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RT totally manscapes

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Recorded: 2012-10-17 21:56:15

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the rich Teeth podcast brought you by Onnit and their natural serotonin booster new mood serotonin is a neurotransmitter which plays an important part in the regulation of learning mood as well as sleep and you move is designed to be the most effective natural serotonin booster and existence our listeners get 10% off and use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com /gaming list of sodas also brought you by the news Squarespace Square space.com introduces a new content management system make it faster and easier to create a high-quality website blocker online portfolio with professional designers and website templates optimized for any size smartphone tablet or computer for free trial and 10% off new accounts go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use offer code Rooster Teeth 10 lets Rooster Teeth and the numbers 1 and 0 hey everyone welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast we X no no we've nothing we just kind of started the first Teeth podcast Onnit than and tell him to try to see you New York now what was the first thing ever said on a podcast that was that was a bit of trivia we used at the Geeks Who Drink trivia contest at RT X first words ever uttered on a Rooster Teeth podcast User submitted songs which we have not yet integrated are we were back next week have a great one April 2011 and August 2011 the over you in so long song 9 you think that sounds just like hearing other song come on now music bed Gus police at like 1 x 400 podcast ago damn it did you see the middle wired mic this week so now I will ah, trusted not yet had any problems with on meeting my light just so you know Gavin 4 times a day if I have no coffee maybe once you're really congested have you I was just over there have you ever had a death case what does that mean it's where you sit down and in between but the toilet seat you're not pissing light through the front of the toilet to the door weird pissing scenarios that's all we ever talk about Nation on your own, but it just goes to in light ceramic but yes I have had that problem for and you often don't realize until it's RT on the toilet see Twilight that's what it comes up like this and it's fun to space back down as with all the Trap you had a bathroom accidents recently which witch is which reason why I was unsure if you feel comfort ah bitch was on the show I had like I guess the MLB 2K 12 Onnit was the story of the guy who won the million dollar challenge MLB franchise who pitched a perfect game and he'd like to study they got it all down in the hole Story how to get a history teacher I can't be nothing running shut up halo to do it to promote their games exploitable I can see the next Ali ah you're so freaking rich is because you picked the perfect game in a faith-based of my life pitching a perfect in the video game than light standard base salary baseball player 2002 can you get 4 and probably paid out over time what is 54/51 + of your off of your really the kind of answer that question does that mean they don't say anything when you win the lottery in Canada I think you can't win a game of chance in Canada it has to be a game of skill so if you win a game of chance to get your price you have to answer a basic arithmetic question about it please let me know if you want question for you when you are rich enough to play real Monopoly Barbara cook tennis? User RT Podcast use hashtag or pound sign or you think that Burnie Burns in looking at both call the pound sign here in America book people don't know what pound line does Felix 300 everyone inside bot rape culture in July I feel like it it is pretty sure you're right all the time be careful this is like ah I don't know what is in Fahrenheits at like 8 degrees 6 degrees really cold here it's like t-shirts you got it shirt is a v-neck the material is such an awesome it's going to be available on Friday so go to youtube.com slash 4 wheel 70 store at lunch that was much smoother launch as well I mean it's hard to have a really bad light with something so cook them Hitman what are the most used browsers 4 Reseda, Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer the part listen if you keep texting me or tweeting to me that honey doesn't expire lonely honey if peanut butter expire beef Onnit know what did you think I was just saying just a minute this Subway bucket and shovel it honey Ali awesome what if you keep dog food like your profile ID ah yeah wasn't any water or the salt water is like battery acid to them so there was some guy in the car who is the San Francisco San Francisco the alien for the integrated 2K in the in the movie Coneheads top level gangster characters was like a bill Shakespeare worms lets play District 9 dress pants with as yeah he hasn't really talked with you I think I feel like this he made a statement that was so disturbing so should I new blomkamp Neil blomkamp was the director that was tied to the Halo movie when it was with universal light and Peter Jackson was going to be the executive producer Peter Jackson was going to directed young kid it wasn't like it but first-time director was going to direct the Halo movie that kind of fell apart and he and of directing District 9 as a result which is based on his short called alive in joburg would you look up online Mo LinkedIn at school it's really cool anyway we went to a screening at the Alamo actually when they were working on I don't know the name of the actor that played the main character South African dude and Sharlto as a reference anytime Burnie at the Halo movie cost about what it looked like it cost about a hundred fifty million where is the budget Halo as ID x 150 hundred thirty million and he said yeah we made it we did it ah but we need to apply the same so we would have had $139 movie it looks like it was like 500 North heard numbers like that but I think it's alien light yellow joburg copper really wants me to put that video up on that TV amazing train simulator bitch motherfucker my browser as if they're both kind of crappy for some reason the Internet Explorer app that's pretty good PornHub replace all the ones we always talked about this dog of porn.com the 4 light Saga yeah somebody Onnit that's what it is that exact X.com ah yeah you think that's right I think the guy who and he had it he had it all from memory he had the website and it showed up and said that's my website now and they can prove everything and it was available less than light years and the domain was valued at like 7 million dollars full penetrative intercourse go ahead full penetrative intercourse.com what is the current record intercourse to work from here NFL scores.com know is not of penetration what the weather is like this thing on here and it's an article about a decade that is used to prevent penetration during sexual intercourse the Patent filed for this thing London relieved to hear that that is something that condom women put inside their home that has like you know how when you reverse on to the bike when you're like not like than a woman and pull out another way Dane and they're absolutely University five star painting wood paneling on a hard shell rape go in first with at Hitman in there I don't know why don't you just wanna run can you make the person know that would make a product that 2K I need a Reddit Kentucky such a way to come to come to prevent the penis and put it into the vagina during sexual intercourse thereby preventing the tip of the penis from impacting on the cervix and causing pain is a really specific at this sexy designed to solve a specific problem related to painful sexual intercourse between heterosexual couples when a man's penis is longer than average as for the woman's cervix is lower than average or the one you can inter uterine device these are related to motorized appointment for some is related to this there lies draping for the bore of a medical imaging system and unibody a stipulation in her case I don't know what all those are somehow related to this thing I guess are contributing to this Patrick motorized deployment system really worries me more than anything else in there Monica X BJJ no interest so I think at this point if you have any trouble new restaurant to a bar but I took the prisoner in his orange jumpsuit and Shackled up to the bar iPhone and drinks San Marcos police win the guys from my town real at the of the police showed up they ran out the back door does putting and drop him off and then go get that would be train coming little office window was down there licking high school and part of that was I had to Look Alot of police report alive personal injury stuff and they're worth like every police report was like constantly every word every other word was misspelled stations and descriptions of accident didn't matter like this is impossible how did this happen like this I don't understand I'm so glad I don't live there anymore Kara what are we going to reveal what we've been talking about off camera over here for like the last 2 or 3 Sharlto to the teeth on Reddit about the control room could put that picture up yeah that's it so that is a couch a rooster teeth couch I was teeth made by Kayla Kromer right there you may guys may remember that Kayla made the hamburger bed which was a huge viral hit the cook million family articulation opens up light automated horse that we should not have presently come to his office memory foam carpet girl on top but even softer someone could do that I would really appreciate it I try to be there just talked to our side but we don't have enough light for an unfortunately we're here than there sorry man it's going to feel good to be light the cat in that thinking about him and see if he can Felix jumping up there when it's closing that's why light weigh anything does Lake Compounce of stuff navigate to the Felix Baumgartner dropped out of the garden and I don't know what's up man I'm talking about what about the police and we talked about it before his first initial attempt that Gavin jumps out the video from his little we see the curvature of the earth what kind of accuracy you can have at this point I just feel like I'm going to go to probably be too much if you have light book the square mileage of the Eric and and from that point exactly where to land space and I don't want to wait an hour it was pretty cool try to drop out of space he was looking at the uniform and the tragedy did everybody Kara teeth by color preparing organizing this and executing and you didn't know it was red bull that did it I'm sorry sorry Red Bull case 4 pack to 4 pack of some kind of Halo 4 energy drinks and they shipped it all the way from Australia ah just as I thought we'd like Halo 4 energy drinks that they sell in Australia for those that can the kids spend $113 to ship that from Australia Dishonored San Antonio I appreciate it we will get to try the next door international shipping plays the US like MO the barbecue was dead but shipping stuff out every situation Solutions can in the UK for a really long time like a really cool one in in Australia on DVD is there a faster way to get to me in the UK and I took a video of myself getting each one I still don't know what I want I was going to make it back to the completion of me getting older email when you think about it I think it was Halo Reach came out he ordered it from Amazon or some place online and he didn't have a mailbox that is how they have like centralized mailbox if they don't have to walk to and so he went out there to get it one day the mailman Halo headlight fit in there is barely out of his mailbox book about the next day CNN cut 711 new and I think that's probably of the best approaches the cut it off and pull it out just watch the video after it was done book Ray 70 field I don't know if they have fun with things like paper cutting on the front of stuff to bring to lower in the atmosphere than you would probably think it was only like thought Hitman Spanish button down cuz I'm not sure if you're going 70 miles an hour is going to be very comfortable without any kind of mechanical device but every Breaking part of the scientific Community has these dire predictions as to what will happen if people could do that if and when they made the atomic bomb to hit a significant part of the scientific Community but small enough to be worried about where they thought the energy released that explosion was going to light all the oxygen in the atmosphere on fire so that it will just catch on fire everything is by lets turn supercollider of people are convinced to destroy the universe take off issue and like to throw it down with him probably double the speed of a bullet faster of winner yeah but everything Square video thing where if there's a bullet won't penetrate more than 18 inches and 36 inches of and back on the penetrations I know right caliber sniper rifle x 36 inches under the water space What like it if you show up on the bulletin faster than if you would still if you shine a torch the light will be moving it's just the same speed as if you were standing still thinking light is probably the approach of light Ray Price by the approach Ray 12 store Premier vs. make it up as I was going to say just kidding like the black hole just fucked up all the rules is a black hole in the center of the Galaxy 3 Man by color chain that every Advanced civilization achieve that then destroy that Civilization light blue State as the stern supercollider we should do anything to mess with that cost of that process of discovery will you make something that then collapsed as you're planning classes your solar system than the black holes always felt were still dating that prematurely ended their own their own solar system feel like markers out there write an equation that just winner poops that eventually technology will destroy it because it becomes something that light as a discovery like atomic bomb we're not to the point where we didn't have a century ago but now we're concerned the people going to show up in New York with suitcases with them but when we got to light biological levels or what if we could get to like what I mean fundamental physics decides he's going to destroy the planet we have to stop the scientific and technological discoveries that were making me have to stop because if we don't stop we're just going to tear ourselves apart and write their own devices anyway whatever it's like you know everything I didn't have access to the technology for harvesting and refining viruses and bacteria eventually there's going to be some that just the other day Bethel where you went through that Japanese space in Orlando with video did the video of when you're watching a guy eat another guy while we watch this is on the internet video of a dude eating another dude and light everywhere pictures of farms and shoulder and it's filled with other people and what's going on don't know according that's what everyone does now they're showing support by recording this I'm freaking out but then we tell them to do is get on the goddamn Subway man fighting and losing light rape guys the other at the home man eats man on subway Chinese man eats other guy on subway graphic for violation of policy there any other man subway train yeah usually that's got it Truck heavy stuff that I drive truck and I just got ripped off and killed by a ah my dress will be on the wing Dome Reddit it started over an argument over who Subway space it was eating him personally I would just want to die train status don't let things to see in a public place but there's no way hunted the guys head off no eats train to go to the Neil man fighting another man in the guys just that hungry why cartoon picture of someone like a drumstick for something to be acceptable it just has to happen and a form that theory when they had that you guys try to remember this but when he had the Monica Lewinsky hearings with Bill Clinton and you guys remembered that she had a dress and wondering what the dress was the Blue Dress does the president comes Dane with on the dress and she could take it home and stay there and then they brought it in it was part of the introduced and I thought okay this is completely unacceptable they were talking about the presidential campaign it was totally normal to talk about it anyway did like the shape of it I cannot it is completely unacceptable that there will be a video of teeth do black people Onnit subway train and they're one of me eating the other one and that I shouldn't I should never than ever but it is out there and that will probably be one more what is it in the last year or two or five times didn't even say like oh I gotta fight another guy and that's what was exciting biting if you bite them when you're done person swallowing swallowing where can I buy consuming each other and they're fighting it and then lighting up the pieces when you say they're eating it the distance for the lack of existence of a sexy Russell from Up dress cosplay but people have been sending us that now I guess there's a sexy Bert and it sexy Ernie costume that's out there there's a couple of a long time ago when I first started here I was talking about Halle Berry sexy Bert of the sexy Snuffaluffagus is brought to you by Onnit and their product New Moon new moon is a serotonin booster with L-tryptophan which is designed to help you sleep get more store to sleep and enter a better mood more relaxed day I've never had a problem but nothing that we talked about that before I can sleep in a heartbeat Onnit.com last game and you sister and you get 10% off of your order so big thanks Onnit and their new product chain imagine what this is going to be able to see me Shazam in the song cuz I don't want that what is Shazam I didn't know that 2K by your work you don't know what song is playing part of the American Heart of the sea trailer I just like a song I know that sometimes of light alien and the band was having sex right while I was filming it and I was like who is this how to say man as well but I will love it either video guys you worked on it and you don't know someone's name and the cut Eagle plays with your Wi-Fi the first year went to them but I can go around with people who don't get that and they're just like oh great you don't even bother asking the name of the first ID hi I'm Brad and I'm Gavin nice to meet and then immediately I just didn't listen don't forget instantly got a new little trick that what you mean is there anything that you like to be called works like a charm or like what chain is your name and they repeat the name but using that than a light when someone Gavin Kara Burnie see what I mean everyone but it's really bad as the direct source of energy ah my goddess go to work at this company yeah well I was being interviewed for this thing walking the background of the documentary guys be like hey just thought I'd look around and then someone else went through and they're like who's that Alice in Wonderland I was downstairs in the morning and the only person there was Ray and Ray went X of the package and I walked up and I took it from me and Ray guys last name and how to pronounce his last name book train ticket for New York Comic Con and I put it over is it over did you portware what does clear travel what Square travel for the trusted traveler program you want that phone and use that opportunity to use like your truck in your profile truck but I'm going to give the phone to a flat screen and they're going to know how to accept it do you want to work it out Reddit I've had it on my phone like with the boys if I figured out and I still come over I was doing paperwork getting really nervous about it who was the first one to come to traveling like everything has to be done in the same order the same way I don't know where's all my stuff was gone behind you in the line would you do it I'm worried about you I realize you have to call me supercollider here extreme president comes of that kind of thing I know and it makes me feel better about what are the lines light I parked the car got to the clock in my carry-on as soon as I lock my car that's what I like him to my pocket for security I was make sure I put my license on my boarding pass of the same pocket and everything goes when I came out of my pocket of my backpack into one pocket and I know and organize everything what's in the light of the day we're trying to find my keys before I left the house and I just couldn't find them there I was convinced they were no longer in the house I know I drove my car to my house my truck and the house I know I got in the house I was there but I was just I couldn't find my keys anywhere and I was so fucking angry after 30 minutes looking for my keys I was like I want to I lost my keys I know where my keys are at all the time and put them in my pocket I've never been to the UK American UK house never needed my UK house key when I came here and I took it off my key ring but the US case Onnit and then I just think I like you Cherry light Pistol Annies lets me in front of my house in like 4 case my friend gave me when I came into anything I'm just giving them to people store my clothes and I do this thing where I turn the hangers the other way when I wear them like a one way and then I say okay over the next month I wear clothes when I hang up the opposite direction and then at the end of the month is always closed you don't like to have sex when I hang everything up and when it comes time to pick clothes in the morning I just pick whatever on the score of the slow and I was working my way down the entire row that way there's nothing I don't think you're crazy I should tell you how it was Redondo in the middle X Kara Subway Chomp bed chain chomp case where someone had sorted all the books by color and it was pretty God damn cool do you think that guy who was eating a guys Subway was just taking Subway slogan really really seriously depressed Subway eat fresh no worse no like a George Foreman grill with than anything sister book another time Subway book Gus District police ID it's not that I don't trust people I just want to get through just want to get the security to minimize that beautiful iPhone to do it it's going to turn red and turn green and they go no you have to leave here now Neil winner travel with to of 200 other versions of you in the most movies ever to get on the plane book sorted by color looks like it's really cool I don't have any red book in my house I don't have anything anyway do we Sophia WordPress your feet aren't even mean it like that either I think it's to do with you things like when you tease me like teeth if you teeth on one side but not other I think it's likely because your head differently chain on one side the chiropractor did was give them at like maybe some pay for those bunched up and put it on the side where the teeth because that's not on one side and on the other and when they did anyone else teeth Eric Holder like really something wedged it so that was pressure on the pressure in the case stronger and stronger I think the relationship between density and the rest of the paper chiropractor in Seattle it was a girl we talk later 4 when there and I found her in the street walking out of suburban neighborhood street we run into her and she talked about the top Eric the atlas in your neck that's what you want there's a cervical cervical vertebrae are the ones in your neck G Bungie always has book so that the top at least that very few on the top vertebrae apparently if you can get that adjusted light changes your whole life Gus Michael on how to fix everything light lady light light manipulate that in light Kromer video collections to be in rainbow colors Kromer course the person who made the posting and it takes me forever because I'm doing it while I'm on the phone I'll give you a break close to the international bed right now now Square space.com it's faster and easier than ever to create high-quality website blog online portfolio Squarespace as Unified Service for giving you everything you need to create and maintain a professional looking website from domains design development hosting and support there's a lot of talking 4 basically it's a really great it's easy to use service where you can use you can create your website by just dragging and dropping elements around you can upload files you just drag them into the interface they go straight and there are the coolest thing I saw is that when you drag an image to create different different versions of the image so that is someone visiting your computer tablet or phone and display the appropriate size image resize everything dynamically it's really cool you can check it out for free of using it right now and check out my mobile device so you can Twitter Facebook Google+ the ground up so I signed up for free trial account and you don't even need to put in a credit card if you decide to purchase you don't care if you can get 10% off your first year purchase receive a 10% for a mother cook for a whole year for prepaid Squarespace to keep 10 it's really really cool very high tech website no one of the things we always talk about it and all this other stuff let me know so able to export 4 WordPress site in the name for district Squarespace and then you can like lay with you like I want to because I don't feel like going to end it Mo distracted over and it automatically creates the page so it doesn't really pick up on their own website shouldn't rely on just YouTube 4 Tumblr or for the Facebook and Twitter you don't have one and thank you. what does any place where I have stuff I mean how many do you have now hundred and something million okay so you still get the point where it's like it's good to have in Richmond it was a hit million subscribers 100 million views 100 subscribers channel in the world at the same time cracked the top 100 yeah he's doing your backyard it's not right but um yes I mean we've always loved the fact that we always been if we always had a job site so people always do that and it doesn't show Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and they're great but five years ago it was space tripod and Nation New York in bed any change you make the change you decided on Tuesday is that right now somewhere in the world Tila Kayla still has a million miles she got a million million tequilla Myspace made the Liberty plays that she got to him million million but the world just moved on from my space Twitter well I don't actually on Twitter and into a million followers on Twitter wasn't even CNN it was just some guy who wrote a bot that would replace the headlight from CNN on Twitter how does the 70 bus on the internet that Faces Sometimes find each other and have conversations with each other and with 23 47 bot talk to Cleverbot of it. Have you ever done anything but I don't think it's MO really I didn't x what do you think is your favorite Twitter accounts of all time there's some really funny people that look so CNN has not as thick million subs and CNN breaking news has 9 million 9 million I think my favorite one is Samuel l.jackson have everything he's doing his head down to the lower level and Squarespace and then taking a picture of his face every time for some reason I'm going to go fucking crazy looking for photos as close-mouthed as I'm going to go fuck and I just want to send it to me that's all you bring it up please man so hopefully many people should not automatically sister the richest of Reddit Maryland gaming 1 Reddit user who got outted by Gawker violet Performing Arts Center and it was like like underage photos of girls in jail Dane Chomp there's also what light inside photos to the public and apparently he was like a military dad and labs and they found who wrote an article about his real name and as a result it was interesting how to complete the Reddit admins were in the early days with him like they viewed him as a respected you fucked up shit other person on the inside what did he have that I don't expect that they would rely on someone like that for assistance in light of the community Ray how is because you have free speech in this country and I don't in the UK you can basically say anything you want as long as you aren't inciting a panic pentatonic on the internet than light white wife and Ah that's New Wave Internet the limit Free Speech weird thing people always say older infringing my rights Free Speech you actually don't have the right to free speech in like a private business or anything but you don't have that right it said the government can't do it but other people can borrow your right to free speech on the outside of it new infringer building after speech but if you're posting essentially child pornography which is what this guy was doing isn't that illegal light photography provocative pictures of underage girls how is the blind of a walk it was it would get these pictures from the girls profiles on Facebook Patrick Martin scorsese's Jodie Foster was an underage prostitute in the movie Taxi Driver no she actually was 13 alright you just bring the camera with you to anything you wanted to tell you little as it looks like people who shoot movies are always amazed when they come to Texas and how you can chill for the camera anywhere and everyone's like oh that's cool it's a movie that's right you did try to do that in La it's a fucking nightmare all the time people hassling you. You and I should get a permit to shoot wake me up at 4 many prophets like there's a bureaucracy involved with it and that's when it gets worse when does it become a thing that when is the girl from like I'm just making a video with my phone to know you're in a production and you need permission to do it I don't know I really don't know the last time we were on a train in Melbourne running around the city like color transportation and someone was taking pictures in the train and the train driver stopped the train came back and told us we couldn't take pictures on the train security purpose of the London Underground video photography custom ah we got to that we are the best thing that one at the end was like we got to talk to you can I stop over time recording. I hate the fact that Gavin will record everything in life has never been the same as if I get text and stuff and sometimes I'm holding when I told him someone and it just girl with light than I like it fabled alive you should always makes me the most recent photo as your cover Reddit cameras have to make a choice too it was a long was in Japan yeah so what was your issue is this notion that if you're in public is totally acceptable two people can record you are take your picture or video you know it's like and I don't think it should be the case example there was an image posted on Reddit just this week and it's my sister was walking by fraternity house photo of two people having sex on the balcony of some fraternity how early in the morning it's probably pretty drunk and everybody and their punishment in the public you know you can't you can't let that happen and that person posted on Reddit that you think it's totally acceptable to do that people should be doing that in public people wear all the windows were completely everything sister Patrick everybody breaking in real life I knew that you would really be something that would take pictures with everything every other Dane Cook B&E space Avatar case that would be totally as he told me it was like I kind of got Avatar I feel like you put the cape on a chicken shirt off or take pictures of you the best friend and I appreciate that bed though so hopefully we'll see and I think they're going to come together video You're Welcome in chain so didn't you all have been filming fucking Lets Plays all God damn day and I haven't seen her all week now so like ours today iPhone for about 2 hours but never left the alien on his face Tower of pimps in the trophy that we get and I'll let you alone and we will still have an actual real well tell him to sit on a desk and today I want to tell him it's the first time which video is going to be alright I just submitted to Reddit and are gaining subreddit creator of hamburger bed make a teeth couch for the guys at Rooster Teeth and I man put his Lincoln Journal Star front page hopefully that'll work out news what happens if that's even better stuff that people know you can stuff your posting you more just like to the community did I just say that if I can use that hundred thousands of women I never saw any photos of any of the naked if you think of something else like that just photos of you have any but I know it's never a good idea because somehow it will get on the internet when I was in high school if there was somebody off the charts like that Houston and on everything now it's like everybody have naked photos we would have been altered Burbank of Reddit the other day for $1 called a doppelganger doppelganger it's where people post pictures of girls they know in real life for celebrities and people that don't go to it and it's not safe for work and they take out for store pickup pornstars that look like you slow wow that is Sister than me and you know how I know that it is going to the pictures me know yeah I guess I would like is it everything you typed it in wrong click the link if you're anything like me you're actually meant to go Kara wow check it out they put up a photo of a woman people into the ground you have to help her become a part of the women I need somebody somebody that guy knows what he did to be so like I would sorry Barb sorry I would have a picture of Barbara commit to be book that was funny I opener I have no idea I'm sorry that I didn't change it I'll let you know bed by now my English measurement for condom lets you put in stretch out of your head District in train yeah right condom on someone's head with a long time I was like whatever falling down Wisconsin now so whenever he was taking a deep breath and just saw the war and you can't breathe and that's why I was having a good time why can I see the main page but there's a problem with the website we make them and then they get pushed to the front page but invariably I always make a typo or something or broken link or something preview change it it had to go to 5 minutes to update little thing where you can hang out there for a little bit so I just put the link up to Reddit on there so if you want to see the pictures Gavin page delicate Reddit that was taking the pictures hopefully make some extra cash in the next new Redbox new releases and on the nights we do little extra man podcast texola I've been playing the shit out of some video games even when you get out of XCOM yes I've been playing the shit out of faster than light that gave you I just it's like you got to go to 8 they just write you up store sister star system and you have to go through it like my Galaxy but they are can I get the 7 system at 4:23 to get ready RT reached okay love you get to the final Galaxy Mo and then there's more stuff to do to reach the last boss no we still have I still have about you 2030 minutes to plays Monopoly for the game was so much stuff on the Tila Fable 3 become king or queen whatever like halfway through it was so much more to my liking I think I'm crazy I'm totally read my mind about what kind of game and it ah I have that I had so much X Hitman I guess Hitman to Halo Hitman 2014 Man of Tai Chi REI contact home that lasted the Bowl Appetit party lasted for three weeks 3 weeks to shut my door and I'm about to eat labs with it in my hand and then go have you been man been updated website to unlock other ships yet or you still busy Square One game 4 space ship simulator reply from one and delete galaxy to another and along the way you fight people you manage the people and the systems on the ship feel like or any more power to Shields and to build a better gun a sound recording lets play it one player you can write it up I can come G police and we did a little bit of a hint at an upcoming show called Ruby and we'll be talking about that a lot more in the future and tell if it's been in the works to tell people is not related to any other Russia teeth production is not easy it's nothing like that just like Halo style than likely not like my comment on the style of it the animation is awesome animation we play the shows 4/2 - teeth Reddit at a big milestone coming up which would might be related to the end of the current show that's running RT Barbara blue we have to be careful make sure when I just are you making more Rivers blue.com Friday when we leave Walking Dead season 3 has begun to watch it fucking bad-ass I'm getting caught up on homeland right now new show about the electricity just went away after working I'm done with TV condom price of coyote pelts drinks never do that text Dan I'm on Twitter like I just don't care about it patio punch make it sweet it makes me really not want to use Twitter store read your feet right light to you and all your replies I bed but not everyone you can even read in their place Revolution that we should watch it what is the 60% again you talking about what we want to know why do you tease at what is this big speaker chain that you can talk about what we talked about I guess I guess what time book new of the Season Barbara Bush how many episodes are in the season there are 22 Episodes there's 3 left I think Matt made video in 1919 territory where plays between 19 and and one was 23 who was also 19 season 3 episode 20 2314 longest one I think it's Longer Now correct the longest movie ever made Halo 3 I like to Gavin X cleaning poison wrapping up here drink this Ali Bey tell you what you told me barbs and Kara all went out to drink and take a photo show and Jack have been to that bar 20000 x woodrows light across the street from it that's the way you have to have every drinks that can rather than Kara District go to bar one x 70,000 followers on Twitter just like everyone else 95% of Twitter accounts have less than 100 human how many followers does light Gavin how many phone Eli Wallach with me talk about 12 Halo as next week yeah I was just the other day I was drunk and I was looking at you the whole time I was like I should buy my jeans so I go online I'm drunk or something if they come at us like the skinniest jeans in the world skinny jeans until my pool has to be cut even and then I need the freedom shirt how much data do you save anything at all do you trim anything TNT right now like a fucking not did you do anything because you are a caring mother no you don't you little baby it's really bad couch that thing is awesome but your video of the word actually be on the lookout to show Ruby course all the Austin achieve final episode you like them over there Train Shop