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RT breaks fences

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Recorded: 2012-11-08 00:14:18

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Monty Oum




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought you buy audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books of more than 100,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction periodicals or a free audiobook of your choice go to audible podcast.com slash Rooster Teeth podcast is also brought to you by the new Squarespace Squarespace Star Comics uses a new contact management system make it faster and easier to create a high-quality website or online portfolio with professional designs and website templates off too much for any size smartphone tablet or computer or a free trial and 10% off new accounts go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use offer code RoosterTeeth 11x Rooster Teeth and the numbers 1 and 1 welcome to podcast number 190 191st podcast ever luckily there was nothing else not talking about politics with me this week I've got Monty a rare treat with a Monty this week Monty can rarely visit us in the annex because Joe the cat I love you I love cats but for and even started yeah that's definitely right there I'm going to probably talk about this before the podcast wasn't it when I first moved I like it was the worst off and I have an allergic to cats and dogs Halo 4 for Wii breathing so the cat is to talk about a ruby which we finally showed a trailer for that conclusion Red vs. blue season 10 last night yet excited it's awesome it was at the end of the season 10 episode 22 new 10 what's the weather are they still making Red vs Blue are you still making that posted like 5 times today because their credits at the end of this episode because of the credit so much their credit there's more there's more sense of finality and was like I always said as long as people like it we will keep making it even still be there for a while teeth a little bit in your Comics little paper like I came up Knology for the show or like years but I came up with the theme red white black and yellow cuz of Asia I thought I like the colors red white black and gold or yellow can fit in there and then I was able to like somewhere between half a dream the three 4 letters in to the name Ruby on their right mind would mix the colors red white black and yellow or gold together that would look terrible I got somewhere between half a dream sounds like an awful lifetime I was I was I was like half asleep when I came up with Rubio's like the way this started was I was I was talking to Bernie just about to shoot the shit everywhere like Star Crunch with RvB 10 I was talking to Bernie I've had ideas for season 11 and Bernie was like Monty as he were all thinking about leaving we weren't even sure we have finished season 10 as long as you finish season 10 you do whatever you want I'll take you up on that so like I started actually taking it seriously thinking about doing my own show and that's where it came from a Jewish I just came up with that idea of the rwb why so weak it's been awhile I mean as soon as we finish season 10 I started a meeting that trailer how long does it take trailer to have three weeks probably just a lot of it was like half hour and a half animation the life you know the process it if it accelerates as you go along I guarantee you it's going to get fat easy as we go forward you're going to be more I guarantee I guess one of the reasons like this trailer is the way it is you know it's so actually it's because I could just make fight scenes in my sleep you know the kind of thing we wanted to liberate on and put more thought into is like a plot and character that's the stuff that Miles and Carries and helping me with the Ruby is being it's directed by Monty oum and then Monty Kara and myself are the lead writers for the show and especially what it's been like we go to work we make red vs blue and a lot of other stupid things that we put on there that we go home and then we can go to work trying to write this new show and the trailer at the end as we have 4 characters one of which has been revealed whose name is Ruby her name is Ruby spell traditional Ew with the you remove the first the name of the show is still Ruby spelled with aw the public fuck with you right away we were putting up the trailer he comes by my desk so I saw that putting it up today no cable if you want to Fitness wave day one that's the reason for doing the show but what color should I go with you he would like you to make the W like like not as angular maybe like of the bottom to use maybe or maybe abrandtandson Ruby Ruby Ruby is the title of the show Ruby is an acronym it's a red white black yellow black yellow people remember what do you want to show any of the stuff I know you brought up that you wanted to show alright well I guess you've already seen the trailer I mean the first thing I mean the first like actual step by to make the same kind of swirl it around your head and you kind of think about the technology was the first actual step I took and this was making the world map this is actually something I wanted to do in season 9 though to be honest I've always wanted to build my world right and back and actually talk to Bernie about like what is the geography what takes place out like I wanted out that's on a ring world and what's on the normal Earth-like planet relatively honest look at the time because Reese was here and I remember that they had that awesome as far for and it it said it had the Big O the picture of the planet Ali yeah it was awesome the rules are rules that for their world which covered the gravity was like one point something extra time out a gravity that's why all the trees are like the girl off at that girl with that strange angle they have and there's also like certain craters on the planet my rules about the world is that if I'm if I'm making this show that if I figure out what the world is that geography determines culture and culture determines your people and people are part of your story and that's the most important thing so you sending them world map is like the most important thing okay you want to tell them how you make a show me the wild of the motion go to the next frame I also have a paper version of every other night I was making it that was very surprised Kara was like why are you so good at making map don't like it but I like and then I made a paper version and she was like you should have a job making map just like the first time there's a video actually you want to play it Philip J tonight this is like probably crunched July of RvB 10 and I'm at IHOP with Shane and I just put on like I forward ketchup into a Nathan and its motion around and was like that's the base for a map so if you go to the next image you probably see a giant ketchup yep that's what map was based in the Photoshop and star that the philosophy behind that is that I feel like as a 3D animator I was talking about using all this technology or process all these computers all these numbers and it's so much not only for that everything else I try to give it some blue like you need to preserve that that that that sense of chaos because the process we do it's so so robotic yes I'll catch up man as something black and mustard we talked about this we have to bring it up the important thing was like especially with everything that was just raised in our production value that you have to preserve like that an Arctic energy that like influences everything you do so like if I let a ketchup stain influence of world and then it just like travels down at the the aspects of the production I think that's a good thing and that you try to preserve that with everything you I would do that RvB as well and that's why I and why am I involved as many people as possible because if it's just one person you become rigid and static so I like that's why I first first first person I'm involved with Carrie I want to Kara and I were outside I gave him anime homework because I noticed that he would just be watching stuff while working in RvB like I wouldn't be doing we all have multiple monitors like more than you should do if you want to be honest you should do some homework so I just started giving him shows to watch that we could you know were comparatively to and then miles was the second person on to this or I would give him an anime homework watch the tell if you want it if you want to be part of you guys give me shit all the time because you like doing animation and composite and you can have something on the back on you can listen to and watch but I was having to write and then like Eddy audio and do shit like that so I can watch it during the day like you guys could even come up to me you haven't watched it yet Comics put it up like this for anyone that way we can have Monty talking about maybe anything that man. The best part was the music that was like the last input in which I'm not a fan of that I will be working with Jeff Williams even closer but he's such a phenomenal artist like he like we get each other so much it's it's great the liked his lyrics were so helpful and it's the first thing that has like it's not it's not because technology that invented chosen to emulate a style to me it's just in my system I just and it looks like this technology technology doesn't like me doing this was just something different yeah so was I mean that's kind of what is the SEPTA station you know this is the first this is like a like a first a first down the line that's going to get a lot better and I mean all of them we have to pass those things happening if the if it's a combination of impacts on screen that's happening has such a sense of Rhythm to it then the Mind actually accept it so that's that's another thing that try to put him to work that's why I want to work even closer with Jeff because I made a version and a version that was much longer than this and then going back and forth between yes I would modify my work based on the music you would get back for like down till like Sunday night I was free editing shots to be more reasonable that's one of the things he knows everything that we put on screen and whether or not he'll even the most realistic stuff I feel like films your imagination of what happened it's not the actual things that happen in your mind motion Ruby and you told me oh yeah that's what I was a little put off to college I wasn't crazy and with the Giant 400 when I was 10 I was a member when I was 1st when I first pulled as I get a Bernie as the same thing when I go to motion sniper rifle gunblade and he was like I kind of always been doing this I've been doing this since I have other things behind it and we'll have a little bit more but the idea is to utilize Motion in a way where you don't waste movement so it's like philosophically you have these weapons that require a Reload action sniper rifle but you know it always like this around the motion of the motion I've Been Working On The Water we just straight-up dialogue and characters and stuff like that and we just wanted to point out that this the teaser is super super actually have a boner in Army available with crazy weapons for like 4 minutes but the show is not going to be just like I said character is important yes but that's why I literally started on this as soon as RvB and there's also motion and there's a lot of her but we have a very cerebral off so I'm not surprised that the word the words are vs blue wrapping up and I want to get back to that in just a second but I want to read this first if I could only remind everyone that this episode is brought to you by the new Squarespace and now Squarespace.com it's faster and easier than ever to create a high-quality website blog or online portfolio Squarespace to the Unified Service for giving you everything you need to create and 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easy you just pick a template if you want and it just drag and drop elements around the page you can resize stuff dynamically it makes it super-easy to create a website and maintain you have to if you know stuff about making website school you can do that as well with the service but if you don't super easy to put something together and never mind a conversation you and I had I think the first time we met Anime Boston Ali yeah we're talking about ways to get people to know who you were and I said you should have a website where people can go in Spartan Monty oum if your own domain and forward to together and talk about stuff like this we talked about it is great for Content distribution but there's no Community there's a lot of comments highly recommended I'm in a ton of people come up to me especially because I'm the community manager asking like how do I get my stuff noticed or how do I get a job at 3:30 that's one of the most important things is to have your own space on the internet somewhere you could kind of funnel all your stuff and to think I wanted to talk a little more about a red vs blue if we could since we launched 4 on DVD and Blu-ray and off 10 years DVD and 10 years O Henry Fox o my God look that is so impressive it's like a book if it's like found and it's been sitting on it 10 years of my life last Monday's meeting about like this 14 disc in every Blu-ray version unless you gets the Best Buy version which is the the bonus 15th but it has a sticker on it this is this where is bringing me to shut up damn it so it's all I can say it's map between me and Gus hours for w run time on it is 18 hours and 42 minutes plus extras contact one of the things about this I thought was really weird so I mean we did that was worked on for a long time and finally out the door we have time and if you think that's the law of Life Brandon and Lindsey and his people were sleeping here early and it was a real Endeavor and it's crazy to think about what a big day this Halo 4 launching Ruby coming out the president yeah and we're at the Halo party last night and all this was happening at the same time North Las 10 was really really awesome let me make some friends why can we were shooting like a spoiler alert the last scene of season 10 was in Halo force me to go there all the time and we made friends with them they're my favorite part of the night though we've been hanging out there was like okay we're about to have a photo op but we want only people that were coming here so you guys can come back I'm going to do laundry, just hanging out at home it was really sad it was like a happy family around Christmas so as I was talking like it was red and that's what we see today just like fucking just rolling out of bathroom happy as can be and then he just stopped he just feels like where did everybody go the bathroom I finally with his infinite wisdom decided they took the picture I like to thank you years down the road I was going to be like these are my coworkers Star as when miles was telling me that story I was like I just walked up to them outside the window and I'm going with you guys laughing about and explain that to me and as they're telling that story I see and I could have people just like super Henry O Henry Dr and Shane and Ray was in that order of like that come in the door and go cause we have 3 tables set up like a you and it would go through certain Affinity guys and we were at the end of Ali ray ray ray ray like Delirious like around Gavin signature cards reading Gavin chaos I got a Blu-ray Blu-ray DVD blue band is your indication I have a brown red 411 high def and one on the phone you can open it up on it right here what's on it Red vs Blue mini Adventures we had the chance and I didn't go I was supposed to do I got a chance to go up to the Forward Unto Dawn filmed a short bit Red vs Blue a live-action Red vs Blue which is included on that bonus check if you have this already at home and you haven't looked at that desk at the bonus just get you should put it in and check it out it's really perform the exercises new the voice activated I was so jealous because I was supposed to be in that and that was the first script written try me try me New York never been to Vancouver and I was really go out and do anything and a caboose through customs on the way to Vancouver where's that happens while we're still in RvB the cocaine star hotel the world I have not you know where was at the midnight launch for Halo 4 last night but I was so tired by the time we're done I didn't really get a chance to play so before we came over today I played the first campaign mission that's good it was a big screen showing a bunch of the whole time oh I wouldn't go that far as you did lose your glasses info cited in all parts of my body and my mind starts racing with people in the computer I hope so I'm coming I'm on Twitter but how miles is it wasn't it was in France he was talking about staying in this spooky hotel that we stayed in Paris I just got that you were visiting your girlfriend so yeah it was really really awesome and I really appreciate it was really cute yeah I was sitting there and thinking oh my God dead woman coming to the front door and then and I stopped I was like wait wait wait is it worse that should be screaming something I can't understand or something like it Arryn the city really creepy pictures like you but you reply with parlez-vous Francais and that's what that was he said that's why you were with him bucking ponies with and was looking at Me 2 to have each other what did you think of an older story where we were hanging out again coming in French go to the bathroom for some reason and then you are a great sense of humor New Bedford MA electrical inspector luckily apparently it's worth if it's on a weekend easy clocking o yeah there must have been hundreds of thousands eventful happened we're all just of his really rain in Kara a mushroom is as we would take a train Kyle when is Marty McFly and I think I'm playing everybody fuckin recognized or something I don't know toy store Andover the time I ran over there the family dresses I love that and it's strange that the body was kind of like not really very successful I like Halloween and I didn't know did you see what I just saw as a little kid dressed up as Luigi so what I did was I went to Target and I bought a Luigi costume in for a 10 year old super tired at work a little this picture will put it in my butt yeah it's a problem with your 10 year old is very tight around the crotch so it was like huge Mastiff Detroit Edison Company the bishop was talking about making out with the first it was probably most of my life there was romance and backstabbing and a lot and a shitload of alcohol really bad and we will call him Chuck Liddell Dawn PSA a really tall like Viking looking dude with like a pretty awesome beard he went as the brawny guy toy O War pun off and you just walked away and then I like to go see the last one is Philip J fry so I just had to go get like a red jacket and then spray paint find the product by the blue sweater just doesn't suit Philip J fry and we went there we got hammered for having a good time out I don't party a lot of and a lot of your kind of party that's my kind of party tell me the time in crazy crazy shit went down I'm out in the back yard with a few my friend I'm going back inside and that's when this year and I froze because I've never been to a party that busted by the cops before and my mind was just been to a party like that everywhere it's like the fucking guys coming with German Shepherd cuz I'm really drunk and I really and honestly it is really tall do go to put his hands up and pulls himself the whole thing and the board and all these lights are just on outside cheap storages sprinting through the woods o Buzz Lightyear and Jessie the cowgirl was just calling a The Dark Knight we finally won like I gets right and there's airport Theory a situation like alpha male I can control my really drunk and intoxicated gold and silver you like 6 months or so Chaos on the roads and went down to the river through quiet China Kitchen Craig Theory my mind I was like it's going to be okay if we go out of there we made it to the ground and parted ways we all went over the events of the night I feel really bad about this but you should really call me star conference live out of the party through the world someone's been the party never even thought about that well the homeowner let it for the first thing I thought was this asshole broke yeah that was that was the end of a very long and interesting night but that was like the icing on the cake Buzz Lightyear what I was to do this thing I would wait but there's a very heavily tinted windows in the door so you can see if you are coming from the studio over so I like to wait behind it and when they open the door like jump out and scare them for that and I come over I'm like super happy and like to leave out the door slam the door in blue okay everybody you don't know everything is here to have a little interlude Arryn a leading provider of audio books and more than 100,000 downloadable title across all types of literature is and future audio vs a mini New York our listeners audible as offering a free audiobook give you a chance to transfer service 1 audiobook the series of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien Philip for free audio book of your choice go to audible podcast a complex Rooster Teeth that's audible podcast.com / RoosterTeeth figured with the Hobbit movie coming out next month in of people may have not read the book in a long time it's an easy way to get a free audiobook and listen to it and it a refresher head of the movie WhatsApp fairly frequently since like I live in the middle of Austin and I are down here like half an hour I used to read all the books but I need more time I think it was the first Contact that was about Sergeant Johnson for that and it was great having the diarrhea reading a Sextant to me it was just like weird iTunes hadn't had a sale on the on the motion comics for the Watchmen creepy old dude talking about superheroes and villains of people involved the names of the credit can read it what with the trailer out individually so you can investigate their stuff there to read into o I think tomorrow morning is pretty exciting people have given given like my work right now like I know people have been asking me for like the new Dead Fantasy RvB and you I got a job to do and I get to be like covering the whole part of and one of the things Star and general description that the other employees is that the right to do something original for 10 years now had a great 10 years a lot of our success to Halo and it's great and I think after 10 years we've earned the right to do something original after seven years of busting my ass working and working and working I think I've earned the right to do an original project to and for the record we have our own original story 1089 10 RT the right to work on Ruby I can watch the shows that I can watch the show and people always have and I always have and I believe in knowing your products you know and like diving into the show and as much as I do kind of the right and for him to say whatever you want that's great are you going to watch Blu-rays all time really weird it does feel weird I almost like it's like borderline like who was the it wasn't me miles Kara Kathleen brawny man on the comics I do like hearing the stuff they have to say me I just like I'm very bad at coming up with words on the fly a lot of stuff like that picture that was released today Red vs Blue honor is released article about the season 10 DVD and also they released an exclusive clip from the behind that we have them so cool to come in today also the final part of that a info documentary team the crew is here upstairs filming miles like talking about Red vs Blue machinimate of the station and I saw them and I don't know why but I found miles being trying to be very comical for the camera I walked over and I ran my room along the table and I knocked all the controllers off of the ground pick it up I want you to know they've been there all week Halo 4 Films and stuff like that so I had a chance I'd like to talk to the film crew and then finally unlike the last day they were there they would talk to me for maybe 30 seconds and then I'll off how much whenever a camera was around me I felt the need to always do something like really stupid or really just like I was when there was so they're going to shut up toy that I'm always doing something stupid o I just I just that's funny I would say that is cuz that's pretty where's the little sparkly to come to the camera boiler of it was that I was the interview there anymore Kyle I heard you complaining you had a giant fix an indicated to you in a second when you like walk into the room and your arms are open part 1 of the info nothing who's that guy at the end I learn more about him I was like you the filming of that you know how they fill me in from the back side of your car look like a green screen because I said it look like I wasn't there that looks green the real Anna look like new to video If you are going to look it up on YouTube called virtual Backlot it's a company that all the green screen yeah that's awesome so all of their different work in green screening and you never would know that something was green-screened if they didn't show you like that before and after that are the best that's the reason I'm so bad at this one short ton of info then you never would realize the TV show wicked wicked wicked Philip Story part of it part of it is Nathan for a fact it's just for like the logistics of shooting time for removing internet here sometimes it was a different time then another actor things like that the watch it on your own they couldn't get I guess enough people to cooperate together soon going to say if you want Frozen City and stuff like that it just seems like Overkill so you think normally people associate you know green screen and yeah you got a big like robot in the back with the shooting it's like some people called at 5 a.m. a difference go math and I don't work so we didn't do anything last week yeah I thought it was really really good I wish that they would like to meet at the very end I think it's like and like the teaser for the people loved it on for most of the gauntlet stuff Ali TV American Idol new Curb Your Enthusiasm Boy Meets World of the sea like like that okay or like on American Idol I think I think about it was like I was there for like maybe 2 days of the shooting but the thing I think is the best thing about this is that it's legit like preserving the Integrity of the competition with the most important thing we were very thorough about everything like that but it was a real competition yesterday and today and I was a little concerned I will be on Kickin it was it was a difficult shoot long days too early call time I was involved with any of the writing or the editing I have no idea what's happening for Red vs Blue so I was just like everyone else like waiting for each Monday at 7 o'clock and wonder what's going to question you know the answer is I'm like honestly tell you I don't like everyone else on the network computers for anything okay so are you ready to play the first level so I'm there too. I don't I don't I don't have time like I work so much that I'd make time for a few days time for Halo I mean time for Ninja Gaiden make time for like Final Fantasy Halo I don't know I was watching Gus player I think I'm probably more like three levels then I'm not going to talk anything about the campaign but like it so much like the first Halo game or would like a very military it's very like or I probably and then we're going to operate Philip Seymour the stuff actually so very much of it there first 30 seconds of the game a question that is raised in the very beginning is Dawn the master chief 64 at his core he was broken he was a kid that was kidnapped and turned into a killing machine is designed to feel like is that the reason is because that's what they are there it's like a poster boy of Xbox is awesome because he's crazy and Gavin was there as well and he went home with two copies the game with me and they I woke up this morning and all you and in my mind I was like fucking tired last night how did they manage to film at it voice over 3 videos for Haley came in pretty tired this morning that it was like it just like you wait wait wait for the go a lot everybody fucking awesome and I said the Gavin Gavin I will work on it so like and unlike some day I will keep Gavin boner trailer back a dick Gavin doesn't 4 Halo game there is a primary weapon in comics yeah and then Halo 2 3 it was a battle rifle and carbine but in this one like they give you all 3 but I'm probably only very limited I just really like a cash we can reload all your few minutes Monty pun and although I will say your spaceship there there's no there there thanks Dad but no every time new Xbox Delta lost in space what did you think about that kind of like so you're not sure you like that I feel like I already did and kind of property everything they're not the Lions was like there's a dead body goes red with something in the environment and it was like 5 feet in the air I think I don't know we're all too exhausted after staying up all night the other 20 feet in the air so much in common swap weapons like the other one I just want to be sure that story real quick when you the one who's comparing this to Halo 1 years of a levels voting so far this one's Halo Reach also if you look at the level stretch of Halo Reach super similar to the very first one on the first level years and then really big what's and Halo 4 in the last episode of Red vs Blue yes and it was the Blood Gulch go if not exactly the same so much WeatherBug uses bugs some low-level thugs I think she said no she said yeah yesterday between you to launch long to bake Dawn and I'm getting it I'm sorry that's the first development that was awesome I remember when I got the limited edition of Halo to it to be like this is this is what it's like but um it was so weird like being at certain affinity and like it look like the documentary I watched when I was a boy a local developer here in Austin and we work with if you were at RTX to work on multiplayer with 3 4 Halo 4 they're all really they were super awesome they just come and hang out a lot and they invited us to a few parties Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle parties there's going to be things that make it grow longer but I the only thing I know is you can no longer walk with you you give motion a man is always a learning. Where are you like okay these are the things that are different these are new constraints but these are the new things that have opened up for us not going to answer that question Hobbit one that was difficult a difficult one to do machinimate was definitely for the strangerhood for doing we didn't have crazy talk at the time the lip sync was extremely difficult so we would just end up recording close-ups of films for our to be like that was kind of trying to change Halo too because I actually wanted to begin with that we couldn't do that your camera man can you put someone else under him then if you wanted an even higher shot you make both those characters jump and get a third character under him and we keep doing this over and over if they're radically gets shot with one person in it because once the camera man or anyone the actor we could never get more than I want to see you I was so worried for you guys the first thing I did getting the game with wedding and one of the camera straight down and like in the Headlights hey I don't know if it's true or not to this day he claims he's the person who created that animation in Halo 2 where to go from the guns up to the guns at rest but every time I seem to think you're welcome machinimate 4 season tent was Kyle and I've got a lot of the later episodes in Valhalla together let no go dude shut the where is the UNSC pilot show up to arrest the Reds and Blues in Valhalla and the Falcons only allowed to come if you're only allowed to and we needed three 4 in order to get everybody out of Valhalla and compositing it also involved we at we set up a temporary machinimate station in the studio downstairs so there were a total of 12308 Xboxes Kyle was in the studio I was upstairs we were on we had each other on speaker phone and I was saying OK you need to because we had it we had a few pilots on the ground we had to have the camera and we had to have a pilot and then a second pilot come in they had to do it over speakerphone picking up and dropping controllers old place and it took like 27 takes to do one shot which was Kerry shawcross a mother fuckers and then like a falcon for Henry Construction aquarium 10 x of scorpion Is it wise if you Kara motion easy because you just don't move it had to reposition everything but we did we shot that who Jamaica Cinemas downtown Houston and when those guys Eddy Rivas who did some writing workshops after church goes and talks to packs to like split up in all the different writings and talks all that extra barbs a shot after he comes out of the discussion is discussing with her where there's all these texts but I would like shutting down and then eventually fall that was all of the Xbox that we had contact 64 like no I think they were all text change every character to look like and I put all the controllers and Halo 3 ODST Fox and tupperware deviled eggs to make them shut down but the director Fox at the same time on my Mark we only have one shot at this and I took the box and the Tupperware I just got to shake them back and forth all the time I like going everywhere and we star the off or something and it's really hot but then it was just me and 3 other people that work on that voting musical PSA music I think we're going to have the voting song on Future CD or soundtrack as wait longer and you Coral College again Touro College electoral story we thought they were don't you pay attention to the midterm campaign is a line that's in the long version of the song it sounds like Kermit the Frog don't you pay attention to them Jeff Williams called me in to do some pickups and record some stuff because the other two and made it sound terrible but like I was so bad she was like so I could turn into some kind of Kermit the Frog that was a crazy fucking shoot cuz we had A Chorus Line we had all these people raising their guns with a painting camera movement and I couldn't personally goes out of frame one of the times when you like it was it was it wasn't there we can write in to Ruby no we have time it's forever burned into my soul as some sort of machinimate and too many characters to do all yourself I was so nervous because I'm terrible at Halo to begin but manipulating the game to do what you want is even still in to movie characters this way and in this way when you're not actually like looking at the character I would be so nervous I feel like I'm going to set up everything that you didn't like the third person perspective because I'm used to everything being backwards if you're going to go if you're looking for if you're staring at a character that's facing like this character spacing me if I pressed like a right on the control stick and move to his right but I can go to the left that's why I'm so in order to match that on the y-axis I had to make up go down and down go off on a new mission control as I don't think there's a word for that I just used it I gotta to know Domino's downtown not that one no it's because I grew up the first games I replace airplane game like Star Fox so it when you play Never a ship that is not an airplane always the podcast already but when you of all people know you're supposed to be uncomfortable but I'm story but you know you do have a reputation that from me in the Backlot I've yet to see doctor what I go through I wish it was always at my desk I don't even think I have an Xbox wonderful night so don't forget that the Red vs Blue season 10 DVD Blu-ray and 10 your box and Blu-ray are both available available in the store right now and that's why it's a new shirts yes this week would you want to go to the people thanks everyone for joining us election coverage and find out who won and who will be leaving the leaving the country but thank you for doing what everyone think of a time and we'll be talking to you next week Halo 4 to buy