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RT farts on little girls heads.

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Recorded: 2012-11-28 21:39:32

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Ray Narvaez Jr.




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast Body by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first fully balanced nootropic Design Inc Ray spokes in Middle driver our listeners get 10% off promo code rooster ad Onnit.com / game that's Onnit.com /gaming is also brought to you by the Far Cry experience a live-action web series based on the world the Far Cry 3 follow Christopher mintz-plasse of Superbad and Kick-Ass fan as he challenges the odds of a Savage entangled in this was the most brutal and shocking series on the web to get your experience go to youtube.com forward slash forward slash the Far Cry experience walking 35 KFC on the potty for the first time n Burnie Burns I will now be driving the podcast with me though just until you have enough to shut up apparently and so you have at your Pete was that what you saying to you right now Brandon I think that's a police was in charge of that so my favorite thing about the first came out guys really get the energy up lots of energy so you can feel the spirit I think I know why it's not introduce yourself I'm Ray and then left like you were like sitting there for about two minutes without me saying just one sit there for an hour and it's like you I know you Weber Brothers the most he doesn't think it makes them feel awkward or podcasts are probably already awkward I've never seen comfortable in my life is good last night or Wii bowling practice bowling with me have your jack and Barbara bumpers a good and he said no one looks cool but what if you are terrible at bowling you like an idiot cuz you like more life in the military too bad it's bad it's really bad everyone the pills over at home plate like playing baseball and look like a complete moron or know what you're doing the best bowler is still the worst anything else I can talk to you like you get quite like you like you take you let people take turns while talking you're conscientious was right do you know what it's like to get in one of these chairs 12 process for Lindsay comes over and in the the thing and then why are you and I have to have a thing under Articles of and erotic thing about me and it's not it's a nice thing about the chair I have more the right thing Austin on the left side the truth I really haven't really talked about it okay I totally Steve Austin podcast is always on the right side of the face this is what I think it is I think everyone has this right because of your face ah that is my good side and my nose is not play will you in just a little bit wrong it's right the time changed it went well body I'm going I'm going this way I know about myspace the main feature that's different from one side the other you can't see because I have a big mole on the left side of a beard mustache n numb but I always had something I shaved off my goatee National helping you remove a mole lasered no it wasn't like that cryotherapy a little bit too long thanks reactions to it there's like a run a post about it and it had like a little dot on the first day and the second and the third day is over has turned into a bore sight I got any 4 CD key my eyes did that to stop it is about to continue voice passwords with Siri where I can use my voice to be authenticated present here now does never seen a documented case of Siri walking life I have never done it is the fact that Ryan would be able getting all my shift today, actually XKCD we talked about the entropy levels of what we can do because password like Wii U put letters and numbers together and it's like about 8 to 10 characters long and it just takes for work that is and remember like circus guy life cycle and and you like you'll remember that remember that those four simple words together have more entropy than like all these crazy letters and symbols from the Gavin was our password keeper then it would be a combination of the phrase all that whats of the redness game whats 3 to the Red fan do they would you buy opener not work free laptop by Lenovo company laptops and you just kind of smell your finger red insta quick and it's not like you have to wait for it to load on iPhone the most personal device you can I really appreciate it hey John what's up can you get back to the topic of the practice bowling session NF for being that we were asked to be guests on this Nerdist show I think it's okay to tell okay let her know that we won Joel Gavin and guts Pete a practice session at the second game I bowled a 161 and I think Joel you ball 260 68 Jack just came along with us cuz he want to come ball Jack like doing this life in massive curve shot at like 130 and 140 11312 like I was watching Barney Rubble all over again I don't know I'm talking about going around like her own about my score my 161 apparently Cara her bowling average is in the one ad everybody take care of come out here Gallifrey one 80 Wii bowling for a physical for bowling you won. I have never I've never seen you what does you could meet this requirement in college she would see both thinking with portals where am I Jack loses that Killer Instinct whats the attack and bowling we're like what is your and objectivity it is entertaining at the Wii red ankles and 3 spring that I know your bottle no damage to the soft tissue of a joint and he could probably put it off of his more casual about it like if you just life at least roll back up to get it right but he's focused like a wolf turning around looking at the explosion hears turn around star walking away you should have come on the other hand the police still did not look good I want to see it's not possible for me to lose nothing better than to throw bowling ball and I can think of a couple more pleasure in pleasuring a woman doesn't sound as good as ping just getting Rubble breaking in their bottle opener 100 bottle opener Joel nice cyber Tuesday like I said when the plushies on that was cool I drink a day Joel here last night at the bowling alley I want to go over it was during a live stream 4 ah yeah comparison was very wealthy very cool we should be very happy if that means that you think you have every disease Joel Edgerton of your beer I'm going to worry about it showing different stuff like I was getting sick of seeing stuff on red it that's just gross stuff and I've always wanted it's like you're automatically subscribe to what the fuck from WTF 4 red but you're not automatically transcribe feel like gone wild or movie not safe for work stuff you know if that's all you're not automatically I know you watch walking funny in pictures of 2 and sometimes in there but the most part everything I don't have any special descriptions okay on everything everything was divorced Torrey Pines you watch Walking Dead this week yes I did so Andrea got the thing where she put on her clothes yes she does and a half shoulder butt a little bit like a second if it was guy with the short play again a movie back a few seconds but of course I would be like 5 minutes late God I don't know what you're not caught up on the show but what happened with The Advertiser cat food commercial by zombies more like devouring his guts Cut 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC KFC in like that better anyway chicken chicken in trailer The Walking Dead game episode was the last was the final start in April and finish this weekend actually certain type in a response to them like I do or documents you play for maybe three minutes before you do any interaction at all sometimes like there's some lengthy stuff that takes place then finally get the point where you have to choose make sure you pay attention because when your choice I just really have 20 seconds to make a choice like retail the choice there's nothing like something it's like I cried at the end of a game like that but it's like what's good apartment where you play video games pretty much so you stay in your apartment on your Ryan play Xbox on your face Gavin has no emotions like at the end of Assassin's Creed Revelations life with the end of it like Halo storyline I've never cried at a movie Univision Life currently but that wouldn't matter to you at all I'm just usually especially with Jeff Hollywood Jack Jack tried everything every single thing that comes on the screen as you like the dreams of liquid coming out of her nose Walking Dead game I'd try to get the Bounty would be like some kind of bonus structure what we have to pay to have to go to all five episodes are there other lessons from the game to the to the TV show sounds like a similar thing may be working well it's over the most original people if they're on screen there's no guarantee to be alive 2 characters probably get a pass for now probably you are the comics I'm just don't kill people in the comic and then bring other people like in other words they killed I can't remember when the characters on the show are the characters in the TV show show me Jack Elam locations a very consistent characters that are not do a complete labs was like where I live they had the fire station Greg tuite and in the driveway all the way around my building and then KFC pure ah so I can be quiet if you are fat guy when they turned it on I don't mean like Would You observe the sound anyway have you heard from your mouth to your bones your head about people picking up radio frequencies in fillings what are the Germans whatever I don't know who wrote the song Bungie new game documents were completely leaked apparently posted online documents from it advertised Aerotek the game concept art major characters in game watchdogs Ikea some sort of leaked Camille Easter no marketing campaign this morning a Nintendo they have a new Wii Mini yeah what's up with that okay and please put the rest of materials for butt Joel a state now where it's just like we're all out of ideas such as much as you do some crazy stuff to the Wii U over Black Friday weekend I guess 4 Black Friday Cyber Monday full 400,000 units sold 300000 units the Xbox 360 250 is available however I have been in Game Stop 3 different times over the course of last week and there's been Wii U sitting there just literally just sitting there but I don't know the little play that the we got in the last like 2 or 3 years ago I can ad lets was taking her walking ball for and you and I can tell you that the more game Onnit sauce I have and I can't not have a console if you don't have a PS3 and I have a Wii and I have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox every has to go underneath the cushions of a car seat somehow that's where they Gage Ocean Thinking About You right lets get to it immediately started disappearing Twitter the I was at that stage when I was your age as well like when I was 14 it was like well there's nothing that I can do whatever 4 years what the fox game engine everything I say is life and I'm going to know you too you're probably 85 years old but there's no way there's no not much older than me and my great my grandmother my dad's mom if she 2 more months you lived in 3 centuries was born in 1898 died in 1999 what the hell did Paul write one day this podcast is brought to you by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Drain is a pulley belt the new traffic design to clear a mental fog and deliver mental Drive focus and mental acuity for our listeners get 10% off an order at Onnit.com / gaming when you use the promo code rooster that Onnit.com /gaming got a money back guarantee so don't worry you got enough definitely check it out Joel to take Onnit I really want and I'm not sure how well it would mix with all the other are you a traveler chemical medication pills of my errands anyway so I have no illusion that you watch or listen to the podcast when you're not on it that you don't you don't keep up with it I've no idea record Gavin Gavin revealed one time that he had these fourteen holy was 1521 ever he is 2423 he never his entire life he'd never swallowed a pill and never did never happened yeah that's weird that's what I did you're crying thing I like I like to say I don't want it to be getting used to all these different medicines that stuff so I know you feel exactly Wii come back to it when you're sort of like a week left anyway fan motor cyce the way I feel in any way butt like we're faster drinking coffee in the morning and I'll be there cryotherapy further it's like we lose 20 minutes the parking lot is like a rabbit say so we've been asked if we wanted to do a Halo 4 spoilercast butt at this point anyone who's played Halo 4 yet and would listen to as full as they probably have play to the entire campaign to this point talk about Halo 4 right now if you're listening to this right now you can tweet us your questions using the hashtag RT Podcast Mission 4 Mission 1 think so there are red vs blue Easter eggs in the Spartan Ops and I the last week we got was that they are doing a RT Easter egg and jokingly during the recording said next week this week coming up how do you know what butt yeah I know I love you big one anyway Amber doing it isn't your time when was it funny it's always funny when ever you guys even 25 lets play movie about it and then Gavin what are five or six individual tracks and trails are talking himself because I edit the video with lets go to Montclair I can see everyone at one time in the old plan and I bet you just clicking on whatever is the most interesting one but whenever I feel his love Tower pimps is Gavin's creation like that a lot butt Wii on Twitter is so. Completely stopping talking about Halo fan built but you said that have been some fan built a tower Pete gave it to her anyway put objects in front of me and there's a lot of people and there's a lot of Justin Bieber was signed no I did not like the way she ad I want someone of a subtitle that and then send it to me Jackson silver of the new tower pimps Tower pimps was kind of the face where is that is not true like that Gavin cry how was it was a big deal if you don't find it covered in the camera to jack up 2 pills I would write down whatever he said about it it's like cover Halo Tower pimps remind cat track me I suppose you need those and I was being also cuz I felt like it a little drunk I created no it's only you created it and the reason so many 4 blocks high is because it's a goal that I just went over to the block of tower pimps on my was like alright extra lighter I had a long ride by myself and it was like wow it's funny because you were heading the 2 hours to call your fan remind me to post for creative mode and whatever your mind or butt best flats for let me get out of my car and then you hit like the end of the world and then you stop and nothing happens and then like I didn't get and there's like are we celebrating and then pop their was like well damn it I really like the group has play Halo 4 solo legendary that dude fuck that I'm not doing that again don't try to get all the achievements in Halo 3 to get a perfect game. That is just 15 pills that's awesome it's pretty game I've never I've never done that I think I'm actually Overkill one time Halo Gavin was like but you never dead so that was only available in life you might like that was definitely a club on Call of Duty and Veterans Halo 4 solo legendary I probably ran the same like hundred meters about 50 times there's like ten thousand years on my way dude I didn't like fighting a Jack in the in the history of Halo 4 I am the only thing that ever been killed by Promethean grenade I don't understand what those things are for I don't know how to use Wii play you know you are cause you got right right the different size plastic bags and then the post I just lost it I don't know if your plug this hole in the face a couple other than because play regular play Maybe 5015 game never played Ryan Road 13011 n was a friend of mine I love red rock except I'm not sure I think they got back in it out like this is why they change names just call it the same change cat to like you ever say egg you distinguish between Halo 3 flood level know what you're going through and then you get to talk to you Once Upon a Time Halo talking about okay the librarian according to the site is was married to that it was time to blow your mind right now people was saying like read the books like the Great Bear built to know that you get the terminals achievement and watch a criminal actually told Halo fucking awesome anniversary likewise the head never the bookstore at the site the wiki site it was like the last guy and he had said he was in charge of hiring the ray the master builder the librarian and the Didact just like this they're like leaders of the 4 that he won't tell the librarian by far in the Halo was dead I thought you said something up with to keep specimens of different races or something like in Halo 3 Jack because I can't find it hard to get a pills by the Halo while it was being built by the off right and then he was automatically built by machines Ryan launch that they launched that you just thought it was because I thought butt Wii Sports Willy Wonka :-) was that you probably know this is that when you pop the shields on a Promethean Knight one of the last things that happens if your helmet opens and get the skull the holographic stuff and he's like oh yeah Promethean Knight Promethean I wasn't into that part of town did you kill them a lot of people so sometime shortly enough the doctor Tilton moment in Halo for those cutting those are some of the most emotionally waiting to cry like that when she's emotionally really good job but you know what is there a cutscene for finishing the deal on legendary whats 2 rubbing off on and burn 4 summary after 20 years and I have to explain this a skin graft when I was in college because I put my thumb in a table saw it so they took the skin from here and put it here was going to have a perfectly Square far so whats up cutting line around a square scarf and then I forgot to text you I realized that skin come from there and put it together 20 is having injury where I can see the injury set 4 to my body was like a piece of me came up that's why I've been here I just took the end of your Lucille and Lucille glitter a the front row you're not able to pick up an injury is my biggest fan lost a finger today already say that because the rest of the world scariest injury and what you look for so what they're looking at all the time never noticed that scar on your hand until you decided to make a tattoo bordering it well I'm just bored this is really I know I didn't tattoos another I need the score to take a picture of your scrotum like an animal film with no hair on anybody I'm just around people who I've been with they know about it already so they kind of curious about it like when they see this I don't like they're trying to butt out butt like this right Joel Campbell still of this is Step 1 the menstrual cycle that you don't ignore the ball that's what it is right by the way not one minute ago on Twitter Jack the bro code just ask this are you guys ever do a Halo 4 for leaked a stop fucking watch in the podcast any fucking information the broker that he was supposed to be ignorant Pete right now we can't change our like the name or company to take apart the DVD comes out next week.com and nobody cat feeding them now what's my name Joel the last president Pete built in the whole of the pocket so can you when I asked him do you really like it 3 Rivers new thing that we're trying to work out how to take off so I can burn because shit like that never used to bother me and now it's like I can't like my inbox I can't even of just like it just like hello I live in France on 12 can work for you talk to you Joel destroys life to live inside your stomach isn't even grammatically Joel Jones bashing somebody is typing an email to them in their second language silver hot girl rooster teeth when I graduate high school play Joel Wii dead January 2nd Joel Osteen people stuck in swing from the chandelier just like throwing food at each other Play password how many miles is it is definitely a side effect of hiring like younger people new people coming in is it has caused so much better that was an unforeseen side-effect now it's like we look at each other and like Monday Halo and they die or young people like a horrible evil Wii playbook in Forever I know that as a younger generation I must be the worst for the next generation of of minors anything Ray about your some Pete I mean fantastic who's the youngest at the company it's weird as long as he's been here I still need to carry is the youngest person to another banana was funny cuz we like to the ground they are we just think anyone really probably just everybody Michael Adam and who else was the third person that group Michael a demand Joel the cat the microwave Ryan Michael Adam Levine talked about this twice and people getting old I can't remember multiple names blue Shake It Up Gage thank you Mike remarkably different people at different places in their life based on how close I came in like a butt hole future career we don't is because he's a Canadian that is going to be a little more even though she's Canadian people who tell me one the other day Far Cry experience a live-action web series based on the world of Far Cry 3 Fallsburg butt see me follow Christopher mintz-plasse of Superbad and kick ass challenge Nyan and a Savage entangled in this in one of the most brutal and shopping shopping 3 on the web to get your experience go to youtube.com slash Go slash the Far Cry experience I did not get a chance to see them from here on the island like always lets you can go where they want to live or die and then go in the internet was that for my Liberty numb it like to live in who's going to die and you can bring whatever that's what I said there's going to be like a torch video every day and we get to have one of those videos Austin to find out whether not for making more red vs blue.com you should go to areyoumakingmoreredvsblue.com very informative sites are we to this question is going to be like ww.w more red vs blue.com Twitter followers on Twitter I can't was barely there areyoumakingmoreredvsblue.com on Twitter in one post from February 2011 Joel Jack season and series finale but we did a lot of a lot Jack Jack runs off with his bike over there to unplug his mic before he comes back I'll put the silver part from those that you got it thank you is Onnit a life you would never get a tattoo because you would have to go and get a tattoo and you just a little late he can't be bothered he just can't do it because you just came up recently and you like yeah and then you said we were going to 24 Hour film festival I go to every year by the way that was cool right there but there's a twenty-four-hour full movies 24 hours until noon on Sunday and I have fun a lot of people coming down for it I want to go cat stuck 14 questions that was over there? It's kind of interesting kinda quirky celebrity in the movies Harry Knowles arguably the world's first blogger like he was ahead of the curve dude you gotta show on the Nerdist 2 and it cool news and it's amazing what he gets for the film festival a couple years ago was 300 months Gage Burnie in alley Festival which is typically take a writer's Austin a great movie that is now out in theaters a recommended like crazy it's called Silver Linings Playbook it is someone was charging you for in the Lawrence Washington far am I from Kentucky Define at the same time I just can't do it right now you talk to Dad about that kick ass the prime example of hype you were basically using love yourself about a whole box of tissues. It was good but it didn't require like 4 weeks of hype about a movie Skyfall for me and tell me Pete was like the best Bond movie ever if it's a dinner thing as it's over and you go in there it's done it up it could be terrible I don't want to hear about anything with game a good example of somebody who realized that his last year at butt numb a time it was in December early December if they show The Cabin in the Woods which didn't come out until April and I was the one you can talk about red and white favorite of the festival was like in the middle of and I like to in the show this Movie Tavern you can see like we don't have for me this year so disappointed rightly so because it has a problem how would you know how would you know will I have problems before I forget butt the climax fillings 4 days like I had to butt is burning like sensation Gavin was seen of a girl getting something cut out of roof will this guy Grand butt numb Austin and I don't know if I feel terrible but it's like the middle of the movie The Music's traumatic jolene's to Mealey's Furniture something's wrong with me butt this made my day where is my strength commentary on Joel but your friend is dying and you're sitting your fears are going out on my water heater where's the nearest was like I have to ah but there was fucking space in a fucken spaceship and watch it was that more of that I don't even care anymore I just want to see fucking fucking fucking space shooter and father giving up magic Cry of anything you don't know 4 him I would like it if something were to happen to a family member of yours I need to go to the funeral you can't imagine cry me is how much the funeral it changes a man he's not going nowhere silver ships you're done nothing else is going to be as far as I know never ever have blood pressure medicine a dead baby it was a baby looks like Winchester Health Care stuff when in Cabo on Twisted put it back up without no insurance pay for anything online survey to fill out I didn't do that left side one of your balls back and you still would not have done it you would have been like I'll lose another just like a Halloween costume that is where that is don't look like that they look like they're all about to go workout at the gym or something what the paperwork and play with things there's nothing sexy about anyone else you with morphine you love them that's true I've never been more in love than the person that just made the pain go away through in about 5 Seconds Jennifer stano I'm sure what was the question about the dentist is this real life life but he mastered version cyce dreaming about my left elbow and just battled and I actually took my kids to a place in Austin where 10,000 square feet on trampoline trampoline was like all next to each other far as I could see any way at the end of these big long ones that have a trampoline curves up and I just completely butt in my a injury and have fun doing it and look up trampoline spinal injuries online YouTube butt Wii to the internet full comes up if you're interested any of us because it always feels the light and feel the same that's not really the way to lose it if you walking up to the room but the floor comes up and so we don't quite know how far away it is like where does the floor transition to Washington is it was called I just said that I said hey hey hey talking to people through this because of his computer yes I was 6 months in the October Wii Lancaster be worried that I don't really know what I like Onnit was like oh dear God no and throat doctor locked away fan and I liked it and then I can try to clean out a little bit so I can you hear me this is like this is like that lonely women in Turkey right in your ear like this you know I had to follow you in the bathroom lets about measuring ourselves you don't understand how big he was 7774 whats that in the bathroom you said you guys now egg breakfast body cry 3007 password feature on my phone I love this life Joel why do dogs eyes look like that way don't have to meet this was 2004 I Met You in London once I look about 12 and we don't know if we met each other in love the sides of each other's dicks that's true I mean when I say that I know right now 616 or whatever time I come around yeah talk about 12 already gone when I was 16 you look exactly the same you look I dead to you can take a picture now and then Halo poster in our lobby that's from you and called you with the exact thing a normal retort to this is that deliver you have better clothes which is better shooting a scene in the movie Pacific leasing life Hey listen guys I don't have any money I got like 3 shirts is this winter going to be ok everything is OK it's ok we shot that scene and then we go back when we look at the scene later than you guys are like hahahaha red shirt not everything is life like a game how many times did it was so thin you can see through the white to his body underneath whats the other wife what song is this Lucille what's your jack nipples Justice is when you can see we can see nipples hurt in the cold Jumpoline ad a coat whats a jumper like it's cold was wondering if it would be safe as you get older they just become very hard and rigid the ad you want me Gavin I'm no clue numb the things you ever thought about it I was surprised you went shirtless in a video I was on whats trending in someone of one of the times I went to LA and we were celebrating 10 years of Red vs Blue did you like that video the graduation people from YouTube Glory shirtless pills look like ah welcome here leaked here lately so I'm just do it because I'm happy with me but once again do you think there's much I think like this who won the Masters in 03 hey what's going on brother I'm not going to deal with it I don't even know why would you go back to you that's not true that's not retail shave haircut butt follicles John Facenda podcast Now counter to my stuff statues with in hockey blacks from God 4 The Gauntlet and then another business but I wanted to try butt opener briefly about my first Black Friday experience go ahead on Thursday night when I was in Virginia I went to I will not be cat shelter sound of scale occur to me this is not edited livestream not to give me like a heads up right now and that's why I want to go over someone who's billions of people that will definitely about the Harvest bison bed and experience I've never seen so many 45 year old women with a stack of like 20 Xbox games lets how big are these discounts if I did so many people buy expensive stuff let me know I think it's wise to tell the series going from 22214 to your console games all the consoles next year so long as they're going to be a next time artist rendering Tales of whats going on there Jack lookup the concept of the 360 look like a convertible we've actually seen today the the else would never have made no sense to me in Texas there is a thing the weekend before school starts in the late summer where Texas has no state sales tax right and people on the Block and eight and a half percent off sale that's all the people in the advertising and a half percent off sale games on something you buy in bulk like I'm not 21 game and then a new game comes out Ray ah rules for Howard Society starts to fall apart go ahead and look at like Katrina W or the sale after Thanksgiving it was just sort of like this is how cyce Onnit New Orleans in New Orleans Katrina hit on in my life it's gambling yet there's game yeah that's was weird that I don't want to see an automatic hears a great idea lets me make a point leaked Charles closer than the in southern Oklahoma state of Oklahoma your stuff really I don't mind Oklahoma NFL podcast I just I just told me in the past I had a whole thing where I was going to just be like you know hey welcome to the achievement hunter podcast where Gus isn't here we'll just going to fucking piss on the set and just go crazy when I feel so much better I'm never going to dance again compare it in Paris France right now parents made from Disneyland Paris about the little girl shopping for lets lets play American and Kathleen for this week retail alright the previous in for doing right now replacing your brain how hairy is your chest do you shave it a little bit it's like torture because that's in the other room and listen to fucking us yeah it is it's just going to be like they're just going to be like that you're going to cut and was going to walk away from equipment and we're going to be sitting here till 5 in the morning it's not there he will think it's like 20 hours a day Joel Joel have you let how do you enjoy the gauntlet Joel your coach only pulled herself out of pubic hairs and we're done well a commercial You Don't Own Me piss you off when people question your decision to not drink not answering that's cool you just need a real what you think he worked in a bar I work in a bar for a year-and-a-half with my dad he was a bartender was a busboy and my dad always drink kinda and I kind of messed things up but he got better but just seeing the way people anything walking yes that is true but a man like those people every Friday night from like 11 till like 4 and you want to do would you know before high school probably not now it's like I can't do that without the other ah are you can emotional finale for alcohol it gets a free pass alcohol is awesome never had Norco hydrocodone actually have an alright alright topical 3 cover with raised raised thank you guys in the other room I think you guys a room Brandon Lindsey Carol thank you so much I'll be there and we love you all