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Rooster Teeth is rejoined by Burnie and Gus in this extra long edition

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Recorded: 2009-08-20 02:00:44

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey




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Transcript (in progress):

it's time for the drunken no games movie times Reno Nevada last week and this week songs yellow jacket I'm glad you returning from a hiatus I was in LA for a week and then I was somewhere commercial stuff you know what I'm talking about I don't have to edit it the out for you this week have a bunny likes me I'm happy to be here and representing this side of the pond on the side of the couch yeah I'm going to I was trying to wrap up everything on another video that I did for a new feature yeah but you better realize remember thinking it was fun and I couldn't find any resources Health Resources on it because I guess it's kind of like a few hundred exist back then so I thought every once in a while go back and highlight an old game that maybe didn't get the coverage it deserved Mexican Army Gavin played yet but I haven't right there he's a bit loud it looks its like a side-scrolling adventure game come out kinda like you need anything else could you hate so it was kind of like super metroid or cancel that this Ruby back to what I don't like about but she made her rewind is I don't like Retro Gaming its its thing that people think will they sit down they play old games that's totally contextual for the person totally its when you started playing games you take out these of the greatest games and I'm not ever want to go back to N64 games aren't even of this is still stuff on the curb with the greatest ever Shadow complex just an old game play style that doesn't exist anymore that I used to play games I games and talking about it there's other people are also playing them you know the shirt Collective memory doesn't work the same way with games I don't think that's just my personal opinion I hate to feel so strongly about your new thing I'll say nothing about your Achievement Hunter rewind your logos fucked up because you have a 8 then you have the Xbox button which is around and then rewind for Windows you're the chart we have a YouTube that shows like wouldn't drop off there's a little Blue Marble out on anybody that you know what's going to happen with them or where it's going or when does not necessarily sound that great I don't know worst build horse out problems that's a good point you don't like when people stop watching the video on average so its is graph of like everyone starts out watching the video and then over time where they dropped out it's pretty interesting it's really weird and we can watch them via their computer and watching our video for shame we could drive but the two girls were about to make out and then they didn't and then you two were dressed as the you could definitely see his response like with it when Lindsay and makes your go DirecTV watch until the very end to see when the girls actually do make out exactly right and in the touch but it was off under the family website Right Touch you are all that I want to tell you what it is so fucking right but I just picked up a URL that I thought I was available it was available no no reaction of its kind of like what you have to say we shouldn't talk about it in it the characters talk about vodka probably not something you keep talking so it's hard to edit can you love you sideways so anyway is the slim 299 yes I do it lyrics little bit right you don't have no actually I used to enjoy it a lot until Netflix started increasing the pressure ever Blu-ray access increased it once I Barry with them the creature the second time if I come out there anymore that was a lot of things I don't understand I don't know there's always pictures about people behind the scenes at Netflix and shows all the people sorting the disks but it's a big white room with a bunch of people at tables just sorting discs that works like Christmas Vacation the movie 2030 years a movie probably airplane do they have to pay money to the studio I mean I don't I don't know it sounds like bullshit doesn't it worst right there making money somehow the rationale behind streaming service and hoping that you guys are going to notice you Elite Dance Team this out there so I think I put it in my queue and I'll be getting it soon hopefully cool I'll watch it at my house since you don't have a life in a very cheap why did you move out of your trailer construction on in my life and I thought except that nothing worked HD didn't work will facility was not level so we don't with that house wasn't level beatbox portable AC units in the office put him in there then last night the lights quit and according to the Skylight in the bed last night so that's it they're going to pick up the RV a crappy extended stay out in Cedar Park video that you learned in this process with Gus that the term house is a relative term you know if you bought a house but you're living in the front and now you let me know I built a house the same year that I got married so we planned a wedding and constructed a home in the same year she goes yeah that was dumb and you're still married 9 years today oh yeah by the way happy anniversary remind me to tell you that 99 year mean HD bearing the burden not to scare you but my first marriage ended in nine years while let me seem like really old ever the 98 was the one that what were you thinking will save you some time don't ever ask Geoff what were you thinking face I have I have witnessed so many decisions that Geoff has made that make no sense whatsoever hopefully list of all very well but you can see how this would be a bad idea free to celebrate Geoff divorce being finalized he got engaged on that day and he woke up Griffin Ed Griffin who all love and we all know now is a perfect match for Geoff she held up her wedding or engagement ring to Gus and said we just got engaged Gus says I think that's a terrible idea I'm just saying on paper it's a bad idea to get engaged on the day of your divorce be finalized beautiful me see if you make enough bad decisions every once in awhile Delaware will just go to Julie's with red vs blue started well you know let me try to make money at Riverside blue Geoff said I think I'm going to go out and buy a classic Bronco for myself because I have always wanted a classic 1960 April 19th if you want to do the next day he drove up in a 1965 Mustang yes the next day and I said what is this I thought you were going to Broncos I couldn't find one one day one day he lasted probably about 24 hours we also what time we did this thing we're going to try to see how long we can go without solid food should you heard the date of David Blaine did this I made it 7 days or that sells food just made it through lunch and your dad what did you have to eat what did you eat Burnie for 7 Days drink hot water lemon juice and cayenne pepper and maple syrup mixed pretty good how did you feel after 7 days in 07 they almost passed out in my office and my old job and I said okay that's it and then ate crackers from the vending machine like those orange crackers with peanut butter and kidney in the middle or something like that but I always leave those and I had some kinda car reaction and I thought I was going to like fire to the ceiling I know it was bad it was a no solid food for 7 days for the time you ate those two things and always thought you ate the shells of some nuts or seeds or what you do I would still talk to 7 I was too dumb okay I thought it was pretty interesting what's the longest you've stayed awake in a row that's another no limits Netflix is light the slowest as well it just went really slow horrible Network but I can't complain I mean if I leave here we're going to go what to get my locked we switch to with Frontier Airlines and they didn't check my boarding pass to check my God damn license so I lost my license fuckers don't send it to me so I can try to get my license now for 2 weeks I could grab the DMV cuz I thought you've got to go and see the US DMV at least once in your life and you but you were scared he will just in line at 12:50 and then we waited there for 15 minutes and the line didn't move like to stand and people just standing so I did 4 times now trying to get my license I see the line and I'm not doing it right no not be great or I would I would flight Jordan from the line you know your possible exposure right you don't have that from 10 years ago and has expired so I get a little but I mean fuck it I don't need some validation passport photo Gavin I have its baby face Burnie Gavin I went to a bar last week to get a drink and she got carded and he pulled out his British driver's license which he was like 9 when you took the photo but I was looking at it his driver's license doesn't expire until 2015 its a provisional so this this is the one I use when I'm learning to drive but you could use until 2058 right to drive between now and 2015 50 years old use out here I The Neverland's 12 yeah it sucks I don't ever but I thought I saved a lot of money bye never Burnie a car probably everyone I know has no money what's wrong with these British assholes that we have my office right now they walk on the left side of the hallway and noticed that the right on the right there you walk on the right side and nauseous I'm glad we're having this intervention actually it's been bothering all of us just handed me his license and it expires what month is 22/22 day of the month May 2058 ever ever know hey I need your social security number I need to scan your driver's license and your credit card when I used to do that before all of this credit card numbers right for a long and scanned images of Bernese driver's licenses a social security number and credit card information or just whatever Michael ever married Gus for 9 years the thing about working with these guys for someone to is that we all know each other's passwords as well yeah that's true I forgot nobody knows any Augustus password password I know so I know he uses variation of one that I can probably look on the website if you wanted to speaking of that I use a different one of the website than any other password yeah cuz I'm just for security purposes but if I'm going to get into somebody's computer here its locked with a password I pretty much know everyone else's we just don't care anymore will go to somebody is it your password or your password feel like it's gotten so bad that I could not remember right on did you change the password and it's based on something and just got it wrong but I knew how he would get it wrong so I would try that and sure enough it would work and eventually I started using the wrong version of my password Pre-K with ever come out in security was a big deal but now it's like a security 11 years did I think I can trust the others you'll have your stuff and you just have to have a kind of comfort level with it United no other the office we have to make a pass through the actual physical office and say okay let's turn this off let's move this out of here and you know just cuz of your stuff that's why it's kind of when people come to see us you know pop in to visit us at the office its like will stay here and make a pass because we're kind of used to being up will talk to one another about things and doesn't matter right I mean like Gus could come in here in two seconds and put like what they call those keystroke capture devices yeah yeah he could do that stuff to do today by keylogger network administrator could you not love our Network traffic yeah I could do that on the switch level and on the router both like I could love local and internet traffic separately each East ever going to do that to be specific details where he wrote some software and in the company Contracting he had to come back and support for free the soft you know for that company yeah that's right that was pretty fucked up and then he thinks somebody we know and you put in like kind codes where to go the software because I was fired for the company it no longer works after 90 days you will get a big buck in trouble did you hear about that guy automating a song about it then I guess like his company lost the contract so he changed all the passwords and all of their devices at the city right on and the entire city San with she was like locked out of its own Tech infrastructure Angeles in that jail million dollars or something like that I guess he probably thought Grand idea but that's what you out of your own system video music ever Seattle locked out reopen Alcatraz for that mother fucker in Trials HD the trials and any game where is relying on physics and the engine is great like that's why I love Garry's mod the for that have a great day was great I didn't know what it was until yesterday and showed me what kind of fun and he's been Gavin said it but you can't finish it without crashing so I did it without crashing she tried 15 times in a row and could not do it because I'm going to try to do its a lot of fun there you had some rough moments we are playing Gears of War 1 on insane which I've already got the HD I'm trying to help you and all I get is shit when ever I die which of the will as he was doing really well because of history but you and I killing dudes are headed towards you and then at the last fucking women dresses get me when we did it I really really love in Gears of War 1 on no light the fireplace too and got about two kids one is really good I can't believe I never played it in the office and so I felt like I played and I never I never said don't with it because I already seen the ending and everything and the stuff that was in Goods one its like to have to drive the car with the light like it was a blast is that you got all the that level and then when you're on the train in chapter 4 that 3 we just wanted to be there's literally a cut scene where was it Phoenix AZ the main guy someone's got the bomb and he's on the train its like what train are you will just come straight out of the game one before I did then I got to see if I win $2 in exchange right do you think will that with a bomb on a train because of the name of goods that they said off that resume thing which meant the tunnels it's like and you do that then you're a traitor and a bad guy in a big bag and how do you pronounce that yeah but you don't make it for the Trials HD they say the physics building dirt bike motorcycle right you're trying to get to a level like jumping over stuff and it's very fun game but it's a really cool feature that I wish they would integrate into other arcade games if you can see any point in time ever yeah that's kinda like Mirror's Edge had that too and also had that cool thing on the tongue Charles where you are you can pick another like one of your friends like you and I'll see a ghost of your character mimicking what they do so I can learn what you didn't follow your path that's cool actually shows you their controller and shows you what their pricing and what time can the trigger was watching a video I was watching the top 10 scores of the games in Trials HD and videos were all like people would glitches in the game he like freaked out a little down the head stuck in the tree in the body with a cold yeah I told him everything you always kind of suspected now you know for sure yet if it's a good thing marble blast Ultra has a lot of that speaking of not a glitch though Jack pattillo I just saw his journal and I was his little video on YouTube he's then has the number one ranked in the world on the Underground Gavin crazy to watch in the country hammertime will be number one in the world I was his number one in the country what's the Guitar Hero he was a madhouse I'm good tired too and I did the song Let's go to Five Star on medium and I landed right next to Jason the world leader board literally we had that we had a one-point difference between us that was like 2001 are you still in the next to each other yeah its being a bad game its right by the way I don't care what you say Geoff for the worst thing that we now know you're fuckin this is horrible Trials HD its shows the number of times you felt it which is you hit me to restart from a checkpoint or you wrecked your thing and you can go over 500 times for level and I've got something like 180 and I don't care its a the bad guys around here like for you know well and I'm 190 will make you Furious I'm never going to make you hate Gravity the possible achievements its called what insane difficulty no no you play for every level playthrough ever level every levels in the one line Slim Extreme without falling off your bike its like 7 times 12 times 1 levels I mean its like you and there's a pixel and you have to land on the pixel would you recommend getting a hundred points that's kind of a lot for nothing if you want to complete a hundred percent game if that's important to you for cheap with everything no they can't get the achievement and you will know whether not you like that game bye plane that right relatable cables that I went through all of the easy levels on marble blast Joe with Justin Bieber Lake LBJ getting a game that you get to like using double power ups and stuff like that maybe you if you if you can get better than me and I have a hockey win contests contests this kind of thing but I don't know about this this is HDMI 1.4 was released HDMI resolution its amazing If I Could Be Right went from 1 to 2 and San cables explain this to me because I don't understand it it's just cool that they've integrated ethernet into HDMI because now I don't have an ethernet cable seems like I can have all 1 cables I wouldn't want to either Net Connection from say my Xbox to my TV but there's no functionality for that yet so maybe that's why we can wrap their minds around it maybe you could have it so that you know for example your Xbox one like the next Xbox and your speculation you can have it so that when you plug in HDMI from Xbox to your TV your Xbox to your TV Hammond Xbox these of the settings I like an automatic key automatically Imports you know what resolution to run audio settings and things like that you know color calibration cool that's the kind of thing I would imagine you could do with a router I think the problem mean you could do that how much bandwidth they have dedicated for the ethernet portion though like I know I think an HDMI cable has for gigabit throughput but wonder how much you could put through datawise on East in it I'm getting sick of the ethernet connectors and you can affect the USB cable is the same width as an rg45 we went to last year we are printing receipts for customers using my laptop and I had to go away from the blue for a minute so look like a with any setup the printer Metro Shadow for the work they put the USB cable I can see why you do it but they don't they're not because they're not compatible yet I'm sure you were very compassionate and understanding in the moment its wireless internet connect to my wireless router in my house everyone who's on the way to the airport express extreme your iTunes over it there's nothing like between probably I mean the problem if I forget more more ridiculous they have that tablet will probably have it then it'll work its way down to the iPhone I would love to see it I think that it's just the file size for having all the drivers for all the printers might be prohibitive that you might take up too much space on your iPhone the same question is there a way to sync your key chains on your desktop computer to your iPhone like if you want to just dump all the wireless networks that you don't think you can do that you can sync your keychain with mobile me but then I don't think you can sync your keychain back down from your iPhone Facehugger information though every now and then he'll just latch on to you getting them and they're happy and happy and that cat hates paper paper on this office because I've never had a cat nope will spend all day trying to hurt off and I found the color of for Arcane Legends machine the other day will off or they can try to kill himself he Michael Hutchence Security in Gunsmoke HDMI remind me about something did you read that the Xbox Elite bundle $4 coming with HDMI cables or component cables yeah I like the HDMI always thought you were being overly generous giving you an HDMI cable I did not expect to receive an HDMI cable but I think it's a little weird that they no longer shipping component cables either nothing or composite I thought I said that own joystick no so I don't know I haven't seen confirmation first and that's just the pro the elite of the elite the program discontinued out of the elite is not going to be elite replacing the pro I watch it unboxing video of the PS3 Slim on IGN and it does not have once again HDMI or component either the PS3 is a piece of shit when it first came out right just not even come charge your controller but you have to have any hula about no cable and you can't replace the battery rechargeable likely its with the PS3 Slim or the end of the call the slim it is the new PS3 it does have it to USB cable in there it also had a very nice power cord not the power brick or anything you should the court so that's very attractive about that PS3 the old PS3 was like that too its just the power cord that's nice I like that people complain about the cables on the difference is cables to parallel cable with USB cable the Xbox cable is not standard you don't get the cables to the back of your Xbox right you have to connect your Xbox to comes out of cables mr. right out of the box right possibly ship something where I can get on Christmas morning and they can't run it because the cable to charge it and then we're going to go on December 25th to get a damn mini USB cable the terrible the answer network cables HDMI cables for a penny on Amazon you have pretty long HDMI cable 1900 that's awesome if you go to Best Buy with me to charge out the ass for an its you Michael but if you're patient use buy from Amazon we bought a couple from my I think and it worked okay one of them we had trouble with and they were super longer like 10 foot long as you're my cables that they are paid like 3 bucks for each of them Jesus really that's awesome video that's it we don't need any more video to I hope so it's good enough for me you're going for saying that in ten years time Wireless not enough too much interference the Spectrum you would use is already in use by so many other things you would have to like you would have it would have to sleep with him so much or make any spec PS3 doesn't work that you are correct that's that's that's a problem that will let you throw them away I'm pretty sure we do but the cables off of them we should throw away a safe fire safe to put a hard drives in so that if we have a fire date of off and we can talk about the site's down time this week over talking about this but we bought a fire safe to store hard drives that have are backed up production episodes on them because of the fire we had to save it hard drives in it question if I fall to the floor of the building burned down and all the hard drives will be wrecked inside anyway but they would be burning though they would not be burned we broke the safe probably in the first 15 minutes and had maybe 15 I might have broken it out of the box it was pretty instant in the handle felt weird on it it was so weird and then so enormous 250 pound of metal cool but that does nothing that we can't open it in any way that will not let us get rid of it it's true he just won't be just unacceptable to him to get rid of the things I want to try to take it out and throw it away and you stopped me I don't know that this they fixed under warranty speaking of throwing stuff away I missed you guys yesterday when I went to lunch yesterday I saw a homeless lady in the most interesting shirt ever seen it said it had the front of this is the worst shirt ever of all time on it and then on the back it had a bunch of Jesus slogans and there was another like some sort of corporate logo on the bottom right of the front it was like it was like a test shirt from amplifier this is the guy that print t-shirts and I guess they were just will use the tester its different portions of the shirt and then when it's done they give it to Goodwill but yeah there's this lady walking around with half red vs blue worst shirt ever of all time have religious quote shirt did you talk shit I'll talk to it to send it to did you take right that angry homeless lady I watched her yesterday walk into the coffee shop bye Freewater there get yourself a cup of water locked outside and immediately throw it on me good that she's a she's mad when he was sent away that's cute he just he had to have a shirt on he walked in there and it was worst the manager and the manager comes on the matter to get them that's the night manager so he doesn't come in until 6 and it goes will call him on the phone because I can talk to him mature shirt on so this is a restaurant and he goes what I'm not doing that and that he goes maybe you can come back at 612-9802 comes in can I give you this resume and he was feeling and he goes okay well if you want to the night manager leaves guy killing himself walks to the door cuz this is bullshit locked up usually on the front door and then leaves I wonder if the night manager hired him fast learner you should be able to first times in America which is a restaurant on the lake we're standing by the lake at a little Park you Griffin Milly and I were talking and we asked what you're like what the average British person so I guess like a few of Americans as I'm allowed to think all Americans are fat the speedboat pulled up with drunk fat dudes with no shirts on out like a sunburned with a cooler and some crazy redneck lady comes running up behind us with a case of beer and a hand and the guys are like fnh spec off with the loudest music of ever seen getting drunk and throwing beer cans in the water turn out to be Susan Boyle she's a goddamn National Treasure you can be as nice flight I miss you already stars in the UK on you know this tablet manual no clue no clue either but the chicks over there locked up with all the time so in the end I thought you guys would have had of his Barry off air no sorry I have the great Shadow Barry in something recently to the Barry for East Enders celebrities it really does destroy your idea why do they make cylinder bomb from fucking England on the cover Michael Ed show him which of here I found this cool White House the bye Richard Hammond hula Richard Hammond host every show in history for you hear from them everything in England its for celebrities can be on magazine covers anywhere in the world not the other way around this damn trip there was an American lady who had a talk show in England and I never heard of her nose she's at she's not Ed bye who let the right to the ever that's like a classic sitcom I read to off she's famous in England and nobody when you watch a British sitcom what do you think the comes stands for Hut what is a communication what's it comes specifically ever in my life have you ever seen $40 maybe the office start to like kind of like the classic American Channel 7 off the office one that took like two seasons to get good how did you what you like full episodes for today good the British office funny is a British broadcaster makes me a British sitcom it is its own American for HBO its first its with English accent in England that makes it English right for America special and they had two versions that an American version and a UK fashion company UK references when you get it cuz it talk about Barry off East Enders and stuff freaking right here Nathan is always telling me things are going to get me to subscribe to it of all the stuff that you guys have done like the office and Extras his podcast is the best thing is ever done his radio show before he was famous is the best thing I've ever done because it's just like recycled stuff from that it's him even much and who's the cool guy and extra its like 6 or 7 producer and another guy who is fucking stupid the other guy makes it he said sorry he is the funniest guy in the world he doesn't even know so funny how you guys doing your James Franco I don't know how we started doing that like so good you know Jack Jack with betting me that the village was going to be District 9 last week what's the goods I don't know what the repayment movie trailer sucks the the scene I showed you with Will Ferrell in the trailer that Will Ferrell clip so freakin funny Will Ferrell clip from the goods on the spot wisdom teeth Gavin has white ever release his District 9 I think but still I mean I would never the go to beat this guy you talking to give himself like 200 years old Ashton yeah I think it's better than 80 but we'll see Geoff what did you think of this right now it was built up a little bit too much for me I think and it doesn't help that I thought at the Alamo but one thing they did to this movie was that they show the trailer for alienation the for District 9 but until I had it I had alienation in my head the entire movie so I was forced to compare different Alien Nation has I was afraid of it seems like it seems like this is kind of similar because they have something like that it's like there's no point and it was amazing that he was able to do this for $13 I can't believe that Geoff is even on the fence about it what you want to send you said you at no point did you find any of the weird creature things believable I did not did you find the alien the Bruins believable I did because I remember you see them in the shitt I don't like they were less believable the beginning as opposed to later when it was just like Christopher Johnson I was always interested to see what you think of something that should be on the street it was when do the letters a great-looking movie I'm not sure I want to say it again I also unbelievable I just didn't think it was a compelling characters ever will he really get a special surprise shirt are you don't like that you got trouble understand with the flight and it's just hard to take care you know will screen here in town where blomkamp was there and she's going to Charles Koch Oakley and they were both there to the Q&A afterwards and it was just amazing the stuff they talked about really hard to have that stuff and one person said this came up in the movie how did you guys have discussions about this like it was about interspecies prostitution in the simulation and we had a crashing right now and I guess kurralt with thought he was saying like like a some kind of thing and shirt logos shirt to go shirt okay make sure nothing what's wrong with you why would you say it from of interaction and it was amazing what is it was fantastic bother me whenever you said fuck because he say what the fuck info can and that just released it out it is so long and pretty crazy 1800 very very of the internet that's 1% of the US and I'm sure you know but the following two for me the number one dude get a movie that open this weekend right so if Twitter is Big driving force now it should be a huge thing for marketing his movie while it only opened in about $100 it made $112,000 over the course of the entire weekend its only a hundred what's the average Ed based on ticket prices that was 8 people per theater for showing while so if you went into a movie that people in the movie theater no I mean just as a percentage of him and geographically was in bigger cities and I was reading like his Twitter so I can go to the nothing not even a little bit behind your one this weekend you know it open behind a paper heart mean so then it goes back to that what you doing Ashton Kutcher with racing CNN on Twitter and it was like oh Ashton has to be seeing if people aren't like no ever talks about Ashton Kutcher you know what I mean so why is he the number one dude here's a movie he's in its opening its like what's the connection why do people want to follow this guy and if they don't want to go see his movies Demi Moore's ass that's a good point but I could definitely have some Michael yeah I guess I'll call her to get pictures of Ashton Kutcher's off also which was the movie about the Iraq that I saw which was awesome movie I heard that was really good really good movie you should see it some the combat season out of ridiculous so I can see that yeah I would like to check it out speaking of movies that Gus Transformers I don't think it's going to make it to 400 million I've been forever since we talked I think it would be for that movie to make $400 dads get to 397 want to take it to the next the control over the dial or did you mail the hangover would anyone care to guess what 366 nail the 266 million dollar will 11th last week that 400 million why did you even let movie I saw in a theater in Seattle where Matt and I went and it was $57 for the two of us to buy tickets to the movie theater and we had our own huge lazy boy and a waiter and you're not with a big audience and there's only about 20 other people in the room and then a big moment happens like Mike Tyson punches somebody and I'm like that's funny and I hear some dude 1 dude hahaha Las Vegas to with an iPod will give a place that of them what's the point in that you all have a good time whatever you do for the for the star who's there Incognito out if it was a screening with the with the director that you can only speak but you just showing your appreciation what right now what time class and I saw a man on the moon and Jim Carrey was actually in the theater by Candi Staton its only remember that there's someone else I've never seen and I clapped when I landed in Austin you never know though lightning storm in life United flight its job it doesn't understand today and week wow okay alright mr. Sourpuss I thought I was in a bad mood when you really need to clip your Arsenal beats ever the fuck out when did your team win football its like the end of the damn world people are taking off your clothes and run around screaming or anything else I got to see The Time Traveler's Wife people say some good stuff about that movie. I'm trying to work right now and I missed a text my wife my lovely wife of nine years never listen to the podcast God bless her our anniversary dinner I'm trying to work it out so that we can go down to San Antonio which is an hour away from where we live and there's a nice river walk or we can have dinner but what I'm trying to work out if they're showing 20 minutes of Avatar at the IMAX guitar never yeah but you can be like look this movie but even out yet special will see what happens Xbox not showing in Austin its stupid it is stupid fuckers you don't start to hate like San Antonio the huge field communication but still I mean in Austin Texas there's a problem because it's so dependent on like the economy going up and down and we're not a downturn in the economy worst shirt to lose a lot of direct flights that we would normally have two other city yet we have lost a lot of flight that sucks dude out right for us San Jose two and a half hours with wings with Austin and they say if you're staying on the plane connecting through with us to Dallas just stay in your seat will count like who are the idiots who booked the flight that connects through Austin how do you do that you know what we came back from Comic-Con we flew Southwest it was because it doesn't feel flight nonstop San Diego to Austin and I got up to use the bathroom when I looked at the flight manifest in the in the alley back there and that plane in one day City in river that we had with him San Diego Ed from San Diego to Austin Austin to Dallas Dallas to Lubbock Lubbock back to Dallas Dallas to Houston Houston Orlando that was one day and that plane fly busy day in the Atlantic is none of them hottest part of Texas in the plane there must be just like practicing crashing essentially crashing drill here real quick we had now what is a 50 day when off turbulence Geoff its going crazy it's unbelievable how rough Landings in Austin are now even do Gus never flying back from South Carolina from The Villa right now and it was at night and I look out at the wing to Susan worst in the in the city by the wing and there was like a black dripping out of the week bubbled up what was the American right no no it was like laugh laugh it off but I was pretty sure we're going to die on the flight heavy turbulence for an extended. Time Enders trail mix you never replied back from Japan like 3 I need to get off the plane and I was like and like the rational part yes I went to the back trying to calm myself down there eventually I call myself that's okay flight with fucking smooth I was coming home everything is fine all the Sun that freaked out you know Jason with her. We're just out of the blue he didn't like a flying own they made him nervous and it lasted for like 6 months and then he was fine again holy fuck this is my life I see ever its mind power levels in the plane not trying to get out of the West adult book and I cannot imagine that you ever get nervous I know exactly where they are I know how many rows I am from the eggs and stuff like that when we should we can carry pocket knife and I would take my pocketknife out and I would put it in the seat back the in front of me but like on the outside clip it so I could grab it if I had to deliver man I used to be the exact same thing if I had to cut myself out of my seatbelt on the podcast about the flight I took with him a couple weeks ago to come with him that we were discussing through security and they want to go through it and I stood there for a minute and ladies like you have anything you need to tell me about in your bag and he's like no and then the lady pulled out a knife like a pocket knife and Michael that's weird I guess I left it in my bag I didn't realize I had it and she's like a problem made him go through again flight back again had a second knife in his back he's trying to flight with two knives in his bag was in jail they were really cool about it she went and got like a large coffee and Spilled it all over the ground this morning it was and it was getting close to the metal detectors then all of a sudden like some dude was going to the metal detector and he ran through and the security guards all do something this is something something something the yelled it and I turn to my wife and I said did she yell bomb bomb bomb or run run run fast office and I said it doesn't matter really what happened to Personnel disappeared the La Quinta rooms in like all the stuff started happening and then they came back out and I like ever a couple years ago but we had to connect to Chicago its losses Chicago Chicago to London and are flight Chicago was delayed like every flight there he said was delayed because of mechanical issues with the plane so wait an hour and a half an hour and a half an hour okay with the plane finally so we're looking at the wind and if I really get on the plane and the pilot comes on going over some issues with air conditioning air conditioning Burnie reply from Hill asshole in like I'm a very my wife so bad for her because she got a flight that was so turbulent all the overhead bins open and that's what you need a reason for being bad flight right thing but I want to kill these assholes she sat next to on the plane because when they started to have trouble and he said I'm a traveling salesman I flight every single day I go to the status of all the time and it's the turbulence got worse and worse and worse they're going to do some of the moves like Midwest thunderstorms trying to land in Kansas he pulls out pictures of his kids too yes she was supposed to be will two different families but yeah that was a weird plane stories now so you can what time you and I you asked if we were going there with Gavin of its we don't get Gus will sleeping on a plane and I was kinda like half asleep we were going through in for descent and we were living in Chicago which by the way another rule for flying don't flight to Chicago airplane will be delayed almost guaranteed so Gus and I are flying into Chicago and we're going in the land and everything's normal we're getting close dropping down ever get to that point the little lift right before the wheels hit right when he was that close to Landing all the sudden engines full speed and we shirt reading and we took off again so did you have hit the ground ever hit the ground it was so you around Michael what's going on what are we doing I said we were going to land and we didn't and now we're taking off again and I literally just shrugs and the ghost concerned at all and then the captain came on he was like and I can't leave there was another plane on the runway so we're going to go back around and try to land again sorry folks he sounded pissed off dude that we can keep this conversation going through for hours we have to find somewhere to Advance America West and it was two weeks after a pilot got busted flying drunk we were flying back from San Jose we were Landing in Phoenix and it was a big deal is all over the news because they didn't have this whole Scandal of this Pilot Flying drunk and got there the last people to get off the plane for some reason we wanted to keep it fresh right we already had the cleaning crew coming through it pilot light kind of solder is out to say something to the way to the flight attendant he had a huge cocktail in his hand as he looks at us and we see him and he froze like a deer in the headlights look like they just started laughing and walked out and she's still standing there Gus and ever what time you want to flight where you were sitting close to the cockpit Minneapolis flight in first class and how are you doing that all the power and everything will be coming back from Amsterdam the flight to London from slim and we were taking off on the runway revving up and taking off all San hit the brakes in the middle of the takeoff Runway and a Prada comes on it goes we have gotten up here from one of her instrument panel so we're going to troubleshoot troubleshoot troubleshoot up here and figured out will get back in a minute and then Jason and doesn't mention me does that mean he's like an alarm and just smoked like 2 or 3 minutes so we're going to take shirt off in the middle of the flight from Iceland to America and Iceland to Boston 2000 I San Luis 3 hours towards is a seminar flight for 3 hours in the air towards America and the pilot came on and said yeah we're going to have to turn around and go back to Iceland we've been having trouble this whole trip getting the landing gear to retract and we thought we'd just you know make it but we've determined we don't have enough good enough so much wind drag that we're not going to make it to Boston so we're going to go ahead and turn back around and flight bye, Slim So the wheels right the whole entire time peanuts going around that sucks to be 3 hours ago flight to turn around in the middle of nowhere for 2 days on top of that poor baby it's okay really it wasn't like I wasn't like when I was in elementary school who knows how true this is when I'm going to school I was taught that the name Greenland Greenland to entice people to try to trick the Vikings of Iceland Greenland right slim nothing you could possibly learn in grade school could be fake so alright so it's super fun editing this one because I thought worst 212 so that even if we take him down the community side we were just in a situation where there was a slight problem with the database but the slight problem cause the bigger problem where it made the backups fail and I am like I said before super paranoid about data loss and so I didn't want to lose our users data like the journals and stuff for a couple days if we had a hardware failure which is unlikely but if we just had a hardware failure one of my external USB drive so we're already offered it to me drive has been bad for 6 months you drive and I'll put one in yesterday so we should be good for a while all right everybody