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Recorded: 2012-10-31 22:07:09

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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain tropical Tropic and to increase focus on mental drive for our listeners get 10% off when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / day me that's Onnit.com forward slash gaming this podcast is also brought you by insert coin clothing the leading a man official video game t-shirts hoodies and accessories you'll want to wear get your geek on its a 15% at insert coin clothing.com reviews the order code at rooster coin 15 that's rooster coin and the numbers 1 and 5 insert coin clothing.com welcome to the Richardson Creed we are all set for a recent production and we ramp up production we need immediately began setting up for the podcast I think we finished up about 2 minutes ago we really day but we all know to immediately apologize to Adam if we can find them this is the biggest dude in the ah control modern technology so if anything breaks I need something to work you know I got the same thing ah I would love to see a phantom camera the camera you should Slow Mo Guys on State iPad if you already know that is why I'm so excited you said you would give me permission to punch you in the face with a with a boxing glove yeah we could film it in slow mo I don't do anything if you get 4 the child well there you go what of an idea more than Jack did about punching me in the face over this so I don't know if you look on my cross or something but it was still man not yet released and we miss you and even shooting the beautiful Texas Music Theater in San Marcos and San Marcos sow the lost as you not in the office actually that's why I went to math camp from the place where you and Jeff and I all work together you know I never went to the the Buda office I know we're not be right now but I never want that other officer like I'm not seeing this area and a little bit for the sow State San Marcos Marcos Andy said you were Texas State Texas state Ah that's more Austin overall I have to admit for the campus and it was up something up for me the at the South mall would you like a big one in the word literally 2 girls in bikinis sunning on the long as I can but I love college that is what it was amazing right around the corner from here and if you drive through here on a sunny day in San Marcos will be your favorite place in the entire really diverse yet all right thing that I'm just 2 months in places where there are two people just walk in a straight line the Halloween having sex thing right now that thing all the sex last 15 seconds exactly right fortified secretions a reminder we have to talk about this coming out in the year 2015 your love is like Disney .05 week and that's 50 million it definitely would be like sow ride changing yeah I'm pretty sure that Lucas and all of his properties but then Indiana Jones was co-developed with Steven Spielberg that's true I think Star Wars would definitely be in the clear yeah guys mean everything to do with it of the last things I would love to see another statement saying that he's always want to see Star Wars live beyond him and he said that he wanted to pass the torch to the next generation of filmmakers so it would never be another Star Wars like it's not meant to be between his shoulders and head it's like his stomach got misplaced what are your favorite video games of all time to start the game day of the tentacle nuclear Star Wars movie without the Fox logo before the movie start and end long time ago in a galaxy far away lets hell are you you're right now what are you trailer did not see that Logan at 1:20 Century Fox that dun dun dun dun when I was a kid that movies that or a lion roaring sow not really Fox logo with the of the flute play like someone playing a flute lets is one of the funniest videos you understand me I'll send it to you will put up with yeah sure there's nothing we got it Halo play the 20th Century Fox theme on a flute okay I have to lean over it when you look up Marvel the winter probably take it down right like of That Awkward Burnie laptop. Location university crazy what Disney owns now and didn't Pixar really take over Disney and apple Take 2 jumping over Disney before he died was almost like a song John Lasseter the charge of Pixar and is now sort of in charge of for the creative side of Disney which is awesome because he's breathing but I don't know who might be the largest stakeholder in Disney because that's exactly what I think ah yeah they only bought Marvel Musical and 1.1 billion I really feel like Marvel would be worth more than that 1 or 5 which is a clothing 4 Avengers franchise essentially is worth 4 times everything in Marvel combined that's pretty God damn maybe I could be guys only know what you know it's kind of depressing but when you look at like the richest people in the world when you think of rich people you can think of entertainers like Michael Jackson or Steven Spielberg and George Lucas or Oprah make a shit ton of money they make nothing like the top people in the to the richest people in the world are billionaires to go to find a billionaire in entertainment I mean like to like 1.1 billion George Lucas hard to make a billion dollars in the UK celebrity that is like just one more money than Phil Collins million bucks to buy stuff all the pics are not made a shit ton of money you know that LucasArts in the Star Wars franchise or Marvel right now Marvel 3 trailer as like these seem to be knocking everything at the park and let me know what are we going to see the money and stuff and I just want to say you can tweet to me on Twitter or use the RT Podcast RT Podcast RT Podcast Center for just what we think about the Disney lucasfilm purchase so what did you decide Jonathan joke so I heard that you're lying at MCM was over 400 meters long ah yes I know this was the only one I want to see where the line had like several breaks in it so that people could stick people 3 and I told him guys they said they 4 hours to see what we can do because we had 2 hours long and they were coming from a right and we were signing stuff here and then people just coming up from the left and trying to get stuff done as I know there's a whole lot of headache I just wanna I just wanna get this done real quick info power 4 seconds in this guys going for 2 and 1/2 hours to as stewards I think that's why I'm 2 play who was that Matt Smith EP play some to do info at 11 when he was doing all I actually really like that on Twitter Phil Assassins Creed 3 came out today and we got in the office and then immediately I got to the office captured the intro screen Assassins Creed 3 and I had to leave to go to a meeting at last about 3 hours what the hell got back and then I can say that we work for the people watching the live stream we recorded a multiplayer lets play in Assassins Creed 3 this coming up tomorrow so we played that for about 45 minutes then it took about an hour to render that out and then we just play Mo 4 multiplayer already finished and then I left there and came here I literally have not touched any of the story of Assassins Creed 3 I'll be up till probably 1 a.m. tonight editing this thing for tomorrow and then so I haven't touched and I'm terrified because people are like spoiling stuff in like that I mean I don't want any spoilers I really really play jump start like 1 a.m. tonight so I like I Man video to remind everyone that insert coin as one of our insert coin tees as one of our sponsors this week then pay for the shirts that I'm wearing and that Gavins worry they've been around for 2 years and they work with Ubisoft Capcom Sega Namco Ive world day Xbox man goes goes on when things to do right now they have a bunch of 83 Creed 3 merchandise Assassins Creed 3 or Assassins Creed Brotherhood wide and they have a maximum flat cost of $15 on the shipping so it's not outrageous to order stuff 3 stuff Far Cry 3 the gotten this one right here trade the first coin clothing.com and rooster coin 15 lets people 15% off their order a rooster coin rooster coin and then everyone in at 7 7 suck of Awesome yeah you can buy that watch as you get more sick this the health care now where was Muhammad lets her know that the pizza as care for 2 hours ago sopa Phil ah I can hear you screaming you know that yes penis at some point Travis and how many of you have fun what I want to point out this to hear it's got the as she heard Mo go to be in the store this week but also as a beer 2 sells alcohol sow Club hush Twitter party believe it or not at a friend's house I'm not dressing up dressing up I don't wanna talk about it after Halloween growing up and going to Halloween party University everyday is one way that you have where it was very clear about the fact Ive Gus or anybody listening to leave early every fucking other what are you you have to point out that we're doing some of the people there I'd point out though that the volume how many feet in 2 days like this apparently full of it ah not really like I'm going trick or treating sow the Frozen egg video World Cup cracked an egg and it had another egg in it play Gus of a full shelled egg that's been through that before twins where one of the twins is in the other one ride Andy Garcia Wikipedia to remove lights and stuff from his shoulder just like a lot of times teratoma which is just Wheatley the collection of cell give it everything I had and guarantee that usually guys like Chris Martin Burnie a bunch of podcasts ago you said you ran into a rare bird which wasn't Austin asshole and you never finished your story about the guy who isn't Austin asshole he's right I don't total fucking asshole like I know them personally but I ran into a guy who I was out with my kids and we were at a trailer like one of those trailer parks in Austin where it's a bunch of food carts trailer restaurants in Austin start off as a trailer and then they become super popular as a trailer food cart at ride the bus over there a super popular restaurant in the trailer for some reason that they got them what are the best ones that Austin was it's right across the street from the Alamo and it was like the duck sliders and women called the something duck but then it became Barley Swine alright I've been there yet you better Barley Swine by my house called The Salty sow and it's very similar very similar set alarm to my stuff anyway so I'm in one of these trailer parks with a bunch of these food carts and trailers and we were eating and then we were going to go to get the cake there's a place that serves cake balls over there okay I disagree with you but your food or whatever but I was overrated Jen our new office manager she made cake balls world and then put it in a bowl we went we're going to get the stuff and this guy says next to me my kids are talking to me and this guy next to me said something to me and I say something to my kids and my kids first I talk to him and then I turned back I and I say are you in line because I didn't answer fast enough and then he said his girlfriend says she coming from California and I know what's going on man I just thought you look like somebody I know from California as I can and I'm not a confrontational person that guy just just got under my skin and whatever got to get those or my kids or something maybe something like protect Consulting you but not me Adam Austin Ive the podcast but I forgot I've encountered this strange Phenomenon with my Facebook friends list so for a long time I used to accept every Facebook friend request I would get so I had for a while like fucking worst Ive 8000 friends or something we're not friends on Facebook because of that we are now because I've been trimming down of people I don't know for like the last 2 years I've been slowly removing people I didn't know what to do so I split my friends. Everyone I know E21 list and when I don't know one another list so every time I see if you posted that I don't annuity it took like the thing like 2 years but I'm finally down to like a hundred twenty five people that I don't know these people these are people who have not posted anything and essentially about 2 years since I started the process yet so I'm like okay well I need to manually go to those pages and get rid of them but I realize it was this list of course it has like some fake accounts and people who don't use Facebook anymore on this list is largely composed of dead people slow wow that's why they are not been posted in 2 years it's like alrighty buddy we miss you happy birthday hope you look I've created a deadlift and Google know everything friends anymore cause you're in the ground somewhere loud ah you like this guy's like this guy just one guy oh my God his last post before he died was like getting better slowly but it sucks I should have been like a week later it's like all right what was it buys jump eat something here in creeper I started thinking about what percentage of the people that I friended are now trying to work out the man I did earlier I told you earlier we were shooting today and we were on set for life 2 hours straight at one point and you kind of have to keep decorum and so I was like and then they let us go and I was the first one back up into the area where we were you know staging ourselves but I was there by myself so I let one go as soon as I did so but he came back with your ex music stand up their asteroid as I was finishing up with someone knocked on the door I was like one second it was but someone called me afterwards and probably there might be out there still on the floor Milano's like behind of and like a woman walks out on me all right homeless Gus of the worst things put whose birthday is it just reminds me people killer weave used for of memories and stuff Yeah Yeahs 2 different standard happy birthday sets 2 people and every time it's your birthday your choice to paste the same thing to everyone and I'm so far from 2 years ago you were pushed through a long Canal or blah blah blah I can't find you different very recent ah jump Facebook Facebook more recently because then made a fundamental change to my Facebook that made it much more usable for me was that we have these fan pages which public figure page as other people and I had to update that I just didn't worry about my personal profile I want to turn off your public page and just had let people subscribe to your normal Facebook okay and I said I don't give a shit about my Facebook presence whatever so go ahead and do it I don't give a shit why is he messing with your Facebook I don't care I don't care about Facebook at all talk about it I just recently started updating I think I have like 8 pictures total one face it was good but I was like I just as nervous now because I know how many people are watching them so I realized the other night that I didn't like 2 months and so I finally spoke to the journal which is man poster image of a kid with a saxophone sopa quickly told about space ride the guy said was the video source button a light-year away from what you are so it takes like a year to travel a distance so you shine a light on that but it takes what is hit the button or you have a stick or a pole that is a light-year long that is almost about to touch the button if you Shine the Light will it get there after that we're going to fall off that you push the power button after 3 inches a light year is the amount of distance light will travel over the course of the stick is a light-year in length only pushing it 3 inches or whatever to complete the journey let me give you Lasseter state push it was only the speed of sound because because when you put something 3 inches can you put something you can look it up waste Mo push through the old know what you're saying it's Travis play waste slow at the light so you can push it but the other and wouldn't get it until I could see that compresses on the way like he's asleep one of the Swing Keel Center Shockwave and eventually dinner and we'll do that and I know it's not the same but with an item so long just be the push is to say that the speed of sound grace in which we can get one of the most famous slow swing a golf the back and the golf ball moves a lot more than the front of the golf ball because it had to compress it and then take something you forgot really you're fucking shit price in MO I was surprised people like grapes what is the speed of gravity acceleration force what time cake gravity doesn't move but it has a little wear on the science portion world go ahead that just kind of this ride possible go ahead say it okay I'll see you then I don't know to my friend who just graduated from Dragon University absolute okay info would you said okay Rebecca science already set for myself and that's true someone please answer this question someone on Twitter the giant Saturn size Planet appeared in court about this ah well real fast you don't remind Dubai Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain and you can get 10% off of your order when you use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / gaming that's so and then I t.com 4 / gaming I've still been taking Alpha Brain like everyday and I had a weird dream the other day actually smart the smart pills guys talk about and we have this conversation a really weird dream the other day like I was dreaming that I was going to visit a friend of mine and like I was on the street and I couldn't find them I was like I know where they are these these numbers over and over I was like number number number and I woke up and I'll see about the number and I looked it up and it's my friend's address lets some light in my subconscious that I was thinking about their address I don't know it 4 8 15 16 23 Riverside recently where I got into an argument with a friend in my dream it was the first time that ever happened I woke up in as Ive ah heard from you so I don't know if I do it out of my head officer Jordan which one day or dinner or something Jordan Iron Works ok sow at the new at the and I said I can never remember the address for this house I said I just cannot remember it and I'm going to make up a number so that the actual number the number was like listen to make sense for it was like 6714 was the number 6714 number of the house and I just can't remember now I can't forget it it was stupid remember that number I can I will never forget it as long as I the house I was growing up when I grew up as a little kid my address was 1248 which was always like super easy for November 4th 48 1 times 2 family wants to just walk to the park and it's curly hair okay give me one I know I drink Travis S10 hydronalix pretty shady as you buys another one in there this pizza we up women down here shooting for like 6 days now so we could kind of at a time and I can update on like anything that's going on the world what the fox say Andy online I don't think about it someone's been brutally murdered in front of them and unless you've got to be a pretty good forward like if she like that happens you can like World whatever right if you lost me when I come to a plane is as soon as you cross that threshold into a plane your life is no longer than your hands have been nervous wants really one time we were flying from LA to New Zealand okay I'm over the middle of fucking go in the Pacific Ocean we hit a patch of turbulence like that that last for 2 hours like you are on that flight upside down things like the part when you can't sleep 10 times on the set I would just lay down next to you for like 20 minutes or something I don't know it was never gone down because of them because he's God the drop like that end in these the doors for the overhead compartments popped that was pretty crazy Wheatley I mean half of them popped open super like not strapped into their seats at play Jack dropping their head on the ceiling what state is the fall faster than drops out from underneath you don't like you emotions so I can and you still Travis but you're still here but surely enough to be an impact on the Temple of play to push it faster than you with that trade could happen to you holding you sets from now on I'm just on my way in but I need somebody time at some of the best wine stories ever and my favorite one that I know that scares me but he tells it he was flying from San Antonio to and there's not much between San Antonio and day like maybe El Paso and so they were halfway between it and everything was perfectly fine why do people say that everything will be fine the everything is like what is that and it's all the same kind of reacting and then all of a sudden said the oxygen masks came down and apparently they just got you know when they do the demonstration it like this drop it that's not how that works those things are shot down like it's like really hot show me the fight the body for the side exit coming out of the room that to me one time I got on and it was a guy if you don't speak English they catch up with each other and if you can't answer verbally yes to the question right and communicate drop and there at 35000 feet and the plane just feels like this light turns at an angle and then just drops instead the plane was descending so fast you hear it 2 fighter plane and I thought he had the little old lady sing in front of them peed and peed all over his shoes and then they just felt felt felt felt felt full the same insert date of Officer the next level that all the sudden I think I'm down to a certain level and in the mood for like a minute and there's nothing and everyone's like a praying and like they were doing something all the stuff and then they came on and he does ah yeah yeah but they would have Adam sow we're halfway to our destination we can turn around go back over halfway so we can just go either way we're going to be in the air as long as you have been but I gotta warn you it's going to be really hot and really bumpy is there a 737 fly up in this or not because we have that great of an ECU clothing hot Andy and he said the pilot was not lying by the time they landed that plane there wasn't a single person including him on the plane that hadn't thrown up and it would people got off the plane that fell on the ground kissing to never gonna play depression and were thrown of an airplane at cruising altitude and we're Free Falling you would pass out and then regained Consciousness while you're falling because there's not enough ah Q going to hit the ground Baumgartner the I would jump out of the fucking like the atmosphere Gus chicken 4 and a half minutes falling Free Fall before you pull a parachute and he was only at like I mean I guess he was like 3:30 maybe less than that thousand feet at the 24th 2004 and a half minutes to and from there if he doesn't the ground up in 6 minutes the computer simulation of plane went down in the hole right that would be the half to go right right yeah but you missed one in Dallas ride or what was the one recently that was close to us you didn't tell me until now guys get so jealous I even tweeted about it because I was like in with all the other people after all who is sow and I forgot to mention play that shit like that like is it okay for lets do this to me you would die from Mo gets of this is the end of your life leading in the military depression Gus and you get sucked out of a plane at 35000 feet and you fall the entire way at 35000 feet trailer middle of the Pacific Ocean you fall off a cruise ship I would rather 4:35 can you can you can do that you can do things to improve your RT so no I would not if I to stand in the middle of town I was going to drown Ive barley Expo landed on labs and you know I'm okay with you slow down by 3 in at landing at Brambleton ah my friend shooting Parlor City Pawn but between you and I situation was like you know I was like well I've got one minute to live voting hours really everyone for the wonderful Ive flute 2 feet underwater we are going to meet or what I do I do it but I couldn't do it everyone has the same speed of think everybody has that and you're not an exception to that would be the force of sink versus the force of buoyancy I have a friend like you actually said he said he would 4 Mountain he wants to move in with one of your friends and I'm not going to name his name was try to convince me what a good idea would be for him to jump off of the 360 ah I see Dawn with water letters to the top of the bridge and jump on the helicopter and whatever jump loaded into a series of Survivor crashing a bunch of boxes and actually looked like he was going to come over Lasseter which theoretically if you jump out of what is terminal velocity use the phrase turning black what is that what is the terminal velocity as you can without any promotion or anything like that okay what do you think that's basically that it's like ah smoke explosion man whatever match the other slow iron and I would like to day falling like 20 feet on a wheel panoramic got separated from a skateboard at that height and fell and broke his leg think about all the times you seen those like what are the Supercross guys the guys that go out to do the Superman ship the hot that's amazing by the way people like extreme sports it's like everything is impossible until one guy does it and everybody can do it like a double backflip on a motorcycle exactly did that and everyone John Adams series prospera 3 Nitro Circus City Sally gradually you still watch the guy fall off of motorcycle at like a hundred and forty miles an hour and the tumbling does he still RT slow slow down the guys want to go get the car to a stop by can slow gradual like World War 1 please stop you're more likely to survive that and if you're going to hundred twin shock that structure nervous system are that that's what that's what Day Care apparently already told her wants to marry you because you know the Travis Pastrana as well guess what dude just wondering if you want to fucking hear Travis Tritt Pastrana star on Twitter right now but what you say is if that was the case in Supercross or whatever that is what is the event where they do the craziest tricks I get as big as a skateboard lets Moto X I don't want to call it whatever whatever the motorcycle wheel lets it go he wouldn't go I'm going to fucking die now with you always does he goes holy shit you just start running because he's headed for that you don't do that you guys could talk and everything around yeah I never see those people recover once they lose their butt if you're going to survive you 4 Dead even what you thought about that it's all about angles with a protractor in your call your father at that point you're human lawn dart you're just going to go into the ground any fucking angle but he fell off a skyscraper on the way down to it would slow you down enough to probably not what you are straight up an ounce costume DIY are you the Luxor in Vegas Adam is a straight up and down on your phone you might have to as you said you do anything no I'm not even looking at it forever you can't wait to see you how to iPad right now how many get it cuz it's been a while if it's the committee's the wisest wisest thing in the middle lets day warnings of the beer belly I miss this phone half the site right fifth E21 Prince of the video that shows the iPad we didn't want to reduce the iPad wants a concentrated MO really wow people really upset because in that same event they also unveiled a new iPad and iPad 2 if you were really upset that I just bought when iPad is replaced in under a year or so as the iPad the iPad 3 now I guess that's where that iPad iPad that's right now so I don't know as far as like I would like to save them to a cloud that I had and then I would just walk over and then be on my iPad that have that I would if it was decent and one in the works and and the wild 4 to sort of way yes insert finished uploading ah thanks probably first one I mean I mean after tooth 2 Brotherhood Revelation I got to take one of them was hunting down to Gavin of the I don't even want to hear about it 9:15 John Templar knights that being said I think they're like it's better than to and they've had like and like different items can a Scottish broadswords and Brotherhood Creed does it better than anyone else that is true Revelation if you got half of them the other half on lock on your man I'm talking everyone know he has fun doing that who I think it is going to work a little bit I didn't have to physically spend the next one's over this one Gavin is good how do I know that Shane Watson and then the other side lyrics it's never been my favorite English term Twitter said it was Flags in Brotherhood flags and Revelations as well to ultimate collection what is the quintessential collectible in any video Jen package impact the hidden packages in GTA 3 Ah that's a pretty good one as soon as I can Crackdown YouTube Mike Mike Mike you can bring it up but it's only like your shop down there 500 green orbs 100 hidden orbs ride 300 Hades Christ 800 collect game fuck that I'm playing a game is more than halfway through I like unlockable parts of games like in Assassins Creed I hate the feathers but I like the Eagle Point because I know where they are and just go to them that's that's always a first for everything as some of my favorite game play tonight iPad Alaska how much times has Creed 2 and Brotherhood Play 3 relationship Griffin so good meet you somewhere and I know my Felix quick after and I feel like I need to compress my game time with AC 3 or I need to delay it till after I'm done with Halo 4 I'm hoping I'm hoping and I don't know we never really happens the only Halo title ever got early we got reach like 3 days early and I'm hoping we can pop made it for like 2 or 3 days as well day will come but I heard about that I heard always heard this rumor and I don't know that is true but I always heard that the name of the game was Halo and that it was changed Halo Combat Evolved thank you thank you she should have one of them who is the famous bmxer 901 Phil Harris as soon as I go for it eat Sally salon sow that came out last week people falling ah yeah he was he has every flute 3 season 1 at the very beginning and it alien to 3 right and then one more episode left most recent episode what is great track go figure out of old was changed from Halo 2 Halo Combat Evolved four Japanese RT insert understand what the game was that it wasn't clear enough title somebody of all of this more clear I don't know that's what I always heard that and then Halo in any way shape or form you remember the list when they would publish how well console sale in Japan and it was always funny to see how low the Xbox One like at one point Gus I would like looking the PS2 was higher than the Xbox and the PS1 was hired and the Dreamcast and it wasn't cold wonderswan Halo device wonderswan made by the Halo Legends increase anyway I don't think so characters in my class this morning like oh she didn't like him and his lady friend this is what happens to these guys and like you know I'm curious as hell would put it in with all the insert Halo 4 how was the game like starting off the blonde chick in 3 University of music I like she's done with me 4 was Infinity slow Infinity zombies or whatever infection I Man enemy in the Halo guys because I was of the Rings already set off the full 800 thousand years ago whatever but for now go ahead and kill himself Halo when you say that feel like studying wants to do Center for Disease Control in the US store smallpox and infectious diseases Day star to keep the samples fever future study and my other people and everything to just learn how to write better Gus level is in charge of the 4 of us are actually went right for the job if I was out of there like flushing get rid of in transit on the next trip we find these guys are just going to be like today honey would you really care if I was the guy you like on the phone the Halo kill everything but I would think the only button that Halo weather for some dry procedure today the shit like this do this stuff until at least and twist them into stuff transfer case Olivia Miranda's hand Onnit and bang it's done I mean have you seen a video of someone replacing Guilty Spark with Wheatley from Portal 1 how do a thousand years and you know that it's deadly I've actually seen like the structures they have for burying nuclear waste and how they have like the symbols they make forward so that should our civilization collapse and we use language like it has pictograms of people and then people that are red and people laying down like this site is dangerous Gus come outside what that's what 4 and nuclear waste might not be bad for them Felix ride Gavin lets finally found out what it's like to try to send out a universal message and maybe it's not quite University 2 there's like it's like a field ah but you stay away from that would be the same if a lion could speak English you don't understand it we talked about different on the Mass Effect spoilercast Pro communicate with different than anybody in the first level of the division like everyone else when they try to come into work Layla the chosen one you have a play that the Marines would be fun Andy Morales group 64th sow it sow Travis monuments carway future trespassers from radioactive waste site the image on this phone this article is Macaulay Culkin from home base I saw the greatest hits the world I think the first thing we're shooting here that would be like a thousand years and it's falling apart I think it was here I didn't kidnap cook and eat women police officer wants to talk women kidnapped them assault them cook them and eat them Stephen King Stephen King stalker and you're like oh you know Steven Spielberg famous dude I bet he has people who want to give me scripture and all that stuff and I know this guy was talking for awhile and then you read the article and you're like holy shit I never want to be a Forester guys do it he just had like pictures of Stephen King and like head made it over sorry made scenarios about Steven Spielberg trade scenarios Andy had a rape kit with like latex suits and handcuffs and stuff that he was like outside today of an hour trying to get him into this unbelievably scary Francis that was kind of weird sex tape at gunpoint when was he in jail when he was saying all this stuff to you I was really unclear and vague but forced at gunpoint at gunpoint sodomized him and videotaped it YouTube thank God you're not someone I would be Center the best evidence of that so I can I mean it's right what is a dog grooming forward in court and testify with the dude in the room messages received from the guys will do anything but I need you to clear eat it trailer win to be wrapping up in the next several minutes I'm giving you my warnings only so we can wrap up on time as we have 2 people have been out here a long time where we already went to dinner Gavin Alvin ord's ah I wish I everybody else because trailer when did you ask me Sally Adam Austin sow 2 things would have rather gone he did but to catch up with me so you told 3 people on a regular basis that we work with and hang out with me I'm not asking anything anymore if you're in the room and I'll be there soon that you're invited if you want to go and that's it I'm not too much I'm just going to lunch with each other in their office it's like whoever they're sitting next to that you everybody to go to 7 11 for 2 years Matt info where do I put it on the moon because he's going to be gone and you're like 3 minutes late you're starving to death Andy Phil Barbara started doing that barbarous in my office now and she started doing it to me lunch right now let's do it everybody nobody Dustin want to go I asked him he's like a 2 carat ring as Pizza what is Twitter Washington subway Crazy World Trade Center location of it like the photo of that as we can which where State tentacle which way I'm voting Sally The Witch golden and other electric wants me so my parents are very Republican and I like you too much but Mr Smith the guy who who wrote sopa sopa the internet was it something golf online piracy Act was base was a kind of like rain in the internet internet for whoever you want anyone listening to or watching tomorrow I want to know if you're in Texas and the Austin area I think there was a list of aspects of it and like and it's really green and yet environment-friendly is to always check with and I'm like I care less about in a project when weather is I don't care about the environment Lakeside of polluted the hell at environment ideal for if it made it more so that's to it I've got an interesting fact I don't think I've ever talked about this on the podcast Ive been interesting as I think I have an extra spin on Recycling and Environmental Protection I don't give a fuck about it that's an issue because I'm not going to have a kid so my carbon footprint and my environmental impact ends with me all you people were going to have kids you have like this chain going on of damage would a costume of Iron Man sow I want the world to be as good for me as possible and at every light day after I died I don't care I'm convinced that life exists right now right now I have no evidence anywhere the proof that I was like before I was going the speed of light star star my life is only relevant to me right now right now John Thomas Inn to me Christian what's that really I just as I can why are we like this so next Tuesday when we record the podcast we recorded buys as usual tuesday-night next Tuesday's election us you won't have a live podcast or should we move it now to Monday because we wants you anyway do Monday night it'll be the last episode of Red vs. blue season 10 so we can talk about rivers blue as well we never did hear someone I don't think our podcast competes with the election and we've already got up and we didn't notice till after the fact 2 I don't want to compete with that RvB launch what is the last episode to Monday if we do that that is true what is it what is that the podcast from Sally at 7:32 starting at 5:30 if you should ask our viewers where they are if only those way to do that go ahead of us what time is on the rent so we feel personally if the podcast started 2 hours early that in your lets 2 o'clock on the west coast but it's also when people watch it over there so the people lined up for 4 hours that is true I love you I'm going to get pulled over speeding on motorbike Felix I swear you opened it alcohol over me Speedway the speed of drunk so we already maybe it's a good time to now that we've lots of people actually watch the park has yet to address people who actually are to me and watching but when I to tell us what you think interchange the time but if you're listening to podcast would be easier for you to listen to a live stream or you will live stream if it was earlier the day thank you that would be easier on me we have some great people who have been here for days working my 12-hour days and we stayed late to help us with the podcast tonight looking over there I see Brandon Lindsey Terry I got some volunteers call Michael I don't know what the fuck you doing here over here over there for a long time working really hard thank you for State the lighting crew thank you and Brooke who's back there hiding thank you everyone for State sow couple things I want to mention next is the last episode of season 10 of Red vs Blue and also this week this week the second episode of the machinima.com produced documentary about Richard info naut info naut sow info naut on YouTube and see this episode they talk about Manti Utah RT actually talked about a lot about Achievement Hunter as well they cover that part of Russia Sacramento man is it 3 episodes it is 3 episode Phil and that's ok but Forward Unto Dawn that's six episodes are all about 12 to 15 minutes each the reason why he feels a little slow in the first two episodes it could have the movie 18 minutes world like you cuz you're being introduced these characters in his life like shit starts happening to him I already smell like stale beer guys people on Twitter if you're watching the podcast now I know that you like the time of the podcast now you don't need to fucking tell me that over and fucking hate it alright well I left wrap up ah but you already ate people want to know Play We want to see more Left 4 Dead yes we will I feel like we finally like my thought was I wanted to get the podcast technology to a point where we were comfortable with it 4 we improved Lenawee double eat a little bit of a rough start I want to the point where I was comfortable to call you were putting out and I feel like we're finally getting there so yeah we're starting to see some ideas for the next couple and I will not be there as improving we would not be there election night check for leaks day so I don't think you're watching Cuisine X time I love you