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RT gets personal. Real personal.

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Recorded: 2012-10-10 21:51:56

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list of stores a podcast to my fable the Journey on sale now fable the Journey is a whole new way to experience the Deep storyline heart-pounding action and picturesque world of el game that fans have come to know and love about the Fable franchise built from the ground up for Kinect using the unreal 3 engine check out the best-looking Fable ever at xbox.com / Fable or by downloading the demo on Xbox Live to day this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Shutterstock.com find over 20 million stock photos of vectors illustrations and video clips for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 9 that's Rooster Teeth and the number 9 Gavin Jack Journey horse horse horse vs West Virginia in West Virginia University trying to plan church and I yell at church I just did some of my voice where if I yell at you yell my voice out every time and it's on the way age Baker watch Gus the bar to get a drink he gets so fucking mad so fast I don't know why I'm normally not like this when I feel like I should be Gus you're standing there at the bar with your money that you think everyone is looking at you and you like intro to social the situation for you and you just get panicky Struck it from completing my transaction when I have money just complete the transaction please complete my tree tricks to try to get ahold of Martin air like money Cash Out ready to go spell delayed probably my place after you put something about my accident when I'm yelling makes me sound really pump is on like something what is pretty good and never lets me down richest pain she was so happy cuz we passed a woman driving an Aston Martin on I-35 driving the car on the phone what's the car I like the combination of but I've never seen a DV7 run around Austin and everything that goes so so what growing enormous pickup truck I'm talking right now and everyone knows Flight Aware when you start to make a football you say something stupid and Recovery or the cover-up is ten times worse than when trying you're just like when someone pot in public and they try and hide it by making another noise with their mouth that sounds similar to Alpha David done that I'll be late but I'll try and make it some of the noise with my feet on the floor like this but look at what the other a part of that was reading my texts right away a weird dream like it was a mixture of Alpha Brain and Dexter have been watching the news of Dexter and idle weird dream that there was like I was at my house in my kitchen and there was blood on the floor and I'll try to clean it but it wasn't it was just cleaning up my 4 years of blood Remo's okay I'm at 8:20 for me like it sounds like he's feeling down there room in the head with a bottle of blood can see like the death of the but that's really how is that guy alive what the ladies like you don't really like fuck everything a thing is that you try to get her to like you passed out and lie flat on the ground to try and get blood but your head and if someone tries to set you up even if you unconscious your body will try and be back down like or something you're not richest flight the person is holding you up to get horizontal unconscious but you're just like me contact anything to do if someone is set you up on a chair with what you had on time with your body will make you lie on the ground what you passed out on a witch straighten out on the way home richest Ali a people and the people in the wedding party was packed out that's funny I have never understood why people at weddings pot out of 12 groomsmen and walk all the way down the aisle and stand there like an hour like my sister and my brother to have to make sure to bend your knees dont stand don't lock your knees give blood about going and you can pass do you lock your need it right now Lexington a buddy of ours Jason Tucker in Red vs Blue it was really short hate going to weddings that are like super long and protracted and they like them because it involves and it looks like it Fort Wayne apartment a ranch about having you will not everfi Joe the cats Kinect Pizza Hut Yukon of gay marriage legal cats outside what what was the name of what you give in x 4 in Thanksgiving give it to me the Harvest time is earlier than I was Atlas quit Barber about the timing of Canadian Thanksgiving and Canadian Independence Day Canada day is 3 days before July 1st the Kennedy momento what does it mean forward really and I got you got converted into Canada the country which sits at of America Joe is coming over to make his favorite equipment contact so did you see that Borderlands 2 did something weird that they look at their DLC a week early actually enrolled a necromancer today I got a flight level the robot think of the last time they put out by accident and then yeah the pain DLC come out for Trials Evolution that is awesome news. Question. What is the acceptable window between room and pain DLC depends on what kind of the about 100 and it was like an additional 20 minutes or so it was gearbox the download to get that character game that has a hold of it you know them personally I think 2 weeks what does this about their silent character kill the sarcastic slab weak after you kill all these guys as his character comes out a very sarcastically for you the opening sequence of the first Borderlands 1 The Cage the Elephant Song time of the Enemy No Rest For The Wicked medium people me know it sounds terrible of people getting rough with you that but the guy who did this one actually had a really good shot of it I was like the fact that when they say that was Sergeant Johnson saying that played in reverse and yes I believe it myself that's cool what did you not like you are so I can plan it looks cool you know we work a lot and industries to avoid every trailer and screenshots about day and night without 2 give me the trailer for a while back our meeting a few months ago how the hell did this thing and it looks really cool and I kind of dropped off the radar now the thing is about being in the room he's playing video games and your pain in the head and throw it into like an electric fence going to work Flight School Board when does kung shu dont for like 20 minutes flight control helicopter and landed on my foot that was great I just cut off game today Fable XCOM XCOM Enemy Unknown came out game X Games about that one was initially was the first person she working now with a third person shooter that Jack I Saw III like 2 and a half years ago and liked it looks like he's for the show some more of it it's like they've been working on refining and I think that was supposed to come out before the one this one's kind of game 4 different kinds of Gladiators Gavin range guys and like the big burn was the whole idea we can move people around with a little squares on Xbox One I saw you doing that oh my God straight for 3 days cuz I like regular Gavin Twitter just asked me have I ever played Age of Empires for probably nothing X Wing game what was it day pot locker Square One 4 you know how we talked about in the past Fable game so I think he was pretty excited to get this started Fable 2 Fable 3 he never got a chance to play Fable 3 I know it's early but I wouldn't storm stop we will Microsoft RT Fable tree there I need that there for like 2 hours Blaine Fable 3 I just went crazy on it like working for game I got Skyrim Skyrim for school and I was going to be different 20 hour let's play in Civilization have always played that really old game where you like pics quiz television and you can download let's spend a lot of time in game room the jester really angry but you know I just told you I really like you game on the Xbox One gold medal and I get a cheap mints for how long to play the game the highest score you can get in and of course you would like 907 cheap basketball Fable people to hang out with her starting a 700 made this old video where I found this one prostitute and Fable II who like to get black flight the kissy :-* of overhead like to watch black women love you too crazy happened precisely what it was like to send me some people just never so I've been having problems in my memory recently 1 on the richest terrible and I was on the site that I understand I'll call you a picture of myself and a dude dressed as a giant hot dog that should be something you would remember having to take him to the John as well to remember that how do I know how to my brain just got that not like the times when you get drunk can you be reminded and it comes back this is Leslie I don't remember doing it anyway it's all over the house show me where I was just letting you know I just like the person just totally alien to me before wing and hotel rooms at the fuck did you know that movie Jack Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick has very few I think Eyes Wide Shut might be his only original movie nothing but 2001 probably tearing paper and has a weird look and then the pilot was someone who I recognize he was the father from contact the the one that small moves Ali that guy was that he was a pilot City characters like big open-mouth at 3 Joe things and I was like kind of weird and it wasn't from Quantum Leap Quantum Leap between today and tomorrow Langoliers the world rhod stock also he was Ali a lot more recently I remember Jack and Elsa how many people game YouTube 4 20 Billy stock photos over 10,000 you ever decided each day. Dot com future of global image collection find images for round-the-world flexible pricing richest individual image packs or about the scription packages 1 atmosphere board mock-up can do that to download any image of any sides to go with Day One price of used you can not sure at your pictures the elect box that has been enhanced license access so if you want to ruin your image of Prince you could do that got excellent customer service 24 7 support that's going to sign up for you actually check it out the 30% off your package and the number nine ask me a promo code can you make it awesome password I want my things like 1 lightning one of my initial password hasn't changed I don't log in using Gus is awesome do you know the richest man on the richest man on earth a billion dollars Italian sports car made in 1 day how much would that cost you every Ferrari in every language what would that cost where is Carlos Slim Helu & family for the 69 billion dollar Bill Gates is worth 60 1 billion husband to be with it a dream is for them to richest tree and I asked him how do you feel about being the richest human being on the entire planet and it's just like I just didn't give a damn what point do you actually a million people asking about them trouble if you say that reply 20 years mother fucker like on a normal day enjoy Ali no a movie or a baseball game is like $75,000 just drive a brand new Aston Martin every day and everyday I crash into a $75,000 salary Pizza Looper can't wait to see Looper School a movie like about it is that somebody like somebody else primer next movie a topiary supposed to come out next summer David Caruso 1 color light green richest white lettering same the topiary what is a topiary topiary topiary.com a topiary Yvonne are you guys about Cloud Atlas sounds like an apple put it into it reminds me of the fountain which was vs gift storm Halo 4 came out we were going to be a little bit earlier than like seeing the final product was really really awesome or something Cloud Forward Unto Dawn is a live-action Halo series is produced by Microsoft the first episode and it's supposed to be the first or Halo 4 so you should watch it primer David Fails a lot of stuff that she happened to show me she's actually in the process right now producing a documentary about asking questions about documentaries around people getting hit by Microsoft contact I need to read the rules if you're going to do that but you can make contact but you can monetize them through DVD fails for now they bailed out YouTube advertisements as well or website advertisements that you can donate directly to the project which makes me wonder if Halo 3 Red vs. blue Joe the other a fails fails 2104 snot coming out his finger is turning red Gavin quit drinking website some point you're getting yourself caught in their drug of the the favorite new of noxious things I like to do now is I like to buy stuff and then forget about it and then walked back into the store I bought it and put it back where I found noodles in this country was founded in 1998 yeah I like 10 years ago 2 years ago by a difference in the world pizza with ranch dressing you do that it'll Jack you should not admit to that and that's something I don't do it anymore garlic butter whatever they come in the Papa John's Dawn Joe pizza people catch up on catch up the food room what your opinion is incorrect high quality I'd like to prove it I can never get a good sponsor for the pot what are we looking up what I'm doing Bush Fortune I think or whatever the Ali Busch beer I don't know I'm going time John Kerry married in time I told him sorry fuck a little bit awkward telescope 1 time Ali got home from Georgia to order the pizza and I she called me know a woman I don't think that I don't Gus to buy spoiled milk but I can't taste it so there's been several occasions where I had to go cats gone bad in my house and I like for today for glasses for drinking if my wife look at me with a disgusted look on your face medium material expiring goes bad it is won't be like is that unhealthy for you or is it is just take you out to the storm Dexter season 5 Kraft the forest holy ship the package under the coffee can mold cause skin of nose water corn fuck what are my events leaked like algae in it whatever we do every Thanksgiving we do the turkey that medium fry and that's like 5 gallons of peanut oil do I use for that I never know if it is expensive put it back in the container and put on the people dispose of correctly what I was talking about the problem who is afraid of something to talk about the goddamn podcast X over my Twitter feed for about 12 p.m. on Friday respond to what going on here we have to actually on Twitter last night I mentioned I was like hey remind me to pay my mortgage tomorrow and for hundreds of people telling me what is there another of my terrible memory I want to talk about me some joke about when I donate my body to movies when I died so I came home the next day ways your poop the fact that someone but she has to be there you know everything's taken by the way I just was trying to figure out the other night if dicks dicks dicks and more dicks was taken.com was taken up some of that it was just everything is going to come up with something involving a dick strep throat from 1 Baker College the one that's in charge of day just traded it yes we have a list of the papers by the conference room we can write down when you can use the conference room and what you want to talk about it right thing and every way tree right now but there's one thing we day a Friday fuck me in kerikeri cancel but he did really well while I was in Australia I miss 1 day early but he took minutes forward conference room meeting scheduled on that thing nothing 2 intro fuck John about for what was feeling that way for a long a musician and it will be on stage singing whatever you did to my website for his birthday a hotel room in London we register things way out like richest tree.com we have 2430 2 days before that expires tonight it's richest person in the world ever the name Gavin shirt of it it's really crazy because I mean with the name for whatever that is and I know people actually after I talked about it they were flight that it's working for them that was cool it was you on the other website you can go to Google Maps mobile site there's no Google that's what it is Gavin that was like $75,000 and you have dot.com it was $20,000 with a business analyst www.com gmail.com I'm like I'm not thread on this thing so it's not like a hundred on there and I walked away before or after how are you Gavin I think I was 18 or 19 I just don't believe Jack and I walk back by looking at this thing and it's got you Stephen he was anything tell me anything when that I can get Romero with a personalized for you I don't like that's pretty fucking cool someone at 4:15 I set the pin down and they said it's over that's it game over the Weak by accident forward to your company at your mom house who is Europe fuck did nothing for me Lincoln High School 12 thing that happens on the rez 2 fuck up account usage 18 - 19 1 High School lightning my memory is terrible number the first time and it was terrible but terrible your fly is down day just let me know what's up my college better than taking a really red Ali sexual term loosely about how Everyone likes grapes not a great Soul Austin food jump Inception Canada she was supposed to come by for a tour this week but I guess he wasn't able to make it after all so instead of coming out and said doctor doctor doctor what about room at the Inn Antwerp the black woman that was trying to kill an Irishman running a bar in X wrong and everyone in the hotel room and punch if there was just one great the size of like a good even though what is the best surround every individual great it was just once can you download it was 1 as opposed to multiple social the great flash would be good in a big bull I didn't think you better get someone on someone you look it up. Looper Joe was a dream sound that a cat makes for the front of the room throwing up on my bed which is the worst way to wake up for AMA growing up Cheetos different story blackout in my life was my friends jump Cheetos on my delayed I had a cats are not my girlfriend about a cat and we went out of town for the weekend we came back my pillow in her bed amoeba give fuck with you like coming by and then people would think everyone Google doesn't give me the number to search engine Friend YouTube for those of you looking at home you can watch this in the leap that alone would not give a fuck about the video cats that oranges size of a basketball about oranges how are you cats Jack when did day and Tuesday Hussein get killed 2004 Gavin for a few months before then like they were born probably three or four months before that research project Jack give away from Atlas like how many people die in a year in NJ number of the day I still have a lot of people the other symmetries I just asked you contact us what's the point of it what does that mean are they still at the point where everyone is dead anyway so what bull day 1 richest people in the flight do you want to be able to do machine to be to ride a machine 24 hours and then we can meet up I can use this from you 1 week of machine then after that pull everything out of me what x what everything we talked about a long time ago but the people who are in comas the give them quit messing with it Ambien of Robin Williams 1 Hour 1 hour and then they remember the experience they had when they were like can you say goodbye 15 years ago I was here the whole time and I want us to last forever dont Dot how many bench leaked a preacher weak of theirs I feel like the slow down like that quite 4 so that you know it's creeping Through Time but you were already not existing friends pain and before you were born that's what I always say at least 4 billion life ceases to exist at some point whatever happens afterwards like that's that's a whole other story but it's like the idea that you have a limited number of time on this planet will do but you know that's why a couple weeks anyway yesterday I was at the gym and they would like to go to the gym time and like you said I can't make it in the morning time I can clean it off you don't have control of anything other than what I would tell her to just stop okay but I mean what I'm doing like I TIE fighter spin the real wheel right I'm going to go right now you can have it if you want it navigate to open the door American think that the plane I was on his give me x to the 3 we talked the other day about just like three or four weeks we have gone a really long time ago flight from delayed I've been only three delayed flights now since we had that conversation Breckenridge downtown we were going to go to lunch one day we were walking out the front door with a long time Alpha flight right now is it mental the unbelievers pot people in the in the sky I still have all the time in the world what is the thing about that is like in New York in the la la la la will be when it gets there Stephen of the Galaxy where is the jet stream intro jump really hot I just hope you hold onto a bungee cord space waiting rooms right you go up and down of course you don't you 24 hours to get back to work 12 hours could be anywhere in the world 1 12 hours traveling yeah that's a little different there's an Airforce pilot Quantum 2063 leap jump like that they basically had a giant hot-air balloon and then put them in and I think a hundred twenty 150000 feet and jump down X it broke the sound barrier in like half an hour to come back down to the day when he could only tell he was looking like he was going crazy Pharmacy who got to the top of the name is Aaron and Eric they went to a place in San Antonio that I think it's like 6 inches is 34242 feet Florida which Beauty 1 cuz I didn't put it for the first time turn to the left I want you do that guy never happen slow motion lightning strike now pretty cool huh no actually I thought it lightning strikes from the most the time it's sort of like tiny little partially visible bolts of lightning dont like finding their way through the list and the first one to hit the ground then send the lightning back up this kind of like different pieces of lightning on the hits Wing 10000 everything of the West day can pillory pillory the word that Gavin pronounces to me the funniest yogurt X leap animation 4 script we work on day 5 that's why it's relevant there's a kid in the sixties high school kids decided he was going to break the record for sleep deprivation many things Randy Gardner and from there he didn't day Ali Supply hours age of for 8 hours and 11 hours and he was covered Ambien and for that amount of time but I'm trying to think about it I know you can we have a new show the casting for right now which were going to be shooting at the end of this month and then through the middle of next month and then they'll be coming out to the end of the year that we work on day 5 we should be not an emergency so that should be starting probably January or February how do I say and what I think everyone we have a huge crew that works here behind the cameras in the control room to get things out and thank you so much for staying late guys for all your hard work and take the car on the way a year in the Life Begins here so I've got a good three or four inches of clear that unless you push it then whatever Outlook