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RT knows poop is funny

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Recorded: 2012-10-03 21:26:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Miles Luna




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list of sodas podcasts Rock You by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first fully balanced nootropic designed to increase focus and mental Drive 4 letters get 10% off when use promo code rooster Onnit.com / gaming Onnit.com /gaming whip podcasts also brought you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals for a free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcasts.com / Rooster Teeth not too busy not too busy shut up he's fine he's fine is because the God damn idiot the whole bag of catnip our ability whose decision was that to give him cash that was it really The LINQ up ESO Gus is making us find a home for Joe the cat and I am I'm not too happy about it will cause a lot of problems there's a thing that happens is when people start working here and usually associated with production and the fact that we have free food all over the place here is that people tend to gain about 15 to 20 pounds when they first start working here the cat is no exception in this photo but I sent a photo to the guys in the Attic or is you called the a neck the back of the building where we podcasts was a little kid so you really do people hate Joe the cat and if you and Matt there was there was there was pitching every week everywhere it smells like ammonia and grow cast members on the podcasts day does Jodi Katz day favorite thing was a joke and so you guys are go to 32262 Halo live-action podcasts to podcasts people come and go in New York Comic Con Kathleen Monte and Ray Michael go to New York what does that mean I don't know okay and then we're going to lunch I believe that Jeff Gavin and Ben Al deeby three man MCM I think they're like an internet portion of the expo at vidfest London Comic Con Comic Con this is really confusing, talking about Comic Con is not and it's not just a generic term San Diego Comic Onnit Something New York Comic Con and something fucking San Austin Comic Con is actually run by wizard world really and does it feel like you're not affiliated with her whatever I can't believe what I found at the con will be called call Comic Con which is San Diego Comic Con start a nonprofit organization Tony you're not profitable the proper sequence of the miles London School of economics the center stuff to London way in advance what is caught up in customs again when we have a month to figure it out so I just made it to the country it was clear that these are the most trouble to London in the next 3 weeks which is going to be a lot of fun the podcasts is affected if you're thinking about because we'll be showing something that we've never seen before at New York Comic Con panel how are we sure that questions elevator on an iPhone if not we'll figure something out mention but probably a year ago when we went on an adventure to get ice from an ice machine drunk and high toward the end of the convention and we the ice and just for some reason is in his boxers at this point in his life and then ice Flemington and my sister and I the peephole of the door 5 minutes a hotel room the plane I got to the airport and I was like what am I back here at the airport and my back is bruised will tell her my back is fucking assholes easily go to the three day long Studio paintball events where we will be at the middle the night and bring it out there first name of motion sensing automated defense turrets death Onnit in a motion sensor would whip around 5:10 directions to Walker movie vinyl windows RvB season 10 is that want to take two hours and 45 minutes is a long movie and we're trying to figure out when we're going to show this thing she actually will probably do another Premiere night at the Alamo were thinking we should probably cut it down from 2:45 to 3:40 Jeff Williams as well the kitchen music video I dare you I Dare You best paintball event that we would go to that's where I stand with my love affair with night vision goggles because people get in the middle of night and I had like a fit with TV on it and he was just in here and look and you can say it was completely black I just got a hold of you find her for the rest of the world was looking around behind me look like Navi shared and it was literally shooting at the other one across the field how many times for me to know it's not as for high school do I change helmets with the odd off their helmets with the wide receiver had to the tight end what you did where to bruise you have you ever from drinking yeah I went the first 25 years of my life and I never had a headache I never had a hangover I think I've had one and then I finally had a regular headache I have never been never really translate I have been sick in a long time and I knew it was like patient zero and everyone around 2 weeks are you sick I'm fine Burnie like I can't be bothered sometimes I feel like you just get that feeling I just feel like I'm not going to do it this time you can pick up that way anything. You're free I have kids or anything like that if you think the next if you wait for it it will never con absolutely not it would interrupt you if you do nothing else other than Focus just on the next one and just be ready for it just be ready to pounce like it will never happen and then you never have hiccups what exactly would you like what time jumped up started screaming and running around if I drink water in certain way I don't know I just drink it and every single time she never talked to me last week asking questions from the audience and interacting with the audience gets shot that was a big mess so we're not doing that we have Barbara right over here off camera and she is on Twitter right now I think it sounds green people tweets to pound RT Podcast hashtag RT podcasts I guess you would need to Tony can still come you can hold on don't call me in the weather but that has a weird accent about it life I missed typed the correct bit to the right when up with the wrong act weird the keyboard shortcut to three the independence Emily whip RT it was if you don't party and change into threesome with some dude I just met do you want to come along and unfortunately when it came up 4 months later and it finally hit him he was texting me God damnit how to London we discover that you can make shortcuts on your phone annoyed 8 Woodward the most when you're going to meet someone in a different part of the world you say I'm on my way but the abbreviation for the OMW on my way well my phone is on Wi-Fi thought you might like oh em W it like a capital o on my way! fit me but I didn't know that how to build a person supposed to shift and that people could you just text at the same time I feel like that's what you do at first I thought that it was pretty much 80% like I'll be right there in Los Angeles right now the Big Ben is because they showed it when you train with your friend you would hold the phone three back now that Siri is awful because this is a total we should find out first world problem and I think of this when I said the biggest problem is I can't find businesses that will take $100 but they won't change their problem but now my new one is Siri doesn't work as well when it's connected over my in car Bluetooth system because when I dictate to the microphone on the car it doesn't understand as well that is death personal problem but she's pretty good for a make an appointment and setting alarms but if you want a dick pic to her and have her in a transcriber to text you when I'm done AL East up my day did you upgrade to iOS 6 Jeff are you happy about that for the most part yes the thing I'm most unhappy with in the podcast app is broken and when you listen to hands podcasts like a rusty podcasts the pictures we put in and the links we put in our twerking yeah did you get the audio doesn't work the arrow point down early you don't have to put another phone call provider of audio books more than $100,000 table title across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is the road by Cormac McCarthy for free audiobook of your choice grow audible podcasts.com / Rooster Teeth that's audible podcasts.com / Rooster Teeth San give us what Mark Cuban came up in conversation before the podcasts Cuban company I forgive you 34 34 Productions they were the people who made the road into the movie with Viggo Mortensen which is if you've never read the road in the movie it is a post-apocalyptic Adventure but that's not really especially any kind of sci-fi you know it kind of look at the Book of Eli that kind of world where everything is just a little Western the traveling road trip awful terrible movie about a guy with his son the trying to make it to this horrible world and it's just mortified mortified but there's a package that is at the end of that book and I'm not going to 4 spoiler but it is one of the most poignant things I've ever read any book ever LOL Cormac General and some of his other books on audible.com but it must be something about his publisher because it took forever for his book to come to some of the leaders as well so hopefully. amputate and the duration and then of the whole lifetime you be able to see you like what I do three hosts what of this one time at of all the time zone three like what you do why don't you mail your food and then weigh yourself if I fit the toilet just as I'm going about my life the most strikeouts in the short. If you can try to call you to wake you up if you cannot track it there's no way for you to know how much your weight is changed why waste a lot of time sleeping and doing Tuesday if I came over he is what you and his family how big of a difference is there between food eaten and waste produced life what's the death on the toilet Facebook the hahaha finally Tumblr would be real what would you do with the information like if you found out this was a record-breaker rock climbing how many bullets in Lake Mead how much you slept compared to in another man the way that I do like the function of the fit armband show you of your sleep pattern and when you wake up or whatever even look at the name of it something you can connect to your alarm clock wirelessly so that when you're awake they want to hook you up I'm close to your time when you were in the bed for our Cycles at 6 the best 20 minute window to wake you up believe in which they keep referring to as the way they turn off the internet at night and they turn off all the phones and the wave back in your head like up with your phone anyway I guess that's what you're into is a widely-held belief in South Korea that if you have a fan running in a room while you sleep you'll die if I have the air out of your body when you suffocate fan death fan death belief in South Korea that an electric fan left running overnight in a closed room can cause the death of those sleeping inside all fan sold in South Korea come with an automatic timer to turn the fan off after a certain number of minutes in general scientific consensus holds that the hundred Knight too much wind noise Navi last week and I was going to be like this week in zero gravity the weirdest thing like this bloating feeling but you're right it is a problem manned missions to Mars and how long it was the effects of being in deep space for a long. Time we actually do get into low gravity not just zero-g but I actually and they like there's always a mechanism treadmill they would like I would like to vacuum and then they would just run on the treadmill there you have to do like a like a centrifical force thing like a hamster wheel to put someone on it and it creates artificial bit of gravity or something like that I don't know I'm sure they have smart people working on it then just me then we gotta come up with the word for that what is the word that is nice that people more intelligent than me have analyzed this problem and solve it you know how much people poop weigh Gavin think about that really logistical but why would they know how much the poop weigh is as light as it can be because it cost too much money and come from heaven the bring in more than the other complete with poop the food that they compromise every thought you have a fan blowing away every single thing you think about you don't have a hand gesture for poop I wouldn't want to see that level that you have for that birth control things that you think people are not what you think yeah I mean the funny version tourettes control the fact that expletive but he wasn't crazy people who are death and Anna cake that when they dream of talking in their sleep but still haven't found sign in their sleep while they're sleeping there stream cord and Playback stream because that would be fucking awesome Navi my own I wouldn't have to be with anybody else I have been dreaming like fucking crazy I know what I'm about to bring my wife crazy because she says whenever I'm taking the dog in my sleep when I can hear myself tonight you're way more peaceful that I can hear it just fills me with your and you're not in a deep sleep the wake is life if we have a couple minutes as we know it and we just wrapped up some questions I think Brandon wants some of the best of DVD which just came out the store right now and it's also available exclusively at Target yet that's our Retail Partners for the best DVD of RvB of all time ever. Tell you about it Siri if I say call Barbara dunkelman website call Barbara dunkelman three fit my car call Barbara dunkelman but it didn't work Barbara dunkelman corporate number Tony what are the most inconvenient part of her name question right I'm not country what you want do you want to become an American you can't get dual citizenship but I don't think you can stop somewhere else and get dual American citizenship I didn't get started American and get dual we talked about this once before be a little weird I don't know maybe go ahead because I'm someone who isn't going to pay anybody who do you want to go 4 Obama what do you want to pay to do a very careful my friend Grayson County Highway Gavin Campbell so that it's okay cuz he saying Al Green really every time in the UK help me look for prime minister in UK I'm glad you're not a citizen of London either miles to the Prime Minister every two years aaryn 4 years so yeah maybe 120 and then would you go but you and me back when is voting Day election day in the UK you really don't know you made it to the British school system in election day up down to the school when they don't have class of government in the u.s. how do you know that but you don't know when you got your own country okay what kind of your beers in a bar right there buddy you know what day in November damn and you don't know when you vote in your own country that's crazy to me I'm going to find out right now they don't know you might like a picture Wide Window you can vote and it doesn't matter if you have your steer boat trailer loading the America dissolve parliament will it was real it's typically on a Thursday that's what they say and a general election UK follows the dissolution of parliament by the queen on the advice of the Prime Minister of the day prime minister death has the power to choose the date of the election Thursday has been a customary day told elections since the 1937 election was weird in that one so it was live David Cameron made him prime minister in couple leader of the liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and made him that she prime minister the 34 people in the US and Clinton he never received nobody that election receive more than I think 40% of the votes because Ross Perot rain is a popular Independence during those elections and so would have to take some percentage the percentage in the Electoral College which I don't even want to try to explain without an NPR story the other day why are you listening to NPR you're fucking with me and Jack are going to explain that you don't actually vote for president electoral I think in local elections like a city of Austin stuff like for city council they're lucky to get like 6% single digits voter turnout in the last election was 12% what you looking at up Onnit who makes Alpha Brain for sponsors this week is having a sweepstakes if you go to that Onnit.com / Gaming website they are giving away some stuff I forget exactly what it is I think we're Halo 4 come up there on the screen you can say anything on Facebook or Twitter it says life is like con come on Facebook I saw the very first time anywhere it was followed con Pinterest I've never seen that anywhere and I wasn't interested girl Reddit effects of quitting drinking Reddit askreddit the last year Pinterest grow still coming like coming ridiculous like a hundred and ten thousand percent they grew enormously London 10 + 70 + 70% on board tweets up the internet using your PIN for your favorite that's what it is and what you want yeah you know people who aren't on Twitter they can stand in the way people are on Twitter it's like that what Tumblr people use Tumblr all day and they live and die by Tumblr it's a picture in a thousand people just like saying somebody somebody like this or reblogged it over and over again I didn't do it you're getting miles west of the church we spent the first everything in the podcasts did not turn on his microphone and why not God damn minutes of mic check San audio test Gus three minutes with a podcasts goes on he decided to go to the bathroom and doesn't turn it back on the guy you like why do the up in toilet like they do on live TV fucking talking shit I've been at work I've been at live Mike and said some stupid shit was like well you know I don't know what I said that you look like you know what was the voter turnout 2008 Obama's election when he won what's 56.8 mm for when Bush was reelected for a second term 55.3 divided the lowest presidential one I can find is 1996 which is Clinton second term 49.1% of the road that really genuinely shocked that I can look it up but Clinton didn't get 50% of 49% less than 25% of the country voted for Clinton come back in the second term I mean it Photoshop shut the fuck up I like the idea of forcing people who are completely uneducated to go in and start mashing buttons because they like somebody's name but the people who are educated and passionate go and do it don't make it out of the account that America became independent the English taxation without representation tax without being represented interesting Google why do they dress up as Native Americans to do that symbolize America what do you mean of America Google is it did the natives call that it's named after Amerigo Vespucci who was the first man to draw North America so when was it when was the name that was too bad I want to see in the mid 1500 we are live 1500 okay well I don't know they're probably many different Native so many different languages so is it one country to them invisible wall do you think it's invisible arbitrary line America to draw the state line we're going to make our state line retrieving word superimposing that shit like I'm Google will be like the first down marker in football of Independence what was slavery after the horrible things that was the time to do it for the war did it I think it was I think it was an election I want to say in 1804 where they know there's no clear winner and I think the Electoral College was created so yeah that would be before the Civil War 211 life that was very recent that's crazy well I mean I mean when your protein is 201 of you can't believe this happened in America but every civilization the British Empire was a massive force of colonization everywhere comic out right now and what the guys the Indian guy who is on Fox news they made it a total like Obama Obama Obama Obama Obama is colonialism imperialism because his dad was a British colony and was like everything about imperialism and the world for the message is trying to send it just in my opinion a terrible movie it's just I don't know if it's that way in America now it's like it's not really convince you of anything it's just hard to believe that you know that's my problem America people with their dinner parties and have the stupid people that we shouldn't even talk about it because been convinced me I needed absolutely right he convinced me to turn off My Fit Bit a fan page for me and I even know how to run that thing like you would like my fan page scription and my actual Facebook page the movie with the solution they had before where people wanted to get your update but you didn't want to stop driving like your photos of the report of your friends and your family you told on your dick voter turnout in the UK hey Barb will look in a second shot from of camera do they have the voter turnout like candy they make you vote for Jesus by choice because you said bye to her parents for the answer why my car might not have been of age to vote in the time it was alright here's voter turnout election UK real quick does UK have a higher voter turnout or less then I'm going to get hurt they have will have a higher turnout than 85% in 2001 Louis the voter turnout South River the story that there was that It Was Written in Welsh said when I'm in the office happy three English three translated to Wells for the sign of the guy was out of the office on vacation with autoresponder came back that was responding with the translations turn right turn down the bridge 07 fucking hilarious crazy if you do but I bit my tongue can I just use a Facebook and I made a post on Facebook which I can figure out how to change my profile photo and I couldn't figure it out because I put a picture of me it's what I wanted for the new one instead of my podcasts photo and everything everything and everybody it's like whatever you do I want to take a picture of myself and life and everything you do if you were running an election without without together would you both for yourself would you vote for yourself in the election what the heck are you running for prime minister would you vote for yourself what is meant to me is that whenever someone comes into the residence where they like the White House girl ten Downing Street go ahead immediately happy with live the prince is a tradition of outgoing administrations small pranks on incoming Administration and the President also leaves a note in the desk for the next incoming president and I think it's like man I mean if you like the presents really rely on former presidents were just like information about how we get stuff done learning curve of being president must be enormously hi I just learned on the campaign Trail the first year to the presidency someone girl age 10 years like this from being young looking tired looking all the time some kind of way College Station the name of the president that wouldn't I like Independence Day plausible deniability something one of the conspiracy theories there's something there still have two countries infected with Al you can't just immediately become president stream way as to be like it's a good morning I believe in the back of the face in for a colonoscopy and they really cut polyps out of his colon and George H bush was made president for 6 hours while Reagan was under anesthesia really yeah regular texting back or anything just like they were around them just did it I don't think no no they didn't call me on the phone let me know if the email update the secret operation run by the elite special forces it was the guy on Twitter in wizard live tweets about helicopters he found out about it was The Rock The Rock Life release date don't look it up make sure The Rock and the second thing is the rock Osama Bin Laden tweet best The Rock long before Obama spoke to the nation in the for me Alex report of the rock took to Twitter posted just got word that will shock the world land of the free home of the brave damn proud to be an American right now Gavin aaryn clearance but we were at war with them in Love mp3 for ever so Halloween is coming up pretty soon in a couple weeks you guys got any big plans fail even do anything how are you getting really big Holiday Inn Austin 6th Street world the clubs are they need about a million people packed in there for 6th Street and Lindsay we're getting out of the car in a car Steve and aaryn will be ok miles missing you would feel like the worst day ever I mean you think is true but you must work you end up with the girl when you first started dating and you abandoned her at Schlitterbahn Waterpark with Carrie and then it's Halloween you're jumping out of cars and leaving him behind aaryn to walk you home because you're feeling I like your friends and co-workers I'm with you every story you told so far there is one little question from the chat which is day have you ever had a really memorable costumes for Halloween and dressing up for Halloween at life it was pretty early on she was like yeah and you want the attention of your paper Walmart whip and it has red inside make it blue because we talked about it so much it has a navi grow I want to see don't I don't want to pull it up how many miles from Fleshlight still often spontaneously got offended last tweets podcasts because we know that grow the video at the end and they said that it wasn't fair that they had to watch that and I said well the women don't watch this San Antonio flight green Charlotte NC okay alright Flash the last ten seconds of memory out what you doing everything's progress report Shawn live on the air on Fox this week well they didn't mean to life in the country where we love life Leadership it was always yeah I never never never dressed up in Halloween for me was dodging eggs dozen eggs at houses and so the trick sign of Halloween as opposed to the side and for the treats I like their version Navi alarm clock RvB have like April fools was combined with Halloween like it was okay to pull pranks and if you don't know from being candy Halloween to being led to the beginning of anything you can be one of the most unattractive outfit in the world in reality a nurse is not Pinterest really dresses biggest like them crazy Minister where's the Snoopy print Fleshlight the most right about that ever and then you see a nurse for Halloween and it's like this white outfit with a red cross and a little hat trailer was and yes I do she really didn't like a funny question but it was the way he didn't like the outfit but what is the age when you have to cut off going trick or treating 1213 girl next to me it was like that's right you like my friend talking to me Mark Stover it started like you're getting in my face what would you do directed the fucking wimpy nerd I wish you step to me again I will bring you one of our reach to the lungs Emily Hagins she has a Kickstarter going right now 4 script that's about grow up Tony Philips some Kickstarter she's raising money for a new film purpose of your teacher when she like 12 - 1 - 20 years old of age of 21 is in your for speeches raising money for Kickstarter Kickstarter right now for it it's grow up Tony Philips will put it the link up and if you're watching this live out to eat it right now give a couple for their couple months ago I was looking for something to watch on Netflix on the Xbox so I thought I'm going to pick something random I was going to get down a bunch of times then I'm gonna hit you or to the right of your time from the watch so totally random wizard green when I don't have shit to do do you get it it was on the Depo shot I haven't seen this I watch pills pathogen called yeah but the documentary called something else like behind the movie School cafeteria so message me and said zombie girl is the name of it you are correct thinking about her with you to the monitor so we had several problems one of which was Jax beer for that we need the for Jeff I'm sorry but before you come back in the podcasts when you deliver the trim in the microphone area because I didn't and it was just rubbing constantly Con on the microphone here's what we do we trim his beard on the podcasts what we do we will see if we do it Louis and conditioning for suicide surprisingly soft it looks like a blackhead but I did not know that a little grip on it the noise the noise ghost pepper you have them in your pocket what is a World hottest ghost pepper spicy Watermelon candy ingredients sugar water glucose citric acid artificial coloring made of which lochia not to eat it I'll pay you 20 bucks right now Navi radio and it was awful is there life on day Watermelon candy I need an emergency anyway it was weird and artificial flavors like watermelon watermelon taste like watermelon flavored grapes Emily for like orange and grape taste like grape and we said that would be able to try it was weird for people to eat on the table in the process of it being unpacked and planted in dirty day today because I have to it's really nice but I'm like they want me to try it right there I'm sorry I'm not going to eat food pepper that looks like a candy Ikea Watermelon candy 5 minutes definitely not as bad as the real thing but I'm not going to eat them wow why did you do that Mind Over Matter mind over matter and world it's like the first pills and Jack listen to sugar water glucose citric acid look like the local Jesus Christ you are Craftsman shop grow give me the 30 seconds I will give you I will give you $1,000 or $1,000 you're not circumcised is remaining single blue Jolokia candy in your foreskin you know I really went out of his mouth and it's temperature hot no but I will say this though I think about Michael Jones whip germs or food or road or how are you doing Onnit won't catch up on its own if I mean II exactly so as much as I hate to say this but we do need to wrap up we don't about what is the word that you misunderstood for the longest. Latest in your life but with your friends or that he does what is Emily Emily whenever you focus on what's the word what's the word that for me I would read it in books but I never read it and if my brain comes across the word that doesn't know how to pronounce it will just look at some of the words that are there and just come up with it LOL and I are like that the first time I came across it like I didn't take them with me like how you pronounce that it was like John put on his model in your arm best of the best thing about this is that it has a crouching function that is not useful whatsoever you can I want to see ya. Armor armored tank weapon mommy Store app Maggie what was Maggie and Laura San Jose $75 gift card to Home Slice so we went and picked up a bunch of homos life before recorded today by the way I got in the mail I can't accept this gift I ever got me an iPad trying to get life definitely interested that'll work but I'm not keeping the iPad Al for first movie that schedule I sent it to Kevin Smith to have them get a look at it and I spend it with one of the props for the movie which was a baseball bat with a railroad spike through it which was which was Dexter's wife name grow to be death Melo trophies reset live cameras we need to the trophies we get to see if anyone would send something cool back and for years now valve has been promising to send something Gordon acceptance speech for getting me here we're going to provide you with the camera just finished your acceptance speech will play on the podcast and if not don't do it Whip It Happened kind of thing yeah you will never and I would totally do that sweets tourettes and maybe we should look at cameras to see if something cool back 4 years now has been promising to send something forgetting you get here we're going to pretend it's your acceptance speech and played on the podcast and if not don't whip if you want me to just look at what happened kind of thing Turlock California I mean I would totally do that sweetheart what to buy in the US right but if I let you know different you are you bringing two iPads back to London some people in my phone sexy public figure out what