have you love it they have sausage and like you can get one of them was duck and bacon sausage another one was I had it was crocodile pork and cheese and I was grey rabbit and rattlesnake and that's another one that I had to be pretty good what is it illegal to eat in the UK Nest Texas dear but I think the venison you eat it has to be like a specific type of year that's not made of texts like you can actually sell whitetail deer Google okay Lee Supply 10 talking discussing something very 10 Mice from a reptile food store like the feel of pet snakes in a blender blend cats VidCon Louis Bread live tarantula living stuff is something I never ever do this green chili pork Monty Monty cool very cool for our inaugural that was fun we hope we'll have one every week so join us every Tuesday at 7:30 central time or otherwise just listen for the regular audio podcast on New Normal watch it probably tomorrow and we may open it up down the road Austin