#189 - RT Podcast

RT busts its nuts.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-189

Recorded: 2012-10-24 23:00:10

Runtime: 01:38:15 (5895.72 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Miles Luna, Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

what episode of the rooster podcast brought you by Shutterstock.com find over 20 million stock photos of vectors illustrations and video clips for 30% off your new account go to shutterstock.com and use offer code RoosterTeeth 10 that's rooster teeth than the numbers 1 and 0 list of sodas also brought you buy the new Squarespace Squarespace.com introduces a new content management system making it faster and easier to create a high-quality website blocker online portfolio with professional designed website templates optimized for any size smartphone tablet or computer for free trial and 10% off wakowski to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use offer code RoosterTeeth 10 that's Rooster Teeth and the numbers 1 and 0 the podcast this week Michael Miles and Burnie talk over the top of each other unlike every other time not Trap Regulations check my phone any plans for 200 do anything special coming up I did not Hampton Inn 3 for $200 on a new house 3D the point of a jack video podcast will be the point of that I can figure out what's up dead yet like the Quest for 3D bowling ah I mean at this point what filmmaker goes that this movie is good it would have been better in 3D Did You Know The Avengers was not shot in 3D it was shot in 2D the extrapolation thing that they do and they're to do all the Starwars movies so I don't have to worry about anymore the movie in 2D and and make it 3D in post used to be really City then proved it wasn't like this. 17 able to play 3D games on it 3D White to me is like it's all the graphics on a video game it's really cool for like the first five minutes and then I don't even notice them Black Ops 2 3D I know for a fact into Arkham City 3D exactly what is in 3D on the 3 shots going through like a the inner workings of a clock watch that movie I watch the movie on Zune the washer trailer and it's like I know it was about us cool to have a clips from like the other trip to the moon that really really old black-and-white movie with the right glasses that come to our little ones are like paper like plastic and get the charger I have like a red and blue glasses in the fucking box cardboard 230 box prosthetic GLaDOS see if you have something to treat it with care you know the cardboard and I walked into the office and walk to the miles like miles really to check the air in your tires yeah I can you really tip Dawn I would too I went downtown to the film festival in Austin and so I went to go see a movie at the Ritz which was the locally-produced film but then I went over to Parramatta and I still do David O Russell is he's the guy who did three kings and some other structures but when he got in a big fight with George Clooney on the set of three kings not to throw punches and everything horror film with sparkle Burns and yep Spike Jonze and cleaning cleaning directed on with Jason Schwartzman to look it up on IMDb the meeting come up with the name quick attack of the movies was alright Appleby TX big hole Battlefield Los Angeles battle Los Angeles Black Ops box Captain America Crysis 2 Dynasty Warriors 7 and Flaky forward Gears of War 3 every Lantern Happy Feet Two in his entire Avatar that and some other stuff is interesting here for whatever reason or is it 3D games Burns I'm coming up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 it says on here Combat Evolved Anniversary might have been 3D I think it was thanks for your and Ghost Recon Future Soldier I was going to be an early list Point 2 weeks out for Halo 4 the next trend is higher frame rate movies which I can television which of The Hobbit is The Hobbit the Black Eyed Peas Expo the good one in Vegas where they take the film to Market they give me the 48 frames Dawn and a shot at that way but they would not show and 40 friends that should in 24 frames cuz I didn't want it to be like what everyone talked about it we can't wait to move there actually don't necessarily like it but I've got one of those High refresh rate TV and it's really unsettling I finish it I had to go to the settings to figure out how to make it look normal but I bought a 60 inch LCD TV and I know it's like nothing but it's like perfectly clear the whole getting headaches for it the storm waiting to see what they would like to see shows movies art look incredible everything Sharp video tattoo bad but yesterday the first time when he and I was like everything was a little bit off like they had to adjust to Expo Dawn the personal I just knew that it was like everything is being extra kind of city was David Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper in it later in November it was awesome dude that was a great movie Cloud Atlas and it's interesting to look at with a group of people 2 but um yeah but the Cloud Atlas you know I think it's like a bunch of people three different parts with you for some reason three Dawn you like to watch a movie was like okay cuz I have the movie theater with the big comfortable Witcher 3 where and when to watch match point struggling myself like Wednesday or something and all the seats were already sold out for the weekend and at the Ritz you can actually reserve seats on the balcony so I was like whatever it was like 40 bucks but you have to reserve to Butler you got free parking south end up being the same price anyway so I reserve them with whatever in it first like act like you know the pre-screening whatever but I've already bought the tickets anyway but you go in like the projection room stories the couch Butler that Cloud Atlas I learned something interesting and that is that these wakowski are apparently extremely happy and very defensive of the last 2 Matrix movies really like they don't often do to and as because they don't want to be asked about the second two Matrix movies because every one of them in particular it's really like up last Matrix movie that I think you're great movies Lana wakowski Linda Lana last known video podcast The Matrix movie Tex change the topic of conversation we kept getting cold out there 80 / she references and they didn't know what to say and I didn't think it was like even if you bring it up it's automatically considered an offensive term Minefield where you can watch and talk about how stupid because to them and how they should be genderless pronouns the Kennedy Center 1 in like a college paper in 01 w handsome it's hard to compare it to you and I have been talking about the band boys reasons remember there was only one sentence plot to take over Gotham was that she's super simple but that nobody understood him like not ever does Bruce Wayne have first one right away if you don't live at home Jesus Christ my grade if I got them dark ash it's off the trailer it's basically if you turn the brightness on your monitor up to a lot of the first time we start getting the shit kicked out of them for like two and a half minutes like a baby shotover Tony and pepper pots laying in bed then someone rapper in like Throwdown to not eat at some point you're this podcast we're going to also will leave to and show the trailer for the documentary that was me Burnie the car I got it I'm sorry to happen on camera to make it work for me learn to drink the first microwave people art and watching and will link again so I think it's called infinite I believe what it said I should check it out they spent a couple in the office doing interviews should be pretty interesting sorry I didn't mean to constructing Iron Man opportunity in Iron Man 3 in Mandarin Mandarin Iron Man concretize it was super City villains in comic Iron Man was the villain like he was an alcoholic actually every villain with somebody who took Tony Stark's designs and then made another power suit and then put him in his kennel I like you do I need to do with anything just me and you kind of go yeah and then she said oh pretty woman the first one but then the guy they got to play in the first one isn't apparently not the kind to throw not been Kings Ben Keith Urban Kings Throwdown Kings it wasn't the same as the Ten rings with a terrorist organization that took another to do that and he was the leader of the 10 Ring I thought they're setting up the man reported it back in like it it's cool in the Tim Burton Batman movies they had Harvey Dent in the first Batman movie remember who was the black dude was going to I call it I'll take it yeah do it do it dead big Dead poster Need A Doctor red the Batman comic book just got out of denim Jack this like Benjamin to Bruce Wayne was a good piece of shit like angry old man like he would you and he hates his life because I choose where they can patch you slapped it on and you got like fucking high from it there's a gus when do the spawn like a million of them and he got looking crazy I must say it was like Game of the Year Edition terrible box art great game but up here where is spawn awesome visit if the coordinates of beyond the war and the story is 50-50 Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon and you get to see this really humanizing side of Jim Gordon he's out he told me still to show its Jim Gordon Bruce Wayne and you get a little bit of Selena Kyle and her back story and then you got like comment and like Gotham but it's an option and it on series on HBO watch their little was red terrible twos Ash I don't know if they work yeah City not knowing that that's awful but what they doing out to a lot of times like if they have like an exclusive code that the games are like a store like usually if you buy from Michael evil on the game Walmart Lynnway on when you can take the sleeve out and flip it and go printer ink they have a chance to look like a cool like was the art on the inside like parts of it were stolen from another artist Star Wars galaxies like this one like the taste of Italy yesterday GLaDOS and Wheatley like those characters very very well the boys at your place that's what you plan not sure yet what the hell red webseries in Hemet CA it's rising fucking crazy I like I like Burns or something quick like him not doing her side quest complete the plan character are you the Trap stop it's pretty damn funny Michael first kiss Halo problem the shortest that was a double rainbow whatcha doing a lot of references and Ash Bash 2015 to photoshop of Mitt Romney's son as a resident rivets appear like one here is just like that match on whatever character you play with the attachment did you play as in Borderlands 2 playthrough and I'm playing a mechromancer know which one you like better Spider-Man coming at you no matter what but if you're anything else in your spot thank God thank God that I have the Facebook thing yeah we try to teach and Gavin didn't know you was that trap is fucking cool man that's cool and I like you upgrade the deathtrap bigger and bigger and more blue hey just love the pic Mark everything is traffic marking it to me I got a three bedroom point in March visit 2 more like can get marketing around tomorrow really is that all you to know I games based on his recommendation is talking XCOM in Enemy Unknown and it's like the new version of that Kane millions and Laser Butler specially like 2 different games you play one for you your base good in in to where you actually think your squad out man if you Squat and do alien combat do there's nothing worse like so you can as you play the more more to get more skill in them or at least he is talking and nothing is worse than losing one of the guys you've had around for awhile that's not only that media Colonel may be a major you know maybe a couple of lieutenants need a couple sergeant and then how many of each class do you have the most Knight assault support he's a badass dude I love bring them into the pool house okay I want to be like first strike that's true but Michael wouldn't do that 19 Parker Plaza Twitter eternal life for everyone forward Halo 4 Michael 3 bumper Assassins 3 trailer coming out for it and that's what I mean can I can try to help out here and shrimp hold him from birth until the point where he kind of quit doing what he was doing okay with never touching them again hey dude running where to buy discount or should I go ah but I just realized that I don't story Uncharted came out I feel like there's a lot more third person cinematic games were just fine if you want me to Great beautiful it looks like everything is far too much of a Games 2 Watching The Dead Space 3 trailer the Tomb Raider trailer and the Lost Planet 3 trailer what is the worst man alive not as good but definitely close to the first the first game is fucking forget that but as far as actual gameplay goes I do agree with you the first one was better George the chili King Soopers television in the Anaconda player and protect us both know that thing there it's not going to be as big as a shock to how do you take that up to the next level a lot of games like Resident Evil 5 I want to sound like it was a lot more action what Dead Space 2 did was yeah there was a lot more action that's going to happen is now kinda knows what he's doing so much more in this one interesting guy and a lot of time 2 more crazy stuff that's fucked up stuff you saw like the game would change and you weren't sure if you were seeing stuff that was real Kyle on when I was 8 I remember when I was when I hiked over to Mike Tirico and counters and if you play the game you cannot escape death and you die and it says would you like to retry but it's fucked up and I was here but I don't have hands behind your back what's going on dude when I call you I'm here to meet Brandon Chris I've got my laptop with me that's cool that's cool so yeah but I won't be back for half an hour so get out you can't do it like me no yellow the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door I'm usually one of jumps off and enemy yesterday someone showed up those incredibly important that I did Squarespace to the uniform domain design development hosting at the Squarespace give you freshly design templates to make your website look exceptionally kind 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either if you do it by month to month or whole year so go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use offer code RoosterTeeth 10 it's really cool really easy to make a website you literally just click and drag you would have to be really stupid not to figure it out so blue Squarespace to sign up for credit card sign up something that you really stupid wasn't in your nose Gus I both made a comment that we both tell the story and we told him so many times that they succeed in gear probably tell those stories like the one on the computer and then unplug it so many times so many things Forward Unto Dawn and you feel like you're peeing yourself 19 in the mail so they know the stories as well big important on the 3rd Guardian the way the way in the way the way that things are revealed is all I'll say wow that was like a lot of web series okay I'm actually originally interested in you Red 2 live action web series Kings shirt on the podcast that I was wearing when we shot the doctor what would you think that she only box there we go right there and what are they hey customize a game which looks phenomenal if you're not playin Coop there's no second part and there's no join in if you have a Squarespace ah I know that enjoy Dead Space Michaels probably loves it more than anyone else other than me dead people and he used to work in the branches and one point he had the Dead Space Bible with him which was like everything that had been told and had not been told it was like the whole history behind Dead Space Playbook give me like 1 hour I can do nothing about the game that any normal person knows he's going to go shopping at like your cool you know and Assassins Creed 3 movie see the last couple of years one movies but I'm legitimately excited for Kyle did you see that marketing thing that go good with and then dead special Coke machine that says that your 72nd to get to platform 6 and then we have to run to the train platform for the coke will like that didn't know to get 3 tickets to see Skyfall and then they hired a bunch of extra in the train station to create distractions and obstacle to prevent them from giving it to the train platform in Tiny Town Kyle I really want some block box you guys running they make it to the top and in the hot chick the whole feeling some guys that seems like what does a Pontiac Baumgartner and Gerard Butler and it was feeling Baumgartner tattoo on his forearm that says like Born to Fly or Kane or something I don't know Android Butler head like take a sharpie and write on his own arm Howard dead people the entire people generally come the internet Michaels 522 I look like I'm just Jordan Hill Liev Schreiber Darren Aronofsky Gerard Butler and the Civil War dragon sound alike and same thing trazodone help on Silver Hill Dr okay I've gotten from Gavin Joe Pesci metal Twitter is finally better than to finally get ready to tweet it's Burnie resident the way people use exodus resident excited but it also in contact it's so funny because like people that are really the first right when I'm leaving I did not exited electric China tattoo portrait the ship is that your Twitter picture as my Twitter page Texas my child small terrible well I got what I need dead ever seen anywhere he would have no the hoodie is and we had a bunch first come in whatever Emily out here and he's too lazy all the time because it was like oh if you want when you still care center an email and she will order and we'll get them in so I ordered one for me for writing for Gavin because Gavin too late than never knew existed piece of shit solid you like medium whatever he's like no I don't wear it out where he was Whatcha doin trouble E3 which by the way he specifically not supposed to wear because of his not situation with a staple ball before his balls because it's an injury Rises into like ants like blood supply to the head to on Twisted in like somewhere where someone likes what hey boss did you sleep well that's why no one likes lender video there's a not your worries on my shoulder will explode if you Rising Kyle of Gab not in a good way Regular Show you a book later I walked into my to 1:20 954 this kid like my brother was born and then 3 years later was the middle brother and I was six years after that my parents like first I love Lucy episode how old 336 of them have 20 3025 to 6225 when he had me 61 trailer Dr three six and I didn't give a shit what the hell was that are you doing but but like it's weird cuz I'm first day they were pretty close together the only 3 years apart and like he was like your couch in the Little League team and the other went camping and she like that and she's like fuck that I'm too old for that shit Worship in my brother's dead in the backyard I was like 5 and I liked so far. Cuz what happened was it was like you know they had my middle brother and then I was like six years later and my mother flying karamazov Brothers the same way you got me so excited that we talked about it but I just talked to him he's in London right now for MCM Jack solid gold but I just heard that we talked about it almost all of the day preoccupied story about how we take care of our office tell if your the father I don't know the circumstances exactly Jack Jack's house one night you know it was like an after-work get together games like Gavin Cara Jeff and whoever other people were there and they were playing pool because it's bigger than just me playin Peggle for years trying to protect achievement and it's like really fucking hard so you have these Peggle Nights are filled come over and they take turns playin metal detector and try to go to sleep sewing cabinet or Jeff or whatever Romney got so excited and jumped into his arms and Michael handsome and Kevin Throwdown write down any time with those couple things that he looks up I was actually like ah that is how some kids give me a tour of her office which is frequently every time they like if she brings a tour in to be cheaper office which is quite often I'll make sure to point out like when they when they come in it's coming the people in the tour are of age novel 18 and over every time she walks there she goes there she man on his own I always have to make sure I have to make it a point to go hey guys make sure Karen tells you all the time she said yes please but it's true that and just like it's fucking funny because it's not funny but ok ah so that is why functional nudity though it was not in the company that not that it's just. hey to drop at least 40% my shirt touches my clothes because I wanted to have Ash I could attach my microphone to so I was in my office changing my clothes and I thought I closed the door right and then I realized there are Knight closing the door Richard Cheese I will often just change in the breakroom and not think about it like I said we're getting ready for something and others take my shirt off for good on underwear and not think twice about it cuz you should be just fine oh yeah he's working okay I got remember that we have female employees wandering around in hanging out or take it off I love you like this every God damn shirt Lindsey leaves around the apartment is fucking inside out cuz whenever she liked it changed she doesn't take her shirt off like pulling the head through the neck so it just like not inside out when you put it in the wash he pulled off like from the shirt off and she doesn't and that the biggest pain in the asses with jackets because she doesn't Jack it's too bad but I'm going to grab a jacket and the sleeves always inside out so I have to put my arm in his sleep and pulled out and then slide it in and then I'll go get the other one like the arm is facing towards me you don't explain that she does every fucking thing ever to have like a Podium or a separate area for people can walk up every time I feel like it ah I love you I don't like which was at a strip club that's what you doing okay Hey Brother trap clap and just got on my microphone what are the last words I said to go away where is the story going okay great okay so um it's wonderful don't meet we taking some downtown it wouldn't Chris was there going downtown we had a really good time and then at one point I've never been with her before I know I'm bothering to me I've been dead to strip club didn't want to but you don't like them supposed to me that makes sense if I paid you have blue balls off them come pay money to have a TV when you can get anyone to cover strip clubs like when I'm hungry I don't want to look at pictures of food three have a conversation with you I like I feel like I can't look at anybody but who I'm talking about visit with any of the girls their interests I know it makes you uncomfortable so random pick up on that real quick and I was having a conversation with you when almost and I felt my chair getting iron ah well that will art yes I will I'm sitting at the table and I'll turn the tables and I look like I'm 25 I feel like Brandon just in tears laughing Christmas decorating now everybody at home and everybody here I want you imagine a stripper I don't know her name but imagine a stripper with the name dark chocolate benefits make it 3 times is Big that was the stripper okay driving up and she was really expensive I don't believe that what that is actually true yeah I'm getting to that so I can I'm sitting in the chair I don't want to be here I might just dripping sweat but I don't want it was an awkward situation I just laugh delete forward and she says the word you and I infinite on Alum Rock she bent over and in the things I love the hole that when you went and paid her and pointed at you she looked at you and burst out laughing now are you retarded unto also apparently never been in trouble before 5 so funny he takes out his phone how to strip the ball out of his hands like I just found everywhere University not more violent reaction MCM in the red light district for like to his company Lana video tape prostitution the windows they come out and it would like to rip that thing on your handsome Throwdown the canal that's awesome I will have a delicate conversation here anybody want to own up to the kids so there's a works for us dead head with dating a stripper and then there was a group of guys that went out and it was the question arose if she was working is it poor etiquette to get a lap dance from a stripper that one of your friends is dating apps that I cannot do that yeah the question tiny Batman toys I totally ok they said that the question Haitian I would have and may have paid hundreds of dollars to go to the bathroom to avoid said like it was like right as the person came out someone else's life I want a lap dance it's excellent for the bathroom and yes see you but I'm not giving you that maybe if it and it didn't first time that the most important bro code of all forget you you evil first remind you that this episode is brought to you by Shutterstock. Shutterstock gives you a global image collection to find images across the world that your project flexible pricing just individually match packs or monthly subscription pack do you need to run a match for your blog for mock-up you can do that download any image of any size for only the only one price easy to use you can curate your pictures be like box is that if the Content Library so they have a vectors icon infographic template video clips they got great customer service 24/7 support and dedicated account rep so I signed up for free go to shutterstock.com Center for three account don't need a credit card again love that when you find them just like and decide to purchase you saw Michael RoosterTeeth 10 and get 30% off any package that's Rooster Teeth in the number 210 so go to shutterstock.com and check it out it sounds great images pictures of dark chocolate since Saturday just to save it for the podcast I just don't know what the fuck I did either Thursday or Friday but Friday like during work and after work but my chest was killing me but I can hear my shoulder like right here right there just at the right time I checked it was really sore and I feel like I pulled a muscle or something like that and just sit in a chair all day and play video games so after work on Friday because she was going to a friend of hers bridal shower that we should also point out to you big while ago but yeah so we went to Dallas on Friday and kind of bothering me and she was like oh if it keeps hurting you a doctor's note that I never ever got so Saturday get up it's fine doesn't bother me do nothing all day whatever in Italy house like a like like it wasn't the most intense pain I've ever felt but I've never felt like white in the mail hey I got a kind of like went away a little bit so we went to the old day and then we're driving back and it started hurting on the way back by the time we got home it was like a physical three and a half hour drive it was like 10 o'clock it was killing me so I'll go to the doctors tomorrow but still hard to ever because and so so we go upstairs and I'll just go to bed I wake up at midnight like 2 hours later and it's just fucking killing it felt like someone was sitting on my chest like an elephant was pushing down on my chest and my father has like some heart problems and he didn't have it so he was much older but I didn't know like what the hell it was whatever and then he was like really worried cuz it you know it's like my chest is hurting so it's like midnight and like fuck it let's go to the hospital with the exact last thing I wanted to do so we drive in the ER and it's like 15 minutes away we're getting there work for myself other times like with other people when I drove them and they are the worst thing in the world would you wait forever in at like 10 almost 1 a.m. and security guards like are you checking in and like you to fill out the form in and talk to the nurse because she'll give you like a quick assessment and it's like oh I need stitches do I get fucking shit out and you wait like an hour like some to be fair it was some like overweight like 65 year old man that was talking to like patients are like people in the waiting room when it and like I first and there was like what are you here for but anyway so I fill out the paperwork and basically is like your name your birthday and what the problem is I don't like chest pains I'm like alright go see the nurse and she like chest pains and we go yeah there's a history of it with my family but I got the whole not like he's always wires hooked up to me and shit I got man she got x-rays blue still hurting like while I was there and I don't know what the hell it was so the funny part is there was this one like Asian do their fucking funny and at first I was kind of like because I get there I'm like I don't know what's wrong I don't the problem is like that just walk in like okay I'm Jack in the crack and jokes right from the get-go and like a really good time but like I said I don't know but as soon as I found out we got the x-rays and it came back and said that it was muscular that but the x-rays were clear everything ah I must have pulled something or whatever we just fine but she like I said I was going to drop dead in the Knight and the hospital so even before like I'm waiting they took blood work and everything up to me in before I got the results back we're just sitting there in the in like the examination room and she sitting there and I'm laying there I was like hey take a picture for the window and she's like I was like I was like what are podcast are like RT Podcast on like it's going to be ah podcast right you got to take a picture like this point I'm still working probably be back in like 3 pictures right and terrible Dark Side open and fix my hair and made a post like perfect and then and then as I'm thinking about it I'm like what it was like Citizen Kane like I'm dying and then I was like and there was that mean trailer everything in the metal spawn it was really weird because I woke up at like midnight right we went to the hospital we left at like 4 a.m. came back home because they were like you know you're OK and go home they just gave me a prescription for some like regular like aspirin like extra for gas money and then painkillers for it and I went to bed at like 5 a.m. I woke up at like 8:30 so its really weird cuz it's like it's like I went yeah that's a picture right there I will if we did that so I was like God damn it so it was really weird cuz like I went to bed at 10 o'clock and I like I went to bed at 10 and woke up at 8 and I was in the hospital in between feels like I woke up the next day I was like call yesterday but didn't miss any time because it was the that was like oh my God what's wrong 5 4 S 2002 that to my Hospital experience but yeah I know I must have just pulled something I have no idea what I did but it was just the fact that was a pain in the middle of my chest that had moved on before right side you're typically okay yeah but I need one for the right move to the middle solid as I was worried it was going to move to the left because if you feel tingling on the left like you're having a heart attack if you had to choose your last words what would they be God damn it they told me like you know it's not your heart or anything like that it's just muscular I'm sitting there and I told Lindsay afterwards and I was like I told myself I'm like god dammit heart you will not get out because I swear to God if I die every Kyle and everybody first wife most extravagant way ever I'm laying in a hospital bed and I told her I was like I have my brain had a conversation with my heart like I listen to her know but I don't care if you like fucking get hit by a car you get squash Vine Danville the fucken you know so whatever you blow up an explosion it will not be a heart problem so even though I just went and every fucking reply I'm right glad you liked it to pay to have someone's Tombstone removed and replaced of the tombstone of your to not have a butler the graveyard guys in my head I swear to God I was just so mad about it Audi R8 with that I don't want and I don't break and college and Butler but it got too drunk and you got the fight and he was still picked up over a girl and he was still picked three that I can most profound thing ever he was so mad he got space playin plate that makes me think of our first trip to E3 have you ever told that story well you're probably right about that storage Red vs Blue because it's only like inside joke references ever made in your in an episode of Red vs Blue episode three window not showed up yet and groups and women citizen talk about help student about going to Vegas quadrant and how pissed off he is and I know that you're upset and that story we went to E3 one year I was in a fucking bad mood I was in dead Jack and Gus not match her absolutely first time well I love you always there for sure but not with him Killer Shrimp earlier in the day I Killer Shrimp killer Hugo Killer Shrimp as bad as it is for one thing they're going to order Killer Shrimp and get with bread or with rice I went to LA with Jack forward ah I point out as I do every single time we go to Los Angeles to Hayward in Los Angeles only 5 hours away from Vegas and I need you to point that out Gus killer wake me to go to Vegas kings in the back of and I'm driving but what's going on why you so mad on Vegas not going to Vegas don't talk about it how many about an hour at this point Israel Expo parking lot in like downtown LA like right on transvestite alley mistreatment of Yorkies not kidding not having your car Atlas and then Ernie's, I did not agree with drive-thru and I how much is one last time we can get that straight to Vegas from here and everything City three so Gus says God says I swear to God this in the morning getting out of this man may or may not have been a little drunk at this point Define I said I said I said okay fine I give up I will not mr. Vegas rest night I apologize and of and enjoy some pussy so I have to leave walk outside my first time ever in La was like this was in 2001 before iPhones and maps and ship a block down the street realize my mistake spawn hey do I know my blood type the walking with and 11 withdrew cash from an ATM and started trying to find a cab so I got a cab I took a cab back to our hotel in Austin tonight what happened up there they're looking for me they can find because I know Dawn can I get on the flight that Knight fuck fuck I'm so spiteful and vindictive Knight on another hotel to stay at and I think it's worse forget to take me over there because I'm not responding to your phone calls or text visit regret is like I'm at the hotel here and take his fucking three hours in advance to find him in a lake and he does know where he is Jordan Jack Willie's in the rest of the hey I stopped to ask directions it was such a child it was the worst and that was like 2010 Cadillac he throws open the side door the baby throws it up silhouetted against the night sky like this does being forced to go to Vegas games like three or four years later and you love dead like break it I just didn't want to go at that time it was like you said it was late at night I didn't want to spend 5 hours in advance not contacted us to get there but you were so fucking stuff Jack and I were there for like emotional thing we went to this place called Waffle House or is it still waffle the waffle the waffle that's me right there and when Jackson waffle Jordan Air Jordan 08 Michael said I love that your voice or Jack is it same as your voice for the internet will you doing pulled out whatever I can about the waffle the County's case we go to Waffle right and I'm going to stop at the diner right it's it's a breakfast place and have lots of good are people there from Machinima and Jackson, get this waffle on something to get this waffle and I was like I'm going to get this and would like a cheeseburger something with and Jack was like what and I was like no waffle Dawn hey Jack this is where we're going and like he had a fit and I was the only one that didn't get a waffle so because I'm an idiot I was like I just kept putting it off and I was like oh my Jordan like when I got it I was like to know like if I go out to eat and I get a burger I order it with an egg and then we tattoo Jordan obit Lindsay ordered a cheeseburger with an egg on 3D why am I to do it to do it get it get it waffle be with you is like a building waffle couldn't have for the bun spawn you something to pick up my drunk stories kind of relevant so we will probably Texas Longhorn football TV show biggest rival which is Oklahoma University three if anybody saw the post about the Big Tex tattoo that caught on fire Rising spawn it did the good riddance I didn't games in Cowboys Stadium hey games football game works not held in Austin and it's not held in Oklahoma is held in Dallas is the neutral site because it's such an intense rivalry between the Knight We are Equestria girls gets fucking hammered at the game Texas God destroy that she liked 60623 what was the title of the person who gives that she had to not like it's like it's like you know if you follow any kind of any support just like I don't know like Manchester United vs Arsenal or Cowboys Red Skins or anything like that big it's a big rivalry for school in particular anyway so it the first year I ah there was this girl who had to stop Colbert Cloud which was something honey and Everclear liquor while she would make and put in the top of the closet for like 6 weeks to prevent it while you were drinking that that sophisticated I got really fucked up and I had to take care of this older guy no I got you I got you like talking about like that you know when you hold my the back of the shirt was like problem mysterious to his feet and there's this girl with another drunk girl coming up the stairs this way and if they are too drunk idiots lock eyes wake me up and then I get back to sleep you should start making out with the other games for man I should have thought about it but my buddy John Cross I call my buddy fucking hate him fuck you I would never let me get the idea he goes hey Burnie but we're winning the game it's like 5 minutes of the first quarter let's run on the field I go first one and it's like one of these were the first row there's a railing and then a drop off like maybe like 6 feet drop down to 20 feet and then a track and then the ball right and the security guards everywhere and I was younger I went to college I was seventeen when I was a freshman I turn 17 as a freshman in college and I was already I was way too young to be drunk and in public like that so there's all these people crowding in PB to watch the Builder gets a lot more back then they were all crowded world but to jump and I was excited because like John's right there he's like you said you were going to go to big rush it's like 2 minutes left in the game so we go so we jump everybody fukin jump dark between two security guards and there's always people who Rush the field the game is still going on I said that I was the first one out so it's so exciting around here and I'm the first one after I get all the Midfield I turn around nobody else by myself I'm out there that they were like 20 30 yards away from the football team and the 2 football teams in and I look up and I stay over and come out the field it's not the big RT you look like you are drunk and I'm so fucking drunk I still think to myself if I get to the end zone they can't touch you when I broke the goal line everyone like you NFL The Tunnel right after the tunnel with everything comes out the boulevard come out and I thought I still make the Eternal I'm running I run by the goalposts and short Mexican woman security guard stepped out from behind the goalposts and I'm going to take both of us and she goes right three guys grab you they are not Knight 3D sonogram in one day cause he liked graduate call Yanks me and you and hold you and I said I'm always having to go back to your not here oh my God I can't wait The Dark Knight Rises video video from video camera to film the movie Jordan whatcha forget me or we should we should probably wrap up here I know we have a lot more flight format change we were going to be out shooting something we are going to the podcast in the field so yeah watching for that but anyway thanks for joining us for this week's episode and we're going to go ahead and wrap it up now