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RT pisses in arches

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Recorded: 2012-11-15 01:04:45

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jordan Cwiers




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Transcript (in progress):

list episode of the rooster podcast is brought to you by Onnit and high protein superfood hemp force and forces an all natural easily digestible protein shake on like any other protein food available using cocoa and maca root to not only enhance the natural flavor of him but also provide antioxidants in by active compounds for Peak Performance for our listeners get 10% off your order when you use promo code rooster Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com /gaming this podcast is also brought to you by the new Squarespace Squarespace is a new content management system faster and easier to create high-quality website or online portfolio with professional designs and website templates optimized for any smartphone tablet or computer for free trial and 10% off accounts go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth and use offer code Rooster Teeth 11 lets Rooster Teeth and the numbers 1 and 1 Toby Turner today hey I'm Jordan Jordan makes Teeth Animated Adventures for those of you who are not familiar which is probably all of you bring it up every time flight oh I was petting show today and I thought I'd like to live one day at and it was like a giant around me to reach down and rub my head with their entire website and give me the greatest massage ever had and who do you want to live your life just like sometimes you never know I'm just that'd be cool idiot 1048 writer one day and one of Buddy they just be like how quickly would you get bored of doing that everyday like an Adventure land around we were talking Barbara butt whenever they do it and everyone's different emotions all the way back to the as hole which is good talk before the podcast we decided we were going to take shots and we're actually out dinner we have tons of liquor at the office and I forgot we had a bottle of Republic of the whole Jordan a shot of whiskey and then Michael came out Xbox dumb mother fucker that works in our company drank an entire bottle of tequila and then filled it back up with water and the hotels are within the range and I know someone that tequila maybe like 2 weeks ago I saw someone so we just have to look at two weeks to see you good morning I just drank a show of Daniel window does water from under something trust me you're drinking something out of a bottle what you see is what you later somebody somebody killed a bottle of liquor with water they didn't want people were they ashamed . the outdoor water pump dead but just know that someone might trailer reclaim your quarter and you blew it Julie Bowen which one I want to know who did this figured out just right and then left it flight to refill it with water and Baker tequila butt oh yeah an organization that is a dramatic violation truck I don't want to the podcast to find out buddy even if they're filling the bottle with water and putting it back is the problem that I've got theirs dead even Michael mitochondria where they sprayed your parents are going to find because I said dirty cameras that area and we have busted people for doing things using curity camera before including the Phantom toilet-clogger okay so now I have a butt you go to the truth which way too much and I feel like we try to get the higher definition cameras for that reason alone the more I realize you must be some crazy stuff down there is if you watch that stuff all the time rooster I clogged the toilet and then try to flush it down it didn't and it came out including the pool and wait I would just quit my job the toy one time one time I was at an ad agency in San Francisco and it was a tiny tiny little a dick and have to take a dump really bad ah okay if I go in there and do my business flush clogged was like God damn it no plunger no nothing I just like to come out and have to act like the people I'm working with travel we had to stay in the same room oh my record oh okay did you actually clear window when you wake up right that's a normal thing I think it's fine I just got something but I was always use the restroom in the lobby I wouldn't use the restroom in the hotel room shower bathroom ever feel self-conscious if you're going to have like a loud number to and you know do you feel do you feel weird if you know the TV is not on Jordan a really awkward setup for the bathroom at my home where I like the the toilet and the bathroom 850 square feet and the bathroom is right next to the living room Jordan yes definitely flight Wars and then everything was at your house I just in the backyard the toilet for like I don't know how was your for the water bands work Barbara dunkelman November 12th I don't know how a penis is work I always put down as if I need to can you can you can you can for the urinal aiming for the back of an angle show me if you find the right spot can you a message to Jeff I'm sure you can clearly demonstrating our master the convention in London that was doing recently with Jeff right now it looks like behind the booth well I'm really glad I didn't drink the tea RT butt on the floor so he filled it did you watch the video oh my Lord you can see the way I see it like what time I had to be when we were at the oh will we have 1 bathroom there and we're up late the one not working on my way to put a reconstruction of the time and I had to piss really bad and Jason was taking the world's longest dumb so I started a beer bottle butt on the counter right next to me just like that Dumb and Dumber where Harry is like gold better control of that than anyone else I've never had the option to hold it I can hold it I can you stop peeing once you start for a little bit oh I was in dire need of the bond he said his technique was he jammed his Bowen in and then use this full skin as a seal around the edge so it was just like that by the way to do it so I can from your computer there was a shower cam the house I looked at recently where they had cameras all over the house butt in the house not outside I'm outside a camera inside my home check your people in hotels that I don't get I know what it is usually right inside the door and they're about that long in about that wide and their a white piece of plastic that has a black square at the top almost looks like a black jaded glass almost like I could have a camera in it and I steam and hotel all the time and I have no idea what they the motion sensor for the life I might be if anybody knows what we have because I'd like to know the hotels that have the thermostat control by the motion sensor so if you're gone from the room for more than like an hour to it shut off the air conditioner the for this room I wanted to be walking cause I want to have an Arctic room and everything after e star to go missile days are really having issues with people hyping up movies when anyone ever told about moving is going to be like the best thing ever made The Avengers Hotel Casino Royale still better movie than that Craig as James Bond don't mind to be a better guy Pierce breaks very like tall dark and handsome what you doing GM knows I will play James Bond once oh once they're ready to look like characters E Travis to Chicago but I moved over here so we've talked about World War Z as a book on Audible sponsoring us and I know what time the people that were with her the podcast listen to World War Z can we talk so much about it Greg book loved it. Whoever fucking made World War Z and I hate talking negatively about stuff but I like the books so much they did not read the book no they did not read the book I don't care about fast or slow zombies that whatever you want to make later it's close I like that you cannot read World War Z zombie movie and also everything show trailer look like anything during about it I mean on the great panic in the car with his kids and the book and I think the highway in the middle of a highway is where they did most of that stuff and I chose to do it on the street for the movie what does zombies like bunching up and moving so fast they look like a tidal wave of people what the fuck is that what does that have to do with World War Z and anyway I'm sure it was about the inevitability an inability to stop the flow Manatee trailer anyway there's that New Mexico where they flight for like 30 hours like a miniseries and having like in oh the stories that are told in the book an episode Band of Brothers Walking Dead 10 show live a little an buddy that interesting that I would want to follow them during a live tweet of a show like I don't care about your reaction last week was the worst who's the worst for that I'm not going to call me when you know the only for The Walking Dead Ray Ray live to eat but he doesn't spoil anything no but it's okay I have a lot of Tweed heavy set up trailer lights what you have you have a dude the pissed off when you're a kid butt e back up as far as you can until like you're standing in the hallway like walking is Master P Break Down anymore I guess the diameter of my pee hole big enough the Travis Township about Thalia wow Barbara dunkelman later predict the trajectory of Stephen Glasgow Burnie what does that mean what does it have to do with anything all we're talking about the internet Burnie trailer last night you were on your phone on Twitter and you're like looking at you just work done with Twitter that was really weird he doesn't give a shit he'll be watching the show and hold your talk with your dad so it's okay I'm in an airport you know he doesn't care but give a shit so it was never a show on that I want to watch The Game of Thrones or something like that that's your problem I know I know if I'm going to make from Ray Footlocker online portfolio Squarespace the Unified Service for giving you everything you need to create and maintain a professional looking website from domains design development hosting and support Squarespace gives you a professional design templates to make your website look exceptional an easy-to-use you watch huemanatee your website I know I talk about that all the time you literally drop down what you want and click and drag you can adjust column width you can move images Gavin so fucking easy Squarespace talk to my for mobile devices so their design templates a mobile responsive and your site automatically redesigns 3 structures to look the right size on a smartphone tablet computer including social media Twitter website a cloud architect ability support 24 hours a day 7 days a week you get a free trial you don't have to put a credit card in Squarespace talk to you later need to create a username password and you just go dude talk a good Rooster Teeth 11 as Rooster Teeth in the numbers 1 and 1 and I get 10% off so I'll check it out it's like so powerful so easy to use it's really really shirt Jesse Peterson you just want to know if I had seen a trailer for The Comedy Warm Bodies everything that it's actually looks pretty good I had her I'm glad you reminded me that it's as warm buddy picturing your reading and someone sent me the picture is.. And I am father's audiobook look up oh the huge Manatee Gavin is on the computer now you don't even Burnie teeth to the Hindenburg flight Gus gets a boner for flight disaster what would you do do you have any kind of plan whatsoever nothing you can do anything if you can't jump out I would totally jump on you I'm doing it was going over that feeling you don't think it's ready the cabin's pressurized under their lock that they do not allow you to pick the door will not open if you're at altitude you have to be on the ground in an open 10 tracking out the to think about the ground fucking hard it's really fun oh I'll do it an app solutely Gavin is that play that big and in your head would like jam in there and you get like maybe one shoulder 3 dinner remember what airline it was it was like a 737 work I went to the bathroom he had a window seat came back down that and it's teeth and right when you did that it cost micro fissures in the fuselage to connect and it made his window blow out and created a hole next to his feet and he started getting sucked out of them we talked about Jordan anyway what's the first time a car trailer for the day before it came out it was it was a banner ad on the CNN website the Washington as a pilot the planes are in the sky at that moment look at the US is fucking crazy is 1.1 of 4 what are the minute they go back to Gus to shut for so what's up what you doing Mexico Gus 24 shut up already so I guess you poster shut up a little bit man who is a an underscore brownman on Twitter Ted is 24000 week however he still has the last week that he has followers what they think is a kind of a barrier I think actually the most Barbara Colton Robertson try it and I'll oh Barbara under Google dumb stuff for here at we're going to try to pee standing up cardboard funnel type thing that they sell to women Wars under Soma I would get a call or a state Change Is Gonna Come Back here and pick it up or manager I thought you were going to weather Gus to go fix your Barbara we have the receipt podcast shirt and the receipt logo shirt with other boy band poster and we have another one for you guys okay before we before we came on today we did have a sound check and we we got it somehow in the conversation we did talk about how we measure our penises how that happened it wasn't do you measure your penis discussion how do you measure year or not what did you do it I know it's been done before questions Barbara which waves have you ever measure the depth of your vag ever thought about it no women dumb as I look people want to know Star Trek the Gus back until I bring up measuring a perfectly normal thing polad a map of the greenway wondered or after women have deep sea is all dick Childs Luigi Luigi year old General picture of Gavin what is a dick head if you love soup additional person in Britain Gavin is the second result who's number one musical pics rooster or something like that I want to say you look it up here please tell me Karl pilkington's number 1 you're in good company then can't find the second results to that it could not dumb I know you're not over here so you're in town for the weekend or not it's interesting watching you work I don't know if I've ever seen you in like from beginning to end anything for anyone but I star drawing ground beef today and I'm like I had a picture of ground beef up for reference you like looking at it the mouse Republic just a million love you made it home right now I'll be like working and then I can feel like watching me trailer yeah a lot of time with of the arm deliberate about wasting her time time in the arms are the fingers mostly because I gotta look like they're actually doing this the man was like during that and comes out is Thalia yeah it's true yeah I realize that you put that much time into the little details like that it's a lot of work 1 stroke Xarelto Truman a person yeah you're pretty Gus was the original Dead Rising 3 - every to feel like about your receipt animated Adventure character year doesn't bother you at all like a patchwork kind of the only thing similar shape it's just different when you get up early Jordan without days straight dude right the dressing that the stallion poster right there yeah a little bit and drink a milkshake did you ever do stuff with her images of hundred you can all the way up what you mean well let's see what we have in the uterus the vagina I don't like 4 inches as good as good Jordan about oh yeah oh yeah e the muthafukin king of asking questions but you can still answer like that like what you just Jordan ever dumb things I do have a good exam question that was like whenever it whenever talk about people that are dead now flight people will Barbara have you in Barbara ever dated before ever we have been friends for 8 years okay that's what people probably are getting it so what would it take Barbara you're single what would it take to for you to date like somebody who watches the show like how would that help Barbara the party was coming from Barbara got a really cool creepy flower delivery today did you sweet creepy there's a from your admirer with a phone number that's fine no days I'm going to call this number I'm sorry to whoever sent this but I'm not going to call you because then you're going to have my number and I don't want that I'm sorry no but whatever I don't think the other person back where is the weird thing was that the difference between romance and touching the end result right a person actually like the person oh yeah just let her know somebody LG Mobile Phone number Barbara showing up over here packages for everyone hits on me I'm not going to be rude about it right now I'm sorry I'm not interested but you're sweet guy good trouble that Gavin has a fear of rejection which makes no sense to me Rumble poster Monty Python ringtone an unattractive and I don't do anything you know and you would just might not line up with that person's particular taste you one more time who is the hottest person hottest celebrity that you don't like that is not attracted to you but everyone else seems to like this person really really dumb buddy another room dumb oh no I guess I don't know go to work I don't know if it's like the darker hair really superficial I find way more attractive and that the people of a certain type in the dumb thing to do but your time dinner back to somebody or not like something like I don't know how is that like Blended window as your primary woman on the planet really you don't mind I never got it I really never got it I never really liked Penny Crawford I understand we can cross it was so popular but then do a threesome you have a type though I do have a time like all the female celebrities you talk about who you are and they are short blender bond is the truth yeah okay Cheryl what's your face you're my number one I don't know the blonde one oh the blonde mom Julie something or other I never knew she was and she was Jack's wife in Lost back back in flight 90s question whole is one of the most unattractive women but I'm to her because she looks like a horse writer everybody like inside the year Lord I hope no one ever talked about window protection for to call someone like the most awful thing I can imagine because he knows how harshly he judges people like people like oh my God okay better than everybody else. That you just don't get oh no that's fine I just think of it okay Halle Berry's mid attractive but I'm just not right what about it dumb about it because we get along how many Barbara races will be tough but I'm only attracted to a certain type and it's not because I know you can't help that you can help later try to do what you like that's usually when you were 16 to 22 1925 crimes you a little bit there you have it it was back in the person from the first half of my the end of high school and all of college for me with all your 10 six e Ali Charlotte really Gavin for you. He's really a fine catch attention what I was part of it feel like I was I was in school I had a job and I was making my first movie with Matt in college and that's all 3 of those things combined was just saying I was making a movie and that's how the relationship really comfortable weekly rent another place but they didn't know about six feet under butt when the father dies in the show it's like one of the subplots to discover that he had a one-bedroom apartment that the family didn't know about it he didn't have an affair anything just a place you would go and be quiet what happened cannot spend every waking moment with someone else I need to have my alone time oh my god dude but marriage isn't like that nobody even like dating someone like I don't want to spend every day and you wouldn't move them rooster million with someone like next to my girlfriend oh I need to hide I like you take a dump in front of my wife what is that mean what does the food takes Dumber to lock the bathroom door like that I'm saying that's like the level of I was very the best so far she knows you never poop bathroom doing your business details here but your the bathroom going a business and somebody talking to you through the bathroom door do you enter in is that in violation of and let me do my business animated girls 10 to go to the bathroom together talk to you while I'm in the store please write off finished one of the things your hands okay talk to me now the girls are just like where are the people that's going to come up here and the door was open Barbara you up I want you to know dirty jokes here now indecent exposure open mic trench coat in front of someone in this inspires a picture of my penis and show someone you show the video to somebody that I thought was remarkably inappropriate that you would just show that to that person the show going over details with the person was a good woman and he showed her on his phone a picture of a penis ejaculating in super slow motion cuz that's what these numbers mean when somebody says she only saw about a second of it and then she went oh okay I was like what jaculation 10 world the Spectrum with that's all I was wondering oh the other day cuz I thought so I thought if I had a very high resolution picture of my anus on my on my exact is that indecent exposure 121 photo of Uranus God really offensive tattoos to the walking today I actually have to do it thousand dollars my face tattoo Onnit Ray Houston Jimmy Kimmel it was some guy who auctioned off based on his face was the face to beat a to the auction it off on eBay and someone paid him $4,000 to 10 to the romney-ryan presidential campaign logo said he got it right there on its face to be relevant to be relevant for Years anyway do you think Mila Kunis is attractive absolutely I'm at space to in the Book of Eli and I really like to be a lot more ways to spell whatever days I still wish I had nothing about me an trailer the trailer finally saw the Avengers this past weekend hello welcome to 2012 welcome to 2012 I put a movie on and really got into it and then it was really good 11 Penny Labs just the Iron Man movie stars like our walking for and I was so disappointed early and Avengers and was like oh shit with the door as I was worried it was really really really Thor was awesome there was probably one of the best Marvel movie was good but I was concerned about the Avengers because it was like the store before story and had no expectations for the movie people really liked it a lot and if you love the comment about the way most people said about that The Avengers butt in the whole to take low-key and just like planted in the ground Pierce truck legal system we're doing that reaction office is going to be like tequila what is model for Central I forgot about that thing that was unbelievable and I was like I don't know I don't think they are Toy Story 3 though is now that the person who's been assigned to write Star Wars episode 7 Chris is coming up and coming down shirt Butt Lift from the bottom of the glass and create that is a guy shoot for going okay I've always assumed it was just a compression do it love you hit under vacuum pressure oh I don't know I would like to see you then you can have vacuum up the water and that it wouldn't rise up to create Gavin poster isn't that just the water vaporizing because of the high temperature at that point everything but that this was outside sobriety by Onnit and their high protein superfood hemp Force protein powder for working out plant-based not waive it so it doesn't give you gas pills omega-3 omega-6 because no fatty acid in it it's got cocoa in it and it's really easy to drink I got a big bottle of and he actually drink quite a bit of it and just like all of the other Onnit products in to go to Onnit.com gaming and use promo code rooster get 10% off your order you should check it out we have some other employees at the office I'll have them on to talk about their experiences with another fantastic product show labs photos and I sat down and abroad for taking pictures of me and immediately show like jumped in my lap as it's like 7 other people just fucking building why does he have to be for the mission and I think he just put the leaves and put the star oh great I got to deal with you're trying to find Joe a new home ah ya ya Truman a picture of Joe Boxer Days by to find out how is Joe still with Mike at my ex-wife Jordan gave you like 2 years ago and I got him he was like and like this big and I would hold them every single day like every time I saw him I come home I pick them up and I just walk around and you just totally used to it and you only know that you can hold and hand as someone else and they can take him and hold him and that doesn't freak out just holding him in the most awkward position upside down oh she laid him on the ground and then just don't have anything to run off like you were holding techniques like a chiropractor for him probably Chillin I look like a normal chiropractor crack his neck vertebrae smile I think she was walking up the stairs and he was walking down stairs and he was just like Oh no you're not getting past me like what's the password or something and he's wearing like a pearl snap shirt and she just goes oh oh oh oh my God Red vs. blue is nominated for oh that's a problem because actually it looks like we got nominated members who got nominated for to iawtv Awards we were nominated ventilation to that year another room we got nominated for a best supplemental material for all the stuff that we put on the DVDs if I for is that we were right behind you and I got one writer Burnie from wrong 9 hours 8 hours and 40 minutes of material and then also we were nominated for best animated web series oh the iawtv awards are going to be January 8th in Las Vegas still will be there play Julie accepting awards for and whether there are other animated series actually ground beef later. I'm sure to give you all to me for like 2 seconds but I made it for like me know so it's regular size oh I know you complain about becoming to live anymore Nathan for war versus doing Define locational nude showing up Gavin what Fred's oh no it didn't the sound of the Monty in Skyrim by is it right now like that Ray jackson base Peter Pan Toby Thalia Gavin dared Michael to dunk bread and water and then eat it apparently that is the worst idea in the world to Gavin I don't know why it's so gross butt to go to the bathroom cuz and what were the reasons I was crazy I'm just parking were you thinking about so if you were on a plane and throwing up with you throw as well they threw up next to me and it was dripping down the side of my leg it was one of them that for a while because I was going to tell you that story oh so that was in like the basement of our school and we are all eating lunch it was probably like 5 minutes into it and all the sudden I heard screams and I look over and there's a puddle of brown and yellow liquid like peeping through the hallway of the cafeteria and I think it's just like running their 3 kids throwing up on flight with the fuck is that the fucking do it or whatever first in the cafeteria and if they're doing shit and pissed everywhere it was definitely a good-looking guy Gavin butt do I have to replace the main sewer line coming out of my house like 2 years ago that was a fucking undertaking and a half so I need someone to watch him dig up the old one and put a new one in that was absolutely disgusting and the people next door to window talk about the podcast already but I watched a documentary on Netflix streaming Dirty Work that we may have talked about this before we made it through Ray stock company ground law flight dumb down opened up the tank looked and thought of work load and he said he put his hands together and said thank you God for finally showing me what I meant to do in my life 54 guys talk about this video online call 265 I think that's it a fetish video of people who are into it I don't get the point that he's innocent until he like comes up and he just like rubbing shirt on O'Reilly's Duncan ok look at your to put it up text me talk to him for so long to do it early talk about how throughout the years like when birth control was first introduced the world's first widely available the pill stock a decrease in number of condoms and septic tanks and that with the rise of HIV in the in the mid-eighties that he thought an increase in condom back into the tank but the story I can tell AutoZone and his wife would work with him an interesting thing he said was there a lot of people who don't want to shake my hand I don't want to look at me but when they have trouble will always come calling because I'm always going to be needed no matter no matter what people think about me and my job what would you pack butt the Bulls even pack Thalia beautify dead people is embalming fluid in the Scarlet for Peabody when I was in college I was in college there was a buddy of mine his name was his name was also and Dumber shirt the role that I had a job where he works for the State of Texas and he would make agricultural surveys on the phone and it you give all your friend shirt you can give me a bunch of grief and what are the questions you would ask in a survey was good how are you are you Ranger how much live stock land you have any takers you have dedicated that how many head of cattle do you have so much oh to Dad was always that for a living he counted counts for the government that's what they did for a living is a small part of the job but then there was a show on Fox is called best of the worst and they had a thing where they try to find the worst job in America and it was one of these network shows where they have like a satellite distribution thing down to like local radio station they were going to find the worst job in Austin 10 the worst job in Texas and qualify for the finals of worst job in America and be crowded so I was up at like I was up all night so it was 5 in the morning the local radio show comes on and they were looking for the worst job in Austin and so I thought I love pranking my friends I can on the phone I'll call up and get on the radio and I just want to go there that's all that matters is that I can for the government and he said you wanted to count cows for the government and so then I get on the pulley on the air and I'm like they can we have down there oh hey my name is Dale how are you all doing anything what you do dead cows for the government and I want his whole long spiel about like counting calories and how it's important and like don't like look down when your Comcast as my stuff and something so I go to my test my chemistry test I come home that day full sleep because I've been up all night studying but I wake up for dinner at 6 p.m. I walk down the second floor band board has finally written note on the same page I'll call the radio station you won that Contest no buddy? Next to it as it appears on the ray is going to play dinner for everybody so they'll win the Austin contact he wins the Texas contact and then qualifies for the top five finalists in The Nation for this best of the war jobs in America Wars Jordan a woman who pics of ducks I remember there was a guy who cleaned out with a bulldozer cleaned out an industrial Chicken Coop underneath World a chickenshit bulldozed it and it was two other jobs which I don't remember and this thing where they like they took him out he never talk to anybody he only had to talk to one group of people that was only came in to fill his package for the show please video pack come out and it's warm I don't really go out and count them on the phone and I made it and they let him use the live Dallas Cowboys dial win the national contest he won like some big cash prize went to trip at the Hollywood and it was his brother older brother Rob was by noon as well so that wasn't about the LA is a Gavin is going out too late I can bring one person I really think I'm going to be e dumb out there on stage the in the Dennis local reporter you know John Kelso Drive for the state of statement on Andrew to do but more so he calls Dallas logo college can one is National contest you know tell me about it that's what I think it's all a big joke I don't really do that it's only part of what I do when they come home package so John kelsoe go oh really huh hang the phone calls back in LA and said that he was back and said you wear that this is not a real thing that this is a hoax and foxes we were not aware that thank you say fucking cancel the show and they would like replaced a package and its window with a woman who takes off the Ducks and the way War but they didn't bring it out or anything show and six months later we're watching E entertainment news and show Talk Soup on and we're watching it with Greg Kinnear and dead hey that was the host of the show that I was on and sure enough it was fucking Greg Kinnear was the host of the show that we accidentally got cancelled and then Greg Kinnear ended up on Talk Soup and his oscar-winning now story variables that contribute to that story was going to be like some accounting firm hired play music everybody was totally I think okay with it like oh it's what you do it's Monty is still part of what you do so we're just going to come up play it up a little bit as you do I mean to try to make a good for TV but then John Kelso because he talk to Dad then try to pay it like it was like some elaborate hoax or it was like $15,000 and a trip to Seattle that was supposed to be a joke was not a place you never want to visit the worst Pride oh yeah we are but I'm looking forward to how to wear a suit to the writer to who is the guy who runs Penny Arcade and he's probably one of the best dressed men that we know definitely the best dressed got it better than Jordan Jordan clothes penny I don't know Gavin actually has a fear of rejection or if he just doesn't want to put in any effort in any way whatsoever so far out of his way and then probably way more than it should have been working 15 feet away from you all day I just know it like you date on a regular basis I have you do what you do go up if I would like to go out and go out with you and we have a good time I'm so drunk yeah but still I didn't ask him out but I made it very clear that I was interested in him say hello in a bar in clear to you that I like you is that enough as it under make it perfectly clear that I'm attracted to you the situation was we were both dating someone at the time to go visit and no one could ask each other out of that scandalous and I said hey I got a crush on you I'm going to put it out there oh no is that the only time we've ever done that you just broke up with a girl Rapunzel me I don't give a fuck you do what you buddy says how do you deal with 28 years Onnit a pit you dick oh okay what happened I'm talking a lot but the last time that the place where we went where I 10 west you say it like it's a fear of rejection but if you don't have a fear of rejection then you find out you let you do just fine you know that's that's that's the Catch-22 of it is the fear of rejection is your lack of confidence in the lack of confidence undermines you that's what I have the whole conversation and she came out and drink with us and came out and there was a while ago but we were there I asked her out and she said she was in a relationship with them last night and she's ok I've said that before when it was the truth but at least you know I'm not into that I didn't ruin my evening I'm like freaked out or anything was wrong with me no no we went with that relationship yeah yeah I know you start undermining confidence which then makes it harder to meet interesting as a guy that you can ask somebody out and you can actually get it on an answer yes or no that you're interested in you like I couldn't even go to like friends that I have 4 years ago do you like me to do like hanging out with me is that something you're doing and expect like any kind of answer you directly with this hurting your feelings oh yeah drink yeah that's what I tend to be kind of on the fence about it really you would not take a drink people have come up to me now I Hate About You can call it shirt okay no that's different I buy you a drink talk to them for the drink the Play Store e words you don't animated 7 play some of them I don't understand that last week was apparently really effective Penny much time at this point so it's time to wrap things up before I get me Burnie and things like that there's no way a guy looks good with and I'm sorry Jordan Winery women Australia we took one crappy but I will be totally destroyed any devices Gavin had a picture where the kind where we will take one sheet photo every day that we would tell the person after Barbara what is the best protein lets better live better have you ever told people to think of these glasses alright well I guess you got internet clambake Clambake Clambake they don't look like Baker food in a basket and then never thought it was the weirdest thing ever heard of sexual women are you working with children you have to wait between children days later I'm not going to name them butt Brandon took one of the microphones in Jack's office about looks like a microphone microphone filling a bottle of fucking tequila with water you know oh no they're going to think I just it absolutely is not one of us 3 generations flight number in ages dumb like that came up right before the podcast started so my Xbox Live age just rolled over from 9 to 10 I know it 10 year Xbox Live customer for this decade but sometime next week being like Xbox respect for people who have an Xbox Live account for Xbox Live an article apparently talk is reporting that dumb guy an Xbox in the mail it's a great Xbox with orange and green markings on it and it's 10 year anniversary Xbox Onnit like a Roman numeral 10 3 Mexico star Truman the podcast as Major Nelson had a sweet about it and that he said they're going an ounce further details about who they're sending it to so they're giving it to people who were they this guy must have been a beta tester if he didn't give me to the longest customer as long as live did not officially launched I believe till January so in January will be the time that people will hit 10 who picked it up where initially doctors from the service road to the public and you a number of years we had talk to someone no I don't think I think it's just part of the Xbox I'll do what I can because like our program from the in the Xbox game on Arcade an RC car game is not as good as call dumb bitch Revolt Family Guy I can't remember it's called a game has the most impossible achievement in itself just wanted to flight got a one-track in like a minute 28 dinner was about the time I gave up on trying to complete every game that I had never played the original Onnit and had the headset and I had an orange memory card that I remember I held over your head for years because when you join they didn't give out the orange memory cards anymore you're in the first batch I think so that's why you protect me by a couple weeks um by the time they got to me I didn't even know I was in Seattle this week from Xbox Live and his gamertag is e because he was literally the first person to ever get a gamertag it is time to himself at work in him so he said he was struggling Halo because his gamertag would appear about it Ted Cruz so show up with Emily B about his head it would never fade a little the other one game it just wasn't it wasn't built in to let me know my distance so he always had just told me that I didn't know that story Halo is now 11 years old at this point in November and Xbox live cam War Halo in the Xbox oh Xbox One about a year-and-a-half later Xbox Live launch dick Xbox for year when they start the beta Xbox Live Xbox Live update Xbox controller controller controller memory card Brandon was saying that one was for the headset but I'm not sure if report what is Michael dropped his USB stick on the original Xbox had that little park there oh yeah remember that being attractive quality game like you got stuck in ah my friend but I love 3 6369 interfaced iterations and so many updates to play all the games about For The Memories the play the from out of town oh the glitches from back in that game I don't think so funniest video ever seen online but in the window I'm losing it a wrap Pine Valley Church of an iPad Mini remedy you can use from the base up against your torso measurement the movie 8/2 watt meter oh show you right now I mean I mean lets go but I think it's best in everyone