#193 - RT Podcast

RT takes two dates to prom.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-193

Recorded: 2012-11-21 21:16:20

Runtime: 01:50:01 (6601.83 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

list of celebrity podcasts brought you by Trials Evolution the arcade racing game from Redbox right in real-time multiplayer with two to four players locally or via Xbox Live and Joy or rich single player career with 50 billion tracks and a powerful track editor for Endless fun download the free trials Evolution demo today on Xbox Marketplace this podcast is also brought to you by insert coin clothing the leading name an official video game t-shirts hoodies and accessories that you'll wonder where get your geek on and say 15% on your order with a code insert teeth 15 that's insert teeth and the numbers 1 and 5 this is this what happened I turned to look at the camera they didn't set off any this week forward live on Burnie Burns someone over here said I need a part I don't know my God I just farted thrown off with a 2x4 437 Burnie from the UK people from the UK have bad teeth what is it people don't in UK don't care about to ordering up brushes are like no dental hygiene what I'm going to get some care about II My Generation had my friends and I didn't have one appreciate those days was like being a dentist the worst possible occupation in the UK if no one to care of their teeth and no one wanted to do anything stupid like that this is the generation of to be good from this point for the dentist I'm out of my league a long way to go we get this or two that he knocks it out for the night. II temperature temperature pain was constantly week pullover tooth that's hurting just like every time tool good painful tooth until it comes out but you can't do that you can do that how do you think they just put more points on the flyers I still have a I do like one tooth came up every two years like 8 years and everything but I didn't need from mighty that was in my gums so I had oral surgery to get it removed and then they're playing the surgery went The Day of the Doctor I remember he's really nice guy I was kind of nervous but I never had any surgery before and they're going to give me an IV that would knock me out and general anesthetic and the doctor remember all he was getting me all strapped in and he leaned down to me he said all right now I'm going to make you a bet if you can count to ten before passing out this operation is going to be entirely free already talk to your dad about my dad and give me thumbs up okay I can do that try to make me feel better any put in the IV Michael 1 black and then I just remember waking up like in a wheelchair and then Dawn and waking II Sega twice both times the child to pay 10 if you want to do it immediately Michael Jackson died we just call it and it said it's what we call it what is the drug or like what is that drug and why don't more people take that truck there is a class of drug I think there's a different kind or something in the same drug that nobody knows Michael Jackson propofol drug habit when you get to the point where you're taking anesthetic on a regular basis so fucking old comparison to me because he had me when he was about 45 years old with a Catholic priest really was not able to have kids until you stop doing that and then he had me and he was so much older then he told the story about he got his tonsils taken out and he got them taken out so long ago that they knocked him out with ether that's and then put the mask on his face but the worst part was that his little brother Dustin got tonsillitis and the doctor should have there's five kids in the house shows up diagnosis diagnosis Uncle Johnny Michael Jerry in Austin are going okay II guess since I'm here you got the for the kids I'll take their tonsils out to for like x amount or just a little bit more you'll save money and the mother goes okay the charge for travel expenses like your to paint expense for me to come here actually understand that working for electrician for 5 years that you can you call us out to do one thing it'll be this much WiiU 3 more things bigger bigger to swell up that's what I'm tool I didn't have to restaurant week and I was 10 to 10 did you also get your adenoids removed so I haven't had those for a long and I went to the doctor now or two ago and he doesn't think we'd like to open your and you're Yukon OK or that guy was fucking crazy he said he said the bigger face swell up when you're sticking your tongue out Rialto CA tonsilectomy years at the upside down look up tonsilectomy tool but it looks like the world's most horrifying ice cream ice cream images shot at the ceiling where's the miles 1938 doublethink bathroom for the right button up one and over there right about everything I'm going to help a lot what are the years that are included in the 20th century just real quick off the top of head one of the years including the 20th century any Years starting with $19 and you would be correct your posture miles bother him because he's like 4chan and the internet which is fine even more and just kind of childhood when I was like 8 or 9 whatever reason I never use to sleep in my bedroom I'll sleep downstairs on the couch because like my mother would still like to and I never had a kid and she loved watching like inside the room years olds like there's like a doctor and everything and that's all looks like it's inside of Dustin and the first in the ribs and Blu Dustin Lee offensive from the set and acting like an asshole you look at all so you think but if you are up to one of the creases on the other but like the distance looking down from a plane you don't get that vertigo feeling looking down from a plane the way you do if you're just a teen stories up looking down with your much higher in the in touch the ground also assholes some people keep asking and wanted to know who drink the tequila last question right now everyone is trying to remind you drink the tequila talking the story here fast so it was like a Friday Dustin came up to me and said hey I got to talk to you about what time I'm the one who put the water in the bottle Gus apparently said Kathleen drink the last of the tequila and Dustin have taken a drink from the water out of the dentist or II Dustin you're the person who put water back in a tequila bottle yes II understand that story you first have to understand another story so we have to go back in time and I don't know why and it's late night you know and it's late and it's a rough night and I'm going to be there really late and I'm like I could go for a shot right now so I go into Austin bottle of vodka which is like it comes in a bottle of vodka and it opened and I'm like I'm working my ass off and then the thing that we do I just like we put it back up there. That I took a shower open to me and then pass forward like I don't know how 2 months and it's like we're working on a different project and then I see Kathleen and she's pretty stressed out and first let me just clarify I didn't actually drink any of that tequila but when I saw it I thought it was already empty pretty much insert shot in a pass whatever and so then she's like I think you mean like take a shower or something and so she just did that and then it was empty and then I proceeded to tell her about what happened to me and getting the Box look at the tequila bottle in my hand directions interview with Mike talking about checking the surveillance and stuff and I'm going to I've got to go tell someone they went by the new box like okay well you need to tell Gus and I had to confess you are a blessing what time you coming grab another beer you want me to do it Pokemon bridge for enjoy the rest of your vacation in China black guys fucking Dustin animated come on over here and develop it so that we have a rotating stable of terrible background set up again I'm only going to drink stuff that isn't clear from Allen in the receipt it's like a year you think I wouldn't be living so the milk in the fridge and with the Sleep helped me sleep so it's like I didn't want to open like a can of soda or anything like that and I'm the first cuz I'm lazy probably good so I grabbed it I take it I take a swig and why did I take this week I'm like I could it was good I put it down and go oh God no like I said it like 3 seconds after yo mama look like hitting my gut immediately never in my life have I had a reaction pass drink something my stomach like I just went to bed early in the morning I'm getting ready to go to the bathroom I don't trust me I can't I can't just pick up milk this week like as you leave because of your company that you can't trust any drink has been set down and sitting there for an unknown amount of time that is because of the side of it because I was a little kid I can't do the same thing only with milk only with milk when I was a little kid I was getting ready for my first day of summer camp and I was Balls to the walls excited I was so happy I was going to spend like a week with my friends of course that morning I think I'm getting ready I had some leftover like candy from the movies or something II had some gummy worms Brite Crawlers for my dad buys a lot of candy at the movies get out of there he's like yeah he buys in Black in San Antonio stocked with life light skin person to include if it's not important drink it so I'm eating I'm excited we're getting ready I guess I'll just give me a little backpack and got me a little hiking boots on ee in elementary school I was maybe II great I was just II breakfast we get the car before we got the car I took one last week of milk but it's been like and why I've been a couple of hours I got up really early had breakfast around on the Sega Genesis for a while and I'm finally ready to go really warm and I don't know I think it was just the fact that I was nervous but in my head I will always just remember that last kind of warm sweet of milk on the drive there my stomach started feeling really like Weezy I got that feeling and we're about to approach girls like your car pulling a pic of my friends were about to approach like my friend's house I get to write like 2 houses down I don't like to stop the car in front of all of my friends are like vomit what looks like the white milky animatronic blood from Alien to mix with me on the right toxic radioactive vomit with slightly more milk so I'm not even close to being the kid who threw up on the first day of summer school and that's a promise I the kids for the rest or at least you got a couple of close friends but it's not like out in the wild do you know if you like in public when they were younger 1050 Spence in the middle of a school play that I was and you never threw up at school young age and it made them paranoid of throwing up for the rest of their life children are terrible the bus to school it was always my memories remember that bus picture of the one to always Dustin cell phone in the class right did it or was that a lot of young kids that everybody knew it was one kid that was constantly the garden class unfortunately with an M but all those little kids it was so easy like got it done it for us we just call him honey he's only have 4 Kids and one time when I was in third grade we were taking a math test or something and I'll take it is there anybody you like no one got of Town Saloon Evergreen Way Everett WA for the next 10 years of my life David Friday so we drive like in Baltimore or something like that 3 hour mark I gotta pull over pull over and I was coming with us like this Bluebonnet Gavin has been surrounded by puke in my childhood like the back of a car usually pretty good at but once my friends are getting pretty close to getting the front he was on the window and just takes and Smith insert my brother was writing the one he set out the passenger window it went back to in the backseat hit the person in the face another time A friend of mine we were and he was on top of the bunk bed news eating Taco Bell my friend hooked up with vomiting when we're going uphill sweet milk the same as boiled of weird things pass in the middle of anything I don't know I think we probably need to leave it out they just kind of whatever the rule of thumb is that the longer for every hour that you leave something out of refrigeration usual to knock a day off of the expiration date something amazing grows in the ground right and then it gets picked by somebody that you'll never meet or just some random worker picked it throws in the back of a car that travels and open-air to plant they wash it off they put in the package they send it to the store and another fucking truck and another box of those unloading a loading dock and then they put it out where everyone else in the supermarket comes by touching it and put it on your and then look it up and then you buy it or rent it or whatever it is gross to me the reason it's gross to me is news everyone Wonder Woman as I did that I need for the back and I was like I did that I did she couldn't believe she was like so did you tell anyone I think she did but I was pretty hot the left today he's going to supermarket almost a year and the best job would be like stopping return to the image of all the shit that people would bring up to the front anything like II did have a coupon or wasn't on sale and somebody put it on for hours as possible to make sure you were doing it to the next move everything out of the way everything on the shelf behind it Gordon Lightfoot like something different with your eagle island in the middle of it there's a state first Dustin Bellman Mark Bellman who plays Delta in Red vs. blue and I've known him since high school and he had this great. One point that she should just start littering because the litter creates jobs so he's like something the rapper going to be like going to hurt him super The Logical first character to think like that I love it to remind everyone Trials Evolution which Xbox you check it out it's pretty low cost to build and track it can be any more powerful government created steel season 4 Genesis BMX bike probably between or some other things I can ask you to put your shopping carts back when you're done with a designated shopping cart I was at a grocery store for a long time and I would always I was on the register was really good and I just got tired of dealing with people because we the worst plus Richmond HEB it's 10 reasons Howard Edward Butt was the name of the phone here anyway so I got no I hated working the register because I got tired of dealing with people and you always say things like everything alright and it's just something you pass when you work the cash register but everybody there couldn't cash it because the place was constantly under construction and they're moving like the bread aisle every week everybody was at the cash register can you bread fine though I didn't blow it like I'm in the store I made up with it with toilet paper great at HEB Plus they still didn't have those um those car pushing things like every grocery store has now we can take Michael I know it was a robot machines HEB butt anywhere like nothing with the outlawed plastic bag starting when it starts in Austin I think this year yo they just don't give you back so you go to the grocery store did you want a bag the carpal to stop and get ripped Walmart already starting to do it and I saw even at CVS like they have like a crapload of those a canvas bag the front and there's like telling you those and if you if you come in with a canvas bag they give you like a $10 bag or something you had like 3 questions conversation II really don't care you really you just like I just have to question what the fuck I saw a really awkward conversation at the grocery store by my house the other day I was walking up to the checkout line and I saw it was like to look over to it that's girl remind me to leave tomorrow oh my God who was the all the sexual allegations 3 lcu II as a catcher have to like I didn't even that's way more than that I've dealt with but again dealing with customers and working for electrician people would call us and leave a message? For like 10 years or whatever but they call us and be like oh it's so and so blah blah blah you know her number and hang up Dawn no one here but it's like you don't like so and so you know where we live by our idea where you live do with your fucking hair forward for your hair to grow Rose cuz I just don't get it cut very often I get my haircut like twice a year so I was like maybe 2 weeks ago I got up and I was getting ready for work whatever and under yeah just got to looking at fine it was all but it was a straightener and no I didn't I'm telling you I woke up I was getting ready yo cuz it was like to my apartment I'll fucking pissing me off sometimes so in a moment of sitting at CVS I'll just ray box over a year later I'm sitting here looking at it never use an asshole yes don't think I woke up like today hey what's best for you that I've never used that before or something and wasting money on anyway I used it was like whatever so I don't give a fuck threatened with violence all the time very fun annoying when you're angry and he's annoying to see this face Gavin pissing me off what are you what I can see him switching from like a crazy like he's at II annoying I'll do my smug nostril flare face which is basically Mighty Michael comes angry to me he's like it's like leveled up to begin with one day she likes this and she doesn't give a shit I can hear my hair when I try to then I just give up and actually gave us these trading cards and said I was in the office and they used to have my hair longer like back there and some the last RT Shorts that we did and never mind you're not to grow my hair out if your hair goes from like the Lincoln is now very quickly if I straighten it it goes like this not this I have a picture of you I took it up to them when you have a full-on bush II did and your hair is long but it's kind of like pulling up to hear that it's like it's like it's getting cloudy it's amazing you can hold and a men's volleyball pass on Yo head popped my head what is reversible Gavin from the neck down is like a Sasquatch of a hairy back there which I'm happy about what age does hair stop growing on your butt WiiU set is a completely different shape probably like a nerd II to the committee made up for a movie where did the emotion buttons never seen someone so much you're old you're a totally different person be friends with me on Facebook when did Windows come back from Burbank Duke country the number to you are halfway through the trip I did I did touchdown II intercourse how long was It Don't Fit Don't You Know It question you asked come on out there for the people I just was a Tuesday Mark annoying High real quick at the top of the stuff you're confuse anybody who played the the WiiU anybody I played at the WiiU experience Jerry and Ray and we all went down to I went down to some place downtown where the hell is a WiiU you can play Pikmin you can play ZombiU clothing Mario game no I have not went down to the store and I looked at the line for the for the middle no my daughter at this point that I would just go ahead and pre-order hardware and then just not go get it when it comes out I don't know why I go to the WiiU are the reason I didn't do it was like the last 2 or 3 years if I had it so I didn't see any need to buy the WiiU in HD we right here live Mario not the only game I play by the ways Mario games but that's pretty good Duke University Farrakhan tell Mario games on the Wii when you see my face and that was a the pixel School hdhdhdhd the real high distance and short distance because I don't know what how much you guys are like to WiiU but it comes with this enormous controllers right Sega tablet blast controllers because I want controllers that's bigger that's great Duke controllers this big when you hold it if you have a TV in the middle of it and you can't parody the product because the product is already bigger than any. You would make time II like you literally couldn't make fun of how big is it set alarm marching like Mario you can play in what's called boost mode and the person playing with a Wii controller and you're watching them play like this I think the two of you and then you can touch in and like little Platforms in and jump on it or you can put them and put them in there and you can like if you're going to go you can make it I feel like I'm going to be getting and caring people who played one level is Mario one level is the person of the tablet and after a while I just want to play the tablet really like to have a night out that way probably pass surface into all the stuff that they're doing if it is happening at school so that your gameplay Dustin I play the game today it was a symmetric and it was a lot of fun controlling my Xbox with my phone is one of the best things ever and instantly and stuff I don't get it I haven't even still your guns from the menus I can just be playing a game like Hitman yeah but then I'm in the guide I go to sleep every time 45 point is you're playing a game and you want to get to Netflix that's a pain in the ass but this is everything how did you Four Points the way to change that was quick because there's so much on this isn't a game that you play how to get rid of you really got me read this first shipping the new Assassin's Creed Tomahawk look like after the Genesis Black Friday sales going on with 10 a.m. 10 to 15 to 50% off your order through the three o'clock sale so it's all this week every day which is Texas West Coast or 11 a.m. East Coast to put up and here's a number in dollars he says that money which is good hundred thousand dollars $1,000 X 20012 I told a high dollar amount is always that ass when he goes yeah but you got to get 50% of the taxes which was never fucking true percent of tax on anything at all ever and Lottery lottery 5 I think a lot of stuff the biggest misconception about taxes tax bracket if you make x amount you're taxed at a certain rate that's not the way tax prep to you on the text above the 50% of $4 you can get you back to 50% yet. Just Federal 45 to 50 bucks Trust Federal Income Tax yet okay I actually like Mighty II for shipping but they charge so if you order stuff and it does this horrible thing for a few seconds and then it gets worse because doesn't like a ring the honors Karas like looked at me and I don't really know what she was Turkey doing the chicken dance like she was so proud please do the tax on lottery winnings 35% number turn it off please shut that thing up that's just of the money that you receive if you take it all at once and it spreads over the years but that's just mathematics in the lottery that that's the price that has nothing to do with taxes whatever his stocking the fridge Turkey right now State of California makes lottery winnings exempt from state income tax what they wanted people to play the lottery that's about to get more money on that and as a reader State Lottery winnings from its income tax I wonder how many field in Pennsylvania on how many people ruin friendships on the exact moment they won the lottery group of us but these roll of 30 tickets or whatever and then of course whenever the winter comes up the guy with all the first 25 with everyone take me to what you can do about that because whoever's got it they hold it can you remain anonymous if I can redeem and then don't tell anyone the top amount you should have in a bank account $50,000 and then in 2008 the bottom line if you get to the point where is Bank of America at that point anyway cuz your money to get back and we were still little the dollars going to be still part and if the government bailing out like Bank of America and you know something awesome happen to have money to go out of business in the mega $3 24 Michael Nelson definitely yes that would be nice but I was so happy I actually took it to the bank if you don't II know somebody was hurt is discussing the size of the Wii U controller until they thought they would help us out and it's hosted to tell if a photo on Twitter this is your and mr. Buck did this as a years for reference here's the size of the controllers in comparison to the WiiU box hey dipshit every product is bigger than tool box the boxes were okay you high what is not a goddamn thing we got here on the table this morning and I've been working on for a little bit so much third of the way through the back portion of the ship with the rest it's just like Halo PowerSchool Mega Blocks people in there like you you know you want one of these I definitely send you one of the pre-built or one that you can build yourself the thing is 28 nobody said it was going to end up taking so long colourlovers will be careful don't break it talk about the pool thing in the second episode of Once Upon a Time left before years that must of spent in space that was me how it's like the stuff floating around that time that's why I still we never really probably talk about what's a trap II thought maybe we could talk about a little bit Gus what is Forward Unto Dawn it wouldn't be events explained I got up I was like that's what I was like High ether RvB like it was in the Middle season 2 so I went back and I watched season 1 and watch entire thing like one night and then watch all of the Season 2 and I watch it week to week and they came out but it's pretty close to the end so it's great season 3 came out I watched the first two weeks like this stop watching it Fordham Dawn and watch the first two episodes when they were admittedly a little bit slower than the rest of it the first like Ray II take off the first two they spend a lot of time establishing character and building up relationships and to the point where things really take off 15 minutes after the first one was 2018 minutes II don't realize just like first tactical oh you got some cool stuff the beginning of the emotional and then we have to be careful because I wasn't watching for you started it seemed perfectly pass it's convenient if not just come out and watch for a couple weeks copy of ordering Dawn I want to see Washington token forward physical copy of the digital copy OKC it's like a special edition disc that you watch xBox disk which is likely to be 2000 Xbox games on demand and actually doing a lot of that yeah that's true you're available to do a lot of the stuff through their Marketplace and we were able to we went to the Forward Unto Dawn set for a day and we shot a live-action we talked about it we talked about it the episode of Blu and that's question is that set and if I have to see the judge is a live-action caboose touch anything until we didn't end up shooting it wasn't their primary crew like we can use yo the camper we weren't used to using and you know who we were used to working with it was really cool to get together all the weapons were getting old and Halo 1 pistol was like the coolest thing ever in the school that's pretty amazing at the time they were showing us what we did right Yahoo delete previous stuff they had of like the conceptual art and the sex was better than the concept art that's got to be in the woods 10 important Dawn 8 mm 90 degree angle and then one kind of like at a 45 degree angle for diamond shape or some like that box right the reason that they tilted the feeling of it was because you couldn't see it was actually worse the last one of these left was really cool good memory yeah but that was a lot of fun I wonder if you will be able to show that off of the desk but for now until the Blu ray box set and it's available now you can right now I look like for 2007 turn with a mouse turn of the always end up like throwing up a little bit sometimes but that goes like thing of you you have something people want to know are we ever going to do a let's play for the podcast we need we have some new stuff going to be setting up in the control room control room forward podcast ever please don't go where you actually intentionally didn't help very much with the set up this week make sure everything's okay and I do a whole bunch but I usually just Mighty Limited Amber II haven't for a very limited time coming soon you should because it will let you know when that thing that you're ever going to put in their places and want to know if they can get one in the next couple days the earlier yes so what was your first day in Austin in the office August 15th August 15th thanksgivings interview didn't go home for Thanksgiving right and I brought you a check if you come over my house to do that Red vs. blue fine right the whole way last year was great giving with your family while she still had a boyfriend because I'm really over and I was like Hey me one day about something whatever and I have to be at home yo this is like two three days later she's like so no I was sitting right next to you while you were having your conversation with Burnie in your computer and I was like or I'm going to be award she's like I didn't I just plastic would you break up with someone if they look through your head but here's the thing it wasn't look through to be fair she was sitting right next to me while I was high so you left that's right in box I've been discussed something in there with you yeah that's grounds for doing it Drink a Beer by Eric in box message to somebody that was inappropriate if you were doing something this is like Gavin or wrong still be mad at them looking through my stuff even though I don't know what they were doing something irrelevant cuz I was suspected it genuinely I'll probably be sorry and be like I made a mistake you're saying I'm sorry whatever cuz they're confronting you but if it did Michael and circumstances that would say I was a fool how do you do it Sega Michael you left horrible dream I will say I don't know the story but part of like inviting me to Thanksgiving though she had a boyfriend is because she's like 2 nights for him God damn good when she invited she ask someone to prom it was like. She kind of knew whatever and she just want to date and she went up to him and say like hey you want to go to prom and it was she knew the guy and his friend she knew both of them but they were at school whenever she went up to him the guy and was like Hey I was wondering if you wanted to be was like and she because she's like and what it was like yes both showed up they both went with her and she was like 2 friends and cheese you know why she did it she did paper when was the last for early and for us as far as I can to get things going with Russia telling us the camera homestarrunner updated on a weekly basis and if we wanted to go back and we knew when things came out people might be into that so it seems like it makes sense to release things on a weekly basis when he would know to come and leprechaun 10 placing everything trying to figure it out porn sites and figure people might be in there that were unattractive girl homestarrunner it often it was straight how short the memory of the internet is homestarrunner was like that was all anybody watch didn't like 2005 2006 and for you to like that was that was being and then now a lot of people don't even know where this there really aren't any more like flash animation sites are there are there like flash animation thing on the internet but I can't think of what it's like to have a Christmas tree right now I love that blast update 1220 - 2010 Oklahoma 2 years almost 2 years yeah that's crazy it has been updated or is it one of the last big one right or just the last one ended at 1 writing and directing a Yo Gabba Gabba now that's why I never make another one like my YouTube channel which is how he found it when I moved here I didn't make a fucking video maybe one in six months on my channel like he was pretty much and then I actually cause I'm talking to years is kind of a big difference but just say it's over forever and for immersion II actually just rolled off of The Gauntlet that's having the post-production that show so much footage associated with it was one match of eight players playing insert of 8 set a record for 20 minutes across three matches the challenge ones we usually have six people that look at for like 2 hours like on edit that until at least a day later because you left it to me but then we just look at all the layers in your fine of how many cameras were there each episode is going to play out so I will have a job going through all that footage and I remember it was too early in the morning and Brandon was just really tired and I just in II that was very unfortunate for you to one of my favorite things is when I know it's tough I didn't know that I always had these amazing it was between rounds and then somewhere else Michael directions miles of me Reddit Dailey Method t-shirt printing II Gauntlet some of us have rolled off the editors are still editing Russian people but some of us are working at 5 right now so if it's working to Ruby miles you were going to be as well as the gauntlet until next up his production is day 5 then version to version season to which we already have all the ideas outline for and that will probably be coming out day fine probably the end of December probably early January drink of production goes in an emergency will be after that we'll start there right after that and then Ruby we have some things planned but it'll probably be awhile before you see any the long episodes Gabba movie like spending any money I love you Sega Dreamcast you like Solid Snake motive especially just let it out what the for skipping but when you squeeze out like I also heard or someone told me there's Burnie Maryland hey tell me what they keep asking about Nuketown what we think Call of Duty pre-order bonus for free ordering from mighty was GameStop Ray was I did not get it. And I still have it was just a general pre-order bonus if you pre-order Call of Duty Black Ops II you got a remake of a map called Nuketown in Black Ops one called Nuketown 2025 and everybody's really excited everybody really liked that map Nuketown and then you can all the time 24/7 we never close they had that plastic and the way you could not play anymore to play Nuketown or a local private match with your friends ordering a system link or if you just doing a split screen paper I like your loss the hopper with some other types of games the Nuketown map but the playlist that stupid shut up Black Ops II I didn't preorder it down to Best Buy down here and I bought it and the guy was like you need Xbox Live Gold 2014 Marketplace the store cuz he knows it's more upsetting thing so I'm very tolerant of it and I really got so much money he's passing it's just a constantly changed and now I don't want to join your Club yo dude I just don't want any of that why is there and someone would go there frequently 10 random award I can meet him I can't stand that and also I heard this really cry grocery store card and he is old he slipped and fell in the store and I and probably even let you something but didn't go to court over the slip and fall accident and they pulled the shopping yesterday and they said 3 days before that you bought a lot of alcohol is it possible that you were drunk when you were in the store so it's like I don't want them tracking that there's a reason why they do that and it's usually track your spending habits and I don't want people Gathering data on me Mighty my problem I truly understand but I look at that the same food I just don't give a shit fucking fucking fucking like spit like old spell I can get Michael out of junk mail as well as I that the name of that you order food on the screens and it just comes out if I order something on any question comes back I like it less and less like something's you order here and it's like three steps to actually than Bing. he has a Chipotle app on an iPhone so that you can order Chipotle before he leaves the office he goes down and chipotle and get something big like burrito experience with if you go and you talk up the hook you up fine I will say that badly fucking Jack logic and someone having to talk to me walking thing that happened with the Freebirds with j uw-w sometimes you know like music discount I don't get my love Michael face with someone yes Gabba I don't want a conversation under false pretenses having a pleasant conversation hoping for something else and have a pleasant conversation with an ulterior motive fine this weekend nothing the county does what are you up to tonight Ray will walk in the guys how you doing he gets for like and even more like a genuine nice but I'm just not used to it like why you so fucking what you want here's what I want right here to change it out a place that we never go to and it's where I had that reaction to that I like don't realize I'm pulling into a fake conversation in the middle let me know during conversation that's fake burgers at your house today delete delete delete Ray Beauty Plus camera when someone judging someone be like how's your day and how was your day we're going to start wrapping up here do it if you want an option like set ordering turkey wrap and I don't want man that's not sure you would love that I would say I'll have to check it out but I'm there but I thought it was everything that comes with it so when I say or do you want that as it comes say I love Jersey Mike's but everytime I go there they ask you if you want that Mike's way with everything that has been alleged and was like I get almost Mighty but I don't get like 3 things to like II want to Michael and like fuck you here's what I want this is so much for the web interface evolution yeah that experience today actually so I went to the Whataburger down here by our office and I was in line at the drive-thru and not going pretty fast the car for him he gets up to the speaker that's okay well next time I'll be ready okay what kind of chicken sandwiches do you have three or four different chicken sandwiches they have okay I'll take a double cheeseburger of asking Jimmy Fallon at that point and then so did you place your order and then she realizes that's fucked up the teller line do you just decided to just tool in New Jersey of in McDonald's Burger King Wendy's everything I've never seen technology like coming here it seems when you go to In-N-Out Burger for the first time in LA and it's like the drive to the just give up on using and immediately to ship a line around the building it is insert or for the keeping anyone waiting there whenever I'm eating a restaurant I've already decided my backup or like if someone if it comes up to me says I need a minute emergency order that I don't want that but I can say if someone comes that's funny a bit extreme but I don't we tell the story or not having that exact same to New York last year going to a fucking Diner it was like me Barbara and Chris and it's like I ordered because I say what you want I was like I ordering and then Barbara ordering and and Chris ordering and they were like oh yeah we have that I walk out of the West black outlawed also your family my world crumbles in front Chris is one of my favorite people in the whole world because he just says and does things that no one else would ever do me Jerry and Chris went to Torchy's Tacos a few weeks back and we parked the car we're walking to the parking lot and this very pregnant woman and her husband are walking out of Torchy's Tacos and I noticed that Chris looks at her and then afterwards he looks back forward continues to walk and it's not I can come up with something it's almost something bad and you're trying to figure out where it came from he just he's doing like what do you think would happen if I ran out like husband and wife and I said we honestly The Logical II know there's no reason to be mad for someone like a baby what should one do I for sure baby I'm going to punch you you know that I'd be like no I wouldn't shoe store and You Gavin the grocery store and you have to say 2 items that you have like 20 items over spending money but if you had 20 items and the person behind you has to you let them go in front of you you never think about that just do it but you have 20 minutes to do you ever do that to you a hard time making it all the time people in size group in ordering anything else brings the food air traffic controller paper Detroit Lions no I guess not it's all going out to eat with me because it's just Superstition you just complete water or water nobody he ordered that Castaway insert someone else as far as Gus off ordering food Michael first Michael are you good Washington Community here we go right and given the perfect amount of my head already you should have paid what I should have paid tax and you would like them out I would have left I was like good 2 Chainz how much change do you want and like only time in my life that has ever box how I want to see I'm done nope nope selection 2 the same game it's an asymmetric game a person playing in rtaa style game and giving his quarters while the rest of us are SPS mode it's actually really cool I forgot about it I just remembered Karas sorry about your turkey that we tore apart other things for not know but I'm sure you'll find someone else to say I don't know Thanksgiving in the US if you're not the one meet you there it is this is my fault for Thanksgiving